Episode 39: The Firefighter 2.0 with Chris Warden

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Chris is a man of many talents. He puts his life on the line to help people, which is one of his true passions. We talk about a lot of health-related topics today. Chris is involved in a program called O2X, they specialize in human optimization for first responders. Being a firefighter himself, it hits close to home for him. But at the same time, these conversations are so important for everyone to hear. We talk about Chris’ life growing up in Michigan, some of his other talents in music and fitness, and give him the Not Really That Famous rundown. Sleep hygiene is another huge point in this conversation. Thank you for listening!

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Chris also recommended a book called Mindset.

Transcription Below:

What’s up guys? Welcome back to not really that famous, our guest on the podcast today, Mr. Chris Warden is a man of many talents. We talk a lot about health today kind of mindset stuff. It was a super, super awesome conversation today then I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. And I was very, kind of admire admirable qualities from from Chris, just in his mindset and just kind of the way he talks and conveys. It was super fun, very enlightening. And I hope you guys enjoy. Thank you for checking it out today. Remember, if you like the show, hit the subscribe button for us. You’ll get notified as soon as I put the episodes up. Every Monday, mid afternoon ish sometimes. Once again, if you haven’t seen the website, check out the website not really that famous.com and get yourself some merch. And what else we got? Oh, check out the newsletter newsletters going live every week. You can sign up at the website. It’s not really that famous.com slash NRT f dash newsletter. You can get there from the website. So without further ado, we shall get to her once again, Mr. Chris warden.

But yeah, man, this the studio, bro. Thanks so much for coming, man.

Absolutely. Thanks for having me out.

I’m looking very, very much forward to this. I was telling that I was like, I’m really looking forward to the pod this week. Just having a nice conversation with like, someone new to meet like a new cool person. That’s that’s like so exciting.

I always look forward to it. Like to it as well. Yeah, like all week. I’m like, Kelly, I get to meet somebody new this week. You know, like you, like learn new shit about new people.

So Sure. You like band practice. Look forward to it all week. Yeah, you write a song.

And it’s so I’ve never been in a band. No, no. All right. Yeah. I don’t know how that feels.

Well. Oh, God. Basically, you spent all week thinking about the song you made last week and you want to play again with your buddies to band practice. He just can’t wait to start digging into it and trading stuff. It’s exactly, exactly exactly like anticipates

your creative which is? Yeah. Which is, you know, that’s always fun.

Being creative.

So tell us a little bit about yourself, man. Like, you know, where are you from? Where were you born all that type of

Oh, man. I grew up in Waterford, Michigan.

So Michigan, we’re in Michigan. Um, we have Viewers all over the world. So, Waterford is a little bit if you look at Michigan, it’s fine Detroit. It’s it’s sort of what would you call it said what’s that muscle? Is that what’s this?

No, no, it’s just like Steak. Steak muscle. I’m gonna call it that steak. Yeah.

So okay, so Waterford

Yep, I grew up there. I went to elementary and middle school moved to Fenton. Okay, around seventh grade

A little little north.

Yeah, north, my parents bought a house or built a house and get us out of Waterford and it’s often in the area ever since. Now, I live in Grand Blanc with the wife. two dogs

Grambling. Alright, so you stayed right around here. Hey, man. Yeah, Michigan guy

really? Right. Yep. We’ll be here forever. For sure. He’s sick. I’m not going anywhere.

So what do you what do you do for a living now real quick.

I’m a full time firefighter. Okay, so I do that for a living. And then I helped my dad with a firewood company on the side. And then also, in my spare time work with a company called o to x, where we help firefighters and tactical athletes or first responders, we help them become tactical athletes. Okay, I’ll teach them the ins and outs of performing at a high level and try and get them to look at their life and their abilities as athletes, okay, like police officers, law enforcement, firefighters, first responders.

And so is the idea to like apply it to your work or like a become more athletic just in general.

So you want to take what work gives us all the stress, and all the hard parts of work. And you want to figure out how to survive that the best you can. There’s a few things that go into it like nutrition exercise,

getting plenty of sleep and mental performing.

I looked into iotex, obviously, because you had you had let me know. And yeah, so I looked into him a little bit. Um, I want to circle back to that, because I’m very, very excited about hearing you talk about that.

Yeah. It’s a fun fun company.

But so full time firefighter you lead with that. I guess I didn’t realize there are absolutely full time firefighters. Like that’s a real you know, um, but I can’t say I’ve met one, necessarily. Not a long time

for me around here because like a lot of these places are all like part timers.

Yes, exactly. Thank you. Because the area where where we live for most of our lives and not fucking out here in the rural rural. We’re in the sticks bra.

You guys go and cut tree down Tree Removal all that type of stuff.

So we don’t personally cut the trees down we leave that to the professionals. Gotcha. What we do is we order our logs from Northern Michigan. They bring them to us and then we have a big machine that we make them splitting logs in the cellar would Yep, look cute. Let it dry. Get to two houses.

This is a family run company.

Yes. My dad my brother. Yeah, basically.

Yeah, that’s awesome.

It’s my dad’s company and we’re just working to make it better.

staying busy, bro.

Oh, busy.


even keep up.

So would you say it’s from that from the place you kind of describe it’s a little bit more not urban, but definitely more populated and where I’m from most of your life. Yeah, Waterford you know it’s there’s less suburban. So more of like

a city sort of, you know plus two area

Yeah, like Burton. It was it would populace not necessarily the same but similar..For a couple high schools a couple middle schools. We went to all they had a mall.

They had a Byron Byron was gonna lash out at me. Oh, that’s cool.

But that’s some very, very unique, unique stuff though, bro. Um, and you know, I know so many other things. So you’re in a band

I was on anymore.

How many? How many? Is that? Was that the only band? Yeah, how many times you’ve been in a band?

I’ve been in two different bands or projects. I was in a local band called Avenue sky for a couple years. And then I was with a tn buddy Adam and Rob in a band called glass empires last Empire. So I say yes, man.

Yeah. Fucking awesome.

We’re having a ton of glass in place.

sent over here. So what do you play? You play bass

play the bass guitar

on bass? Yeah. Laughing some Basma?

It’s a good It’s awesome. Oh, actually, uh, gosh. are both are wives families are very musical.

And okay.

Our wife’s dad plays bass like pretty, pretty good. And he’s, he’s an all around musician.

Yeah, it’s like oh, well, nothing.

And I actually looked into

Yeah, sure. Very cool. He said our wives our wife.

Oh, well, they’re sisters. Yeah. Yeah, that that’s so.

Um, as as

our wives perfect.

Close enough. Not both of our wives together. Yeah. Just both of our wives are very close.

He’s got a house.

Am I in right?

Good call though. Brother. I


you guys married sisters then. Yes, yes.

Okay. Yo,


Keep it in the family.

Exactly. Perfect. Okay, so

we always would give everybody that not really that famous rundown and I’m very excited for this. So when you’re growing up, man, sounds like you went into you know, many different sort of avenues. That’s I’m very interested in hearing about how you got there. But when you were a young young man, you know, growing up, what did you want to be like? What did you envision yourself being? You know, when you were when you were as young as you can remember,

when I was young, all I could think about was riding dirt bikes and motocross bike rider. Yeah, nice. I just wanted to race motocross. I didn’t even know how to race. I’d never rode a bike until I was probably 16 a dirt bike. And we finally got one. It was too big for me. But I still had to get on it.

So when you were 16?

I think it was, I think so. Maybe a little younger, maybe a little younger. 14. But my dad got us a Rm 250 It was huge. I think I was in middle school or, like a freshman in high school. whatever age that is. Yeah, it was so big. But uh, so I wanted to race motocross. I didn’t really get into it. We did it for fun when we were kids. Now I have one when I’m an adult, to buy an expensive car. Oh, yeah.

If you didn’t ride until you were you said 16. Yeah. What inspired you?

Like my dad would take us to the motocross? Yeah. And we just loved it. Me and my little brother, Kyle. He’s about four years younger than me. And we would just go get a jersey and go to the Supercross and just walk there and just I was in the silver dome.

So you guys would go watch the races when they get through it?

Yeah. I think the first one maybe not the first one. But one of the first ones we ever went to my uncle took us to and we had never been. So it was a real new experience. And we were young and our uncles were younger at the time. They’re obviously 20 or so years older than us, but they were probably my age now. Yeah, they can the young kids. So we had a good time. It just made us smell the fumes and the dirt just hype you up jumpin you could wear colors and shit. It was super cool. Yeah,

I remember when they were doing it at the silver dome. And it was intense. It was loud man just so damn loud.

And we’d never heard anything

so much going on. It’s so loud people all over the place like

Yeah, yeah, that’s awesome.

