Episode 35: Cannabis 101 with Jerry Wright

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The return of Mr. Jerry Wright. We dive into one of Jerry’s favorite topics, cannabis. We got caught up on everything the kids are doing these days. Jerry breaks it all down. I had never heard of “shatter” prior to this. We also talk about Hello Fresh, with some recommendations. Jerry tells us a pretty wild story at the end of this one so stick around. Thanks for listening!

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Transcription Below:

Mike Proctor 0:03
What’s up guys? Welcome back to not really that famous. We have a special episode today once again, cannabis one on one with our good friend Jerry, past guest of the show. We talk a lot about a lot of funny shit today.

Xad 0:18
Jerry had me crying.

Mike Proctor 0:20
Oh man. Yes, Ed was tearing up over here. We talked about Jerry’s their business and their Facebook page is baked right goods will link all the stuff up in the description. What else we ended up on? We talked about hellofresh a little bit today. Yeah. And then we end up talking about a pretty hilarious psychedelic trip from Mr. JAY WRIGHT himself.

Xad 0:38
Yeah, that started with hellofresh went into mushrooms and it just took off and

Mike Proctor 0:43
then and that took off from there. So stay tuned. That one’s a little bit towards the end there. Remember, guys, if you like the show, hit the subscribe button for us. leave us a review if you can on you know, whatever platform or you know the Facebook page, leave us a review there. Let us know how we’re doing. You know if there’s anything you want to hear us talk about all that good. All that good stuff. Check out the websites not really that famous calm if you don’t know it yet, get some mirch check out the shop page. All that stuff. I said this already, but we kind of redesigned the website a little bit. And I think it’s much better now. I’m kind of operates a lot better a little easier for me. So let me know what you think about that. Appreciate it. Um, so I guess so without further ado, we will get to her. Ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Jerry, right. Thanks for coming, bro. For sure. Appreciate it, man. Welcome back. Do you like the studio?

Jerry 1:33
It looks really fucking good.

Mike Proctor 1:35
Oh, yeah. Appreciate

Xad 1:37
you. We’re early on in the studio for us here today.

Mike Proctor 1:40
Yeah, lately. We

Xad 1:41
had chairs and yeah, a card table.

Mike Proctor 1:43
Yeah. Okay, we just wanted to come back and like see it and shit. Yeah,

Jerry 1:46
it looks good. Yeah, dude, thank you. Definitely big upgrade.

Mike Proctor 1:49
Love up on that mic a little bit, bro. Fucking you know, it’d

Jerry 1:51
be in here. Yeah,

good. Hey, how you doing?

Mike Proctor 1:54
That’s what I like.

Jerry 1:57
came for.

Mike Proctor 2:00
So I really wanted to ask you about, um, and we kind of talked about a little bit on the show last time, but not really. We were more busy talking about not really that famous things. For sure. But um, how’s it going, man? Super good man, for the most part.

Jerry 2:16
So outdoor season slowed us down a little bit. Um, because yeah, one can grow outside, you know. Mm hmm. And, but besides that, the last few weeks things have been picking back up and this is some good for the most part. Yeah, hell yeah.

Mike Proctor 2:29
So for people who don’t know, like, you know, what, what are you doing?

Jerry 2:33
So we’re basically we’re not licensed. So I can’t say that. We’re a mobile dispensary. But we’re the closest thing that shiawassee County has to a mobile dispensary. Okay.

Mike Proctor 2:43
Yeah. Oh, yeah, man. Um, it’s so crazy. Cuz, you know, in Michigan, when did the law pass to recreational eyes? cannabis, or is that? Is that the correct term? I think recreational eyes right. Oh, yeah. I think so. I’m fairly sure. I think that passed like either just last year, late last year, or this year, because that’s when you started seeing all the like dispensaries popping up all over Michigan. I

Jerry 3:08
think rec was 18

Mike Proctor 3:10
What’s that? Oh, 18 Oh, copy? Yeah. Oh, you might be right. You might be right on that

Xad 3:15
2018 initiative to legalize recreational use of cannabis. Yep. Yep. That’s your Michigan at least.

Mike Proctor 3:20
So what all states is that as of right now? California,

Xad 3:24
Colorado, Colorado. Colorado is like the one out of

Jerry 3:28
Oregon I believe. Okay, Washington.

Mike Proctor 3:32
I wonder how many like total are there? I’m

Jerry 3:34
curious. Um, it’s under 15.

Mike Proctor 3:37
I’ve Dude, it’s it’s insane. How many of the like the dispensary is popped up? Like out in Flint. Everywhere. They’re everywhere. You see him all every fucking blocks gambling Detroit.

Jerry 3:48
You know, the more problem there’s two in a while so No.

Mike Proctor 3:50
Yeah, yep. Yep.

Xad 3:51
I thought it was the weirdest thing in the world. The first time I went to I just went to like a, like a smoke shop or a store and like there was weed sitting on the couch. Like that was handy storage. I wonder what’s so

Jerry 4:02
strange. When I was a kid. I was just imagine this would happen now. It’s like real in front of my eyes. I’m like, Oh, yeah, this is wonderful. Yeah. Oh,

Mike Proctor 4:13
yeah. That’s That’s fucking crazy, man. So you guys are on what? Facebook? Right?

Jerry 4:18
So yeah, we got Facebook. Baked right goods

Mike Proctor 4:20
baked right goods we talked about and it has like a unique spelling,

Jerry 4:23
right? Oh, yeah. So the baked is two DS and the goods is two Z’s. And the right is three T’s. The right way.

Mike Proctor 4:33
how, you know, how, how did you find yourself in this little niche here?

Jerry 4:38
Ah, so I’ve smoked weed for a really long time. And I always it’s really been passionate about it’s only really been passionate about my whole life.

Mike Proctor 4:46
Yeah, yeah. Man. I remember when we were younger, and you were kind of I think experimenting with like, edibles and stuff like that. Yeah, like, you know, a long, long time ago. And now I feel like it I feel like lately I there’s a lot of people I know that are like doing it like taking edibles and you know even just smoking pot and stuff. It’s become a lot more mainstream and yeah, I feel like you know what I mean? That’s a good that’s a good

Xad 5:13
guess on a year probably 20606

Jerry 5:18
fucking it was all like Mexican brick weed. And you know is you smoke pot in little corners by your you know, with your buddies or we bought it at a really shifty dude’s house. Mm hmm. You can basically go to Walmart, Walmart styles, and pick out whatever pot you want, man. Right.

Xad 5:37
But 16 states By the way, 16 states? Is that the Is it the graphic grouping is the graphic of? Yes, definitely. I was definitely I don’t know. We’ll catch up to the right. I guess Vermont to I think they got to legalize Vermont, Vermont.

Mike Proctor 5:53
Vermont, because

Xad 5:55
Ben and Jerry

Jerry 5:56
Vermont’s number one export.

Mike Proctor 5:58
That’s funny. But yeah, man, so uh, you just been? It’s been your deal. Right? for for for a long time. You’ve been? I like I like the term cannabis. I don’t know why I just like that word. Like, I don’t like dope. dope. Yeah, like all the words that describe, you know, fucking marijuana and weed. They all sound bad. Mm hmm. And now I feel like it’s not it’s not thought of as a bad thing. Not as bad as it used to be more thought of like a

Jerry 6:25
medicine or like a recreational type.

Mike Proctor 6:28
Yeah, I really like the CBD medical. I really like the CBD aspect of, you know, kind of what’s going on in the world. I guess right now.

Jerry 6:35
People are stopping taking, you know, Tylenol and vikane and yeah, gummies and stuff. Yeah, dude, that’s

Mike Proctor 6:40
incredible. Like I never liked like prescription medications.

Jerry 6:46
It’s not a good. Yeah, you know, it just always sounded bad. Like a super super bad thing. Like it’s gonna take care of one thing, but then it’s gonna, you know, kill your liver and all the other things. Yeah, for sure.

Mike Proctor 6:57
Um, yeah, so can you like how do you I’m very curious about like the the edibles and such. Yeah. Like, how do you go about, you know, sort of creating an edible?

Jerry 7:13
So she does a lot of those. edible cooking right,

Mike Proctor 7:16
which amber is here with us? Yep. Unfortunately, I would. I would get your mic but I only have three mics. That not gonna get another

Xad 7:24
project this weekend.

Jerry 7:25
Basically, she’s the carbs we use BHO which is a butane blown shatter.

