Episode 34: Not Really That Dangerous – NRTF

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Today’s episode was a dive into another one of my favorite hobbies, Dungeons and Dragons. I am planning a new campaign with my group, in a world of my very own creation. Xad and I touch on some of the things I have been planning. I recommend some of my favorite Dungeon Master’s to learn from, talk about the pantheon of gods and religion in my new world, and give you guys a sneak peek into what I have been doing in the past week. Thanks for listening.

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Transcription Below:

Mike Proctor 0:03
What’s up guys, welcome back to not really that famous. Then I, I want to talk about my latest project, I got two projects,

Xad 0:12
you got a lot of projects,

Mike Proctor 0:13
I know my brain just constantly goes, I want to talk about my new upcoming project. It’s my DND campaign. It’s called not really that dangerous. We talked about that a lot today. We actually had a guest scheduled for this week, but at last minute cancellation due to some concerns. And so is Xad and I just kind of when we sat down and talked about that instead. Um, so, remember, guys, if you liked the show, hit that sub scribe button, visit the website, not really that famous.com if you have not joined our email list yet, I recommend you do. So. We’re going to be dropping the first of our weekly newsletter series this week, probably midweek sometime. So you guys can hear from our random brains or random thoughts while

Xad 0:57
we’re thinking

Mike Proctor 0:58
throughout the week. Yeah, I think it should be pretty funny. I got some fun stuff planned. So what else is it Oh, check out the shop. We got beanies new merch all that good stuff. I you know, I’ve been saying this, if you get something, if you’re going to buy a gift for someone this year, buy them a shirt from our website and write them a little note says, Hey, I would I would like to hear you on this podcast. For sure. I mean, yeah, like, right, go to your favorite person and say, hey, I want to I want to hear you talk, you know, for an hour with the with, you know, some fun guys. So I thought that was kind of a cool little, you know, idea. Yeah. Um, but so yeah. So

Xad 1:36
without further ado,

Mike Proctor 1:37
without further ado, we’ll get to her here. All right. Thanks.

Xad 1:40
Yeah. a pitchfork is used to hurl burlap bag stuff with straw over a horizontal bar. that weighs about 16 pounds. So it’s literally farmer shit. Those shoes they used to do that actually had relevance. Right? Like, hey, that guy. Jim can throw that bag higher than Steve over here. Hey, let’s see if anybody else can throw it higher. And then it turned into a fucking game.

Mike Proctor 2:04
That’s probably how like most shit started

Xad 2:06
it. Oh, yeah, absolutely. It was a test of literally, like different forms of strength or like and just, they just invented games out of but yeah, that’s like, we want to go to Scotland, Scotland. Yeah, fly over to Scotland, and go to it’s like a week long event. It’d be like, you know, like, after kids kind of like vacation. Yeah, you know,

Mike Proctor 2:29
I mean, I da re say like, bucket list.

Xad 2:31
But yeah. Isbucket list. Exactly.

Mike Proctor 2:33
I don’t like that term.

Xad 2:34
It’s tough. It’s tough.

Mike Proctor 2:35
The term bucket. Yes.

Xad 2:36
It’s like I’m already like, impeeding the thought of dying.

Mike Proctor 2:39

Xad 2:39
Like, I got to do this before I die. Yeah, I don’t like it either.

Mike Proctor 2:42
Like I don’t, I don’t want to do it before I die.

Xad 2:44
I just really want to do it

Mike Proctor 2:45
I want to do it. And I mean, the sooner the better.

Xad 2:48

Mike Proctor 2:49
Like, I don’t want to wait my entire life.

Xad 2:52
I don’t want to be like, almost dead and being like, okay, now go do that. Yeah. Right. rather do it younger. But yeah, I would say probably after kids or maybe teenage kids, you know, kids is when they’re kind of wanting to do their own thing and not realize, you know,

Mike Proctor 3:06
that’s cool when they’re like, I’m just the origins of anything, I think would be so fucking cool. Can you imagine the culture at this place? Like,

Xad 3:16
that’s, that’s what I want to go see. Because like, literally, they were

Mike Proctor 3:19
just so fucking hype like,

Xad 3:20
Oh, yeah. Yeah, they all know what it is. In the Queen of England attends it as like, it’s like going dates back to like the Queen always attended at night when Scotland was under British rule. So they still like show. I mean, it’s just, but it’s like out in the field. The Highland Games is just like out in this field. Yeah. So

Mike Proctor 3:38
yeah, so we’re talking about the Highland Games here, which is an ancient, basically like Olympic style, you know, yeah, competition thing. And that is Scottish, pretty much do a DNA test?

