Episode 38: New Year Resolutions

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2021 is here! We talk about our New Year resolutions, health and wealth are the themes this year. Xad and I hit on several topics here, including a funny new product i found scrolling through Instagram, a recent revelation I had regarding my own favorite podcast, and somehow we end up on bidets again. NRTF has some big plans for 2021, goodbye 2020. We won’t miss you. Thanks for listening!

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Transcription Below:

What’s up guys welcome back to not really that famous that nine New Year’s special resolutions today. We just kind of BS we go off on a bunch of tangents under buddy’s health and wealth, health and well health and well also today’s day. We talked we talked about a bunch of shit today, guys. I think you’ll enjoy it. We got some awesome guests slated you know it’s been tough because we talked about you know, some cool guests that we have and then it doesn’t end up working out but just know, we are always constantly working to bring you the coolest not really that famous people we can find and we have some cool ones coming up. So check them out. Remember, if you liked the show, hit the subscribe button. We appreciate you and listen to the episodes you know right right when I put them up Sunday or Monday, Monday evening. Check out the website and he gets a merge check out the shop I got my beanie on it’s cold as fuck. We got snow here in Michigan. You’re gonna need it without further ado, on that night we go, bro, so I legit picked up. shit you not six grand independence off of my front yard. buried in the snow

from just this week here. They’ve been there forever. I

don’t know. Like it’s not I’m not gonna lie. I don’t think I’ve picked them up in a month or two. Yeah, like it’s my fault. Don’t get me. Yeah, it is my fault. These things just pile up but I never pick him up. But at a certain point like how is there a way to opt out of

it? I have no idea. I have no idea.

I honestly I love the independent. I don’t read it. As I used to read it. He’s to actually read it. I don’t read it. So I have no use for it. And like you guys just keep whipping fucking newspapers. feel

bad. Like it’s like maybe a waste. Yeah, like,

this is a complete waste. Yeah, I don’t have fires.

As I say I use it to start fires. Yes. Yeah,

I don’t really have I took my fire pit out my little fire panting so I don’t have any use for it. I mean, I guess we keep it when the kids do painting and shit. But it’s not worth holding on. To hold on to that long like I got enough Amazon boxes coming to my house. That’s true.

Yeah, that’s how much snow do we get? We got like probably like

four inches. Yeah, I don’t know. Like, and it started snowing again last night. Yeah.

And it’s it’s kind of like a parent mess right now.

Yeah, so we finally got our first little snow here in Michigan, I guess. Well, not finally.

We got it like before Christmas, too. Yeah,

yeah, I forgot we got a little

bit that was like a dusting. I just made it look Christmas trees. And that

was about it, which was nice. But um, so we finally got our first bit of snow. I had a drive in the shit like the very first one had to drive to work in the morning. Took me like a fucking hour. Yeah. And so I i, and then we got more and yesterday was fucking shit out. And it was just,

we went to sliding all over the grocery store yesterday. And one of the road like, most of the roads that I took were like, all right, but I did get off on durandal road like north of town here. And that was a

little backward

pass graph or whatever. Yeah. And that was that was pretty gnarly. He is pretty nasty.

For sure. We but yeah, so you know, actually, my wife went out shovel and she likes to shovel everything. And I saw I had gone I was like checking the mail. Oh, I’m waiting for a package. I’m waiting for a fucking package from it’s actually my Christmas gift from work. And I’ve been waiting and waiting. Wait, it’s like late got lost. And at the post office, not even Amazon shipped to the post about our fault. And so I’ve been waiting so I’ve been checking the mail like every day and I go out there and I just look around I’m like there’s fucking like 19 newspapers out laying all over. I do not need these newspapers. Like

what do you do with them? Ah,

throw them away. Look, I don’t what I want I’m not gonna keep them throw them away due to waste. But yeah, just and I never seem to get it delivered or anything.

I never see him getting delivered. I never know when they’re coming. I feel like there’s no regular schedule to it. It’s just it just shows up.

I have no idea. Yeah, I think I know where they’re printed in a little shoddy little building up town. Yeah. In town. But yeah, for those that don’t know the durian independence like it’s like one of those little small town newspapers Yeah, you get you know, all the little small towns have them. And I think did Swartz Creek have one or did you?

I don’t think so. No, I never got anything if we did if they did bullshit. I never paid attention to

like that’s such like a dated thing. Yeah, it’s not very it’s kind of old school like I don’t know who came up with that idea of having the little little small town newspapers but like we all get our news on durian now in all right, media grew was media sites and stuff know that, you know, cropped up out of nowhere. It’s so much faster.

You get it you get it when it’s actually more relevant. Yeah,

but you know, in the moment Yeah. throughout my day not reading the paper, right,

right to find out what went on two weeks ago. Yeah. Like funny stuff like what Boy Scout one the pinewood derby. Yeah. Like that kind of stuff.

Yeah. Yeah. goofy stuff. But um,

well, New Year’s here, man. Finally, New Year’s term 2021 2021 2020

is finally fucking over.

Damn, that was a year.

The memes were pretty lit, dude.

Yeah, funny as me there’s some funny, I saw a post someone put up and I was like, basically saying like, 2021 You don’t even have to try that hard. Like, just be and you can be a better year than 2020 You made me laugh.

I seen what it was like. It was from 2020 like, New Year, and it’s like when 2020 is finally here. But then you realize 1820 and 1920 both had plagues?

I didn’t know that.

Me neither. I don’t know if that’s true. We you should try to get 18 I don’t know if that’s a truce. 1920

would have been the Spanish flu, though. 1820 1920. Okay,

yeah, yeah, that’s backwards. Yeah. 19 1820 is the Spanish flu.

Right? No. 1920 Okay, the Spanish flu.

I didn’t realize it was so recent. But uh, that’s I didn’t have the you know, the Facebook fact checker pop up on it. So I don’t necessarily know if it’s true or not. But I thought that was kind of a funny thing if it if it was true.

cholera pandemic cholera? Yeah, in 1820 1817 1824. So boy, it was rough. It was active during a legit fucking plagues every Holy shit. That’s how Bill Gates set it like there’s a plague every 100 years or so. Like he did so just basically like, just do your just do for it just waiting to see the way the cycle goes, man. It’s so disease identifies and Siam. Yeah, Nate wants to set up in May of 1920. No, she is kind of like when I had it’s, it’s worse. Now that was all like, China. Like, most of the plagues are over there. But

you know, I was looking back at 2020. And I was like, I, I kind of had a good year in 2020. I got a new job. So that was, you know, nice. And, you know, the job that I that I wanted and stuff. And then we really started the pod. Got it going. I had a good 2020 minutes. Yeah, I kind of shifted, I had like a mindset year in 2020. Which is kind of weird, because everyone else is like, I feel like that’s kind of a generalization of the people just bitching about 2020

Yeah, definitely.

I mean, it was certainly bad for a lot of people for sure. And bad like for mankind.

Right? I know, a lot of I know what you’re saying. I know, a lot of people who took got time off of work, spend more time with their family even better gets paid for it, you know, got projects done around the house, like so they increase the value of their home max out of fingers, man, yeah, I’m running out of space here. And then they’re like, Oh, it’s a terrible fucking year. It’s like, I mean,

you know, was it

for there are lots of people that it was a terrible year for that got sick, or you know, people are totally not discrediting that at all, but

the number of the population where that happened versus you know, where the data the data would say, right there, right. Most people had a pretty dope as fucking right? Right. Like you said, like, free time off.

