Episode 40: What Happened to the Skilled Tradesmen? with TJ Moody

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TJ is an old friend of ours from high school. He owns a construction company based out of mid-Michigan with his family. We talk about the shortage of skilled tradesmen in the world, and why we think this is the case. Based on past generations’ advice to us when we were growing up, it doesn’t surprise us that TJ struggles to find good employees. We hit on some hilarious topics today, dreams, cherries, and gout make an appearance. TJ had us laughing our asses off as he tells stories. Thanks for listening!

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You can find TJ on Facebook. His company page is TJM Construction.

Transcription Below:

Mike Proctor 0:00
What’s up guys? Welcome back to not really that famous, our guest on the podcast to date, Mr. TJ moody. So good to see TJ Yeah, this guy is just hyped. Happy. It was an awesome time.

Xad 0:12
He the point when he looks like me in the eyes and was like, I got gout. And he smiled and was like, bouncing in his chair. I was like, Man, this guy has he’s got a good disposition. If he’s a good guy.

Mike Proctor 0:24
He knows what he’s doing.

Xad 0:25
For sure.

Mike Proctor 0:26
I’m had an awesome time. I can’t wait check out check this one out. It’s gonna be a good one. Remember guys, hit subscribe. If you liked the show, subscribe on whatever platform you’re listening on. leave us a review. You know, let us know how we’re doing all that good stuff. Wherever you so choose. We are on all the places

Xad 0:43

Mike Proctor 0:43
Check out the website. Not really that famous.com get you some merchants? You won’t. What else? I think that’s it? Yeah. Let’s get to it. Ladies and gentlemen. Mr. TJ moody.

Do you still do you still drum? I’m in

TJ 0:57
Fuck yea.

Mike Proctor 0:58
yeah. Are you like in a band doing anything like that?

TJ 1:00
Like I was for quite a while then I had kids?

Mike Proctor 1:03
Of course. Of course.

TJ 1:05
Awesome. I mean, I love it. But I don’t get to play the drums as much.

Mike Proctor 1:07
Right, right. Do you have like a set at home?

TJ 1:10
I’m like, Fuck yeah, you know, first thing I set up when we moved over to Richardson’s old places. My old set out in the old barn Hill.

Mike Proctor 1:16
Yeah. Oh, yeah. Dude, that’s awesome. We’ve got a lot of musicians on really, that you’re very musically inclined guy. Remember? You’d be in very, you know?

TJ 1:25
Yes. In the in the doesn’t it doesn’t go away. Yeah, it doesn’t go away.

Xad 1:29
We were you in band.

TJ 1:31
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I was until I think I did ninth and 10th grade and then it wasn’t for me no more. Yeah. I don’t know why I just I don’t know, took up too much of my time, I guess. D

Xad 1:43
id you split when like playing football and then go up? And

TJ 1:47
yeah, but I also played golf

Xad 1:48
golf. Gotcha.

TJ 1:49
I tried football one year. And then I split to golf. 10th grade. That’s when I split from band to the better. I moved to Byron in seventh grade. Yeah. And I thought it was like cool to be in band. So I tried to be in band for three years. And I had never been to the band scene because

Mike Proctor 2:07
Will you fucking talk right up on that bitch.

TJ 2:09
Yeah, sorry. Go. So I you know, tried to be in the band scene like the band that Byron. And I never knew nothing about it because it came from a charter school in sixth grade. So after 10th grade, I was like, Yes.

Xad 2:24
It’s not the same for you. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 2:27
Were you were you musical before before you moved up here and gotten abandoned such

Oh, yeah, dude, I started drum lessons when I was seven. No. shitter

that’s incredible, man. unique talent. Yeah, drumming. socket. I’ve taught it I’ve counted my that my want to try to play the drums. I’ve never actually tried to play the drums. But I think it’d be pretty good at it. I have some I’ve read them. I’m hip with it.

But um, so anyways, before we get off on too big of a tangent man, for people that don’t know you, yes. Tell, like catch us up to speed with TJ real quick. You know, what are you up to what you doing?

TJ 3:07
All right. TJ is

still on the Byron scene working working working yet working, working working.

Got a fiance now. We’ve been dating for about half and asked her for years. Maybe

Mike Proctor 3:22
got a bunch of kiddos.

TJ 3:23
Yeah, she’s got a she’s got a 15 year old. So now we have a 15 year old go to 30 It’s great. Oh, man. Oh, yes,

Mike Proctor 3:31
boy. Go,

TJ 3:32
girl. Oh, boy. Yeah, yeah. I have twin three and a half year old girls.

That’s great. And my oldest my only son finally came through 15 months ago.

Mike Proctor 3:43
You have your hands full my friend.

TJ 3:45
Yes. Sounds like so we had to grow. That’s why we bought the old big the old big house on Braden road over there.

Mike Proctor 3:52
There on Breeden road.

How much how much land do how much land Do you got

TJ 3:55
five acres?

Mike Proctor 3:56
five acres. Yeah, that’s not bad, man.

TJ 3:58
Yeah, I got my work cut out for me.

Mike Proctor 4:00
We got some farmland

TJ 4:02
all around me.

Mike Proctor 4:03
Yeah, yeah. Is that all yours?

TJ 4:05
No, no, just a big area for me to mow. Probably every Sunday or just to get out of the house. Either way, you know what I mean?

Xad 4:12
give you something to do.

Mike Proctor 4:15
So where are you working? What are you doing?

We are framing your house right now over across from out Britain.

No ship. And now you got you got your hat on? How long have you guys you know, you got your own company now. Like, can you tell us a little bit about that?

TJ 4:29
Yeah, yeah. So basically,

six and a half years ago.

We bought it out from a guy that

me and my dad used to frame for. So let’s roll back a little bit. My dad moved to Texas. Like a long time ago

10 years ago when after high school right after high school. You remember probably all my family moved down in a long time, bro.

Mike Proctor 4:56
I’m fucking senior. You know? Shit.

TJ 4:59
That’s true.

So my family rolled out well, when my parents moved back like

eight years ago now, nine years ago, he started working for a guy named Chris bonk. And this guy had a framing division. So I ran a crew.

22 years old. I’m like, Fuck, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing, man. My dad’s like, Oh, you can handle it, man. You can handle it. Tom like, all right, dude. All right. So me and my dad ran a crew down in Kansas

as a driven individual, right? Like, I was sort of in the same boat. I’m sorry to cut you off.

Mike Proctor 5:31
But oh, you’re fine. I was in the same boat as a young man like that. Trying to be a leader. Yeah, not really knowing what the fuck you’re doing. You’re like, ah, I just work really hard. Like, yeah, that’s what I do.

TJ 5:43
Exactly. Exactly, dude. And that was the tough spot. I was.

Mike Proctor 5:46
Yeah, yeah. So you’re, it’s that’s a tough tough spot, man.

TJ 5:50
Yeah, so basically, like, that’s what the guy came across. And he you know, he’s an entrepreneur. He wants two crews going. And me and my dad. Were running the great crew together. And this guy Chris is like, I know you guys can

Mike Proctor 6:02
crispy. So this guy being like the owner.

TJ 6:04
Yeah, they

were like down here. Yeah. Yep. So he’s like, Oh, yeah, I need you guys to split up. I got two different builders interested. And I’m like, I am ready for that. My dad’s like, yeah, you are Chris is like, yeah, I’m like, No, I’m fucking Nah, man. Don’t we made it work? Okay, long story short.

This guy,

Mike Proctor 6:24
and you guys are back up in Michigan at this point?

TJ 6:26
Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So this guy moved and sold his his framing portion of his entrepreneurship, you know?

Mike Proctor 6:35
So you bought bought a piece of,

TJ 6:38
you know, this guy’s company, essentially? Yeah. Okay.

Yeah, we had a, you know, interest included just a five year plan before he sold us all the tools, we needed a sky track, which is the big tractor thing to do all

Mike Proctor 6:52
to get the fuck everywhere. And

TJ 6:54
so and so specifically when you say framing, right, so for people that may not be familiar with what that is? What is it? So it delivers a big ass pile of lumber. Give us a piece of paper. And we just build a house on top of a concrete foundation. Up to the shingles.

Mike Proctor 7:11
You build a house? Yes. You You build the whole fucking house? Yes.

TJ 7:18
Full framing aspect.

Mike Proctor 7:19
Right. So you’re just doing the outline, essentially? The base, right?

Yeah. How do you forgive

TJ 7:26
the old house? The old bones.

Mike Proctor 7:27
How far do you guys like go?

TJ 7:30
As far as the new builds?

Mike Proctor 7:31
All the electrical come?

No, no, that’s what I mean. Just the old bones. We just give it the frame. The the the the walls, the the ceilings, all the braces. All that? Yep.

Xad 7:41
How long does that take? Like to frame up May, depending on the size of the house? I’m sure But

TJ 7:45
definitely, depending on that, but and the size of your crew? Yeah. So right now we’re doing a we’re about

15 houses a year probably. And they’re probably 20 503,000 square foot houses. And it’s just me my brother and my dad. Okay. Yeah. And the skytrak that gets us out of a lot.

Mike Proctor 8:08
In the old the old girl there.

TJ 8:10
Yeah. She’s old.

Mike Proctor 8:11
That’s awesome man, though. But so.

family business. You guys are crushing it out a Yeah. Doing what you got to do. Yeah. And it’s fucking awesome, man.

Is it fun or stressful? Just Oh, of course. Of course. Yes. Yes. I love every minute of it. I fucking hate everybody. But man, you you’re you’re working for yourself. Like, yeah, yeah, you guys have built it. It’s cool. Because you’ve went through this evolution of you know, doing this as you know, a trade and. And that’s your career and such and now you’ve progressed it to, to being doing your own shit. Yeah, that’s awesome, man. So back to we basically bought out this guy. And he gave us this option. And so we’ve been in business for six and a half years now. And it’s we’ve gone through about not even kidding you 100 guys, maybe 150

Xad 9:02
just employees for like your small crew.