Xad 3:51
I didn’t do it do the DNA test. But we’ve done like, the surname searches and stuff like that, where names come from, and I have a uncle who, like, exclusively does that kind of stuff and his tractor lineage back like, like the 1300s. And pretty much from every angle I got a very strong origin, like Scottish origin is like 75% Scottish I think it’s what

Mike Proctor 4:15
you should do the the DNA test cool, cuz just because you get to see like, specifically like, and you know, it’s pretty reputable and pretty accurate. Like, I believe mine, you know. And so it’s just cool to see the number. It’s kind of disappointing too, though. It’s like, obviously, I’ve told you, but I don’t know if I’ve said this on the show or not. But when I did mine on it came back and I was only 3% Native American. Yeah, yeah. And I thought I was like, so so much more. Right. You know, my entire life.

Xad 4:42
Yeah, like, I’ve got this hell half and

Mike Proctor 4:45
I am fucking white. Yeah, I am Eastern European. Yeah, basically, to a tee.

Xad 4:50
But it’s crazy how strong the genes are native like American looks because you look Native American. Yeah. Damn Navajo, right, or whatever you.

Mike Proctor 5:00
yeah, for sure. Oh, that we talked about I talked about it. Yeah, I remember cuz he’s also in a trip in the Chippewa tribe. That’s right. Yeah. He’s Chippewa Indian or something like that,

Xad 5:10
but it doesn’t show through as much on T.

Mike Proctor 5:13
Right, right. Yeah. He’s like, you know, blond hair. light skinned. Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. Man, we’re all fucking you know, just like, same with you. You’re probably so much more European than you know. You even think right? Right. But just like those, you know, Scottish features or whatever. Just gonna, like,

Xad 5:32
push through. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 5:33
Ring through anyways. Yeah. So Xad and I have to apologize because we’re coming to you from Sunday morning again. Sunday

Xad 5:41

Mike Proctor 5:41
We we had a session. We had some technical difficulties yesterday. I think I’m either really dumb or my computer crash. I’m not 100% sure. But we did a whole podcast show with my our friend Andrew, who plays d&d in my group has been on the show before, and I did not get any of that conversation.

Xad 6:02
Which is crazy. Because Andrew filled in clutch for us. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 6:06
so and Andrew, that was our we had another guest couldn’t make it out because of fucking Rona. got damn. The vid man. I’m telling you. Did you watch the Kevin Hart thing?


I’ll do a video of stuff

Xad 6:21
stuck in

Mike Proctor 6:22
so fucking funny. Yeah, what’s your what’s your watching something like yeah, no matter how much people like recommended and stuff, like you’ll eventually get around to it, but you’re gonna do it on your own.

Xad 6:31
Yeah, I, I struggle with that. Like, I’m locked in on something right now. So it’s just like, I blow through that.

Mike Proctor 6:37
And if we had binge lords, you’d be more inclined. Because you’d see.

Xad 6:42
Right, right friends. You’re like, all my friends have watched it. I’ve had like, not just you, but probably five other people. Yeah, like reference something. I’m like, Damn, like, I know what they’re saying. But I’m, I’m not that cool. Yeah, I

Mike Proctor 6:56
haven’t watched it yet. So

Xad 6:56
it’ll be like, after you guys are all done talking about it. And then I’ll come and

Mike Proctor 7:02
watch this. Um, but yeah, so we had we had another awesome guest had to pull out due to COVID we’re gonna, you know, try to reschedule them and get them back on. But our our best wishes, you know, go out to them and their family. It’s not like a specific COVID situation. But it does revolve around COVID. So. So we had Andrew come out and then had technical errors. And it was just, it was almost not a weekend to have a goddamn podcast. Is that nice? Yeah. So we’re gonna save this thing

Xad 7:31
here. Now. It’s Sunday morning, bright and early. And we got to do

Mike Proctor 7:34
well. We want to come and see you guys every week. So we are here. Yes. But so yeah, that’s kind of why we’re, you know, a little bit late to the punch, although you know that but we feel it. Um, so anyways, I, we I had to come out. We actually talked a lot about d&d. I am, you know, nuts deep in a d&d session right now. That’s pretty much enveloping my entire life. And I’ve been planning and I’ve been creating my, my own world. And so I kinda want to talk about that a little bit.

Xad 8:06
For sure.

