Episode 36: It’s Christmas Time

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Christmas is this week! We talk about some Christmas spirit, the craziness this time of year, and somehow end up on Bitcoin. We had a guest scheduled for this week but unfortunately couldn’t connect. Xad and I did everything off the top, which I like to think we’re pretty good at. We are probably going to dive into the Bitcoin topic again in a later episode. Thank you for listening!

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Transcription Below:

Mike Proctor 0:00
What’s up guys? Welcome back to not really that famous Zen I did a little special episode want to talk about what Christmas we pretty much talked about Christmas.

Xad 0:10
About a lot. We

Mike Proctor 0:11
got off on a couple weeks off. Yeah, we just were in your ears weekly, every single week. Remember guys hit subscribe if you like the show, visit the website, give us your support. We got donation links on the website. So if anybody wants to donate to the show, obviously that takes the burden off me and said quite a bit. So every you know, every dollar counts. You buy us a beer. You know something cool. So we appreciate you guys check out the merge shop.

Xad 0:39
And the newsletter man newsletter. He has a new newsletter. That’s a labor of love. It’s

Mike Proctor 0:44
grown. It’s grown a bunch already. So yeah, guys, check out the newsletter will come to you every week there. Um, stay in touch with our labs. So let’s see. Without further ado, we’ll get to her. Merry Christmas. Shit, man. Back to the old grindstone

Xad 1:02
series. Always it’s it

Mike Proctor 1:04
sucks. So is that I had a you know, fun conversation planned with some guests and you know, it’s holidays. So I, I kind of understand everyone’s it’s so busy.

Xad 1:14
You can’t fault them. I mean, it is what it is. It’s

Mike Proctor 1:16
just a busy time. Yeah, it’s like go go go go and a lot of people you know, like, we don’t even really do things with our, like our family members and stuff like that, um, until the end of the year and it’s like all buckle both loaded into

Xad 1:30
just bash it right in it like between Dec make it stressful

Mike Proctor 1:34
November and December. Yeah, a month

Xad 1:36
and a half. And it’s like, okay, we’re gonna get to we won’t see our family all year long. And then you’ll try to see every single family member that you have and a month and a half.

Mike Proctor 1:46
You got to do everybody and go do all the intros and outros and

Xad 1:50
yeah, the Michigan goodbyes. Oh, well,

Mike Proctor 1:53
I’ll see ya. I’m gonna stand by the door for 20 minutes while we say goodbye. Go back and make another plate. Oh, yeah, come back inside. Good. Yeah. puts us food in the box. Yeah. Back to your it

Xad 2:03
takes them home. Yeah. So it can just sit in your fridge and go back. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 2:08
I you know, I like I like the holiday season. Because I never do those things. And so like giving gifts and all that stuff. It’s so fun.

Xad 2:17
You’ve always liked I’ve always felt you very you go to like another level Christmas sees you’re always wearing the Christmas hat. The Santa hat.

Mike Proctor 2:24
Yeah, I usually I used to have a lions. Yeah, Santa hat that I wore for like years and years. It was like a blue one years. But um, yeah, you know, it’s just, it’s fun. It’s fun to get people stuff. You know, give presents and stuff like that. But it’s, uh, not, not in a bad way. Like, I I just enjoy it. You know, like, that’s something I like to do. It’s not like, like, some people like to do that type of stuff. And it’s kind of you’re kind of like trying to prove something.

Xad 2:50
Mm hmm. You know what I mean? So it was like a result that you’re expecting back from you’re giving, you’re disappointed if you don’t get the reaction or the result that you intended.

Mike Proctor 3:00
Yeah. And I’m always like, I’ll be walking to the store, like trying to, that’s one of my favorite things is just trying to go find the gifts. It’s super hard and frustrating. Yeah, print for someone, you know. But like, if you’re going to the store, you’re going to the mall or something. You just walk into the store and trying to find stuff on. Mm hmm. Such a challenge. Yeah, I’m like, Okay, okay, shit, I got how many people do I got? I got this person, this person, this person. I got that person, that person too. Okay, so I start walking through the store. And I’m just like, what does that person like? What would what would that person genuinely like to receive as you know, a gift or a? And I want something practical, something that’s not something that they’re gonna be like, Oh, yeah. You know,

Xad 3:40
it’s practically like practical, but not so practical that they would have purchased that thing for themselves. Mm hmm. It’s just a little bit on the fringe.

Mike Proctor 3:49
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So they Yes, exactly. They, you know, they wouldn’t have got it for themselves. But

Xad 3:53
when they get it, they’re like, Oh, so glad I have.

Mike Proctor 3:56
Yeah, yeah. That’s like a whole nother layer. Because it’s like, Oh, shit. Do they already have this? What do they have? And what are they not? Yeah, yeah. That’s, uh,

Xad 4:03
you want it to be very, very relevant to them, but just not relevant or practical enough to have spent the money themselves? Yes, yes. That’s like a home. Home Run gift. Yep. Yes.

Mike Proctor 4:13
That’s like just so hard trying to chase trying to go around and find those. Yeah, I’m like some of the gifts we got this year. So far. I don’t want to tell them yeah, and after after Christmas all

Xad 4:26
Yeah, come back and do like a follow up post post Christmas episode,

Mike Proctor 4:29
or I guess I could probably talk about I can tell my kids my kids don’t listen the show. Yeah, that’s just I got them. Both a Nintendo Switch this year. And if anyone who has kids like especially the ones that are getting older now, what if you give them an electronic dude, it is all bets off. Like, if they get some any sort of electronic device like a game or a tablet or a camera or whatever it is. They will go hand for that. Yeah. That’s me. So Epic when they frickin open those things.

Xad 5:03
That’s Uh, yeah, that’s um definitely the the number one thing. Yeah, the the best one. Um, we we were really hoping to get your girls the the new Mario Kart. Yeah. Good. Kinloch find in it. It doesn’t exist right now. They’re sold out.

Mike Proctor 5:23
I seen one where I seen one on Morgan unicorn on the Facebook marketplaces where they buy jack the price up like crazy. Oh, do you know how much it was retail?

Xad 5:31
I thought it was 100

Mike Proctor 5:32
it was 135 on the marketplace man. Yo, I just seen it like yesterday. Yeah. That’s but that’s a whole nother thing, bro is because there’s so many scalpers like with like the ps4 and stuff. or excuse me, the PS five and the new Xbox like so many scalpers, buying them and selling them like you got to be careful you don’t even know if you’re gonna get one. It might just be an empty box.