That’s back when they could smoke inside. Yeah. smoking cigarettes.

I can’t imagine that right now if I want like other than when you trapped like travel out of the state or whatever you walk in somewhere. Someone smoking a cigarette. In the building or like, What the hell are you doing right now? But keep kidding me. Yeah, sure. Crazy. Crazy.

That’s a 614 16 bro. That’s what so you wanted to be like a motocross you were trying to race. I

mean, I didn’t think about like paying bills, but it looked fun. And like I want to do yeah, forever.

Yeah, that’s what I want to do.

Yeah, but little did I know that the most most professional motocross is retire right around now. Yeah, so it’s a young man’s game for sure. Yeah,

I’d beat your ass up.

Most things are bad.

Yeah, most come to find out. Most professional athletes are pretty young.

There’s all the young guys they cycle through. Yeah. New Generations. That’s nuts, though. Um, yeah, no shit, man. That’s it. I can see that for sure. I was never so did you guys have you have Did you have some land and stuff that you could rip around on?

So what really? What kind of use like our snowmobiles like we were. We had fields up north and we’d make little circuits around some trees and face each other around. So we forgot. We didn’t really forget. But we were imagining we’re on dirt bikes. snowmobiles, which is pretty fun in itself. Yeah,

yeah. Yeah, that’s

that’s how I did that.

What else did you have snowmobiles, just snowmobile

just so we got the dirt bike. And then my brother got a small bike. And we didn’t. No, no, no. didn’t read. I think we wrote one four wheelers, like my uncles or something along. Yeah. Right. It was he

said you had property up north.

My grandparents lived in East Jordan for a portion of my life.

And East Jordan.

Yeah. That’s northern Northern Michigan, Northern Michigan. Yeah. Okay. I think it’s an Antrim County. But uh, we’d go up there and visit him in the winter and snowmobile big family thing up there.

Just do all the dad’s cousins have a weekend?

Oh, yeah. Like 10 snowmobiles.

Everybody knows what, what those family weekends entail. I mean, yeah, for each family. You know, it’s a it depends on where you go, but we all got her stuff that we do.

Yeah. So that’s, that’s about all we had. As far as that goes. And I’m not saying we didn’t have much. We had plenty but that’s what we

do. Yo, yo, yo. Sounds like awesome time. It was beautiful. I’m sure your grandparents worked hardest fuck for that length that they had.

It did it started to go downhill so they got out of it and they move back home.

Oh, really? I just like upkeep and stuff. Probably are

the neighbors. They collect on to their fucking neighbors now. Collect junk? Yeah, I think a lot of junk like cars and cars and dishwashers and stuff in the yard. It just it just seeps up in the yard. For some reason.

It is

an average neighbor out. Yeah. One neighbor at the end of the road had a horse. And like it only had like a 30 by 30 pin. That’s terrible. Yeah, it was weird.

Oh, man,

there’s a lot of inappropriate so

I Yeah, well, you know, the the sort of root cause of that is people. It’s just strange. ppda and people unfortunately. Which is fucking weird. You don’t want to be living around that

looking at that or having to deal with that. I would feel bad every time I drove past that horse. personally. I would have my animal person you say you got two dogs? Yeah, man. Yeah, sure. Every time you drive past that horse like Oh, hang on a Spaceman? So this

is very unique. I love this. East Jordan little where it specifically is that

Charlotte boy county it’s okay Charlotte boy.

Is it up? No, no. Okay. Um, either way it’s like a fucking Bay that comes into a city and I’m telling you guys these things in Michigan there’s actually place is probably incredible. It’s pretty probably really fucking cool.

Lake Charles freshwater lake Charlotte boys like what one of the biggest inland lakes in Michigan and so it’s like a finger on the lake. The salt farm of the lake? Yeah, yeah, yeah. So it’s off a lake Charlevoix it’s a but it’s pretty is pretty cool because it’s like right at the tip of the view

right at the tip of that one of those places in which just wraps right around that’s that’s cool in the fall the Jordan Valley the colors I don’t know if you’re familiar with the colors in Michigan.

I mean, yeah, all change. Yeah. Amazing. Amazing up there.

Yeah. Because you can you you can see so far. Yeah.

Yeah, that’s awesome, man. For sure. Yeah, that’s so wrap it around. ATVs all that type of stuff. That’s That’s awesome. That’s always fun stuff. When when what is Was there anything else?

I played hockey since I was three years old. Two or three?

Yeah, I think you probably three or so on a hockey player at some point. But

I think my dad envisioned me being a hockey player. And I liked it eventually. The first couple years. I just want to not be on the ice. Yes, hurt my feet. I was too little.

Yeah, I wasn’t too literal years old. Like I don’t remember being able to do anything at three much less ice.

I had three or four but I don’t think I had the patience or the pain of the skates on my feet and my feet would hurt hurt and hurt. I would people would be skating around i’d skate over the glass and slam my stick on the on the glass and tell them I was done. They will just point out there and say get back

He’s so badass. It was fun. Yeah, I

grew up. I played hockey and I still play once in a while, but it’s too hard. It’s rough. Yeah,

playing anything anymore. It’s like, I mean, that sucks to say, but it is it will do it. It’ll do it.

Yeah. My intensity level. We changed a lot.

Yeah, for sure.

What else man? What else? So

as you got older, yeah. Was there anything else?

Well, I grew up working. I told my dad he did, like remodels, Kitchen Bathroom, remodel, install type stuff. But did that with him wasn’t my thing. I was in that lazy stage in my life where he’s like, had to drag me out of bed asleep on the way to the truck or on the way to the job. Leave in the sleeping in the truck while he’s working. Am I gonna want to do this is not for me. I was too young, I think Yeah, I did that for a little while. Then I got into it. And I started making money. I worked for my mom’s family’s tree company. So we would cut trees down. That’s when we would really do the tree work. But cut trees, drag brush, split firewood on the on the weekend or on the side over the winter.

How did you end up becoming a firefighter?

Well, I think in 2005, I got out of high school. I didn’t like college. I did that for a little bit wasn’t my thing. I came back I had to do something I had to became a personal trainer, and then became a personal trainer. Yeah, my mom’s like, hey, you’d be good at helping people. And I started working out. I like working out knowledgeable in it. And I took some classes, took some tests and learned a few things. And I was a personal trainer for just about 10 years.

No shit. Yeah. Had you an interest in fitness prior to that? No. Not at all that I worked out who said it that way? Yeah. I just became a personal trainer. Wait, wait, wait, hold the fucking phone. Yeah, it was

like aspiration as a child or not.

Yeah, yeah. It was the thing. Yeah, I need to make myself do something it fit. I was taken on exercise. I was working out I enjoyed working out in my mid 20s. I was think I was 20 or 21. Maybe 22. doing that. And I pursued it more and more now. It’s like it’s the driving passion underneath. I learned that I like to help people. Yeah, that was what that’s that’s how I started getting getting steered towards where I’m at today. is when

you when you started to so you say you became a personal trainer. You obviously did this for like your financial? Yeah. You know, put my ass Yes. And sure. How did you like go about that sort of process? Did you like join up with another company or so I worked as kind of strike it out on your own, like, I worked

out at a gym. And then the owner of the gym is like you would be a good personal trainer. And I’m like, okay, maybe I guess we started putting me in front of some lessons and got me signed up to learn and put me in front of the classes and took the test that I needed to and passed. And then he hired me to be a personal trainer at his gym, where I started learning on how to help.

So you were kind of working out prior then at the gym and kind of struck a partnership as a mentor. Yeah,

pretty much what what gym was this?

This was a small gym in Fenton in the city. Okay. Yeah, that’s cool. And I think it’s Anytime Fitness windows started popping up.

Is it in? It was in in Fenton.

Yeah, it was.

I probably I think I might have seen you there. Maybe you do look like a little bit familiar. And I had to work there. I used to I used to work in infant okay, but um, I had a Anytime Fitness membership. And I would go between London and the Fenton one.

So would you go to the one with the the printing of the ink refill the rapid refill? Because he had like this weird, weird like side? Where you would refill your ink cartridges? Yeah.

Yeah. Like I said, there was two of them. And it was anytime. So it’s kind of like you could use like a chain. Yeah. So he had franchised it. Yeah. So I went between that one and the Linden one and I now as you talk more I kind of recognize, okay, a little bit, but yeah, sure.

Yeah. Ladies and gentlemen. That’s what happens when you live in a small town small. Mom mamas. Yeah.

But that’s crazy. He just blows my mind. He was just like, I like to work out, I guess a little bit and how it happened. I just teach other people how to do it, make money doing it. That’s awesome.