Do whatever you want to spend time with your family. I mean, I mean, the majority of it The weather was good. Yeah, you’d walk in people working in there wasn’t really that bad.

You know, we did all kinds of shit. You just couldn’t do it I guess so widespread and spread out which people do like that. Yeah, they like to kind of you know, cycle cycle through people a little bit where you see one person and then you kind of go see another person right when you start to see another person. I mean, there’s certainly the ones that are always there but yeah, so you know 2020 wasn’t really all that bad. Right suppose other than the fact that they were they were telling us we couldn’t do and Yeah, that’s true that I think

that that’s what you do this you can’t do any of you’re not allowed on 2020 fucking sucked.

I was looking at a picture of my like my work employees like we took a picture like a year ago two years ago and put it on our group page and stuff and like all of us were like, kind of like hugging you know, like all like in close with each other no masks on and shit and I was looking I was like, go to fucking jail for this. Crazy nasty look at it. Oh, y’all got our masks on and stuff like that. Just looking at it laughing like, Dude, what the fuck has been crazy.

It’s been a pretty wild one. But all in all, like I think I was I was writing for the article and or for the newsletter. Yeah, I had done my rough draft and I like had a sentence in there. Like I actually had a good 2020 to be honest or something like that. And I decided to take it out because I was like, well, that’s kind of insensitive. Yeah, maybe I should be more mindful of. Right? What other people feel. But um, yeah, you know, all in all, looking back and really, really wasn’t all that bad, right? So if it was if everyone says it was that bad, like 2021 should be fucking golden

golden, just all you got is just be there just happen, just do your thing if the world just doesn’t end. And I had good jobs one way to follow it up. That’s funny.

I was trying to think of, you know, like my resolution. It’s funny, cuz I’ve been talking about how I want to hit 2021 hit it running. Yeah, you know, kind of get a head start, but I haven’t really come up with like, my new year’s resolution yet. Yeah, um, I mean, I have one in the sense of like, I want to we want to grow, right? We want to grow, I want to grow the podcast, I want to grow my second project that I’m starting. And then I probably want to start on my third project, at least in some way, shape, or form, or not really start because I’ve started but take take a big step. Yeah. But those aren’t really good. You know, you’re supposed to have like, that’s

not that’s, that’s not a hard fast resolution with like, a beginning and an end kind of or whatever. Right?

Yes. You know, you want to have a SMART goal. Yeah. attainable? time stamped, yes. And such and such. So I guess I’ll probably go with, I want to grow to you know, like, 1000 subscribers or 1000. listeners, um, you know, as our as our listener base, I think that would be the one for the podcast that I’m that I’m gonna, you know, focus on and get a whole year, you know, if we continue at the pay if we continue at the pace we have been, we’re gonna obliterate the shit

out. Yeah. Well, like you said, you want it to be attainable. You want to like,

yeah. And you know, numbers are exponential. So right. You can, you can fucking go fast. Yeah. Did you ever see the graphic? I think I’ve told you about this. And I could be a little bit wrong. But would you take if I were to offer you X amount of money? Would you take $5 million right now? Or a penny doubled? I think it’s 50 days?

Well, the immediate answer is I take the 5 million, right, but what’s the penny equal out to?

A penny doubled after Anna and forgive me if I’m wrong, but it’s, it’s $5 billion after? Yeah, the difference in the price there, you hit 5 million after like, you know, 40 days or something like that. But then,

but you stack that again, you know that? Yeah, you have 1 million now you have 2 million then for a 16. So after to the 10th power, whatever that would be just

after the first half of the thing. You only have like, you know, 100 bucks or 500 bucks or 1000 bucks or something like that. And after you’ve really start to get up there, it’s like, bam, bam, bam, bam, and now you’re at five bills before you can even so crazy, you should be able to find I think it’s like there’s a bunch it was in the millionaire Fastlane it’s kind of like this big infographic. And you know, you’re reading it, you’re like, Huh, and then you look at the end and you’re like, holy shit, okay.

Well, somebody companies, somebody, like, legitimately come give me that offer in real life. See what happens here?

No, shit. Hi, I’m smarter than you. Yeah, you will not get me. But um, yeah, that’s kind of my, you know, my, I guess. I guess that would be my more I’m trying to I’m gonna try to take a big step in my entrepreneurial mindset of my knowledge, right, like so I’ve kind of dabbled in a lot of things. I want to take a hard concrete move into something See that’s a terrible resolution. Yeah, I don’t know what it’s gonna be yet but it’s gonna be something and you know what I mean? Like I but I want to make like a concrete step. Like I don’t know, you know, filing for a business or tax ID or something along those lines, you may hire an employee like, like something like that. And that will be and that’s actually more of like my personal one. That’s what I want to do for my like, my personal resolution is turn something because everything that we’re doing is more of like that I’m doing anyways, like with this and my other project. Yeah. Is like content creation stuff. Yeah. And it’s fun. I think that’s funny cuz it’s, it’s, like, easy to get into that. But it’s hard to be good at it and consistent with and consistent with it. But it’s an easy thing to get into. Which makes it not the greatest you know, if you’re if you’re trying to build like wealth, like I am, it’s it’s not a good medium. You know what I mean? The money is not really it’s not there. Not all dollars and cents. Yeah, a lot of sort of wonder about Okay, this could be this See what comes out? Yeah, and you know,

but yeah,

I’m thinking 2020 one’s gonna be a good one man.

I think so i think so I’m pretty pumped up for it. My, my personal one is just go to the doctor. Like I haven’t. I haven’t been to the doctor for like a health checkup since like for like a physical type health checkup since I was probably 14.

Yeah. I have been saying this, or here a couple of years, you’ve said, well, specifically, like, I’ve been saying this for the latter portion of 2020. Like, for the last three, four months have been like, I need to go to fucking doctor. But I feel like my body’s starting to break down your knees, man. walking around like an old man hurt and there’s like stiff. Yeah, it’s really weird. And, you know, for the longest time, I guess, you just don’t feel it. It doesn’t bother you or whatever. Like I can still function. Right? It doesn’t really bother me. It hurts. And it sucks. And I complain about it. But I’m like, I still do what I gotta do. Right. I still walk around all day and, you know, do the work. And I just shoveled a little bit this morning. Like I still do all those things. But it uh, it’s, I don’t know, it’s it’s harder now. Yeah, it is harder, I guess because I’m getting old.

Yeah. You don’t want it to, like, get to a point where it is, like actively hurting you or hindering you from being able to do something that’s my concern is like I said, I I went to the doctor when I broke my hand, but that was just cuz I fuckin broke my hand. Yeah, that’s accurate. Yeah. And I’ve done that, like, two or three times now since I said, like, 14 or whatever. But to actually go in and say, Hey, Doc, How do I look? Like, Do I look good on the inside? I mean, I feel good. You know, like, I work out and try to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle eat.

I want to lay Well, I want to go in and give doc all my you know, all my symptoms and six things that are bothering me and just see what doc says. Yeah, you know, like, all right, Doc, what do you think? I’m pretty sure my doctor, I’m begging you to fucking work out. Like you need to work out more and be healthier. Yeah, but Well, I hope they would say that actually would hope

not like, eat more Cheetos.