Xad 5:54
Yeah. Oh, yeah. Like the the ticket purchase it off as someone who’s are like second healer, whatever you

Mike Proctor 5:59
like. Yeah. You know, the try to ship it to you. And

Xad 6:04
so I knew this is back like high school time. And I knew a girl who’s older sister, literally, like her career, and she made like, career like money out of this. What was purchasing? like whatever she said. I mean, she was like a savant with it, though. As far as purchasing that you that next year’s big, guys.

Mike Proctor 6:27
Yes, she was dropshipping

Xad 6:29
Yes. And she so she would buy a mall and she just go to the store, you know, like August and just clean the shelves, you know? 1000s of dollars on it, but she but I was asking her about it cuz I was genuinely interested. She would. She said she’d make like 30 $40,000 doing it. But you obviously have to have the capital initially, to go into it. And since it’s a risky yet highly risky thing, but anything is though. Yeah, her her husband was successful enough to allow her to basically turn that into to her career, but that’s pretty. You know, you

Mike Proctor 7:02
got to have cones to go. Yeah. And some foresight, some knowledge.

Xad 7:06
Imagine having like, 500 tickle me Elmo is if it didn’t hit. Yeah, gosh.

Mike Proctor 7:11
I got a lot of fucking tickle me.

Unknown Speaker 7:13
Almost dude, a lot.

Mike Proctor 7:14
I’m gonna be almost for everybody the script. But uh, yeah, I like the holiday seasons fun. I’m excited because we’re gonna watch our movie. Does Christmas Eve

Xad 7:25
the movie? The best movie ever.

Mike Proctor 7:27
So is that night watch. The night before. It’s an adult, sort of adult themed Christmas

Xad 7:33
Comedy Comedy Comedy a little bit.

Mike Proctor 7:36
It’s takes place on Christmas Eve.

Xad 7:38
So we watch it.

Mike Proctor 7:39
We like to watch it every Christmas Eve. I don’t know how long we’ve been doing this now.

Xad 7:43
Five, five years, I suppose. Since the year that it came out. I mean, look that up. But um, and it’s funny. The first year I hated the movie. Yeah, it was like, man, I fell asleep. I was like, you know, drive it back home. Rachel was like, oh, that movie was so funny. And I was like, I fell asleep. I thought it was super stupid.

Mike Proctor 8:02
Yeah, second year,

Xad 8:04
we by whatever happenstance, like just it lined up. We were hanging out again. And we watched it. And to me, it’s like new, I’m laughing my ass off like a hyena. And they’re all like, Don’t you remember this from ashes and I fell asleep last year.

Mike Proctor 8:22
It’s so the movie. It’s Seth Rogen. And Anthony Mackie. And what the what’s the other guy’s name?

Xad 8:27
I’m a fine that I can have a

Mike Proctor 8:29
resource of Joseph Gordon

Xad 8:31
Levitt Joseph Gordon Levitt. Yep.

Mike Proctor 8:33
And so it’s a comedy these guys it’s all Christmas. It’s it’s hilarious. They end up if you’ve never seen the movie, watch it. Some some people may have seen this movie before. It’s pretty disappeared. This will be our fifth year watching it.

Xad 8:46
Yeah, okay. Yeah, that’s a special year.

Mike Proctor 8:48
Yeah. What’s what’s your five that like?

Xad 8:51
Oh, the year five anniversary. Let’s see. Let’s see. We got to celebrate this.

Mike Proctor 8:56
But we this it’s this fucking movies hilarious. They end up going to some secretive crazy party at the end. And I always thought that was kind of a cool concept. So they basically get like this mystical invitation to to this party that’s like hidden and they go and find the part or you find this guy finally gets like one of these invites to this party goes to the party. And it’s basically about their night and it’s it’s hilarious, but a great Christmas movie. Looking forward to them. It’s a yes question every year. It’s always funny.

Xad 9:26
And it’s something it’s loosely designed on. What is the Great Great Gatsby. Yeah, it’s intended to be like The Great Gatsby. And then like A Christmas Carol, like kind of rolled into one is you have a Christmas present

Mike Proctor 9:41
Christmas Past Yes. Future.

Xad 9:43
All these things. I mean, it’s, it’s ridiculous. It is. It is ridiculous. But it is a good ass movie. And his fifth wedding anniversary is wood

wood, by the way. So

how do we celebrate this with wood?

Mike Proctor 9:56
I don’t know. We’ll figure that out though.

Xad 9:57
Get at us on the website.

Mike Proctor 10:01
The would interview we could do like, I don’t know, get some wood decorations and decorate. That doesn’t sound that fun.

Xad 10:08
We get drink out of wood cups. Wood cups.

Mike Proctor 10:10
Yeah, drinking cups. That’s probably a good one.

Xad 10:16
But regardless, I’m excited. That’s Yeah, I look forward to that. We only watch it one time a year. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 10:20
I could watch it more. But it’s always Christmas Eve. So the next day is Christmas Christmas.

Xad 10:26
We’ve I mean, we’ve been celebrating. For people who don’t know me and Mike, as I graduated high school and gotten a relationship with Rachel, which is Mike’s wife, sister. They basically took care of us, me and Rachel were like, children, if they had had kids, and you know, Rachel, I would stay up late. And you know, like, it was like, they were like, going to their house was like going to home. So every Christmas for the past

Mike Proctor 10:54
10 years. Yeah, we were always at our house when the kid

Xad 10:56
always that year, we’d come over in the morning, watch the girls open presents. And yeah, so that’s a it’s definitely a special kind of time. We always we always get together. We’re always together. We always live in the same town too. So that makes it easier. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 11:10
Yeah. It’s, uh, but Christmas is just, it’s such a fun time for all that and stuff. Um, when? When I was out shopping the other day, who I talked about this last week, too. Um, it’s just such a goddamn Madhouse, though. Like, the it’s just crazy. The amount of money that gets spent around the Christmas season.

Xad 11:35
I think it’s I looked that up earlier as a trillion dollars in the US. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 11:38
the crazy thing is like people spend oodles and oodles amounts of money. I don’t spend that much money. You know, I’m pretty good about I just like to get people cool stuff. It doesn’t matter how much money it costs. Sometimes it costs a lot of money. Some people sometimes it doesn’t, you know, like, there’s been years where I got my kids, you know, like, I don’t know, some stupid $20 thing. And they were just like,

Xad 11:57
the coolest thing in the world.

