Season 2 Kick Off with The Chainsaw Mafia

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In today’s episode we kick off Not Really That Famous 2.0. We are going to be having some more free flow conversations with guests and less formatted interview stuff. We took some of the things we loved about the show and want to focus on those aspects. The Chainsaw Mafia hits the studio for their long-awaited return. Topics today include:

Content Creation and The Chainsaw Mafia Youtube Channel

Pickleball and Disc Golf

Ryan’s pivot to Snow Removal and the Ski Club

And several other random topics. This was a ton of fun and we love the energy that T and Ryan bring to the studio.

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You can find The Chainsaw Mafia on Facebook and Youtube. Go throw some support up for them and check out their latest episodes. These guys are fkn hilarious.

Ryan’s hilarious epic Labor Day rant can be heard here.

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