Episode 33: Diesel Powered Work Ethic with Cameron Hawkins

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Cameron Hawkins is a 28-year-old heavy equipment technician by trade. He runs his own mobile business in Michigan and went to High School with our hosts. Cam was a fantastic guest and you can feel how hard this guy works when you talk to him. Xad and I both felt super motivated after this conversation. We talk about being a mechanic and the tough lifestyle Cameron leads, but he wouldn’t change it for anything. He really loves wrenching so much, he does it after working an 80-hour workweek as a hobby. We touch on Cam’s love of mud racing a lot, how happy he is to be in business for himself, and a pretty wicked Disneyland story.

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Transcription Below:

Mike Proctor 0:00
What’s up guys? Welcome back to not really that famous. Our guest on the podcast today was Mr. Cameron Hawkins. Cameron is a we went to high school together said Cameron and myself had an awesome time talking to him. He’s 28 right from Byron Michigan right out here where I where we live this kind of a theme if you haven’t got that yet. We talked about he’s a diesel mechanic by trade. He’s much more than just a diesel mechanic, but we had a really long conversation about that, um, Kevin truly loves his work. And I think that’s super admirable quality, something we could all definitely kind of kind of try to pick up on more of we also talked about we talked about Disneyland mentioned mud racing cameras big into mud racing he builds builds trucks to to do mud racing this big topic today. So thank you to Cameron for coming out and doing the show we had an awesome time today. I can’t wait to to have him come back. If remember guys if you liked the show, hit the subscribe button check out the website if you haven’t yet we got all the new stuff up on on the website on the shop. It’s not really that that famous comm slash shop so without further ado, let’s get to it. Mr. Cameron Hawkins ladies and gentlemen. So is that will you pull up Cameron’s face Facebook page real quick? Oh boy. Just because there was a couple really cool some cool shit on there. I wanted to oh right there Yeah, so bro What is this? Who is that you

Cameron 1:29
know this so this was just a bog that we we went to up and it was way a couple hours West and we went up there because it was their first one and they did like a big patriot thing to honor the veterans and do like a fourth of July all at the same time. And we’re trying to get more into the competition stuff so this was like their first one helping promote it and get some trucks out there to help them out. So Oh, yeah, it was wild.

Mike Proctor 1:56
No shit. Okay. There’s one there’s I was so what we’re looking at is a bunch of fucking dope ass mud trucks like jumping off ramps and shit. Um, Kevin’s got a bunch of dope shit. And I was like god damn, bro and there’s a bunch of them but have you ever ripped yours off the like through the air? Oh, yeah,

Cameron 2:15
yeah, there was he just went past it. There was a picture of it where if you keep going down there’s one where we were at that same bog have that video. Keep going down. There’s a couple more

Mike Proctor 2:25
but Yeah, dude, the we’re talking fucking so can you describe this thing for for us, man. Cuz I’m not gonna lie. I don’t know a whole lot about it.

Cameron 2:34
It’s Yeah. So it was a ranger at one time a Ford Ranger. And when was Yeah, that was and so we built like the whole chassis to chassis bent all the pipes welded it all together. And then we used military axles and big tractor tires on that truck had a 555 big block Chevy on alcohol or made like 1100 horse cheese. So it’s, it’s a trip, man. It’s there’s nothing like a fucker just rips. Like it’s crazy. No shit. Hey,

Mike Proctor 3:08
this is this is such a unique hobby to me, man. Um, because I almost feel like yeah, it’s a lot of like retrofitting. Oh, yeah. Right. You know? It could because it’s not you know, we’re talking. It’s like a big bug truck. Do you? Do you make money for doing bugs and stuff? You have other prizes? Is there like a circuit for this? Like?

Cameron 3:34
Yeah, I mean, and that’s, you know what? Most people it’s just fun. You know, it’s just a hobby. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 3:40
And yeah. Which is incredible. It is incredible. We’ll get there. But it is there any sort of circuit or anything like that?

Cameron 3:47
Yeah. And that’s I’m actually building a whole nother truck right now to do that. They do like races all over the country. And there’s, it’s I think it’s like a 12 race series that they do and you can win you know, they do prizes. Like each event. Yeah. And the whole series you love up on that mic a little bit too. Oh, yeah. Get up in there that even better?

Mike Proctor 4:07
Yeah. So

Cameron 4:09
So yeah, they do they do the whole thing. It’s like a point series kind of like yeah, and he

Mike Proctor 4:14
was like, do you know what the like, what is there a league is there is this there’s something that’s really big that we find out what like the biggest one is? It sure is one. Ti mud series is the biggest one. But so yeah, what’s what is the sport? What is it called? Right? Like, what’s it? Just mudding

Cameron 4:31
Madre called like FTI motors, and it’s kind of new. I think two years ago was the first year that they did it. Yeah. And now it’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger. So

Mike Proctor 4:43
this is big, very, very big stuff. Especially these days, man. Like, people just amaze me sometimes. I’m like, what you can do, man like what you guys do with these fucking things is incredible. Yeah, like yes, that is ridiculous.

Cameron 4:58
And I mean, the biggest thing is that technically has come so far so now parts and everything’s so accessible. Yeah, it’s very, very access. Yeah. So it’s kind of made, you know, back in the day when it was just regular pickup trucks on 44 Yeah, you know going out street now it’s it’s just become this huge thing. It’s It’s so specialized. It was. So

Mike Proctor 5:19
when I say like retrofitting, I just mean like, you guys are taking a thing. And just, you know, for lack of a better term fucking it up the way you want it to be. So it’s just ridiculous. Like, yeah, you know what I mean? You’re, you’re breaking down every little thing about how it’s done, you know? And

Cameron 5:35
that’s just crazy. I think that’s why I like it so much is because you’re taking something that’s not supposed to do what you’re doing. Yeah. And you make it work. Yeah, you know, and it’s, it’s just cool. You’re like building your own thing.

Mike Proctor 5:48
That’s what you know, sort of sounds like to me anyways, um, because this is there’s no you know, real, like a big standard or if you’re just trying to fucking like, so. So if you’re racing race in a circuit, what are you doing?

Cameron 6:02
They do like down and back to like, yeah, exactly your time.

Mike Proctor 6:06
So you’re like, it’s like monster trucks. Exactly. But smaller.

Cameron 6:10
Yeah, slow, man and mud and mud. Yeah, it’s actually if you really think about it really stupid, but it’s a lot of fun.

Xad 6:17

Mike Proctor 6:17
What is madness? Dude, I’ve never The last time I went to like a mud bog like that. I think I was maybe four years old. And that’s if I even remember correctly.