Mike Proctor 11:59
But uh, you know, it does and let’s same thing as like I was saying about electronics. It doesn’t matter if it’s a $20 electronic or a $300 electronic. It’s an electronic. Yeah, they’re gonna go fucking

Xad 12:08
Yes. It’s got batteries. Yeah, the shit yo.

Mike Proctor 12:11

Xad 12:12
the coolest present that I ever got. And so my name is spelled strangely sad. I don’t know of another human being in the world. And

Mike Proctor 12:20
that’s how saying the one a man like you can sign up for any service and just use your name. Or username pretty much. No one would ever have that name.

Xad 12:29
No, not at all.

Mike Proctor 12:30
So don’t fucking ideas either, guys.

Xad 12:33
No. So you go to on vacation. You see the souvenirs you see the like the little pins and a little license plate. The license plates the things that they market to these children is on vacation. Oh, got my name on it. And the kids love it eat that shut up with my name. It was never there. And as always bummed you know, so I’d be looking at Adam, Mike Jake’s and I’m just like, dude, I’m so frickin little five year old me just so jealous of those. And the coolest present that I ever got was from my dad. And it was one of those little bike license plates. And he got it at Walmart and he had my name like put on put on it. Yeah, fucking jaw on the floor, man. So cool. coolest dad in the world at that point. I like it’s December in Michigan. There’s like a foot of snow and I’m like, let’s go get the fucking bike.

Mike Proctor 13:23
Right I’m putting this thing on right now

Xad 13:25
is the coolest thing. That’s the coolest one. That’s pretty cool, man. So but but that was a $10 present. That meant more more than like I’m 28 now and I still like I don’t think any presents compared to that one. The best one Exactly.

Mike Proctor 13:41
Like you got you got to go to Bronner’s soap and frankenmuth but you can’t even find your name there either.

Xad 13:46
No, hell no every tick, every every fucking name the biggest store. There’s people like you go there and there are people from like literally other countries that vacation to go to Frank and most likely check out this Christmas jar. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 13:58
Yeah, it’s like 45 minutes from us.

Xad 14:00
Yeah. Yeah. Which is that’s another story in and of itself, but I grew up not knowing that bitch was that close? Oh my gosh. Oh,

Mike Proctor 14:09
yeah, that’s uh, that’s it. That’s a dope escape. Dude. I don’t remember what my

Xad 14:13
husband say. What was uh, you gotta have something on there that you for gift? Oh, gosh.

Mike Proctor 14:18
I don’t even remember dude. Probably like, my bb gun. Yeah. When I was like a little kid when I got a BB gun for Christmas.

Xad 14:25
Was it? That black one that you had? Yeah, do? Yes.

Mike Proctor 14:28
Same one.

Xad 14:29
I remember that one. Yep, I remember that gun. Yep. I

Mike Proctor 14:31
had a lot of fun with August, man.

Xad 14:33
Yeah, that’s a solid gun. It was one of them pump ones. And you could actually pump up and like, increase the power to do that. That was a that was sweet. I remember like playing with that behind the bars. Like

Mike Proctor 14:42
as I was younger, the gifts were way cooler. Because after that, it would it would start getting like video games and shit. Yeah, and those. It’s not really that good. You know, like, they’re gonna lose their luster. Yeah, actually, my I just got video games this year. But

Xad 14:58
one, one funny one My my grandparents are older and southern. So they’re a little disconnected with the times and stuff like that, you know, they live in like the 60s in the south. But um, my grandmother got me an m&m, one of his CDs. Oh boy, which we’re from Michigan. So m&m was like Detroit boy, Detroit boy. So it was like, definitely, I think it was Eight Mile one Eight Mile came out. And I opened that and I was like, looking at like your grandma.

Mike Proctor 15:25
Gotcha. Yeah.

Xad 15:27
I was like, What the heck, I asked my mom. I was like, what was grandma doing? She’s like, she had no idea but I know you like Mmm. So I told her to get that and I was like, You didn’t let her read the lyrics? Grandma have a friggin heart attack.

Mike Proctor 15:41
Oh, yeah, do this, buddy.

Xad 15:43
That was like another good friend. That was a pretty, pretty cool one. That’s what I always look forward to like the games the CDs, as you get a little bit older. That’s kind of I feel like what you hone into more your time doing?

Mike Proctor 15:54
Yeah, go out and get that shit though. You’re gonna be waiting in line for like, three hours. Yeah. Dude. That’s ridiculous.

Xad 16:00
That’s that’s the I would say that’s kind of like the downside. And I I always put myself in that situation. I’m a procrastinator, like,

Mike Proctor 16:10
yeah, so you end up going out when everyone’s out?

Xad 16:12
Yeah, I feel like it’s always uh, you know, two days before Christmas. And I’m like, Oh, shit. I didn’t get anybody anything. I haven’t done it yet. You got like, three presidency. I haven’t. I gotta go. Still. I still have to go Christmas shopping. We got a Christmas party tomorrow. ain’t happening tomorrow. I mean, I got Monday, Tuesday. And Wednesday.

Mike Proctor 16:32
I, uh, I went out got so I did a lot of shopping online too. And I usually do. But even then, you know, all your stuffs a day late. maybe one or two days late. I know that from experience. On both sides. I

Xad 16:45
live in it now.

Mike Proctor 16:46
And you know, so you gotta you gotta watch that. And then that’s, unfortunately, Amazon is just the most reliable source because, you know, I ordered from Walmart. I’m a little bit Have you ordered from Walmart yet? You know, they do delivery and such.

Xad 17:00
I know that. I know that they did roll it out recently. I know that they’re like, really expanding it. Yeah. Like they’re an attempt to, like, compete with Amazon, which I don’t know if is, is fuckin possible. But

Mike Proctor 17:13
yeah, dude, I it they were pretty good. The only thing is, they’re their sellers. It seems like if you buy from like an independent seller on there, because they have, you know, the same setup is Amazon from what it seems. Um,

Xad 17:27
oh, they’re doing they’re doing that, like the

Mike Proctor 17:29
Yeah, there’s you can buy from other stores and such, and those ones that you’re iffy on getting your product,

Xad 17:36
right got to go from this person to that person. You’re expecting a person to guarantee there. They must

Mike Proctor 17:42
not have that, you know, all quite streamlined and yeah, but other than that, when I ordered straight from Walmart, it was just as good dude. Yeah, it worked fucking awesome. So they’re like distribution and shit must be pretty fucking legit. Yeah, it’s Walmart. But that’s kind of a unique take on, you know, cuz typically, like, if you’re going to the retail route. I don’t know, that’s almost they must be losing money on it in the big picture.

