Episode 41: Keep Mashing the Gas with Mike Malachowski

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Mike Malachowski is an entrepreneur from Durand, MI. He is the owner and operator of Dave’s Muffler Shop and Edgewood Gardens. We talk about the many amazing creations Mike has worked on over the years. He talks about his experiences building several different kinds of projects, and the people who helped him along the way. He dabbles in custom exhaust work and applies those skills in some really cool ways. This was a really motivating conversation. Thanks for listening!

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You can find some awesome pictures of the Edgewood Gardens here.

Dave’s Muffler Shop– These guys do incredible work.

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Transcription Below:

Mike Proctor 0:00
What’s up guys? Welcome back to not that famous, our guest on the podcast today, someone who I had been waiting for a long, long time, Mr. Mike malkowski. We talked about a bunch of amazing, awesome topics today. Mike is such a entertaining fun guy. Like he’s such a creator. He just everything full life, everything he leaves behind him is just like so. You know, so cool. So cool. I know everything he’s involved in. And so we had an awesome conversation today. covered a bunch of sweet topics. This is a really good one. And I couldn’t wait to get him on. Let’s see. Remember, guys, it’s subscribe. If you like the show. Support us all that good stuff. Leave us review. Oh, I’ve got donation link up on the website. So if anyone you know wants to donate to the show that that helps ease the burden of the show, of course is a beer. We always appreciate that. buy us a beer. I think it’s five bucks. You can donate, visit the website and check out the shop gets you some merch, all that good stuff, of course. Let’s see. I think that’s about it. All right. Without further ado, Mr. Mike malkowski. Ladies and gentlemen. So thanks for being here, Chef man,

Mike Malachowski 1:10
sir. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 1:12
I’m gonna have to. I gotta try not to call you chef.

Mike Malachowski 1:14
That’s okay. No, I don’t mind.

Mike Proctor 1:18
I still call like all my chef buddies chat.

Mike Malachowski 1:20
Right? Yeah. Well, that’s what I refer to you to everybody’s like, yeah, my chef.

Mike Proctor 1:25
Yeah. You know, Chef. what you’ve been up to man, I know. You’ve got some cool stuff brewing. So I want to hear I want to hear about all of it.

Mike Malachowski 1:33
I do get some good stuff going, man. This wedding venue that we’re putting together it is just it is magical. When you walk inside,

Mike Proctor 1:43
I’ve seen

Mike Malachowski 1:45
a man it is like, we built the chandelier. Right? muffler tubing frame.

Xad 1:51
Oh my god

Mike Malachowski 1:52
muffler tubing frame. And then my buddy his mother was a seamstress his her whole life and he always helped her. He brought a sewing machine there. We sold all the panels right there, man built it. They’re all on like a boat winch. So to like, lift it up and down, lift it up and down to clean it change lights. But the one in the center of the floor is 16 foot. Dude, it isn’t a big,

Xad 2:16
it’s heavy. No, it’s

Mike Malachowski 2:18
not heavy at all. Really? I

Mike Proctor 2:19
mean, a bunch of exhaust pipe and

Mike Malachowski 2:21
yeah, I got a 16 foot octagon that I built and then a nine foot octagon. Okay, and I got him chained together. And then all the lights and then all the drapery.

Mike Proctor 2:31
I’m gonna you have pictures of it. Obviously I do link up all the pictures. Yeah,

Mike Malachowski 2:35
I got them on my Edgewood gardens. The face. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 2:39
I’ll link up everything for everybody.

Mike Malachowski 2:41
Yeah, it’s cool. So awesome, though. So last year, we had just four of them. And they were all outside tents, tables and chairs outside and everything. Yeah, but they did use the bathrooms, the bar. And then they also danced inside. Nice. So the chandelier is man, we got them on a remote. Where it’s like a color wheel. You can make it any color you want. And you can make them flash, you can make a bright white. Dude. It’s just like, it’s so cool touch of a finger, your thumb on the color wheel and you can make them any color.

Mike Proctor 3:15
So and I know you this hasn’t really been that long since you’ve kind of started working on this project. It’s

Mike Malachowski 3:20
been two years almost really already.

Mike Proctor 3:22
Gosh, it’s even so that’s nice, dude. The amount of well I mean, we change,

Mike Malachowski 3:27
right? It um, we started actually January 9 putting poles in the ground. Okay,

Mike Proctor 3:35
you know, so that’s like breaking ground was January round. Yeah. To what? 28 918? Sorry.

Mike Malachowski 3:41
Yep. 18 or 1919? Yeah, you’re right. So it’s actually come along really good.

Mike Proctor 3:49
It was the were those the the first events last year? Yes. The first four and they were like summers in Michigan for everybody who isn’t hasn’t experienced this summer outdoor ceremony.

Mike Malachowski 4:03
I know the beaut the building is beautiful. Mm hmm. And so that’s just an awesome awesome scene. And in each one of the the events, the weather was just perfect. I mean, it was this perfect Alinea on the one hand Oh God, we got an 18 foot wide glass door I mean it’s full of glass and you open that up people are dancing inside and outside the tent was right outside the doors. And it’s really something man you really got to look go see because I mean it’s so like get around it. It’s like when you walk into that place the floor is like it’s black and it looks wet. Okay, I mean it just looks

Mike Proctor 4:43
like what I’m picturing like,

Xad 4:44
what is it wood or what kind of

Mike Malachowski 4:46
flooring is it’s a stained concrete and then it has a urethane overtop of it. Yeah, but it’s like, it’s like you’re walking into a tuxedo. Dude, I mean,

Mike Proctor 4:57
as a as your picture in my mind. And that’s

Mike Malachowski 5:01
what it feels like man you walk in and it’s just like, you look up and you look down at the floor and it’s just like, this is badass and it’s got an upstairs mezzanine up there. And so it’s so

Mike Proctor 5:13
and that’s only Oh, check it out. That’s only your latest project. Um, so So for people that don’t know, Mike’s the owner of Dave’s muffler, very renowned muffler shop right here in Darien Michigan, man.

Mike Malachowski 5:27
So that’s just crazy man, like, been there. been there since I’ve been 18.

Mike Proctor 5:31
Okay, so what’s the 55 or so long?

Mike Malachowski 5:35
Long time? tradesmen? Yeah, I grew up right next door, and I’d start hanging out I’d go over there and watching people, you know, just put me to work. You don’t got to pay me I’m just wanting to do stuff. You know, it’s 1415 years old when you open that was 1980 Oh, shoot.

Mike Proctor 5:51
So when so that leads me right into my first question that we always ask everybody. When you were like a really young man. Mm hmm. Do you remember what did you want to be when you grow up and like, you know, try to try to remember like, as far back as you can. So

Mike Malachowski 6:07
more than knowing what I wanted to be, I just, I took everything apart, took it apart all the time and put it back together. And I just knew that I was mechanically inclined, you know, I never really was too good in school. You know, I didn’t read my mind was this want to do this or that? I wasn’t I don’t want to do English and history. And I just want to mash the gas and do some different you know, and but you know, my dad had a race car when you when I was younger, and my sister had a little hot rod, my older sister

Mike Proctor 6:43
what kind of racecar

Mike Malachowski 6:44
It was like a roundly round car for a colossal Speedway

Mike Proctor 6:47
I believe it’s like a stock like a stock car car or like one of those you know, what’s the other kind of cars? They’re like little they look like little like a sprint car.

Mike Malachowski 6:54
I think that’s Yeah, they get sprint cars a little.

Mike Proctor 6:56
They’re like the big spoilers. Yeah. Yeah.

Mike Malachowski 6:59
But it is more of a stock car. Oh, and I remember that. And I this anything with a motor? Dude, I was just like, I want that. You know?

Mike Proctor 7:07
Were you like super involved with your dad obviously like, No, no, no, my dad man. He

Mike Malachowski 7:12
was a bad alcoholic. And my childhood was, it was pretty tough. You know, it really was, but I had some good people come into my life. Dave from the muffler shop there. Dude, he took me under his wing. And this is so your people, other than your parents to come into your life to like, you know, this? Yeah, really helped me out. There’s no way like two people can shape a person’s experience. And you know, good way, like there’s no village. Yeah, there’s no way that you learn from me. Yeah. And I learned from you just stuff Yo, nothing in particular. And where do we hung out for a year and a half? You know, so I mean, there’s stuff that you say, he does this or that and

Mike Proctor 7:59
stuff. You just got to do the things and have the stuff happen? Oh,

Mike Malachowski 8:03
for sure. Man. It’s soak in what you can Yeah, and the good stuff, you know, like, I’m gonna you know, I, I coached softball, baseball and soccer when my kids are growing up. So when I seen a coach do something that worked, dude, it’s mine. So thinking that What’s that?

Mike Proctor 8:22
What’s that’s taking an idea and copying it?