Xad 6:29
Oh, where’s my school to the one on iron iron? Oh, yeah. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 6:34
yeah. Never been never been. Yep. midvein and boss is a big, big giant bow. So for people that don’t really understand this, basically, we’ve got tricked out trucks that just rip through mud. You know, it’s like, if you ever seen monster trucks like American monster trucks we have we have viewers like that live people those and oh, yeah, yes. So you know, think American monster trucks but just smaller. Um, and so it’s a very, it’s really popular around here. You know, especially in Michigan, especially I know and probably, you know, much, much more around us to sort of Midwest

Cameron 7:07
right and it has a lot to do with because Michigan so what you know yes the

Mike Proctor 7:11
see the the way the climate is around here. It’s a very wet so of course, you’re going to rip the get a big ass sunken pond in the back where you can do

Cameron 7:19
exactly. And it’s weird. You know, if you’re not even familiar with it, it just seems so absurd. You know that, you know, people that you would you would build a truck like that, just to try and go break it. Yeah. It’s just, it’s crazy. It’s like, there’s nothing like it. I mean, you ride in something like that. And you haven’t that forever want to do it?

Mike Proctor 7:41
I can imagine. I i’ve never like I said, I’ve never I’ve never been to one I haven’t been one in a long time. I never really had any one close to me that was super into it like that. Um, and so I can’t say I’ve been to one in forever. But it sounds like so much fun. Now that I like when when you said you’re coming on, I was like, Man, this is I got to look up, looked up a bunch of shit on and watch some videos like, like, I was so cool. That would be so much fun

Xad 8:08
when you said like just the state being good for it and being wet. I immediately thought like, I bet Florida would be a badass state for you. And that’s where it originated with Naples, Florida.

Cameron 8:19
Yeah, that’s where that mud series that like four? Yeah, four out of the five or four out of six races is in Florida. Yeah. Yeah,

Xad 8:27
that would definitely be conducive to that. Exactly. For sure.

Cameron 8:31
That’s those notes. And that’s why it’s hard is because you know, even though we have a great community up here for it, a lot of the competition is down there. So if you want to compete and be competitive, you have to be willing to travel and it’s so it makes it even harder, but it’s a labor of love.

Mike Proctor 8:46
Yeah. Because this is a it’s a big giant fucking hobby.

Cameron 8:51
Yeah. Oh, you don’t pay nothing.

Mike Proctor 8:54
So you’re, you know, doing it to support

Cameron 8:58
you know, your hobby. And I mean, it’s like, it’s in my blood. You know, my dad did it my whole life. Okay, and so

Mike Proctor 9:06
I want to see how far we might not talk very long before we end up getting back onto this point. But, um, we got to give you the good old famous not not really that famous treatment. First question. Always ask everybody. When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Cameron 9:22
I wanted to be a mechanic. A mechanic? Yes.

Mike Proctor 9:24
From the very start from the absolute very start. Okay, and say I knew it wasn’t gonna be locked. When? Where are you from? Like, tell everybody you know where you’re from and everything like that.

Cameron 9:37
Born and raised Byron, Michigan,

Mike Proctor 9:39
little tiny town, right near Duran, Michigan. We refer to Duran tons of times on the show. Um, when around here, right? This this is stuff that people are into, you know, like with large and large amounts of time, and that that is their past time. Like I knew a lot of people that Had Dune had dune buggies I went rip them up in the dunes and shit. Yeah, um, but I just think it’s incredible some of the some of the things, what the things that you’re into based on where you live is just insane to me because let’s say for example, we all lived in Silicon Valley or something like that right? We would be in a vastly different there’s no fucking way you’re walking up there

Cameron 10:25
I don’t even think I’ve ever seen a video of a mud truck out there. Right and think they’re dry. Yeah to dry.

Mike Proctor 10:31
Yeah. They might have the sand in the dunes,

Xad 10:34
like not even a lot of water long. So much Russia like that. I just,

Cameron 10:39
I don’t get I mean, I lived there for a year. And I don’t ever see being there for very long.

Xad 10:48

Cameron 10:48
Yeah, it’s just crazy.

Xad 10:51
How old are you and you moved out there?

Cameron 10:52
That would have been my freshman year of college. So I went to Central for half a year and then went there for an internship. So

Mike Proctor 11:00
what so it? Oh, in college?

Cameron 11:02
Yeah. Right.

Mike Proctor 11:03
So when when? When did you know that you wanted to be a mechanic? A completely like with your soul? I actually went winter, when did you first start wanting to and why?

Cameron 11:17
I would say so. You know, like back to the whole truck thing to kind of wrap it all together is that my dad did mud trucks my entire life since I can remember walking, you know? And so always been in the garage with him and him working on his trucks and doing all that kind of naturally.

Mike Proctor 11:33

Cameron 11:35
I wouldn’t say it pushed me that way. But you know, definitely brought it to your face. And. And so then it was as I started tearing my own stuff apart, I’d probably say middle school would be the first time that I knew, you know that I could pull a lawnmower engine apart and rebuild it, put it back together and make it run and I’m in middle school. And it was just like a light bulb. Yeah, I’m really good at this. Yeah. And then that just, it just kept going, you know? And so,

Mike Proctor 12:02
so what kind of shit were you into when you were younger? To kind of, you know, fuel fuel that Phil that? Like,

Xad 12:09
why are you tearing apart engines as a middle schooler? Like, just like it did that like that? You truly enjoyed it?

Cameron 12:16
Yeah, it was just like, it was like that thought of, you know, I would look at something and go. Why does that do that? Or how does that work? You know, and, and I would want to tear it apart and figure out why. And I mean, not, not always would it go back together. But you know, it was that hole of tearing it apart knowing that’s why that does that, you know, and it just kind of like intrigued me. You know, it’s like, like with music, you know, you see, like, you want to make something or you want to you want to, you know, look at that guitar and know that you can do something cool with it. That’s the same thing. I look at an engine. I’m like, I can do something really cool with that, you know? So do you play music to know,

Mike Proctor 12:55
I don’t know.

Cameron 12:56
I know. I know. It’s a engines. Quick funny story, though. I saw my wife calls it like a midlife crisis. But I’m sitting on the couch one day and I’m like, man, I really want to learn how to play the guitar. So I get on Amazon. I ordered this like acoustic guitar, you know, it’s like 45 bucks or something, you know, just the crappiest one. I get at home. I’m telling you right now. I’m really good hand eye coordination. Suck terribly. I mean, I tried for like days. Yeah, nope, nope, just not. I have no beat.