Xad 18:11
The like the company,

Mike Proctor 18:12
right? Cuz the whole reason you do like a, you know, a direct like a retailer. So the retailer sells it on your behalf, there’s markup usually, right? But you you get to make a lot of money guaranteed. And then so if you do like drug to consumer, now you got to deal with trying to get it to the consumer. But it’s oftentimes cheaper. Because you’re not cutting out the middleman like the product. Right?

Xad 18:37
Yeah. So you’re speaking it’s, it’s negative towards the big company or towards the the seller? Yeah, yeah. But I feel like the the idea behind it, though,

Mike Proctor 18:49
explain that, right.

Xad 18:50
Probably lack of early capital investment in the product, they don’t have to buy the product from the seller now and sit it on their shelves and hold it and hope that they make money on right. It’s just Hey, we people will come to our site, they’re gonna see your stuff and they might buy your stuff. We’re not going to pay you anything for until the sale happens. At which point you give us. I feel like it’s a lower risk risk, lower risk, potential higher returns, like if you get a banger and like, you know, sound like crazy cool. I’ll take my 10% or whatever it is, or I’m sure I mean, it’s fucking Walmart. So they’re probably getting more than 10% or whatever. It’s the I feel like it would probably be the this the smaller business or smaller company that is taking the bath on that one because they’re $10 product they’re probably

Mike Proctor 19:39

Xad 19:40
Yeah, yep. You know, yeah. And getting but for them, you get a good product though. It’s, it’s that’s the marketing and that’s low risk marketing for yourself, though. I mean, it makes sense i’m sure both ways for him but

Mike Proctor 19:53
the that’s probably be somewhat strange if if Walmart does shift to a Much more online sort of experience. No, they won’t, though.

Xad 20:04
Yeah. it’ll it’ll stay kind of balanced. Walmart’s a tight knit industry. It’s like brick and mortar stores. I think I don’t I don’t feel like they’re going anywhere. Except for in. I mean, this is not going to shut it down. But I will tell you, I went to Walmart in Pittsburgh. And I was when we were going to Dominican. And so we’re staying one night in Pittsburgh, me and Rachel, and we’re like, let’s get some drinks. And, you know, we went and got some drinks, and then we’re headed back to the hotel. So grab a couple drinks that have met the hotel room. And they don’t sell alcohol at Walmart and pits. Early Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a whole. I don’t know. Gotcha. I didn’t inquire enough. But I’m like walking around for like, half hour. I’m like, had I literally asked somebody like, Where’s the beer? Like, we don’t have that here. We don’t sell it here. And I was like, Oh, hey, Well, shit. Yes. I guess I’m leaving. And then we went back to our hotel room dry. But anyways, nothing wrong with I mean, no matter how much

Mike Proctor 21:07
I wonder how much money gets exchanged, see me look that up. How much money gets exchanged during this time of season? Like just even in the US

Xad 21:15
just overall. So you want to like relate it to the holiday sales?

Mike Proctor 21:19
You know what I mean? Like how much sales are done in this month time? That’s got to be like trillions, bro. Like, there’s so much money that gets sent around. It’s nuts. It’s like the whole economy is kind of built on this time of fucking year.

Xad 21:34
I know, I worked on I’ve mentioned before I worked at Bed Bath and Beyond for a short period of time. And I’m I don’t remember specifically, it was not a long period of time I worked there. But like, basically, they this season keeps their doors open.

Mike Proctor 21:51
Yeah, large chunk of their business, like

Xad 21:54
70% of their business comes from, you know, November 1, December 25. And then you know, the other 30% is just paying salaries, paying bills, and like their profitability of the company comes from from this one season. But yeah, that I mean, and again, that was years ago, and I don’t know if that is specifically the numbers or anything like that. I don’t want to throw nobody under the bus. Have somebody from Bed Bath and Beyond call me like that’s a bunch of bull

Mike Proctor 22:23
again. We have no idea. Well,

Xad 22:25
yeah, not. I resent we’re just kind of ripping out here.

Mike Proctor 22:29

Xad 22:30
holiday sales were forecast to the amount of 755 point 3 million billion

Mike Proctor 22:37
billions and billions

Xad 22:39
retail sales over the holiday season projection. Yeah, that’s crazy.

That’s is a global non US dollar sued.

Mike Proctor 22:45
US dollars the US?

That’s insane, bro. Insane.

Xad 22:51
The US holiday back holiday retails are a fraction of the total retail sales united stage, which around 5.5 trillion. So what would that be? That would be like 15%, something like that? Yeah, somewhere in there. But that’s and you’re talking that’s in like now 10% a year or 9% a year something like that, that you’re doing wrong? Yeah, that you’re putting that in so crazy. Yeah, that’s a and

Mike Proctor 23:17
a lot of people run, you know, you see all the sales and stuff, obviously, during the retail year, but I’ve seen a lot of like, unusual sales. Like, I’ve talked about how I like the hustle. It’s a newsletter that I read. And the hustle is linked to this group called trends. And I think I’ve talked about this before, maybe not, but there’s this group that you can join and it’s basically like a little community you pay 300 bucks for a year. And you get to join in on this group and they have podcasts and speakers and lessons and all this type of ship but there’s like a bunch of very successful people in there. And I’m like, I know that like the CEO of Twitter is in this group. And it’s basically like, you know, like a Facebook group you post in and shit like that. Um, but they had a sale and it was like $100 for their yearly membership option. Do you know what was going on? Man?

Xad 24:09
I know you want it to so bad

Mike Proctor 24:11
that’s another thing I did I did really really really bad. Um, but uh, I don’t buy myself things

Xad 24:17
or I know Yeah,

Mike Proctor 24:19
I try not to anyways yeah, although we did we I bought a microphone

Xad 24:24
for a show that didn’t happen for our guests that we didn’t get I got a nicer microphone if my voice sounds a little bit clear and less Yeah, we upgraded zeds tech I’m up there.