I feel like nowadays they kind of do. Yeah. I don’t know, that might even be just like a shift in my mindset. But when we first started this show, I used to talk about that a lot. I’m like, you know, when you go to the fucking doctor, and you’re like, Hey, Doc, my knees hurt. And they’re like, Hey, take these matters uphill.

Yeah, that’s,

I wonder. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve been to the duck. I don’t even that’s

the part that I’m interested in getting into? Is the actual vetting of the doctor out like meeting them? Do I like you do your viewpoints aligned with my viewpoints? Because Yeah, if I walk in and the doctor’s goes, all you need, just take this pill and be like, well, I don’t really want to just take that pill. Okay, what else? Can I do something other than just taking because I know that pill will do it. But that’s what

you have to do. It’s almost like a like a negotiation. Yeah, I feel like a negotiation isn’t the term that does it justice. Yeah. Because it’s almost has like a stigma to it. But when you go into like the dock, so I read this book, it’s called the up and down life. And it was about this bipolar guy, and his struggles with the disease. And he was this super talented guy. He was like a, like a music writer. He would write songs and jingles and such I think it was more like mute like country music. And I can’t remember the name. And he actually we look up the author and he would talk about how vetting your like his doctor out was this really a drawn out sort of process because when you go to a doctor like it has to be something that someone that you like mesh with. I feel like we you know, we just call the doctor that’s in town or whatever,

whoever is close to you know, they’re easiest. Yeah, receptionist

pices your mom off and then you find a new doctor. Right? Like as you’re growing up in St. Paul. Paul Jones. Yep, that is his name. stand up comedian. But he also wrote songs. He would drive to Nashville. He was a stand up comedian. He wrote songs he would drive from California to Nashville. Unlike these benders, I think he was like on cocaine too. Don’t quote me. But he was you know, all fucked up

read the book and find out Yeah, read

the book. It’s It’s It’s a good book. And he but that was one of the things he talked about was trying to find his doctor and how it really kind of showed in my in my mind, I was like, you know, you really have to, like vet out a doctor or a therapist or anyone like that. You have to kind of do spread around from personal experience because I work at a doctor’s office. Yeah, so few people do it. They just go to wherever and like I we literally will have patients who

absolutely despise my doctor. And it’s not like it’s just his personality doesn’t necessarily mesh with their person. Yeah, he’s a boisterous, like, friendly and like upbeat guy and we have great dogs. Yes. And there are people who just legitimately do not I want that in that setting. We have this one person who does not like the fact that our office has massage chairs. It’s just weird. Just weird to them. And they’re like, Don’t turn that on. I’m at the dentist and I need to not enjoy this experience. dentists and it’s supposed to be terrible. That’s me. That’s you. That’s me. Yep.

I I hate the dentist. I hate the dentist. I have, like, phobias with my teeth. Yeah. It’s I don’t know why it’s weird. Like, I used to grind my teeth really bad. Like, I don’t I just have weird things with my teeth. And when I was young man, I had awful experiences at the dentist. Yeah, when I went to when I was little, and I just remember crying and crying and getting like, yelled at by the dentist and I’m pretty sure they had to like hold me down at one point and like, you know, jerk teeth out and shit. Or I just have like vivid memories of bad experiences. So now I have I have a credible dentist. Because my wife used to be a dental assistant and the dentist my dentist is the fucking man. Because I think he’s the man. Because he’s just no nonsense he he doesn’t talk he just fucking he’ll say What’s up? You know? It’s all quick and easy. Go in. I shut my eyes. You fucking rips my shout out the next book, like I don’t. I don’t like to talk and stuff like that. That would be me.

That would be you. Like don’t turn out to be fun. Get in here do the shit.

Don’t try to fucking fool me.

Don’t smile at me. I like that when I get my haircut. I hate the the annoyance the conversation like I literally feel like sometimes just saying like, you don’t have to talk to me right now.

Please, as a matter of fact, fine.

You don’t need to know about my daughter, or what I’m doing in my life. And I really don’t care what’s going on in yours. Like if you better Yes, you say let’s let’s just let’s just knock this out. Can we get it done in five minutes instead of 10. One

of these words is costing you 25 cents. Yes.

Yeah, no, I not that I dislike people. I just really don’t. And in that moment, I just don’t really care. I just want to get my hair cut. I’m usually in a rush trying to get in and out of there.

Like I literally call next thing on the show on the internet every single week. But I do not want to

I don’t want to talk to you right now. I just kind of want to get my hair cut

every now and then I’ll find someone who’s like fun like I had I had a haircut. Lady for a long time actually haven’t seen her

forever. Yes. Is your hairs at your nipple

is crazy. And it’s literally just out of pure laziness of me like making the appointment and going to get my haircut.

See, I’m always months later. last second guy, I’ll like call and be like, Hey, you got any openings? And they’re like, Oh, yeah, we got openings on Tuesday. I’m like, No, like, in like 15 minutes. Like, do you have any? Right now? What are you doing is you’re talking to me on the phone. So are you free? But yeah, I tip. Well, I do tip Well, at least you got to Yeah,

I am. But I had a hairdresser that she was. She talked just the right amount. And she was nice. Yeah. And it wasn’t like awkward when like he stopped talking to you. That’s what it was.

Yes. Yeah. It was like I just would rather just not then get into that moment where you ask me a question. I answer it. And then there’s like, that long pause of like, what’s next? Should I ask him another question? Because I feel like I’m annoying him a little bit with my question. You know what pocket to ask another question. Exactly. I don’t like that.

Yeah, she was really good at that. Yeah. Which is why I she doesn’t I can’t last time I tried to get a car. I tried to get a cut. She wasn’t available. And I didn’t I didn’t

like you know. It’d be like if your dentist wasn’t there. He’s like now just got

it right. Yeah, cuz I’m like, I don’t really want to talk to anybody.

I’m just trying to get this

passed if I go to the dentist Yeah, yeah, I’m I’m the mad guy you’re I’m your worst nightmare. Yeah, I Dude, I

don’t I’m I get it like with people when they come in. They just want to it’s just funny to see. Yeah, you get different Oh, I can see the difference how there are people like literally who come in there. And like have a good time. We got one guy who comes in like five times a year. Like

that’s that’s kind of a I almost almost guarantee I would probably put money on the people that are like that. Or do we all just had really bad dentist experiences? Oh, without Oh, so we associate it with pain and suffering?

Yeah, we have people come in who like literally are in tears just to walk in the door. Like that’s how bad they’re fighting it and you know, I feel bad for them. And my goal working there is to make to develop enough good experiences to kind of help cut through that and bring that down make it with so maybe, I mean, I don’t think anybody’s gonna walk in and be like excited to be there but make it where they can just

that’s a big difference though.