Mike Proctor 13:26
I think it is just gonna learn. You can learn little jingles and stuff. But you’re not going to be a natural, you’re gonna have to it’s gonna be like a formulated plan. Whereas playing music is more of just like a sort of reactive type of thing. Almost Not really. But that’s the point where you want to get Yeah, so that’s like the thing. And yeah, I’m the same way, bro. I just can’t like some things I can’t but with guitar specifically, I’m not like rhythmic at all. And if

Cameron 13:54
I don’t get it either, because like I can play almost every single song on Guitar Hero an expert. Yeah, yeah, yeah, on a regular guitar. That’s

Mike Proctor 14:01
the one thing that doesn’t translate, man. Don’t just don’t get it. The guitar and Guitar Hero is such a bad representation.

Cameron 14:08
They lie to you. I’m telling you. It is.

Mike Proctor 14:10
It’s a bunch of lies, man, for sure.

Xad 14:12
It’s everybody all fired up. And then you actually go to try to play and you’re like now that’s not not the same.

Cameron 14:18
I’m pretty sure it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried to do is play a guitar. Did I just kosher like, like, my brain just couldn’t? I’m like, nope,

Mike Proctor 14:27
yep. Cool. No, you’re

Cameron 14:28
done. Yeah, it just wouldn’t work. Yeah. What’s the first song you tried to learn? I don’t even know. Whatever the YouTube tutorials we’re trying to teach.

Mike Proctor 14:35
Just some random song. Probably. Yeah. See if I’m gonna play I’m gonna learn like a specific little jingle and then I’m like, Okay, I’m

Xad 14:41
done. Yeah, I learned that song.

Mike Proctor 14:43
Yeah, play that sometime. Yes.

Cameron 14:47
Oh, what I should have did.

Mike Proctor 14:49
That’s funny. That’s what Um, so now, now you’re working. You like big, giant fucking shit, right like, as far as engines and vehicles and, and such like you, you know when you when people use a mechanic, right, you’re not really a mechanic. You’re more like a diesel mechanic. Yeah, yeah, um, but I think and even that kind of has like a not a stigma, but and I don’t mean this in an insulting way at all but you know McCann’s like Oh, you’re a mechanic. It’s like a dirty, tough job. And it is very much right. Um, but like, in your case you, you like it? You love it? Yeah. So you, you, you, you look at it in a different way. I feel like I feel like mechanics get a bad rep. Because, uh, they’re thought of as working on like, vehicles with people like normal vehicles. Right? You’re like a specialized mechanic.

Cameron 15:47
Yeah, like a pass your class where they say

Mike Proctor 15:50
right? No, that can’t pass. That’s the shitty kind of tear of Vienna McCain. Not necessarily shitty. But it’s a tough gig, because you’re dealing with the times like I worked at a dealership. So you know, it’s kind of a different setting. You’re like, what’s

Xad 16:04
like the commercialized end of it?

Mike Proctor 16:06
Yeah, you’re sort of, you know, at least with your hobby more. So you’re putting a really specialized tonight, and then you work full time as a mechanic now. Right? Yeah.

Cameron 16:17
Yeah. So I do own the construction equipment. So right, you know, dozers, excavators?

Mike Proctor 16:23
Yeah, fucking machine. Yeah.

Cameron 16:25
Huge. You know, and that’s, it’s, it’s a very niche part of the industry. Yes. You know, because, you know, I’d say, as many cars as there are, there’s equipment, you know, I mean, everything we use, or do or go has been touched by a piece of equipment is attended been built, you know, so, um, so yeah, it’s, it’s, it kind of evolved from there. Because I, that was the whole thing of coming to like, everyone works on cars, it seems like everyone, but no one works on a bulldozer, right. So it kind of made me even more interested in it that no one does it.

Xad 17:01
That’s where you get your inspiration from is you’re like, you’re just thinking the scarcity of it. Like, yeah, no one’s I don’t see that advertised anywhere.

Mike Proctor 17:08
So how did you end up in this niche?

Cameron 17:10
So it was because, you know, we always did cars and trucks and stuff our whole life since kids working on him and driving them. But I like the idea of doing something that no one else really does. You know, because you can talk to a bunch of your buddies, and a few of them probably know how to work on their own car. But how many of your buddies can say yeah, I mean, I pulled an engine out of a bulldozer and rebuilt it and put it back in, right?

Mike Proctor 17:33
You know,

Cameron 17:33
no one. So it’s kind of like, I was making my own path behind no one that I knew that did it. So that’s kind of how it started. And then I just kept going and kept going and kept going. And now I do it for myself. So, um,

Mike Proctor 17:48
how old are you? I’m 2828. So, um, how long you’ve been doing this now? And what’s your you own? your own business? Yes. Right. What’s your business name?

Cameron 17:57
It’s ch Equipment Repair. So I got a big mobile. Big Huge International Service truck. Okay.

Mike Proctor 18:05
With like a fucking lift on it. And yeah, like a crane. Yeah. Well,

Cameron 18:07
I mean, it’s a shop on wheels. Basic.

Mike Proctor 18:09
Yeah. Do though. Yes. fucking bad.

Cameron 18:11
Yeah, it’s pretty.

Mike Proctor 18:14
That you know, god damn, bro. What a genius. How long have you been doing this? Well, how long you been in business?

Cameron 18:21
This is my third year. Nice, man. So third full year. I did it on the side for a long time. But it was, you know, on a side note, so

Mike Proctor 18:30
yeah, you just you’ve been working on it your whole life. What did you do when you know like in the meet? You said you had went to college for a brief period? Yeah. Did you stay in? No look like you just kind of always working in shop since? Yeah,

Cameron 18:43
yeah. And I went to college to do business management. Okay. And, and then it was just that whole, you know, rat race of going to college just wasn’t my race. Yep. And so I only went one year and realize I’m not doing this anymore.

Mike Proctor 18:58
Did you go right back to wrenching? Yeah, I

Cameron 19:00
mean, and I was doing it the whole time. Um, but it was basically college was just a joke to party the whole time. Yeah, I guess just really was you know, literally is what it was.

Mike Proctor 19:09
Dude, I literally last episode is like, they didn’t teach me shit in college. I went to college and I like applied myself and

Cameron 19:17
I mean Batman to me. It taught me not to drink more than one or two four lokos You know, that’s what it taught me. Yeah, I would never good.

Mike Proctor 19:26
I did online college too. So you know, I didn’t actually go to college it’s probably why I didn’t party. You so that I just that’s so nuts man. Like you probably been building your own shit your whole life. Yeah. And that’s kind of evolved into this really specialized type of thing as well. Um, and then you’re really capitalizing on a smart fucking way to you know, like be a mechanic that’s what I was trying to say really was like, that’s just such a smart fucking

Xad 19:58
you know, thing to do. Pick something that you’re good at, and then apply it to a just a totally another level, like, how can I make this even better and more

Cameron 20:08
adventurous with it? And I think what a lot of it was, too is that, you know, supply and demand, right? So if you start looking at it, and it helped, because, you know, I worked at a bunch of different companies doing what I do. And you would see, like,

Mike Proctor 20:23
I was gonna ask that as well. I mean, to cut you off, but did you work in this industry prior to going on your own?