So I did that for a little bit. Then I jumped into trying to become a firefighter had to do fire one in two. So I got my firefighter One, two certificates, and I had to become an EMT. got that out of the way. And that’s an EMT like first responder, you know, to save some lives, and then I eventually got my paramedic license. Oh, and then I got hired in Ann Arbor in 2016. I worked in Pontiac, at with Pontiac and Waterford worked in Waterford. They kind of work together now. I worked there for the first two years. Bro county

as a as a medic

as well yes as a firefighter medic.

Okay. Both

right now is pretty Pontiac had some good fires

as a Pontiac as so that was like Pontiac probably they burn seemed Oh my gosh.

So where are you now?

So right now I’m working in Ann Arbor full time. Yeah. Downtown station one I work for an arbor fire.

No shit. Hey, that’s awesome man. Mad respect today is a law enforcement Appreciation Day.

Is it really?

I think so. Yeah, we we check our sharing I’m pretty sure Today’s my tip my hand. Oh, obviously. Chris can fits in there. I’d give it to him. Let’s make these rules. I don’t know. I’m gonna give it to him. Right.

I actually I kind of got to ask on January 9.

Yeah, perfect. I watched

rescue me. Okay. Do you watch that ever? Yeah. So is there? Is it just like a New York thing? Or is there kind of like a little beef between firefighter law like a police or now that kind of just like there’s something there?

There’s something there there. The joke is that either the police officers didn’t score high enough on the test, or they scored too higher. I don’t know.

Okay, there’s the job. Yeah,

there’s jokes. And there’s, there’s some tension,

there’s some. I always wondered that, because I watched that show. And I didn’t know if it was like, just the exaggeration there, you know, comedy or whatever. It was legit thing. Like, I think it’s legit. Like, you know, you’re kind of co workers in a way in what you do for the community. But also, like, there’s a beef. Yeah,

I mean, I don’t know if I call it as much of beef. Maybe like, pastrami or something. It’s not it’s not as holy there. Yeah,

it’s a mix of stuff.

Yeah, we do run into them a lot. And you know, they there’s things they can do that we can’t do. And we’re so grateful to have them. Yeah,

absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Everybody’s

a little clicky man. Yeah,

it’s just how it’s how it’s how it is.

It makes work fun.

That’s sure people. Yeah. Oh, that’s a it’s a very incredible thing to do for a living man. I you’re bonkers. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be rude. But you’re not think you’re bonkers dog?

I think we all are. It’s It’s a strange sickness that we all have in common. We like to run into burning buildings. Yeah. It is it on the outside. And it is. It’s insane.

Yeah, definitely. Everybody’s going the other way. And you’re like now we got we got going on right? We got to go in there. That’s crazy.

I had a guy just run into a burning building the other day and he saved a baby. But that was in my fucking make believe Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Hey, it happens.

No Mad, Mad respect for a man. It’s very unique. So how where does the music come from?

Dude, I as far back as I remember. I was a little baby sitting on my parents couch in our trailer. Whenever I was little playing my dad’s old guitar. I just remember slapping on it and banging on it wasn’t playing it. That’s probably hurting it more than it was anything positive. He still has a guitar. Mind you and I still play it. But I think it started there. And I don’t know.

Is there any, like musical influence around you?

My dad was into music when he was younger, like intuity I think he was might have been in a band or it might have played or saying or something. He can sing. He’s very musically inclined with his vocals. But now he plays guitar with me. But I don’t know where it came from.

It’s he wasn’t like overly facilitating to it or like pushy with it. It just, I think just the guitar was there. And you kind of just,

I wanted a bass guitar when I was young. Like I asked for bass, I started to drift towards being musically inclined, because I was attracted to the music and you pick bass. Yeah, I don’t.

Yeah, what where? Why?

Why not? Maybe my mind said four strings is easier than less. Like, it’s less, but okay. It’s not, it’s all the same. And it’s, it was fun.

In fact, in some ways, it’s harder because when I don’t know, you know, like, like a simple person, like myself, who’s not very musically inclined, I listened to a song I hear like the lead stuff. So you’re not only having but you know, the back the background stuff is obviously there and such. You know, having to play and be responsible for that aspect is you know, that’s kind of a difficult thing. Like you’re you’re playing that support role support roles are hardest shit.

I agree making up for like, what the other people are doing. You got to keep the rhythm going. Yeah,

yeah. If you don’t play the rhythm, write the song, but you’re off for sure. It’s it’s a fun position. It’s and T he’s also a basis but he’s, he’s a really well rounded musician. Yeah, he’s, he’s phenomenal to us. But he’d been in a band with him and taught me a lot too. So it’s been a bass player is it’s not just like it is a support role, but in an in and of itself. It is a it’s a whole nother World of Yeah, that’s I mean, I don’t mean to like diminish it’s no you by no means it is. It’s very important but it is a superhero

for sure.

That’s like background

Did you did you do band in school at

all? So I I played the saxophone section like via the cradle who played.

Just saw our last guest. What did what did he play?

jazz played? Uh, he wanted to play drums right? Yeah. What about what was he making fun of the trombone?

Yeah, well, he was making fun of me because I play the trombone. Yeah, no, you play the sax.

I put this extra minute. I had one. I think we gave it to my cousin. I haven’t seen one in a while. If he picked it up, though. Do

you think you could rip a little better?

I could probably play some stuff. I don’t know if I could. I could make some sounds that sound okay. But at one point that was? Yeah, that’s playing for sure.

Yeah, that’s nuts, man.

So what would you say? I guess going back. You want to be like a Supercross racer. Yeah, I was very curious. I wanted to know, how popular that what are the most popular areas for being like a Supercross or Supercross, because that’s something that’s actually pretty present around here.

So I would say when I was in Waterford, that’s when I first got introduced to this city that was like,

and I said that I said, I was like that’s a city area. And then and then and what I had meant to say actually was or where I was going to kind of pick a boy was the area out there is actually there’s a lot of woods and such and some of its kind of spread out. There’s certainly like the big city areas and stuff like that. But you know, there’s a lot more sparse areas where people do have lots of toys like sure. Like we had a past guest on the show. He does mudbugs in Madrid. Yeah. So we you know, we kind of went down that whole Avenue before. But I was curious, like I said, where Yeah, where did the motocross people reside,

California, California is like Southern So Cal. So Cal is the spot if you are making the money apparently says if you’re not really like in the upper echelon of it. A lot of other people will gravitate toward Texas, Florida, and the Carolinas. So like year round good weather. Yeah, where you can do it all year round, is kind of, I guess, obviously, the target. That’s true.

Oil is a big toe, you’re gonna run into a lot of different soil. And each one of those environment right,

that’s another that’s a whole nother thing.

Yeah. And a lot of guys go to Florida to train, and then you see a lot in Texas. But yeah, I think weather plays a big, big deal. Yeah, yeah. I

mean, if you were up in Michigan at like

four months ago, yeah,

as I say like definitely two thirds of your year. Yeah, you’re not even capable of doing it because in spring it’s too damn wet. I’m like you know to wet winter you’re not doing it at all. You’re riding a snowmobile like yourself, but

so if you can do it up here are you like the hardest?

I personally try to go on the nice days. But it does rain sometimes. Yeah,

if you can rip through the fucking rain and mud. I guess it’s a whole different beast. Yeah, it’s that’s a whole nother level.

It just reminds me of like playing football,

especially if you don’t have to pay to repair your bike afterwards. Yeah, right. But yeah, Michigan’s got a lot of room. Yeah, got a lot of talent. And like I said, I grew up in Waterford. So there wasn’t really much talk of dirt bikes in Waterford. But I moved to Fenton and it opened up because we got you know, 23 takes right to baja acres. And then that’s where I’d probably cut my teeth as far as being a dirt bike. You’re

on a trip down on it. Yeah. So with California being like the, the number one state as far as motocross and everything like that, and I did look up and see like kind of what the average salary or income was.

How much can you make rip and super,

you make millions? if you’re if you’re like, hot, guys, and that’s the guys that live in California, but it’s kind of like the average Supercross rider is going to pull in anywhere from like, like, salary wise, like 85,000. They said that the median?

Yeah, excuse me. The the average.

Well, like for like people that are touring with Supercross. Okay. Yeah, and then

that’s and that’s again the the factor of people making millions and millions

that competence versus the people who are making today who people who it’s literally just the passion and they are losing money doing Yeah, just based on

the right number and such as

that’s not bad. No, no, but I would live in California to afford a home in California. I read the other day, it’s like, well, cuz hell, you got to make like a household has to make over you know, $125,000 a year to afford a home in California. Dude,

these guys are trailers, bro.

That’s true. But um, yeah, so that’s I definitely can see more towards like Texas outer rooms, and stuff like that.

