Episode 37: Going to California with Chance Neihouse

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Chance is an aspiring music creator, current laborer at an oil refinery, and an all-around great dude. He was in town visiting family for the holidays and we were able to get some in the studio. We talk about Chance’s experiences in California, his rising music career, and a bunch of other good stuff. This guy’s energy is electric. An amazing conversation was had, and some good laughs to top it off. This is a must-listen.

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Transcription below:

Mike Proctor 0:00
What’s up guys? Welcome back to not really that famous the post Christmas episode post Christmas Google. We were joined today by Mr. Chance night house. What a awesome guests chance was such a good guest.

Xad 0:13
Talk about energy.

Mike Proctor 0:14
Yeah, yeah.

Xad 0:15
Oh man

Mike Proctor 0:16
just filled Phil’s talking with him like

Xad 0:18
literally just talking about it right now I’m smiling

Mike Proctor 0:20
again. We talk about like house music versus EDM. We touch about chances really in house music and sort of the techno style field. Um, what else we talked about? We talked about the Broadway club. That’s where he kind of kind of, you know, made his home

Xad 0:34
DJ and California DJ. And then the refiners. Oh, yeah, he

Mike Proctor 0:39
works on an oil refinery. 300

Xad 0:40
feet in the air, dude.

Mike Proctor 0:42
Yeah, this is a good one, guys. Stay tuned. For sure. Um, thank you for checking us out. Remember, hit subscribe if you liked the show. If you enjoy the show, remember, hit that subscribe button. Check us out at the website. If you haven’t Follow us on all the social media channels. It’s not really that famous.com get you some mirch all the time. For those

Xad 1:01
who live in Michigan. Check out the beanies.

Mike Proctor 1:03
Yeah, babies. Yeah, it’s called we realized today that chance pride has no use for a beanie because he’s from California. Yes. But let’s see without further ado, let’s get to it. Mr. chance now. Yeah, bro. Those are my Christmas gift this year. Now it’s my Christmas gift from my wife.

Chance 1:20
I felt like I should have brought you something. Oh, no. shrink it or something. I guess I didn’t have love right up on that mic, bro. I didn’t. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 1:33
But yeah, man, those are my wife’s fuckin that was I thought that was so goddamn cool. Yeah, that is real. So yeah. It just so for everybody listening like the my wife got me these two canvases basically has means that I’ll put pictures up on the website or something for sure. Um, but it has me and xad and it’s like our little avatars and we got our little headphones on says tech guy. And stats over tapas add that guy over me. That thing’s fucking sweet, man.

Chance 2:01
It’s so cool.

Mike Proctor 2:02
So how was your Christmas bro?

Chance 2:04
It was good. It was uh, yeah, it was nice.

Mike Proctor 2:08
Oh, you’re so you’re back in town. just visiting friends and such a family? Yeah,

Chance 2:13
yeah. For two weeks.

Mike Proctor 2:14
Yeah, hell yeah, man. I can’t believe you wore your shirt.

Chance 2:16
Of course.

Xad 2:18
That’s what threw me off because I didn’t realize that we had shipped it to him or whatever got to look over like Damn, dude. Just put that shirt on. Like, why looked away? Crazy.

Mike Proctor 2:28
Oh, yeah, dude. So we’ll get you some swag for for doing the show today to make up for swag for doing the show. So yeah, good double dip. Like if we get chance I’ll trick down. So for people that don’t know you, man, give us like, you know, your background, what you’re doing what you’re up to stuff like that, like, well,

Chance 2:54
I went to Byron from first grade I graduated, okay. And I always had an interest in music. But it was so hard to get three different people in a group with the same mindset. So, come around here 2000 like 1516 I went down to Detroit. A buddy showed me this. like crazy dubstep rave type style. Okay. And I was like, Alright, this is what I want to do. Wait, how old were you said 15. No. 2000 Oh, 2015 Yeah, shit. That would be young. And then I was like, Alright, I like this because it’s all on myself. Only I got no one but myself to blame if I fail. And it’s gone. Pretty good. finally starting to catch some steam. So

Mike Proctor 3:47
you started creating your own?

Chance 3:49
Yeah. Yeah, house music and techno and like dance music. Okay, like funky bass lines.

Mike Proctor 3:57
Yeah, it’s awesome, man. So let’s I want to dive right into the not really that famous treatment. Um, because we’re probably gonna end up back on this subject like we like we always do. So when you were growing up as a young man. Mm hmm. And you just told me you were born in California?

Chance 4:11
Yeah. Martinez.

Mike Proctor 4:12
I didn’t know that. So where is Martinez?

Chance 4:14
It’s like, probably like 40 minutes away from San Francisco.

Mike Proctor 4:19
Like North? Oh, yeah. North north of San Francisco and San Francisco’s way down at the bottom. No.

Chance 4:25
goes up top. Oh, really? Yeah. alleys down by the bottom. Gotcha.

Mike Proctor 4:31
Okay. Um, so and then you moved out to old Byron here.

Chance 4:35
Yeah, buddy. It was the best thing that could happen when you

Mike Proctor 4:38
were young man. Growing up. The first thing you can remember, you know, when you were just a young, young as young as you can remember, what did you want to be when you grew up? Like what? You know what I mean? Where was your sort of vision, your mindset

Chance 4:51
bound? Well, honestly, I really, I think the only thing I remember other than being a musician is a I wrote down on wanting to be an ambulance driver. Yeah. When I was like, four or five, I’m like, What is this? Why did I write that? Don’t tell us I think and like in school? Yeah. Like they didn’t like that. Yeah, they had us write down what we wanted to be when we’re older. And I wrote down ambulance and you remember that?

Yeah. Well, I

had the picture. You still have the picture now? Probably. It’s somewhere. But you had it for Yeah, I remember that. Because I was like, What the hell I do not want to be that. Much respect to him, but

Xad 5:32
without a doubt. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 5:34
So when, how and how old? were you when you really got into music?

Chance 5:39
Oh, shit. Probably. I remember when I was like six years old, you know, Mississippi King by mountain. I made a made a remix called Mississippi queen. And I just went with it on the guitar, and just made some lyric. Wait, I

Mike Proctor 5:53
think I’m thinking of Mississippi queen. Oh, I

Xad 5:56
think you I think you’re flipping around. Yeah.

Chance 6:00

Mike Proctor 6:01
okay. I was just making sure

Chance 6:02
yeah, you’re right. Um,

Xad 6:03
you can play that on a guitar.

Chance 6:05
No, it’s more like, you know, being okay. I got the lyrics are based. But

Mike Proctor 6:10
you were you had created your own song like lyrics. Yeah. You

Chance 6:16
went off on a tangent? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. How old? Were you at that point? I was like, six, seven.

Mike Proctor 6:24
You remember that shit?

Chance 6:25
Yeah. I just that was like the earliest moment where I was like, This is awesome. Yeah, it was fun. It was

Mike Proctor 6:33

Yeah, for kid all hopped up on endorphins.

So when you were, but you know, when you were. It started getting into music and stuff. Like,

why? A

out how and why?

Chance 6:46
Well, I really started getting into the music of my mom bought me a drum set when I was in sixth grade. Nice. Yeah, it was so awesome. That was probably so cool. Dude. She was so supportive, too. Like she didn’t care how late I played. She just like, yeah, I envy your mom. Yeah, so

Xad 7:04
that’s like one of those mom’s one of the big things. Yeah, the drum set. Yeah, I know. Some family relationships.

Mike Proctor 7:12
And neighbor relations. Yeah,

Chance 7:13
that’s a cool thing. Because we lived in like, the boonies. Well, my neighbor was my grandpa. And then our next neighbor to the side was a farmer, the virgin? I don’t know if you know. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 7:24
yeah, I know that. You were again guys were from we have listeners, like all over the world. Little tiny little rural town in Michigan. Yeah, we just all know each other. That’s just how it goes. That’s probably true for like,

Xad 7:38
a lot of small towns. Oh, definitely. Definitely. I’m

Mike Proctor 7:41
sure it’s all the same sort of dynamic.

Chance 7:43
It’s a good dynamic, though, I think. Yeah, like, Bro, I feel like if a bigger city just totally changes. how you treat people I don’t know a little more shady. Probably How big is where you live? now. I actually kind of live in like a town stuck in time is kind of small. But I cross the bridge for my cousin’s live and, you know, their classes like 2000 people

Mike Proctor 8:08
like that small. Oh, they’re like in school high school class.

Chance 8:11
Yeah, I know. I’m like, bro, would you graduate? It

Xad 8:15
was I think I was one of the bigger classes we had. 98 and Byron, like 90. Yeah. My grade I had 100. And some.

Chance 8:22
I don’t think 100 Yeah,

Xad 8:24
three digits is huge.