Attend without crying someone

who’s like, you know, like a like a smart person where you’re like, Okay, like I understand the dynamics of like how people work. Yeah, right, you always have to, like, drop that little people aspect into whatever job you’re doing. There’s like something I did. At at like the restaurant. Yeah, you know, when I was a chef for a long time, I would like I try to remind like my servers and stuff. Like, hey, you know, try to think about like the perfect sequence and like dynamic of people like there are there are things you can get away with certain people than other people. Like some people, you have to be super on your toes and shit and other people, you can be more laid back and you like have to understand those dynamics forget

to read, they’re like them and like an instant, especially in the service. Yeah. Because you might only ever have one interaction with these people, like I see them twice a year instantly. But yeah, like in for your servers and stuff like that. But that is true. Like it just to just, if you’re just Cognizant and paying attention to it, people will tell you exactly what they want. Yep. And they will, they will lead you down the road to give them to make them happy. Yeah. And if you’re just gonna keep your eyes open for it, reading, you know, people, their mannerisms, the way that they talk a big thing. I got my shit jumped one time by a patient, because I didn’t call Mr. Wu. And that was like, like, That’s his thing, Mr. Blank, and I didn’t know that when I first started working there. And his legitimate response was like, I hate you. Bah, bah, bah, boy. I’m Mr. Blah, blah, blah. And I’m like, Oh, damn. Absolutely. 100% I will call you Mr. Rhodes.

floats your boat. Yeah, now

I’m like obnoxious with it. You know, he coming in the door. I’m like yelling, hey.

But like understanding those sort of dynamics just makes you so much better at your job.

Yeah, it makes you good at it. Like

you’re now you’re one of the ones where you’re exceptional. Instead of just average or above. Right,

right. People remember that shit? Like you said, especially you say that to your servers or people or anybody working in the service industry like that, like you would see that the difference? Yeah. So even if you just fucking smile at people, you don’t have to be nice, literally. If you just like smile at them. And I would love to see a statistic. I’m like, What just smiling at people versus not smiling at people would how what percentage that will affect your tip because I guaran damn tee it, it’s there.

I wonder if like, the reason I’m so hyper aware of those types of things. That’s probably why I’m such a dick when I go places. And I’m not I’m not always a dick. But I can be like, for example, just we went bowling the other day for New Year’s. And so we took out the family or whatever. And we call the local Tropical Smoothie to order some food. And, of course, I’m very hyper aware of like Tropical Smoothie in general, especially because I love them. And he was such a dick. Like, my wife, my wife called the order food. And she’s like, saying her order and she’s like, at the end after she had said like a couple orders. And she’s like, Hey, dude, those come with chips. And I think the guy i can i got it through the grapevine. So but the guy was like, basically like, Oh, no, you didn’t tell me what kind of chips you want it. Like being a dick. She’s like, Oh, well, sorry. And he’s like, they were like, she was like, Okay, so what about the chips? And he’s like, Well, you didn’t tell me what kind of chips you want. So you’re not getting you’re not getting any chips. Okay, well, what? Why don’t you just cancel the whole thing? Yeah, you sound like you’re having a really bad day. Yeah,

I’m not trying to add to your stresses while you’re at work, but I’m not trying

to come there and get your food. But um, those types of says she’s telling me and I’m just like, furious. Oh, yeah. Yeah, dude, what’s his name? fucking tell me his name. Right now we’re going

to like, like, you want to almost like have a legitimate conversation with that person and be like, how do you not see what you’re doing? Can

you like, explain to me your thought process? Why? Why did you come on my podcast, please? Yeah, we can talk.

Why did you think that that is they can okay better way to respond to someone, especially like, dude, like, as an owner, like, if the owner of that company found out, I would be even more like that person would be so gone. Because it’s like, that’s literally money out of my pocket, potentially. And I think I read a statistic somewhere, it takes 12 good experiences to make up for one bad experience.

So you have to go out of statistic, I want to be a part of

No way. And you’d have to go back 12 times.

Like as, like, if you were a business owner, which is, you know, something again, that’s what I want to do next, I need to start to formulate the things. I’ve only ever seen them from the lower level, right? I mean, what if I’m a business owner, and I have to put that much money, time resources into like a cut. You know what I mean? If you if you really break things down everything sort of a science, and that’s the science of customer acquisition and retention. If I had to do Oh, I’d be so fucking pissed.

Yeah, you know what I mean? Yeah, I mean, legitimate money. And then so the next time you’re, you’re going out that direction, and you’re like, hey, I’m kind of hungry. Do I want to get this or that that literally will probably play in your head be like you know, I’m going to RV I’m hunting I’ve been trying to deal with going there again and just potentially having that same situation arise

that makes me think of like how pissed off my boss was when I would make like a shitty pizza or at you know, the restaurant when I first my first job, make pizzas? And put a shitty pizza out. Your boss is like, What the fuck is this? And you as a 17 or 17 year old teenager in pizza, man, what’s

it look like?

And you’re like, you know, I’ll paste about Yeah, and look thinking about it from the other side. You’re like, that little shit ass.

Now you look back at should that you did it. As an adult. You’re like, man, I can’t I own that little mug.

It’s so funny. Yeah, that’s funny. But what I was kind of initially alluding to is like your dynamic with people. Just makes that experience so much better. which prevents people from associating it with

my bad sister. Yeah, exact cuz I remember it’s like

going through the fucking window and Lady so mad at you. And you’re like, throw the fucking paper at her. She throws it back at you tells you to fill it out. throws you a pen. Yeah. Okay, and then you go sit out in the uncomfy as chair. Yes. So much.

Yeah, that’s exactly that’s what our goal is to eliminate all that, that that ship but, but that’s what I’m gonna be going doing here. Pretty soon. It’s just finding myself a doctor and probably Vietnam, Vietnam, you vet them out. And like I said, make sure their viewpoints aligned with mine. And make sure you know, I’m going to be advocate for myself and I don’t want to dislike going there. So

yeah, and I almost sometimes when you go to the doctor, it’s like what you get what you asked for. So if you do that, yeah, you do it in an educated way. You probably work out pretty fucking well. Right. But you like healthier? I need to do the same thing, man. Yeah.

Let me know if you found a good one.

Yeah, I think you know, I have a couple in mind, too. I can’t remember the names and such. But uh, my wife seemed like a couple good ones. And we just never

did that did the same thing. Same thing last year. Just didn’t go.

Well, that’s some good resolutions, man. health and wealth.

Right health and well,

like, yours are a little more aligned than mine. But

you got you got this. Yeah, you got it. Okay. Yeah.

Oh, yeah. I’m also excited because, uh, today we’re actually starting our D and D are

actually actually doing it. It’s taking place. He showed me that map. yesterday. Yeah, man. That’s impressive, man.

I’ve been I’ve been cool. So much shit. Man, that’s another thing I’m super excited about. We’re probably not gonna launch it until a couple it’ll be probably getting out April episodes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, cuz I wanna, I just have too much. I have to balance my time better now. So I have to, like, I need to get ahead. So there’ll be released like, late after the fact. Yeah, but it’s gonna be it’s gonna be cool. I gotta balance my workload, though. But, um, okay, so I want I had a really good kind of not really that famous subject that I would that I want to talk about. I was listening to my first million podcast. And again, I love that podcast, everyone should listen to it. And it’s great when I do it in the morning. And it just fucking pumps me up for the day, man. Like the days where I go to work. I listened to it. seven hour drive. So I listen to it in the morning. And I just feel so pumped. And I don’t really do that at home. Because I don’t have that like alone time. Yeah. You know, typically like with getting up or hanging out with family. I’ll start working and such but I just feel so much more motivated after I listened to my show. That’s probably like a mindset thing for me too. Yeah. But if you find your thing and it that pumps you up, like you kind of do this consistently. Yeah. But anyways, they were they were talking about they like to ramble through companies and such and I can’t remember what the topic was, but they got on the subject of Orkin in roundup

or can being the pest control right. In roundup being a weed weed eliminator Yeah,

right. What’s the thing with roundup they had like

yeah, that’s commercials on several years ago. Yeah, they still doing it? Like they they caught a TV like if you I mean, dude, it kills shit

as a user of rugby. I’ll be careful I’m careful with Yeah, because of whatever stigma is with it. But this shit works.