TJ 9:04
Yeah. And if I had my way, we’d expand into like three crews because there’s so much work out there. We can’t keep up with it. And our builders got like, six basement sitting waiting for us to frame on just to get there and start doing your part. And it’s just three of us. We’re like, we’re doing what we can. We’ll be there

Mike Proctor 9:21
if if you when you guys purchase the company, like where does Where does your business come from? How do you you know you get hooked up with a builder Will you still with having that relationship with like this guy? What did you get? strike it out on your own and kind of start from scratch. Okay, so that’s

TJ 9:36
that’s the biggest bad note. I mean, yeah, yeah. And that’s sometimes the hardest. hardest thing to do is to go out by yourself and stress or stray away from a steady paycheck.

Mike Proctor 9:47
Absolutely. Yeah, that’s what I was insinuating. Yeah, you know what I mean? That’s it’s a big risk. It’s It’s

TJ 9:53
so leap. There’s so much work right now. You just kind of have to go out and look and they’re gonna be like, yeah, we have a house for you. Funny enough, the guy that we’re framing for right now, my grandpa built his first house he’s ever was a builder in like, 1983. So the mooning name goes a long way with mature risk.

Mike Proctor 10:11
That’s fucking full circle there.

TJ 10:13
Yeah, exactly like a circle. So, you know, my dad’s got a and, and I’m just like learning from him and slowly kind of picking up all the everything he does and everything we do out there. And that also gets you in there with the moody name, I guess with the framing, you know what I mean? So it’s kind of cool.

Mike Proctor 10:31
reputation is

TJ 10:32
Yeah, exactly. Important. As far as your line of work. Yeah, as far as the person we’re with now, but other than that, Mike, you just got to do the footwork. And you just go out and say, hey, I want to build your house and right now they’re gonna take some schmuck off the road because they don’t know the difference. There’s so much work out there right now. No, shoot, and we can’t find any hope.

Mike Proctor 10:52
Everyone’s just building all these houses, man. They are dude.

TJ 10:56
Tell me why. What’s the reason? I don’t

Mike Proctor 10:58
know. You know, that’s, let’s circle back. Okay, so shit. Oh, it’s crazy. Dude, I want to give you the not really that famous rundown and we’re gonna end up back on this topic, I guarantee. So as we bring everybody in the studio, give them all the same rundown. I want to go back to when you were a young man. Growing up, we kind of talked about the music thing already. What did you want to be when you’re a little kid?

TJ 11:24
That’s the cliche. Guess what we’re talking about? A fuck carpenter. Guess who didn’t want me to be a carpenter? My fucking dad.

Mike Proctor 11:33
No shit. Oh, dude.

TJ 11:35
He’s like, Don’t do it. Don’t do it. But Dude, I remember growing up building dog houses.

Mike Proctor 11:40
Where are you originally from? Like, you had said you had moved here?

TJ 11:44
I was born in Howell.

Mike Proctor 11:47
In Michigan.

TJ 11:48
Yeah, yeah. I went to LDA which is a charter school over in Hartland. Okay. And that’s when I moved to Byron in seventh grade.

Mike Proctor 11:57
Okay, so you did grow up in Michigan? Oh, yeah. Have you? Had you moved to Texas? At some point, or was that your parents? Oh, yeah. My

TJ 12:05
family moved to Texas. 2009. Right. Okay, so

Mike Proctor 12:08
it was your family. But you didn’t you didn’t I

TJ 12:10
tried it for about eight months. Back home.

Xad 12:13
What do you not like about it?

Mike Proctor 12:15
I was confused. I thought you had moved

TJ 12:16
on? Well, that’s what I was gonna say is I tried the college thing. And I did all my core classes, Mike. No, Mike was in all my classes. were smart. Dude, you’re smarter.

Mike Proctor 12:27
It’s funny, because, um, gosh, it’s been like we said, 10 years, right. Since I had really talked to you or anything like that. It still feels like we know each other really? Well. You know what I mean? Yeah. You have those people even in our school, too. We were so so close. It was a very small town. We all right. So you know, I still see a lot of people and it’s like, you feel like you really know those people really well. Still. Yeah. It’s funny.

TJ 12:50
So down in Texas, I tried college. live with my parents, you know, I guess I didn’t move down there because I thought I was gonna do my own thing up here at 18 years old. And that didn’t turn out. But a bunch of vodka and Budweiser.

Mike Proctor 13:04
A bunch of nothing. Yeah, exactly. Many of us do.

TJ 13:07
Yeah. So I moved down there, got my shit together, did some school and it still wasn’t for me. So I came back up here and

Mike Proctor 13:13
didn’t like it. Yeah. So, go. Going back to my original question. You said you want to be a carpenter you wanted to build as a young kid?

TJ 13:21
Dude, I want to do anything my dad would do. I always idolized my dad, dude. smartest dude I’ve ever met. Like, maybe not as much booksmart Yeah, but Dude, that motherfucker read a blueprint and build you whatever you want. So I always like wanted to do that. And he was just like, No, no, no. So I tried not to do it. And it just dude. It’s in my fucking heart man kept coming back and and I’m good. And he’s been building houses your entire life. My dad? Yeah. Oh, yeah, that’s that was that’s his dad. His dad. His dad goes way back.

Mike Proctor 13:56
Did your father take after his father? Like, you’re kind of doing in that way? Was it more of like the apprentice relationship?

TJ 14:05
I’d say me and my dad have a probably a way better relationship than his dad and he did it. My dad. It was different. My dad got drugged out of high school right as soon as he graduated, they went down to Waco, Texas, because he just needed some help down there. My grandpa,

Mike Proctor 14:19
we’re gonna make some money. Exactly. Get their hustle on. That’s it, you know, and I’ve talked about this before. When we were younger. It didn’t seem like that was an option. It was genuinely like no, this isn’t something you should do. Be it a carpenter a floor install a construction thing right? Whatever, whatever thing trade that the elder of our generation was into and they were actively telling us Don’t fucking do this.

TJ 14:55
No, I need to go use your breath out those many words. That’s literally what they’re saying. You know what I mean? But turns out you need a lot of fucking math to be a carpenter. You need a lot of fucking math to be a concrete guy. You

Mike Proctor 15:08
know what I mean? insights in applied skill, just like anything. It really

TJ 15:11
is, dude,

Mike Proctor 15:11
I don’t give a fuck how smart you are. You can’t go, you know, build me a house, you’re not going to be able to figure out the simplicity, the simplicity, the intricacies of all the little things you got to do. Period. I’ll give a fuck how smart you are. Yeah, maybe I’ll the theorize it, but I’m really to actually apply it. What do you think? I think I’m really smart. And I’m not that good at building. I’m not that good at building shit. But I’m good at other things.

TJ 15:36
Yeah, yeah, exactly. Well, that’s just it’s confusing why we’ve been pushed for the last 10 years or 15 years. Yeah, I mean,

Mike Proctor 15:46
it was it was just something where your body was gonna break down. So we were supposed to use our minds. Yes. And now our

TJ 15:53
mind broke down and your body’s still rolling. I

Mike Proctor 15:55
feel like a lot of the people get wrecked reprimanded for being like, what happened to that? You know, what happened to the trades? What? Why? Why are there no people that can do this stuff anymore? And I just I blame I blame you. Because you’re the ones who told us not to

Xad 16:13
be I’ll do that. I’ll say adults of our previous generations. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 16:16
But we’ve had several people on the show who still sort of taken that route. And are successful. like yourself, like of a trade route. Yeah, yeah. And so you almost have this non market of people doing it.

TJ 16:35
So they got their phone numbers from a call center needs to work.

Mike Proctor 16:39
You know, the opportunities are aplenty.

TJ 16:42
Yeah. That definitely,

Mike Proctor 16:44
I think that that kind of alludes to your problem with like, there’s no one who wants to do this. We can’t keep employee or is capable of doing it. No one’s capable. No one fucking knows how.

TJ 16:56
Yeah, and there is there’s a handful, and we’ve gone through them, but it’s like throwing $30 an hour at a monkey Dude, it’s like, you don’t you’re not worth it. Yeah, you got to learn and like, learn the trade. Yeah. But all of a sudden, they just go do physical labor, and they want 30 bucks an hour. It’s like, man, the candy I started at like eight bucks. Now you gotta work up to that. You know, and I’m willing to teach.

Mike Proctor 17:18
Would you say that? While it is physical labor, it’s not super hard in that you could teach someone a system to do it and still somewhat save their body. And like those types of things, but it’s still be accessible. and easy. You know? It’s like their bodies. Herein lies the problem. So if I’m being honest, so now you’re gonna have to go pick from the pool of people that are accomplished are skilled, and they want the money.

TJ 17:49
Yeah. And but I’m also willing to teach man. And I’m not saying it’s easy work. But if you’re a hard worker, and we can do some manual labor for a day, man, I got a checkbook waiting for a call in the phone line.

Xad 18:04
Hit me up. That’s

Mike Proctor 18:09
gone through 100 150 people

Xad 18:12
just trying to keep a crew together.

TJ 18:14
And the last in the last six years, probably at least Jesus? Yep. That’s got to be just a fucking headache trying to just that’s why we stopped it. Yeah, you’re just like our builders. Like, you guys are building a house with three people. We’re like, Dude, it’s easy. Nobody. I mean, we all mess up. But you don’t gotta worry about everybody. It’s been a

Mike Proctor 18:34
while you don’t have to manage.

TJ 18:36
Exactly. You don’t have to mean and it’s you know what that means, though, is you’re not growing. And I want to grow. Right.

Xad 18:42
But it’s just so hard. And what mental risk stress risks

TJ 18:46
because I would love I would love to grow as a company and have a cup of crews because we have plenty of work for right. Your data carpenter,

Xad 18:55
my dad, my, my dad installed floors. Okay. Yeah. So I was just a carpenter of sorts. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he can do like, does he have any help? No, no, he’s retirement. Yeah, he’s retired at this point, but that’s what I did. Yeah. Growing up working. Like you said, I started out doing that shit.