It’d be expensive to live in California these days.

For sure. Our last guest

he lives in California. Oh

no kidding it

actually I just seen he was live streaming last night. We were checking it out. Yeah.

Yeah, that’s sweet. The energy on that guy. He’s

what his house music?

Yeah. Oh, cool. Is DJ at the Broadway club I think it’s called Right. Yeah. We watched him That was pretty Oh, that’s awesome.

But uh yeah, that was that was so I was gonna sum up your your story. Yeah, it’s so so many unique paths, bro. Like,

oh god, there’s a lot of paths going on right now. That’s crazy. And I think that they all led me to get married, I got a beautiful wife and two dogs. And a couple years ago, I kind of like had this experience where it’s like, what am I doing in my life, things went down. And now I got the balls to apply for the job 402 X. I’m taking out a lot of health and wellness stuff through my fire department. That’s where my, my focuses. But they all kind of funneled into this and now it’s branching out again.

So you said a couple years ago?

Probably Yeah, two years ago.

What? Like, what what was that sort of?

Like a out of body experience? I’m not really sure what it was. You’re just kind of like,

I was like, What is? It seems like you’re like, what is my legacy? Yeah,

what am I doing? Where am I at in my life? What

is what is this?

Yeah. And it kind of pushed me into this self care, self betterment stuff, always trying to grow, trying to basically had to build my own ethos I didn’t have. I didn’t know what I believed. And I was afraid of death for who knows how long and I can front of those type of things. And so not to say that I was consciously afraid of it. Right. But I don’t think I ever faced it. Right. And I think I helped you, you so you faced it at some point and it clicked or use. So we had a mentally like, I think I mentally did it. But we had a day where I had a call and a phone call, or eth it’s alcohol. So anybody that’s eth is literally drunk, that was sick in his bed in his bedroom, and he was covered in his own feces. And he was having withdrawals, because he had he said he stopped drinking, but he ran out of beer. He looked like he had a party but almost guaranteed that was all his Hmm. And that was like a point in my life was like, What am I doing this for? Why am I a firefighter? Why am I helping these people? And it really changed my perspective that I look at people and how I how I treat them. And I was I was a young firefighter at the time, but I felt burnt out. I was like this is what am I doing for this? I’m covered in this dude’s rap doodoo and went home and sat on it for a couple days and a few things went through my head and out pop this sense of purpose. And

what what was this sense of purpose?

Just to help

to continue to help people to help people to book but not not only that, it was almost like a year shift. Yeah, like, Okay,

this is, this is what because I’m not. I’ve got issues. Everybody’s got issues, we all nobody’s perfect. And so I don’t I try not to judge, I just try to provide the service and do just make it a better place. And then I’d started focusing on myself and make sure I’m growing in some aspect of some part of my life. And

I have a progressive shit, man. That’s amazing. That’s crazy.

So are you you? Are you the are you currently working with oh two x in your spare time? Or do you like actually work for them?

So right now, what happens is we put on shows across not show shows, but fiber three, four or five day workshops, where we go and the firefighters or the people come to us

you’re working, you’re working with people giving them

working with the responders

essentially probably like a tighten down version of what the program is.

Yeah, so they offer a program and continuing education. And they also put subject matter experts in front of the firefighters and in front of the police officers in front of the agents, whoever shows up or whoever signs up, whoever pays them to be there, or however it works. And then we discuss the topic of the day, whether it be nutrition, resiliency, mental imagery, breathing techniques, whatever the topic is, for the day, generally two topics, but eight hours a day class, the subject matter experts, talk present, we work out two or three times a day and just flood them with all of this awesome information that they take back and hopefully put to use to become resilient. Just whether they know it or not to be a more optimized human and to be a better firefighter or a police officer allows them to perform better.

It’s a mental and physical work sort of mindset. type of. Yeah, program

mindset for sure. Yeah. It’s it covers a whole gamut of performance. And a lot of our stuff, a lot of our research and a lot of our points come from athletes, professional athletes, and you have the professional Oh, man, I’m a NASA rocket. So she’s amazing.

I want to ask a few things. It sounds like you’re just probably burning the midnight oil.

Seven days,

you know, just like bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. Which I fucking love. So. So as you’re rolling through all this, bro, and you’re still working, you’re doing your firefighting full time. Yeah.

So every 24 hours? Yes, you do. Yep. If I find time, I definitely try to help my dad with the firewood.

But how much is how much is diet? Part of Oh, two eggs?

Oh, it’s it’s this. It’s just as important as all the other stuff. Absolutely. Yeah.

So are how are you eating? Are you eating like, really, really good.

So you got to be honest with yourself Absolutely. In life. Nobody’s perfect. life, life brings stress. And that’s basically what kills us all is stress. And neither time you know, whatever I do my best to eat and eat well, took about two or three weeks off past couple of weeks. training exercise, very strict. And I just kind of think right before the holidays, I kind of just my body was tired. And I didn’t want to work out very much. And I just kind of didn’t be very strict, if you will. And back on the back on the wagon. dieting, training hard. Oh, yeah, eating well,

that’s what’s important too, though itself, like with working out or anything that you do is like to, to cut it out a little bit. And like you said, Give yourself a chance to relax. Otherwise, you just like you said stressor is whatever is what kills you. So to take it as it is and step back from it. You know, yourself a break.

Exactly. You know,

I’ve working out as a group that I really need to be better about. Yeah, I haven’t been working out at all. And I’ve eaten terrible. I used to eat really, really good. And it’s really it hasn’t been like, it’s only been like a couple weeks over the holidays and such that I’ve really haven’t been eating well. But a little bit lately, although today I had fuckin McDonald’s and it was laziness.

But it happens.

Yeah. So. So you’re you’re working out three times a day?

No, no. So when we do the workshop, yeah, absolutely. So we’ll, we’ll do like a yoga class one day. And then maybe we’ll do like a half hour workout with the crew later in the day. But not every day. We don’t work out every day. And we don’t normally work out. Maybe like strictly three times, maybe twice. Maybe we’ll do one workout and maybe a warm up. It’s a pretty complex, not complicated, but it’s a pretty deep program. And it covers the gamut. They have an awesome app out right now. Shout out to Oh, two x one two X for a new app. Yeah.

I’m curious. So like, if you were, do you ever do like do your meal prep and do stuff like that?

The most meal prep we do is you typically just shop home yet. So I’ll eat at home. Or I’ll eat at the fire station. My shift at the fire station is 24 hours. I get there at 7am I come home at 7am the next day. Okay. So that day either will eat leftovers or we’ll go shop and cook lunch and dinner. it’s up to me to bring a healthy snack or something to keep me away from the chips. Yeah, right. Yeah. If you bring popular drink pop, or if you haven’t, and I I do like Coke.

Yeah, I do drink that.

But uh, at home, my wife

and pop gets me. Yeah,

it’s tough. My wife is very diligent and helping us stay on track with meals and she likes to eat clean. She works out art has given me so much shit for taking three weeks off. you’re lazy. You get up. I’m like, I’m fine. It’s gonna be okay. Yeah, I need a nap every day. Every day. I was just tired. Yeah. So I wouldn’t say we meal prep. We might make enough healthy food to keep us there. Do

you cook at home a lot.

I personally am not a fan of cooking. I have to cook at work on my time. So I try to do my best. Like I said, I cook. We get those meal, things from Kroger that are ready to go. Oh, yeah. puts all the food in the box and then I chop it up and follow directions. But this is as far as I go.

Yeah. Okay, but I’m bringing the little thing and yeah. I got one pan or so I

can make a meatloaf like without directions.

Yeah, absolutely.

It might, it might fall apart or whatever. Sure, but

are you not you don’t eat out. Do you eat out a lot?

With this pandemic, everything’s like it’s a whole new world. Yeah, we literally just had Chow for dinner this evening. It’s a Italian restaurant. Okay, so yeah, we just picked that up, and I had it before I got here.

Do that is like a support for the community. Kinda.

Yeah, we try to Yeah, we want to support our local restaurants and keeping, keep them going as tough as it is right now. But

this is exactly what I’ve been doing. I’m like, dammit, I’m gonna have to get breakfast at the stomping grounds. I guess I’m gonna not have to cook breakfast. But I do it for that reason for sure. I love that place. I

want to keep it open. Yeah. And that’s we love Chow. And it’s great to take care of us. It’s good food. And we’d like go, yeah, it

is I and I, really, we’ve been eating a lot at home. But honestly, man, I’m not gonna lie a couple times. I’ve tried to eat out. Everything’s closed.

Everything’s closed.