Mike Proctor 8:07
We, you know, we talked about it yesterday, but, um, you know, we’re gonna, we’re gonna get back to it here. So, I wanted to give you guys like a preview to what is coming. And I think it’s a really, really cool idea. And I think if we can execute it, well, it’s going to be, you know, one of those things that, you know, could potentially stick out. So, I’ve been, I wanted to develop my own world, my own universe, basically, you know, you got to think like, all of our most favorite universes and all that stuff came from someone’s brain. You know, we all love Game of Thrones,

Xad 8:42
and Marvel,

Mike Proctor 8:43
George RR Martin. Yeah, you know, that, that came from his brain or hire Harry Potter, you know, it all It all started somewhere. So I kind of had this inkling of, like, this idea for a world now me being like a huge, like, fantasy nerd, you know, sci fi, all that type of stuff. That’s just something that’s like, you know, super interesting and cool to me. So, I, I want to make my world I had this idea. And I actually I kind of picked it from my wife’s brain because she’s really into, not not really into but she’s all about, like, you know, your aura and your karma and, and that type of thing. Right? So I got her these books for Christmas

Xad 9:27
two years ago,

Mike Proctor 9:28
yes, a couple years ago. And it talks about like, the colors and how colors are, you know, representative of like your, you know, almost like your chi and you know, your aura and stuff like that. I think the book was called auras. I got it from like, Barnes and Noble. And so I, I didn’t you would cheat, she had read the book and she was kind of talking about, you know, what all these different colors mean? And, you know, each person essentially has like a colored aura and I don’t necessarily believe in a lot of that type of stuff. But I did think it was a really, really cool like concept. And so I had this idea to kind of make this world or some sort of story about people in this sort of colored aura, or, you know, and so, I, I just wanted to incorporate that somehow

Xad 10:18
that color into the color into people

Mike Proctor 10:20
or into the world. And so I finally just got around to it. I’ve been talking about wanting to do like a DND publication, or like a YouTube channel, I think I’m doing into a podcast. Yeah. And I’ve been talking about that. I was like, Well, why not? You know, take this this, like, sort of intellectual property and try to build it into that, you know, just just build this world, and run a d&d through it. Right. Um, so I sat down, and I started, you can, you can actually read the dungeon Master’s guide. Um, and it will, it basically tells you how to create a world. So I busted that sucker open, and started going through it. And you know, one of the first things you need to do is create, you know, think about creation, like, how did the world come to be?

Xad 11:07
Yeah, like, you got to, like, literally go back to the beginning, like the beginning, where before all this existed, how did it?

Mike Proctor 11:14
Yeah, you know, if you really want to, if you’re coming into like, a new world, like, as a player for, you know, for the DND campaign, um, there’s some things that because you’re not playing in the world, where, you know, there are Christians and Muslims and all that it’s just a whole different sort of religion. Yeah. And religion plays a huge part in how the world is built. You know what I mean? Yeah, so, yeah, you have to start with creation. Yeah. And I found myself like, shit, you know, now I gotta go back and, and

Xad 11:42
create a religion first.

Mike Proctor 11:43
How do like how the fuck does world come to be? Right? You know, like, I like it, you know? So I had to, I did a bunch of digging into, like, all these different creation myths and stuff like that theories

Xad 11:54
are. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 11:56
And, you know, a lot of them are not logical in any way. So, yeah, that that was kind of hard for me, you know, figuring all that out and stuff. And I, so I went in, and I just, like, started, you know, doing what I do, but picking ideas and copying them, and changing them and twisting them. And so I started with, you know, I basically made it so no light, light created the world, I’m dealing with colors, you know, did a bunch of research on colors and colors come from light.

Xad 12:28
Right, right. Different waves of the spectrum. Yeah. So,

Mike Proctor 12:31
so I, I was like, okay, you know, so we’ll say first there was light. And then, you know, they created, you know, sort of gods themselves have to, you know, wage war. You know, create the world create the people, things like that. So I started, so I built out, you know, I pick six colors, and

Xad 12:51
that wasn’t gonna be my question is how many colors?

Mike Proctor 12:53
six colors

of the rainbow. So it’s right, it’s red, orange, yellow, blue, excuse me, green, blue, purple, um, six colors of the rainbow. And I then I went and did a bunch of research on what sort of emotions are associated with color.

Xad 13:13
So I think red passion, right? Courage. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 13:17

Xad 13:18
Yeah. And I say passion. I’ll say like, just, like, angry passion, but like, just passion. Like, angry

Mike Proctor 13:24

Xad 13:25
Yeah. Love. Exactly. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 13:26
So So I put a little list together. And I was like, okay, right. So these emotions are represented by this, you know, this colored people, essentially. And I literally went back, I don’t want to divulge too much because I’m going to unearth a lot of information on my show. And I want people to you know, listen on the show, listen to the show. But, um, so, you know, I went back and I figured out creation up to the point of, you know, people in kingdoms and civilization. And, um, you know, I built out these these specifically these gods of these peoples, you know, like, who did these people worship? How do they like come to be? And so I so I broke down these emotions that broke down the positive emotions in the negative emotions, right? So anger shipped with some of the other ones I got, like, so much fucking data in my computer right now of this project.