Yeah, it’s fucking it does the trick. I sprayed some shit out in the driveway.

Yeah, dude. Like you’re like, yours isn’t as bad as like mine with like, random fucking overgrowth ship your house like like mines and weeds and shit. Like it’s like a little

nicety unkillable. I I’ve helped you try to kill some of that. Like, like the next day I can’t we’re gonna see what the fuck I have Ripley shines out push down yesterday. So

I fight with the SE and this is like a very obscure thing. So I doubt a lot of people know but I have this vine called trumpet horn in my house. And around in my yard. I have like a small city lot too. storyhouse sort of yards really small news, lots of bushes and landscaping and such. And there’s a ship called trumpet horn. That fucking does not die. It is the never grow and never ending growing weed. And it it flowers into this orange really pretty flower. But it’s surrounded by all these really ugly ass green leaves and ugly vines, so it does not warrant having the thing right there. Yeah, so it looks like a trumpet basically to orange flower. And it hangs downward like that or sideways. But um, you know,

it’s uh,

it’s native. Not here. I know that

poisonous. Oh, really?

Yeah. Wait, that’s Angel. trumpets. Angel Trump. Okay, good.

Okay, good. I was like, wait a minute,

is it does irritate your skin a little bit, though.

Yeah, no, I think that’s what it is. It’s the same. It’s the same thing. Angels trumpets, those look peanuts. They’re just a different breed of it.

But it does kind of has a very strong smelling it kind of irritates your skin a little bit. But this it’s the absolute worst plant I’ve ever dealt with. I don’t know who planted this shit. But a lot. It was a good idea. Well, it was probably a nature person. Yeah. And I’m not. I’m a nature person as much. So this is someone who probably liked taking care of it and keeping an eye on it. Yeah, I have ripped it all out of the ground. And it grew up my deck. It grows up my shed. And it just comes back every single year. This this vine that started out as like, I don’t know, half inch or one inch fine. Excuse me. proceeded to grow into like a foot thick trunk of a vine. Dude is ridiculous. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I had to use all the chemicals in the world to kill it. I had to dig it out. And then I had to kill it all with Roundup. And then it killed my yard. So I had to regrow nice grass. It was just a nightmare.

Yeah, it was a few year project. Yeah.

But anyways, tangent on Roundup. They’re the guys were talking about these companies on on the podcast and like successful companies. And they’re like, oh, Oregon and Roundup. I think it was like companies you could or you would invest in or something like obscure under the radar ones. And they didn’t know what working in roundup was these guys on the podcast that they did not know what those companies were? Like what’s round? Wait, wait, what’s working? And then they proceeded to talk about them. And they like genuinely. I mean, this is just my assumption. Yeah. But I was like, these guys genuinely don’t know what Oregon or roundup is.

That blows my mind, doesn’t it? Yeah, I feel like that’s like a household name. Everybody’s got that.

Yeah, like we all know this. Yeah. Like, what? What, what, how, how is this possible?

Where do they is it where they live?

I know, Sean, who we talked about on the podcast before. I think he lives in New York. I think he’s New York slash California, kind of. And then Sam is the owner of the hustle. And he lives. He used to live in California. Now he lives in Austin. And so California, also big cities. Right, right. Am I okay, well, but Orkin doesn’t do pest control in the city like I think they do. Right. You know, can you see where Orkin like What was that? It says an American company. I think it is an American company. Or like where they’re like, based out of and then roundup the same. So it just kind of got me thinking I’m like, Okay,

yeah, roundup is 100%. nationwide. Like, there’s no way like how do you not know what round? Fucking Home Depot? Yeah, like?

And I think actually, I want to say Shawn or Sam, one of them had heard of Roundup, I think because of the issue or whatever. But it was just so strange to me that those were so familiar, because those were things that were like, super Uber familiar with. And Orkin being like the pest control thing. I was very curious. Like, what do you not know working?

It’s just not working isn’t nationwide, like Have you never

do you do like your own lawn maintenance? Like or do you use like an alternative? Like, I don’t know. It’s just just very, very strange to me. And then Oregon with the pest control. I was like, What the hell is this? Just the weirdest weirdest thing,

but I just don’t understand how you don’t like see the commercials on the TV or things like that.

Right? And I was like, Well, I mean, I know they watch TV, but

dorkin but I know what that is existence

or can you call the Orkin man

Yeah, like it’s like they don’t even use Word pest control. If I can work and guy like, you get the Morgan people out here. That’s crazy. The weed control one that that blows my mind more though. Did you see it was it’s a nationwide it’s all

it’s just a nationwide it’s like where they were, where they were originated or where their headquarters were? Looks.

Looks like Ohio. Ohio is kind of what I was thinking. Yeah,

Ohio. Hello Roundup. See if you can figure out what roundup like headquarters is But that leads me into my next point, right? I was I was amazed by that. A couple weeks later. That was like several weeks ago. It’s been sitting in my phone notes forever. A couple weeks go by and they’re talking about up and coming companies again and I think this was the latest like the New Year’s episode. And Sam, the owner of the hustle, very successful man starts talking about hunter killer. And are you familiar with what a hunter killer is? Yes, I’ve

seen it like on Facebook ads, Facebook ads.

I know exactly what the fuck hunter killer is. I have seen these ads so many times over the course of the past year or two. I don’t know whenever that shit came out. Where’s roundup from?

Now? It’s manufactured by bear. So then oh no shit. Yeah, I didn’t know that. Was aspirin

Yeah, bear a bear. That’s already a wiki. No, you know, we didn’t even see where their headquarters are. mawsmai wiki.

That’s what I’m just trying to figure out is it doesn’t have their HQ but I think it’s it was purchased by masand most natto or something like Santo Otto, which I think is bug Monsanto. So then it was it was bought by Bayer, Missouri. Okay, so originally it was from Missouri.

Okay, developed roundup onto in Missouri. It was it was a big sense pharma for grief

core, Missouri is actually the city’s name was a fancy city name was Santo developed roundup and then appears to have been purchased by Claire,

Missouri. Who is there?

This was in Vermont. Yeah, at least half her that’d be about a bitch.

So. So the guys, you know, they’ve never heard of these two products that I fucking heard of. And then they were talking about to hunt a killer. And Sam was like, have you seen this to Shawn and anyone who has listened to podcasts kind of knows. But it’s funny because when you listen to podcasts, you feel like you know that guys. Yeah,

like your friends.

And he’s like, have you heard of this? Like, this is crazy. This is insane. I bought one. We played it. It’s awesome. It’s a subscription thing. They basically send you like an add on every month. Where because I’ve never really looked at that.

I didn’t either. I didn’t know that. That’s actually Yep. So cool.