Like, they’re not open. So I shortened

hours. Yeah. Somebody feels like like the hours that they adjust to or know it. Yeah. Yeah. The bright hours.

Why are you going to be closed at five o’clock?

Like, take out a Monday when I’m hungry? I want that food.

Yeah, exactly. They’re not open on Mondays. That doesn’t make any sense. I mean, like, the days that they choose to be close. I mean, I’m sure that the statistics that caused them to be closed on those days make sense to them. And don’t just necessarily relate with your schedule. But for sure, like, why are you gonna close it? Two o’clock? I don’t get out of work till four.

Right. Yeah, I

need that. Yeah.

So it sounds like diets. Probably a big, big part of your

diet. It’s important and it depends what your goals are. If you’re not if you’re like training hard, you’re not trying to get fat and you’re not trying to lose a bunch of weight or, like where you’re at. You just got to get smart and watch your portions.

Where do you typically go like, Well, you know, what do you like? What’s your what’s your thing if you were gonna make something or eat something I had at Chow? Chow, your

chicken parm, dude and chicken at some point. It’s fire.

It’s fire is lit. Yeah.

scarf. You bet.

I’m done with some positive, bro. That’s my shit, too. Yeah,

I like pasta. I like chicken. You like steak? We? We like steak in my house.

We eat steak.

That’s good. Yeah, that’s good.

How do you like your steak? Me?

I don’t know. I cook it like a

burger. Yes.

Um, personally, I cook it like, more towards the rare side just a little bit over that I could. Like I could literally safely just sear it on both ends. But usually I’ll tell you would eat steak with my wife and she’s pregnant right now. So I kind of gotta cook stuff a little bit more than the normal sushi. Yeah, perfect.

I’m a mid burger.

Okay, I’m a rare guy.

I’ll take a medium. If the cooks bad. I’m okay with that. I’ll eat it.

I’ll screw it up and probably cook it a little too long. But whatever else.

I like that you got the steak reference?

Yeah. Yeah, that’s fine. That’s true. Yeah, that’s your steak muscle.

Okay, so

you said something that’s gonna lead me into my next question. All right. 24 hour shift. Yeah, I was your sleep schedule after that.

Oh, man. So literally, I just got done doing some research this afternoon. About like firefighters and their sleep habits or sleep hygiene and how shiftwork is, I think, don’t quote me on this. It’s a carcinogen. I know that I don’t know what level carcinogen it is. There’s all sorts of levels, but it causes cancer. What doesn’t cause cancer

shift weight shift work?

Yeah, like so it can carcinogens cause cancer, right? And shift work is a carcinogen now based on the way it so screwing up your sleep and not getting sleep having horrible sleep habits. Having interrupted sleep all the time, sleep deprivation, those things lead to a myriad of health problems. And firefighters for about 25 years are on a shift work schedule that just is not conducive to sleeping well.

When you say shift work. Am I get the definition right now? Yeah, like 24 hours like long extended schedules. like would you like nurses to so?

Yeah, yeah. So anybody so actors, anybody that’s up? Like anything, kind of that goes against your circadian rhythm. Yes. Which is generally

circadian rhythm.

So when you’re awake when the sun’s up and you’re trying to go to sleep when the sun’s down, your body has a natural ebb and flow with the sun right? from our ancestors and and that’s that’s your circadian rhythm. And if you get that out of whack, it causes a lot of problems with your body. And sleep schedule isn’t super important. I’m super nerdy on I love it.


how is yours?

So I sleep. Well, I can sleep anywhere. I’ve my wife calls me like a ninja of sleep like I can. She’s mad. She gets mad at me. He just

says I have some real quick like,

if I have to for sure. How can I? As I’m not driving, I could sleep in a truck while it’s moving. No problem. I fall asleep at night. No problem. I wake up refreshed most nights. For up calls and stuff. That’s a different different thing. interrupted sleep is just as bad as not sleeping. Yeah, probably not as bad but pretty bad.

Yeah, absolutely. But my ceiling constantly on and off. Are you getting solid hours? Every I mean, obviously not when you’re working probably depends some

nights maybe right? It’s pretty common to wake up and not necessarily be completely awake multiple times throughout the night. But if you’re waking up and like getting out of bed, that’s a little worse. But I can I sleep pretty good. So I don’t know if you’re familiar with whoop. Oh, yes, it used the whoop band. According to that thing. I

can sleep goddamnit You’re making me I want to get one now.

I can recover. Oh, geez, it’s too expensive. But it No, it works good. 18 month subscription for 300 bucks. Oh, but that covers the band. And I got it for taking it off. While I wasn’t training. I was like, You can’t take it off while you’re training. Um, I know. I know. But it’s fine. Everything’s gonna be fine.

So I’m not familiar. What is it?

So it’s a metric. It’s a biometric wristband. And it tracks your heart rate.

Yeah, it’s like, gives you all your stats about Yeah, your feedback. Your what how your body is right now. Yeah. So it’s like whoop.com go to youtube.com check it out. But it’s basically like, giving you feedback on like he said, sleep and it’s a big Joe Rogan talks about

it. Yeah, Joe Rogan’s into it. So it covers like HRV heart rate variability. It’s gonna track your strain. Like how hard you worked out, if you’ve had excess stress. If you’re moving around or not. Your sleep, your recovery, your breathing, which attracts a lot of stuff. It’s pretty awesome. It’s a really good guy.

I bet he’s been Joe Rogan’s been talking about it forever. I want to get

it. So this does show set john up 300 or $300 for 18 months.

Yeah. So transcription, it’s included in the cost. Cool. Totally worth it. I wish, if anybody knows how I want to get one for everybody on my fire department, just by wearing it, it’s gonna make you be aware of certain things. And you’ll probably start making a few changes. Yeah, that’s

an awareness is awareness.

To because when you hook it up to your phone, right, yeah. So you just look at your phone and you get to see all your stuff. And it shows it’s got its color coordinated greens, good. yellows. Okay, good.

It tells you a lot. It’s good feedback. And that’s why people need to shed a little bit of light on some people start figuring it out.

That’s an incredible thought.

I’m super interested because we talked about it last week, this year is gonna be like kind of my healthy year. Oh, yes. Yes. So like, stuff. Yeah, so one of my things is like, Okay, I got one daughter, obviously, gotta be healthy and everything like that, but two daughters, you know, Oh, my gosh, shit. You know, I can’t, I gotta, I gotta take care of myself. got shit going on.

The thing is, you got the new daughter coming. So you have to be able to show the new daughter that you can jump off the porch and not hurt

herself. Yeah,

you know, cuz you may be able to show the first one. After that you might not if you don’t, if we don’t figure this out, might not be able to choose, you gotta

get in fine shape, buddy.

That literally is what I was about to say. Actually, one of my things is like, I gotta eventually these little girls are gonna be teenagers, and I gotta be able to have some teenage kids ask my 40. So Exactly. So that’s, that’s kind of really what it comes down to. Like,

it might not take a lot these days. But yeah, that’s true. But who knows? Who knows? Yeah.

So if you’re if your sleep schedule is somewhat nutty, yeah. Are you having crazy dreams?

Maybe he might be hallucinating because you’re not sleeping. But no, but chances are if you’re not sleeping very good. You’re probably not dreaming a lot. Because you’re not sleeping. You’re not getting into those depths. Right. Right. And I’m mostly professional. Don’t listen to me. I’m not offering advice here. But we don’t

disclaimer. We don’t know what the hell we’re talking.

We’re just talking about it. Yeah, I don’t if you’re not are you are

you not a dreamer, like do you not remember for sure? Oh, yeah,

I do. Definitely dream.

Dream a dream crazy.

Dude. My wife dreams great. You

remember him?

Sometimes they’re they’re normally nothing out of the ordinary. Yeah, they don’t. Don’t disturb me or make me wake up. Like anxious or freaking out or no, no, not what the hell okay. I just feels like my mind is like shuffling around. Yeah, but it’s nothing crazy. My wife has some pretty good crazy dreams. Is she? Because she doesn’t sleep super good. But she gets some vividly strange dreams. And I love hearing about them.

Yeah. Funny. So she thinks

they’re crazy. She hates them, but they’re they’re pretty odd.

That’s my wife as well. Yeah. So as I say, she’s always got some. And again, she’s pregnant right now. So, okay, last night. This morning. She’s like, Hey, you know, I had a dream about, about like, giving birth to a baby, you know, blah, blah, blah. It was just talking about it. And then so but her first pregnancy she had this consistent, reoccurring dream, given birth to the baby, for the baby was like a demon. It wasn’t evil. No. So these are terrible. Dreams are no demon babies now. So this is good news. However, there’s always a possibility. There’s a possibility for me. But no, I’m hoping. Man, that’s

a very, very unique individual, bro. Thanks,

Christian all over the map,

I think. Yeah, it’s crazy.