Mike Malachowski 8:26
And it’s okay. You see something that works, man? Take it the best ideas are always coming from some 100. Sure. Yeah. Every single and how you execute it makes a difference. Especially coaching kids, and I’m sure you’ve even Danielle, Coach your kids on something already? Oh, yeah. Yeah. So I mean,

Mike Proctor 8:45
everything you know, so you were, you know, like a teenager and you that’s when you started working at the muffler shop. I was

Mike Malachowski 8:53
going over there since I’ve been 14 back and forth. But I started right when I was 18. fresh out of school, like as a full time gig like, yeah, that’s what I’m doing 200 bucks a week in the money. 100 bucks a week when I was 18 is all I made, you know?

Xad 9:07
When was that? under the table? Or?

Mike Malachowski 9:10
Actually it was?

It was but I mean, that place. I mean, in all honesty, it is built everything that I’ve done. Everything.

Mike Proctor 9:21
Yeah, like I never like in your experience there. You mean? No, I obviously don’t come of it. Yeah, there’s a whole story.

Mike Malachowski 9:28
No, the restaurant I mean, the money that I made from there that built that restaurant, right. I built that venue. I mean, just it all spurred from that place and part of your man and you know what, I love that place still to this day when I walk in. Like when I close the restaurant, when I walk back into that muffler shops like, this is it. This is home, I feel home, I feel right at home. And before the restaurant when I wrenched out of that place, never felt at home, right and it’s three blocks down. st never felt at home man.

Mike Proctor 10:01
Can you kind of tell us about how you know you you came to owning Dave’s muffler after working there and like that relationship?

Mike Malachowski 10:09
Well, so this was a 93 Dave, which is kind of like a father figure to me. You know, I go see him a couple times a year down in Arkansas. And he this he wanted to be done. He was moving to Arkansas, which he did. And he offered it to his brother first. And his brother worked at for a couple weeks and didn’t want no part of it. So then he offered it up to me, and I said, hell yeah,

Mike Proctor 10:35
hell yeah. Ash,

Mike Malachowski 10:35
the gas, man. I mean, I was good at what I did. Just like you, you know, in a kitchen.

Mike Proctor 10:41
How old? Do you remember how old you were? When when that like experience was going on? Like, how were you feeling in that moment? Were you like, hell to the Yeah, like, pumped and stoked? Yes. When you know, when you were like, wow, this is, you know, this is now mine. Like, I can do whatever I want with it. I

Mike Malachowski 10:58
had a guy that I played baseball for when I was younger. And Alec, Jeff is his name. Right when I took that shop over. And he had been coming there for years for me to fab fabricate, things are well done. customers do stuff. Yeah. And we’re good friends. Because I played ball for him. He offered me a job. And Buick experimental. Oh, that would have been after about three months of me owning the shop. And I he says I got one application. I get one guy in you would fit in perfect. And I turned it down.

Mike Proctor 11:33
Oh really would have been so good at that. I know.

Mike Malachowski 11:36
Like, you know, one decision, man, and change your life. Yeah, one decision. You know what I mean? And I’m glad I stuck with what I did. Yeah. Because I’m at the point right now. And I mean, when it’s busy at the muffler shop, I’m right there mashing the gas with them. But if they got it under control, I kind of do what I want. Absolutely. You know, I mean, springtime over at the venue, you know, there’s I’ve got a ton of projects that I got set up that I want to do little spots outside arbors and fencing and just

Mike Proctor 12:11
stuff, creative stuff. You know, just creative. Yeah, I

Mike Malachowski 12:15
dig that stuff. And I like, you know, I’ve saved just like all the memorabilia we had in the restaurant. You know, I’ve saved a bunch of fencing and this kind of stuff for doing outside stuff. So I mean, I’ve got a material that I get to work with when it gets nice out again, and I’m pretty stoked about that. The inside is this chiseled man, that’s, it is nice. And

Mike Proctor 12:41
so yeah, for people that don’t know, Mike opened with the Union Station smokehouse, which we’ve actually talked about on the show a couple times food. Ryan had like, gotten some. They dropped off some food for him one day and he was shouting him out like this was like a couple weeks ago. But originally Mr. Mike malkowski opened up the Union Station smokehouse and just by happenstance him and I crossed paths one day as I was looking for to get back into being a chef. And we built that and then Mike ended up selling the restaurant. And moving on and doing this this new project. Yeah. But has been kind of the mainstay of Dave’s muffler for like, a really long time in town. Sure. Yeah. Just for the backstory for everybody. Yeah, well, yeah. But um, I I think it’s, it’s funny to me, because like, you’re a creative You’re like a very unique sort of styled creative. Because of I feel like the automotive the mechanical back, right is just a little weird.

Mike Malachowski 13:40
But so you know what it really is, Chef it? Uh,

Mike Proctor 13:44
I guess I thought we were just just uncommon. You know, it doesn’t it’s not the norm.

Mike Malachowski 13:48
Yeah, I’m not the guy. I mean, I am the guy and I’ve done it for a long time to put brakes on your car, this or that? Well, what I did is bend in the pipes. We bend that stuff, right from straight stock. And when you get a lot of street rods and muscle cars that the guys pull in a $70,000 car knew they wanted on the money. You know, just no different than the way you treat your stuff in that in that restaurant when we’re there. Dude, you want it? You want it right? You want it out there, right? You want it all hot? Well, I like to make them nice, perfect. And I mean, I’m symmetric. Not even

Mike Proctor 14:27
nice. Perfect. Yeah,

Mike Malachowski 14:28
it’s perfect in my eyes. And when you look at it’s like, Dude, that looks if it don’t look good, I’m gonna throw a pipe away. And I’m gonna start over to make it look that way. You know, and I’ve I’ve always done that. I just do it. Like, it’s my own stuff every time like your

Xad 14:44
own. Yeah,

Mike Malachowski 14:44
every time you know, and Zach, my son. He couldn’t ask for, you know, a better employee. I mean, he just does good. He does just like you did shift, take charge. You know what you’re doing. So you can you can answer any question.

Mike Proctor 15:03
And I always thought like, your job as an employee is to try to make your boss’s life easy.

Mike Malachowski 15:09
You know, you know what somebody told me only your job, whatever job you do, make yourself irreplaceable. So if you do that you’re doing the best that you can do. And it doesn’t matter. If you don’t really like that job, man, you got to be thinking of better stuff. As you’re working, you’re moving forward. If you’re moving forward every day in life. I don’t care, dude, if it’s a quarter inch forward progress, dude. Yeah, man, you got I mean, there’s plenty of times that and I’m 55 it’s sometimes it’s tough for me to think like, I’m gonna mash the gas. You know what I mean? I got a lot of work ahead of me. And but you know, luckily, all my guys at the shop and all the guys that’s ever worked for me, it doesn’t matter where they’ve always been up to, oh, hey, can I get you to help me do this? totally off base from the restaurant or the muffler shop? Let’s go cut wood. You guys are slow. Let’s do this. Or let’s go out to the venue, right? Use landscaping. So

Xad 16:11
you must have like an eye for people or an eye for talent. And I think our previous guests, TJ good assumption, our previous guest, TJ probably used to help with that. But yeah, TJ needs to be that, for you to be that successful in locating talent. And

Mike Malachowski 16:26
it not just man, I’ll tell you, and it’s tough. I mean, I’ve had some guys that it’s just like, oh, what are you doing? Oh, come on, you know,

Mike Proctor 16:37
common sense. This

Mike Malachowski 16:38
is basic stuff, you know? And I don’t know, lots of times, maybe people have it, or they don’t have it. You can get better at it.

Xad 16:46
Yeah, if you choose to a lot of people just have it. It’s just like, the people who have it can be good at anything. It doesn’t matter what it is. And you can transition them from role to role.

Mike Malachowski 16:57
I told you, man, when you left, I says, Man, Chef, I could hire you for anything,

Mike Proctor 17:02
right? Because you listen, and you pay attention. And while you can learn, you know, yeah, your people if you can learn and just try to get better. Yeah, that’s for sure. Oh, no. That’s all Dr. Horton, I wanted to ask you about when you talk about, you know, bending pipe, like an art form.

Mike Malachowski 17:22
Exactly. It’s,

Mike Proctor 17:23
it’s so crazy to me. And that’s kind of what I was talking about with like being a creative and sort of coming from that background. Like how did how did that come to be? And then we you know, then we go to the restaurant. And so for people that never been there, I definitely recommend checking it out. Because a lot of the stuff that Mike put there is still in place a little different now.

Mike Malachowski 17:41
It is

Mike Proctor 17:44
it the place was so cool. Like, you know, it was just the coolest place in town.

Mike Malachowski 17:48
Yeah. best food in town.