Cameron 20:29
Yeah, so I started working on equipment at Yeah, yes, which is john deere. And I was there for quite a few years. And it just, it evolved to the point where like, it does every job, it seems I wanted more money. And they didn’t want to give me more money. So I left there. And I went and worked for caterpillar. And cat was, I was there for quite a few years to and their union. And I don’t know if you’ve ever if you know about unions, but it’s very political. And yeah, it just, it turned into a nightmare to where I wanted to work a lot more. And they were like, no, you’re done. You’re done. And it was just Well, we’re going to offer all this time to people that have more seniority than you. And if it gets down the line, and you get it, then you can have it. It’s like, Well, that makes no sense. You,

Mike Proctor 21:19
I want to work. Yeah.

Cameron 21:21
You know, so I just love union stuffs. It’s terrible. So I left there. And it goes both ways, though. Yeah, it does. I get it. And you know, it works. When it’s supposed to work, I think are for certain

Xad 21:33
people. Yeah, like, yeah, like for certain people exactly. application,

Cameron 21:37
you know, and that was where you can’t, you can’t argue with it. But at the same time, you can argue with it. So it’s hard. But so when I went out on my own, because it was I seen, the biggest thing was is if you if you look at the whole heavy equipment in a whole repair, the average age is like almost 50 of people that do it.

Mike Proctor 21:58
That man, which I was gonna say that as well, kind of going back to my other point is mechanics get a bad rap, because the people are generally older folk. Yeah, um, and they’re not, you know, they’re not nice. For lack of them. Yeah. And I honestly think like, you know, just the younger were just Kinder in general some somewhat to other people and, you know, more understanding, and you’re working, you’re the people you work with are also laborers and such, so they are a lot better to deal with, then, you know, necessarily like a general consumer, like someone where you’re just trying to, you know, get business for whatever reason, you know, bend over backwards for them. we classify

Cameron 22:40
them as like, like, us, mobile guys, you know, like homeowners and in customers. Yeah. Because homeowners, you know, that got one tractor or one whatever, their pain in the ass. Yeah. They think they’re the, you know, they want to they’re the only one you know. So that’s, it’s kind of like a thing, but you know, to go back to like, so my whole thing was is I was already in this, this niche little part of the world. And then I realized, okay, so, you know, just like cars, equipments getting more advanced, more, you know, sensors, electronics, yada, yada, yada. Well, all of these old timers that are doing what I do, yeah, they don’t know any of that. And they don’t even

Mike Proctor 23:24
the minor to learn, it won’t learn it, they won’t learn it. They don’t care, too. They just won’t.

Cameron 23:28
Exactly. And so that’s where I was, like, I could just take off in this ingenious bra to have a young guy doing what these 50 year olds do and be able to just like 28 I got another 3040 years at this so it kind of just it was like, you know that that light bulb of like, this is me, and it helps you know, I love what I do. I mean every day I love it. Yeah, you have your bad

Mike Proctor 23:52
so we got to break that down too. So so you necessarily you’re dealing with like hydraulic fucking lifts and you know, like combustion engines. Mostly diesel they all burn diesel? Yes, it’s majority majority diesel. Um, that’s actually sad. and I both have a close connection. Both of our wives father’s a diesel mechanic. Yeah. And he works for himself. And I genuinely think he enjoys his work, too. He does. It’s, uh, I don’t know, man. Can you break that down for two for us a little bit? What What is the major difference between I know, there are tons I know there are tons but what’s the major difference between like these massive equipment, machines and like our cars,

Cameron 24:34
just that you know, so like your car, majority of equipment, they don’t even have a transmission. You know, like, which every car almost on the road has a transmission. You know, your The main purpose of equipment is an engine to turn a hydraulic pump to move parts of the machine something. Yeah. So it’s a whole different. You know, you have to learn a whole different aspect of actually You know, being a mechanic because working on cars, you don’t deal with hydraulics, and that’s he, you know, I’d say 50% of what I do is hydraulics, you know, in his work cars, you would never even it wouldn’t even cross your mind to do that, you know. So that’s why it’s hard for guys that, you know, they come from working on cars, and they come from working on big trucks or whatever, to come to equipment, because now they’re trying to learn a whole different, whole different Yeah,

Xad 25:25
it doesn’t translate necessarily. Oh, not

Cameron 25:27
at all. No, not at all. No, because you’re taking a pump, you know, you’re moving fluid from here to here to move something in his car

Mike Proctor 25:34
there. Isn’t it a lot more simple in nature? Yes. somewhat like, like, the things that you’re dealing, like you said, are just generally they’re more simple in nature, like, so therefore, the problems are like, what, like, just harder.

Cameron 25:50
I wouldn’t say that. I mean, you know, it comes with anything, like, once you understand the system, it’s pretty easy to understand, you know, it’s just you if you don’t know it, then it’s like, gibberish, you know. So, that’s why, once you, you know, like it like me, I’m phenomenal with hydraulics. And that’s why I think I’ve succeeded so well, because I understand it so well. So that’s, it makes everything easier. And, you know, so that’s to where, like, even with cars, once you know them, you’re going to be good at it, you know, so but a lot of the issues are just wear and tear. You know, your if you think about it, these machines are, you know, you’re you’re, you’re moving dirt, you know, dirt not good for

Mike Proctor 26:35
dirt is the worst. Yeah, for everything.

Cameron 26:37
So it’s just, I don’t know, it’s, you have to really like it. Because it is, it’s, it’s terrible. It’s terrible on your body. And

Mike Proctor 26:45
that’s what I mean is tough, hard. Yeah.

Cameron 26:47
I mean, you’re covered in grease and shit. And I mean, some of the places I go are just insane. And you’re wonder, why am I here? You know, it’s it’s crazy. For sure. Dude,

Xad 27:01
do you travel a large area for work? Or just? Yeah, generally around here?

Cameron 27:05
I do a lot. So I’m, I mean, I’m all the way up to like Kansas City down to Detroit, Indiana,

Xad 27:11
you know, basically a couple hundred miles. Yeah, covering that. Yeah,

Cameron 27:15
I’m usually I usually do I mean, I have to be right.