I’m curious. Bring it. I got a couple questions that I’ve been wanting to ask people. So Zack and I were talking I think last week or something about I’ve been talking about a lot of like, the personalized ads. I see. I have. I have like a weird thing where I like to, like, see the ad and I’m like, How the fuck does that show up on my thing? Like, I just like to? I think about it a lot. I don’t know. It’s kind of a weird thing. You mean, like if you talk about something? Yeah, some witnesses. Okay. Right. But there’s, there’s like a reason for why that ad popped up on your thing. You know, it’s computer science.

Yeah, there’s numbers behind

figures all of it out.. Oh, you know what I mean? So you know, whatever platform you use, or whatever. Um, I seen one, it was called dude wipes. Yeah. And I don’t know if you’ve seen that one. But we were talking about I didn’t see the ad. But I know what those is pretty funny. And anyways, I started seeing their ads after I had like, clicked on their profile. And that that was last week. Gotcha. So like, are you anyways? Are you Do you ever think about like your data and what you do with your data? And like, what kind of what kind of ads? Are you seeing you remember anything recently?

Not? I can’t. So maybe. I think I was looking at gaming chairs like comfortable chairs for sitting around? Yeah, podcast chair whenever I was looking at those. And then it started showing up in my my feed. Yeah, yeah. What do you search one on like Amazon or so? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Anything you search on Amazon shows up in your Facebook feed? I feel like

oh, yeah, absolutely.

I just kind of figure it’s gonna happen. I try to be careful what I’m looking at you ever, you know, do

you use it? Do you? Do you like use Google and just

I use duck, duck, go use? They do use that? I don’t know if it works. But they say, so I don’t not use it. And you know, it’s helpful. So I’m in school, too. And I’m trying to get my degree. So I’ve been using that and provides a lot of scholarly resources. Yeah, absolutely. That helps. just random stuff.

It does. It does. that’s a that’s a good way to you can look at it. We were talking about DuckDuckGo. Not not that long ago. And when you use Google so much, you when you try to use a different browser. Yeah, it’s so strange and foreign. When you try to search, you know, something, it’s and sometimes if you depend on what you’re looking for, like, if you’re looking for the game, go to duck, duck, go and like you might have to siphon to like find the live tracker, right? You know, whatever you’re searching for. So it’s like somewhat like inferior in a way. Because they are not selling your fucking data, right? And making billions and billions of dollars that they plug into their technology and stuff like that. But you know, they’re also making billions and billions of dollars

on selling your data on selling your data.

Do you have kids, brother?

No kids, okay. You won’t be having children got two dogs. Yeah, two dogs are painful. God damn perfect. Dogs, man. Two labs. Me and Rob. They’re awesome.

Names when I saw that, yeah, such come through. I was like, those are badass names. Yeah,

so they’re a couple characters.

Yeah, they got personalities. Rogue is a we call our princess. He’s like, super standoffish. She doesn’t want to be touched. she begs for food. You can’t pet her unless you’re a pet.

She’s mean basic notion. I mean, she’s not I don’t mean meat. She’s loving. Or like, just like

got resting. bitchface Yes,

yes. Like a dog. Dog not like meaning the bitey way, but there’s just

standoffish and she just don’t fucking touch me. The other dog hammy he just wants to cuddle and he’ll do whatever you want. He’ll lay down. You can roll them over.

She’s like a grumpy cat. That’s

Yes. Kinda like that. Yeah, yeah. So I’m, I’m an animal person. I have no problem with animals and I have a soft spot for him.

I do as well.

That’s what I was asking about data. Yeah. I had a funny personalized as I see Oh, have you ever seen those like Dr. squatch commercials and I

think so

you know Dr. squatch is I think go bro if you if you don’t know what Dr. squatch is you gotta look up Dr. squatch if the show the only issue just look up the ad I will do this. They’re so funny.

I think I get a kick out of those underwear once

there’s a bunch of them you’re trading Yeah. Duluth.

Yeah, the Duluth ones make me laugh. Those are pretty funny because they kind of get out there. They’re a little spicy. Yeah, there’s

commercials like listen to what they’re saying. Yeah, like literally Yeah, yeah. Is this little jokes got a little innuendos that they hide in there?

Yeah, that’s

good stuff. So I had like, have you seen the what’s the other one? We were talking about the catch a killer? Yeah, that scene that I’m like, do you murder Facebook at all or not murder mystery?

Yeah, so I try not to Yeah, because I’m aware of the data. Yeah, but i that is the platform I if I share something, I’ll share it on the shared or I’ll share a picture on Instagram. Yeah.

That’s that’s one of the the we kind of see consistently is this to catch a killer thing we’re trying to figure out how is it the game? Right?

Yeah, it’s a game. We like games. So that’s why I’m like yeah, I like I’m like, How the fuck does this ad get in front of my face? I like board games and shit, obviously. But you know, maybe like a friend of mine bought the game or you know, something like that? I don’t know. I just often find myself pondering. Okay, I

understand that. Yeah, you know what I mean? For sure. I bought her slightly different stuff, but I totally I totally get why would you be seeing that? Unless you’re like, clicking it or? Yeah, you know what? I’ll give you a murder weapons. I just think.

Sure a murder.

figure that shoot. Oh. Let’s see what else we got. What other kind of random shooter you into?

Oh, man. About a lot. Yeah. Yep.

So I felt like a people person.

I try. I don’t know if I am. But absolutely, I

don’t I don’t mean that.

I don’t like groups. I don’t like big groups. I get really like a shut down and I put my hands in my pocket started looking around and make sure I know how to get the hell out of place. Find

a way out. Yeah, that’s funny.

I had a really bad experience. A couple years ago, when we were voting. There was like, the line was hectic. There’s people everywhere all jammed in this little school and I was just like, I need to get out of here. We’re almost got ready to vote and everything but I didn’t like it. You start

to get to like a anxiety.

Yeah, like a fight or flight response. Like palpitating and a little bit sweaty palms. And then I’m not a fan. I’d like to get out.

I don’t like eating around crowds. I feel uncomfortable eating in the cafeteria like settings or, or I don’t like public eating, like eating in front of people, but attempting to converse, as well as like eating, like you will like do like work meetings. Whether it be like okay, order your food. And I just don’t, I don’t because I get that anxiety, my heart will start to pound and I will get

going to eat in the social setting. Exactly.

So if you’re like a groomsmen and you had to sit at a table in front of all of it, I probably just drink I felt the same bro. I will probably just drink I just like picked up my plate. Yes,

move stuff around and be like guy, I’m good. Like, I’ll have another beer or wine or whatever. At that point.

I’m okay with it.

Yeah, I just get uncomfortable. I don’t like that. Don’t ever watch somebody eating though.

It’s really not a very strange, it is a weird thing to do.

I don’t have it. You don’t

I I don’t it doesn’t bother me sitting at the dinner table with my family eating or with a another family eating or going out to eat at a restaurant. But when you’re on display, on display in a social setting, and and there’s other ulterior motives, not just the eating, like I just I feel very uncomfortable, I don’t like to do it, I just, I’ll go in the fucking corner of the bathroom, I will get away I will eat my food. And then I’ll come back and I’ll

sit in my spot. Again, it’s been a firefighters really screwed up my eating. Like I eat like decent food whenever I get home, and your schedule like this. So the pace at which I eat my wife’s made it very apparent that I eat my feet. And I’m aware of it now. But I scarf my food fast very, very quickly.

You don’t know how women how soon is your next one coming. And they always come during dinner.

And so it’s like the foods in front of you, you gotta eat it.

If you do not eat this, you will not

eat. Right. And that’s and that’s that specific instance is one thing that raised my attention to another topic. I kind of like do my own research and read and try and understand more just because of my health and wellness, passion or whatever. But a lot of firefighters, a lot of first responders, probably a lot of people in general, get into this fight or flight mode, but they don’t get out of it. Like there’s the gas pedal right and then there’s the brake. So your fight or flight is always going and that’s the gas and you know you got your parasympathetic Can your sympathetic nervous systems? Well, nobody ever hits the brake, we’re always kind of stressed out, we’re kind of nervous, we’re kind of on the go, we’re kind of anxious. But that’s something I started looking into. for firefighters, I think, my life’s work, hopefully. And this all leads to something someday, is reducing chronic stress, chronic low grade stress for firefighters, to teach them to turn the fight or flight response off. And from what I’ve learned, through my readings, and without to Acts and talking to the professionals is breathing, meditation and intense, intense but intent based breathing, where you’re sitting down intentionally to breathe and focus on just breathing. It does wonders for your body. And it’s something I’m very curious and interested in.