TJ 19:13
Yeah. for free. Yeah,

Xad 19:15
like, as like punishment. You know, when I got in trouble,

Mike Proctor 19:18
my uncle runs a flooring company over in Greenville. Your Greenville is, yeah. Again, guys, if you’re looking at the mitten, now we’re going over towards the the north along

left side of the hand. We have people that listened all over so I like to point it out. Greenville is on the left side. It he has the same sort of problem. You know, it’s hard to find help. That’s the I think it’s a pretty common problem growth isn’t almost as a bit you’re not able to grow because you can’t find the people the staff to do so. You know, and everything nowadays man to get a fucking job like you got to have like you don’t do what you do. used to do, you don’t like just go work and show your worth. You don’t. You you apply on a website, you hope to get an email and then you set up a phone interview and then you set up a second phone interview. And then there’s a real third interview, and you might be able to go, but by the time you’re fucking hired, you’re you have the job. Like, you’re getting the job. And people don’t like to fire people either.

TJ 20:22
Yeah, so I guess from a different perspective, I’ve been down that route. You know what I mean? Yeah, seriously? Yeah.

Mike Proctor 20:29
So you have had, you haven’t had the problem of like, rooting out the evil, right? Just finding anyone is or trying to apply for a job like that. I mean, it’s gotta be Oh, yeah, you gotta

Xad 20:38
just jump. You jumped in.

TJ 20:40
Yeah, I just jumped into the trade. You know, as much as my dad didn’t want me to. It just kept haunting me and I tried to go to college be construction management, and it didn’t work out.

Mike Proctor 20:53
Management. That’s funny. Ya know, it is a degree in management. I met a guy who had a degree in operations. The fuck fuck is that? It just everything in the world is broken down to a science man’s crazy.

TJ 21:09
And I just know that my dad has taught me and my brother so well, that I can read a blueprint. Probably better than most people environments. Except for maybe Brian Ambrose. Dude. Shout out to Brian and bro.

Mike Proctor 21:25
Are you guys? Are you working right now?

TJ 21:27
Yeah. Oh, yeah, dude, we don’t slow down. We can’t Yeah, I got four kids to feed man. A guy’s house now. Right? Right. Well, obviously,

Mike Proctor 21:35
you’re you’re having success. And

TJ 21:38
yeah, we’re busy. we’re so busy.

Mike Proctor 21:41
If you can stay the course you’ll you know, you’ll eventually find those people. And then you got to find them and take care of them. And that’s a whole nother beast to exactly. Yeah. Yeah, man. I don’t know. We don’t want to do the hard work. I’m gonna tell you right now. I don’t want to do the hard work.

TJ 21:57
Yeah. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 21:59
I’m trying to find some easy to do. That’s, you know, our generation is just more. I guess. lazy.

Xad 22:07
That’s why he’s so busy. He’s building all these people house. Yeah, you’re building? Exactly. It’s like no one can do it themselves.

TJ 22:15
Oh, that’s that’s a big problem, Mike. That’s what we were talking about. It’s like, my dad. Back in high school, maybe after high school a little bit. He can say he can name like 10 people, or out of his friends list that helped him build a house at one point in the I mean, maybe they weren’t good at it. But they all tried. It’s just like crazy. It’s not even our generation, just the new coming generation. I don’t think they could even name for their friends without Snapchat dude.

Mike Proctor 22:42
Right now. I know for sure, man.

TJ 22:44
It’s just like, so it’s such a different time and, and I’m gonna be the one fighting for help out. You know, my dad’s gonna be retiring soon. So I’m like, What do I hold to Dan? Less than 16 more than 50.

Mike Proctor 23:01
somewhere in that range. Yeah, we don’t really. We’re good guys. We don’t really keep track. Yeah, it’s 56 I think. Okay, okay. Yeah, he’s

TJ 23:08
still rolling. Dude. We just sent trusses the other day.

Mike Proctor 23:12
He has to man Oh, yeah, that’s dead worked a long time.

Xad 23:15
Yeah, I mean, like, mid 60s mid 60s he worked through the only thing that’s stopping was a car accident for kind of forced to retire unforeseen thing Yeah. And unfortunately, he didn’t plan on stopping now. He rolled Yeah, exactly. That’s just the trade man.

TJ 23:31

Xad 23:32
It’s it’s funny when you talk about the older generations like that I like my dad literally can do anything electrical plumbing all that so he like blew my mind helping me with a project here the other week. And yeah, I just don’t i don’t perceive that like you said in the coming generations our generation is like fringe and cost for it. Yeah, but just even farther beyond that. I can really

Mike Proctor 23:55
be curious I’m curious wherever everyone is as far as like like tradespeople contractors stuff like that.

Xad 24:04
From where we find out where they’re most common

Mike Proctor 24:06
yeah where like where do they come from where who makes the money?

Xad 24:09
People who live in Hawaii and New Jersey in New York

TJ 24:12
oh yeah we do we go down yeah, but the cost of living is awesome. Yeah, exactly.

Xad 24:15
spent a ton ton more but yeah, the cost of living Hawaii’s like ridiculous like

TJ 24:22
it’s not as bad as New York City but it’s gotta be like three minutes higher I don’t know.

Xad 24:28
I’m sure they’re pretty comparable but still I mean yeah, it’s just saying that’s kind of where the like you said the cost of living though it kind of it all he says

TJ 24:35
it’s like a supply demand. I mean, you get paid for and then you had to pay for your living and I think probably get paid way more in Hawaii, but Oh, shit your rent three, three grand a month.

Mike Proctor 24:45
Everything’s more difficult.

Xad 24:47
Fucking milk is like $10 a gallon. Got cows out.

TJ 24:51
You gotta like strapped down your ropes and like board. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 24:55
for sure. I’m curious. I wonder how much it Wouldn’t be more difficult to build in Hawaii?

TJ 25:02
Yes. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 25:03
you think so?

TJ 25:04
Maybe not more difficult, but there’s a lot more rules probably. As far as like code Oh, yeah. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 25:11

TJ 25:12
I mean, even here, I’m not even kidding. We have these things that you have to tie the trust to the walls are called hurricane straps. Alright, why do you call it like tornado straps or straight wind straps? Because we don’t get no fucking hurricanes off mission. So

Mike Proctor 25:24
do some sort of safety. Yeah,

TJ 25:26
yeah, dude, just like yeah, this roof isn’t gonna get tore off. But we’re gonna bow down to the Codemasters you know what I mean? So winded

Mike Proctor 25:32
around this bitch. It’s crazy.

TJ 25:34
I know but a

Mike Proctor 25:37
trainer right roll up. Yeah, but no, there’s some strange as winds are coming on to me. Yeah, that is true. I don’t know if that’s like a weird thing about here every now and then. You just get ripped

TJ 25:47
fucking cold fucking

Mike Proctor 25:48
umbrellas fucking blowing across the yard and shit. You don’t Holy shit, man. God damn it. I always forget to you know, take care of my shit. Yeah, no. Tables fucking knock over.


Xad 26:04
Hell yeah, man. Well, Alaska, another one. As far as carpenters. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 26:10
yeah, that’s where the money’s at. Yeah.

TJ 26:12
I’m pretty sure they’ll pay you to be a car. Yeah, exactly. We got to come up here and be a carpenter. You’d be five grand. Just Just to fucking make the trip. Yeah, exactly.

Xad 26:20
I know that they struggle up there keeping like, I mean, just any any bit. Yeah, exactly. You know,

TJ 26:26
they’re like, you’re gonna spend five grand on snacks just to drive up here. So we’ll reimburse you when you get here.

Xad 26:31

Mike Proctor 26:32
What kind of what kind of things do you think they have been placed in Alaska?

TJ 26:37
Probably a lot more insulation.

Mike Proctor 26:40
Like reinforced?

TJ 26:42
I guess depends on where you’re at. Right? Right. If you’re over on like the over towards the Bering Straits probably got some like, fucking Earth grade. You know, earthquake grade shit, right? You know? I’m not sure.

Mike Proctor 26:55
No shit.

TJ 26:55
I can’t even keep up with Michigan’s codes. Dude, they’re changing every year. Is there?

Xad 26:59
Like is there I was just thinking about us. Is there one that just like fucking arcs? You every time? The straps are? I mean, is there like one code that you’re like? Why? Why

the hell would we?

TJ 27:11
There’s about eight. Yeah,

Xad 27:14
they just gotta do it. But you got to do it.


TJ 27:17
just do it. There’s about eight of them and

Mike Proctor 27:20
give us an example.

TJ 27:22
All right. firestop.

Mike Proctor 27:24
What’s a Firestone?

TJ 27:25
Okay, so

Mike Proctor 27:27
I’m not a builder, though. I

TJ 27:28
know you’re not. I know. So if you can just picture a cavity like these above you right here. So that’s in your wall, right stud cavity. So anything over 10 foot you got to put a piece of plywood or something in there to stop the fire from going up. Okay,

Xad 27:44
like from climbing the wall.

TJ 27:45
Right. So it starts the draft of the airsoft flame, but the plywood is made out of glue and solder. Yeah, no shit, like, so you don’t think that motherfuckers gonna catch fire immediately. So there’s a bunch of stuff, dude. It’s just, you just do it. I mean, there’s not there’s no way around it. You’re not gonna get hired if you don’t do it, you know, right.

Xad 28:07
I mean, that’s true. So yeah, I mean, it’s just part of the gig, I guess. But it is

Mike Proctor 28:10
how do you guys get your like communications for all this stuff?

TJ 28:13
As far as the codes and

Mike Proctor 28:14
yeah, they’re like the people come out.

TJ 28:17
Most of it is just experience and doing it. But right. The other half of it is just getting turned down by the good ol law lady, the old Inspector, the inspector comes

Mike Proctor 28:27
through to finalize. They’re like, Oh, no, you can’t fucking do that. You can’t do this yada

TJ 28:32
yada. So our, our superintendent for the builder we’ve framed for? He know he’s got pretty much an idea of what she’s looking for. And I mean, he or she, maybe maybe she

Mike Proctor 28:43
whoever it is. Yes.

TJ 28:47
So we just, we know most of the codes, but there’s like random Livingston County codes that pop up that he knows about. We have to like do and we’re like, are you serious, man? Huh? So it? I guess it just comes with the territory. We just have to do it. It sucks. And I’m bitching about it right now. But it’s it’s how you? Yeah, it is. It really is.