Mike Proctor 7:30
Oh, go what’s the what’s that butane,

Jerry 7:33
they use butane to blow it through the nodes and the trim. And you get an extract, which is the shatter after the fact. Okay, we use to make our edibles. And we did carve that put that in the oven for 20 or 30 minutes. And that allows basically, he would raise the TGA de tirzah thca the THC B and allows you to get high. Okay, so before that if you just eat a bud, you’re not going to get high from it. If you just eat a piece of shatter, you’re not going to get high from it. That should be the carb first.

Mike Proctor 8:06
So it has to be in a carb, D carb D carb. Okay. So you’re essentially taken like what a bud of we’d have in of cannabis. And I wanna and you blow like what like an oil routine? Essentially butane, what? So what is butane look like?

Jerry 8:27
butane is whatever stuff you put in the end of your cigarette,

Mike Proctor 8:29
right? Like you like a lighter? Correct? Yeah, like that. That’s butane. So it’s like a clear liquid.

Jerry 8:34
similar type of gas. It’s a gas gas.

Xad 8:38
So you’re blowing a gas just directly through the bud.

Jerry 8:41
Correct. And then that you that pulls out the the thca. All that out of there. Gotcha. And is

Xad 8:48
that what this is? That’s the shatter shatter on the screen. Right? It literally looks like

Mike Proctor 8:53
it looks like the last Yeah, it does look like glass.

Xad 8:56
Wow. So this is what comes out on the on the other end after you blow the dough. That’s after you bake it right?

Jerry 9:02
You have to put it into an oven and all that good stuff, too. I don’t make I don’t do the processing part. But there’s definitely more than just blowing it through some butane.

Xad 9:12
Right, right. That’s crazy. Huh?

Jerry 9:17
Got diamonds awesome. Science

Xad 9:18
this stuff? Yeah, that’s what I mean. So how did you how did you get? Like,

Mike Proctor 9:23

Xad 9:25
How did you learn this? Or how did how did she learn?

Mike Proctor 9:27
Yeah, how did everything.

Jerry 9:29
Google YouTube

Mike Proctor 9:30
really no shit. And you can learn how to do

Jerry 9:32

Mike Proctor 9:34
ever is nod your head like yeah, for the most part.

Jerry 9:36
Lots and lots of hours on YouTube and Google and just thumbing through recipes, appreciate the shot out of that hustle

Xad 9:42
trial and error. trial and error. That was one question when I was talking to Mike about you coming back on was like, trial and error like did you just make some stuff, try it, see how it worked and

Jerry 9:55
then just gave it away for free? And I was like,

Xad 9:57
let me know what happened. Oh, me.

Mike Proctor 10:00
So after you’ve blown it through this into this shatter, yep. You said you take that and use that to make whatever’s thing you’re going to make. Yep, she can so what do you like melted down or crushed it up? And

Jerry 10:17
comes is like a big sheet basically, it’s like a like shatter guy like, big as compared to glass. Yeah, sometimes it’s like a rock candy sometimes Yeah, like that. Yeah. But uh, she puts that in the oven, the carbs you know for 20 or 30 minutes that turns it into a liquid when she combines it with either butter or coconut oil.

Mike Proctor 10:37
Okay, so then you got then you blend it into whatever thing you’re gonna make correct. And then you just basically make it as per the usual you need to make with oil or butter you

Jerry 10:48
know you can make with cannabutter can oil

Xad 10:50
you just subbing in for the for that now,

Mike Proctor 10:53
what’s your like? What’s like the best thing to make? Like what’s your favorite thing to make? nerdy like some nerd ropes a nerd rope.

Jerry 11:03
pretty popular.

Mike Proctor 11:04
Huh? How the hell do you make a nerd rope you make a taffy it’s a gelatin gelatin jello

Jerry 11:13

Mike Proctor 11:14
so then you’re just folding your so you have to convert it in from from one chemical to another right? THC THC a turns into THC B

Jerry 11:26
and so that’s what THC turned the THC a and that’s what allows you to get high THC a

Mike Proctor 11:31
gotcha. Okay.

Xad 11:33
And that’s the point of heating it up. No, that’s why he Okay, so that extracts that and then now it’s moldable and can be used for whatever you do. So choose. Yep. Gotcha. Lincoln, if

Jerry 11:43
you want to do that probably be pretty bad time. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 11:49
How do you how do you control like the dosage of you know, the, I guess the potency? So basically, there’s

Jerry 11:57
a calculator online that you can find. Um, so the percentage of the THC in the shatter. Let’s say it’s 70% THC.

Mike Proctor 12:06
And how do you come to that number?

Jerry 12:08
Oh, that’s it’s been tested.

Mike Proctor 12:10
Okay, like the shatter itself.

Xad 12:12
Like the process that you make shatter through produces 70% 60 70% somewhere

Jerry 12:18
in there. But yeah,

Mike Proctor 12:19
70% what? THC THC Okay, either

Jerry 12:22
test it as a little lab it is. Oh, gotcha.

Mike Proctor 12:26
Gotcha. So, then you can then factor out what, like, you know, X amount

Jerry 12:32
milliliters 10 grams, or 15 grams, however much. You need to make, you know, set batch or whatever.

Mike Proctor 12:40
Gotcha. Gotcha. Um, is that something you got to be real careful with?

Jerry 12:46
Uh, you couldn’t tell me the worst thing you do is make it too strong.

Mike Proctor 12:49

Xad 12:50
Have you ever had anybody like hit you up? Like, Hey, man, that stuff was pretty turn. I’ve

Jerry 12:54
had some buddies tell me you know, I passed out with their shoes on. My one buddy. Thought is

Mike Proctor 13:01
so was that. Was that

Xad 13:03
a picture of her gummies or Oh? Yeah.

Mike Proctor 13:07
Nice. Fucking munchies and candy. Yo, yes, this shit probably gets sold like hotcakes.

Jerry 13:14
It’s not good. It’s all right in my house. No shit.

Xad 13:19
At the kind of be tough to have all that. And just kind of be careful, you know, over.

Mike Proctor 13:25
But so the ultimate your the dose is it’s basically considered from the most of what the shatter depends on the dosage of the actual, like, pot itself.

Jerry 13:36
Yeah, so the quality of the shutters can be of how good of the trim you have or bud you use to run to make the concentrate, obviously. So if you shitty trim, you’re gonna get shitty. Concentrate. Mm hmm.

Mike Proctor 13:47
Now, I know it’s legal to grow. Do you guys grow?

Xad 13:50
No, no. Just a little too much.

Jerry 13:53
I have a one bedroom apartment. Yeah, right. Yeah, I would need a whole facility. I will probably eventually. Yeah. Um, but so the process of like, I could grow right now I have a med guard. I could have my my 12 plan. She could have her 12 plants. You got 12

Mike Proctor 14:09
plants, right? Yeah,

Jerry 14:10
I could even get patients and have up to 72 plants. But it just it would be a lot to maintain on top of the business, right? It’s not something I’m really looking to do right now.

Mike Proctor 14:22
Um, I know that man every day when I go to work. So I drive there’s someone who grows right and Duran here because you can smell it. Every day. I can smell smells like a skunk smell. You could smell as a big skunk. And as I drive down 69 to Lansing, and everyday there’s a little stretch of highway that I drive through and I’m like goddamn skunk. Like somebody must be grown some marijuana around this place. Probably a whole barn full guarantee.

Xad 14:55
He said you’re gonna have to 12 plants

Jerry 14:57
as a patient. As a patient.

Xad 14:59
I have a Crazy, they said that you can yield up to a pound off of

Jerry 15:03
potentially one glance on how what you’re really working with. Right. And I’ve had guys tell me they’ve gotten a pound that I have. And there’s some plans you only get 12 ounces off of gases. But yeah, it varies.

Mike Proctor 15:15
It just kind of a crapshoot depends.

Jerry 15:19
Depends on the strain again. You know what, you feed it?

Xad 15:24
Yeah, the quality of the person that’s growing it, how much attention they’re given to it? Sure.

Mike Proctor 15:29
I have a friend who’s a like an H fat guy. He, um, you know, he does heating cooling. And he’s always working on a girl house. Always. He’s

Jerry 15:37
like, every, you know, every time. He’s like, rolling the temperature in those rooms. That’s it’s all about controlling your temperature. If you can’t, it’s too hot in there. Your your posh trash.