Xad 14:23

Mike Proctor 14:24
danger, right? Like pride to a degree. Yeah. Um, things like that. Right? So So these peoples act, um, you know, within this sort of realm, this sort of spectrum. Right? Love is a very big driving thing to these these people. Anger is a big driving force to these people. Um, so I built sort of these kingdoms and I and I went back and I even built I build these massive like Titan like gods. I made them all in a different animal.

Xad 14:55
Did you draw them out?

No, no, I’m not creative


Mike Proctor 14:59
I did. Um, I used reference pictures from the internet and stuff like that. I was very fantasy based. So, you know, like, for example, the red the red God is an eagle is like an eagle man. And he’s got, you know, like bright red feathers bright red plumage. Any he is representative like of this sort of brand of people and they can. Second they can I went to each color and I did the same thing. So orange people are like very, they’re actually the very proud race. They’re also somewhat arrogant. They’re like self confident to a degree, but you know, they’re negative features, or they can be like, arrogant and they have like, inferiority complex. So they’re like, kind of constantly worried about, you know, being the best. Right? Right. Things like that. So I did the same thing with that group of people. And then I went all the way down the colors yellow is like happiness and optimism. But it’s also cowardice and deceit. Um,

Xad 15:59
what’s their God God,

Mike Proctor 16:00
their God it is. So their God is like a big mess. It’s a fox woman. And she is sort of witty, humorous, but also She’s like a rogue. Yeah, basically so she’s deceitful. Yeah, yes. It’s like fox right? So yeah, yep. And so she’s like, you know, almost a you know, tricky Yeah, and stuff like that. That’s you know, kind of where I was going Yeah. Um, and then down the line green green was my nature people right green represents nature and growth. Fertility is one in nature. Yeah. And you know what I mean things like that good luck I made those my nature people I think they’re what’s their god their gods a bowl. He’s a Minotaur nice a massive Minotaur. But he’s like a very grumpy they’re very quiet, greedy, sort of, you know, quiet, reserved type of people. Um, what’s next? Blue, blue are your calm, sincere, reliable people. So they’re very I actually made those like a seafaring folk. So they’re, they’re, like, almost like sort of Polynesian. In the other they they sail they’ve islands they sail from island to island. You know, live off the lands You know, they’re very like indigenous sort of,

Xad 17:24
like we talked about their God before, right?

Mike Proctor 17:27
A little bit. I don’t know. But I made it. I might have changed it. There got his massive like turtle man. But he’s like, think like, not a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Yeah, I think like more fantasy heroic style. Yeah, like I got a couple like concept pictures. Yeah. Um, you know eventually like to have all this shit noon drawn up and stuff. But I’m not creative, unfortunately. And so the the blue man he wields a massive bone hook like Maui. Nice. I just thought that was cool. Yeah, fuck yeah, dude, a massive hook. And then so the let’s see, what’s the last purple purple is there my sort of creatives there purple is often a color associated with royalty and wealth. So they’re my like eccentric, sort of high class people’s like your, you know, your wizards and magics and stuff like that. So yeah, I built you know, I built this massive kick up matrix of, like, people like what these people are. And I’m in the I’m in like, the planning stages. So I’m trying to still visualize what the hell I’m, you know, like working with, right. And so I built all these stats on them. Just in thought about this all the time. After we tried to do a podcast with Andrew, I took on I got all my players, and, you know, for the show, and we all started to create our characters. And, you know, I kind of rely on me to rely on them heavily to, you know, sort of help me create this world because that’s really what d&d is. It’s collaborative storytelling. And so I set those guys down, I kind of just pulled the curtain back on them. And they’re all stoked. So they’re like, it, I broke it all down. Like, far in depth, we spent like three hours at the table. Just talking about like, what we’re gonna do, and you know, this world and stuff, so I kind of described it as like the last airbender meets Game of Thrones. Right? That makes sense.

Xad 19:30
Yeah. So the two different worlds and the colors and everything.

Mike Proctor 19:33

Xad 19:35
how long are the sessions gonna run? Um, usually?

Mike Proctor 19:38
I don’t know, man.

Xad 19:39
It’s tough to see it. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 19:41
I still gotta figure out you know, figure a lot of stuff out. I think the thing is, with the with the actual, like, production aspect of it, we’re gonna have to sort of structure it in a smart way. Yeah. Right. Um, so that we’re we’re making sure we’re you know, getting breaks and such like that because it’s going to be a less casual d&d experience, right. For all the players in

Xad 20:07
a production.