Xad 29:08
Yep. As as pissed off about code. When we went to sell our last house. There was an issue with our front porch. And the slope of it are the steps. The slope of the steps. Yeah. And it’s that I mean, that literally, I had to get that fixed before I could sell the house which pissed me off because it was like that when I fucking

TJ 29:27
got a home inspector in there. And they was like, hey, this rise in Ronda is not equal to

Xad 29:32
the code of Jai Watson Kony. Exactly, and that he shut it down. I was like, but I fucking I bought it like that. Like, don’t cut that before. There’s gonna catch it on me right now.

TJ 29:41
So your steps are just too steep for the run or whatever. I

Xad 29:43
guess. I mean,

TJ 29:44
I what I didn’t feel doesn’t matter. Just fucking pissed you off.

Xad 29:48
I had to rebuild the whole damn port. I just

Mike Proctor 29:50
I’ve had several the house with like death stairs inside of them. Yeah, you know.

TJ 29:55
Oh, dude, me too. I did tear a whole stairway. I’ll redo it. Oh, No one caught that I just had to fucking do it myself.

Mike Proctor 30:05
That’s the thing and I was I said the same thing, man. You know, you bring an inspector in and then like, there’s a ton of shit on my house that I’m like,

Xad 30:14
What the fuck are the steps in your house? Dude? Those are fucking I don’t know how. I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t know how those are up to code that that she goes like,

TJ 30:25
well, dude, it always matters on your home inspector when you’re selling your house. Right you I mean yeah, it It’s for your own benefit or they’re the buyers own benefit right? So if they’re dislike if they’re inspectors like oh, yeah, those doors suck dick you better fucking fix them. Right? Well, then the buyer is gonna be like, oh, Zan, will you fix my stairs? Yeah, I mean, exactly. So it’s not like all code all the time. It’s just kind of roll the draw, I guess.

Xad 30:52
Yeah. who’s buying the house? who’s buying the house?

TJ 30:55
How SPECT of it?

Xad 30:57
Yeah. And what kind of loan that person is getting as well.

TJ 31:00
Yeah. FHA? conventional. Yeah, exactly. Yep. Yeah, this

Xad 31:03
one was conventional. So that’s why you see the stairs coming down gently. Alright, I just bought was definitely definitely not safe. Yep. Definitely not safe.

Mike Proctor 31:12
So how, how deep Do you guys go into the infrastructure? I kind of asked that already. But building stare frame? Oh, yeah. Like so. Yeah. You know, can you kind of tell us about that? Do you like the day right? So

TJ 31:23
all that type of So basically, we get a we get a blueprint, like maybe a week, they don’t want to give us too much information. So we maybe a week before, maybe fucking six days. If we’re lucky, five and a half days, they’ll give us a blueprint, right. And they give us a pile of lumber and a poured basement and good luck and build this and you build this house and we’ve been lucky enough to be with this builder where we build the same house probably six times out of 10 we’re building the same house that we we have them Yep. So I mean, not the same exact house but the same setups, different houses. Yeah, once in a while, we’ll get a custom build where we got it, which is the situation we’re in right now. But so we start at the bottom and we are down here. So it’s hard to explain Dude, it’s like I

Mike Proctor 32:17
know it makes sense. This makes sense.

TJ 32:18
It’s not it’s you see it

Mike Proctor 32:21
when you say they like Who do you who provides you with your work is like is it like a building?

TJ 32:27
Yeah, we had a design company

Mike Proctor 32:29

TJ 32:30
so the builder builder works with like an architectural company okay. And that’s that’s what I was at. And the builder has like probably 10 elevations which are like the house blueprints that he works with often architecture. But the architect he can make whatever you want. So if a customer comes to him with a frame job, hey, I want this bill and he’s gonna take it down because

Mike Proctor 32:55
dollars so you guys with with a builder come in and do the start up and then electricians come in? Yep, plumbers come in all that. So I’m on a side note. We do also do side jobs right now. I’m

TJ 33:07
so busy with framing jobs that we don’t have any time but like we did a really really fancy debt for Lisa Lambert.

Mike Proctor 33:15
Oh, no Shay

TJ 33:16
and I did her by really, really? Cool throwback. Yeah, she shed for Lisa Lambert. We did this fancy stuff for her. So we do side jobs. Yeah, I’ll do roughs. We’ll do that was

Mike Proctor 33:25
one of my next questions was how often do you get you’re doing a lot of new builds? That’s all we have time primarily is all the new builds. But you guys just kind of do jack of all trades everything.

TJ 33:37
Basically everything exterior I mean, and would would involve don’t do it interior trim and stuff. Like but like get me involved with drywall. You don’t want any of that. Yeah, finished stuff. Yeah, I got a buddy. That’s a painter. Really good buddy. Yeah, yeah, I’ll call him. But we’ll do shingles, siding, decks, remodels. But when it comes down to like, electrical plumbing, I’d like to get into that someday to where I’m the guy that they call and I have like, sources, but as of right now we’re just kind of a framing trio.

Mike Proctor 34:10
Yeah, no, no, it makes more sense now. You guys are doing like, like basic structure stuff.

TJ 34:16
Yeah. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 34:19
So if anyone’s fucking do you ever like have like crazy shit where you go in someone’s ball got blown out or something and you have to like fuck with anything like that

TJ 34:27
are blown out by what I don’t know.

Mike Proctor 34:30
Like, I guess you know, tearing tearing out people’s walls and ceilings and like stuff like that. Because you know, people like want like open floor plans these days? Oh, yeah. They watch like HGTV. Yeah, I

Xad 34:41
think he’s talking.

TJ 34:42
I didn’t know I was getting interviewed by chip and Joanna Gaines.

Mike Proctor 34:47
Yeah, but you know, do you ever go in and tear out walls? Oh, dude, that’s have to do we tore down.

TJ 34:53
So this is how petty the townships are. It’s not called a new build. If you just leave one wall. So when we do remodels, I tear the whole fucking house down, but just leave the front wall standing up, and you get to fucking call the remodel. No shit. Oh, yeah, did we’ve done huge remodels, new builds, I mean, remodels. Yeah, I mean, it’s crazy dude. And then and then the wall the old walls were seven foot tall. So we had to just nail a stud next to each seven foot stud to make it nine foot tall. And they still call it a remodel. That’s how petty they’re Jesus. Yep.

Mike Proctor 35:29
What’s why what’s the difference? Like? The cost must cost more money.

TJ 35:33
Call the township, see what they say.

Mike Proctor 35:38
Right now. That’s that’s where do you guys uh, what’s your area? How far do you go?

TJ 35:48
Fuck. I’m ready to go to boy mountain man. No board. No, I’m just basically living in some counties where we’ve been working a lot lately. But we framed a shitload up in Genesee, and fountain off Silver Lake Road, own road.

Mike Proctor 36:03
So all up in mid Michigan here. Yeah,

TJ 36:04
I mean, we really try to stay away from the city. It’s we did that for a while, like Donna cannon and Ann Arbor Bloomfield, and it’s just there’s so much work up in Brighton. Fenton.

Mike Proctor 36:17
Cities. Yeah.

TJ 36:18
There’s just so much work. I don’t need to drive down there. Yeah,

Xad 36:21
what’s the point?

TJ 36:21
I live right six miles south of here. I don’t need to drive all the way to fucking

Mike Proctor 36:26
you and a lot of like new suburbs, stuff like that. Going up.

TJ 36:29
We actually just started a new subdivision right off, right across the mount Britain. But, dude, people are eating this shit up, man. It’s crazy. It is nuts. I can’t believe it.

Xad 36:40
The housing market in general is just going absolutely insane.

TJ 36:43
It is your right Dad? Dude, it’s nuts, man. It’s like, Hey, here’s this house that probably cost me 200 grand to build, but I’m gonna charge you 350,000 there’s a friend of ours.

Xad 36:55
just lost a bidding war on a house. And they were they offered 20 20,000 over No shit. Yeah, they offered and they lost after offering 20,000 over. And the reason that they lost was because the other person. I mean, you bought a house. So you know, like the whole appraisal subject to appraisal and stuff like that. And the other person basically, in their little contract that they wrote in, they said, it doesn’t matter if the house doesn’t even appraise for it. We’re willing to like eat that, basically. And that’s how tight the market is. Right? Yeah. That’s how demanding and Yeah,

TJ 37:32
I know, I just sold my house. Dude, I made a lot of money on the house that we bought four years ago, and it’s because of the market. But guess what, you still pay for that on your next purchase. That’s the thing. It almost like rolls over. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 37:43

Xad 37:45
You’re gonna make more and then just pay more.

Mike Proctor 37:46
Right? Well, let’s talk about that for a minute. Because it doesn’t make any sense. But this is how capitalism works. Though. You’re right, you’re right. Things that people want are worth the most money, essentially. Yeah. Why are people buying houses right now?

TJ 38:04
Okay, do you want me to really tell you?

Mike Proctor 38:07
Do you know the answer? No, but I will give you my I would love to hear your opinion.

TJ 38:11
I think that for the last eight 910 months, whatever you want to talk about. Maybe 11 months if you really want to talk about it.

Mike Proctor 38:19
Get up preyed upon that motherfucker. Sorry, dude.

TJ 38:21
Fucking like sucks on this bit.

Mike Proctor 38:23
You’re like, you’re good guy. Yeah.

TJ 38:25
So I think that everybody’s been cooped up for so long. I know where you’re going. Okay. Everybody’s been cooped up, maybe in their own little studio apartment with their partner. Or whatever. We’re rolling. Right? All of a sudden you get a couple government checks. You’ve been staying inside for so long. Damn, dude. I think I can afford to build a house. I think we should buy a house. That’s

Mike Proctor 38:46
actually what I was.

TJ 38:48
Damn, dude. I’m fucking stuck in this little studio apartment. I’m ready for a three bedroom two bathroom fucking Yeah. Well,

Mike Proctor 38:53
we as people, we as people. It is in our nature. I feel like because I just see this. This is what people do. We do something, we get sick of it. Whatever it is. I don’t give a fuck what it is. If it’s the new show, you’re watching the new video game in the house. You just moved in.