Chance 8:28
Did you know everybody

Mike Proctor 8:30
knew every single person, every one of them. I can still remember the name. Okay, so. So you’re super into music? You’ve got a drum set. Right? How much did you explore that? You were kind of talking about how it’s hard to get people together.

Chance 8:47
Oh yeah. Dustin Blom? I don’t know if you guys remember him.

Mike Proctor 8:50
Yeah, I know. It’s a tough one.

Chance 8:52
He but he was a migraine and his family just was like, head over heels drum sets everywhere. They have such a nice drum set. And then his dad was a basis across all metal music. So that’s how I started out just like drum dilemma God and slipknot and just like, the heavy shit and how old were you? I was Middle School up until eighth grade. And then I stopped hanging out with him. I started smoking weed.

Mike Proctor 9:24
But that didn’t accentuate your

Chance 9:26
oh it did it did for sure. Oh, but it was a it did and then you know I kind of like I was in high school band until my junior year.

Mike Proctor 9:36
And okay, so you went to high school band route

Chance 9:38
to hey, yeah, yo, and the drummer guy. He was like, tapping on the table trying He’s like, I don’t know if you’re good enough to be a drummer. And he was such a dick about

Mike Proctor 9:50
like, like your teacher. Yeah, in

Chance 9:52
like fifth grade. He’s like hobo the trombone. I’m like fuck out of here. I want to be that

Xad 10:00
I was I played trombone. I play trombone.

Chance 10:05
I do want to though,

Xad 10:06
I want to be in band. I wanted to be in band and I thought the trombone was a pretty cool instrument, I guess. But yeah,

Chance 10:11
it’s a good nice low end. Yeah,

Xad 10:13
yeah, I sucked. Like I had no drive. It was the guests one. Yeah, you had Really? I mean, I wasn’t I sucked at it. I sucked it. I did not apply myself either. But

Chance 10:24
yeah, I should have said tuba or

Mike Proctor 10:30

Xad 10:33
Yeah, but no, and yeah, that was like a nice little backhanded. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 10:39
so it’s okay, because I didn’t play shit. Although the drum set is something that I’ve never played one like, I never got to bang out on some drums. And like, for a while, and just kind of bang out. I feel like I’d be okay at it because I used to rip the rock band drum. Yeah,

Xad 10:57
you’d play.

Chance 10:59
Yeah, you know,

Mike Proctor 11:00
I got rid of that shit. So I you know, I think I could do it. I think I can figure it out.

Chance 11:04
That’s the cool thing about a rock band drum set is like it’s pretty much the same thing kind of translate Yeah, it’s not like Guitar Hero.

Mike Proctor 11:12
It was just having that conversation was it was it Cameron I think so. Yeah,

Xad 11:15
cuz he Yeah, cuz he had bought a guitar when they were talking

Mike Proctor 11:19
about the money that’s that’s awesome man though so you were you were pounding and pounding drums in school and fucking This was you know your your shit? Yeah. Um, when did you go to the to the to the found that what is EDM? Basically?

Chance 11:35
Yeah, yeah, you

Mike Proctor 11:36
can call it like when did is that insulting? No, no.

Chance 11:39
Well, it’s kind of like house music and techno is kind of like the oh geez of the dance music. Because then you got like, it just evolved obviously. Like, Yes, it does. And then they just put EDM on it. But

Mike Proctor 11:52
yeah, it is a dance. That is sort of the style, I guess. So techno would probably be the more relatable term for people that don’t really

Chance 11:58
know that we can just see idioms fine.

Mike Proctor 12:01
So, so I’ll settle for that. Yeah.

When did you again come into that?

Chance 12:07
Like, how old were you? I was probably like 2122 so this is after

Mike Proctor 12:15
school and all that you know, after you had had graduated or

Chance 12:20
just lost in the Abyss trying to figure everything out where and when did you go back to California? Like were you out in California when you know, I even moved out to California like a year ago. Oh, nice. Yeah. Okay.

Mike Proctor 12:32
So yeah, when you found that niche what what what was it about it that you were also into?

Chance 12:38
It was just like everyone dancing like no one cared who was watching like the beats and yeah, feel in the end everyone using like, this could just go nuts. Yeah, everyone, like everyone’s so cool. And like, there’s like pretty much like some subculture cuz like, my first time i was a I was on some Miley, and then I was just like, hyped up as hell. And the one guy he has some, like, fancy gloves. And then I was like, hopping up and down. So it was like glows glow on his gloves or something.

Mike Proctor 13:09
Yeah, black light.

Chance 13:10
Yeah, well, kinda Is it like flashes really quick and they can change color real quick. Yeah. And then he was just like, he settled me down. And then he’s like, No, no, let me do it to you. And just like, oh,

Mike Proctor 13:22
shit, okay. For people that are listening. Chances putting on a show. And it was probably so fucking trippy.

Chance 13:32
Yeah, no, I’m

Mike Proctor 13:32
just calling me down, bro. Yeah, call me down.

Chance 13:37
It was it was pretty crazy. But the reason why I got out of the dubstep scene was because I just felt like, it just was a competition on who can get fucked up the most. And I’m like, Yeah, I used to be like that, but I’m like, I just want to groove and dance. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 13:53
no, that’s awesome, man. Um, I think that’s a fucking excellent point, though. things sometimes do especially in that direction. I’ve never been one that resonated with like, who can get the most fucked up at that shit. Never. I was never gonna know I was got way to fuck up. No, bro. I’m not the best. I’m not I really want to be but I’m not. But that’s that’s some wise shit there, brother. Oh, thank you. So So when you say like house music? What? What is that? What it like

Chance 14:28
it was a club in Chicago called the warehouse. And they were just mixing songs together. And then they coined it house music. And then you know, progress and the winner over the UK in the UK came out with acid house and then it’s a lot bigger over in other countries, but I feel like it’s a lot. It’s coming up here because like I hear it on the radio now.

Mike Proctor 14:51
So like the fall on the floor beat when like, um, it’s like a specific genre.

Chance 14:58
Yeah, it’s like four on the floor. tu tu tu tu it’s, it’s it’s pretty much like that steady drumbeat got you and then you just lay down some funky baseline some crazy sense. And

Mike Proctor 15:09
so are you just kind of having fun? Is it more of like a freestyle type of

Chance 15:14
thing? Like when I’m mixing or Yeah, like, yeah, like, Well, no, I like to I like to have like, a, like a set prepared. I tried to do freestyle and I was just like, chit, chit chit, what do I do next? We’re next.

Xad 15:28
There’s only like when you’re doing a show. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 15:30
yeah. But it’s kind of so when you say house music is just kind of, like more of a mood setting. House vibe. Like, it’s not like a like, what I mean, is just people are just flowing like, Yeah, what it is you just use flow, do your thing. And it’s just kind of a constant. Like,

Chance 15:50
yeah, it’s constant. There’s no like,

Mike Proctor 15:52
I feel what you’re laying down.

Xad 15:53
Yeah. It’s described as a style of high tempo electronic dance music. And it says that originated in Chicago with the the warehouse and all that, buddy.

Chance 16:02

Mike Proctor 16:05
The Google said.

Chance 16:07
Fair enough.

Mike Proctor 16:11
Yeah, that’s awesome, man. So you, you you. How long has this been your Michigan?

Chance 16:18
Shit? Probably like four or five years. So when you were when you first kind of came in 2025 right now? We’re done. Yeah. So 21 years old. And so are you creating? Oh, yeah. Yeah, for sure. That’s awesome, man. Yeah. And then Mike next school is I just need to get on get one of my tracks on a record label. And then that will kind of like give me some reputation. Yeah, yeah. That ability. Yeah, exactly. And then, you know, then I’ll be at the club. And then they’ll be like, Oh, he’s on this guy’s this. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 16:48
So yeah, yeah. I mean, that’s very true. You almost don’t even need that. But it certainly does grant you that. Yeah. You know,

Chance 16:56
you’re right. Because I could just draw my own tracks at the club. Yeah, man. I

Mike Proctor 16:59
mean, like, you can have him on the internet. You can do whatever the fuck you want. You know what I mean? Like, you put that shit on YouTube. I need your you know, your gold.

Xad 17:08
What is like? We’ve had some other people who play music on here, like, what’s your creative process with it? I’m, like, sit down at home and the quiet. That always is that always. I always wonder because I play music. Not to your extent, but but,

Chance 17:24
uh, yeah, I usually just, I lay down a drumbeat. And then I just mess around with some baselines.

Xad 17:30
And I’m like, okay, that’s fine. Start getting a feel for it. Yeah.

Chance 17:33
And then I bring in some chords, and I just layer it up after that. And then I just, like, start dissecting it and moving around and making a whole track out of it and changing.

