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Welcome to Not Really That Famous. We are two normal guys from the midwest with a passion for conversation. NRTF is that passion brought to life. We talk about many different topics including health, diet, data, hobbies, and whatever else is going on in the world. Our aim is to highlight the Not Really That Famous people of the world and have a blast doing it. We have tons of guests with different experiences and insights about life. We hope the stories told here can help shed some light on people who don’t usually have their voices heard. We are all Not Really That Famous in our own way. Thanks for listening!

A Champion Bladesmith, Selling Experiences, and Forged in Fire with Josh Weston
Vermont Revisited, Kangaroos, and New Netflix Shows
MethFed 2.0, Pokemon, and Adult Money with Cameron Hawkins
Bavarian Inn Blacksmith Experience and Forging in the Fires with Chris Wallace
The Origins of Security Auto Glass with Larry Allswede
Disney World, NFT’s and Tech Issues
Barbershop, Music Study and Master of Disguise with Johnathan Costello
Marvel Comics, Movies and Moving with Gary Fender
Inside a Writer’s Head, Coyote Hunting, and Schwann’s with Justin Allen
Netflix Documentaries, FBI’s Most Wanted and A Crazy Piano Story
Season 2 Kick Off with The Chainsaw Mafia
Episode 42: This One’s for the OG’s with Jordin Hayes
Episode 41: Keep Mashing the Gas with Mike Malachowski
Episode 40: What Happened to the Skilled Tradesmen? with TJ Moody
Episode 39: The Firefighter 2.0 with Chris Warden
Episode 38: New Year Resolutions
Episode 37: Going to California with Chance Neihouse
Episode 36: It’s Christmas Time
Episode 35: Cannabis 101 with Jerry Wright
Episode 34: Not Really That Dangerous – NRTF
Episode 33: Diesel Powered Work Ethic with Cameron Hawkins
Episode 32: Inspired with Mike Proctor
Episode 31: Living the Dream IV – NRTF
Episode 30: We Just Got Political with Zakk Cox
Episode 29: Love for my Home Team with Ty Mildton
Episode 28: Custodial Engineering II with Dalton Cremer
Episode 27: Living The Dream III – NRTF
Episode 26: I’ve Got These Voices in my Head with John Jacobson
Episode 25: You Gotta Let the Peacock Fly with Jake Murph
Episode 24: Video Game Special
Episode 23: Board Games Special – NRTF
Episode 22: Van Life with Lacy Proctor
Episode 21: I Wanna Go Fast with Nick Hapiak
Episode 20: The Barrel Runner with Ryan Lynch
Episode 19: #saveourstages with E’tienne Cousineau
Episode 18: Living the Dream II – NRTF
Episode 17: Living the Dream – NRTF
Episode 16: The Unusual Entrepreneur with Jerry Wright
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Episode 15: The PodKids Special with Sophia Proctor
Episode 14: Don’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole with Frank Isaia
Episode 13: Just a Small Town Boy with CJ Klocke
Episode 12: Vacation Special with E’tienne Cousineau and Chad Johnson
Episode 11: The Legend of Gareth with Gary Fender
Episode 10: Custodial Engineering in the New Studio with Zakk Cox
Episode 9: Kitty Winery and Covid Quarantine with Luq Warden
Episode 8: US Marshalls are Underrated with Andrew Bortle
Episode 7: The New Spot with Xad Warden
Episode 6: Hashtag Farm Life with Jay Degarmo
Episode 5: How American Prairie is saving pronghorns with Luq Warden
Episode 4: Vaping and Purple Mattresses with Cole Antcliff
Episode 3: The XFL bracket that never was…. with Xad Warden
Episode 2: Traeger Grills and Bull Riding with Miguel Garcia
Episode 1: The Pilot takes Flight!

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Such an incredible thought from Josh at the Bavarian Blacksmith Experience. Check them out this weekend for some wicked father's day fun. Make a bottle opener with your own hands and you'll never use another bottle opener again! lol.Subscribe to the show on your favorite app!Apple: website has links to every other platform #podcast #bavarianblacksmithexperience #buildityourself #diy #fathersday ... See MoreSee Less
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Josh Weston talks his initial call with the producers over at Forged In Fire. This was probably a surreal experience. Subscribe to the show on your favorite app! Apple: Spotify: The website has links to pretty much every other platform available. #notreallythatfamous #podcast #forgedinfire #realitytv #finallygettingthecall ... See MoreSee Less
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After talking with Josh, I bet he pulls something amazing out of next to nothing.Episode 11 will be dropping tonight! ... See MoreSee Less
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