TJ 39:10
Everybody’s looking for something different and new. You get settled.

Mike Proctor 39:13
And you get comfortable and you’re like, I’m kind of sick of this like whatever it is your house your you know your job. Whatever it is. You like you’re like I’m just gonna stick this I want new stuff. And yeah, everyone got a bunch of money. And they either spend it on apparently they had this because remember when this shit first happened and all the TVs were sold out? Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Every motherfucking TV at Walmart was gone.

TJ 39:35
No shit.

Xad 39:36
I literally had to buy a TV just the other day. It pissed me the fuck off dude. Like we’re watching a football game my wife and I and Son of a bitch just went out like 65 inch TV just cool. Just wants an old no fuck no is a year old. You’re two years old. Yes, I was pissed. I was like, I fuck I go by TV. And I this was the day like, literally like the day before. The stimulus checks went out. Okay, and the first ones that know the second 600 or whatever it was, yep. And so I went to Walmart, Walmart on lunch, and I like walked in and I’m like looking I was like, there’s like four fucking TVs at Walmart. Last total. Yes. Literally like the ones on the wall and there was like four boxes and like box TVs and I was like, Where the fuck are all the TVs at? And I’m like, like, kind of like, in awe of the fact that it’s completely like there’s no stock and then I did it clicked. I was like, stimulus check one out. Yep, I was like, bro, everybody just talk about TV broke. The

Mike Proctor 40:35
last stimulus checks via fucking TV. And there were 00 fucking TVs at Walmart. The ones on the walls were gone. Not all of them

Xad 40:47
you know, kind of so

Mike Proctor 40:48
apparently everyone either bought TVs or paid their downpayment on a loan for a new

TJ 40:54
words. Yeah, dude, cuz I know a fucking confuses me is how many motherfuckers our age can afford to build a house that I’m building dude. Like I’m building I’m looking over like, this motherfucker is 30 years old dude. We don’t get money from man. And then they walk the dogs all day run the subdivision. I like, Yo, I’m fucking building you guys’s dream house. You guys are motherfucking walking your dogs around? Dude. This is some bullshit.

Mike Proctor 41:20
Amen, but at the same time, congratulations that I was gonna say also, it wouldn’t have their fucking dream house if you weren’t building that shift forums. Hell yeah. Thanks

TJ 41:30
for the praise was the first person ever to do it.

Mike Proctor 41:34
You know, it’s the unsung hero. No, I’m

TJ 41:35
just kidding, man. But Dude, it’s like, seriously, you know, it’s like cross subdivision. Like, dude, this is a $650,000 house. And they’re like, just got engaged.

Xad 41:44
Like, what the fuck? Where’s all that money coming? Or what do you do?

TJ 41:48
So maybe I’m just being jealous, but at the same time, whatever you got to do, man. Yeah, for sure. But fuck you. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 41:56
Once uh, I just this whole the whole Corona thing and and the pandemic? People getting stuck in their houses. Yeah, I think maybe maybe led to this but there’s this big housing boom everyone’s everyone’s fucking selling the house. I think sold your house. You sold your house. Someone else?

TJ 42:12
Yeah, dude. Did fucking dude. We made great money on our house. It’s like, it’s like you said it’s booming. But you’re right. Which is a good thing. A good thing for our economy. Because when the housing industry goes down, totally, you know, cars it’s like cars and houses when they start like bleep. And you’re kind of worried about shit you know? Cars are always fucking

Mike Proctor 42:33
like, worth nothing.

TJ 42:35
So I know I know you like but me building houses when when I stopped building houses then I’m gonna fucking bro man. I’m doing vinyl siding and fucking decks I’m like, Oh shit, man. I got a better fucking figure my life

Mike Proctor 42:49
yeah, have fun finding work for that two workers for

TJ 42:52
fucking smash your mailbox and give you a new one.

Mike Proctor 42:56
Do what you gotta do.

Xad 42:59
When we when we sold our house, it was like, right, right at the beginning of it and to kind of piggyback on what you said, I was kicking myself in the ass not too long ago cuz I was like, dude, if we just held on to that place a little bit longer, we would have gotten so much more but in the same sense we would have had to pay more for exactly so you’re

TJ 43:17
gonna buy it’s like what’s the difference? It makes you feel good because you’re making more money off your house but it’s like you’re putting another 30 grand down that you didn’t need to write five years ago just a little bit before still it still

made you feel good?

Xad 43:29
Yeah, it felt good. It felt super good.

Mike Proctor 43:31
The it’s just crazy you know everyone’s buying houses selling houses that’s why they’re getting so fucking expensive venture that will taper off and it’ll all go back to normal. So make the money where you can exactly exactly it kind of reminds me of the article I wrote about Bitcoin. The only reason bitcoins worth way with a crash the other day he asked, you know, do you fuck with Bitcoin?

TJ 43:53
No, but I want to know, yeah.

Mike Proctor 43:57
Um, but yeah, it was like at like, 40 k, and it crashed like five K and everybody’s freaking the fuck out. And I was like,

Xad 44:05
20 k, like, a month ago? Yeah, I know, which is just nuts. Yeah, there’s

TJ 44:09
a lot of that going on. It’s just

Mike Proctor 44:10
like, in life in general. Yeah, like with the housing thing. I feel like, the more everyone does it we tell our friends about it’s like a fuck. That’s like a network effect.

TJ 44:21
Almost, you know, the housing thing?

Mike Proctor 44:22
Yeah. When people sell their houses, because you always tell people about it. And then you got new house friends come over and then your friends want to sell their house and they’re like, oh, we’re gonna make money off it and so it compounds in it. You know? That’s like a really powerful one. I feel like

TJ 44:37
Yeah, no, you’re right, dude. My buddy Nathan Villani. Shoutout, Nathan. You know, right? Oh, yeah, yeah, okay, dude, he

Mike Proctor 44:45
is in high school throw out don’t

TJ 44:47
make the rounds we can definitely throw out that’s for sure. I think you guys got the same hair actually.

Mike Proctor 44:52
Yeah, last time I seen Nathan His hair was longer than mine. And I was like, Damn,

TJ 44:55
no dude. kicker. He just called us Nathan for he calls me yo You sell your house. I’m like, yeah. And he’s like, Alright, I’m gonna put mine on market. He just bought it like a year and a half ago from his brother. I’m like, okay, dude sells it like immediately. So that’s like what it is right now just make money. You know? I mean, this is,

Mike Proctor 45:13
like you said, you’re just rolling it over into another house.

TJ 45:16
Yeah, that’s worth not Nathan, not Nathan, he’s gonna put that away and go to the rental for two years, probably.

Mike Proctor 45:21
I don’t know, that’d be a smart, would that be a smart thing? Like,

Xad 45:24
only if the market crashes? If if it was then you’re losing money for that time period where you’re just paying rent out, right? Is

Mike Proctor 45:32
that what that’s what would about you’d have to do some quick math. So that’s,

Xad 45:35
that’s kind of what we were gonna do when we sold our place. We’re like, Alright, well, yeah,

TJ 45:38
I guess it just depends on your rent and how much you sell your house for and what you’re gonna pay for. Right. Right. Right. Because that’s what Nathan’s ideas and he’s probably smarter than

Xad 45:46
if the market were to, unfortunately, crash. Yeah, he would be golden. Right? Exactly. He would look like the smartest guy in the room. Because then he’d get go buy a house for dirt cheap. Go buy his house back. Or like

TJ 46:00
any other house or after he just made all this money on his house. Like No, yeah.

Xad 46:04
That was our plan.

TJ 46:06
Yeah, yeah. But that’s a good plan, man.

Xad 46:08
Yeah. I feel like you’re here. You’re kind of banking on some bad really happened though. So

TJ 46:13
yeah, but

bad should always have

Xad 46:15
Yeah, exactly. So just be ready. Yeah, just take advantage of it. I guess

Mike Proctor 46:19
trying to make money on houses like that. I don’t know. It’s, I’m too lazy, I think. So we

TJ 46:27
go back to the workforce. There’s

Mike Proctor 46:28
other things that you can do to make money off of things. Although I suppose that’s not an easy one, but semi easy. But God damn it. You got to uproot your motherfucking shit. And you went through you both went through. You got to uproot all your shit, and bring it over and set it all fucking back.

TJ 46:47
I don’t know. Oh, no, no, no, you’re totally right, dude. Don’t get me wrong. There’s between four kids and my fiance love. You can’t see but god damn, she’s got some shit a hell around. Right and Nathan Villani. He’s got nothing, dude.

Mike Proctor 47:03
Right? He’s just hopping himself. Yeah. You know? Yeah.

TJ 47:07
Man, dude, I’m gonna take a weekend off and fucking just go through one kid’s clothes here. I mean, so yeah, you know, you

Mike Proctor 47:14
got kids, dude. So imagine how long that shit around Royce in the last four years. It’s just like, Oh, fuck, man. That’s still building shit and setting up. We

Xad 47:23
took a bunch of time off when we moved in here because of the Scituate house fire. And so we had this house fire hotel for an extended in Swartz Creek. Oh, really? Yeah. Well, this, this was our other house. So that was our first home that we bought. And it basically burned down. So then we we lived in a hotel for like a year. Is there a rebuilding? I was wondering if you did any, like rebuilds or stuff like that, like fire projects. But I’ve done a couple. Yeah. Yeah. So we went through that whole process. They’re rebuilding the house. And then so there was the move out of that house and all the stuff that that was entailed, and then purchasing new items to move back into that home. Shortly after there, we put that house on the market, and then moved to an apartment after we sold it. And then lived in the apartment for a few months and then bought this house moved in here. And I was like, fuck moving.

TJ 48:15
What just happened?

Xad 48:16
Yeah, like, This isn’t like two years. And I was like,

Mike Proctor 48:21
you had just had a house fire rebuilt and then moved.