Mike Proctor 17:43
Yeah, exactly. Going. You do so you know, you often going back to rerecord different pieces to

Chance 17:51
Yeah, I try not to Yeah, I try to like, finish most of it in one sitting because I hate to like, go back and work on something unless it’s like something I really love if you’re

Xad 18:01
in a different mindset. And when you go back to try to redo it, it might, you might totally alter it. Right, right. Yeah, no,

Chance 18:07
it’s 100%.

Mike Proctor 18:08
I love that point here. I love that point. Because when I’m certainly there’s certainly a part where I need to you do have to kind of step away and come back and reevaluate things. I feel like that’s whenever I come to like a problem. A lot of times I need to just give it time. But in so in this particular sort of niche, you when you’re in that moment, like if you’re feeling something, you really don’t want to come out of what the zone as

Chance 18:33
yeah. Oh, yeah, right. Well, yeah, let’s call it the zone. So you get your goosebumps and you’re like, Oh, yeah, yeah, this is gonna be good. Yeah. And then that’s all I’m trying to do is just translate what I’m feeling when I make the song and hopefully somebody feels the same way. And then that I think I’ve done a little call. There’s a couple people that like it, but I still need to work on making it clean or so much cleaner. The mixing, mastering and I’m still a newbie, I’m gonna do you have your shit up online and stuff? Yeah, I’m gonna I’m gonna check it. Check it out a lot more. All right, James actually was just in town. It was like, Hey, bro.

Mike Proctor 19:12
I’d love to come on the pod. Fuck Yeah, dude, let’s go. And it’s been Christmas. So like, I’d like to usually I’ll check your shit out before I write. But I did. I was listening one day. I

Chance 19:24
think you’re doing like a live stream or something. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 19:27
And I had popped in for a second but um, I don’t even remember what I was doing or what it was.

Chance 19:32
Yeah. I mean to to somebody who doesn’t like that kind of music. It’s kind of like, repetitive as fuck,

Mike Proctor 19:38
man. It’s a it’s a nice like, I

Xad 19:40
don’t know, it’s about liking. It’s just being familiar with it. Right. You know,

Mike Proctor 19:45
in about your thing about you know, you have a couple people. You know how many people have even attempted to here? Yeah,

Chance 19:50
yeah, you’re right. No, it’s

Mike Proctor 19:51
like something with the show. You know, we’re growing so much like since we started this, I mean, now we got this giant fucking studio. And these dope ass avatars and You know in we used to be on a pop up table in the corner we taught we talked about this a little pop up table storage over here, man, it’s crazy like that, you know? This is that’s perfect. Yeah, it isn’t it, isn’t it? It is the linings nice, you know? Yeah. But um, uh, you know, like it with the show, like, you know, we don’t even know how many people have attempted to hear it yet know if they like it or not. You don’t even fuck you know what I mean? You don’t even know. Yeah, man. I get that shit on the internet. So you get some analytics, then you’ll know, right?

Chance 20:35

Xad 20:36
Get it on? Let us know and we’ll share it and oh, yeah,

Mike Proctor 20:39
I got I got it on Spotify and Oh, yeah. Nice. That’s awesome. I don’t know what you guys um, so So when you’re when you’re playing all every piece of it though yourself every piece of your you know your music.

Chance 20:53
Oh, yeah. You can play guitar. You can play drums. Oh, okay. Now do you do a lot of a synthesizer? You do. Oh, right. Right. Yeah. So.

Mike Proctor 21:00
So are you? What’s that? Like? Like?

Chance 21:03
It’s very complicated at first. Yeah, like a bunch of goggles. Yeah, right. Uh, you’re right, you’re 100% and then once you know like, what, what does your like you can almost you can’t get there until you experiment. Yeah, Eva. Yeah, that was like the biggest, biggest Hill.

Mike Proctor 21:19
So what describe what a synthesizer you know, it’s just like a piano, like, yeah,

Chance 21:23
pretty much and it just modulates a basic sound wave, like a triangle where you’ve got a bunch of different settings and you just kind of play around with them. Yeah, usually start out with like a basic sine wave. And then I just make it into like a nice smooth bass. And then,

Mike Proctor 21:40
so do you know piano? Aha,

Chance 21:42
I wish so much easier. I guess I have this cool thing called Ableton push where it just puts all the notes that I want in the scale. Yep.

Mike Proctor 21:52
And I just do so you use Ableton? Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Chance 21:56
I used to use FL I don’t know if you’re familiar. fl studio.

Mike Proctor 22:00
No, no, no. Yeah, I use a Reaper I’ve ever used. I’ve heard of Reaper have Reapers, very good. It’s not as good as Ableton, like as far as that. But it’s more customizable. You can do a lot with it. So you know, you can use it for music and podcast or you know, whatever. Whatever you want to use it for. Mmm. That’s fucked. That’s fucking cool, though. Man. So you just kind of playing around grooving? Yeah, and put your shit out. Dude, that’s

I love that. Yes,

that’s, uh, that’s what I do now. Oh, yeah. So, um,

Xad 22:30

Chance 22:31

Xad 22:32
I’m sorry to interrupt you. I just looked up. You said we’re classifying it as EDM, even though it’s house music. We’re classifying as EDM. There’s 1.5 billion listeners in the world. That’s a third, third most popular music genre.

Chance 22:46
rapping the first and

Xad 22:48
I’m find that out right now.

Mike Proctor 22:50
Yeah, dude, that’s a big shift. Yeah, um, a lot of people do it. And it’s bigger than just getting fucked up.

Chance 22:59

Mike Proctor 22:59
it’s way bigger than that. It’s all kinds of people. Everything’s kind of starting to mold. You got all this shit and popular music to know. So?

Chance 23:08
Like, I feel like you got to have a dance track on your album now. Like, at least I know Lady Gaga. I know. But she she’d be having those she was before the time to shoot had some dance track. Yeah, back in like 2008. Now, um,

Mike Proctor 23:21
I was actually so we started a newsletter recently and I wrote about or I had read the story and included it in the newsletter. And it was about how music creators now are they kind of shifting their focus to try to get on like Tick Tock and make like shorter catchy or dancey or songs to you know, get featured on tik tok and then should go viral or whatever, because that’s all we listen to now.

Xad 23:47
So it happens man, you go viral and you’re good. Yeah. Pop number one. Rock number number two uprising.

EDM house music. Then you got soundtracks hip hop, rap. And then just singer songwriter just kind of scales down from there. But yeah, pop number wagon. Battle for metal is way down there. 919 percent. Yep.

Chance 24:10
Oh, excuse me. Yeah, that’s a that’s an interesting shit though, man.

Mike Proctor 24:16
So yeah, we uh, is that did you? Have you got any stats on I guess? What would you classify your DJ? Really? That’s really what you do, dude. Yeah, DJ is a production we’ve gone down this road. I was gonna

Xad 24:28
say I think this this is one that’s really tough to because the quantified because you have a low end of it. Where the DJs make next to nothing are practically donating their time all the way up to people who are making what was the one guy’s name makes just who’s like the most popular DJ? Who’s the guy?

Chance 24:45
Oh, yeah, he made he’s a millionaire. Okay, and I’d like to know there’s but we

Mike Proctor 24:50
also found that there come from a lot of unique places like have you ever been to Utah? I have not like I think it was Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City was like one of the biggest areas Or just like music production in general? Really? It was very, it was very strange when we were like, Oh,

Xad 25:05
you look like you How do we how do we figure that out? I

Mike Proctor 25:08
remember someone Someone had wanted to go down this path before. I think we usually like just explore it was. Everybody likes to be TV?

Xad 25:16
I think it was. Yeah, it was t equals t. But Oh, yeah. Stevie Oh, he’s made $30 million. So

Chance 25:22
yeah. And he says he’s legit. He’s like, I know what I’m doing. I go in there, I’ll make a track and I bang it out. You know, I’m like Jesus Christ. Like, good for me. Dude. You’re doing it right.

Xad 25:34
Yeah, fourth, and he’s the fourth highest paid DJ.

Mike Proctor 25:37
So that’s not even what you really do, though, right? Well, not.

Chance 25:43
I mean, that’s what you want to do. That’s it, though. Like, I would just be fine with just playing like some warehouse venues and just making enough money playing my own music. Yeah. And being before the bills. That’s the goal, right? Yeah. I just I don’t want to I don’t need to be one of those frickin crazy, guys. But that’d be cool. For sure. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 26:03
So what are you doing to pay the bills? I work at the oil refinery. You work at an oil refinery. Dude, that’s we were talking about this. Yeah,

Xad 26:11
I blew my mind when that text came through. Oral friends. Damn.

Chance 26:15
Yeah. So

Mike Proctor 26:16
what’s that like?