Mike Proctor 15:48
Okay. You mold the bugs. Now? Of course, of course. I’m not a big gardener. I’ve never I don’t really I don’t know shit about little plants. Yeah,

Jerry 15:57
I don’t grow pot. That’s for sure.

Mike Proctor 16:00
Right? Yeah, of course. Of course. You’re not a gardener yourself. And

Jerry 16:04
that’s a tomato.

Xad 16:07
It’s easier to buy it.

Jerry 16:08
Right way easier. Good. hellofresh Yeah, right.

Mike Proctor 16:13
So what is I watched that you ever watched the Netflix explained about cannabis? That’s a good I was caught that documentary. I watched it so long ago. I still remember a ton of shit. Um, they break down like the different strains and like the cityville in the indika. Um, can you kind of speak to that a little bit, but y’all good bro. Yo, y’all backwards. Them damn headphones. These chords sometimes we get a little more slack in this pitch. But, um, they talked about I think it’s like the PSA. tiva whatever one’s like, smaller and like harder? I think so. Rose in leipers colder climates. So so it so it actually came from like, sort of like Canada and I think I don’t know for don’t quote me on that one. Because it’s been a while since I’ve seen that pitch.

Xad 17:11
Eastern Asia. Eastern Asia.

Mike Proctor 17:14
Yeah, which way what’s that? Which

Jerry 17:15
one is that? That’s a CTV

Mike Proctor 17:17
Okay. Okay. Yeah.

Xad 17:20
But I’m thinking that’s like northern Eastern Asia, which would be northern China and Mongolia. I don’t think it’s called Mongolia anymore but my shitty wall Mongolians.

Mike Proctor 17:35
But yeah, what do you like prefer? How do you do?

Jerry 17:39
What do you prefer more images? And what’s that? That’s the more heavy highs people say it’s the nighttime. Okay, in the couch to Steve was an upper in the couch in the couch? indika is a good way to remember your

Xad 17:55
little fanatical is that what that sounds like when

Mike Proctor 17:57
you want to go to bed?

Jerry 17:58
That’s one that makes you I doesn’t make me go to bed but it that’s what yeah, it’s chilled out most Yeah. floated down over was supposed to be the zoom. I don’t really feel a zoom from any table. Do you?

Mike Proctor 18:12
Do you is that like the popular popular stuff? So

Jerry 18:20
people that are heavy users typically like in because more people that smoke a lot usually are the guys. people that like to tivos are usually like people that smoke once or twice a day or something. You know, obviously, this keeps some people just use ativa throughout the day, and use indika at night. Hmm. But it seems like the most for the most part. People like indicas I carry a lot of Indigo stuff. Just because that’s what sells.

Mike Proctor 18:47
Um, it’s crazy because you’re almost like a doctor. You know, borderline

Xad 18:56
in a way

Jerry 18:58
if you want my diagnosis.

Mike Proctor 19:02
But uh, I just like the like the medicinal application of you know, the cannabis and like, yeah, you know, all the stuff about you know, we’re helping them with seizures and like I said, like, it’s so much better than prescription drugs. Little kids. My

Jerry 19:18
I think holds it on younger than three. She has her card.

Mike Proctor 19:24
Really? Really?

Jerry 19:26
She has a What’s that? muncher? Like it’s just some form of Down syndrome.

Mike Proctor 19:35
Oh, really? Okay.

Jerry 19:37
And she has a bad seizures and she has these schraeder seizures. Hmm. But not just cbds use THC to know shit. Mm hmm. That’s amazing for low dose. Right, right.

Xad 19:49
Yeah, it’s

Jerry 19:49
not like 510 milligrams. Yeah, right. Rolling a blunt smoking with their base. No,

Xad 19:54
it’s strictly medicinal. At that point. Just baby. Yeah, right.

Mike Proctor 19:59
Right. Absolutely.

Xad 20:00
That’s crazy. It is crazy how, like you said like 2006. Like, if if you were to like jump Time Warp back to yourself and tell you like this kind of stuff was going on. I was like, Okay 2002 or 2003 I was still in middle school and Byron and girls found out me and a couple of guys were smoking pot at the games, and they were like, you’re gonna die.

Jerry 20:21
This is gonna be the end of you. Yeah, yeah. Smoke this joint.

Mike Proctor 20:26
Well, it’s just it has it had such a bad stigma. You know, it’s like that, um, we I like Joe Rogan a lot. So and he’s like, you know, huge fucking pothead. We’re always talking about, um, you know, the good applications and stuff. That’s like the first place I’ve heard about CBD. You know, and then my wife and I actually, we went, we had to go to the dispensary and bought like, some CBD. You know, some sort of lotion or some dude, that shit is amazing. Like, I’ve been fucked. Like I’ve said this. It’s a I work at Amazon. And it’s December. So man, I’ve been fucking hustling. My knees have been hurting real bad. didn’t hold. Well, I had some bad shoes to man. Like, I had some fucking really good shoes, like sort of flat shoes. And I have like very like high arched feet. So yeah, bro. These things really wreak fucking havoc on my on my knees and my knees been hurting real bad. So we got this like CBD lotion. And dude, when you rub that shit on there, it’s like fucking so amazing. Like, it’s incredible.

Xad 21:33
Yeah, you had given that to me. Back when I broke my hand. And I was like, Oh, that

Mike Proctor 21:38
was a different one. a different brand.

Xad 21:40
Yeah, different type yoke, or whatever that stuff was. I was like, kind of skeptical to it when you’re like, hey, try this. It helps.

Mike Proctor 21:47
Yeah, I

Xad 21:48
broke my and I get no it works. It works. And it’s got like, you know, like a fucking pot leaf on Yeah, like,

Mike Proctor 21:55
what, bro?

Xad 21:56
I have this.

Mike Proctor 22:00
But yeah, dude that you know that. I love that shit, man. I

Jerry 22:02
don’t have a lot of experience with the topicals but pretty well. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 22:06
they do, man. They do. Absolutely. I I talked about that shit all the time. I’m like, yo, got to get the shit CPD. But, uh, what the fuck is I say, Oh, yeah, Joe, I was talking about Joe Rogan. He’s like a huge pothead. Um, the, the I forgot what the fuck is going with that statement? Damn it.

Xad 22:32
So it was a band in 1937, or the marijuana Tax Act. That’s where 37 was where at when it first started. And then they that was like their first attempt to, to start monitoring it and

Mike Proctor 22:46
well, he was going on about it. He’s always going on about like how, whatever the guy’s name is like, something husk or something. The guy who owned the paper industry or owned the newspaper that kind of slandered marijuana, um, you know, all across the nation, because hemp was like, gonna take over the what the paper industry had, um, you know, like, get had a monopoly over pretty much. Um, do you know who I’m talking about what the guy’s name is?

Jerry 23:17
I’m not super familiar with that, man. I

Mike Proctor 23:19
can’t remember the guys name. Is that you got that?

Xad 23:22
tributed a Harry who will Kane?

Mike Proctor 23:24
He owned a newspaper. Now I can’t remember but you were you were talking about what would you say? Like reefer mad? Oh,

Jerry 23:31
yeah. reefer madness. What? What’s that? So probably the 40s maybe even the 50s I made a film called reefer madness where it showed some kids high school aged kids. They were introduced to pot and they they all go mad and lose their minds and like the one kid kills his family or some shit somebody kill Yeah.

Xad 23:50

Jerry 23:52
guy playing the piano. He’s like done. Super like hysterical out way far fetched propaganda. about marijuana. super funny. get high and watch it

Xad 24:04
1936 36 Yeah,

Jerry 24:07
I have never heard of this. It is hilarious.

Xad 24:10
I watched her way back in the day. I

Jerry 24:11
kind of remember watching Oh, yeah. crying. laughing like I’m gonna go kill somebody knows.

Xad 24:18
That’s exactly what that made you want to do again? I remember watching that. That’s, that’s crazy.

Mike Proctor 24:25
Yeah, well, I used to have such a bad rap. And now it’s you know, like you said, fuck how many states 616 16 states?

Xad 24:31
Yeah, I Well, that would more medicinal. reefer madness was kind of what at the beginning of the attributions to, to to given it that bad rap. You know, and just

Jerry 24:42
to be able to fire a bunch of rich white people that didn’t want to stop the money off of wood. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 24:47
Have you ever heard of, or watch the documentary murder mountain? No. So it’s about Have you ever heard of this? Like the California hills where there’s a bunch of pot growers?