Mike Proctor 27:19
That’s where the, that’s where the equipment’s where the work is,

Cameron 27:22
is the city, you know, the, the best place obviously, if you can get a lot of contracts and a lot of customers that do a lot. Because you can stay in a small area and do a lot of different people is to work for us, you know, the capita per square mile is a lot less than living in the city. So, um, but and, you know, even you could have a customer for 10 years. And but they move you know, they only build something for so long. You got to move so it’s it’s hard

Xad 27:48
as kind of wondering that too, because of where we live. There’s like three months out of the year where constructions four months out of the year. Sure. Yeah. Not even taking place. So yeah, you hadn’t Southend at that point. I

Cameron 27:59
know I set up a lot. I mean, I work all through the winter. I don’t I don’t usually slow down at all. Um, but I we you know, we kind of plan because you think about it. These these construction guys, they they go a million miles an hour all summer, right? And they want to make as much money and build as much right and all summer Well then. So they neglect a lot of shit all year. So then they get to the end of the year. You’re like, hey, Cam gotta do man’s you. Here’s a laundry list of everything we want to fix. You know, I’ve got a big shop that I that I do stuff out into the winter. We bring it back and do it. Do it all then.

Mike Proctor 28:31
Yeah. Did you? Did you find out where they were they had though.

Xad 28:34
What mechanics? Yeah. Yeah, I mean, the number one state for mechanics is actually Alaska. Alaska. Yeah. But I would presume they do a lot of oil drilling in Alaska, stuff like that. So I could see that. It would make sense that that’s like I didn’t even think about and then after that, it’s basically just a list of the midwestern states which in my mind, I was thinking more like cities and stuff like that, but it definitely was more Midwest, Midwest states, the Dakotas and Colorado stuff like there’s a

Cameron 29:05
lot of oil drilling Dakota through Colorado.

Xad 29:08
A lot of oil drill. Exactly. And this is this chart is saying like the best places for them. Not necessarily where’s the most of them at but the best place to be? Yeah, were they it was money, right? Yeah, versus most money versus just work lifestyle and stuff like that. But um, but Michigan comes in at number 22. So kind of middle of the pack right there. They will take it Yeah, man. It’s not bad. It’s not bad.

Cameron 29:33
It’s not last. Yes.

Xad 29:34
Some other little mods not on there. Yeah. No, Vermont. I have not seen Vermont. So.

Cameron 29:41
But I’m alright with that though. Because if it was number one, a bunch of people, more mechanics would be going there to do it. Yeah. So it would take work for me.

Mike Proctor 29:49
Yes, this is a minimum. Yeah, this is what is best salary. Oh, it’s just a list of it.

Xad 29:55
Yeah, total total jobs for an annual average salary. Stuff like that. Yeah, yeah,

Mike Proctor 30:02
yeah, that’s pretty dope. Yeah, um, Alaska. That’s funny. Yeah. last ones though, you know, that’s a fucking that’s that’s tough shit out there those guys go and like work, you know,

Xad 30:13
half the year and then are off and I was gonna say I actually knew a guy who was working out there and he did that for periods of time it’d be like a six month push he grew up there and were seasonal or something yeah, every day of the week for six months and then after that he was off and he was working on the oil lines and stuff like that.

Cameron 30:31
Yeah, that’s what I really I keep telling my wife I you know, have you seen that show Gold Rush where they do all the goldwing Yep, yep, I want to go do that for a year but it’s that’s a whole different I mean, because they’re only it’s only a couple months. Yes. Like you want to go actually mine you like I want to go up there and just be like a mechanic for them guys.

Mike Proctor 30:48
I was gonna say, just go Yeah, like,

Cameron 30:50
work, you know?

Xad 30:52
Yeah, the kid right?

Cameron 30:53
Yeah, I got one. Yeah,

Xad 30:54
yeah. So that’s that is Yeah, that’s it, man. That’s that’s the thing. Oh, it makes it so where’s

Mike Proctor 30:59
this? Where do they Where’s it at?

Cameron 31:01
They do like the Klondike the Yukon. Alaska last. Oh, no. Yeah, Canada probably. Yeah, they do some in Maine. Maine, Maine.

Mike Proctor 31:09
Yeah, the gold mining.

Cameron 31:10
Yeah. Oregon.

Mike Proctor 31:12
What would you do you want to go work? I’m sorry. What would you do if you found a bunch of gold?

Cameron 31:17
I’d stay there and get all of it. When gold prices are the highest they’ve ever Yeah.

Mike Proctor 31:23
I was gonna say I didn’t know for sure, though. But now that you second that remark? Yeah, I’m pretty sure Gold’s worth shit.

Cameron 31:29
It’s crazy.

Mike Proctor 31:30
It’s crazy. So all right. So tough work, man. tough work. It’s brutal. Then you go home and do it. Right? Oh, yeah.

Cameron 31:42
doesn’t make a lot of sense. doesn’t

Mike Proctor 31:43
doesn’t make any sense at all, bro. But hey, you know, sometimes the successful people are a little crazy.

Cameron 31:52
Yeah, and I think that shows you gotta, you really have to like it. Yeah, you know, and that’s,

Xad 31:58
I actually I saw a quote the other day, it might have been on Facebook, too. Even then I saw it. But um, and forgive me if you kind of mess it up. And it doesn’t sound perfect. But it’s, uh, do do the things that no one else does. And you’ll have the things that they never will. Oh, yeah. And I thought that was that’s super cool. No, absolutely. situation, you know, and that’s, you know,

Cameron 32:20
like, one of my favorite quotes of all time, which is actually a lot like that. One is it’s, it’s everyone wants what you have, when they won’t do what you do to get it right. You know, so it’s like, the outsiders always looking in, you know, so you kind of just have to, like, blur everyone out. No, you know, have your set. So, you guys, there’s

Mike Proctor 32:38
a lot more kind of feels philosophical than mine. But, um, I read a really cool one. And I can’t remember where I’ve seen it either. But it was like, things are not meant to be there. They are made to be by men who will them to be so or something like that. Um, that one really kind of falls in with more execution. But a man you know, you got to make it happen to which you have obviously, so tough work, bro. tough work. How do you? How do you eat? amidst all of this? power? You’re like, do you generally have a good deal? Are you good about getting breakfast? lunch, dinner? Or is it more because at what at what I feel like is that it’s much more like, you have to be so involved when you’re like working on something like that. I feel like that. And there’s so many little, you know, so much shit going on that you may very well become upset, not obsessed. But uh, I do this all the time with many things. I get very foggy and I forget to eat and do stuff like Oh, yeah. And, like properly. Um, you know what I mean? Like, how is your sort of lifestyle along with that?