Chance 26:17
It’s a pretty laid back for the most part Really? kind of intimidating at first though, because you know, you got your walkie talkie calling in the operator asking questions. And then getting your permit to make sure it’s safe to work. And then climbing like 300 foot frickin water towers or Yeah, colker unit fucking bonkers. You do that? Yeah. And then I go in and I just test the flanges and the valves. Make sure that it’s not leaking. I’m gonna so

Mike Proctor 26:47
you do like, maintenance type of stuff. Yeah,

Chance 26:50
yeah, yeah. Yeah, but I don’t actually fix it. I just find it. But yeah, that’s pretty much and then I worked three twelves which is amazing. And complain about them, bang them out, hang them out, and then relax and work on music and then go to the club on the weekend.

Xad 27:06
That’s awesome, man. You just climb in these towers like all day long. Like climb up test this test that test that climb back down. Go to the next 104

Mike Proctor 27:12
controls this tower?

Chance 27:15
Oh, dude, shit, dude. It’s fucking high.

Mike Proctor 27:18
What are you climbing up?

Chance 27:18
What am I climbing a ladder? Like?

Mike Proctor 27:21
Yeah, like, shoot fucking ladder?

Chance 27:22
Yeah, exactly. With like a metal cage. And then sometimes it’s like rotting. And I’m like off.

Mike Proctor 27:29
You give me the heebie jeebies.

Xad 27:31
I know. He does it. He’s like, freaked out. And he’s still doing it.

Chance 27:34
Yeah. Gotta get the job done, baby.

Xad 27:38
That is crazy. How

Mike Proctor 27:39
did you find yourself

Chance 27:40
doing this? Uh, well, my my family. The night house is actually a long line of oil refinery workers. Yeah. My grandpa was a welder. And then my uncle was a I don’t know, he was some pitch in the administrative office. And then my cousin works down in the maintenance warehouse.

Mike Proctor 28:04
So you got in on referral? Yeah, exactly.

Xad 28:08
So do they do like a lot of jobs that I I’ve had, like, you know, you have to do your interview and do little tests and like, do they have you go up and like, look at it. Like, we’ve climbed that mug?

Chance 28:18
A year, but that was after I like do my drug test and get stuck in testing. So I’m like, you know, fuck, why did they why

Mike Proctor 28:26
you were like already in it. So yeah, I was like, I guess I’m climbing.

Xad 28:29
I guess I’m climbing it today.

Mike Proctor 28:30
I’m doing I’m climbing that bitch. Yeah, I’m afraid of heights now.

Chance 28:34
Oh, but they do say they’re like, if you feel uncomfortable. You don’t have to do it. But on second hand, they’re like, get this shit done, dude. Yeah. Like if you ain’t gonna climb you don’t have

Xad 28:43
to do it. But you better do it better.

Mike Proctor 28:45
Find someone that’s good. Oh my gosh, real?

Xad 28:49
Is there a side of scamming and treat? Is there like a harness? Like a little clip?

Chance 28:54
Are you just wrong? Yeah, free climbing. The only protection is like the metal metal ring around you. how’s

Xad 28:59
that gonna do?

Chance 29:01
It’s gonna catch your legs. So you don’t? You’re not gonna fall our butt. Oh, but your leg will get caught and then you’ll go.

Mike Proctor 29:08
Yeah, your leg will be broke. Yeah, it

Chance 29:11
happened before some like 400 pound guy. frickin slip fall leg got stuck in there and just had amputated off. Yeah. And then everyone’s like donating money on, like, at lunch for him. Unless like, that’s so

Xad 29:25
bad. That’s horrible. was he doing climbing those at that way?

Chance 29:28
Good question, man.

Xad 29:30
And how did he climb it that way? is another good question. I feel like

Mike Proctor 29:33
so is this complex offshore?

Chance 29:37
No, it’s onshore we get we get like freights coming in from all over the world. It’s like we got some like crazy signs saying like, you can be searched at any time. And I’m like, Oh, God, I don’t have anything. Scary. Yeah. International Trade waters. I’m like, Yeah,

Mike Proctor 29:59
that’s great. Though

Chance 30:00
yeah I got really lucky.

Mike Proctor 30:02
Yeah yeah

Xad 30:03
it’s a pretty good job

Chance 30:04
yeah a pretty well yeah it does and I got I got a pay for a mortgage to that I got frickin handed down to me because my dad and grandpa passed away so then I put the fucking house so you got the house but that’s what helped me out so much. Is that where you live in? Yeah, I’m going to sell that pitch though. And like cuz I’m just trying to live in an apartment and Ria stress just pay my 100 bucks a month and my utility you got a you got a house given to you in California though. I know it’s pretty Yeah, it’s so nice on the hill and like you can see the bridge and every time I come visit you, bro Yeah. I’m telling I would love cuz I feel like everybody, no matter what your political views are California is fucking beautiful. Oh, man. I

Mike Proctor 30:52
don’t care. But yeah, I have our political views. Well, I

Chance 30:57
know some people least my own family, but it’s there’s a lot more republicans than you think. Oh, this is like anywhere, right? Yeah, Tom seems like

Mike Proctor 31:05
it just depends on where you fucking go. Yeah. What’s all that shit? Finally, you know, dying down a little bit? Yeah. Good. Well, I’m

Xad 31:12
100% down to come hang out with you in California, man. Amazing.

Mike Proctor 31:16
I definitely want to see California for sure. Um, that’s fucking cool, though, man. Uh, you know. I was gonna ask a fun question. I forgot what my question was. I think it was about Kevin. It was about oil refinery. So yeah. So do you work for a company? Yeah,

Chance 31:31
I’m contracted your contract. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 31:33
So you’re your own? You got a you get a 1099 you gotta

Chance 31:37
get your own taxes. No, not like that. Think. Okay, well, you

Mike Proctor 31:41
must work for a company that’s contracted. Yeah,

Chance 31:43
yeah. God, that would suck. Got you ever done that before? Well, I

Mike Proctor 31:47
had heard Yeah, I have, um, it sucks. That’s my worst night. But honestly, it’s, it’s the way you got to do it. Yeah. That’s how you really, if you want to make the money. Yeah, that way you you get paid before the government does? That’s, that’s kind of nice. Yeah, you know, you can pay them three times a year, whatever, four times a year. Um, I was I had read this thing that a lot of oil workers are there I was, I listened to it on my podcast, um, their contractors. And so they typically this is I think pertains to a lot of people who work out offshore. Okay, so they’re typically contracted because the company doesn’t want to employ them. So they get the workers go out there. And they just get paid a fat stack. And the the idea on the podcast was a business idea. There’s this website that does all your, like accounting, and you can get benefits and just kind of manages your work income or you,

Xad 32:44
for people 99 right.

Mike Proctor 32:45
So that you know, you’re not getting typically Alright, so yeah, so typically, you know, these guys are out here on business fucking majors, like they don’t know, you know, half the, you know, shit, like me, give me a wrench. And I know I need money. So you know, um, and we’ll figure all that out so they can get kind of hosed out by the government a little bit too. If you think about it. Probably, you know, if they don’t know what they’re doing. Because that’s a fucking whole complicated bunch of bullshit.

Chance 33:10
But yeah, that’s that’s why I asked if you were you know, if you were like your own contractor, or if you know thing. Yeah, that just sounds like another headache. But you got to do it, though.

Mike Proctor 33:19
Sounds like you’re living the dream, though. Bruh. Little bit.

Chance 33:22
I mean, trying to pick up some let’s do

Mike Proctor 33:26
that’s what matters. Yeah. Are you making progress? Like, yeah,

Chance 33:29
that’s about time. gravy. Yeah. Thank you. And then yeah, and then the club owners and all the DJs there. And they like, they respect me and everything. So yeah, that’s how they always are giving me like to awesome, great relationship. Exactly. And like making me not feel like a POS. Which is awesome.

Xad 33:49
The crowds the play to like, how many people are in it? Oh,

Chance 33:53
we’ll see. When we first started up. We could have people in there and started out like, you know, yeah, think about that. Think about so it’s a live streams, but for the first three weeks, we went there. It was like 12 people then was like 20 people and then it was like 30 people in the third week. And like the third week, I’m like, Damn, dude, like in bigger. Yeah. And it’s awesome. Yeah, that got cut short, but 2020 what

Xad 34:16
cut what cut a short

Chance 34:18
a donor.

Xad 34:22
Oh, man, I totally totally forgot for like, a couple minutes there. I was living in a pandemic.

Chance 34:29
That’s how you get in the bunker.

Mike Proctor 34:30
Yeah, that’s from being on the pod. Yeah, that fucking sucks. But Amy, you know, I got the opportunity. That’s, you’re building another you’re building another very possible avenue that you probably needed to explore anyways, which was the online platform. So right, true that Yeah, you know, it’s if anything, there’s there’s silver lining. I mean, um, yeah, that’s fucking sweet though. Man. what’s the what’s the name of the club that you’re in? You know, we’re a couple of clubs that you that you pop at Broadway, Broadway. Where’s it at?