Jerry 24:55
Yeah, it’s the golden northern Emerald triangle. Yep,

Mike Proctor 24:58
the Emerald triangle. So there’s I just watched this documentary murder mountain it’s about how initially up there there were you know a bunch of like kind of hippies you know they’re a bunch of hippies up there basically just like growing pie and you know living like a carefree lifestyle and then I think it was like what the Reagan administration kind of came up with like you know really started to break really crack down

Jerry 25:28
on marijuana or crack is wack

Mike Proctor 25:31
and they they fuckin a bunch of people went in there raided them you know did all this shit but it’s like the climate up there is like really good for perfect for growing dope. Yeah, yeah.

Xad 25:44
Don’t you did say you did say it as your word too.

Mike Proctor 25:48
But so they you know a bunch of bunch of officers go up there and start reprimanding people and ship. And so a lot of people left because, you know, all the raids were going on at these rates and shit. And so that really opened up that this kind of opening for a bunch of, you know, now they they’re like a bunch of pirates up there, dude. And they go up there and they just grow pot. They’re all killing each other and shit. Jesus police can’t, you know, they can’t maintain order. In sort of, what’s the county? Do you know what county it is?

Jerry 26:21
I don’t remember the name of the county. I want

Mike Proctor 26:23
to say it’s Humboldt County.

Jerry 26:24
That’s, that’d be funny. If it was,

Mike Proctor 26:26
I think it’s Humboldt County. Right. Emerald triangle. Yeah. But uh, they, the police can’t really control everything. Like it’s it’s just a madhouse up there. Yeah. And it really, it’s really, really bad now. And it stemmed from, you know, the government kind of going in there and raiding out right, all these sort of like peaceful people that then lived up there.

Xad 26:52
Instead now it’s just like, anarchy and yes.

Mike Proctor 26:54

Xad 26:57
They’re all county is correct. By the way, hold on. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 27:00
There’s the there’s like a police officer that’s on the documentary. And he’s talking about, you know, when he was like a deputy, and they go up, try to go up the mountain and there’s a bunch of people surrounded with a Ks and fuckin you know, riding four wheelers, tops. Yeah, yeah,

Jerry 27:18
it’s just like, issues are mountain. Yeah, they’re

Mike Proctor 27:21
like, like out there. Like, essentially the bodyguards. You know, like, they’re there. They’re like, What the fuck are you doing here? Why are you here?

Jerry 27:27
We’re just being cops shit like that. Yep.

Mike Proctor 27:30
Dude, it’s crazy. You should watch that you’re being that’s a good documentary. Like, sir. Yeah, it’s on Netflix. fuckin check. I think it’s called murder mountain murder mountain.

Xad 27:38
Yeah, sounds sad to watch. You’ve been telling me to watch that. I feel like I never was.

Mike Proctor 27:41
That’s just really interesting. To watch something.

Xad 27:43
He always does, like, gotta watch this. And I’m like, Nah, I will. And then I don’t know why

Mike Proctor 27:48
we just talked about this. Yeah,

Xad 27:50
I’m getting after it tonight.

Jerry 27:52
Sorry. No. Will you?

Xad 27:54
I am.

Mike Proctor 27:55
Like, I’m pretty sure my cousin Lacey who has been on the show. She went there.

Xad 28:01
She did. She was talking about Yeah,

Mike Proctor 28:02
I think I think she was

Jerry 28:03
kind of talking about the herd trimmers can make like 1520 grand out there in a season. Oh, wait, what

Xad 28:09
season? How long is the season? like months? months?

Mike Proctor 28:12
trip trimmers? odors? So yeah, the people that are tearing the pot down? Yeah. Just German pod. Yep. They that’s what the whole like sort of documentary centers around is a guy who because there’s like teenagers and stuff and like people that travel there because it’s this kind of mystical allured place. And they go there and they become trimmers, and they just like, live in these huts and shit. It’s dudes nuts. Sounds wonderful. Yeah. It’s a good documentary on stinky.

Xad 28:44
I bet it is.

Mike Proctor 28:45
Would you ever go up there?

Jerry 28:47
I’m not gonna go live in a hut. But go check it out.

Mike Proctor 28:50
Well, I mean, they got fucking whole operations and ship.

Jerry 28:53
It sounds fucking super scary.

Xad 28:55
That is sketchy as hell like.

Jerry 28:59
AKA. Like, I just want to sell me some weed or Yeah, I

Xad 29:04
just want you guys have tours. You guys do tours

Mike Proctor 29:07
like Yeah. How much What’s the price of admission? Right? Can

Jerry 29:10
I give you money and put that away?

Mike Proctor 29:14
Oh, yeah, I have someone else was telling me about the What is it? The Cannabis Cup? Oh, no, I think I’ve seen a flyer or something. Yeah, the Cannabis Cup came up in Have you heard of this May or June so what’s what is this what

Jerry 29:31
medical marijuana have in here in Michigan post. Ugly highlights. Similar to hash bash. Okay, except Cannabis Cup. There will be like a winner. You know, best flower best concentrates shit like that. We’re different growers from so there’s

Mike Proctor 29:47
literally a circuit.

Jerry 29:49
Yeah, absolutely. We went to a show a few weeks back in pawpaw, Michigan. And basically it’s a bunch of vendors. You know, I’d say a little bit 100 vendors there. They’re selling we are selling edibles. They’re selling wax. They’re selling t shirts bongs food infused food. Um Damn, they’re just walking around and people are spending 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of dollars

Mike Proctor 30:14
oh shit

Jerry 30:15
yeah so just like a big you know like a big event basically a huge event with a bunch of people selling their weed

Xad 30:21
the judges must be just blasted by the end of the

Jerry 30:26
fucking ripped like my buddy brought me there This sucks I was working for him I was selling for him and he gave me a couple $100 for the day and I was drinking these weed these THC lean drinks the whole time. When and THC Yeah. And by the end of the day I’m fucking feeling like I’m all Gung beat up but I was on like a like a painkiller or something.

Xad 30:51
Someone gave me morphine. I’m looking at some of the names of the stuff that one is catatonic number four.

Mike Proctor 30:59
What is

Xad 31:00
the best CBD flower? These are the categories.

Mike Proctor 31:04
Okay, so what are the best best?

Xad 31:07
Beginning best Indic flower best ativa Flower Flower

Mike Proctor 31:09
is the weed right? That’s what the weed is

Xad 31:12
best pre roll vaters indika concentrate. Just concentrate just different things like that. You know?

Mike Proctor 31:19
Okay, so let’s talk about that. What What the hell is the concentrate?

Jerry 31:24
That’s what chatter is. That’s what I’ve done. The diamonds are the

Mike Proctor 31:28
Okay, what’s the diamond?

Jerry 31:31
Just more it’s it’s a more refined process of THC. It’s a higher concentrate. Usually the THC a or the THC. THC diamonds. It’d be like 80 90% THC as taste superclean

Mike Proctor 31:46
So what is it made out of the like the same way you blow the it starts usually.

Jerry 31:54
I’m not sure of the exact process of how to bake diamonds. I know. It’s to do with jarring and leaving butane in the jar. And the butane compresses the concentrate into the diamond.

Hmm. So it’s like a rock. Kinda kind of looks like a big Oh, like a big crack rock. Crack rock. That’s I’m gonna do someone look like real drugs.

Mike Proctor 32:17
And then so what do you do like real drugs? What do you do with that? Do you smoke it a dab it put into a dab it Okay, what’s a dab?

Jerry 32:25
Us and nectar collect us a nectar collector because a bomb. Essentially you heat your like little rig up or your bomb. you heat

Mike Proctor 32:33
up your bunk. This is the thing where everyone’s lightened up their fucking torches.

Jerry 32:37
Yes, you use a torch to heat something called a banger a nail a banger or a nail and which is like a glass.

Mike Proctor 32:44
So you heat up like the long poker thing.

Jerry 32:48
People used to do it that way. Yes. That would be old school way of doing it. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 32:52
I used to know guy he could bust out like his fucking little torch a little you know, one night like I used to use my like Chrome relays in the fucking kitchen. And he busts out a torch light that fucker up, carry around like a big giant glass thing. Right? So they so they light the cylinder. or excuse me, the the poker thing, right? You heat that up? And then what?