Mike Proctor 17:50
And then so then we Yeah. Then we go to the gardens, which are just so fucking cool. You know? Yeah, you’re talking about the chandelier you made. It’s just so

Mike Malachowski 18:02
cool. Like, for some reason, man I

Mike Proctor 18:04
got I want to try to figure out like where What do you remember about how that came to be? Like I you know, and go to the muffler shop with all the different sculptures and stuff that Yeah, made out of all these different things. Like for again, people that don’t know for years and years as Zach and I were growing up, we would drive by the muffler shop right in town to dry out. Some guy I remember my favorite one was like it was like Godzilla, or like, Yeah, you bet. Right. Right. Right. Yeah. sculptures.

Mike Malachowski 18:35
thing now that

at one time, we had like 45 of them.

Xad 18:42
So where was your parking lot?

Mike Malachowski 18:44
Right. So Flint journal come out and did a little deal. Yeah, a little article. Well, I want to cross Associated Press. So the Chicago Institute of Art called me said hey, we want you to bring your stuff out.

Mike Proctor 19:01
No kid,

Mike Malachowski 19:01
and I decided I’m gonna do that. Oh, I didn’t know I didn’t do it man. And I still have the article. Yet all framed? Yeah, stuff and it’s pretty cool. It’s me kind of you know, squatting down next all the I got a little policeman and a little cowboy next to me all kinds

Mike Proctor 19:18
of him. Just all kinds of little things. Zack,

Mike Malachowski 19:20
he is my son Zack. He has the same I doesn’t he’s built some stuff. I mean that are sitting at the shop in a little motorcycle and helicopters

Mike Proctor 19:28
that built the car. Your your rat rod is right rod. Yeah, yeah, thing right. That thing’s cool. So too, I think those like there’s pictures of that somewhere. But it’s always in the car show here. Like right,

Mike Malachowski 19:39
right? competent. Yo, that one year? Yeah. Yeah, he built a frame and he built everything.

Mike Proctor 19:45
That’s awesome.

Mike Malachowski 19:46
I really didn’t help me much. I really didn’t. I mean, he just picked at it. And he’s got that. That same shift.

Mike Proctor 19:55
Would you like, turn over this a little bit and talk into that mic? Yeah, yeah, sorry. Go good.

Mike Malachowski 20:02
But Jackie, my ex wife, she, she’s very artistic also, and she’s got a good eye for everything. You know what I mean? So that that helps man and Zach’s kind about the DA for my kids. He’s the most blend of her and I you know what I mean? Yeah, it uh, so that’s cool to see the like,

Mike Proctor 20:29
What drives you to you know, how do you come up with these ideas and stuff, but

Mike Malachowski 20:33
I just see stuff. I I just can’t explain it. And I really yeah, I can’t really explain it. It’s just the thing. It’s an artsy thing. And you know, there’s so many like to paint a picture of a four wheel drive truck. I can’t do that. But I can build one out of steel. You know what I mean? There’s so many avenues for art Yeah, right. And you know, bending that muffler pipe that seems like an art to me because not just anybody could do it and make it look right and you know what I mean? And I still dig that

Xad 21:07
in with a bend I’m not I’m not super great with cars but with the bend that you do does that change the sound that it produces

Mike Malachowski 21:13
so much Oh, it’s gonna be whatever the muffler and place you put in you know, I was the other day this guy comes in he goes, man, I got an emergency fix. What do you got? I’m looking at an ad and we can fix it and I had to put an exhaust pipe muffler tailpipe on the thing and

Mike Proctor 21:31
I was it just like a leak or something.

Mike Malachowski 21:33
I was just in rough shape falling apart. pickup truck. Gotcha. And it was kind of funny. I said Yang can get you out of here in 20 minutes. He goes. He goes I’ll tell you what. The floor about double or nothing. If we don’t do it in 20 minutes, you pay nothing. Youth that’s what you said. I said it to the customer. And his girlfriend’s like, I don’t think we should. 20 minutes though, and Zach’s there with a song

Xad 22:01
like ready to

Mike Malachowski 22:02
say the words out the door in eight minutes.

Mike Proctor 22:04
Oh my god.

Mike Malachowski 22:05
tailpipe and we did it. I bent the tailpipe and everything. It was kind of cool. So it was fun. And he was almost there. And I tried that on another guy. Two weeks later.

Mike Proctor 22:17
I mean, he goes back. Yeah, that’s fair, bad.

Mike Malachowski 22:21
And he the guy had been into the shop a few times, because I’m not taking that bet. I’ve seen you guys work. Dude. It’s like, smoking up there. Yeah, it’d be just like you with somebody that is as good as you and you don’t have to talk when you’re working. You know what I mean? It’s just like, bam, bam, bam, things are just happening. You got three guys. This guy’s cutting it off. I’m bending it. Blah, blah. You know, it’s just it just comes together so quick. Yeah,

Xad 22:48
like, harmony, like a symphony go and everybody’s working in unison with each other know when

Mike Proctor 22:53
when you when you get in the zone like that. There’s people that dig it you work in or whatever.

Xad 22:59
Yeah, yeah,

Mike Proctor 23:00
that’s always a good time. For sure. It’s like, so now I, I work for Amazon and I get to train. I train new drivers. Yeah, and we’re actually like, really, really slow right now. Because it’s January. So we don’t have a whole lot of new drivers. But um, when I like when I get on a roll, I have, you know, my spiels that I that I do. And I mean, they’re like lines, you know, basically lines. And when I get them and I’m going and I’m cracking my jokes. That’s that’s it’s so fun. You know,

Mike Malachowski 23:27
you’re in the zone, you know, because you know your business.

Mike Proctor 23:31
You have you have you probably haven’t seen the show, but has anyone seen the new soul? The movie soul? Yeah, Disney movies? Have you watched them with the grandkids or something? All right. But um, there’s this guy. When people get in the zone. In this movie. They go to like this special soul like kind of world another

Xad 23:49
plane. Another.

Mike Proctor 23:50
It’s like another right right? Yeah, guys jammin out the piano and they’re, you know, doing all those different things. It’s just funny.

Mike Malachowski 24:00
I love being in the zone. Yeah, dude, I just, especially when somebody’s there with you. And they Yeah, they know what you know. And it’s just like, we’re gonna rock this out, man, though. Yeah, it’s fun. I like I still love to work. I mean, I have my I mean, my lazy spurts but I mean, and

Mike Proctor 24:17
we all do, right. You gotta have like that. Oh, shit. I got no,

Mike Malachowski 24:22
it’s time. Yeah, it’s time to do some stuff. I mean, the other morning. I had I’m usually up at five or 530 every morning, you know? Sorry. Go to bed at 930. I mean, that’s my six hours, six and a half hours, but I was up at 530 it’s like, I’m not gonna sit here and drink coffee until eight o’clock. Went out fired my chainsaw. I got a big pile of wood. I was cutting wood in the dark. I mean, I got a light out there. It was. It was 645 and I mentioned the gas out there you know, and it just it’s good to get yourself jumpstarted

Xad 24:55
Yeah, I wasn’t saying starting the day out right and getting stuff done. Get

Mike Malachowski 24:59
going. And it’s a whole lot better than sitting around for three or four hours and say, Man, I gotta do some do they always

Mike Proctor 25:06
look back and you’re like, hell did I just do this exam?

Mike Malachowski 25:09
Yeah. Why did I wait so long? Yeah. Sit there for sometimes you got to push yourself, man. I mean, just think differently because man once you get going, it’s like a lot of times when my you know, I’m out to my house by myself. So it’s 3300 square feet. It’s big like, right you know, so I mean, after a while, I gotta get up and sweep these floors and get going on my dishes and I just do a bunch of stuff. Yeah, takes me an hour hour and a half so I got to be done. Yeah, lots of times it’s tough to push yourself but it’s different to when you got kids that you’re taking care of you know, I’m on my own.

Mike Proctor 25:46
So I mean, do you do you find like, since you’re by yourself like do you like cause a lot more damage than you realize you do? You ever catch yourself like my

Mike Malachowski 25:55
shoes? Not taking my shoes off? Hop to these you know what I mean? Because I don’t want to take my boots off because I’m doing stuff

Mike Proctor 26:03
Yeah, but yeah,

Mike Malachowski 26:05
these last couple weeks I did some upgrades on my house a couple new vanities washer and dryer upstairs out of the basement nice

Mike Proctor 26:11
did and did a

Mike Malachowski 26:13
bunch of stuff. So I mean, as I’m up from the basement, back and forth, I just left my shoes on so it was kind of a mess. It was

Xad 26:21
Did you did you put the washer and dryer upstairs here? No,

Mike Malachowski 26:25
I was up there when you when you when you were here? I don’t remember to be honest with you. Probably Johnny. I don’t know.