Mike Proctor 20:08
Yeah, we’re gonna try to we’re gonna try to turn it into, you know, like, like a fucking Netflix show pretty much. So yeah, you know, probably probably will probably be like three hours, I think that’s a good number to be able to, to get a lot of content in and stuff is d and d is just a long thing in general, right? We were talking a lot about critical role and I’ve talked about that on the show before. Um, but those shows they run about three hours when you’re listening to you know, to an episode or you can watch it on YouTube. And critical role is like 100 and some odd episodes of in a season. I think there’s like 150 episodes in the first season. So it’s three hours you know, that’s like what I thought 450 hours of

Xad 20:54
the lot. Number dude, yeah, man that they put into that those

Mike Proctor 20:58
fans are nuts. Yeah, listen to like, everything they watch every show and every second of every show, it’s a it’s nuts. And that’s that’s not even with like their side content and stuff either. But um, that’s the big popular fucking d&d right now.

Xad 21:14
That’s the guy that’s the

Mike Proctor 21:15
one that everyone knows you know, they, you know, they, they’re, they’re very popular and known because they they’re on Twitch, you know, twitches

Xad 21:24

Mike Proctor 21:25
Twitch is so Twitch is like a stream. It’s a streaming platform. Yeah. And they, you know, you a lot of people do gaming on there, but you can do like, I know, there’s a bunch of different like, they play d&d on Twitch. But it’s like a live streaming app. They do. It’s twitch TV. So yeah, I

Xad 21:42
think I do know what that is. I remember when it’s been on for nine years. Um, I do you remember? Who’s what was that fortnight people were fortnight now.

Mike Proctor 21:52
Yes, correct.

Xad 21:53
I remember hearing

Mike Proctor 21:54
Yep. So twitches you know, anyone who plays a game and streams there. They’re gonna be on Twitch more than likely. There’s other companies that are starting to like Facebook gaming is really like pushing like, I think the last couple years they’ve really been, you know, coming moving forward, but um, twitches like the OG

Xad 22:10

Mike Proctor 22:10
that’s like the first one. So the we look up Shaan. Excuse me. Sh aAN Puri. P Yu ri so Shawn Puri is the he’s the one who’s up on the My first million podcasts. He’s the one who created it. Yeah, Shawn period. If you find it like a wiki or is LinkedIn, probably he I don’t want to know what he did at twitch he worked was one of the like, founding people of I think of Twitch. So that’s really where he makes, you know, his his or made his money, I think. Um, but so Twitch is like, you know, the streaming platform and it’s twitch TV now. So people just watch it like, like as TV basically. Um, you know, cuz director of product. That’s what people do. What does it say when he started there? Let’s see. August 2009. Teen

Xad 23:05
acquired by twitch in 2019.

Mike Proctor 23:07
Okay, so only a couple years, huh? Yeah. Oh, maybe not. I thought he was around for like a lot longer than that. Looks like he did a bunch of shit.

Xad 23:15
Yeah. He might be like, he’s just one of those diverse dude. He’s got his fingers.

Mike Proctor 23:19

entrepreneur. mindset right there.

Xad 23:21
Yeah. But Daniel looks like that’s kind of like his like, title.

Mike Proctor 23:26
Yeah. So I know that I think about it. He does work there still eta talks about that. Yeah. But, um, but yeah, it’s funny because I and I were just recently talking about, like, I’m, I’m coming up for some promotions. Everybody knows, I think I work at Amazon. And I’m coming up for some promotions. And one of the things that like some of these larger company companies do that they talk about on the My first million podcast a lot is when you get hired in at like a larger company like that at a large excuse me a high up job title, right? Director of products or whatever, right? You they typically these larger companies give you stocks in the company. And that’s where

Xad 24:08
that’s where your money is, you meant not money, not necessarily your salary, hourly pay, or a salary. It’s, it’s, it’s an investment in the company.

Mike Proctor 24:16
These guys talk a lot about, um, and it’s something that’s like fringe that I don’t really quite understand, but they talk about a lot. So it makes it seem like it’s very prevalent, because obviously, like as looking at Shawn’s job history. It’s like Bang, bang, bang, bang six different jobs, right? You go and work at these companies, you make a big impact. You get paid in stocks, and then you cash out, right. And that’s how you make you get Oh, that’s not how you make, but that’s another way to really like, get rich, you know what I mean?

Xad 24:46
Eearn A lot in a small period of time.