Like the mystery and then you kind of solve you’re solving a case basically as Yeah, as you go. And I think you can you can get add on to it. I don’t know if it’s new mysteries or if it’s the same mystery, like I haven’t looked at into it that much. But I’ve seen this ad a million fucking times. I probably you too. We get targeted by something like that. Because of our interests. Yeah. And, you know, we’re into board games and video games and you know, d&d and podcasts and all that type of shit. So I’ve seen this set so many fucking times. I’m like, Shawn, how the fuck are saying that same? How the fuck? Have you not seen this? Like, are you you’re not into the same shit as me though. Like, I wonder what kind of ads he sees.

What Yeah,

you know, yeah. On his personalized

his web ads literally makes me think about that stupid thing that we got for the boat is like literally a week a week after I bought the boat. All of a sudden I started seeing this ad for a while one of them water lily pad things.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Have we talked about? Yeah,

yeah. The it was it was tiny. Yeah, it was like a little strip. But, I mean, yeah, it’s like that. Those interests like that never popped up prior to me purchasing a boat. And then I feel like as soon as I bought a boat, and mentioned it and put that out in the world was like, Oh, well, if you bought a boat, you might need this. Yeah, you know, that kind of shit. But yeah, like, what kind of stuff that he sees? You know, like,

I’ve never seen a Mercedes Benz ad in my life. But I bet you a lot of people who are in the tax bracket above us have, yeah, you know, because that’s the type of things that, you know, they see and look at and stuff. But I just thought that was super interesting. I was like, Man, these, these three, you know, three products really, that are really well known, especially like the Hunter Hunter killer thing. Those types of games and such, there’s like 17 of them now. Yeah, you know, and they’re all sort of the same thing. And just for those guys not to have ever heard of a mouse icon. Just to know, like, you’re not really that famous. You’re really famous. You’re not not really that fame. Yeah.

You’re actually famous, you’re actually famous.

If you, you know, I haven’t heard some of these things. That’s just too big of a gap.

That’s what I thought is is kind of like, I mean, if they have that kind of money, it might literally just be the fact that they’re like, I don’t deal with any of that. I don’t do shit in my yard. I go outside and I cook on the grill. And that’s it. Right, like,

you know what I mean? Like, and I’m not I don’t I’m not saying that into like, a mean and spiteful or jealous. No, no, I just don’t think that those types of people, they don’t do their own lawn maintenance. They don’t have to

they’re busy. They have other things to do that are generating revenue. Yeah. So much revenue that they literally have excess revenue to pay some What else to do to like to demo their lawn and

kill the weeds to deal with stuff like that? Like I’m sure they have or maybe they’ve used Roundup, but they just don’t use it enough to where it’s like you and I were like, Hey, bro, this is my life. Like, what the fuck? How do we kill weed? killer? We sometimes that’s our conversation is like Yeah, I’d rake my fucking yard yesterday. I sucked

like real like real people shit.

I just thought that was a

very it’s, it’s crazy.

Speaking of personalized ads, I scrolled past and I seen it on I think Joe Rogan Joe Rogan shared there was another UFO sighting See that? No, I didn’t know sighting in a while who apparently some giant blue object went down into the ocean. Which is Dude, I still I’m heavily leaning towards I think the aliens are already here. I wouldn’t think they’re under the water.

I wouldn’t I wouldn’t blow my mind. I was watching. We went to the planetarium so that got me on this like space kick. I’ve been like just throwing down some space documentaries. And one of them was talking about I think it was our galaxy that we live in like the Milky Way. In the distance from it’s a it’s a bard, we live in a bard universe, or a bard galaxy. And we were thought of as like a spiral galaxy. And the way the little the essence kind of trails off there. But apparently we’re a bard, Bard, spiral galaxy. And so there’s like, as it turns and rotates, and everything’s kind of fixed in place. You have to google it to see what I’m talking about. Watch that. What’s

the documentary called? Oh,

it’s just literally like space, or something like that on Netflix. Yeah, yeah. But, but it’s, it’s pretty good. But the distance of that bar is like 26,000 light years. From here to there. That’s just within our, in our doubts within our galaxy. And there’s like 1000s of discovered galaxies, like, but that’s fucking big this shit is and I sit down, I’m watching it. And it like, blows my mind. Every time I watch it. It’s unbelievable. In fact,

speaking of the planetarium, we went sat and I went to the when we went to the planetarium as we were coming out, and this is like, something that you can do and they had a picture of like a What the fuck was a graphic clock? A clock? goddamnit

it’s like, what is that there

is a clock on the fucking wall. But it was a it was the globe, it was the world. And it had the sunlight on it. And the sunlight was moving as the clock. Yeah, so that was your clock. Then you had the darkness of the earth. And it was a flat you know, like, it’s like a 2d map. But it had the sunlight on like a graphic on there. And so it was just so fucking that was how long do we stand? We stood there for like, 15 minutes, just watch the sun go across the

surface of the earth moving so slow. It was so long.

So like we you know, we find Michigan and we’re like, oh, it’s fucking Yeah, it’s like, 1150 here or whatever. And you know, it’s just it was so cool. It’s zeds. Like, I want this. Yeah, I want I want this from a house. Yeah, I wanna put that but like, why is it good fucking idea, man. This is like the coolest house decoration I’ve ever seen. Yeah,

this is we stood there and stared at it for 15 minutes. Yeah. And I just people come over to your house and would do the exact same thing. Yeah.

And so we I was scrolling. Scrolling on. I was on Reddit. And someone had made a Reddit post of like, how can I get this as a live wallpaper on my computer? And it was a picture of the fucking image that said, and I had seen it the planetarium of the sunlight traveling across the surface of the earth.

So there’s other like minds I agree with.

Yes, there’s other people. We’re not stupid. We’re not crazy. And that’s a cool thing.

That’s it’s just cool.

Except he wants it on his computer I’m trying to get which would be easy. I’m trying to get it on the wall. Me too.

That’s what I mean. Like the side like a big one. I

want to like the size of a small dobro we could we should do that. We should have done it in November and sold them for Christmas.

As always next year. It’s

pretty cool space thing happening soon. We could like coincide with the launch. Yeah. Just capitalize on that.

Just try to but uh, yeah, those

are those are the coolest thing. But anyways, before we got out in the space tangent personalized ads, I was scrolling on Instagram I’ve seen Joe Rogan had made a post and someone called dude wipes had said funny comment on the posts and I was like dude wipes and I clicked on it. And it’s a company and it’s called dude wipes. And they’re literally poop wipes. It’s It’s It’s like a competitor to TPM D Yeah. And but so I’m looking at I’m like, Oh shit, dude, bugs they’re they’re like poop wipe flushable wipes for men. Like wet wipes wet wipes. I swipe Yeah, and they come in a little baby baby wipes thing. And I started scrolling on their Instagram and bro they’re fucking pictures and their ads and their videos. Were so fucking funny. They were kind of gross. Yeah, like there was some gross ones. Like there was like a little cartoon of like, this is how people use public bathrooms. That’s a pretty popular one I’ve seen before. And there’s like, number one and number two all over the fucking place. It’s too early in the morning for me to be talking about describing that too much. So, so I’m scrolling like, Damn, this thing’s you know, kind of fucking cool. Like, it’s a cool little thing. It’s like targeted for men. And their ads are like, they’re like the Dollar Shave Club. I was telling you about this yesterday, and you were like, Oh, yeah, it’s like, I think that was made by the guys who made Dollar Shave Club.