Jerry 33:15
So that would be like an older but that would be like an older process I’m going to use Okay, new age people used to put the wax on your dab tool, which is just a piece of metal or whatever. And you heat your, your bowl up top, top right into that heat your bowl there with the with your torch, and you just put your little dab in there.

Mike Proctor 33:35
Okay, okay, so it’s a little more advanced now, hey,

Jerry 33:38
you don’t need to carry around like a duffel bag. He probably still do. Well, you can just use like a pin or whatever. You know, you got the little pins and all sorts of different electronic nails that heat themselves up electronically. No shit and all sorts of fancy different ways to get high.

Mike Proctor 33:54
So the pen is like what you got, right? Yeah, I

Jerry 33:57
gotta see yours pro around here. So this here is that seems to be the new age popular thing right there. The carts the cartridges. Yes. So you got the car on the end. And I could if I wanted to take the card off and put a little ceramic coil on the end here. And it’s an electronic nectar collector.

Mike Proctor 34:16
Uh huh.

Jerry 34:18
So I could smoke wax or, you know, cones or Okay,

Mike Proctor 34:21
so what’s in that thing? What’s in that little?

Jerry 34:24
What are the cars? distillate in terps? There’s a platinum vape. And basically, it’s just distillate in terms of terps are what stripped out of the plant to give it the flavoring. Okay, and what else disel it

Mike Proctor 34:37
what’s the discipline?

Jerry 34:39
So this is another form of extraction of THC extraction.

Mike Proctor 34:44
Okay, so same, same sort of idea form and it’s already decarbed. Okay, okay. So it’s already transformed into one that different different teas

Jerry 34:55
already thca you can put it right into, into an edible Okay, okay.

Xad 35:02
So it looks like this, the dabbing didn’t really get popular in the US until, like 2010. Because that’s that was new to me.

Jerry 35:09
When I first seen dabbing, we were like, I was at my buddy’s house, the trailer park here in Duran, and they were doing it the most crackhead way I’ve ever seen it done off a stove. That’s what it sounds like the spoon. That’s what it sounds another spoon. That’s

Mike Proctor 35:25
what it got.

Jerry 35:27
I was like, um, I don’t, I don’t do those type of things. We’re doing here. I’m up here.

Xad 35:34
So I had actually walked in a situation where this is years ago now, but a friend of my brothers was doing it as I walked into my brother’s house. And I like pulled my brother in the other room. It’s like, What the fuck is going on? I gotta, I gotta, I gotta talk with you from now. On. He’s like, Ah, it’s just we like, right?

Mike Proctor 35:57
Sure. Gotta do it that way

Xad 35:59
really looks like it’s just

Mike Proctor 36:00
fucking put it on a podcast back in the

Jerry 36:02
day. Not enough. And it’s always gonna be more and more and more and more and more.

Xad 36:07
Yeah, that’s so that’s like, just, like a more intense, more intense get you there faster, better.

Mike Proctor 36:14
stronger. Yes. Seems like the all the like the extraction stuff. Um, it seems like that’s what everyone likes. Now,

Jerry 36:26
it saves you a lot of time too. So you can do one dab, or you can break down some weed and roll it into a joint and smoke that whole joint. Which sounds like a whole press process. Right? Right. Right, right. Just do your one dab and one minute

Xad 36:39
and you call it good. You’re done.

Jerry 36:41
We’re all about efficiency, man. That’s even easier a cart. You know? That’s why I like these things are much

Mike Proctor 36:47
easy, ease of use. That’s always the thing. And so that’s like a vaporizer. Right? Yeah, yeah. Um, I watched yet another documentary on vaporizers. And how, like, that all came to be because vapes are fucking super popular.

Jerry 37:03
I got a vape every moms use it a breeze.

Mike Proctor 37:06
I’m not mine’s like a I don’t even know what my actual like mod. I’ve had a couple of them. Um, but I just get that like they always fucking break. So you always end up getting like a new one. They’re real cheap and like plastic and shit.

Jerry 37:21
I just see. That’s what I see everyone have nowadays like the breeze?

Mike Proctor 37:24
Is that what’s that? One? The dispo ones is like a big giant one. Ah, it’s

Jerry 37:28
not huge. I’d say I get

Mike Proctor 37:30
like a you know,

Jerry 37:30
let’s say some all that size this finger around. Huh?

Mike Proctor 37:35
Nice. But um, the vapen is crazy, because I don’t even quite know how it works. But this guy invented in Japan, I think it was a guy in Japan invented it. And the first vape was like a fucking foot long. And like six inches around. Were like this big giant fucking thing hooked up into like a little mouthpiece. That See if you can find out.

Xad 38:04
Oh, the person who invented it.

Mike Proctor 38:05
Yeah, that like the Japanese dude sounds like a torture device, but are like if you get a picture of the first one that he that he made, but there’s a documentary. It’s called Big vape and it breaks down all the big shit about vape how big vape coming in, and

Xad 38:19

Mike Proctor 38:20
What’s the Conlin? Like? Yep, that’s him right there. Yeah, he built it to quit smoking.

Jerry 38:25
That’s hilarious.

Xad 38:26
I’m talking about an ingenious person. He’s like, I gotta quit smoking. Let me do something.

Jerry 38:32
I’m gonna want to actually quit.

Mike Proctor 38:35
Well, that’s what the documentary is about. It’s about how people use vapes to like quit smoking and stuff but what happened was bunch of teenagers thought it was cool because it’s delicious. And when they were started selling like you remember the jewels?

Jerry 38:49
Remember jewel? No one can be that surprised that kids started liking it you make a bunch of flavored like flavored like candy. Yeah. Like dang Come on.

Xad 38:59
Like why did the kids like this bubble gum flavored? Yeah, like Skittles and runs?

Mike Proctor 39:04
Yep. And so they um you know jewels when they first started they were like being sold on the counter. And so you’d like people didn’t quite know that it had nicotine and a bunch of teenagers start using it and the documentary is actually about like this one high school but they all you know thought it was cool they started doing it and then didn’t realize they were getting addicted to it in the book and now they’re like you know addicted to fucking nicotine like as if they were smoking

Jerry 39:31
cool I don’t feel good

Mike Proctor 39:34
but uh yeah that’s that’s a pretty interesting thing. But so that’s what like those those pen things are they’re like a little vaporizer that you hook up to. Nice little th a little juice in it but that juice is fucking got what shatter in it

Jerry 39:50
for super convenient. Oh yeah. Didn’t do inside of most grocery stores don’t really says anything. Right. This walking through Walmart getting high. Where’s your mask? What mask?

Xad 40:04
It’s for the modern vape pen invented in.

Mike Proctor 40:07
Oh 303 Yep.

Jerry 40:09
If I would have seen someone vaping in oh three but what the fuck kind of shitty?

Xad 40:12
hell is that thing with sorcery? Is

Jerry 40:14
this cool kind of heat? Are you doing iron?

Xad 40:19
Oh yeah, a little

Mike Proctor 40:23
smoke a cigarette boy. It’s gates you don’t like nicotine? But yeah, like Marlboro bought jewel.

Jerry 40:32
I wouldn’t do anything kind of he threatened me I’ll buy you

Xad 40:35
there. They had to see the writing on the wall.

Jerry 40:38
They knew what time it was. They’re gonna be next. Wait till Barbara opens up a marijuana store. Romi

Mike Proctor 40:44
Yeah, Marlboro brand working here. That’s where it’s going Welcome to Marlboro. marijuana’s

Jerry 40:48
How can I help you? I’m Jerry. They put me out of business.

Xad 40:53
They bought me.

Mike Proctor 40:55
Yes. So you gotta you gotta get there first.

Jerry 40:57
kiosk here. No.

Mike Proctor 41:04
I’m gonna fucking work there. Oh, yeah,

Jerry 41:07
I’m gonna have much of a choice. Honestly.

Mike Proctor 41:12
That’s funny, man. So see what else you guys been up to?

Jerry 41:16
Nothing too cool. I started doing hellofresh again, which is wonderful. What tellers rarely try it. Oh, they’ll send you all the shit pre portioned and he took it at home. Yeah, yeah.

Xad 41:26
Do you have Do you have a favorite because I actually tried it for the first time the other day and I’m very interested.

Jerry 41:32
I don’t think I have like a particular I really like a bourbon Bob. bourbon Bob if you see bourbon Bob on the menu get bourbon Bob. What is it? What’s I want to say Ben and Bob is like an African dish. Oh shit a super good.