Mike Proctor 26:32
So again, for people that don’t know. Small Town references again. Mike actually what his daughter actually lived in the house that we’re in right now. No Jackie did. Oh, Jackie, Jackie. Okay. Yeah, okay. Yeah, um,

Xad 26:45
so a lot of the remodeling that I’ve talked about on the show before that was

Mike Malachowski 26:50
a big part of it. I put a we put the roof on and we put all the windows in my son and I Stephen because it started out to be Stephens house. Okay, so we started out to him and then he went into the Marine Corps he just wanted to be rid of the house so we’re Jackie and I we fixed it but her and I separated in 2011 no but the house was pretty much done by then with you know drywall we had to put a kitchen in still but I mean it’s all new electrical for the most part.

Mike Proctor 27:24
Electrical kitchen this sumbitch

Xad 27:29
like man, I remember this thing like you

Mike Proctor 27:30
got it.

Xad 27:31
Oh yeah, you

guys did a good job.

Mike Proctor 27:34
Small Town guys. Yeah, for sure.

Mike Malachowski 27:36
And you got a runway on your ceiling

Xad 27:37
my my ceiling light Yeah, yep.

Mike Proctor 27:44
See this bitch from uptown good times.

Mike Malachowski 27:46
Yeah, and 2008 space made 23,000 for it. No, I

Xad 27:52
paid a little bit more than that for sure.

Mike Malachowski 27:55
But you know what? There’s not a lot of houses that you can go probably for the I don’t know what you paid probably a little over 100,000 but a lot of stuff done man a lot of property looks like

Xad 28:06
this and not to mention you got a big backyard night or I would say the one I will the upgrades The house is great. It’s beautiful.

With the have this much property like in town is crazy. It is I was showing a girl that I worked with the other day about it like the the sky view on Google Maps. Right? Right. And she’s like, like, this is all yours. And I had like, over a half acre

Mike Proctor 28:33
thought right and

Xad 28:34
it is it is a great house. They still beat you up on your water. Water bill. Dude, that is a bitch. I did not know that that way. Yeah, that sucks. Because we got our first water bill. And I was like, you know like john are 480 bucks 180 bucks for like a month basically. Or you know, bitch is like murder

Mike Proctor 28:55
on the on the map. He’s literally like, where we are wonder of the towns right? Yeah, yeah, so is brutal.

Mike Malachowski 29:02
You just go that way across the street and you don’t pay double?

Xad 29:06
No, no, I could tell. I mean, I could spit from where like the edge of the houses and get, you know, but the taxes are less because it’s Vernon township or whatever. But I love the house. So again, appreciate you for your hard work and

travel, man.

Mike Proctor 29:20
It’s more craftsmanship. That’s exactly, yeah. And

the other pictures of Edgewood up there Awesome, man.


How did you you know, come to that project.

Mike Malachowski 29:32

when I was in the end stages of the restaurant, listen

Mike Proctor 29:37
the mic.

Mike Malachowski 29:38
Yeah. When the end stages of the restaurant when I was feeling like man, I love what I did here, but I don’t love what I’m doing. You know what I mean? Yeah,

Mike Proctor 29:46
run the operation of a restaurant. It’s

Mike Malachowski 29:49
it’s grueling. It is grueling. I mean it’s just there’s so many components that really need to go right in order to be right man, you know and and we had them We did have them, you know, for quite a while, but it still just wasn’t for me. So anyway, when I was trying to make that place better trying to bring in more people and this and that I inquired the about the liquor license out of GG, which is the place that I bought. Yep, that building was there, it was closed. So I bought the liquor license from them. So I kind of befriended that guy out there, and he is close to 80 years old, you know, and the place was this in shambles. And so once I sold the restaurant, I this is man, I’m gonna see what he wants for that. You know, there’s four acres commercial property. And, dude, he said, I called him and talk to him. And you know, I knew him from buying the liquor license, you know, super nice guy, and he just didn’t want to pass away and leave it to his wife to deal with. So it is wanting to get off from it. So I was talking to him, I called him and he says, You know, I had somebody just call me on the building and they wanted to do like a homeless shelter. But the building was in such disrepair that it just like couldn’t like, fix it. And they said, Oh, well over $100,000 to fix it. It was it was bad. So he said I was gonna give it to them guys for back taxes. He says, I’ll give it to you for that to 7100 bucks. What? four acres commercial property with a septic dal 70 170 107,100 I

Xad 31:36
can’t buy a car for that, dude. I’m telling ya.

Mike Malachowski 31:39
Well, I had a chunk of change from the restaurant. You know, I sold that for a decent amount for Duran Right, right. So I tore the building down. And I probably had end up with everything about 30 grand tearing it down, get it taken away and level playing field.

Mike Proctor 31:59
So just scratch it out.

Mike Malachowski 32:01
Yeah. So unprepared, man, we

Mike Proctor 32:04
started building. Oh, yeah, dude. And so you you design this whole thing yourself? Like,

Mike Malachowski 32:10
actually Emily and I did. Okay. Yeah. Emily, she she was always scrolling on pictures of barns and this and that, you know, I mean, it kind of reminded me and it still does, how her and I worked together. Like, when we went over my recipes at the restaurant, right? You know what I mean? You said, well, let’s try this or do that. Let’s add this. And it was perfect. Right? To me, you know what I mean? And I like working with somebody got a little bit of creativity. And no matter what it is, it’s just like, let’s bounce ideas off each other. And, you know, like, Emily would say, Well, I like this. And, you know, there’s a bunch of different little prototypes that we looked at, until we come up with would you like go

Mike Proctor 32:53
go do some tour and and like, check places out and stuff? No,

Mike Malachowski 32:56
not really didn’t do any of that? No, I mean, we looked at a couple of venues online, but right now, man, it’s it’s like a barn wedding is kind of Yeah, that’s just the last few years.

Xad 33:09
But I’m euthanasia.

Mike Proctor 33:12
And that’s cool. Even though like the shops and stuff. Like that goes to like a lot of like the little What are they the hell’s word? Am I looking boutiques? Yeah, yeah, a little boutique, for sure. And, you know, that’s all like the trendy old stuff.

Mike Malachowski 33:26
Yeah. And which is cool. But my thinking, you know, we’ve got when you pull up to the place, you don’t know if it’s gonna be rustic inside you don’t know, because it’s a it’s a big barn. It’s, it’s 7500 square feet. Okay. It’s a big place, man. It’s 120 feet long and 75 feet wide.

Mike Proctor 33:48
So you’ve got it almost masked

Mike Malachowski 33:52
a little bit. When you walk in, it’s just like, damn. I’m telling. It’s really like the wow factor. It’s like an elegant barn wedding is what it’s like. It’s uh,

Mike Proctor 34:06
yeah, you can you got Google pictures. Oh, man, it’s so cool. Yeah. And I remember seeing these now.

Mike Malachowski 34:16
So that’s what you see when you drive in on it. And you could pull off either one.

Mike Proctor 34:20
You know, you could have it doesn’t quite, you know, stick with this like a modern barn.

Mike Malachowski 34:26
I think it is. That’s awesome.

Xad 34:29
I’m gonna try to jump on my Facebook here and pull it up. You said it’s on Facebook as well. Yeah. The interior photos.

Mike Malachowski 34:36
Oh, yeah. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 34:37
it’s a good ass name.

Xad 34:39
man. Dude, that

Mike Malachowski 34:40
is a solid name. And that’s what it used to

Xad 34:43
be that.

Mike Malachowski 34:43
That’s what it used to be 1941 at open. Okay, what’s Edgewood guard?

Xad 34:48
What was it then?

Mike Malachowski 34:49
It was like a venue. It was like a bar or a like a bar. You know, Gardens is like a where you buy and they did dancing and it was like a big dance hall. But you could go there. As a bar also, okay. But um, I hear a lot of you know, older folks are Yeah, we you know, they’re polish. We used to do pokers here and poker all the time and poker. Yeah. So here we go.

Xad 35:15
There’s that big window. You’re talking about beautiful. Yeah, it is beautiful.

Mike Malachowski 35:19
Yeah, so that’s some of our outside. We had outside. Gosh, you can be it out. I mean, but, uh, the inside I mean, right there on your

Xad 35:30
landscaping and stuff. Yeah, we did all that.

Mike Malachowski 35:33
Yeah. Emily and Zach and I laid 7000 square feet of sod. Right there. Are all those in there too.

Mike Proctor 35:41

Xad 35:42
I seriously, everybody should check this out. This is beautiful.

Mike Proctor 35:45
Well, I’ll I’ll be putting the links.

Mike Malachowski 35:48
Yeah. It’s It’s cool. For sure, man.

Xad 35:52
So what kind of events so far have you held? Obviously weddings is gonna be

Mike Malachowski 35:55
just weddings as of right now? Yeah, we’ve had a couple baby showers inside. But there was only 50 people, you know? So I mean,

Xad 36:05
they. Yeah, that’s,

Mike Proctor 36:07
that’s what I mean. Like. Yeah, right. Yes.

Mike Malachowski 36:10
You see that right there. any color you want?