Mike Proctor 24:35
It so we slowly you know you can piece it in now and yeah, so the upgrade is kind of nice. Um, those mics are solid. Our two guests mics that we use

Xad 24:43
will company are those by

Mike Proctor 24:44
those? These are all Shure mics? Sure. Yeah. You know, sales on mics, really? Didn’t didn’t

Xad 24:52
see a whole lot of though, of course, now when you said that. They were sold out of the mic stand that we even had. Oh, yeah. Yeah, that’s true. I’m wondering if that’s due to the increased growth or popularity of podcasts or food, probably

Mike Proctor 25:03
I’m doing this kind of stuff just over COVID I know like podcasting creators to fucking skyrocketed. And that’s just what a lot of people were doing. And they’re done. In fact, that’s what we were doing. Although we started before COVID really, what’s the thing,

Xad 25:23
like, bright before, once before

Mike Proctor 25:25
I started podcasting the year before COVID came out, and I started not really that famous, like, I think September or November, the year before last year, or COVID. But the year before COVID came out, which was last year. Um, but yeah, that I got those mic stands. Those are I love these mics, these ones that we got here. But uh, they were sold out of those to Jesus.

Xad 25:48
So COVID effected the podcast and podcast industry went up by 42% told you after the lockdown. Yep. That’s insane, huge,

Mike Proctor 25:58
easy to start, um, fun, you know, kind of a cool outlet nation growing industry was that’s the whole time I was doing a lot of research on podcasting and starting this podcast. That could kind of sense that, you know, but yeah, for sure me. Yeah.

Xad 26:21
Yeah, that’s just crazy. I mean, entire, you’re talking 42% that is a significant

Mike Proctor 26:28
I just hike. I betcha you know a bit of a lot of other channels too, like YouTube and stuff, which they skyrocketed to maybe not skyrocketed, but a bunch of they had growth. Yeah, yeah. Some of the crazy growth of this, like zoom and all that stuff. Um, mention if you would have had stockings, right. You know, like, if you’d have just hit that, that goal, that’s a gold mine, pretty much, you know, you just made oodles and oodles of books, if you were in on that.

Xad 26:53
So I this crazy. I had a patient come in the other day, and he had a tooth broken, you know, dentist office, that’s how it goes. And gave him the cost of what it was going to cost to repair that tooth. And he’s like, Oh, yeah, no problem. Easy. is a big number. Like

Mike Proctor 27:11
Okay, okay. Yeah.

Xad 27:13
I mean, it’s not like through through the roof number but it it’s not small. And he’s totally like nonchalant about it. And so, um, you know, we’re just kind of talking as he’s checking out paying his co payment, stuff like that. And he’s explaining to me that he had purchased stock and one of the companies that is producing one of the like, the three major vaccines vaccines. Yeah, he hit it hard, man. He was, he was telling me the Yeah, his life got real good real fast. Yeah, he was cool. Like, whatever dude, fuck up take on that. Nothing. But um, but yeah, I mean, I want to be that guy someday.

Mike Proctor 27:54

Xad 27:54
I want to be that guy that just gets lucky. Lucky shit.

Mike Proctor 27:59
I give you a tip there. Yeah, um, cryptocurrency is going to be a thing. It’s, I think, is

Xad 28:08
that Bitcoin right? Bitcoin is the big name

Mike Proctor 28:11
Bitcoin is the big one and Bitcoin is on the rise. Um, and, but I don’t know if that’s the one. I just in it. That’s hard. You would have to do some research on this, but I know there are a lot of up and coming ones. They don’t want Zuckerberg having one. But he’s gonna fucking have one almost guarantee that the richest one

Xad 28:30
of the richest people in the world are not gonna stop him from doing something he wants to do,

Mike Proctor 28:33
but it will come into I don’t think he can do it that way. I think he has to, like start a whole new thing. But just do that bro. Got him? Yeah, why not? Um, well, excuse me. But um, yeah, I just I just Dude, I think cryptocurrency is going to be a big thing. There’s no way it’s not. Right. Know what I mean? Um, it’s just like a really weird concept to understand. But people probably struggled that same way when the dollar came out. Or you know, way back when they started using sort of paper currency instead of what gold we then we live in a completely digital world.

Xad 29:08
So why would it not why would you want to

Mike Proctor 29:11
so you just you know, go to the store and you buy something for one bitcoin? Or, you know, you go and buy a partial Bitcoin more than likely because it’ll, it’s that’s just how it’ll go. You know? Um, but so that’d be a good fucking one. If you’re gonna do some invest in bro.

Xad 29:29
Yeah, yeah, um,

Mike Proctor 29:31
you know, another thing about investing too is like I was listening to the My first million podcasts. And I actually haven’t been I’m a couple I’m a few episodes behind. Because I started listening to this other DND podcast, but um, the the stock in like Tesla, yeah. is such a I just thought it’s such a unique thing to me because I like test. I think it’s super cool. I love the idea of it, the concept of and everything and just the self drive. cars in the brand I guess is what I was trying to say. And but really like the the high stock price and Tesla is not like warranted because it doesn’t really like make money.

Xad 30:12
Yeah, crazy. All of a business is basically um, it isn’t but you could have a business that is kind of like failing or not really successful but there are way other businesses out there that are way more successful, like a real profit margin. Yeah. But the idea of what that man has and has created people see more value in

Mike Proctor 30:39
Yeah, it’s like heels, you know, do some crazy say some crazy and people start to buy it. And that’s what creates the high price. The people all buying it. Yes. And that’s what created the high price with Bitcoin. Way back when it first came out,

Xad 30:55
didn’t 50 cent get hosed like hard with Bitcoin i think i don’t think 50 cent got me I’m, I’m gonna look this up. But continue.

Mike Proctor 31:03
So so people, the rage of when Bitcoin came out, and everyone was like, oh, people are making money off of Bitcoin. Everyone started to buy it, which then drove the demand for it, because the more everyone buys it, the more expensive it’s going to become. And the people that initially you know, invested in it are the ones that really made all the money, no one really made a lot of money on it, except for the you know, the few people that had it in the beginning. Um, but that’s just like the, the hype can can really drive you know, like the price.