Mike Proctor 41:44
What is like what does it taste?

Jerry 41:46
That’s rice and fucking me. Lots of vegetables chicken. Be can be beef, pork, pork. Probably could be chicken. I imagine it the vegetables are all like sliced up Really? Like like strings. You know the nice little bit and

Xad 42:03
that sounds amazing and wonderful. ribeye steaks, soy sauce brown sugar beansprouts white rice. It’s

Jerry 42:09
just fun to say between Bob and Bob.

Mike Proctor 42:11
So hellofresh is the one where you gotta cook it right? Yeah, cook it yourself. They send you all the stuff and the instructions. They are the best one out there. Yeah, I think I’ve you we’ve used them before.

Jerry 42:21
I’ve tried like the other ones like Blue Apron and butchers box and a few other ones and they just they just suck compared to these guys.

Mike Proctor 42:28
You know what the the thing about those is? It doesn’t and you never looks like you’re getting a big portion of the portion seems kind of small, even though like we’re American. So yeah, it looks

Jerry 42:42
small to us. But if we’ve shut that shit over to England, they were like, oh, golly gee, cheese. And if

Mike Proctor 42:47
you eat it, you typically feel full.

Xad 42:50
Yeah, you’re good. Like, that’s all you need.

Mike Proctor 42:51
It’s like you’re a pretty big guy. Do you? Do you? Does it suffice you?

Jerry 42:55
Yeah, for sure.

Mike Proctor 42:56
Yeah, no shit a good meal. I think that’s funny how, you know, like, like, I remember when I got those housings, it seems kind of fucking small. Right? You’d have to eat it. You’re like, Man, this is like, Oh, no, it’s

Jerry 43:06
the ones you pick. You got to be careful. You know? Yeah. ones that are smaller than the other ones. Yeah, for sure.

Xad 43:12
The one that we did was like a, like a Southwest pork chop with like, lemon or lime, like a lime cream sauce. And that shit was delicious.

Jerry 43:24
It’s all like gourmet type shit.

Unknown Speaker 43:25
Yeah, it is.

Jerry 43:26
I got a duck lol orange with duck fat potatoes come in. And then for New Year’s Eve, I bought the holiday box. pan seared beef tenderloin and truffle butter. Live in the

Mike Proctor 43:39
fucking life.

Xad 43:41
It’s not like stuff that you’re just like, it’s not stuff you’re gonna find at Walmart. No, and it’s stuff that like you would you wouldn’t sit down and plan like you. You’re just gonna plan on a meteor like, spaghetti. I’m gonna make tacos. Yeah, I’m gonna make taco America. Make this shit with a lime cream sauce and all that other stuff. I didn’t even know truffle existed.

Jerry 43:59
I thought it was a little weird. No,

Mike Proctor 44:02
it’s real. You know? It’s real. Chocolate was good. It tastes good.

Jerry 44:06
I’ll kill every mushroom, right?

Mike Proctor 44:07
You ever had truffle fries?

Jerry 44:08
It’s Yeah, it’s a mushroom. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 44:11
You’ve had truffle fries. black

Jerry 44:12
truffle? Yes. I’ve had truffle fries. Hmm.

Xad 44:15
Have you seen the stuff on the truffle hogs of France? Italy? Yeah,

Jerry 44:21
there’s these pigs that just sniff out from without truffle need be a truffle? Wait, what

Xad 44:24
they use pigs to find a truffle?

Jerry 44:27
Yeah, black truffle is found by these truffle pigs.

Xad 44:30
Yeah, it’s an underground and

Mike Proctor 44:35
a truffle pig.

Jerry 44:36
sniff out truffles. That’s what all they do. You know,

Mike Proctor 44:38
I may have heard of this before actually. Now they’re thinking about it.

Unknown Speaker 44:42
truffle hog.

Mike Proctor 44:43
A truffle hog. What’s part of England

Jerry 44:45
I need one.

Xad 44:46
This is a euro. It’s France I think is where it’s really like,

Mike Proctor 44:51
as deep as three feet underground or Europe.

Jerry 44:54
You can imagine just watching this pig dig and their big fucking pigs as big as Pigs digging for black truffle.

Xad 45:01
Yeah, yeah, truffle this

Mike Proctor 45:03
pig is probably up to over this guy’s waist. It’s Yeah,

Xad 45:06
it’s a bad pig. But yeah, they just Yeah, like that’s how they figured out how how they could find them these pigs can can locate them no problem. Italy, Italy.

Jerry 45:18
You imagine being able to smell something three feet under the surface.

Xad 45:21
Yeah. How about that? No shame about that. Like, what is it like when someone farts near you in the store? Something isn’t super intense.

Mike Proctor 45:30
What if you eat a lot of truffles? And then you’re gonna pick them apart or shit or pissed or whatever?

Xad 45:37
This hug come.

Jerry 45:39
Just come sniffing your as well. And hope he doesn’t start digging because any honkin dig three feet underground will dig a hole. second hole.

Mike Proctor 45:47
That’s what I’m saying. Dude. Pigs are fucking mean and nasty.

Jerry 45:51
Oh yeah. Like wild boars.

Mike Proctor 45:53
Yeah, dude. Oh, fuck you up black truffles

Xad 45:55
are the truffles. Double ones

Jerry 45:57
is one.

Mike Proctor 45:58
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s it’s worth that’s like

Jerry 46:01
crazy amounts of money per pound or per ounce.

Mike Proctor 46:04
I want to say so Dude, this was a long time ago, I watched this another documentary

Jerry 46:11

Xad 46:13
on average, 250 per pound for summer black truffles. 350 per pound for Burgundy, which they’re all black. Okay, so these are all black truffles. It’s just the time of the year that they’re picked. They give them a different color. But up to $800 per pound in the winter. That’s a wonderful so saying

Mike Proctor 46:32
that mushrooms I don’t remember the title of this one. But there were these basically these nomads that lived on I think it was northern Canada and they’re like fucking Eskimo people, essentially. Um, but they live out on like the Tundra’s and he they have a yak and they have a big tent and they’re fucking nomads. Dude, they just they travel around. And throughout this whole the filming of like this documentary this guy, the the father, they got it. They got a kid. It’s a guy and a wife and his kid and a baby. And maybe, dude, it’s it’s fucking like incredible how these people live. Um, they have a yak, I guess to get to Yeah, this is

Jerry 47:15
ride. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 47:16
yeah, no, brother, the Yak is cargo and milk. And that’s what they do. They just like hold and so he’s the only drink Yak milk. They Yeah, they make butter and they, you know, live on the Yak milk. And so the guy, the guy goes into town, and he has to like, leave the family for like a week and he travels all the way to town. They got some money. And you know, he trades some goods and shit, dude, it’s fucking nuts. I can’t I can’t remember what the name of it was. But this was like, probably like 810 years ago, back when I was still living in my apartment over environment. I’m young man. And just watching this yakka or this documentary at like, 3am

Jerry 47:57
we find the best one.

Mike Proctor 47:59
And anyways, the whole point of this the whole time the guy’s he’ll go out and you know, hunt and scavenge and such. And these truffles grow out in on this tundra. And so he’s always out there flipping over shit and fucking look under rocks and shit. And he’d find these truffles and fucking take those to town and make bank off of them. And he was so he would he had them like he would wrap them up and put them inside this chest that went inside another chest in his cabin. Or in their little tent thing that they made up. It was fucking crazy. But he want he spent like hours and hours and hours doing it.

Xad 48:35
So mystery less than one two pound truffle recently sold for more than $300,000.

Mike Proctor 48:43
What? Wow.


Xad 48:47
Yeah. Well, where

Jerry 48:49
was it found little Wayne bought that and put it on one stake.

Mike Proctor 48:54
Seriously, let’s see where like that would have to be like a company that bought it. Like cut it up and sold it into some rich guy bought it.

Xad 49:02
Yeah, somebody is like, you know what, fuck, it

Jerry 49:03
was definitely a private buyer just to have it. Just to say as it

Xad 49:09
just got just so much money. Like,

Jerry 49:12
you can try it. My trouble is you could

Mike Proctor 49:15
drive. And you know, just keep it. Just shave a couple pieces off whenever you

Xad 49:21
raise a private buyer. They’re not they’re not giving this dude’s name. They’re like, I can’t we can’t name this guy who’s spent that much because people will be looking for him.