Xad 36:15
Yeah, the lights?

Mike Proctor 36:17
That’s what I’m talking about, man. Yeah, it’s such a gift for so yeah. creating things.

Mike Malachowski 36:22
I mean, the floor look wet.

Xad 36:24
All right. Yeah, yeah. So you walk in and it’s a great explanation or it’s like a tuxedo just wet black.

Mike Malachowski 36:32
Then you get a white man. Yeah, you’re trimmed up. Yeah. Yeah, but but at a movement of your thumb on this color wheel. Right there.

Xad 36:42
You can just rip a sharp red which is awesome. You can play off a really any

Mike Malachowski 36:47
anybody’s and you can make them flash you can make them and one push of the button. They turn white. And I mean it says that’s a couple little birthday parties we had there but

Xad 36:57
maybe we talked about doing like a one year anniversary for the show. Maybe we hosted

Mike Malachowski 37:02
a walkthrough.

Mike Proctor 37:11

Xad 37:13
Crazy. Good job, man. 100% Great job.

Mike Malachowski 37:16
So this is upstairs. This has got an upstairs to 10 out of 10 series. It’s chiseled over there. It really is that arbour right there. That’s muffler tubing, that you’re looking at

Xad 37:29
something that you knew he took something that you know, and just repurposed it into an art form and a totally unrelated area.

Mike Malachowski 37:37
That’s a little squirrely thing. I go to Hobby Lobby and buy them as well them on

Mike Proctor 37:44
stuff in the Hobby Lobby. The government knickknacks,

Xad 37:47
that’s funny that you say like, you know, mechanic artists, you put those things together, you got like,

Mike Malachowski 37:52
dude, you can do

Xad 37:54
half of their chef entrepreneur doesn’t even matter. He does it all.

Mike Malachowski 37:57
He’s the guy just crazy. Do whatever. So cool. I’ve had some good people into my life. Man, that steered me in some good directions. You know what I mean? And not, you know, it’s important. Maybe not steer me in the direction, but the direction that that’s the way that I should be. You know, I mean, it’s just like I say one decision can man really change your life in so many different ways. And man, going forward and steer in the right way. takes a long time to get there. You know, I mean, man, I’ve been picking at it for a while and I just keep picking at and I’m kind of semi retired. I’m doing what I love to do. Yeah, you know what I mean? I dig doing outside stuff. Live in the dream. Yeah, I really am. And I Dude, I feel blessed. Thank the Lord. You know, I mean,

Mike Proctor 38:48
so cool, man. I just I wanted to commend you so much on thank you on that appreciative, that’s just yeah, you know, and I’ve been feeling I’ve been talking a lot lately about how like we all do, and it kind of alludes into this we all like all we all do is just like take in information and like, regurgitate it. Yeah. To you. What, what, you know, what you do with it, what you do with

Mike Malachowski 39:11
it, and if you can do something, and

Mike Proctor 39:15
I just, that’s, that’s crazy.

Mike Malachowski 39:20
That’s like, I’ve always thought like school, you know, I didn’t really like being in school. You know, and Zach was the same way that I was, but it’s just like, if you could really key on what kids are people are good at. Let them run with that. You know what I mean? Instead of this the same curriculum for everybody, you know, I don’t know. It says,

Mike Proctor 39:42
No, I see what you say.

Mike Malachowski 39:43
You know what I mean? It’s I mean, there’s some foundation stuff that you do need to learn there’s foundation stuff gets to a point where it’s like, man, let’s keep what they like to do what they’re good at

Xad 39:55
and feed their feed their passion and their zeal that

Mike Proctor 39:58
when i when i never went to college. Right? And I was always like, was like, um, I should go to college or whatever. Right, right. And so I, you know, like 28. And finally was like, I’m gonna go to college or go to online college, and I learned what I thought, you know, programming, I got a degree in programming, and I’m like, okay, you know, and that’s all I really, in hindsight, all I really learned in college was like, how to solve a problem in front of me, like, on my own with no resources, right? Yeah, I had to, you know, I learned how to Google things. Basically, I learned how to Google things until I figured out how to, you know, solve the thing. And I mean, I learned coding and those types of rights too. But, you know, there’s this big thing about school. It’s like school is gonna teach you everything. But

Mike Malachowski 40:44
yeah, a lot of a lot of stuff. Man is seat time. Yeah, you get some seat time, and you’re looking at what somebody else is doing. It’s like, man, I could do that. Yeah, you know what I mean? Or you get a good mentor, or show you some good stats, huge isn’t mentors, you know, I mean, I got the guy at the muffler shop. I don’t remember if you remember him, Dan. He’s like, he’s 20 years younger. I think I think, yeah. So I mean, there’s plenty of times, I’ll say, Man, try this or try that he this kind of like, look at you like, I’ve done this. And you know, a couple of times, I’ve told this Listen, dude, I was doing this when you were in the womb.

Xad 41:21
Doing a lot longer.

Mike Malachowski 41:22
I you know, I mean, I’m trying to show you some shortcuts or just easier. You know what I mean? I’m not steered in the wrong direction, brother. I mean, I’ve got some experience under my belt. I’ve done a lot of stuff. Listen, man, you know, and the one thing about Zack, my son, he listens. Yeah, and there’s plenty of times that I’ll go to do something. Well, he’s been doing it for quite a while now. He says, I’ve been doing it like this. Let’s do that, though. And you’re right. Yeah, that’s okay. Man. He is so stuck in your way. Yeah. You know, I mean,

Mike Proctor 42:04
it’s, it’s something that I feel like I have that those traits to where, like, I can take negative feedback. It’s still, like, hurts my feelings.

Mike Malachowski 42:14
Especially when you’ve been doing something for a while is like, you’re still like, got this down. So

Mike Proctor 42:18
you know, Oh, shit. Yeah. But um, you have to be able to just be like, Oh, I understand. Yes. Like, you’re right. That’s so much better. Yeah, that’s nice. argue the fact what you think and but if you’re one of those people where you just won’t see sense, right? Yeah. Okay. I’m just talking to a wall here.

Xad 42:37
more of those people out there than you’d think though.

Mike Proctor 42:40
Yeah. That’s a whole nother

Xad 42:43
myself personally, when I get the constructive feedback. Rarely. I’m like, Oh, damn, that does work better. And then I’m so quick to go try to teach somebody else because then I’m a smart guy.

Mike Malachowski 42:53
Yeah, that’s huge.

Xad 42:54
I came up with that shit.

Mike Malachowski 42:56
Yeah, for sure. Yeah, yeah, I’ve been there many times on a lot of stuff. I’ve been doing stuff or I’m doing something that I’m not familiar with. I’m doing and somebody Oh, why don’t you just do this? I was like, did you think of that? Cool. That’s how I’m doing it. You know? I

Mike Proctor 43:11
mean. Yeah. So

I usually I always ask everybody about like lifestyle and stuff. And you kind of talked about already. You only get six hours of sleep and

Mike Malachowski 43:21
a half.

Mike Proctor 43:23
Yeah, like like clockwork. Yeah. Like

Mike Malachowski 43:26
Yeah. And I’m I’m up at five or 530 every morning. So

Mike Proctor 43:30
really, I’m only six hours. Six and Have you always been like it’s been like that for a while. It’s been that way for a while. Yeah, man. That’s that’s not good. That’s not good. The doctors say that sound good? Sounds good. More.

Mike Malachowski 43:42
Well, not forgot my. They say you require less. Oh, really? Okay. Yeah, I mean, I Dude, I function fine. I feel good. Never been asked.

Mike Proctor 43:53
What’s that? Never drag an astronaut. Really? No, no,

Mike Malachowski 43:56
I really take naps. Very seldom. No, I mean, do the winter like this time of the year being home, you know? Yeah, the TV and watch it all inside? Yeah, it’s cozy.

Mike Proctor 44:08
Wait, wait, what happens?

Do you get up? Do you get like rock solid sleep? Like, are you out cold? No. Are you restless? Like do you get up

Mike Malachowski 44:18
a lot? A little bit? Yeah, take a leak. Probably my past prostates probably you know a week stream. So I did take naps when I was doing the restaurant. Because I’d work at the muffler shop until

Mike Proctor 44:37
Yeah, up or super No, you’re always up you know?

Mike Malachowski 44:39
Yeah, I was up at the restaurant and they’re like, yeah, so right between service time I would go home get cleaned up, lay down for about a half hour 40 minutes but I mean, I’d be up there at eight o’clock pulling stuff out of the smoker while there till nine sometimes you know, I mean, I needed a little

Mike Proctor 44:58
I just like with restaurants too. There’s always something burning in the in the boiler. You’re always putting fires. Yeah. Yeah,

Mike Malachowski 45:05
yeah. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 45:07
So you know that that has a big effect too. But, uh,

Mike Malachowski 45:10
I’m definitely glad that I did it. And I’m glad that you were along with me too. Yeah, man. That was we had so much fun. We did have fun, you know, and I’m glad that I did it. But I know that it’s nothing that I ever want to do again.