Chance 35:04
It’s in Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek, California.

Yeah, it’s like in this kind of the D town, but they’re the only club that plays house music in the East Bay. And so it’s like, That’s fucking golden. Yeah. It was like, it kind of worked out. So

Mike Proctor 35:19
well. Yeah, that’s awesome. Um, okay, so I’m very curious. I like to give like to dive into the kind of lifestyle stuff of what you do and how you’re doing it. So how do you eat and how do I how is your diet? Is your diet pretty good? especially being out in California? Because Do you eat a lot of fast food? Do you cook at home a lot? Do you? You know what I mean? Shit, bro.

Chance 35:44
like garbage? Yeah, I suck. Dude. It’s horrible. It’s

Mike Proctor 35:48

Chance 35:49
It’s so hard, dude. And then it’s just like, yeah. Then you then you step on the scale. And you’re like, you piece of shit. Yeah, yeah.

Xad 36:00
It’s funny.

Chance 36:01

Mike Proctor 36:03
But so if you’re with Oh, what’s this?

Xad 36:04
This is this is where the Broadway closes right? Oh, my by it

Chance 36:08
is that I think if you go to the left a little bit more. Yeah. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 36:13
I love the architecture.

Xad 36:15
Yeah, that’s a cool spot. Man is I can see you say a little bit of an op ed town. I got you. Yeah. picking that up. By the way. That lady’s dress.

Mike Proctor 36:24
It reminds me of Grand Rapids a little bit. Yeah, yeah. In this little nice sheet or this little. This little kind of part here got a Jaguar right

Xad 36:31
here. And we get some heels right there. Have

Mike Proctor 36:33
you ever been to Grand Rapids?

Chance 36:34
Uh, yeah. Once or twice, bro. You would love it there You should go check them they got that pub down the brewery don’t they? They got a couple of them to couple.

Mike Proctor 36:43
The Bob dude the Bob

Xad 36:46
and Bob is when you take top is awesome.

Mike Proctor 36:49
But up on the hill is kind of like this like as you go up that way.

Chance 36:53
Right? Yeah, then like they have like the the two fire house stores. So like, you know, you can pull them up. And then you can just hide over there.

Mike Proctor 37:02
Yeah, those okay. This is uh, this is the Broadway Yeah. Nice. Dude. That’s a fucking dope. Yes, please.

Xad 37:08
That is a second.

Chance 37:09

Mike Proctor 37:11
So if you’re, if you’re eating my garbage, what do you eat?

Chance 37:15
I usually some big macs.

Mike Proctor 37:19
So, so the Quick, quick way easy. Yeah,

Chance 37:21
but you know, sometimes I doordash me some sushi. Like, you know, make me feel better about myself. You’re dashing it though. Yeah, I will. I don’t got a car. I know.

Mike Proctor 37:33
Oh, damn. Okay, how

Chance 37:34
do you get around bike it or walk? No, my thankfully, my cousin’s picked me up every morning.

Xad 37:39
They work the same spot as you. Yeah. Okay,

Chance 37:41
so we’re so perfect. Yeah, that’s

Mike Proctor 37:43
lucky. That’s awesome, dude. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Your your is it tough to get around? Like, is it real bad traffic and shoot where you are? No,

Chance 37:51
not at all. It was pretty good. Yeah. Because, I mean, if you go down, like 1520 minutes down to San Francisco way. They’re just getting condense

Xad 38:02
packed in. So you’re

Chance 38:04
When’s the last time you cooked in? cooked and shit? Probably cooked in? Probably like a week ago. would you would you eat? We made we boiled up some crab.

Xad 38:16
How far down? That’s like, crap, man.

Mike Proctor 38:21
Whose week you live?

Chance 38:22
I got a roommate. Yeah. Yeah, that’s cool. Yeah, he’s cool. And then he’s got his kid with them too.

Mike Proctor 38:29
Oh, right on.

Xad 38:30

Chance 38:31

Xad 38:32
so crazy. He’s just out there in California just doing it.

Mike Proctor 38:35
Yeah, man. Like, sweet. Yeah.

Chance 38:36
You know, it’s

Mike Proctor 38:38
funny. I think it’s funny. Because when so when you decided to go to California, was it because you got a house and all that and no,

Chance 38:43
I honestly was just, uh, my, my aunt She. She kind of has she has a lot of money and she started this marijuana business. I was cultivating her own or gotcha. So I went down there thinking yeah, I’m gonna do it’s gonna be so much fun. I get that she’s like, yeah, they shut us down. Like you couldn’t tell told me that? Like, I

Xad 39:08
quit my job.

Chance 39:13
For real,

Mike Proctor 39:15
but that’s that’s kind of what I was hoping for. Because Because you kind of went on a whim Really? Yeah. And you know, you had a plan but that plan fucking fell apart. It’s just funny how people will figure out what the fuck we need to do to to make you know joke to just

Xad 39:30
like, you had you had

Mike Proctor 39:32
a plan that fell through our whole fucking families and move to Mexico. And we would make it work. We just figured I would figure it would be fucking weird, but we can

Chance 39:40
Mexico be cool.

Mike Proctor 39:42
That would become normal. Well, actually,

Xad 39:44
he went out there to grow marijuana. And now he’s climbing 300 foot towers.

Mike Proctor 39:52
Have you heard her mountain? The hell? You know where? Humboldt County? Okay, are you by Humboldt County?

Chance 39:57
No, that’s North Yeah, a couple miles. Yeah. Miles Come on out a couple of hours

Mike Proctor 40:03
a couple miles in the in the Midwest. A couple of ways. Yeah. Did you watch it?

Xad 40:11
Oh, yeah, yeah, no, I’m watching it right now. Yeah, this is crazy as hell. No recommended to me like six times and I was like, finally I was like, I gotta watch this just he’s gonna call me out again. And I watched him in series.

Mike Proctor 40:24
Yeah, it’s a documentary. Yeah, it’s great. Really cool.

Xad 40:27
It’s literally like, as you describe, like these hippies in California, back in the day, they’re like, Hey, we’re gonna grow some weed out here because it’s really rural. And there’s not a real massive police force. And that they got pushed out. And, like, basically, thugs came in and took it over. And now that or, I guess not now what at time of filming? You know, it’s just so strange. It’s, yeah. Oh, definitely a couple years within I think 2017 is like when it’s the filming is taking place. Yeah, but it’s just tons of like, 20 murders a year in like, this little rural county with a small population. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 41:06
it’s it’s like its own militia out there.

Xad 41:09
Like, literally, cops are rolling up here. And people are like, on quads and shit. Like, don’t come any farther. Or eat off Milan. Yeah, it’ll happen. And the cops are like, All right. Good point. It’s crazy. But good show. Definitely check it out. And I will for sure.

Mike Proctor 41:27
Um, how’s your how’s your sleep?

Chance 41:30
asleep? You

Mike Proctor 41:31
get the horrible Do you get have a regular sleep schedule?

Chance 41:34
Yeah, I try to go to sleep at 10 but it’s like I have a problem falling asleep but staying asleep. Just like up tossing and turning. Yeah, like grind my teeth to what so are you you’re out you trying to Are you out of 10 guy every night. On You said you’re if you’re going out to the to perform and work the club. You’re you got to be up late. Yeah, like, yeah, I usually sleep pretty good on those nights. But I feel like that’s the booze and alcohol. Yeah, but that’s not even really good sleep if like yeah, even with that. Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. What?

Mike Proctor 42:07
Are you gonna wake up tired?

Xad 42:09
What time do you go into your your normal job? A 530 by 30? Yeah. So you are like, Damn, you are both ends of the spectrum. You have a early morning job. Yeah. And then your other job is like the opposite. Which is your weekend job. Right? Yeah, but damn, that is that’s opposite ends of the spectrum. Yeah, for sure.

Chance 42:29
I’m just glad like the having that was a four day weekend. Really? Kinda. Yeah. lets

Mike Proctor 42:36
you balance it out. Yeah,

Chance 42:37
for sure. I could take a good day or two.

Mike Proctor 42:40
That is super, super nice.

Chance 42:42
Yeah, it’s wild.

Mike Proctor 42:44
So but when you’re so when you’re going into like, perform what time are you typically heading now?

Chance 42:49
Get there at six. Do you do like what? soundcheck and probably all Yeah. Make sure it’s all good. Yeah. starter, and then drink frickin booze. Get up, get on the hoverboard and just cruise around the venue and Yes, sir Dude, it’s like the one Gary the one guy. He’s not the owner. But he’s friends with the owner. And he’s like, he sets everything up. He’s like, this is our clubhouse man. We do the fuck we will. Yeah. Okay. That’s, that’s awesome. Yeah. It’s like we’re starting to become like a family.