Jerry 49:29
Give me a truffle hog. Yes, man.

Xad 49:32
That’s nuts. Oh, yeah. Can you see the numbers keep going up. That one says a million. so crazy. I believe that

Jerry 49:39
oh shit. Yeah, calling bull. That’s good. See

Xad 49:41
diamond. Right? No, no, no, and spend a million dollars on it.

Jerry 49:45
Give me it was gonna eat it.

Mike Proctor 49:46
Yeah, I don’t feel like they’re that popular in America. So no, it would have to be someone from somewhere else.

Jerry 49:51
I don’t know what it is. But it just tastes so wonderful.

Xad 49:54
I don’t think mushrooms are as popular in America as they are probably around the rest of the world.

Jerry 49:59
I know that sucks. psychedelic mushrooms.

Mike Proctor 50:01
Yeah, yeah.

Jerry 50:03
I took some like, probably like a month ago now, are those legal? decriminalized in some states? I don’t think they’re declared decriminalized here though.

Mike Proctor 50:13
Yeah, you can’t you can’t buy psychedelic mushrooms scary house

Jerry 50:17
dude a lot of people I’ve ever I’ve done a lot of like acid in my life and that was just fine you know it’s fine cool trips, good experiences with that. But with the mushrooms It was like it was so intense and then hallucinogens the the the looseness ation like the things into like the visuals and the like the art like what I was hearing was so intense like at one point. I’m watching paint kill on TV. I can hear my dad’s voice coming out of his mouth. I’m like, No, fuck you and kill


Mike Proctor 50:50
you or where were you like,

Jerry 50:52
my apartment? I’m, I’m locked in. I have my security cameras on. I have my alarm lock, my alarm set. And I’m freaking scared. Scared. Like, in my own home with all my cameras on with my alarm set, you know, completely safe, but I’m scared to death to the point where I have to call my mom she had to come over and literally babysit me for you know, it was I was having moments of clarity where I’d come back to him like I’m just trippin. I’m fine. And then I go like right back into it hardcore.

Xad 51:27
How long does last for

Jerry 51:28
a good couple hours? a good few hours day of the worst periods of my life.

Mike Proctor 51:35
Oh my god.

Jerry 51:37
I’ll never do it again. But my buddy was like, don’t eat that much. I was like, Fuck you. I’m gonna I’m gonna show you and I had a bad time. I’ve never been I’ve never been afraid of my entire life. And I’ve been in really sketchy situation.

Mike Proctor 51:52
How much did you eat? Like, is there a measurement? So yes, that’s not what you should eat.

Jerry 51:57
I don’t know. He’s like, just eat a couple grams. And I was like, I’m a big man over. I’ll show you how to eat mushrooms. And I got a little next day and I was like, Yeah, I cried for a few hours called my mom at a great so scared. At one point. I thought I was safe. that weighs about 500 pounds. And I thought my friend was gonna take it. Yeah, take my 500 pounds. say

Mike Proctor 52:22
like, come on. Like were you by yourself? It was me her

Jerry 52:25
and my buddy. Okay, now I thought for sure somehow he’s gonna get my 65 inch TV out the door. My safe which weighs every bit of 500 pounds. So I called my Bob my dad. Bob. Okay, guys, you guys don’t understand. I’m scared. And they’re not used to hearing me say that. Yes. Well, that’s dude that was scary about that scared biolog thing.

Mike Proctor 52:48
I was just scared. I’ve heard that you got to be in like a really good mental place. I was clearly not and yeah, don’t

Jerry 52:56
think you were bro the shower was fucking Ah, everything was just scary.

Mike Proctor 53:00
Like you’ll go into that shit and there’s some shit hanging over you like it’s not gonna be a good time. Sounds dreadful.

Jerry 53:08
It was the rice immediately. I had like a good another 20 grams left. I immediately got rid of them. I was like, Nah, we ain’t gonna we’re not doing these again. Like what was wrong with Jerry? What’s the matter? Like, what do you mean? What’s the matter? Like? I had to call my mom cuz I’m 30 years old. She was fucking pissed. Was it because she thought it was hilarious. She’s trip talking me.

Xad 53:30
Oh man.

Jerry 53:32
She corrected me on stories I’m telling telling all sorts of crap for some reason. I was like a really badass little kid. Like I would always steal from her I’d steal her food stamps is when paper food stamps was a thing that steal paper food stamp from her and money just go around the neighborhood and Flint and like flashing around to the kids and thinking I was cool. So I was like tripping and telling all these stories. Then my mom’s coming behind me and correcting me on all the stories on how they actually went.

Xad 54:01
Damn man, so did it feel like alright he said it lasted a couple hours it

Jerry 54:06
oh lifetime if I was gonna last forever. I was like this is never gonna be like this forever. I paid for this. That was when I was mad as long as I paid for this. I remember at one point I tell him I’m like I’m the best to have in my mom here. You guys but I’m way better than my mom you are

Xad 54:23
she’s bragging in

Jerry 54:26
my head fixing this bed. My head’s in the bed guys. Can you see it if it’s there? I would CALIFORNIA KING size biggest but I’m just shocked My head’s inside of like fitstar for some reason.

Mike Proctor 54:39
Were you like on luck?

Jerry 54:40
Oh man laying in the bed. That point I’m like probably probably completely naked. Fresh out the shower fused with like 10 blankets, ami

more blankets. That was a bad experience all out. It was bad.

Xad 55:01
No one thought to record this shit yeah

Jerry 55:02
it’s all on my Google nest I have cameras you could all I can imagine the things that were said because I was trip talking hard. I don’t know if anyone’s familiar with what trip talking is it’s just your mind and a constant. Here’s your thoughts are pouring out of your retarded as trippy mind can go on to YouTube and hear people trip talking the craziest shit they say. You can only imagine I’m going to logic with cups. I’ve heard a talk. I could talk it with a fucking guy and drinking a cup.

Xad 55:33
If I could drink it out of cups to put that together.

Jerry 55:36
Yeah. fucking guy. Yeah, that guy. I’ve never seen this guy. Dude, that just took a bunch of hallucinogens and locked himself in a closet in the dark. And is having that conversation.

Xad 55:47
Now my carpet? No way.

Jerry 55:48
Yeah, fucking seahorses for life, man. fucking love seahorses.

Xad 55:52
seahorses. Shell sells shows.

That’s a good one. That is a good one. That’s what you should probably make some money.

Mike Proctor 56:03
You call that? What’d you do, man?

Jerry 56:05
Absolutely not.

Mike Proctor 56:07
Do you have can we get that? Who’s your cell phone provider just recording?

Jerry 56:12
I can only imagine that. The worst part about it was my mom was encouraging it. It was funny.

Xad 56:18
I don’t think there’s a human who couldn’t think that

Jerry 56:21
was my buddy was there and he was like, man, your mom’s being so cool about this. One point he tells me Don’t tell my mom about this Jerry. And we’re all grown men when he’s 26 years old. It’s like I don’t tell my mom I don’t actually know what I don’t tell my girlfriend either.

Mike Proctor 56:40
Yeah, man.

Xad 56:41
I got tears. Just think Yeah, like just thinking about that shit, man. Jesus Holy shit.

Mike Proctor 56:49
Well on I think that’s

I think that’s tied at a time future.

Jerry 56:54
should give you another story if you

Mike Proctor 56:57
will save it for next time. What the fuck do we talk about today?

Xad 57:03
We talked about obviously Jerry’s business. Shout out to Jake goods.

Mike Proctor 57:08
Bake dry goods by check him out on Facebook to see what they do, right?

Jerry 57:12
That’s right. Well, we’re usually uh, we’re on a six day band five day ban right now. I’m constantly in band on Facebook because people don’t like me. Well Joke’s on them. I don’t like neither fucking bitches. But eventually I’m just gonna build a website and don’t have to suck my dick.

Mike Proctor 57:30
Well, we can we can point to the right direction that we’re sure

Xad 57:34
we learned about was BHO. BHO? Yeah. butane oil or something? butane hashish oil. I think I looked that up

Jerry 57:43
stands for Yep, nothing today.

Xad 57:46
Yeah. Joe Rogan

Mike Proctor 57:49
shout out to Joe.

Xad 57:51
Netflix. Always Netflix.

Mike Proctor 57:53
I always talk about

Xad 57:53
Yeah, like runs our lives. Mehrdad watching

Mike Proctor 57:56
you guys watch me and Lauren.