Xad 31:38
That’s I mean, that’s it, though, in the world that we live in when you see like, teenagers, like, making millions of dollars, because people are watching them do just normal, everyday tasks. And people just eat that shit up. It’s the volume. So it’s the hype. It’s it’s the, the, the amount. Yeah, yeah. And that’s and that’s what you’re saying. Like, this

Mike Proctor 32:00
is why you got to be like, catchy and hip, you got to be hip and with it. But um, that’s Yeah, that’s a that’s like, like Ilan with Tesla. He’s like, you know, all the kids love them and shit. Yeah. And that’s why it’s like all this crazy.

Xad 32:17
I feel like he’s like, kind of a relatable billionaire.

Mike Proctor 32:20
Okay, I guess you know, I mean, even though he’s like a fucking genius, and probably, I don’t know what he’s like,

Xad 32:26
I’ve never met him, but this probably an asshole. Yeah, like, you know, but not

Mike Proctor 32:30
it’s not that reason. I’ve heard him talk on Rogan. And he’s sounds kind of like an asshole.

Xad 32:34
Can you imagine though, like, okay, so if he’s a genius, and then we’re average people? Would that be like, us hanging out with 1112 year olds having to work with 11 and 12. Like, with your mental capacity and your brain ability, and you’re on this planet now, with people that are just fucking, just not they’re not where you’re at? I feel like that’s probably how he, him and not just him. But those people probably go through their everyday life. Yeah. Where, where you’re like, you know, when you’re talking to a 10 year old and you’re like, why don’t you understand? Just do this, and I won’t be mad, and then they just don’t do that. And then they’re, they’re, like, blown away with why you’re mad. And you’re like, I’ve been told to just do it this way. And, and you don’t get it and that frustrates you. And that probably, I would imagine for a person of a higher level mental with mental capacity. That’s probably how their days feel like

Mike Proctor 33:32
that’s a that’s a very unique way to look at it.

Xad 33:34
Right. You know, I’m saying but it makes sense, doesn’t it? Like, I don’t know, I just feel like it would

Mike Proctor 33:40
be incredibly frustrating to be super smart and

Xad 33:43
incredibly frustrated as you because shit just makes it.

Mike Proctor 33:46
It is like, half your, almost your mood and such as like sociability. Yeah, the act of interacting with other people,

Xad 33:54
right? Well, I watched a ton of stuff on like, Bill Gates, and you know, I’m like a decent proponent for some of the things that he’s doing and I watch it and sometimes and I’m like, God, damn, you are irritable as hell. But to him I would imagine it like he’s looking at things this makes sense. Let’s do this know what, we’re gonna push back on that. Why? Like, I’m telling you that this makes sense. Like one of his things is literally he goes away to like a little like cabin Yeah, himself and reads fucking books and just doesn’t interact with human beings because the interaction of other human beings is stressful. That’s probably because they’re on a lower leather level. Yeah, the different level like not that they’re not as good of people or anything like that. But the cognitive function is not there the same. So my two cents on that number six,

Mike Proctor 34:51
did 50 cent good.

Xad 34:52
I know it looks like he made a ton of money. And but then there’s also contradicting statements saying He lost a ton of money and he says that he’s not a Bitcoin millionaire but apparently he reportedly amassed a small fortune in cryptocurrency Jackson racked up about a Curtis Jackson that’s 50 cent 700 bitcoins after agreeing to accept digital currency as a long term additive form of payment so he got paid

Mike Proctor 35:21
with Bitcoin for so he

Xad 35:23
made an album and says yeah, you can pay me in Bitcoin they paid him in Bitcoin thinking that they were getting the steel and then now potentially Bitcoin bitcoins money yeah, they gave him 700 which is now worth 7 million million or whatever Yeah, so see and that’s what I’m talking about. I want to be that guy like the guy lucky as hell.

Mike Proctor 35:44
How did we even get on this fucking

Xad 35:46
topic? More money where’s it going? I don’t know man. Well yeah, that’s Yeah, that’s how much money was made. Christmas season. Now we’re like getting all philosophical on

Mike Proctor 35:58
five point something trillion would be like what seven Bitcoin

Xad 36:03
Oh, god no, it’d be a lot but shit

Mike Proctor 36:07
how’s this been? drew

Xad 36:08
Yeah, yeah. Made 8 million. Yeah, it looks like looks like I was 100% in the wrong direction on that saying that he got hosed with Bitcoin it looks

Mike Proctor 36:16
like Yeah, he did some holes he got some paid with Bitcoin You must have heard about when he got paid with it or something?

Xad 36:21

Mike Proctor 36:22
I mean, do that because that would have seemed like a shitty thing back in.

Xad 36:26
Probably it was for 2014 You know, they’re like oh, whoa, we got we paid him with Bitcoin

Mike Proctor 36:31
but it would be so much easier for everyone to you know, especially right now just walk around and push buttons in the store and pay with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and walk the fuck out.

Xad 36:42
I’m pretty well versed with this like it sounds like kind of gotta

Mike Proctor 36:45
know a little bit.

Xad 36:46
I mean, research. I

Mike Proctor 36:46
just yeah, follow a couple things. There’s another page called The Motley Fool. That’s like a investing newsletter website. I followed their their newsletter.

Xad 37:02
With like newsletters, it just

Mike Proctor 37:03
makes sense. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Speaking of Oh, definitely follow the newsletter. I. So when I started the newsletter, I was like, you know, what the fuck are we gonna write about? Here’s what to write about shit. And I ended up watching or writing my first one on john fabbro. And did you watch Mandalorian?

Xad 37:22
Not that last episode. Plugging out tonight. Hey,

Mike Proctor 37:25
that’s some good shit there. Yeah. Oh, I just finished it last night. So I left here late as fuck and went home and watched. I know. Your

Xad 37:33
wife tech or dude was just telling me a minute ago. She’s like, I didn’t realize you had to work today. I’m like, I whatever. I stay up till one o’clock in the morning. Yeah, we

Mike Proctor 37:42
were up pretty late playing games. Yeah. Yeah, we have a new game. It’s called chameleon. Check it out. It’s pretty good in fun. It is. We’ve been having a ton of fun, especially

Xad 37:51
as you get a larger group I found that’s that’s more Yeah, that’s why people more people get confused it always.