Mike Proctor 24:47
Yeah, that’s, you know, how some of these you know, people who you go get your degrees, you got really, really valid, valuable skill sets. You go into some of these bigger companies like that’s how you can really make some decent money.

Xad 25:00
Which is funny, you know that it’s funny you’re talking about that because that’s such a, like a millennial type of mindset. Yeah. And compared so you do like you go to these like I gone to work seminars and they talk about like how to deal with baby boomers versus a millennial because millennials communicate or do things this way that a boomer might literally see that as fucking offensive, right? But But, you know, a millennial like, that’s just how we are. That’s just how we are. And and like, no offense to it, like, even down to the way we’ve taught. I think we talked about it before. When a millennial, Lizzie, you say thank you or whatever millennial says no problem.

Mike Proctor 25:37
Yeah, yeah, we always say no problem. And yeah, in a boomer in this article. They say You’re welcome.

Xad 25:44
Yeah. You’re welcome. Like I did one thing for you. Yeah. But the millennial, it’s all it takes it back. And I’m not saying one way is right or wrong. It’s just the way that people operate the

Mike Proctor 25:52
way we operate. And they this person kind of broke it. I think it was like a Reddit thread. Yeah. So it’s just some randos. Just like, well, this is that and I mean, we’re talking two paragraphs here. Yeah. But they basically said the millennial says no problem is saying that nothing was expected. Like it was truly no problem. Yeah, for us to do any given request. Hey, whatever, let me that thing. No problem.

Xad 26:14
It was not a problem for me.

Mike Proctor 26:15
It was absolutely not a problem there. There’s no validation yet. Yeah, almost. Whereas, you know, someone who’s takes the mindset of like, You’re welcome. is like, acknowledging that they did the thing for you. Right. And that it should be something that was playing Wow. Yes. Yes. Yes. Like I need the validation of, of, you know, say hearing you say thank you. Yeah, almost.

Xad 26:37
Yeah. It’s the same. It’s the same interaction just yeah, done and totally polar opposite ways.

Mike Proctor 26:42
I thought it was interesting.

Xad 26:43
No way is right or wrong. It’s just the way that they know that age group gets kind of bundled up with it. Right? Right. But um, but the millennial mindset of that is quick turnarounds, quick turnarounds like, like, you see, like the boomer mindset more as worked at this company for this long and I’m here no matter what, and I’m invested in this company, there’s like, I would say more loyalty.

Mike Proctor 27:09

Xad 27:09
to it. Right. That’s like a big part about it. And, but the ballroom are the millennial mindset more like, movement and change. And like, you know, it is not necessarily disrespectful to continue moving growth, like and changing, like, that is just part of it, you know, like, here to here to here. Then I said, well, that guy he’s had Give me the hit 50 jobs like, yeah, and he’s probably been great at every single one. And when you

Mike Proctor 27:36
have a highly developed skill set, you can get in at a high level. And the way that a lot of these companies are structured is that you don’t make your money and your salary. Yeah, they get you vested in the company. Yeah.

Xad 27:46
So you’re like, Okay, you make the company do better. And you’ll see that you’ll be now you

Mike Proctor 27:49
own part of this company. You know, the here’s, here’s some drive to, you know, try to make you know it better. Yeah. How do you make your impact, you know, things like that

Xad 27:59
and make it right.

Mike Proctor 28:01
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Um, I think it’s interesting like, like, we kind of talked about twitch too and and that’s like, fully twitches, like fully it’s a content creation platform. Right? So you create content by live streaming your game and commentating or whatever. And now it’s like, you know, Twitch is huge like you can get twitch TV on pretty much every you know, it’s an app you can download it on whatever device and watch it um, it’s just a membership like everything else. It’s just that the content in there is you know, people you know, just just doing doing whatever. Um, which kind of leads me like what we were talking about a couple episodes back on how how individualized that’s like becoming um, cuz if you think about it, like so for example, critical role they stream Thursdays like 7pm so it’s like a TV show you live you know that you you tune in at seven and you watch them live um,