Mike Proctor 43:23
There’s an art of entertainment to excuse me out of entertainment to what? what you got to do to right?

Chance 43:29
Oh, yeah, like when you’re up there?

Mike Proctor 43:31
You’re hyping up?

Chance 43:31
Exactly. You gotta be like, you gotta Enjoy your music that you’re playing.

Xad 43:36
Yeah. You got to read the read the crowd as well also, yeah,

Chance 43:39
same diggin you. Yeah, you can’t jiggy. jiggy all you

Mike Proctor 43:45
know brothers guy,

Chance 43:47
guys a week.

Mike Proctor 43:49
So if you’re if you’re cranked out you know after you perform every every night or every other night every once a weekend. Yeah. Every every other weekend.

Chance 44:00
Every every weekend every weekend. I don’t know when it starts opening up. how that’s gonna change.

Mike Proctor 44:04
Yeah, but back when you were

Chance 44:06
Oh, yeah. Like really getting every every other weekend every other one like people were coming in.

Mike Proctor 44:11
And then what you probably went up there on your other weekends anyways, and seen the rest of the scene? Exactly.

Chance 44:17
I went up there when I didn’t play just to show my face and be like, Yo, I’m here, man. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 44:23
like, let’s let’s do it. Uh huh. Yeah, that’s its way to do man. Right? Got to live it. Or do it you know?

Chance 44:30
No excuses. That’s one thing I hate about I’ve had plenty of friends be like yeah, I’m gonna I’m gonna do I’m gonna make music. I don’t talk about be about it, man. Jesus. Yeah. But I it is fun talking about it’s cool

Xad 44:44
about it, but don’t complain. You’re not gonna actually do it. No.

Chance 44:49
Don’t make excuses. I hate excuses. I like Yeah, no, no time for them.

Mike Proctor 44:55
So if you’re if you’re performing all night, right, you get home What? Three, four? Yeah, on a normal day.

Chance 45:00
But since then we’re doing live students I get home around like probably midnight or one. Because it usually Sure.

Mike Proctor 45:08
Um, if you, you know, so you’re zonk until the next day do it all over again.

Chance 45:14
I would if I was the if they hadn’t if I was scheduled for sure. Yeah. 100% Give me some Red Bull. I can bang it out a couple shots of Jamie and I’ll be ready.

Xad 45:28
He’s like, it’s so crazy here. I’m talking about this and like, in a work aspect. Like I get a little lit. And then let’s rock. Let’s go.

Mike Proctor 45:37
Amen. If that ends Oh, yeah, if you can make that your job. That’s

Xad 45:41
a life

Chance 45:42
just fucking Wow, bro. It wouldn’t. And I just feel like touring all over the country. It’d be so awesome. William. Oh, yeah.

Mike Proctor 45:49
Yeah, what’s Have you had a moment yet? Where? You You know it was your onstage performance performing and just fuckin like goosebumps. Like,

Chance 45:58
oh, yeah, like all the time every day. I’m making it. Yeah. Made it that type of feeling. Yeah, no, like, there’s certain tracks I play where it’s just like, it’s like, there’s just way this is one guy he samples JFK is like, we go to the moon not because it’s easy, but because it is hard. And then he just repeats that and I just build that up and I’m like, Dude, this is 100% you do it because it’s not easy, but it’s hard and it’s worth it.

Mike Proctor 46:25
You got that in your set like currently

Chance 46:27
Yeah, I that was like a couple of my was like two weeks ago.

Mike Proctor 46:31
So you’re you’re ripping that on line right now. Like oh, yeah, it’s

Chance 46:37
online. Yeah, it’s on the twitch but it would suck what sucks about switches? They don’t they let you play the whole thing. Every song while it’s live, but when it’s over with all the songs are copyrighted and they cut out, huh? Yeah, but that that there was a good chunk though. Where it wasn’t so I was happy

Mike Proctor 46:56
is so is Twitch. Is that a free service? Yeah, you just sign up and you can stream?

Chance 47:01
Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve never used it or something though. Like, yeah, I’m

Mike Proctor 47:04
sure you always can. Right. It’s always something.

Xad 47:08
Pretty sure you could pay if you want it. Yeah. Like

Mike Proctor 47:11
you want to pay.

Like 100,000 other people do that? Um, yeah, that’s awesome. No, man. So you’re Are you on twitch? Are you doing like every weekend right now or every

Chance 47:25
Yeah, every week regularly? Yeah, every week. Can we use last weekend though? It was kind of different. We had a was Kayla’s birthday on he was he’s friends with the owner and he he’s the one that set up. He bought the sound system. He set up the house night. And because he wanted to bring the San Francisco vibes over here. Yeah. So it was his birthday. And it was so chilled. It was just like they bought pizza. And then all her friends came over and there’s like girls and guys and fucking it was just like, it was fun. Yeah. And then they had this business party. And they came out and they started dancing a little bit and it was a good time it was Yeah, but we did a livestream that one No, but we’re like hella paranoid for like poles the poles the windows make sure that yeah well, we’re just banging out house music

Xad 48:26
to address

Mike Proctor 48:28
those guys got more than what’s what’s the law there? You have more than what was ours 10 I don’t even know if it’s still that way. I don’t even know where to go. We have 10 people or something. Yeah, I

Chance 48:37
don’t even I don’t even know I know that. It had because we were not considered a business at the time. We were doing a live stream for charity right so we kind of owe lip loophole type thing. But

Mike Proctor 48:50
um that’s that’s awesome. Oh bro. Yeah, I’m stoked for you. What else you been up to? What else you do in your

Chance 48:57
spare time my spare time ship? Well not work on ship. Just work on ship. I used to go fish and a lot. But man this fuck I don’t catch anything down there.

Xad 49:08
Thank you very much. I quit fishing. I fucking I had to give up. That she gets annoying. Yeah, this is you try you grow

Mike Proctor 49:16
me. You’re going fishing again. Next year. Yeah. Next

Xad 49:19

Chance 49:19
Where are you going? Oh, is

that is that how you were doing it before? No. I

Xad 49:23
mean, I was trying all over the place. I had like a really good summer. And like my parents live on the river and Byron Okay, I had a great summer and I felt like every time I cast the fucking pole I’d catch a fish and I just my my lack of dedication to it I guess the next summer I was like, Oh efficients looking easy. I’m just gonna go everywhere catch everything every time I cast and then I went out and like you know, tried that whole summer and I’m just I’m boycotting I’m kind of pissed off. Yes, sour about it, but but I do have a boat. And it’s it was down to pretty much the end of this whole summer but But next time around. I’ll catch something. Oh, you

Mike Proctor 50:02
got you got if you’re gonna go out we’ll probably go out. I’m gonna go out I don’t even like fishing and you’re gonna be like go fishing. Yeah, definitely. We’ll do it. We’ll catch shit and we’ll be pissed. Yeah,

Chance 50:12
yeah do it is it’s just like bro

Mike Proctor 50:14
I seen this thing we can buy this thing for 100 bucks. It’s like a fish lure and you toss it I think it sinks to the bottom and it attracts fish it like puts off a sound that I think is like a meeting sound or some I can’t I seen on Shark Tank, but but it’ll attract fish to the area. It’s like, you know, quantum sign and then

Xad 50:33
and then you toss your lures and on top of that, okay,

Mike Proctor 50:35
we’ll catch everything. 100 bucks.

Xad 50:39
I will cheat like nobody’s business makes me feel good.

Mike Proctor 50:42
That’s what I was thinking when he was like giving us. I mean, yeah, but it’s kind of cheating.

Xad 50:47

Chance 50:48
Yeah, I’d rather cheat. I just want to fight. That’s all. I just want a couple good fights yet. See? That’s a good

Xad 50:53
yeah. So where are you fishing in the ocean?

Chance 50:56
Yeah, in the bay.

Xad 50:57
You catch a big ship. Catch it.

Chance 50:59
I caught one fish out of the whole summer. And it was like a big one. Yeah. Yeah, four and a half. Yes. I mean, like, you. We didn’t take it home because we like yeah, by I mean, it’s fucking won’t catch someone won’t catch like a sturgeon or something. Yeah,

Xad 51:21
that’s what I’m saying. Dude, Florida, and I was like, I was like a work thing. And I was like, having my little sandwich by the water. And it’s like a big ass like, but, Doc, I’m sitting there eating. I think people feed the fish a lot where I was at in Orlando. And this this fish that swam up was this fucking long as I am. Like, I was like, holy shit. Like scared me. freaked me out. I got up I got away from the war. I’m like, I don’t

Chance 51:47
know. Did you want to have your poll with you?

Xad 51:48
So no, I was just sitting there eating his fucking sandwich. Up me dude.

Chance 51:52
Like, like an alligator? No.

