Songs from the Heart with Marianne Murphy

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Marianne is a full-time musician and music teacher at Milford Music in Milford, Michigan. She has a spirit that is infectious and gave us our own personal concert in the studio.  “I’m a Feeder” and “Stuck on 75” are two of the songs featured today. Marianne is one of the most talented people we’ve ever talked to, and we can’t thank her enough for coming to do the show. 

Points of Conversation today include:

Marianne’s role in the Au Sable River Run, a canoe marathon in Au Sable, Michigan.

Her journey to Canada and Meeting new family members through DNA examination services.

Writing music based on experiences and feelings.

And several other random topics. Thanks for Listening!

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Here’s a couple of Marianne’s works on Youtube. Go give them a listen.

I’m a Feeder

Flying High over the Salt Marsh

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