Mike Proctor 45:23
Yeah. You know, I

Mike Malachowski 45:24
mean, my thing was putting the place together.

Mike Proctor 45:27
Yeah. And that’s, that’s

Mike Malachowski 45:28
who that was my thing. And I love to cook, man. I’ll cook you guys anything. I’m good. And I like what I do. But I don’t want to do the

Xad 45:36
business will try to do in the event business.

Mike Proctor 45:38
Yeah. Trying to trying to make it into businesses. It’s like,

Mike Malachowski 45:42
yeah, it was kind of cool at times, you know, but I mean, for the most part, it’s just like, have

Mike Proctor 45:48
you had Have you had Lin’s have lives? We got a new restaurant in town.

Mike Malachowski 45:53
I did. We had burgers there.

Mike Proctor 45:55
They were very bearish. Yeah,

Mike Malachowski 45:56
it tastes like they’re char broiled or something. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 45:59
they’re good. They’re very good. Very good, basic burger. I’m like a Yo, boom Shaka and like really good prices. Like they

Mike Malachowski 46:07
look like their hand cut fries. Small Town diner. Exactly

Xad 46:10
what you said

Mike Proctor 46:11
last year. That’s my one complaint on them is I’m not a huge fan of the fries. Now. Some people like soggy fries. Well,

Mike Malachowski 46:18
you know what I do as well done.

Mike Proctor 46:21
You like Oh, that’s

Mike Malachowski 46:21
a good you know, I

Mike Proctor 46:22
mean, it’s a very good that hell are they? Are they nice and crispy, but are they still super waxy on the inside?

Mike Malachowski 46:28
They’re they’re much better. Yeah, just regular order. I just tell him well done, man.

Mike Proctor 46:32
I feel like the potato is like a waxy potato. And it needs to be really sweet.

Mike Malachowski 46:36
Lots of times when you do a hand cut one they have to soak in water. Yeah, you got to brine

Mike Proctor 46:40
them. Yeah, that’s exactly what I said.

Mike Malachowski 46:42
Yeah. So I mean, that makes a difference on how they cook. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 46:46
I mean, absolutely.

Mike Malachowski 46:48
There’s plenty of people at the smokehouse as a fries. Well done. Remember that all the time, and we had to kick ass fries. Yeah, man. We had the best

Mike Proctor 46:57
we did. It was so good. That’s like the one thing I missed because, you know, whatever fries anymore.

Mike Malachowski 47:03
I don’t know if I ever told you but until I open that restaurant, never in my life that I smoked anything.

Mike Proctor 47:10
Yeah, ever. Maybe had mentioned this

Xad 47:13
guy is crazy. He’s like, I you know, I’m open. I smoke.

Mike Proctor 47:17
And I told you I was like, I have never smoked anything.

Mike Malachowski 47:21
either. I mean, I’ve cooked on a Weber grill. Right? And I’m good at that. And I you know, but I miss how hard How hard can it be? I mean, low and slow. And dude, we had a good product man.

Mike Proctor 47:33
Oh really did that’s so funny. Cuz we had like the best food. Yeah, we had we were like ahead of Duran. Yeah. You know, we

Mike Malachowski 47:41
had a patio we had a nice decorated fresh. And I thought we had all the elements. Yeah, you know to do really good. But as we even when we did really good, it’s like, I don’t care if we are twice as busy. I don’t dig this. Yeah, it was I just don’t dig it, man. It’s it’s, it is what it is. And you don’t want a chef. Cara Lee

Xad 48:05
barely was shout out.

Mike Malachowski 48:07
bless her heart. I love her to death. Yeah, love her. She made 850 to 1000 bucks every three days. Dude, I wasn’t even making I wasn’t making it. You know? She would be there the whole time. Just happiest could be you know, he’s

Xad 48:25
killing it.

Mike Malachowski 48:26
killing it. I mean, Cara Lee I mean, barbecue is like she’s high all the time. But she’s not.

Mike Proctor 48:34
She wasn’t

Mike Malachowski 48:35
even you know, but I mean, she’s just the nicest lady. No. Good times, man. Dude. It was good. Dude. We’re

Mike Proctor 48:43
good. We had so much fun. Well, one of the best things about smokehouse was we had a foosball table, or we did have a foosball table

Mike Malachowski 48:50
man. And I missed that show a nice food

Mike Proctor 48:53
chef got me hooked on foosball Yeah, for a minute

Xad 48:56
got me addicted to it, too.

Mike Proctor 48:58
But you know, there’s a what’s that bar called in it straight up in a while so they’re not far from here. There’s some bar that’s they got a couple foosball No kidding. Yeah. Yeah. And they’re like, they’re like built into the wall. It is a nice a cool little setup. I don’t think it’s nice. It’s the Is it the corner bar? Is that what it’s called? Um, I have to look it up. I don’t know. I never knew that. It’s like the corner bar or something like that. But yeah, there’s one up there. But so for a while we were ripping some foosball man that’s helped you get so good at foosball. So Jeff is like good. His book. So

Mike Malachowski 49:34
where Liz restaurant is? Yeah, okay. So we’re just talking about so when I was a kid when I was like, 1112 years old, that was a headshot right there. Okay. I mean, they sold pipes back and so when I was 11 years old was I. Alright. Well, that was 76 Okay. 76 When I was 11, so that headshop called good karma. They’re in the back. Yeah. Take Toby. Dude tank Toby owned it and he lived in my house where I’m at now.

Mike Proctor 50:11
You’re kidding.

Xad 50:12
Okay. Toby is a name of someone who should own a headshot

Mike Malachowski 50:16
dude. Yeah. He owned one hand. I never knew. You know, my older sister. She got high, so I knew what it was. She’s 10 years older than I am. So I’d go over there and watch these guys play foosball. They had a foosball table. It was an arcade in the back. Oh, no shit. I can remember being a young kid and like, take Toby and few of his friends. They go in the back around this back wall. And now I think about it. Shit. You know what they are? Oh, yeah. You know, deals going back there. Yeah, so I’m watching these guys play. Well, sometimes they wouldn’t have somebody to play. So I jump in there and play with them. Yeah. And I played and played all the time and just got better and better. You know?

Mike Proctor 50:57
I remember being a kid and like waiting waiting for your chance to Yeah, the Hollywood the big kid play with the big Yeah, yeah. Yep.

Mike Malachowski 51:04
Yep. So I mean, and I actually lived right across from the funeral home and Duran oka right when I was think I was 19 till I was 21. I live there and we had a foosball table there. To just rip it out. When I was at age man. I come home from the muffler shop. I have people sitting on my porch,

Xad 51:23
waiting to play.

Mike Malachowski 51:24
They want a party. They want to play me we did all kinds of parties. It was crazy. Three guys. We live there. So

Mike Proctor 51:31
chef and I never played foosball before. Chef gets a foosball was a your foosball table that we have

Mike Malachowski 51:36
is John’s Oh, john McDonald worked with Yeah, yeah.

Mike Proctor 51:41
So he anyways, we get a foosball table in the restaurant. Jeff’s like, Alright, during prep time, we’re taking 15 minutes we’re playing foosball, right. And so chef gets us all hooked on foosball. So now we’re trying to kick chefs ass every day. And he’s just beat. Right and so eventually me and john get like little better though. We start getting better. Yeah. And man, we got hooked and then it was fun. Then I went out and got a foosball table from you. I think you went and got it for me.

Mike Malachowski 52:09
I can’t remember

Mike Proctor 52:09
you and I, you know me out there because you had a truck and got a foosball table. Me and Zach are out in my garage playing foosball.

Mike Malachowski 52:17
It’s good fun for sure. We had

Mike Proctor 52:19
a we had like a scoreboard on the I had a whiteboard out there. And I wrote on all our total wins. Right? Yeah.

Xad 52:26
That’s in my my garage right now.

Mike Malachowski 52:28
You know what’s cool about

Mike Proctor 52:31
the new one.

Mike Malachowski 52:33
What was cool about that, even though I was a lot better than you guys to start towards the end, I couldn’t get a shot off sometimes.

Xad 52:40
Yeah. Yeah. See, that’s how I felt too when Mike started like, getting rockin. He’s like, Hey, man, you want to go outside and play some foosball? I’m like, Oh, yeah, sure. I didn’t know he’s been playing with you. And like, I haven’t played since I was like, seven. Oh, and he’s like,

Mike Proctor 52:56
yeah, teach me a couple trick shots. Yeah. Yeah, so Zed got real good at being a goalie. Yeah. Because I was always trying to. You need that. Yeah. So then we went, we would go against our wives. And they got pretty good eventually. Yeah,

Xad 53:15
that’s good. For sure. So

Mike Proctor 53:16
funny. But yeah, we means Edward like out, you know, party in in such one night. That’s like a while ago, and we somehow ended up at this is it that corner? The corner, pub corner, pub, like a corner? corner pub with a cane? Oh, that’s

Mike Malachowski 53:30
down at a loss? Yes,

Mike Proctor 53:31
town. Yep. Yeah, yeah. And so we, we end up in there and we go in the back and I’m like, Oh, my God.