Xad 48:24
Yeah. And then moved again. Because I moved out of that house into an apartment and then out of that apartment back into a new house. Right. It sounds like I’m so sick of moving. But

Mike Proctor 48:33
so you guys both made, you know, some money off your house. Yeah,

TJ 48:37
yeah, that wasn’t worth it. For me,

Mike Proctor 48:39
of course it was. It’s hindsight.

TJ 48:41
I don’t know. Yeah, don’t shit not gonna refund them start. Not to be honest. We made good money mean, Cassie. But as far as how much money we put into it, and how much time I spent on it. I mean, how much money can I make?

Mike Proctor 48:56
Right? Oh, valuable. Oh,

TJ 48:58
I will say that we did good. But we worked our finances off there for four years. But now we got four kids. And so I love every minute of it, man. It’s just keep

Mike Proctor 49:09
on truckin happy and chipper bro. Like, it’s it’s very refreshing. I love it. Yeah, appreciate it. I hope you are. You’re just I know you are you’re just like this all the time. You’re just always like, fucking fucking go on here. You know that? It’s been 10 years since I’ve seen you and I know that. Well, so you’re out on job sites all day? Yeah, that’s that’s a day in the life. What time do you start? Depends on. Depends on the day.

TJ 49:37
No. Boss bro. spends on the time of year because it gets dark really early in the morning. Now I really don’t. I try to get out there at 730 sometimes it’s 810. Sometimes it’s 745. Usually during the summer we start at seven. Do you

Mike Proctor 49:51
guys you guys typically have like legs you try to complete a I mean it’s just the three of you. So you’re probably kind of ad hoc in it a little bit. Yeah, we are. Do you just like alright, it’s

TJ 50:00
Six were out. So I’ve worked with, like I said, I’m not even kidding, like exaggerating, probably over 150 guys in the last 10 years. And it’s hard to get on the same page as guys. When you don’t know him that well, yeah, but me, my brother Devin, and me and my dad, dude, we piggyback off each other. And like, we rarely fight about anything. So we just get shit done out there. productivity. Oh, man, that’s and so maybe, you know, maybe having five guys out there arguing and fucking getting yelled at is the same thing as having three dudes that just go out there and fucking know what they’re doing. You know what I mean? Yeah, so it’s like a little bit more labor for all of us, but

Mike Proctor 50:41
ease of use.

TJ 50:42
So to answer your question, I guess we don’t like start the morning with like a fucking OSHA meeting or anything. But we go out there and we fucking will get a little plan and we do what we can do. tight knit.

Mike Proctor 50:55
Um, you know, how do you how do you eat? So about diet do you do you guys eat Eat pretty good?

TJ 51:05
Yeah, dude, a lot of the trade as you know or maybe you talk to some people it’s just an example of the thing guys across the street or side in the house and man they go out to McDonald’s every single day. We don’t we I? Yeah, we don’t I’m not gonna lie. My dad brings in like broccoli with ranch and shit. Oh, shit. Oh, yeah, dude. Really? Yeah. I I always eat leftovers. And once in a while we’ll treat ourselves to like

Mike Proctor 51:29
ra Of course. Of course.

TJ 51:30
Yeah. But no, a lot of trades are known for like, oh, let’s go get a burger. Let’s go, you know? But no, dude, we always bring our lunch and we have a microwave in the trailer.

Xad 51:39
You guys save a shit ton of money doing it that Oh, yeah, dude. Oh, yeah, for sure. You’re saving your fucking

Mike Proctor 51:45
bar and this? Is your dad always been that way.

TJ 51:48
No. I mean, I can’t say that dad but but just recently a man

Mike Proctor 51:54
honestly. his honesty. Yeah, no.

TJ 51:56
I’m sure everybody’s had their way out on the dime. You know, dining out out of the oven wash and Yeah, I know. Dude, I I went to an event like last week. Like I had like, fast food like four times like, oh, man, I feel like

Mike Proctor 52:11
I don’t know what it is like ever since this year hit. I’m just been not doing very good. I don’t know what. So yeah, did

TJ 52:17
we all we all do that. So significant others that helped us eat leftovers.

Mike Proctor 52:23
Shout out to the wives.

TJ 52:24

Mike Proctor 52:27
My wife keeps me in check. Because as good as she can. So refreshing to hear though. Not a you know, there’s so many people that aren’t like that. And that kind of makes me think of like, how bad that generations bodies are breaking down and all that type of stuff. You’re exactly right. You probably could have been mitigated quite a bit. With with just that knowing what we know now.

TJ 52:48
Yeah, and you know what? People still need to learn about it man. Because it’s not that fucking hard to pack a sandwich or pack some fucking brine even then

Mike Proctor 52:57
that’s not super good. It’s not like I’m the same way like I don’t always eat like, I’m not a fucking diet. fiend Me neither. Like Me neither. I don’t work out as much as I should eat either super hardcore on it, but I’ve tried to pack a fucking sandwich or

TJ 53:12
whatever. Just even your leftover something from last night’s better than than a Big Mac. You know? Yeah. At least every day. I do that. Trust me. I love me like I call verse burger crack pack up. Maybe on a Friday or something on Dude, come on. For sure. But I but every single day that’s a lot of trades. Hmm. That’s that’s a cliche right there,

Mike Proctor 53:33
man. It’s funny. You’re like, yeah, those guys go out for fucking lunch

TJ 53:36
every day. They do it. Fuck you. I’m jealous, bitch, but I can’t do it.

Mike Proctor 53:40
Bring me back a cheeseburger.

TJ 53:41
I like can I can’t handle I can’t fucking afford it, man.

Xad 53:45
That’s what I’m saying. Like, the amount of money that you spend just going out to eat like every day like that, you know? 10 bucks.

TJ 53:51
Oh, dude. Yeah, Donald’s

Mike Proctor 53:52
good. Quarter Pounder. Trying to get them to

Xad 53:54
get you getting a drink though. And then the

Mike Proctor 53:58
nine bucks Yeah,

Xad 53:58

TJ 53:59
Exactly. It used to be get like a quarter pounder with cheese for like 550 or something. Now it’s like, you might as well just go to the bars carry out nowadays seen

Mike Proctor 54:09
there was some sort of strike. So


So true. That McDonald’s in Flint. So there was like a strike for minimum wage to go up. And, you know, $15 an hour. Yeah. And I was like, Oh, Jesus. I never worked at McDonald’s though. Did you ever anybody ever worked them? No, nothing will go smoothly.

TJ 54:28
Yeah, even the manager right?

Mike Proctor 54:30
Yeah. worked at Wendy’s. Did you know I don’t know if it’s that bad. But Wendy’s certainly wasn’t that bad. Like I mean, I sucked because I was a teenager but looking back it’s not a hard job the jobs out there I don’t know if they deserve that much money.

TJ 54:44
No comment

Xad 54:47
points myself on that one. I

TJ 54:48
don’t think so either. But

Mike Proctor 54:51
um, so let’s see out on the job site all day as hard as fucking work. How’s your How do you sleep?

TJ 55:00
Pretty good.

Mike Proctor 55:01
You sleep like a rock.

TJ 55:03
So my day consists of waking up not as early as I should get into work probably a little bit later than it should we bust our fuckness and then I get home and basically, co parent with Cassie, cuz, dude, she’s fucking home all day. She works from home. Oh, nice. So I’m gonna shout out to Caleb

Mike Proctor 55:25
kinda not really nice. Although it probably is. It’s not nice. She hates it. I

TJ 55:29
bet she loves and hates it. So she fucking gets to work from home. Right? Because she’s, I think the new rule is if you’re able to work from home, yeah, you have to write so good for her. But do we got four kids and they just give her a run for her money and I get home from work and I gotta like, bail her out and like, we’re like, fucking a team. And I’m just like, Fuck, I’m tired. Fucking. So Dude, it’s awesome. I love it.

Mike Proctor 55:55
Are you out? So by the time you’re going down, are you out? Typically, same time every night. You get a solid eight hours. Y’all over?

TJ 56:04
I want to like check out some unabomber on Netflix.

Xad 56:10
Get Benjen

TJ 56:11
Yeah, so probably probably about eight hours. Maybe?

Mike Proctor 56:13
You pretty good about it though. Yeah,

TJ 56:15
I try to get to bed by like 11 Mm hmm.

Mike Proctor 56:17
Um, do you dream a lot of

TJ 56:21
luck? Yeah, every night. Really? Yeah.

Mike Proctor 56:23
Do you remember your dreams? Yeah.

Xad 56:27
I know. I’m jealous. Dude. I don’t remember shit. And I don’t I don’t I feel like I don’t dream. I know like cherries. I love chairs. I

TJ 56:33
have to like cherries. I have really bad gout Oh shit. I gotta love you get down I got dude. You know those wind boxes are that get squirted out of the box. Yeah, I have cherry juice. Really?

Mike Proctor 56:49
Drink cherry juice like

TJ 56:50
I have to do I got gout real bad

Mike Proctor 56:53
No shit. Yep. Well, like on your feet right good. gouts on your feet.

TJ 56:57
Oh my ankle my knee my Oh yeah, joints. Like it’s like extreme arthritis. Yeah, it really sucks a bunch of attitude.

Xad 57:06
Sucks acidly laughs and smiles. Dude, is this position so shipper sucks they smile.

Mike Proctor 57:13
Yeah, I’m bugging out bro.

TJ 57:15
It’s a high uric acid. Right? So they say that let’s lower your uric acid and they’ll give you some cherry juice. So I fucking try to drink cherry juice

Xad 57:25
as much as possible. So cherries um yeah, that’s why you haven’t that’s probably why you dream because cherries produce help like you over produce melatonin. And then that forces trippy dreams I only found that out I did a little research on it because I yeah, I got like I love cherry who

Mike Proctor 57:43
said you said that it was used to treat gout I’m pretty sure

TJ 57:46
yeah, yeah, that’s why I got it. Yeah, it ain’t fucking dream or do that

Xad 57:51
no that’s probably why your dreams like why you’re so cute. Oh they’re very vivid all the time. So for me it like it threw me off because I like just bought a bag of cherries at the store and was I like ate the whole

TJ 58:02
Yeah, especially coming from Michigan. Do Jerry’s are legit.