Mike Proctor 37:57
Yeah. But yeah, so I wrote wrote about Gen five. And then I just wrote about Tom Green this this week. And I want to I want to talk about this. Even though it’s not necessarily Christmas. I’m Tom Green, is like fucking hilarious. Dude. I love Tom Green. And I follow him on Instagram. And like, the lat The funny thing about why I was like, man, I gotta look at a time green a little bit. It’s because I’ve been seeing posts of them. Like doing podcasts and he has a recording studio in the back of his van. He has like a conversion van. Um, he post I see it was like him fucking dancing around the fire bro. He’s all painted with white tribal, with his dog. And he’s dancing around the fire the middle of the desert. And like, it’s it’s Tom Green, you know? So yeah, pretty fucking tall, skinny,

Xad 38:46
just kind of a patchy beard. I

Mike Proctor 38:49
don’t know if it’s like, serious or like, What? What the hell’s going on? But uh, that’s that’s why I initially looked into Tom Green. But Tom Green’s hilarious.

Xad 39:01
Um, yeah, that’s, uh, I tell you what, you’ve been impressive with it. I’ve been trying to figure out my inspiration.

Mike Proctor 39:10
Yeah, dude. It’s hard, man. It

Xad 39:11
is not an easy thing to sit down. And

Unknown Speaker 39:15
it you know,

Xad 39:15
I think it’s different. It’s harder because you’re actually putting it out to a mass of people like yeah, putting your stamp on it. And like that’s a

Mike Proctor 39:23
that’s a dependent on you know, what, what type of thing it is. It’s a hard kind of hurdle to go over. You don’t necessarily know what you want to do. And you don’t want to seem dumb. Right? Like, you don’t want to seem like you don’t want people to judge you. So you’re like, and there’s always that that apprehension. Yeah, yeah, but uh, you’ll find a dude. I’m like a blabber mouth. I can just read. Like, like it I don’t care that much anymore.

Xad 39:55
I’m just gonna say it.

Mike Proctor 39:57
Yeah. And I I know that I have Like, attention to detail. And so I struggle through everything but I know that in the end I’ll produce something that I think is acceptable. Right? And then I’ll you know on that I’ll put it out. Um, but yeah, we’ll get you into

Xad 40:16
Yeah, I got some ideas. I just, again, I’m just trying to attack I was texting you with you the other night about it. Like I’m trying to find my narrative. Who am I to this conversation? That’s, that’s, that’s the toughest point. I think you’ve you found it pretty quick. And you’ve dialed it in because I’ve your articles have been good, man.

Mike Proctor 40:36
Hey, man, I, uh, you know, I’m always I’m always just trying to work at it. Like, you know, even I and I feel this, I truly feel this. Even the most successful people who are the people who have millions of followers, the YouTube guy that’s got a million followers. He probably feels the same way I do. Right? You know what I mean? Like, I’m the same way we all do whenever we’re doing anything. New. Yeah, especially something new. And so it’s just a matter of, you know, just trying to do it and doing the best you can and, hey, if it fucks up real bad, you can always pivot to something else.

Xad 41:10
Right, right. Evo even had those those moments with this pod. Early on, man, we’re like, oh goes good. Are we really doing this? I

Mike Proctor 41:18
like the pods crazy. Cuz, you know, doing this and working on all this stuff and just makes time go to like, it’s already almost Christmas. Yeah. And I like I just did my shopping like, the other foot. Like I said, like I was talking about last week, and I didn’t even I didn’t do it all. I had to do more. So I waited to like the very last second.

Xad 41:38
Yeah, it’s, uh, it flies, man.

Mike Proctor 41:41
I’m still waiting on packages to come in.

Xad 41:43
Shit. I still got to go shopping.

Mike Proctor 41:45
I don’t know.

Xad 41:47
But I’m gonna make it work.

Mike Proctor 41:48
So you’ll get it done, bro. But um, let’s see. Oh, I want to talk about one more thing before we before we let off. Um, I had seen that breakdancing is going to be an Olympic sport. You did say that in 20. In the next Olympics. I thought that was so interesting. I was like, and at first when you read that headline, you’re like, wait, what the fuck? Like, really? That’s so retarded. But that’s a bad word. But, um, if you think about it, it’s exactly the same as like gymnastics. Um, and like those sort of like routine based sports.

Xad 42:29
Right? It’s just not considered like what you would consider a mainstream option for it. Because it’s like, weird. You’re doing the same? if not more challenging things. Yeah. Then some of I mean, wait, dude, I watched speed walking isn’t Olympic sport, speed walking speed walking. You and I will have to look the rules up but he can’t like running. There’s a point in time where both of like you’re completely like, airborne, airborne. And speed walking. It’s like heel to heel steps. So you cannot at one point be without a heel on the ground. Okay, it’s like the rule of like Olympic speed walking. Look it up. It’s like when Beijing Olympics. I think it was when I watched it. And then little buggers were getting there. No, like they’re cruising. Yeah, just like he’ll he’ll he’ll pop in the hips and stuff. But um, but that was an Olympic sport. Why? Why couldn’t

Mike Proctor 43:22
Yeah, there’s there’s a

Xad 43:24
hell of a lot more like intricacy to speed or to breakdancing speed walking. So I mean, it makes sense. But it does take you back a little bit of those interesting though. Oh, definitely. I want to do the odds on favorite number like who’s the guy?

Mike Proctor 43:39
Yeah, yeah. Like who’s the who’s going

Xad 43:42
to find that out?

Mike Proctor 43:43
And like, how, how? What type of breakdancing is it? Like, they’re gonna have like hip hop in there? Is it gonna be like, you know,

Xad 43:51
Techno probably all their different genres that are worth how warmed up multiple?

Mike Proctor 43:57
How old? The Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, you know, what sort of style or

Xad 44:01
what structures are who’s judging the shit? Who’s the person who sits back and says that was a good breakdance and that was a bad one. Yeah. Who’s the experts? Like, oh, man, there’s just so many what ifs and questions that I don’t even know if I can answer them all right now.

Mike Proctor 44:17
Honestly, dance has been pretty legit for

Xad 44:20
quite did when did it? When did it even start?

Mike Proctor 44:23
Gotta be in like the 80s. Right? Maybe the 77 I’m thinking late. 70s 70s. Um, if breakdancing is in, you know, like shit, like Parkour is gonna be in tune to. Right. It’s part of, like, legit. 60s 60s Yeah, the 60s originated in New York City. Okay, okay. Including martial arts and gymnastics inspiration. Yeah, yeah, makes sense. Makes sense. It’s pretty legit, dude. But yeah, I thought that was interesting.