Mike Proctor 51:56
Bro, I seen a fucking video the other day. It was a cheetah drinking out of a like a lake. And a fucking Gator came out a goddamn Cheetah and grabbed it right by his head pulled into the lake is a big ass Gator too.

Chance 52:09
Yeah, that’s one thing. I’m scared about Florida, bro.

Mike Proctor 52:11
Yeah, yeah, for sure. They got do but when we when we went down there, one of the funny things was there’s like and I don’t know this to be true, but there’s like a bunch of little lagoons and lakes and wetlands all over by the roads. And they have netting up to like probably keep the critters out. and such. And there’s it’s like safety fence. You know, like the plastic like, plant almost checker fence type of stuff. And they have that all over the roads. And I was like, maybe just imagine hitting a fucking alligator. You know, we hit deer up here. We hit a fucking alligator. You probably want to kill it or like a giant turtle just takes your car.

Xad 52:47
It’s funny. Like he talked about that because literally the two times that we went to Florida together once we almost hit was an armadillo. A crane. Crane bingo a flamingo there’s almost we almost fucking smoked a flamingos that

Mike Proctor 53:00
was driving in a rental car. Yeah. Fucking Flamingo it just like mosey it out onto the street. It did not like

Xad 53:06
it looked over at me like just chill. And I was like,

Mike Proctor 53:09
Look, I almost stopped. Yeah,

Xad 53:10
I was wacky. And the first time we met it was an armadillo or some kind of

Mike Proctor 53:15
it was an armadillo forgot about

Chance 53:16
Yeah, killed it.

Xad 53:17
No, no, he killed it. He almost killed it like two times both times almost murdered a weird ass and armadillo. Yeah. used to

Mike Proctor 53:26
do the Flamingo just like mean mugged us though. Yeah, fucking stood there.

Xad 53:29
Yeah, filmmaker was gangster. He was not worried about what we’re about to do.

Mike Proctor 53:35
He seen many people, many flamingos die. Yeah, yeah, right. He’s like, take me What? Anything else may you get up into California? You want Netflix? Netflix?

Chance 53:47
Netflix. I’m not a Hulu guy.

Mike Proctor 53:49
What are you watching right now?

Chance 53:51
What am I watch? What I like watching like some anime. And oh yeah, there’s this like Japanese. But with real people, and then it’s like the end of the world and they have to play a game to stay alive. And I forgot the name of it’s pretty good.

Mike Proctor 54:06
You ever played d&d?

Chance 54:07
Now? I would love to.

Mike Proctor 54:10
I was too bad you don’t live out here man.

Chance 54:12
Yeah, are you are you trying to master Yes.

Mike Proctor 54:15
Are you really I’m the dungeon man.

Chance 54:16
No shit dude. I’ve always wanted to play Oh man. All right,

Mike Proctor 54:20
I’ll hook up with you something we should we can play virtually

Chance 54:23
Yeah. Oh, really? Okay, go Yeah, you guys.

Xad 54:26
It was a

Mike Proctor 54:27
it’s a little it’s a little out of the loop. But if you really want to play like absolutely you could do it. Yeah,

Chance 54:32
I always thought it was like interesting. Yeah, that’s that’s being

Xad 54:35
modest too. He like literally check out the last episode was the last episode we I’m starting a campaign like I started his own like design the world and everything. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 54:43
the world right now and I’m gonna start a I’m gonna turn it into a show. I’m gonna make it into a podcast. Oh,

Chance 54:48
have you watched that on twitch? What

Mike Proctor 54:50
Greg roll. Uh, you’re talking about critical role? Probably the d&d podcast.

Chance 54:55
Yeah. Well, it’s the show the show. Yeah. And they actually play it.

Mike Proctor 54:59
You’re talking about critical Okay, do voices. I try. I’m not super

Chance 55:03
good at good. That’s all I got. I tried that one. They do the voice. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 55:07
Those are all voice actors, though. Oh, are they really? Yeah. Oh yeah, they’re there. They’re crazy. But um, yeah, that is cuz usually anyway, if you watch anime you’re into like storytelling and stuff like that. Yeah. So it’s a it’s usually a good DND bet. Yeah. We wouldn’t seen the planetarium this morning. Wouldn’t seen the Christmas show. But at the planetarium, and up in Flint. Oh, Paul, like the stars. It’s a light show. Oh, it’s a big giant light show. So you go in there and they had cosmic Christmas. And there is a bunch of

Xad 55:40
Christmas songs. Yeah, Christmas songs with crazy lights. Crazy, crazy lights. It’s

Mike Proctor 55:45
like a light show. That shows it was

Xad 55:48
super fun. Maybe a little sick to my stomach when some of they were really getting after it. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 55:53
it was a little overwhelming.

Xad 55:55
Yeah, I’m totally down to go in there and sit and just haven’t put stars up there. And talk about stars. Yeah, want to see that. That’s a little bit more my speed and my old age now at this point. A little bit more how you brought the kids right?

Chance 56:07
Oh, yeah. How they like it. They were they were like, now that she was cool. Yeah, there

Mike Proctor 56:11
it was. They were into it. My two year old was like, Look, the kids could handle it better than me. Yeah.

Xad 56:17
I literally told I told Rachel that. We got in the car. I was like I close my eyes for too much. Like I was like, and I looked I kept like looking over my daughter like she’s not having like a seizure. Nothing. wide open. Just ribbon and just, you know, reindeer. It was fun. It was a good time. Thank you for that. By the way. That was a fun Christmas.

Mike Proctor 56:41
Those are Yes. Present nice. My wife do my wife gets the best press.

Xad 56:45
She’s good at it.

Mike Proctor 56:46
She’s good at it. Um, well, shit, man. So I got one. Okay, one last question for you. Before we, before we wrap it up here. Let me start asking everybody this I think I’ve only asked a couple people or one person. So and this can be deep. If your life were to go perfect From now on, what would that look like? From now on, like we’ve already kind of talked about a little bit.

Chance 57:10
Yeah, it would be like just making music that everybody likes, and then climbing up the ranks of producers and DJs and then going to festivals and being on mainstage and this mixing my music 20,000 people dropping your own shit, man. Yeah. It’s all about the process, too. Yeah, exactly. You can’t rush it. Yeah, enjoy the ride.

Mike Proctor 57:34
You just got to grind it out and do what you’re doing and it sounds like you’re doing all the right things, bro. So well thank you if that’s any validation it is just fucking keep down that track and we go hit that we’re gonna share the fuck out of all your shit. So without

Chance 57:49
I will surely

Xad 57:51
come to California sometime. Yes. and hang out.

Mike Proctor 57:55
For real for real?

Chance 57:56
Well, the venue. Guys are like that, but

Mike Proctor 57:58
we can do it not really that famous from from California most session that night don’t put ourselves into any niche. We can pretty much go anywhere and get down. Yeah, like, it’s you know, it’s kind of weird. Like we go we like football. We’re about to go We’ll go rip it up at a club. We one time we went to a gay club in Grand Rapids. And

Xad 58:19
that was so much fun.

Chance 58:22
Playing a lot of the house music Yeah,

Xad 58:25
yes. There is so much fun. We What was it called?

Mike Proctor 58:28
That place was popping more than anywhere else.

Xad 58:30
It was we’re waiting on how to party. We had no idea. No idea why didn’t even know we’re waiting in line. We’re just kind of like, and then we’re like, Damn, these men’s bathrooms are busy a shit the one Lewin’s one’s fucking empty. Like, wait a minute.

Chance 58:44
Look around assless chaps Yeah,

Xad 58:46
there’s like seven women in here.

Mike Proctor 58:48
No, that’s exactly what happened. Yeah, walk we’d walk through the dance floor to get to the restroom. Yeah. And we had gone in and we were standing there for a minute and then we, you know, I had to go pee and walk over the restroom. Announce What the fuck are we? And then as I come out of the bathroom, they’re like, LGBTQ. I was like, Oh, yeah, that

Xad 59:12
was a good as a fun night though.

Mike Proctor 59:14
Oh, yeah, dude, we there was like bunch of nice people. We like made friends. I don’t remember. Anything.

Xad 59:19
I remember any names. But I remember the people.

Mike Proctor 59:21
They’re all friendly.

Xad 59:23
They’re all friendly.

Mike Proctor 59:24
No bad. doodoo Yeah. But uh, well, shit, man.