Mike Proctor 58:05
Just buy a bag of cherry juice. Does it come in a box

TJ 58:08
like that? Yeah, I’m not even kidding do like a white box it from like literally dude like fucking box right from mixing Do you buy that stuff? A fucking Meijer? Really?

Mike Proctor 58:17
I’ve never seen the box cherry juice. Like

TJ 58:21
I’m not even kidding. Yeah,

Xad 58:23
so how much how much Terry like you drink like a glass a day or like multiple Dude, I’m

TJ 58:27
not gonna fucking bullshit. Yeah, I can only drink as much as my stomach in here. Yeah, so high bar eight ounces isn’t like real strong. Dude, it’s just straight our straight cherry juice.

Mike Proctor 58:36
No shit.

What like what do you dream about? You don’t have to get specific or anything but is it like fucking crazy trippy shit.

TJ 58:49
Or a lot of a lot of stuff that I think about during the day like work shit. Yeah, yeah, a lot of worksheet like we’re doing a lot of like someone’s robbing me with a gun and I’m about to fucking attack them with my ar 15 Oh, she got love the charity and a lot of tornadoes.

Mike Proctor 59:10
So is your cherry juice like doctor prescribed?

TJ 59:12

Mike Proctor 59:13
I mean, like, I mean, not doctor prescribed, but like, Is that how you found that out? Or is that like something even said he’s right about it.

TJ 59:19
Like you’re doing research you got to do when you feel the payment gout and your joints. You got to do some research and you’re dealing with that every day. You know, when you have flare ups? You do okay. And a flare up usually lasts about three to five days. And you might as well just lay on the couch.

Xad 59:36
Or the walk and chill sucks. Dude, you’re Yeah, I mean, it’s got to be from your word. I mean a lot from your work and stuff like that. But

TJ 59:43
yeah, it sucks.

Xad 59:44
I remember my dad had gout.

TJ 59:46
Yeah, my dad does too. So maybe it’s hereditary. I don’t know. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 59:50
I fucking Watch out. Yeah, no

Xad 59:52
shit. Yeah, that that’s a that’s rough.

TJ 59:55
So yeah, dude. Was that one of you’re not really that famous question. He just asked

Mike Proctor 1:00:00
Do we always ask everybody but Yeah,

TJ 1:00:02
dude I have a lot of fucking dreams I like weird dreams I tell Cassie about all the time like I’m curious to my dreams sometimes they’re all tornadoes wherever hiding from tornadoes

Xad 1:00:10
Did you have like a tornado experience?

TJ 1:00:13
No But I love the weather and I love tornadoes and my favorite movies Twister really

Mike Proctor 1:00:17
really you like like when it’s storms and shit Are you

TJ 1:00:20
out there just like dancing dude.

Mike Proctor 1:00:22
Did it I wonder if that hasn’t well maybe it has to do with the storm stuff but just kind of due to the nature of your work. Do you like you know what I mean? Yeah, there’s like that work sort of stuff conversations you talk about that I’m not making a whole lot of sense right now. Yeah, but right you’re like building walls like you’re building a home so you’re like constant what your brain is focused. I

TJ 1:00:44
talked about that like john Mellencamp song, like the walls are the walls go down and the wall.

Mike Proctor 1:00:53
But you know what I mean? Like that the nature of your work is to build these homes that withstand you know, weather and all this stuff. So those are kind of where your your thinking points are as you do your work. So I wonder if that attribute maybe

TJ 1:01:04
that sounds like good to me.

Mike Proctor 1:01:05
Do you need Oh, yeah,

TJ 1:01:08
yeah, I just also I just really liked tornadoes.

Mike Proctor 1:01:11
So you said that so I was like, oh, maybe not. But yeah, that’s I’m very interested in people who can remember it so vividly. And the more I talk about it now, I actually kind of remember mine but I don’t remember like specifics. I just remember that it’s always bad shit. If I’m having a dream it’s like I’m on something high up and about to fall off or some I don’t like heights. So that’s Yeah, it’s usually where you know my right right right. Right work shit.

TJ 1:01:39
You can like roll back to that. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 1:01:40
I know. Now that I talked about this, I kind of remember I I always have dreams of like, never ending work. Like I remember I had a dream one time that when I was working at the oil change, I was running the oil change at the dealership. And I had like 1000 bays of cars to like perform oil changes in work. And so like those are kind of those are my dreams for the most part. It’s like weird,

TJ 1:02:05
strange, strange it Yeah, probably like releasing stress. Yeah, for sure.

Mike Proctor 1:02:14
So you said unabomber? What else you get down on? Man? I know your Netflix guy. Probably. Yeah, dude. Everybody fucking gets down on Netflix.

TJ 1:02:21
Yeah. What are you watching? Let’s see. My favorite show on Netflix was Ozark. And we’re just talking about Oh, yeah. I’m excited for March 21 when it’s coming back season.

Xad 1:02:33
final season final one yet I heard I heard that. And I was like, I kind of sucks. But

TJ 1:02:37
ah, I guess I’ve gotten really into the serial killer

Mike Proctor 1:02:41
documentary shit.

TJ 1:02:42
Yeah. But you know what? Netflix has also thrown that at us and oh, yeah, five months or whatever. 100%. And those those series, they’re like three or four years old, but Netflix just picked them up. So obviously everyone’s gonna watch them now. Yeah, right. So the unabomber on the Olympic Palmer one. Did you ever watch to my favorite? ever watch the one I think that Ted Kaczynski is a genius. By the way.

Mike Proctor 1:03:03
What’s the guy who got blown up? We all know evil genius. Yeah, even though you didn’t watch that one. Yeah, evil genius. Yes, that’s a good one. Yeah, it’s like a big fucking conspiracy around that. Yeah.

TJ 1:03:13
So I like I like that kind of stuff. I don’t like Greece. My favorite movie.

Mike Proctor 1:03:22
Damn, bro. Is hating on Greece. I know. That’s yours. But so you’re in the the, the murder solving

TJ 1:03:31
niche. I guess just recently because Netflix is.

Mike Proctor 1:03:35
Once you start watching my dreams and shit, once you start watching that shit, it’s like, yeah, like like, Oh, wait, what the fuck, like trying to get into it like, yeah, who the fuck did this shit. Did you ever watch? What was the other one Making a Murderer? Yep. Yeah, I like that. Oh, yeah, that’s cool. Yeah. Did you know Netflix is content budget? This for this for 2021? Forgive me on the numbers. I think it’s $19 billion. That is greater than like, if so that’s like top 24 country. Gross Domestic products.

Xad 1:04:07
That’s what they’re allowed. They

TJ 1:04:10
did 17 billion of that go to Adam Sandler.

Mike Proctor 1:04:14
Dude, they got like a bunch of big movies coming out this year.

TJ 1:04:17
Yeah. Yeah, they gotta they gotta. They gotta take off on that because the fucking movie theaters Aren’t you know what I mean? So they’re like, nothing’s like I’m gonna capitalize on this man. True. I

Mike Proctor 1:04:27
didn’t even really think about that. You know, I’m saying I’m the the they got like, the rock and like all these really big name people. Yeah, I’m pumping out movies this year. And yeah, dude. 19 billion. They’re spending more on their content than fucking 1000s hundreds and 1000s or even 1000s of countries. There’s no way 197 97

TJ 1:04:47

Xad 1:04:50
are you on that for sure. Like that’s straight up it?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:52
I think so.

Mike Proctor 1:04:54
Okay, so now that’s like number 17 for gross domestic product. Have countries like Jesus fucking Christ dude Netflix world

Xad 1:05:06
if you just dropped exactly how many countries they’re gonna be so

Mike Proctor 1:05:09
I said 1000s and I was like wait the world ain’t that fucking big old

Xad 1:05:12
195 a salad man.

Mike Proctor 1:05:16
What What happened? Did like the Congo get taken over?

TJ 1:05:18
Yeah, no shit. Yugoslavia is gone. Yeah, someone

Mike Proctor 1:05:21
got that that was before the Soviet Union separated. Oh Vatican City,

TJ 1:05:28
Vatican City and palace, the smallest country in the world if you didn’t know that Palestine.

Xad 1:05:34
She liked geography and school or maybe history and

TJ 1:05:37
math. Yeah, Miko said,

Xad 1:05:39
you like math?

TJ 1:05:40
like, Nah, not as much as Mike does. Yeah,

Xad 1:05:43
he was always he always helped me with my math.

Mike Proctor 1:05:45
Well, I wasn’t trying to do math. I was, but my senior year I’ve like flunked off and didn’t do a goddamn thing in my math.

Xad 1:05:52
Like I couldn’t stand math. I was terrible in that class.

Mike Proctor 1:05:54
Yes. It’s not a math guy. You know? What else you have to man? Getting down with the family? Yeah, teenager. Got a teenager on your hands. Yep.

TJ 1:06:06
That’s crazy. It is crazy.

Mike Proctor 1:06:09
Mine’s gonna be 10 this year. It’s almost oh shit in there, bro. Yeah, yeah. You got any wise words for any listeners out there might be facing that.

TJ 1:06:19
Facing What? A teenager? Ah.

Mike Proctor 1:06:24
It’s like no, bro. I’m learning as I go. I’m learning as I go.

TJ 1:06:27
I’m learning faster than I knew what to do with.

Mike Proctor 1:06:30
I feel like fatherhood does that.

TJ 1:06:32
Yeah, for sure. For sure.

Mike Proctor 1:06:33
I don’t I haven’t gone through it. Obviously. You don’t get candy you don’t know. Like you just figure it out. exactly the best you fucking can. Exactly. That’s That’s how she rolls.

The game anymore,

bro. Game video games? No,

TJ 1:06:52
no, no. Don’t have time.

Mike Proctor 1:06:54
Are you still playing? Yeah, play music? Well, a little bit.

TJ 1:06:57
I got jumps out of my barn. So

Mike Proctor 1:06:58
what do you do if you’re trying to Zen out? And what do you do? You just go out there banging out some songs you’d used to know. Yeah.