Xad 44:55
That surprised me for sure. When you text me that I scroll

Mike Proctor 44:57
across so much random funny shit. That Were you trying to record it and include it somehow in the show slash newsletter?

Xad 45:05
Adam savani top Kiko Kiko see so Kiko the end is one of their names.

Mike Proctor 45:14
second best dancer of all time, Adam savani. The only better dancer than him is Michael Jackson. That look that’s like a quote from him. This is like,

Xad 45:24
no way that I think he’s the one who said that. I don’t know. I don’t know who’s No,

Mike Proctor 45:27
this is like a bunch of random people on the top 10s website. It’s like a list of gotcha. Probably somewhat reputable but someone said he was the second best dancer just not better than Michael Jackson.

Xad 45:38
Michael Jackson could move man but i don’t i i don’t think like some of these other people. I’m excited. There’s a lot of what ifs definitely to be like what what could break Tim does name is the end of the end. He’s probably a bad name like that, dude. You can’t have a name like that. And then I don’t know not live up to it. I’d be like, like bone Crusher. My like my name is bone Crusher. And then you’re like a scrawny little motherfucker.

Mike Proctor 46:05
You better boom fucking crushing bone.

Xad 46:06
Crushing some bones. Dude.

Mike Proctor 46:08
That’s funny. Yeah, um, well, shit to wrap it up there.

Xad 46:13
I think I said you

Mike Proctor 46:14
go do we got shoutouts did you do we get shows? We talked about? We talked about everything we talked about. Let’s see. I remember a couple teslin Bitcoin while I’m Walmart. at Walmart. Of course. bronners shout out to bronners

Xad 46:29

Mike Proctor 46:30
Nintendo Switch. Yo, yo, the only reason I got the switches is because are we broke? So we had of the week break the week. Can

Xad 46:38
you tell me about it? Because your daughter told me the other day and I want to hear from your lips.

Mike Proctor 46:42
Yeah, Ellis took a frickin so let last I think last Christmas or something knows Easter. We gave them like little coupons. And they were like, you cannot do your chores today. You get to pick what’s for dinner. And she took one of these little coupons. They were like the size of like a half dollar and put it in the week. And it won’t read this anymore. Yeah, so we only had one game for it. And it was the game that the kids literally always fought about Super Mario 3d world. They always fought.

Xad 47:11
So as she explained it to me she came over the other day and was like just motor mouth and like a six year old does and like something something about the we Oh, yeah, they brought over all their we accessories here to us. Yeah, so gotta wait. So So Alice comes in, throws the we accessories down on the floor, walks off me hand on hip, kind of popped a little bit and it’s like, you know, but are we accessory or brought are we stuff over here cuz I broke the week cuz I put a coupon in it. And I’m gonna go play on the other room. I was like, What the?

Like, looking around like,

Mike Proctor 47:44
yeah, I try to take it apart finds in my way. I try to take it apart and so you need a special tool to take a goddamn we apart. And I was like, Okay, well, I’m not doing this. Whatever it was it didn’t do anything. Yes. It was old. But yeah. What else do we talk about?

Xad 48:02
No, Elan musk. Ilan Bill Gates.

Mike Proctor 48:06
breakdancing. Shout out to Bill Gates. The Olympics next year. Yeah, Olympics. Oh, no. Isn’t there gonna be

Xad 48:11
24 2024 but they’re still having them next year?

Mike Proctor 48:15
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Xad 48:16
They’re gonna do the Tokyo Olympics and 2021. Yep. It should have been the 2020. So yeah.

Mike Proctor 48:24
Shout out to the night before.

Xad 48:26
Yes, guys. Look at it. Check it out. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 48:28
check that out. Guys. If you if you are into funny, hilarious movies, which I don’t know why you wouldn’t be

Xad 48:33
starting a new tradition because that’s a good one.

Mike Proctor 48:37
All right. Well, I guess that wraps it up for us, man. catch y’all next time. So thank you guys, for listening. Thank you for listening support. Not really that famous. We appreciate you so much. Once again, hit subscribe. If you enjoyed the show. Check out the website. All that good shit. All the other good stuff. We always pretty much say newsletter. That’s the big one. We want to hit the newsletter up. It’s gonna be fun, good time. Got some cool stuff that we’ll

Xad 49:01
think about. It’s a quick read of information. Specifically, I

Mike Proctor 49:05
sent it out it should be out it’ll be out like every Wednesday morning. So you can read it, you know, at some point throughout the day at your leisure. Um, hell yeah. And there’s some funny stuff in there too. Thank you guys for listening. We appreciate you, please. Today’s episode of the podcast was brought to you by 14. Everyone’s all obsessed with which brand of protein supplements they use. It can be hard to decide which is which is good for you and protein is here to make that easy. Protein is the protein supplement that helps your body restock on refined sugars and carbohydrates. While you’ve been dieting and eating your whole foods. They use all generic ingredients artificially created in the lab or making sure they contain high fructose corn syrup. If you’re sick of hearing about everyone’s protein supplements, check out fo teen today to up your game. Sign up at fotini comm that’s f au XT is even use the promo code chunk to save 25% off your first order. That’s ch un k people. We’re also brought to you by TP MD. Does it ever bother you that we only wipe our butts with paper? If you got some poop on your face would you just wipe it off with a piece of paper? No, you need TP MD now introducing the TP MD at home kit there they let you customize it for the best experience to suit your needs. Check out the website TP MD comm use the promo code comfy for 20% off your first month of TMD TP MDS What’s up guys? I’m telling you 20. That’s comfy co m. f. We also we got a new sponsor. We’re brought to you by heiped. Do you want to be pumped up for that epic event this weekend? Maybe you got a softball game or you’re just going out to the bar. You want someone to make sure that everyone knows what about all those legendary moments hyped as your back with an easy scheduling tool. hyped will deliver a professional hype man for your personal use. Their hype specialist will make sure to keep you and the crowd pumped all night long. I’m telling you guys, you need this for all occasions. Everyone will be talking about it for years to come. visit their website hyped.com HY p Ed. You’ll use a promo code Jed half off your first event. That’s what’s up Jed J. Ed. Check it out guys. huge shout out to the sponsors. Thank you for listening

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