Cameron 33:51
Terrible? It’s absolutely terrible. You know, they say they say that construction workers and mechanics live off monster and McDonald’s and right. pretty true. Yeah. You know, and that’s the hardest part is that like, you know, you’re somewhere so remote most of the time working on something because not you know, nothing breaks next to a, you know, a restaurant, it’s always way in the middle of nowhere. And so that’s, that’s the hardest thing. I’ve I think it’s a huge struggle every day for me, because, you know, every single day, every single day, you

Mike Proctor 34:24
It’s impossible, especially for you your very unique situation, because most people like just don’t worry about don’t care. Right? They have the option but they use much less so probably a lot of it. Yeah.

Cameron 34:34
And that’s, I mean, you don’t have a fridge. You don’t have a microwave. You don’t I mean,

Mike Proctor 34:38
so. You’re gonna dry you’re gonna drive out to fuck it. You’re eating lunch like in the truck? Yeah,

Cameron 34:44
I gotta live in my truck. basic rule, you know, and, you know, I’m working. I average 7870 to 80 hours a week, every single week. So you’re physically in that truck. You know? It’s an it’s insane. Yeah. And that’s the biggest thing. Is that I want to eat better, because I know I’d feel better. And a lot of times I feel like, I feel like shit because I eat like shit. Yeah. And that’s, you know, but that, that takes a whole like level of commitment and like self. I don’t even know that there’s a term for it. But like, like structure, yes. You know, being discipline, self discipline is what I was looking for, to like meal prep, and, you know, cook your foods pack your lunch every day, like when I’m leaving my house at three and four in the morning to go to work. The last thing I’m thinking is Oh, shit, what am I gonna do today? You know, like, yeah, I’m just, I’m just like, out the door. And then, you know, and then that’s the same thing. Like you were saying, I get you get rolling. You get rolling? Yeah. And then you get in, you’re like, holy shit. It’s four o’clock, and I feel like I’m gonna pass out. Like, yeah, and I’ve had 12 monsters in the no water and you know, just to beat in my body.

Mike Proctor 35:55
Yeah, it’s so hard, man. Um, I feel like it’s, especially in the case of where you’re constantly go, go go like you’re literally a mobile. So your business is primarily mobile, then hey, yeah. Is it 100% mobile? Pretty close. Yeah,

Cameron 36:10
I only have a shop and bring stuff back. Because it’s like, by proxy, you have to write you know, there’s some there is certain jobs, you know,

Mike Proctor 36:19
you don’t want to have to haul this shit all the way back to the shop. No, and that’s the biggest fix away there.

Cameron 36:23
Yeah, cuz I mean, most the time you think about it, like, like, when your house breaks down. You don’t take your house somewhere to get it fixed. You know, someone comes to your house and fixes it. I mean, these things are just the same size, you know, so it’s the same concept. It’s a man founder’s has got to figure it out. I’ll tell you it’s pretty good.

Xad 36:41
It’s a good beer, isn’t it? Yeah. I like I like to support local businesses, their Grand Rapids, so it’s it and it’s a good product. What

Mike Proctor 36:49
isn’t? Shout out? sighs

Xad 36:51
Yes, I’ll go by found what’s

Mike Proctor 36:52
funny is I was literally gonna say to Cameron, I was gonna be like, Zed usually gets solid gold. I don’t feel like that. But we’ll get something. And I didn’t. Yeah, because I wasn’t sure if you were gonna have it.

Xad 37:06
Yeah, I try to stick with it. It’s good stuff.

Cameron 37:08
Yeah, I actually like it. I’ve never had it.

Mike Proctor 37:10
I talk a lot about on the show of why it’s so fucking hard for us to we can’t eat man. We can’t eat right. Like, people like us that like people that work hard for their shit. Like, and you do a much harder job. I mean, hard in the sense of just most jobs are hard. Like I work at fucking Amazon dude. Yeah, they wouldn’t want to do it. It’s, it’s December right now. Um, you know, it’s,

Xad 37:37
it’s gotta suck.

Cameron 37:38
Yes, I feel your pain though. I feel your pain.

Mike Proctor 37:42
You know, and we’re just we’re just so focused. Like, it’s hard. I can’t think about trying to eat and I’m somewhat good at it. I’m not good at it. But I do try and I’m pretty. I’m okay at it. Um,

Cameron 37:53
and do you meal prep or anything like that? Sometimes.

Mike Proctor 37:55
Okay, sometimes I do not every week, but I need I probably should do it every week. But I’ve been falling off the wagon recently. But I generally will bring like, you know, I’ll bring like a snack or bring a couple pieces of fruit or granola bar and something to eat decent

Xad 38:12
pockets, because I feel like half of the conversations that I have on the phone with you, you’re driving home from work and like what are you doing at home from work eating a hot pocket?

Mike Proctor 38:21
No. I had a bad couple weeks. Okay. I was doing better than usual. That’s my lunch. I should ate that about three o’clock, but it was sick. Yeah. And I hated that.

Cameron 38:30
Do the gas stations once or sick cuz they’re like this. It’s like a whole meal and one hot pocket. You know? Yeah. Like half a ham in there. You know?

Mike Proctor 38:40
But that’s what I mean. Like I’ve just had no, but I’m pretty good at it. Like if you just grab a couple pieces of fruit man. That’s that’s the way to go. Cuz then it’s at least not some junk food. Yeah. And you know it’s energy. And it just covers all the bases for me. Okay. Get Fuji apples. The red Fuji apples. I could do that. That’s what’s up bro.

Cameron 39:02
Oh, butter maybe yeah the spring a little bit good with that

Mike Proctor 39:05
it’s a protein and they’re gonna go in waves with the food like I’m because I like to listen to Joe Rogan. I haven’t really been listened to a lot but you know, he’s very like, yeah and shit. So it’s it’s very hard. Did you hunt this year?

Cameron 39:18
Did you know I don’t hunt just because it’s. I’m a very, I like that. You know, I like the reward at the end. But I don’t want to sit in the woods for 12 hours staring at a tree

Mike Proctor 39:31
60 days before?

Xad 39:33
And you just said that you work 70 to 80 hours a week. There’s 168 hours in a week and you’re working half of them.

Cameron 39:40
Yeah, so and then family and fit. Yeah,

Xad 39:43
you got a kid man. Yeah, yeah,

Cameron 39:45
it’s just not it’s not my cup of tea. I tried. No, but I end up just shooting shit. That’s not even Yeah, you’re supposed to be shooting trees and

Xad 39:55
I’d rather just shoot a gun. Yes, that’s

Cameron 39:56
absolutely yeah,

Mike Proctor 39:57
I’m not a huge hunter either. Um, I wish I was.

Cameron 40:01
I do too. I mean, I wish. I think it’s because I hate venison, though. Oh, really? I think honestly, if I liked venison more, I would probably hunt.