Xad 53:39
I remember that. I was blessed in that.

Mike Malachowski 53:41
We did the same thing. When we went to a hockey tournament up in Big Rapids. We went to a bar called shooters. It was a big college bar. Dude, there was four tables on there. Oh, nice. And we had a bunch of hockey parents. We went there. You know, just have some drinks and whatnot. Dude, I did not leave the foosball table. quarters down. I never left and I was racking. It was fun. We win that night.

Mike Proctor 54:05
We took a guy’s trip to Grand Rapids, and went out on the city fun. That was a couple years ago did shit. And we there’s a pinball bar there. And they got all the pinball machines, but oh, wow, that was fun. That was super fun. It was pretty fun. It’s all dark lights and it’s all crazy in there. Those those who

Xad 54:26
think that was the good guys the ditch the bitch bash 2018

Mike Proctor 54:29
that was the dish the Bish bash for cat.

Xad 54:33
So we took it.

Mike Proctor 54:35
We had to celebrate with it. Right? Yeah, we got some strange looks that night.

Xad 54:40
Yeah, definitely. With our shirts we had. Yeah, matching t shirts and all that fun stuff.

Mike Proctor 54:45
It was always guys. Yeah. It was way over the top.

Xad 54:48
Yeah, that was that was fun. That’s funny.

Mike Proctor 54:50
Um, should we just did an hour.

Xad 54:53
I know we blast before.

Mike Proctor 54:53
Before we end I want to ask Jeff. So you’re always you’re like, go go, go, go. Go. For the most part Yeah, yeah. Are you are you watching your your diet lately? Like what are you? You know, I sustenance

Mike Malachowski 55:07
I go grocery shopping about every three weeks and I get a lot of I get a lot of chicken, turkey for sandwiches and stuff like that and I buy yogurts and I try to stay healthy. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 55:20
yeah, yes, super good. I

Mike Malachowski 55:21

Mike Proctor 55:21
I’m still on my bad hairdo. I’ve been saying this for like three weeks, but now I’m on a bad tear. I don’t know what’s going on. We just had little caesars.

Xad 55:30

Mike Malachowski 55:32
I did go. I wasn’t feeling good. I did help. Jackie got out her bathroom. And dude, the dust just kicked my ass. I couldn’t breathe for a couple days. I mean, my chest was heavy. And so I’ve gone to the doctor and they give me a COVID test, which

Mike Proctor 55:47
I was gonna say. Yeah,

Mike Malachowski 55:48
that’s like, it was good. That one thing you’re not supposed to be right. Right. So they did. My blood pressure was 130 over 80 which is good. Yeah, it’s good for me, you know? And then my heart rate was at 80. And my oxygen level is like 98 you know, for not being raspy at that time. You know, I

Mike Proctor 56:10
I don’t even know. I’m like so you know,

Xad 56:13
all those are very well.

Mike Proctor 56:15
I always just 130

Xad 56:16
over 80 is like good for like,

Mike Malachowski 56:20
the other day. I’m 30 pounds overweight. And you know I am I mean, I got an extra middle school child hanging all over those. No, but I thought that was good. That was

Mike Proctor 56:33
awesome to hear though.

Mike Malachowski 56:34
And I quit smoking chef. Nice. No more smoky too. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 56:38
I got a vape but I’m not smoking and I’m happy about it. Which I think is and I’m gonna kick this. Yeah, hopefully. Yeah. But um, that um, that’s so good to hear. Cuz like I said, I’ve been on a tear actually our last the last lately that people have been talking to everyone has been doing really good with not eating just not eating out.

Mike Malachowski 56:57
Now and I dig to cook man. I mean, I you know, I cook stuff right at home and lots of times I’ll make a meal and I’ll take over to stuff and MRIs plays or I’ll go out to Lindsay’s and all this cook a bunch of stuff. I’ll just take it out there and have dinner with them, you know, or jackyled stopover and I’ll make our breakfast or something like that. But I know I I’m fast at it. You know what I mean? Whatever I make, it’s just like it’s fast. Yeah, and it’s healthy. I’ve been very open to rushing out of asparagus and brussel sprouts and onions and peppers all cooked together. Dude is so good. It’s a

Xad 57:35
good mix right there. Yeah.

Mike Malachowski 57:37
Yeah, a little butter and water and some wish to share sauce.

Mike Proctor 57:40
We’re sure. Dude. We’re sharing me. I just made so I don’t like mushrooms. I’ve never been a they’re not a mushroom guy. My wife loves mushrooms. So I made some mushrooms and I was like I’m a cook these bitches good. So I got real hot pan. I kept the mushrooms like big Junkers. Yeah, you’re supposed to, you’re supposed to like, treat a mushroom almost like a protein. Yeah, yeah, that’s how the pros get it for sure. Um, and so I’m having big chunks. And I ripped them in a hot pan. Salt and pepper. I put a little season salt on them in some way. And I was like, I gotta like this like, right, this has to be the one and cook them down a little bit and I ate one. And I’ll eat it. I could eat it.

Mike Malachowski 58:24
But I don’t want it either. earthy. Yeah, they’re very earthy. You know, but then again, so is a beat and I like beets. I do

Mike Proctor 58:31
like beets. Yeah,

Xad 58:32
over the mushroom over the beat. But the

Mike Proctor 58:34
beets I don’t have like a warm juiciness to him that’s got a different texture to get a little bit different texture. And there’s no foot.

Mike Malachowski 58:44
Yeah, I like beets on a salad.

Mike Proctor 58:47
Yeah. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I always get beets whenever I go to. Oh, not always but I like beets at Red. Would you ever been Redwood? Oh,

Mike Malachowski 58:53
I have. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s my that’s my spot.

Mike Proctor 58:55
I love the beats at Redwood. Well, shit, man. Alright, so my last question, Chef, this is gonna be my deepest question. How should I ask? From now on if your life goes perfectly? What does that look like for you?

Mike Malachowski 59:11
doing just what I’m doing right now? Dude, I mean, cuz right now I mean, just like I went out to Lindsay’s anzacs twice today, hang out with the grandkids Sturm all families swing them all over the place, get them gone. And they there’s love cuddling and taking little things and just doing landscaping. And you know, I plan on selling the muffler shop to Zach, and then I’ll just work for him. You know when he needs me, right? I mean, we got four people up there besides me. We got three mechanics and Emily works the desk. So the only time they need me is if we get really busy.

Mike Proctor 59:49
Someone goes down.

Mike Malachowski 59:50
Well, you know, like Danny does the better part of the mechanical brakes and brake lines and stuff like that. So that center Bay is pretty much exclusive for muffler work. Gotcha, cuz man, you can bang some stuff in and out of there. And that’s where the money’s at. I mean, it’s, it’s cut and dry. And we’re good at what we do. You know, so it’s fun to go in there and do that for me. I mean, it’s just, it’s easy. I’m good at it, and it’s fun. And then if I can do that, and take care of my landscaping, keeping that building chiseled over there, so when people come in they this like, you thought everything, man. I mean, really, it’s that way when you get out there and it’s it’s something that you need to go out and just check out. And it’s just like everywhere.

Mike Proctor 1:00:39
See you if you have any other projects boiling in move.

Mike Malachowski 1:00:43
I do. I’ve got

Mike Proctor 1:00:44
anything you want to do a quick topic. Yeah,

Mike Malachowski 1:00:47
I wanna I’ve got a big Arbor that I’m going to build out of steel. I mean, this one’s it’s going to be something you could drive a vehicle through.

Mike Proctor 1:00:55
What’s an arbor? arch?

Mike Malachowski 1:00:57
Like a big arch where Arbor trellis like, Okay,

Mike Proctor 1:01:00
I know what a trellis is. Yeah. It’s like a giant out of steel.

Mike Malachowski 1:01:04
Okay. Yeah. Um, so I mean, they have a lot of arbors that would be like, Well, you know, the arbor right downtown Flint. This is Flint, Michigan. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That’s like an arbor. Gotcha. Yeah. And they come in different sizes. And, but I want to build a big one out there and I’ve got,

Mike Proctor 1:01:21
is it gonna say like, like, Edgewood, like, for the like, I don’t know. Yes, or,

Mike Malachowski 1:01:25
no, it’s not gonna be for the entrance. It’s gonna be more on the east side of the building. Where there’s some really good photo ops and that little patio that you’ve seen in the photos. So it’s gonna be a walk into that. It’s gonna I can see it done.