So is that two men fallen into line with like, like a meditation of sore? Oh,

yeah, like just 100%? Yes.

focused. That’s what you’re doing at that moment. I’m gonna stop. I’m gonna breathe. Yes. So are you are you intention?

Yeah, intention, big time?

Are you practicing?

I do daily, I try for how long? anywhere from five to 30 minutes? Absolutely. depends on where I’m at. So my practice, it evolved from going into a room in the dark, and sitting and just breathing and focusing and imaging, imagining an image and trying to hold it to finding a way to carry that outside of that space. And it now it is, I try to do it into everything I do, where, like, for instance, I go to work and we have to do a truck check. Well, that I used to do it with headphones in or I used to do it with a lot of stuff on my mind, I do it and think I just do it. And that becomes my meditation where I’m just focused on doing the task at hand. Rather than multitasking, a mono tasking, I’m just focusing on one thing, and there’s this specific thing like

something you can like brushing your teeth easily do.

Yeah. So you could wake up and meditate for two minutes, while you brush your teeth, just focused on brushing your teeth, like you’re you’re not in a rush. You’re not thinking about your bills while you’re brushing your teeth. You’re not thinking about breakfast, or a Russian teacher about to do at work, right? You’re just you’re in the present moment. And that’s another thing that I tried to focus on because I think when I said I had that life experience that changed me or whatever. I don’t think I was I was constantly under the fight or flight. And I wasn’t in the present moment. I was either in the future. I was anxious of the future or I was upset about the past it wasn’t here right now you don’t crash sorry

to do though.

It’s it’s a practice.

It’s not. Obviously you can do it in varying degrees I think too, rather easily. And I don’t think it lasts very long. It lasts very short spurts are consistent. Rohit, you just did this and reminded me, have you ever seen the night before?


Have you seen the night before the Christmas? Christmas present? Yeah. Guys, anyone who’s listened if you didn’t watch the movie, go watch the movie and you’ll know it. Sure, that’s like I just talked about it like two weeks ago. But I’m sorry. No, you’re it’s so hard to, to to stay in. In the present like that. It can be you’re always anxious for for what’s to come and what’s what has been right.

And we’re always distracted. We’re always pulled by one thing in our mind. I

mean, your mind is so busy doing things and they always say meditation to have an empty mind. Well, I don’t think you do that. I don’t think

I I saw that happen. I tried to meditate a little bit. Yeah. I think this was a while ago. I just don’t like the the the emptying of the mind. It’s too hard. It’s

It’s It’s almost impossible.

Yeah, it’s just it’s really, really hard to do. I know it’s possible to do it. Some people prefer that method and such but

how long can you go without I like

to use that time for just I just think it’s important for it’s a an awareness, right? If I’m going to do it, it’s almost like a creative storm for me. Like I would be brainstorming about something. Yeah, I have too much shit rolling around in my head, too. To be trying to empty that sucking thing. It’s not gonna

have a lot of my time spent consists of just, if this is something I learned, I don’t remember who I learned it from or what book or whatever, but just let it go through. Like, I’m not gonna shut my mind off. But I’m not gonna sit here and attach myself to all these thoughts. They’re just gonna come and go. And once you start, before you know you’ll start thinking about your brain And then you catch yourself thinking about whatever your mind is thinking about, you just come back to your breath. That’s kind of what I go for. And it’s just relaxing, it calms us down. And we I use it in, like, we get a call. Like, if we get a structure fire call, getting a truck, get all dressed and your heart’s racing, you know, you got to go to work, there’s people flying out of Windows, and there’s fire through the roof, you don’t really get that very much. But when you get all amped up, it doesn’t help you perform your your skills diminish, the more excited you get. There’s a sweet spot.

Yeah, but

taking a couple breaths, and calming down and finding the right space to do whatever go on stage and perform or go to a fire, whatever it is. But breathing is really important. Very important. I didn’t know that.

Yeah, absolutely. I learned

that well, that’s and that’s something like getting shit rather, being being focused in that task is to slow it down and not be trying to solve everything else at that moment in time. At that moment, you have to address the situations that are coming along, absolutely cut out the other the outside noise,

someone quote coincides into, like something that I like, it’s just like process, right? Like, if you if you continue to be anxious about like a specific process about anything like a project or work or whatever you’re gonna do, if you continue to be anxious about it, instead of doing it, and just being like, one step at a time. Absolutely. And you you suffer. I’m actually in a bit of a creative slump myself right now. And I’ve been on this kind of sort of climax climax climax point. And I’m, I think I’m almost over the hump of this sort of thing. I’m stuck on

a trough.

I think I’m almost I’m like, almost at the crest of it. Okay, to be able to ride the wave back down. But I just, I just needed to kind of separate from it. Sure. And I couldn’t remind myself of that, like, I kept going back to my computer and just like being like, drawing a blank, you know, trying to stop like, oh, like, I know, and I go walk away, and I do something else. And then I come back and I’m like, ah, like, I just could not figure out, you know, like, like, a couple details of the story that I’m trying to tell. And, yeah, so so that’s, I feel a good reminder for me,

time away. And then you mentioned it, like the crest and that’s something I could talk about, like, wellness or all this, all this stuff all day. Anyways, everything is like a wave. Everything’s in waves. And so it is good, good, good. And it’s gonna fade and it’s gonna come back, right? You know, the sun sets and the darkness comes in. But the sun comes, it’s always a it’s a pendulum it, that’s just how life goes. Yeah, if you can dance with it. If you know, the bad times are gonna come. And you can do okay, during the bad times the good times, we just fine.

It’s hard to remember sometimes that for sure you’ve done this before. Yeah, you’ve came to these moments before. And you you You’re still trying to figure out how to get past this one. But it’s like you’ve done this, you know,

many, many times in your life. And you’ve won, you’ve done the right thing. You’re sitting here and now every time because you’re you’re here, right? Steve stuff? Yeah, that’s it. So I like it. I

like it. Yeah, before we run out of time here I want to talk about and you just said it, you could talk about this all day. You bet you want to started to do something of your own. You said you were talking about like doing a blog or a podcast.

Yeah. So you asked what what capacity I work with o to x another portion of I’ve submitted some writing to their blog. I wasn’t a writer, I wrote one thing submitted it, they accepted it. Now I’m in classes to get my bachelor’s degree and taken some classes learn how to write so so like a degree in writing No, no degree in health and wellness. So basic, nice. Look what I

got going with school. So learning how to

get going and how to beat it. So I have to take a class and learn how to write. I did it once I don’t think I paid any attention. And I’m doing it again. Paying for myself this time. Anyways, I do. So I tried to do blog stuff, trying to learn how to write blogs, learn how to contribute content to toe to x, I’m doing that and are doing the exact same thing. Awesome. Awesome. And I want to have a dialogue just like this with people or anybody. I don’t really care who it is, who contribute to the betterment or growth or how to optimize human life or how to get the most in the best from each and every day. And I want to shed light on sleep and health for firemen and I want to talk to people who have expanded their mind about the universe. It’s like super heavy, deep. Yeah, not nerdy stuff, bro.

Yeah, but that’s what’s up though. I mean, I love that hot

destiny. 200% probably going to be the platform. I would that’s the one I would fucking tell you to do. Sure, but I would also tell you to do both.

Yeah. Well, I will try.

Like, that’s incredible, man. So that would just be something that you would do with Oh, two X.

I want to do it for like, on my own. Yeah. Okay. I want to talk to whoever is willing to talk to me. If oh two X is willing to supply me with heart of subject matter experts, or I interview people from O to x, or from fitness and health. Anywhere, it doesn’t matter. Oh, athletes. I

think that’s an awesome idea.

The lady with my heroin, Jay attitude, I don’t even have I think I have a microphone. That’s it. That’s all you need. I bet I don’t have anything to plug it into.

We’re gonna just fake it.

Yeah. Clock into my iPhone. Yeah, no, but um, obviously, that it’s, there’s this huge, like, there’s something in there health and wellness, like opportunity craze. You know, lately, right now people and more and more, and I just think it’s gonna get even more drastic. The older we get. Yeah. So if you’re not wrong, do it, start it and do it. And I think that’s working on it. And beyond that, it’s super fucking important for people to know. Yeah,

I think people should know the stuff that we’re learning. And the rate at which information is being spilled out to us is so, so much so fast. Yeah, that we’re just not even getting most of it. today. No, and a lot of things that looks asleep in the wellness type stuff is, this isn’t really new. We just didn’t know about it because it’s always been in NASA’s notebook. It’s not been in like, our Nope, on the

blog on YouTube, right? Yeah. How to just

how to how to be a human. I didn’t get that class in school. Yeah,

true. That man cuz sleeps important. I know, that’s one of the reasons why I ask people about their sleep more, you know, is a great, you know, just like, tell me, I want to know, and I can’t tell you how many people we’ve had. Come on and say, yeah, some people are. Yeah, get rock solid sleep, then others are Nope, not at all.