Mike Proctor 40:08
I’ve genuinely like anything as long as I, if it’s prepared. Well, I’m really not super, like, eat just about anything. I’m not a huge mushroom fan. But that’s just me. Oh, you must. But I wanted to talk to your work in a fucked up, dude. How often how much sleep you get? You’re not getting enough sleep? I can I can tell you that already. No, it’s,

Cameron 40:30
I mean, I do pretty decent. Um, but the hardest part is is that, like I said to you in that in that questionnaire that you you know, yeah, it is that, you know, you’re and if you don’t really understand, like, my job, it’s kind of hard to but in in a nutshell. Like, you know, I had over 80 customers last year. So you know, and if you can think each person’s got a few pieces of equipment, so whatever. In my brain, there’s like this, like, consistent roll of shit. Just tumbling. You know? And it’s like, so you’ve got, you know, saying a week like, like, right now. I’ve probably got 20 or 30 jobs that I’m in the middle of or that need to be done. So my brain just is just

Mike Proctor 41:13
you solopreneur in this, bro.

Cameron 41:15

Mike Proctor 41:16
Yeah, I can imagine.

Cameron 41:18
And I mean, I do my books. I do. I do impressive as a lot of work. So it’s like, you know, you you finally lay down at night and it’s just it doesn’t stop, you know, so then my brain just dislike I can’t even explain. It’s just like, you know, yeah, doesn’t stop.

Mike Proctor 41:35
Um, that’s, yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s so what are you saying?

Cameron 41:42
It’s like, sometimes I’ll lay down and lay there for four hours before I go to sleep, you know. So then go to bed at 1011 o’clock and get up at four, you know, and then leave and then it’s just and then you’re like, oh, wow, I’ve done that for five nights in a row. Are

Mike Proctor 41:57
you like laid down at 910 11 type of guy like, yeah, lay down on the bed. Do you do actually TV in bed? No, we don’t. And that’s

Cameron 42:05
so like, my son. He’s He’s a year and a half. So he’s on a real strict like he’s in bed at 730 every night. Yeah, it’s like religious and yes,

Mike Proctor 42:14
that’s got a woman. Yeah, yeah, I got a one and a half year old too. But Yep, that’s

Cameron 42:18
exactly the way he sleeps all night. You know, he’ll sleep till six, seven in the morning if we you know, this is a good

Mike Proctor 42:24
girl. Yeah, he’s fucking grown. So

Cameron 42:25
we’ve kind of like, it’s hard to because then that’s you and the wife time, right? You know, that’s where we get our couple hours before bed. So it’s usually 10 o’clock every night. We’re in bed, you know? And if it’s past that it’s for dinner or you know, whatever special circumstance, right? Well, we’ll stay up after that. But it’s pretty it’s pretty, pretty clockwork. Yeah, exactly. Um, and so

Mike Proctor 42:48
you just you just struggle sleeping in general then falling asleep?

Cameron 42:51
Yeah, getting asleep that you heard a spark.

Mike Proctor 42:53
You have dreams? Yeah. You have lots of crazy dreams.

Cameron 42:56
Oh, yeah.

Mike Proctor 42:57
I’ll never did that. Who

Xad 42:58
else says no, I would say most people say no. will say no. Uh,

Mike Proctor 43:05
someone else.

Xad 43:05
We’ve done. A bank that

Mike Proctor 43:07
we have heard before where someone’s not they’re not sleeping a lot, but they’re having fucking wicked REM sleep. Yeah,

Cameron 43:13
it’s time craziest dream and they’re like It’s never good though.

Mike Proctor 43:18
That’s a problem. Yeah, my knee that’s always bad. The more I’ve been talking about dreams I’ve been having more dreams and I feel like they’re not they’re never good.

Cameron 43:26
Even thought we were like, you know, maybe it’s our bed. Maybe we need a new mattress. You know? So we bought a brand new real nice mattress. Fucking didn’t change.

Mike Proctor 43:34
Nothing changed. Like less, did you but did you go and break it down with the loan salesperson? They’re like here just lay down here. Let me get you at the different pillow. Yeah, later. Yeah. And I’m looking at this lady like 17 like lady

Cameron 43:49
I need to sleep on this thing. Like I can’t just lay down for 20 minutes right? Yep, this Come on. So um,

Mike Proctor 43:57
so But have you ever tried the TempurPedic or whatever that’s I’d like to try one of the like high dollar ones. We laid on

Cameron 44:05
the table and then you sink in? Yeah, I’m not about that. I want that soft like

Mike Proctor 44:12
memory foam guy. Yeah, spring pillow top guy.

Cameron 44:15
I have to kind of do whatever my wife wants because

Xad 44:18
yeah, you’re kind of pigeon holed

Cameron 44:19
Yeah, you’re like you have to split that 50

Mike Proctor 44:21
unless you can get the one that splits down the middle you

Cameron 44:24
honestly the biggest thing that’s been helping me and I don’t know if you guys do it because you’re I mean you’re you’re in a lot with like social media and obviously computers and stuff because this you know you got editing and all that whatever it is that if I don’t use my phone like an hour before bed I say it’s an hour it drastically changes

Mike Proctor 44:42
Yeah, you’re not Yeah, bro. Um,

Xad 44:44
some of the light the blue light blue

Mike Proctor 44:46
light in the screen emulates causes you to stay more awake. Yeah, yeah. It’s Yeah. stimulates when your brain fires an iPhone, you iPhone. Yeah, I guess

Cameron 44:55
so like that new update. They did. You can put like a sleep timer on your phone.

Mike Proctor 45:00
It actually works or you have to change the screen. Yeah, a lot of them have modes where it’s sleep mode. That’s what it’s for. It’s for you know, to not keep Yeah,

Cameron 45:08
you can see and this one I like set it to where an hour before bed it says All right, you know, it’s it’s cool down mode or whatever it says, you know, and then it just makes me realize like, Okay, put the phone away.

Mike Proctor 45:19
That’s such a small thing that you don’t realize like when your kids when your kids start to get older and they start getting devices and shit because I don’t give a fuck who you are telling you. You get your kid attached. Yeah, don’t fucking tell me you’re not. And just play. No, my wife.

Cameron 45:35
She literally yesterday asked me So should we get Should we get cash at tab?

Mike Proctor 45:39
Yes, I got no rice. Yes. teenies means one. Everything’s going to be that bro. You gotta you gotta get them printed out. And everything’s gonna be that everything that I learned in school is that which is crazy. They need to know it. It’s important. And that’s not just me being you know what I mean? Like I’m dead serious. Yeah, um, but what the fuck was that talking about? Oh,

Cameron 46:03
but I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep. Yeah, blue important.