Xad 28:59
they go by donations they’re like how like how

Mike Proctor 29:02
got all that they’ve got all kinds of shit just you know, similar to like how we do it you know, you can I remember in the beginning, bro, they started like a Kickstarter to, I think build their studio. As a matter of fact, I’m so so Matt Mercer is the DM in critical role. I’m Matt Mercer is probably the most well known dungeon master in the entire world. This guy has created his own world and like published it in like, like the official d&d source books. He’s worked with the company is called Wizards of the Coast. And we were talking a little bit yesterday with with him, you know, he he created his own world and they published it forum to the masses, right to the millions of players. And so it’s so it’s all put together in a book. Um, he’s absolutely the most well known Dungeon Master. There’s another Dungeon Master that I watched that anyone who wants to get interested in d&d. I would recommend, watch his name’s Matt Colville, and I think I’ve talked about it before I probably have. But he’s funny cuz he’s kind of like a sort of short guy. He’s got big, wavy hairs, these big guys. And he talks really, really fast. All right, that might be just be the way you like, edit some of his videos, but the guy basically like takes his fucking 20 minutes of information, and it’s like rapid fire. But he is fucking good at it like, but so his name’s Matt coleville. He has a YouTube channel, and it’s called running the game is the series that that I really like. And it you can watch him and he breaks d&d down into such an easy way to understand like, as anyone who wants to, like try to run the game, which probably is like, Maybe no one who’s listening to this. But anyone so so what he does, though, is he’ll talk about a situation and he’ll put it in, like, how do you play it so that it’s a role playing game? Like how can you play the situation, you can take any situation, he’ll tell a story about him and his friends playing the game. He’s like, so this is what I would do in a situation like this. He’s like, I had a friend Elijah that wanted to play a x given character. And he, you know, they, so I made a map. And I gave him the map. And he was like, they looked at the map, and they were like, I want to go to that big mountain where the dragon is. And he’s like, or excuse me to the volcano. That’s what he says. And he’s like, okay, so I, you know, it came up with a story. And I gave Elijah a little item that he had to transfer all the way over the entire world, and throw it into this volcano. And then, you know, he talks about it, like from the other side of the point, the other point of view, I think he’s talking about what is called a railroad versus a sandbox style of a game, which is a sandbox style of a game is like, where someone can they can go wherever they want and do whatever they want to do. And when you do a railroad style game, it’s Marlon. It’s very linear. This is what you’re going to do. But anyway, he kind of discusses the difference in this thing, and then you realize at the end that he’s talking about Lord of the Rings.

Xad 32:01
Yeah, I was gonna say

Mike Proctor 32:01
he literally talks about like, Elijah, and Sam. And it will change names of ridiculously like, we’ll call them fan Dolf and fan dolphin to do this. And he’s just, he’s super entertaining and trying to learn the game. But, you know, you can basically break anything down like that into like a d&d game, right. If I wanted to play with Lord of the Rings, I give my characters an item that they have to transport across and destroy and write any x given place, where you can play the harlot, and you got to try to go reclaim the mountain for your home people, right, and try to read the Dragon of, you know, inside the thing. Um, and that’s what’s fun about it, because you can just take

Xad 32:39
your play and different stuff like yeah, you can do with a small change some names change some, some plot,

Mike Proctor 32:45
you plot, but, you know, the overall arching thing. Yeah, easy enough to, you know, kind of kind of plug in if you want, right. That’s why I like DND. But, you know, also, like Twitch and everything like that, like people just putting content out there. That’s all those guys did. Right? Which is all I’m gonna do.

Xad 33:04
Yeah. Oh, yeah. Just photo books. I

do it to do what you love, you know, obviously, you’re doing it anyways, why not? Why not record it and put it out there for other people to maybe get into her enjoy? What’s, um,

Mike Proctor 33:14
what’s a call? So? Um, yeah, we should, we should probably wrap this up soon. Um, they always goes by so fast. I know. I’m so quick preview, it’s called it’s gonna be called not really that dangerous. And, you know, we’re probably going to publish maybe a weekly or bi weekly episode. It is going to be you know, the kind of preface kingdoms of color, you know, a nation at war with a with a manic Mad King, you know, trying to sort of establish dominance over everyone. And, you know, how did the heroes stop and save the world? You know,

Xad 33:55
since I’ve ever met you, are you sandbox or you

Mike Proctor 33:59
would be considered, we I do elements of both when I play my games in between? Yep. You know, I like to give the players the freedom to do whatever they

Xad 34:08
want creative freedom, but also you want to address them,

Mike Proctor 34:11
which is one of the hard things about when you’re when you’re playing a DM is like, how do you make it feel dangerous? Right, especially when the title is not really that danger, right?

Xad 34:19
You got to get that in there somehow

Mike Proctor 34:20
got it. You got to got to follow

Xad 34:21
up on that. You

Mike Proctor 34:22
got to really in the name shove that in there. But um, yeah, so you know, I just I want to talk about you know, not really that dangerous, kind of the preface and just kind of prepared but to give you guys a heads up so we’ll have communications you know, up and around and shit all over the place. So you guys will see it when it’s, uh, when I’m when I’m getting ready. But I think it’s gonna be fun. And it’s, you know, something coming out of my brain. Yeah,

Xad 34:46
I would say fine. Nice to just to talk about it to get it out of your head.