Xad 57:59
I got to catch up. I got two more episodes to get caught up

Jerry 58:02
in Animal Kingdom on amazon prime.

Mike Proctor 58:05
The mo

Xad 58:06
check out. Check out alien worlds on Netflix too.

Mike Proctor 58:09
I was gonna check that one.

Xad 58:11
Good stuff.

Jerry 58:11
I still finished the Ozarks. I want to say I mentioned that last time.

Mike Proctor 58:15

Jerry 58:16
Yeah, maybe I was watching it. fucking god damn it. I

Mike Proctor 58:20
still haven’t finished it.

Xad 58:21
I know. It hasn’t fully sucked yet. No, I

Jerry 58:25
wasn’t. I was good. I thought it’d be I guess that I just get sidetracked with everything else. I think when you messaged me, I was getting ready to play two k I’m like no play some NBA. And Mike. Oh, fuck. I know Scott. Do

Xad 58:41
something. Appreciate something today?

Mike Proctor 58:44
I’m murder mountain. Murder mountain watch. You got to pick that one tonight.

Xad 58:48
I’m declaring it it’s a good watch. Um,

Mike Proctor 58:51
I think it’s a limited series too. So it’s short.

Xad 58:54
hellofresh and they’re delicious. Delicious sour food. Delicious food.

Mike Proctor 58:59
What is it bing bang Bong.

Jerry 59:00
Bing Bing.

Mike Proctor 59:00
Well, no, what was the dish? What was the dish?

Jerry 59:05
Oh bitten babe and bop baby about

Mike Proctor 59:07
bing bing

bing bing bing bang boom.

Xad 59:11
The black truffles by

Mike Proctor 59:14
black truffle truffle pig Boggs. Oh, yeah. The truffle box. Which led us to book

Xad 59:20
Gary stretchers

Jerry 59:22
from Vermont.

Xad 59:24
Vermont. Well,

Mike Proctor 59:25
Vermont only got a short mention today. Well, they were on the what though? They were one of the legalized states

Xad 59:29
one of the legalized states Yeah, I want to legalize states and we’ll

Mike Proctor 59:33
once again fuckin Vermont

Xad 59:34
Vermont back up again. I’m still pushing for the the remote session from Vermont. Yeah, to Vermont

Mike Proctor 59:40
had to come up in a couple in a couple episodes. I

Jerry 59:42
still can’t name a city in Vermont. And we did the whole thing. Yeah,

Xad 59:46
I don’t remember Damn it. I can’t think no was in Suffolk or north. Dude, I knew the damn Capitol. We have

Mike Proctor 59:53
a lot of conversations. So half the time I don’t remember what the fuck I say. Is that all

Xad 59:59
Yeah. Pretty much man.

Mike Proctor 1:00:01
You got any more shout out?

Jerry 1:00:03
I’m not that I can think of Oh, we’re gonna sponsor a kid this year for us for Christmas on bail for the baked goods page.

Mike Proctor 1:00:11
No show.

Jerry 1:00:12
We did a kid for school shopping over the summer or whatever we did like we did three for the schools. That’s where

Mike Proctor 1:00:21
like where we’re like around here.

Jerry 1:00:23
It was a parent. Family out of Perry.

Mike Proctor 1:00:25
Oh, nice. Okay,

Jerry 1:00:26
and then for this one we’re gonna do we’re gonna do one kid’s Christmas. That’s awesome.

Mike Proctor 1:00:30
Are you guys gonna give? Are you just gonna make a donation? Are you gonna like get gifts? I’m gonna go I’m gonna shop or someone’s going shopping. Oh, dude, that’s fuckin fun.

Jerry 1:00:38
Oh, I don’t have any kids. And I got a lot of extra money, you know? So

Xad 1:00:46
super cool. That’s that’s, that’s cool to hear. Yeah, no,

Mike Proctor 1:00:48
dude, that’s well, you let me know cuz Let me tell you. Actually, matter of fact, I just went Christmas shopping today. Okay, it’s a fucking Madhouse, by the way. And Matter of fact, a shout out to my wife because she found the dopest fucking line at Walmart today. One of the many places we went. And that motherfucking line was out the chain dude. But we finagled our way up. I think we only waited like 15 minutes. No, it wasn’t bad at all. Um, but uh, I realized something. I I just love toys and kids shit. Like I don’t really

Jerry 1:01:23
like I’m just throwing up shit. Now. I’m a big kid.

Mike Proctor 1:01:26
Like when I go to the store. I like to go to the toys and like look at all the toys. Should

Jerry 1:01:32
I buy old toys from like my childhood? No shit. I think it’s cool. And if it’s vintage 90s this doll generally 2000s I’ll buy that should Hey, algebra.

Xad 1:01:41
I bought a book that my brother and I were were like would read it was like one of those like little puzzle books you do. And so I ended up getting on like Reddit or one of those weird queue it starts with a queue or something like that website. I put it up and put a post like Hey, does anybody remember this book? Can’t remember the name. Okay, year, Cora. Cora. Yeah. And then it took like a year and then finally somebody responded back to me. I was like, Oh, yeah, I remember that game or that book. Here’s the name of it. And I fucking eBay that shit bought it. And as you know, sitting right now, like, it’s nostalgia, like you said, it’s amazing what you can dig up man. Oh, shit. But yeah, monster player, by the way. That is a capital of Vermont.

Mike Proctor 1:02:23
Oh, yeah. Monte Montpellier

Xad 1:02:25
model. Yeah. Yep. It overmind

Mike Proctor 1:02:30
Well, all right, man. We’ll wrap it up there. Yes. For coming down. For sure. Appreciate you.

Jerry 1:02:34
Yeah, I get done.

Mike Proctor 1:02:36
Thank you guys for listening. That was a frickin hilarious episode. I’m so glad we got Jared to come back. I said

Xad 1:02:41
tears tears to tears, man. cracking me up.

Mike Proctor 1:02:44
phony still funny. So I wish we could get that footage.


I mean, I don’t know about why.

Xad 1:02:50
I don’t wish Yeah, like, but it’s a fine line. But you know,

Mike Proctor 1:02:54
if we could get an edited copy or something. Gonna, Larry. Thanks for listening, guys. We appreciate y’all. As always, we got the holidays coming up. I hope y’all enjoyed my santa hat today. If for for those of you that are watching the feed. Trying to get the spirit you know, for sure Christmas time. Thanks again for listening. Um, hit subscribe. If you like the show. We appreciate you. Follow us on all the social media channels, all that good stuff, Facebook, Instagram. We’re pretty much all over the place everywhere. Once again, leave us a review. Let us know how we’re doing. Rate us one star, five star whatever it is. I don’t really care. Huge feedback is huge. I just want to know y’all. Like the tall guy. appreciate y’all. So today’s episode of the podcast was brought to you by 14. Everyone’s all obsessed with which brand of protein supplements they use, it can be hard to decide which is which is good for you. 14 is here to make that easy. Protein is the protein supplement that helps your body restock on refined sugars and carbohydrates. While you’ve been dieting and eating your whole foods. They use all generic ingredients artificially created in the lab or making sure they contain high fructose corn syrup. If you’re sick of hearing about everyone’s protein supplements, check out fo teen today to up your game. Sign up at fotini comm that’s f au X 10 and use the promo code chunk to save 25% off your first order. That’s ch U n k people. We’re also brought to you by TPM D does it ever bother you that we only wipe our butts with paper? If you got some poop on your face would you just wipe it off with a piece of paper? No, you need TP MD now introducing the TP MD at home kit there they let you customize it for the best experience to suit your needs. Check out the website TP MD comm used to the promo code comfy for 20% off your first month of TPM D TPM DS. What’s up guys? I’m telling you 20 that’s comfy co m f y We also we got a new sponsor, we’re brought to you by height. Do you want to be pumped up for that epic event this weekend? Maybe you got a softball game or you’re just going out to the bar. You want someone to make sure that everyone knows what about all those legendary moments hyped as your back with an easy scheduling tool hyped will deliver a professional height man for your personal use. Their hype specialist will make sure to keep you and the crowd pumped all night long. I’m telling you guys, you need this for all occasions. Everyone will be talking about it for years to come. visit their website hyped.com HY p Ed. Yo, use a promo code Jed half off your first event. That’s what’s up Jed J. Ed. Check it out guys. huge shout out to the sponsors. Thank you for listening

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