Mike Proctor 1:01:45
Have you like started on it? Or you don’t

Mike Malachowski 1:01:47
know. I still right now. Man. I’m right in the middle of I’m, I stopped building another chandelier. So I started this chandelier. And it’s all steel. And this is 14 foot wide put together. Well, when I started doing that, I’m thinking, I need something inside this building. That’s going to take up some sound. Because it’s right. So we know his face. Honestly, if you and I were talking to each other before I put those chandeliers in there, it was like, hell, man, it’s just reverberated so bad. Yeah. So when we put those chandeliers with a fabric on them, dude, it soaked up is soaked up a ton genius.

Xad 1:02:31
Right That’s the he took it he took something perfect and put a purpose

Mike Malachowski 1:02:35
to it. So the chandelier that I was gonna do in there, the metal one, I’m putting this outside, above that patio. Nice. Oh, I mean, it’s a 14 footer. So it’s all steel. And I’ve got quite a bit of it done that sauce. So I’m going to start finishing that. And between that and the arbor and just planting flowers and just chiseling things outside man, the inside just looks so far. I mean, it’s brand new. It’s fresh,

Mike Proctor 1:03:03
clean. Yes.

Mike Malachowski 1:03:05
So yeah, we’ll shoot. Yeah, if I can keep doing what I’m doing, man. I’m content

Xad 1:03:11

Mike Proctor 1:03:11
I just, you know,

Mike Malachowski 1:03:13
good friends, man. I mean, it’s awesome to reconnect with you. They are Heck no it is and see what you guys got going on here is this badass? Man. Yeah. And it’s been it’s fluid. It’s not like we’re thinking about things to talk about it you know, there’s just that’s

Mike Proctor 1:03:31
one of the one of the difficult things about doing the pot is is is finding people all right, we openly ask people like hey, hit us up if you if this sounds fun, you know, and I know you’re you know, you’re the charismatic guy and I want you

Mike Malachowski 1:03:46
guys to hit me up again in about six months or sooner when I absolutely when I open up there and get things rolling or even do something out there for you guys. You know, I mean, just tips.

Xad 1:03:56
I think that’d be awesome that the one year show out there.

Mike Proctor 1:03:59
Yeah, that would be a good idea. Raise a cool, it would be cool. Everybody can look out for that. Yeah, um, well, let’s let’s run through shoutouts and then we can Sarah Sarah.

Xad 1:04:09
Cool. Initially, Edgewood gardens.

Mike Proctor 1:04:14
Got a recap what we talked about Absolutely.

Mike Malachowski 1:04:16
Edgewood gardens. Yeah, sure.

Xad 1:04:18
And then, I guess Dave’s muffler the heart and soul show.

Mike Malachowski 1:04:22
Yeah, that is the foundation man. It really has been there since 1980.

Xad 1:04:27
Yep. You mentioned a waso Speedway initially, and you said that?

Mike Malachowski 1:04:31
Yeah. My dad. He had a car that he ran out. Awesome. Speedway. You

Mike Proctor 1:04:35
ever go anywhere else? Like No, not that I know of.

Mike Malachowski 1:04:38
I was pretty young man. I was. I was probably you know, I’ve

Mike Proctor 1:04:42
never been there. Yeah,

Xad 1:04:43
I went a couple times when I was younger, just like little memory. Yeah.

Mike Malachowski 1:04:47
So Billy and I went there, Matt Taylor. Yep. We went there. And it was like The Twilight Zone.

Mike Proctor 1:04:55

Mike Malachowski 1:04:56
Kids? Yeah. It was this like this lady’s walk. get around. She was pregnant with a two seater heart smoking and had a stinking Oh. Everybody’s missing teeth. Oh, man, it was like, well, it was Yeah,

Mike Proctor 1:05:13
maybe I’ll try to

Mike Malachowski 1:05:16
crazy but I mean, there was like, a couple 1000 people there. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 1:05:19
no shit.

Mike Malachowski 1:05:20
I was like I know there’s one good looking girl here. But you put out a good show out there they out there. They put out a great show and the night we’re out there as they called it the night of destruction. So I mean, any car that stop you’re welcome to smash them. Okay, yeah, it was fun. Yeah, they put on a good trick. Yeah.

Xad 1:05:44
You had a brushing with a Chicago Institute of Art. So yeah,

Mike Malachowski 1:05:48
yeah. They actually called me up. they’d seen the news article.

Mike Proctor 1:05:53
I bet you if you reached out in the Associated Press. Yeah, sure.

Xad 1:05:57
Yeah. Um, your children. Zach. Stephen and Lindsey. Right. Correct. I got those. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Shout out to them. They came up a lot. So that’s

Mike Proctor 1:06:06
Yeah, that’s good. Yeah.

Xad 1:06:08
lens and Durand dog lens taken over some good food. And you have seen obviously, I mean, they still have great stuff.

Mike Proctor 1:06:15
I was happy that Yeah, you in the station. I will say I’m not as happy with it.

Mike Malachowski 1:06:20
But I mean, they don’t have the same Pete doesn’t have the same

Mike Proctor 1:06:22
makes a difference. I can’t hold it against them. Because now I was happy to see Lynn’s open up get some new fresh v2.

Mike Malachowski 1:06:29
Yeah, and they do a good job. Yeah, we’ve had there’s been really good. Yeah, we’ve had lunch there three or four times, you know,

Xad 1:06:36
Cara Lee and her smile. foosball, and then tank Toby tank told. Hey, Toby. That could be a name of a band

Mike Malachowski 1:06:51
from the 70s. And he lived in the house that I live in right now. When he had that place. Yeah. So I mean, what it you know, it was crazy. When I moved into my house and the stairs going down in my basement they were they’re all hardwood but they were so wore they’re just cups from wearing going down. I’m just thinking, I thought a tank Toby’s a dentist like he was a big dude. biker guys a man. Right? Right. A pretty, pretty tough stairs.

Xad 1:07:21
That’s about it, man. We play so.

Mike Malachowski 1:07:24
Well. I thank you guys for inviting me.

Mike Proctor 1:07:28
On appreciate that. Is there anyone you want to shout out? Before you go? Oh, man, I think we covered pretty much

Mike Malachowski 1:07:34
my kids, my family. And I tell you what, anybody. In all honesty, the crew that I’ve had, over the years at the muffler shop at the restaurant. And I couldn’t do what I’m doing without, you know, those people with those people backing me up and doing what they’re supposed to be doing. And being picky about what they do, man. I mean, I was thinking about that today as just like, when you get these people in your corner, and I wasn’t Jeff, go do this, go do that. You know, I worked with you. I mean, I wasn’t I’m not the guy that’s gonna, you know, if there’s something that needs to be done. I’m going to ask you to do it. But I mean, I’m not. I don’t think I’m like a typical boss,

Mike Proctor 1:08:15
like Google, but I can I can speak from experience on that. Yeah,

Mike Malachowski 1:08:19
I want things to go guy.

Mike Proctor 1:08:21
I want you know, I it was it was so much fun. What we did, and I just wanted to commend you on Yeah, like I said, just all the creative stuff that you did, you know, yeah, like you said earlier, just, you were one of those people that had a positive effect on me. Yeah. And you know, I can’t think you know,

Mike Malachowski 1:08:37
yeah, and I learned a lot from you also, man. I mean, I really did. I didn’t want to do a restaurant.

Mike Proctor 1:08:45
This was an awesome time. And I will definitely be I’ll be linking up all your stuff. And you can definitely come back and say Yes, for

Mike Malachowski 1:08:53
sure. It’d be awesome. I’d like to give you some updates on I definitely will keep things going. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 1:08:57
for sure. So once again, thanks for coming in. Boom. That is the show. Man. I feel so I just feel so motivated. After those conversations, bro.

Xad 1:09:08
with him. Yeah. 100% with him just the he started with a muffler shop. He’s done all these ventures. I mean, he’s no Young Buck man, but he’s just he What do you say I keep mashing the gas man for it. And that was that was a fun conversation. Hell

Mike Proctor 1:09:24
yeah. Man loved it. All of our thanks goes out to Mike for you know, taking the time to do the show for us. I think I’m gonna call them chef couple times.

Xad 1:09:32
So the chef lingo is telling me so it’s so fun.

Mike Proctor 1:09:38
Thank you guys for listening. We appreciate you remember if you liked the show, subscribe or follow us on what you know all the platforms by Apple, Google. You know all of them. Were on Amazon to Amazon. Amazon has a really cool, like music podcast platform. Just Fun fact of the day. I just like the like the look of the internet. face and stuff. It’s really cool. Let’s see, this is the website. All that good stuff. Hit us up. Let us know if you got anybody you want to listen to on the show. Send them to us. Shoot us a DM and all that good stuff. Boom.

Thanks, bro. Appreciate appreciate you guys.

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