Mike Proctor 34:49
Oh, dude. Yeah, just

Xad 34:51
progressive. More. Yeah, a lot of times, like, you need to spit shit at the wall. And so it sticks and like, what do you like and stuff?

Mike Proctor 34:57
Yes, you’re absolutely right. When you if you don’t talking about things just like reinforces

Xad 35:03
Yeah, it works through through the creative process. Yes.

Mike Proctor 35:06
Like I was, you know, I was just telling all the guys last night I’m like, Guys, you know, there’s we just talked about a ton of information. Yeah, the most productive things a lot of the times come from your passive brain. Yeah, when you are not focused on that task, and you’re just doing something else and letting it has a name. It’s called something. It’s like men not meta thinking, but it’s like deep something deep something thinking. And, you know, it has like a specific term. And it’s when you you’re not focused on a task, and you’re just letting your brain kind of fire that information off in the background. And it’s like those moments where you can be like, Ah, yes, I forgot about that. One thing that that’s how you do it, or, you know, whatever. Um, but yeah, I just, it has a specific term, I

Xad 35:50
can’t Yeah, I I get my best thinking done. I think in the shower. You know, I’m just, that’s, that’s locked in, like, your body is just doing what it needs to. So your mind is actually free to, to think without having to control what else you’re doing. Exactly. You get that information in their brains, they walk away, they’re driving home, and that’s when they’re really spinning. That’s when you really

Mike Proctor 36:11
develop being productive. You know, just just kind of passive thinking. That’s what so it’s the best name.

Xad 36:20
But um, nice.

Mike Proctor 36:21
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So I just, you know, kind of talked about that. Yeah, we’re gonna hopefully have some guests soon. Yeah. But you know, I hope you guys enjoy Joe’s had nice conversations. That’s, you know, we’re gonna keep doing this for BFS. So yeah, we’ll be here every week. But we didn’t really talk about that much. You want to shut up?

Xad 36:41
No, I mean, I mean, your boy, what’s his name? Shout out to Andrew. And well, Andrew. Oh,

Mike Proctor 36:47
yeah. Shout out to Andrew for doing the for doing the show yesterday. Appreciate

Xad 36:49

Mike Proctor 36:53
Shout out to Matt Mercer. Mr. Saville go Well,

Xad 36:55
yeah, um,

Mike Proctor 36:56
shout out to Wizards of the Coast just DND in general. You know, if anyone ever wants to play d&d just hit me up. You can come play my game anytime. Well, I’ll make sure you have a good time.

Xad 37:06
And Shawn Paree. Oh yeah, shout

Mike Proctor 37:07
out Shawn Pirie champ here in Twitch. Yeah, so Sean is Yeah, the host of the my first million podcast man, I’m everyone. Everyone should check that out. I talked about it extensively. You’ll learn a bunch of shit. Yeah. And so what then? not really that dangerous? Yes. A

Xad 37:20
shout out to not really that dangerous shout

Mike Proctor 37:22
out to no comments. Um, so it was a quick Umbro. But uh, thanks for being here.

Xad 37:27
Yeah. Come on over.

Mike Proctor 37:29
We’ll we’ll see you guys next time.

Xad 37:32
All right, thanks. Thanks again, guys for checking the show out. You know, we appreciate you so much. A lot. A lot of stuff we talked about today.

Mike Proctor 37:39
Yeah, a bunch of random shit, man.

Xad 37:41
Yeah, this way. And then as we had mentioned, you know, just with COVID and everything like that, just just keep the wheels turning.

Mike Proctor 37:46
Yep. Yeah, every week, guys, we’re gonna be here. Um, you know, I have so much random shit in my brain. Sometimes I just need to get it out. See,

Xad 37:52
I guess. Just throw it at the wall, man. Get it out of there. But again, thanks for checking us out. Appreciate you so much. Especially in times like, this is humbling, all the support. So thanks again. Remember, check out the website.

Mike Proctor 38:05
I really that famous.com

Xad 38:07
boom. Like a subscribe to us. Check out the merch.

Mike Proctor 38:10
Give us a review. Yes, that is even if it’s a bad one. I don’t care. Just Just leave us a review. Guys. Tell us tell us how we’re doing.

Xad 38:16
Yeah, yeah. I mean, that’s just even from some of our previous guests. That’s, that’s how we keep getting better. Yeah, we appreciate that a lot. So absolutely. Again, thanks, guys. Hope you enjoyed the show. And we’ll talk soon.

Mike Proctor 38:26
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