TJ 1:07:04
Yeah. It’s been a little tough right now because we’re we have moved or whatever. So I’ve got my fucking spot set up. But I’m trying to but there’s no fucking lights out there. So I just kind of go out there and pretend I’m playing the drums and

Mike Proctor 1:07:17
you got like an acoustic drum set? Yeah, yeah. So um,

TJ 1:07:20
I had the same one since I was in.

Mike Proctor 1:07:23
Fifth grade. No shit. Yeah. Wait, so how’d you get your drum set? I bought it. You bought yourself

TJ 1:07:30
with a little help from my parents.

Mike Proctor 1:07:32
Okay. Did you like save up and fuck

TJ 1:07:35
yeah, yeah. No, yeah. And I you know, drum set you slowly you buy the shells and then you slowly build up and get the symbols and what you want. I

Mike Proctor 1:07:43
did? Because we just had one of our guests on chance. He’s a drummer, too. He like he liked to play drums. Oh, chance. niehaus. Yeah, yeah, no chance. Yeah. And he, he his mom would let him just fucking bang. Like all night. Was that how it was for you, too?

TJ 1:08:00
I had to be dude. My mom’s brother was a huge drummer. And my mom’s dad is a huge drummer. actually fired Bob Seger.

Mike Proctor 1:08:09
fired by fire. Bob Seger? Yeah. Oh, man from the silver bullet band. No, no, dude,

TJ 1:08:14
this goes back to the early 60s. Bob see you’re born in Arbor. But he was like jamming and Brighton at the time. Some clubs and my grandpa had a jazz band like the early 60s. And Bob tried out and my grandpa was like, oh, man, you’re way too fast for me. I don’t want you in my rock and roll band. Oh,

Mike Proctor 1:08:36
no shit. So

TJ 1:08:37
then like four years later, Bob Seger in the last heard comes out. And my grandpa’s like Ah, man, I really fucked that shit.

Xad 1:08:46
Part of that. Damn it.

Mike Proctor 1:08:48
So you were you were cool to fuckin drum out as much as you wanted them. Hey.

TJ 1:08:55
was already Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m sure my dad mom really loved it a lot. But they didn’t say nothing to me. If you remember the barn over there and Byron

Mike Proctor 1:09:05
right barn. Oh, your house? Yeah, like your place. Yeah. So

TJ 1:09:09
my drums were always up there. So they didn’t have to like listen to him in the living room. Yeah, that’s that’s also very true.

Mike Proctor 1:09:14
Yeah, you had kind of a space to

TJ 1:09:16
Yeah, found out and yeah, they you know, so I guess that’s the reason, but I can imagine that would get pretty fucking annoying at some point.

Xad 1:09:25
I was driving my wife crazy because I play guitar and I play guitar and not like I’ll play guitar and watch TV and not realize, I mean, I don’t even hear myself playing I’m just like plugging in. This is acoustic or No, I mean, I usually just play the electric just not not plugged in. Right. Yeah, it drives her crazy because she’s like, like, Do one thing. Don’t do two things. Right. I don’t even realize that I’m doing this one thing like this doesn’t even count as a thing. I’m just just ears finger plucking. Yeah, playing around right now. Like, it’s not my focus.

Mike Proctor 1:09:59
Zed was talking about Get in like an electric drums

Xad 1:10:01
Yeah, I want to get an electric player headphones and not have you know I can suck out Yeah,

Mike Proctor 1:10:05
modern problems require modern solution. Exactly.

TJ 1:10:07

Xad 1:10:11
Well shit out of time. Yeah, no.

Mike Proctor 1:10:14
Okay, I want to ask you this is gonna be the deepest question I asked you Okay, ask me how you hope you’re ready to ask me anyways, um, it sounds like you’re doing all the right things but I always say that like I said everybody but you know I just get so excited about people doing the shit that you know like you’re your own boss man you got your own fucking company like I just think that’s so cool. If If everything goes perfect from here on out, what’s that look like for you? Oh, good one has some deep shit. Ah, let’s see.

TJ 1:10:50
I guess I’m not going nowhere. As far as the word client. I want to be on the front line still building houses but I guess as far as going perfectly. I’d like to expand quite a bit. Yeah, you you had simulated that a little bit too. Maybe maybe a couple crews built houses but I also would like to have maybe a few crews mowing lawns. Few crews plowed snow a few crews are doing remodel doing floors. I want to put my fingers out there. Yeah. So that if the housing industry goes bad, I can still total floors might be flexible. Yes. And my ultimate perfect goal is to have my own restaurant. You really

Mike Proctor 1:11:35
we didn’t even touch on that yet. You had said you loved cooking Yep. Where does that come from?

TJ 1:11:42
Probably my mom I tell what kind

Mike Proctor 1:11:44
of cook what kind of like you like to cook dinner every

TJ 1:11:47
night like Yeah, but I lucked out. I i’ve been cooking dinner for a long time and then I get Cassie and Jesus loves cooking dinner more than I do and she just fucking beats me out.

Mike Proctor 1:11:59
If you’re okay, so if you’re a great cook what’s your go to go to your favorite thing that you make two for you.

TJ 1:12:08

I love trying this random recipes dude. Like throw I don’t even like I don’t like recipes. Throw me something that you want to you want

Mike Proctor 1:12:18
to go raid and I want to fucking see what you can make. Yeah, I love that. That’s

TJ 1:12:22
That’s why I just like to cook dude. It’s you know, I don’t I’m not a recipe dude.

Mike Proctor 1:12:27
So are you a inside cook or do you like to grill everything? Yeah, hope Yeah, we’re

TJ 1:12:32
about to we’re gonna build an outside kitchen at my house.

Mike Proctor 1:12:35
Yeah, so cool, dude. Yeah,

TJ 1:12:36
that’s so cool. And then so that’s what I guess as my fiance’s fucking probably twice as good a cook as I am but I have way more balls than she does as far as trying shit. And half the time it sucks ass and half the time it’s fucking awesome

Xad 1:12:52
awesome times make it worth it.

TJ 1:12:53
Yeah, exactly. Like I fucking know. But Cassie Cassie is a great cook. So that’s what like threw me off because you know a long time ago past relationships. I was always the one that cooked and then Cassie comes along and fucking Oh my god. Alright, fine. You can make them just deal with Oh, yeah.

Mike Proctor 1:13:12
Do you what kind of restaurant Do you even know have you thought about it sandwich that just burgers. sandwiches and

TJ 1:13:19
burgers and I will be your sandwich daddy

Mike Proctor 1:13:21
baby. I was a chef at many restaurants. Yeah, I know. You were I know. And I think to to have a successful restaurant I think you either you have to do it. Right? The the management way. Or you have to be in there and live that shit.

TJ 1:13:37
Yeah, exactly. That’s what Cassie told me. It’s a lot of fucking work.

Mike Proctor 1:13:40
But if you love it, if you if you want to love it and live it it’s not it doesn’t matter. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Just having fun and doing your thing. I worked with a chef who was very passionate like, Dude made like five bucks an hour. Like, you know, he made but he turned out some jam. He was there for a moment that fucking you know, first one in last one out. And he he was very knowledgeable as well. Like he went to culinary school. But that dude just showed me like what passion it would take to to do it to really do right like gotcha. Um, but it was fucking incredible. Like he was it was such a cool person to meet and he would always tell me about how he backpacked through Europe and, and worked in tons of kitchens just to kind of like he would just go in and try to cook or wash dishes or wherever you can do to make a buck to make money to Zach. Oh, isn’t it wrong? Yeah, yeah,

TJ 1:14:35
that’s awesome man.

Mike Proctor 1:14:35
You know he did that for like a year and learned so much. Yep. Yep. Yeah, super super. Shout out to Eris for from back at Ramos days and Fenton well, man, so growth so that you can explore more things.

TJ 1:14:52
Yes, is always have a plan B, C, D, E, F, alpha, beta, gamma delta, you know what I mean? Oh, yeah, dude.

Mike Proctor 1:14:59
Well, we will do whatever we can to help you get there brother. Sounds like you don’t need our help getting work. But we’ll look we’re gonna put the shout out so anyone who wants to bus a mass it up TJ if you’re in the area, but you’ve got if you’re going to work like a bitch then we don’t want you so

TJ 1:15:16
hey, Thanks, Mike. Thanks, man. I appreciate you guys have me on but

Mike Proctor 1:15:19
yeah, you know. Yeah, and I want to link up your stuff so everyone can see Do you guys like got you know, do you take pictures and stuff? Put them up do like a page.

TJ 1:15:27
I do. Like I said, I’m not on social media. See what? I can reactivate it just for that.

Mike Proctor 1:15:32
Do you have like a business page or anything?

TJ 1:15:35
I do, but for some reason, Facebook scarm so so is that one so I guess I gotta reactivate burger. Okay. Well, I’ll activate that shit. Yeah, activate that will roll that will whack it up.

Mike Proctor 1:15:46
So in case people want to see what kind of dope as shit you’re building, yeah. Um, thanks for coming down. Mike was added to me. I hope you like the studio puking.

TJ 1:15:55
Awesome. Where’s the buzzer?

Mike Proctor 1:15:57
We’ll get your show. Until next time, we’ll get you back. We’ll keep tabs on what TJ is doing. And let everybody know. So thanks.

TJ 1:16:06
Thanks a lot, man. I appreciate it.

Mike Proctor 1:16:09
Thank you guys for listening. That was an awesome one. We forgot to do shoutouts bro. I’m sorry.

Xad 1:16:15
Yeah, no, I had a whole list here. But TJ he was hitting them up as we as we moved along. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 1:16:21
So major shout out to TJ and TJ m construction and TJ for coming out and doing the show making the time. We appreciate that. As always. Thank you so much. Let’s see hit subscribe guys. If you liked the show, remember hit the subscribe button. That helps us out a lot. Check out the website and if you you know if you’d like to show and you would wouldn’t mind you know donating some some money to us. We have you can buy us a beer on the site. We have a thing set up you can buy means that a beer for five bucks, you know that that helps ease the burden. We appreciate that. So any help there is always always a good thing. Let’s see. Thank you again for TJ for doing the show. We appreciate you and we’ll see you guys next time. Thank you peace

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