yeah. You should find out who if that’s true. It’s not

Oh, it’s that did you look at Dollar Shave Club has a competitive like a competitive product. I was thinking that I correlated the two because I had heard a dude wipes and I run the product. Oh, yeah. Dollar Shave. Yeah. $1 Shave Club has its own version of because when you’re talking about is like, I think that they initially I correlated them together because I’d get the Dollar Shave Club they send you like this little newsletter thing and it’s like little funny short stories, and it sells their other products as well. And so that’s what made me think that initially, but it’s not true. They have they have a competitive product. Hmm. But that dude was his own seed wipes is

its own standalone thing. How about Dr. squatch?

as its own separate one too? Funny. motherfucking commercials. Yeah, commercials. I’ve seen them before. It makes soap. Right? Yeah, that’s a big claim to fame is there so yeah, they’ve got some funny asked all natural. So

yeah, the whole processed stuff. There’s one where it’s like, the guy the ads going on. And then like a three second thing in the middle of the ad is the guy. The lead like actor guy. Scrubbing the chest of another guy.

Yeah. And he’s like, this is all natural. Those guys, they’re they’re funny as hell.

Yeah. I also seen one. That was hair ties for men.

I have not seen that one. They’re not going to sell that one to me. Yeah. See, that’s coming after you.

But so they’re like, there’s like this big and I can’t remember the company’s name. But there’s this. They’re doing ads. And they’re like, if you ever have a hair tie, or someone asked you for a hair tie, you could say yes, I have a hair tie. And it has machine guns on it. Like it’s all marketed, you know, towards men. And there’s been like a huge surge in all that stuff. Over the last like, little little bladder portion of 2020 2019 here.

I feel like there’s been a big surge of marketing. What would you call those things? Like, amenities to men? Yeah. Because I feel like a lot of these amenities existed as a market for women for a long time. But men it’s like starting to become more like, on fleek. Like there are more common. Yeah, just all the way down to like the underwear. What’s the one for the underwear? There’s a black lumberjack underwear some shit. Yeah, dens trading Duluth trading company and they’re like, amazing underwear. Yeah, yeah, the fire hose or whatever it’s called is kind of

marketed towards men, although that’s a little more broad, but the way that their advertisements and stuff go, it’s marketed towards men. And what else did I see? I seen one pocket camera. But the ad was like showing like, oh is on TV. Like yesterday as I was sitting on your couch? It was like Well, I think I pointed out I think I pointed you I was exact Look at this. I don’t remember what the fucking name was. But it was like there was a cowboy and it was just an advertisement for some thing. That was like a cowboy, a lumberjack. yada yada, you know, going through all these different things. Damn, I wish I could remember what

Yeah, I’m drawing a blank on it.

But uh yeah, you know, like the amenities Yeah, amenities like hygiene products almost. Yeah, the Shea started with like Dollar Shave Club. And then I got Dr. squatch and there’s probably so many that we don’t even know where see either.

Oh yeah, I mean letter these are just like the big three or the like the net national ones have made it can’t imagine like the the regional ones or the smaller ones for sure. Yeah.

But the dude wipes thing was funny, because when I visited their Instagram, bro, and now I literally see their ads everywhere. Everywhere, everywhere. Every day. I see dude wipes now. Have you bought some? No, no. I want to I probably won’t, though. It’s not something that I would appeal. See? Yeah. I don’t really into that too much. I wonder. I wonder if there’s any real true difference in the products?

I don’t know. I was watching a an advertisement earlier today. That was basically saying that humans shouldn’t have to wipe. Like, like does your dog wipe? No other animals in nature. They don’t really wipe, right. So if you’re having your bowel movements to the point that you’d requires a wet towel to wipe and there’s nothing wrong with your bowel movements. You’re not eating you’re not Eating correctly you should Exactly. And that’s what this advertisement was some scientific shit right there. And then that person was obviously selling a product that really is a supplement that you can take to make your mouth movements better so you don’t have to wipe.

So should that is that is very, very true.

Yeah, I literally saw that this morning as I was sitting on the couch,

and it’s progressed I always like extrapolate things to like, big picture. Yeah, what I mean, that’s why we’re always like, what the fuck did this come? They

were deep thinkers sitting on the couch

over time, right. Like we became so accustomed because of our nature because of our humaneness. And we’re so spoiled. We ate so shittily that our poop didn’t come out the way it should. And we just solved that problem. Yeah, we didn’t like pay, we just fuck these trees. And look at them all.

Well, and that that’s kind of what else this was going towards is a more environmental if you’re, you know, using less toilet paper because 96,000 hectares of trees are cut down, or 960,000 trees were cut down last year just to supply the US with toilet paper. And it’s you know, more sustainable if you don’t have to wipe so much. Yeah, but why don’t we always get on the issues of the ass?

I don’t know man, but days and oh dude wipes kind of sent us down there. Yeah, I thought dude wipes is cool because they have a bad day. They have a little bit day that you can

you told me that that yesterday like, dude, they went.

We had talked about birthdays like, fucking last year,

way back in the beginning.

Yeah. And I don’t remember. I remember we had looked him up and like found a company. I don’t Yeah, like a company. I

never ended up purchasing I kind of still interested.

It was cool though. The dude wipe one looks really cool. Because it’s like, you just put it under your toilet seat and needs a water line and you push a button. It looks really simple and easy. And yeah, I think the other one was pretty simple and easy. But does it have the heater? I think that Oh, that was something that I don’t know. It only had one water line hooked up to it. Yeah. And I don’t think my toilet doesn’t have a hot water line. Oh, no. You’d have to insist yours. You don’t have a hot water. toilet. So you would have to run hot water to it if you wanted. Unless I had, I guess some sort of battery powered heater. I don’t see that working.

Yeah, yeah. Or Yeah, or cheap to have to plug it into the wall. Which I’m not trying to do that. Yeah,

yeah. Which I’m definitely not trying to do that either. But

I feel like that’s make or break for me. Like, I don’t know. I’m not trying to get that cold splash.

Yeah, that’s seems counterproductive. Yeah. Um, but yeah, I thought the doodlebops thing was was kind of funny and unique. I just liked the ads and such they’re so entertaining, which is probably why people buy them. And honestly, like, most people aren’t very strong willed.

So let’s make it like relevant to them and make it like stand out so much, that they,

I did order something that I seen through the hustle. There’s like a sponsorship advertisement or something. It was called Super coffee actually wasn’t even a sponsor. It was like they were just in the ad, or in the article. And I saw I saw I ordered this stuff called Super coffee. And it’s like, it’s like 00 sugar. Zero carb. lactose free. Oh, it’s lactose free too.

Good. I am lactose intolerant. Yeah,

I struggle here. That’s that’s one thing you want to like the doctor for? Probably Have you ever like got like an official? no opinion? I go. No, not you kind of know. Yeah,

I just know like when I eat ice cream. I don’t really drink milk at all right myself.