Chance 59:29
I got I guess you can ask you this out of the out of the podcast buyers found out what made you want to do this? Because I had I know, like, I had a reason for doing house. But I would like to know what yours was. Um,

Mike Proctor 59:42
you know, really, like, I got to a point where I just wanted to do something. And I had wanted to do a podcast for a long time. Actually, if you listen to my episode, where I’m the interview he three

Xad 59:55

Mike Proctor 59:57
32 Yeah, um, if I kind of talk a lot about Alright,

well, I’ll watch the

whole journey of of this, but I just I, we got to a point where I was like, I just want to fucking do something. I want to do this. And I just started doing it. And I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. At first. I had no idea. I didn’t have a name for it. I was like, No, man, I’m just doing it on the pond. I just kind of figured it out as I went and it’s fun. And I loved it. And after like the first time I was sitting with Jake Murph, which is my wife’s brother. He helped me kind of start this. After we talked as a cat that was fun. Like that was fun as fuck. And then we got like, bad and we got my other buddy and we got a couple other people. We kept doing them kept doing it every time we do them. Like this was fuckin awesome. Yeah, so much fun was and we’re like, like,

Chance 1:00:45
that was just so much.

Mike Proctor 1:00:47
So we just now we got this

Xad 1:00:48
joy, like,

Chance 1:00:50
for real? And it’s nice to just talk with people to you.

Xad 1:00:53
That’s one of the best parts about it is Dude, I had no idea. You know, going to school. Have you grown up with you? One I remember. He was like, a redheaded rock kid. Yeah, that’s that’s what I remember. Mike texted me today. He’s like, oh, boy, work lives in California works on an oil refinery. And does house music come like? Like, what the heck, man? Are you kidding me? And that is to sit down for like an hour and just get to know somebody on a different level. Like, it’s just really fun.

Mike Proctor 1:01:23
That’s what it always is. To where like, No shit about you. Right? Right. Like I really didn’t, you know? Yeah. Well, thank

Chance 1:01:30
you for having me. Yeah, real dude. I want next time I come out. I hope I can come back on.

Mike Proctor 1:01:34
Let us know. Man. You guys can fit me in. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Well, we’ll fit you in. All right. Appreciate it. Well, um, so we’d like to do shoutouts you got anybody want a shout out before?

Chance 1:01:45
Yeah, I would like to shout out a Sean space music. Okay, one of my friend DJs. And I know I had a business. Does he have like an Instagram? Yeah, yeah. Sean bass on Instagram. Sean space music. Yeah, I’ll link him up in my Alright, shirt. Oh, yeah. And then um, can you link up I forgot my friend Megan code. She does these like she knits these hyatts but forgot the

Mike Proctor 1:02:12
Is it like handcrafted goods? Yes. Making Yeah. What what kind of hats are they?

Chance 1:02:18
They’re like a knitted beanies. Love’s? Oh, yeah. Right. Oh, yeah. I don’t know. Byron, right.

Xad 1:02:23
Yeah, I know that name. Yeah, no, show that name. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 1:02:27
Absolutely. So does she makes them all herself and yeah. Okay. Does she wear like, Where does she do her business? Do you know?

Chance 1:02:34
Ah, let’s see.

He probably didn’t

Xad 1:02:38
get all that for us.

Chance 1:02:39
I will. I will. Yeah, cuz I want it Yeah.

Mike Proctor 1:02:42
So shout out to Megan entered. What do you know the name for store? Yeah, see?

Chance 1:02:47
I just know she got one. And, guys. We’re

Mike Proctor 1:02:49
gonna have some fuckin handcrafted.

Chance 1:02:52
Pretty much. Oh, yeah. And just check out my Instagram and Facebook. What’s your music and I house music house music? Yeah,

Mike Proctor 1:03:00
I’ll link up all the all the good stuff in the description for anybody who’s listening. Appreciate it. Um, what was that? What do we talk?

Xad 1:03:07
We started out where chance was from Mark Martinez Martinez. Born right. Yeah, yep. Yep. It’s surely after that. He moved to a small small town life in Byron, Michigan. where so many of us are from house music. Give us a quick breakdown. house music from Chicago Illinois. Yeah, no. And, and the debate is it? Is it? Is it? Yes. In the warehouse in Chicago, that’s where that’s where it started out from. Would you say SoundCloud?

Chance 1:03:36
Some SoundCloud and Spotify and Apple Music, but I don’t know who uses Siri on though.

Mike Proctor 1:03:43
I use apple.

Chance 1:03:44
Oh, you’re an apple guy. Yeah, okay. Respect.

Xad 1:03:48
The Broadway club,

Mike Proctor 1:03:48
right? Yeah,

Xad 1:03:49
that’s it out of what city?

Chance 1:03:51
A walnut tree Walnut Creek

Xad 1:03:53
long Creek

Chance 1:03:54
California ever in California. Check it out. For sure, man.

Xad 1:03:57
And then I mean, always gotta go Netflix murder mountain shout out to them you know good stuff.

Mike Proctor 1:04:04
Twitch, twitch Yeah.

Xad 1:04:05
Is it is it or is it not?

Mike Proctor 1:04:10
Anyone can ever can ever twitch he set up in stream? Yeah. Do you ever do any other streaming?

Chance 1:04:14
I used to do like stream Rocket League.

Mike Proctor 1:04:17
Yeah, no shit. Yeah,

Xad 1:04:18
I fucking love that game.

Mike Proctor 1:04:19
It’s the best we use good. What

Xad 1:04:21
do you plan?

Chance 1:04:22
I place yes for you. Okay,

Xad 1:04:24
I’m gonna hit you up on that. Yeah. Well, I play that in Florida where the Gators are flamingos and the armadillos in the critical role gonna get chance into some DND right? Yes,

Mike Proctor 1:04:39
I’ll do that. I’ll definitely will man but

Xad 1:04:41
not really that dangerous, right? dangerous. Oh, that’s my name. I

Mike Proctor 1:04:45
can’t Oh, I gave him like a preview of the world and stuff too. All right. Um god damn it. I was gonna say something I was well check out all chances. Shit. Um, You know, we’re gonna we’re gonna support you guys. Everyone go give them a like for me. Um, and let’s support our fellow people. content creators, bro.

Chance 1:05:07
Right on

Xad 1:05:09
our far this traveling guest 2000 miles. Artist man.

Chance 1:05:12
Yes, sir. I came just for this.

Xad 1:05:18
Thank you.

Mike Proctor 1:05:20
Well, thank you, man. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. James niehaus. Do now how’s

your good?

Xad 1:05:29

Chance 1:05:31
Killer dude.

Mike Proctor 1:05:32
Thank you guys for listening. That was such an awesome episode again. What an incredible guest. I’m so excited. I’m so glad chanc made the time to come on the show. I know you guys. We didn’t really talk. We talked about a little bit in the beginning but um, I got these awesome Christmas gifts this year. Um, they’re sweet. I’m gonna post a picture of something but my wife is the best there. Cool. So thanks, Danielle. Little avatars from the inside.

Xad 1:05:56
Oh, yeah, you showed me that I was like dang I know man.

Mike Proctor 1:05:59
So awesome. Um, once again thank you guys for listening. Remember if you liked the show, hit the subscribe button for us you know check out our ship like our ship chair ship and all that good stuff we appreciate it more than you know I’m gonna again I’m gonna link up a chance to stuff go follow him support him toss likes on all this stuff. He’s awesome dude, salt of the earth like he is genuinely a good guy really genuinely a happy guy. And it was really we we propitiated talking to him. I enjoyed that so very much. Um, thank you guys for listening. It’s just next time on really famous. Today’s episode of the podcast was brought to you by 14. Everyone’s all obsessed with which brand of protein supplements they use, it can be hard to decide which is which is good for you. fo teen is here to make that easy. Protein is the protein supplement that helps your body restock on refined sugars and carbohydrates. While you’ve been dieting and eating your whole foods. They use all generic ingredients artificially created in the lab or making sure they contain high fructose corn syrup. If you’re sick of hearing about everyone’s protein supplements, check out fo teen today to up your game. Sign up at fotini comm that’s f au X 10. Use the promo code chunk to save 25% off your first order. That’s ch un k people. We’re also brought to you by TP MD. Does it ever bother you that we only wipe our butts with paper? If you got some poop on your face? Would you just wipe it off with a piece of paper? No, you need TPM D. Now introducing the TPM D at home kit there. They let you customize it for the best experience to suit your needs. Check out the website tp md.com use the promo code comfy for 20% off your first month of TPM D. TP MDS. What’s up guys? I’m telling you 20 that’s comfy co m. f. We also we got a new sponsor, we’re brought to you by hyped. Do you want to be pumped up for that epic event this weekend? Maybe you’ve got a softball game or you’re just going out to the bar. You want someone to make sure that everyone knows what about all those legendary moments hyped as your back with an easy scheduling tool. It will deliver a professional height man for your personal use. Their hype specialist will make sure to keep you in the crowd pumped all night long. I’m telling you guys you need this for all occasions. Everyone will be talking about it for years to come. visit their website hyped.com h y p IE D and use the promo code Jed half off your first event. That’s what’s up Jed j Ed. Check it out guys. huge shout out to the sponsors. Thank you for listening

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