If you get sleep if you prioritize sleep, and it’s something I had to do, I didn’t always sleep great. If you can prioritize sleep, your life will change. Something will be different

forever. prioritizes is a good word keyword. Oh, very, very much so. Because it’s something that sometimes you go to bed later whatever. But um, you know 10 sometimes 1030 is drastically different than 11 can be for a lot of times laying down at 10 is drastically different than laying down at 11 you know your whatever time you wake up or whatever is being glued to your phone to night late

at night. If you’re in bed trying to go to bed. Everybody’s like I’m gonna just fall asleep Washington that’s the worst thing I’m a TV watcher too. So like I like to have the TV on Do you have one in your bedroom? Oh yeah, I’m good do not Yeah, you shouldn’t have any electronics in your bedroom maybe your alarm clock if you can help it plug your phone in somewhere else

that’s I set my phone on our window so you’re you’re ahead of the curve my thought my thought on that is when when the alarm rings I have to get the fuck up to go get my phone to turn the alarm on sure so then I’m up

hopefully in my don’t crawl back into bed now that’s See that’s what I

don’t practice it perfectly but the majority of the time if I have to get up walk over to my window to then grab my phone to then turn the alarm off I’m like okay, I guess I’m up at this bread

brush my mouth Yeah, got a target you’re aiming for it Yeah, and the more you aim for it The closer you’ll get to it to get right that and that that’s

that’s the reason I do keep very good.

I sleep like a rock Yeah, whether the TV’s on or not. I’m going to fuck down

sleeping dark cold room

you know the only time I don’t is just when I fucking stay up late or whatever you know and that’s usually on weekends like I feel like I have pretty good sleep hygiene. Yeah, I it’s not something that I really struggle with. That’s good as soon as I hit the pillow dog didn’t mean to take me five minutes fine.

That’s a good time. under seven minutes is pretty good. Done. Yeah.

But I would love to see the whoop because I feel like lately I don’t know what it is. I’ve been stirring in Yeah, just bothered I don’t know wake up a little twitchy. Yeah wondering what the fuck you gotta wake up and run off but it doesn’t I don’t feel it a whole lot. Yeah, but I you know I could probably be feeling it not even realize it

not wrecking I feel like sleep is kind of the part of your wellness that you can hide away or, or fake people fudge it a little Yeah, you fudge the numbers. It’s okay to fudge me I’m getting good sleep and then but like you said, If you You actually commit to it, and you’re truly getting it and you’ll recognize the depths of

it. Like so a lot of so for instance, people are like, Hey, I’m working out. I’m working my ass off in the gym. I go, how much sleep Are you getting? I don’t sleep much sleep four hours of sleep. Very good. I stay up late. Well, I’m not going to make your training program any harder, until you can get more sleep. Right? You know,

you need the resources.

Yeah. So you got to do a cover, you got to sleep it. Your brain does some weird stuff while you’re sleeping man. It’s pretty intense.

Alright, so I want to ask you one last question. This is the deepest question of last

week we got kind of deep

I think we did.


From from a not really that famous perspective, when I started asking everybody from now on in life goes perfect. What, what does it look like? Well, what do you want to do with the rest of your life? And we’ve talked about this a lot already. Alright,

so if if it goes perfect,

everything were to go perfect. From now? on. What What would that look like?

Probably be in like 90 or 95 with my wife. Just going for walks and not shitting my pants.

Dude, I fucking like that’s where I’m at with

being old, old and not

being able to move and yeah, having my cognitive abilities and not having Alzheimer’s and whatever. That’s I mean, if it goes perfect until then, that’s it. But yeah, I want to get

all the rest of it is like half an hour. You know, fudge that but if I continue to sort of drive the, you know, if you continue to drive the path that you’ve chosen, that’s a goal. You’ll probably get there that that’s a reasonable. That’s awesome. that’s reasonable, right? You get hit one

excellent answer. Like what?

How old your grandparents? Well, my

grandparents are 85 my family’s probably not gonna live that long. My wife will probably outlive me by 10 or 15 years. She’ll probably be 110 or something.

Yeah, doing cartwheels. Yeah.

I’ll be doing the fun.

You Can Overcome your genetics a little bit.

Yeah, that’s hopefully hopefully hopefully they have something for that by then. I’m sure they will.

ship and that does a good. I love that

is a good time with you guys.

So it gives that give us a recap of what the hell did we talk about today? Oh, two x. That is very true

was a huge thing.

Oh two X was founded in Boston in

Boston by Navy SEAL seals

by navy seals. They’re badass as man.

Have you met that? I

have. I’ve talked to a couple chats shaking their hands.

I looked it all up, bro. I thought it was really, really really cool. Yeah. And now that I’ve talked to you, I understand it so much more.

He’s more interested in you. It’s super interesting. It’s just

uh yeah, I love the mindset. You know, the mindset stuff is something I’m super super into you

read books, I’m sure all the sudden. So I you

know, I’ve been dragged. I’ve been dragon I’ve been. I’ve been trying to pick a new book. And I forgot. And so I haven’t been well, here’s one pick mindset.

Like Caroline said, I forgive her for your last name. But it’s called mindset.


mindset. It’s awesome. It changed my life. So yeah. Yeah.

We talked a little bit about Etienne Cousteau and

the tea boy. Yeah. God

bless empires.

East Jordan.

Jordan, up north. where I grew up. Yeah. all that garbage in the front yard. Yeah.

I’m telling you the picture that I seen on the Google was beautiful. It’s beautiful.

Yeah, it’s beautiful. Um, don’t don’t let me tell you otherwise. Yeah. Just that’s what my parents grandparents moved. motocross love it.

Yeah, super gross. Yep. Silverdome

Silverdome monster trucks. I’ll do that tractor pulls you should blow your eardrums

personal trainers

a ton of fitness.

Yeah, yeah.


Hey, be safe out there brothers.

What’s your you want a shout out your your local or

local 693

you guys rep your

shear? We’re doing making changes growing. That’s the goal. Right girl little everyday girl and you’re dying. Exactly. Trying to get better. Yeah,

the, the Ciao Ciao Ciao.

Ciao. Ciao veestro. I’ll be downtown. Fun.

best food run


Yep. support your local establishment.

Why? whoop,

whoop. Whoop, whoop. Yeah. Whoo. Get it?

Yes. I was like, look, I think I’m gonna I’m gonna go upstairs. Check it out. minute and try right by one go into

the Amazon. No.

Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan is always

he’s ever every single podcast that we’ve had.

I assume all other podcasts are the same. I’ve only ever heard Rogan be mentioned on a couple podcasts that I listened to. But you know,

yeah, it is what it is. Well, Greg and Joe Rogan, somebody that influenced me from his show. Jordan Peterson. Jordan Peterson. Yeah. And he is a he’s a teacher. He’s a professor. He’s, uh, I couldn’t really describe him very well. But he’s amazing. He’s amazing.

Yeah, I remember the name

12 rules for life.

Yeah, I can’t remember. He’s had so many guests. But I’ve listened to Jordan Peterson before.

Yeah, he’s amazing.

And then just a couple of like little things we talked about was just intention, like approaching things with intention, meditation, and sleep.

And focus,



health. Now, our theme this year is health and wealth. So good health and wealth. We we stayed the course.

That definitely did

very good. We,

um, was that all of them said, I think so. Anybody got a shout out but before we

just thanks to my family and my my mom and dad for all the support and my wife for being there for me and dealing with my dumb ass all the time.

So 202 X,

oh, two X and Arbor Fire Department. Everybody’s out there. Saving lives.

Absolutely appreciate you guys

make a difference

so much. Thank you,

Chris Ward, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you guys for listening. That was such an awesome time. I can’t say enough how appreciative Xad and I are for Chris making the time to come and do the show with us. I hope you enjoyed it. And until next time, we’ll We will wait to return. Best of luck to you and your endeavors. I’ll be posting all Chris’s stuff, guys. So you’ll be able to check out his stuff and we’ll keep tabs on him as he moves forward in his journey. Thank you guys for listening. Once again, remember to hit subscribe if you like the show. You can check us out on all these different platforms YouTube website, let us know how we’re doing. shoot us an email Mike xad at not really that famous.com you can get either one of us. We always appreciate any constructive criticism things you want us to talk about all that type of stuff. So once again, thank you for listening. We appreciate you. Until next time, peace

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