You never have either. No,

I just said Fox to my stomach. Like if I have a bowl of cereal like I pay for it. Yeah, it just I feel uncomfortable. It’s like a rock

but you never read like, I guess note knew that you had like a clinical like, issue. No, no, I

just like knew that. I just don’t like mill. I just don’t like milk. And then I would say more in the last couple of years. I was like, I I’m pretty positive. I’m lactose intolerant. But ya know, I’ve never been like, diagnosed I guess. Right.

But so I so it’s like, it’s like, yeah, lactose free. Soy soy free. I think and it’s just this cool thing. That sounds like oh, that’s uh, you know, I drink coffee every fucking day. It was like 12 bucks for a case of six or two bucks a pop, which is kind of expensive. But um, they’re pretty tall. They kind of look like a body armor. And you know, you know body armor. Yeah. Anyone who doesn’t know body armor. This shoe was made in Michigan. And so it’s like all the rage around here.

That started in Michigan. I didn’t know that

body armor. I did not know that. Yep. And so but so I seen it it was like 12 bucks for a case. Order now. Free Shipping one to three days. And it’s I think it’s how much is on Labor Day but one of the days was Sunday.

I they premix

Yep, nope, it’s premix it’s just like a thing you grab and go I thought it was cool. So I’m gonna order one of these books. I ordered it super super coffee and I’ll let you guys know how it is but I you know I checked it out it was like this is like all the rage all the balm it tastes really good. Which is the biggest thing whenever you’re getting anything like especially for me because I’m like, really weird with taste. Yeah. Like I don’t really like it. A lot of coffee. I’m very specific with my coffee. I like really thick dark coffee with lots of cream and sugar. But so I’m gonna check it out. I’ll let you guys know, for sure. But

I saw another one on Facebook. I think it was advertising somewhat of a similar project but product, but it’s um, it’s like a powder. It’s called mud water. And it’s basically it’s kind of like the name. I know, right? But it does it legitimately looks like muddy water. But it’s it’s got like a bunch of like, it’s like a you know, coffee alternative.

It’s an alternative isn’t coffee. It’s alternative. I think this is actually coffee. Oh, it is. Yep.

I guess by the name you would

call a coffee and eat it. I believe it’s caffeine.

This stuff isn’t? I don’t think it’s caffeinated. Yeah, so it’s like a alternative. I literally almost ordered it. So I substitute. I have allergies. And so I’m always like really leery about trying new products. Yeah,

it just sucks. Fair enough. It’d

be the one where they like strengthen it with like, peanut protein. And I just I ordered it, try it and die. Like that’s not what I’m trying to do.

Yeah, who frayed up late. Got back. I was so so before before we wrap it up here. Um, I got the kids Animal Crossing for at the foot switch, which was awesome. They fucking went nuts. I started playing it last night. And yeah, dude, it’s pretty fun. Like, you create your little person, you have your own little house on this deserted island. And so I’m running around the thing. Collecting sticks and trees, dude, it’s like, it’s like a little survival game, basically. So you don’t know what Animal Crossing is.

I’ve seen like, a lot of people know that

I never really knew what it was. There was a really the game initially came out for the GameCube and this is like the new one for the switch. And but it’s basically like, you have a little person and you it’s like a survival game. It’s like a little Minecraft game, but you don’t build and such you just collect it. And then like a city forms. And so everyone’s cities kind of different based on the decisions that you make, and how you where you put your house and how the landscapes done and all this type of stuff. And so over time, and you have to play the game long term. And over time a little city basically has to be and you can like I was I saw I was fishing last night. I’m running around collecting cherries and sticks to make like a net so I can catch butterflies and and to make fishing poles so that I can fish and catch fish. And you get you dress up your little tent and shit. But anyways, I’m running around and so I like run I run out of stuff to collect all that get all the sticks all the cherries and I’m like okay, this maps empty what there’s nothing else to get. Then I found out you can run up and push the trees. shuttle father trees run up on pushing the trees and a bunch of stuff falls out of click More sticks. I find a spider in a tree. I’m like, Oh shit, catch the spider. This was I can’t go to this. Well, I don’t know you can like sell it for money. And then like I think you can put them in your house and keep like pets and shit. I don’t really know dude. Yes, kind of walk around and do shit. And so I go up to this tree, I push it and the fucking beehive falls out and I’m like, Oh, cool. Oh, wait a bunch of fucking wasp certified and I go running away and the wasp book and chase me across the island catch me and sting me. And my face is like, oops, out. And I was like, shit. So I had to figure out how to make some medicine. It was it was a funnel time.

If that sounds like fun,

yeah. But I guess we’ll wrap it up there. Hey. Thanks for coming. Me. Not always a time. It’s always Yeah. So it’s quite fun. Not having a guest. Sometimes

it is you get to kind of touch down on some other stuff. Yeah,

it’s better when we know we’re not gonna have a guest.

Yeah, yeah. Instead of getting a guest to cancel. So we have a little bit of time just to think about it.

Yeah. Roger. What do we talk about

today? One of the things that we talked a lot about was the up and down life.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, that’s a good book. Everyone should read it. It’s um, it’s about like a bipolar guy. Who Who? Just it’s like a life lesson. mindset book. Yeah. Good stuff.

Goals, just goals. You know, being the new year and every resolution. Yeah, yep. And then watch out. The year 2120. There’s probably going to be a pandemic button money. In doctors offices. today.

Yeah. The dentist jotas adds new year’s resolution.

Yes. getting healthy, get healthy health and wealth as we said right. health and wealth,

health and well.

Yep. My first million podcasts, check it out. Always coming up.

If you haven’t checked it out, check it out.

Orkin Oregon,

Oregon, Roundup,

Roundup, and then to hunter killer in which you talked about that. I’m probably gonna have to do that. I’ve been on to medical Yeah, I’ve been on the fence about it. And now that you bring it up, I’m like, That does sound like a lot of fun. I

don’t think it’s super expensive now. And it’s like a little fun activity. You know, the way they market it. It’s like, you know, couples, like husband and wife just yeah, I mean, you can do it with bigger groups of people and stuff, but the way they market it is like, you know what you do with your public And wife on a, you know, Friday Saturday night.

It’s funny how they market like, things to get you off of your phone that you realize on your phone. Yeah, there’s using your phone to sell it to. But that’s like their little deal trying to get them eyes, planetariums and that cool watch.

Clock. Oh, yeah, the typical clock. We need to execute that. But yeah,


probably already exists. It does. I’m sure. Most ideas are copied.

Exactly. And then we, then we went, Dr. squatch. Lights, and all those little side products like that. I’m curious.

The reason I brought that up. So I think a question that I want to ask moving forward is like, I don’t know, it could be kind of how are your intrusive? I know is, what do you see on your personalized ads? Okay. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like, what are you seen? Serious? Yeah.

Yeah. That’s a good one. And then yet, we’ll have to ask that to him like a week prior to. Yeah, they left him to be cognizant.

Yeah. That’s a good point. That’s

a good point. And then super coffee. Coffee. I’ll

let you guys know how to get reviews. Pretty good. Yeah, I’m bullshit. I thought I had something to say. But suppose that wraps it up. Sweet. I’ll catch you guys next time. Please. Thank you guys for listening. And we appreciate you once again, that was a good one, man. It’s always nice when we just kind of roll them off the top.

Yeah, these are Sunday, Sunday morning special. Yeah.

Like I know, sometimes our brains are like rapid fire. So we like get off on some tangent. Yeah, but those are also like, my favorite times.


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