Mike Proctor 46:06
It’s important that you put that shit out for your kids. Because your kids will be going bonkers that no no, why the TV? TV’s bad for them kids.

Xad 46:15
So under pasa it pauses your body’s ability to produce melatonin which is the sleep? Yeah. I mean, that’s like the sleep drug. Yeah, your body.

Cameron 46:24
I take melatonin every night to get to sleep.

Mike Proctor 46:26
There you go. Yeah, I’m a

Xad 46:29
little sub subject. And if you listen to some of the earlier shows, cherries will increase your body’s melatonin. I only found that out because like I had like a couple cherry binges. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 46:38
but cherries are gonna make you trip out with crazy dreams. Yeah, having

Xad 46:42
made me notice it because I pounded a bunch of cherries one night, the next morning woke up. I’m like, the fuck happened to me last night.

Cameron 46:49
Joe Rogan talks a lot about sleep. And he talks about people that take melatonin.

Xad 46:54
Yeah. Yeah, their dreams get loose. Yeah.

Cameron 46:56
And that’s the same with mine. It’s it’s, but I can you know, so like, if I take you know, I’ve been through a bunch of different types of melatonin and this and that. And this and that. And I found some that really worked good for me. And they’re like a gummy. And just take, you know, like a gummy. You know, whatever. Like a gummy bear. And you get them in? Yep. And it’s like a good. Seven minutes later, you’re out. And but you

Mike Proctor 47:21
know, a lot of weight seems crazy. CBD is super good. Yeah, I heard. I’d like to try to get you hoping sleep and stuff. Um,

Xad 47:31
I have one question on that melatonin that you take? Does it make you get uncomfortable? Like? I don’t know. I feel like it would make me feel uncomfortable. That lack of control or is it like an easy transition? And yeah,

Cameron 47:44
I feel like it’s, for me at least. Like when I take it, you can feel it, you know? So you can almost like feel your eyes getting heavy. Yeah. And then your it just makes you realize, okay,

Xad 47:55
okay, it’s time. Okay, so it’s an easy change. It’s not as likely

Cameron 47:58
I don’t like not like taking 12 night quills you know? That’s

Xad 48:01
Oh, yeah, that’s, you know, as long as it’s not like that, that I’m good.

Cameron 48:05
Yeah, no. See, and that was a big thing is, you know, I don’t go to the doctor a lot. I think it just has a lot to do with how I was raised. Yeah, even though saying My mom is a doctor, but like, I’m just like, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You know, and I don’t want that. What would make it worse to? I think so. I really think so. And that’s, I just didn’t want you know, on a couple of my friends were like, Well, why don’t you just go get, you know, sleeping medicine or this or that or this? And I’m like, I don’t really think I want to be that. Yeah, I don’t think it’s necessary. I think there’s easier ways to do it, I guess. easier ways for me, right. I was going to get a prescription.

Mike Proctor 48:40
Yeah. So just have to continue to, you know, work and try to figure it out. Just doing it. Don’t just like deal with it.

Cameron 48:48
I think learning yourself. Yeah, it really helps because I can now like if I lay there I can like almost try to switch it off. And then it puts me in that sleep mode. I

Mike Proctor 48:56
fall asleep as we get older. Yeah, to become wiser.

Cameron 49:00
Shut your mouth. Dude. I feel like if I could stay this age, though, for Do you feel so good.

Mike Proctor 49:08
How are you? I’m good. Here you 30 Um, no, get out of here, bro. I’m 29 I’ll be 30 I’ll be 30 next What are you? You’re 28 Is

Cameron 49:15
that right?

Xad 49:16
Yeah. 28 Yeah. Do you?

Cameron 49:18
Can you tell drastically since you were 25? Like, I feel like I was 10 years younger. At 25 Yeah, now that I’m 28 I’m like,

Mike Proctor 49:27
it’s funny literally been saying this for a little while to continue to fall off.

Xad 49:33
In a year or two. We went I went over to Mike’s house and we’re like hanging out on the front porch. And I went it’s the stupidest thing in the world. But it made such an impact. I want to jump off like the third stair up. Yeah, I was like, no, it’s gonna fucking hurt. Like, I’m gonna feel that like it’s like, yeah, I could hurt myself. Yeah. And that’s gonna mess with me. You know,

Cameron 49:52
like, when you were younger, you would just grab something, pick that fucker. I’ll pick it out over there. You know, now you do and you’re like, Oh, yeah,

Mike Proctor 49:58
I don’t. I try actively. Try not Yeah, I actively try not to if there’s big heavy shit to like, Do I go do it? But yeah, I try not to for someone else. I’m like, you know, like we’re Yeah.

Cameron 50:12
I knew I was getting old when I started saying to myself usually legs now. Yeah, yeah,

Xad 50:16
that’s back I had I helped have always been good. I helped a friend earlier today we’re putting together um, like one of those super play structures for the kids of the swings that this thing is ridiculous. I’m sore shit right now. When I go to get a pilot’s chair, man, you’re like, see me hold my back. Yeah, but But yeah, like that’s, and that’s something that you said like two years ago, I wouldn’t have thought twice about. And then now I’m like, I’m gonna fuckin stretch before I go help him tomorrow, cuz I’m slower. Yeah, like,

Cameron 50:45
when you said you don’t drink that much.

Mike Proctor 50:47
No, no, very rarely

Cameron 50:48
Is that you? I mean, you’re Yeah, I

Xad 50:50
drink more than Mike does.

Mike Proctor 50:51
Is that because?

Cameron 50:52
I mean, it’s hard to I don’t know. I mean, you might be able to relate, but your hangovers get drastically worse. In like, you just don’t recover.

Xad 50:59
Yeah, yeah.

Mike Proctor 51:00
It’s never been a good hangover. Yeah.

Cameron 51:01
I’ve never had them until like, a year ago. Yeah, a year.

Mike Proctor 51:06
It’s gotten worse. It’s tough man. Like, you know, and kind of to that point, like, if you eat better if you like, do you exercise and stuff?

Cameron 51:13
Yeah. And you’re not around take? No, I

Mike Proctor 51:15
don’t. I’m terrible about exercising. But you know, if we, if we did, it would probably be easier. But I

Cameron 51:21
think we got time for that. No, yeah. Well, that’s what but none of I tried. I know, everyone’s got a big stigma about it. But like, I did CrossFit for a little while. And it was I mean, it was actually the probably the best I felt in a long time. You know, like, body wise. I was younger and more energy. I mean, everything was great. But the time that’s the whole Yeah, I just don’t, I don’t have it. You know, so it’s to commit, you have to make that commitment of like, Am I gonna go work out or am I gonna spend an hour with my son,

Mike Proctor 51:50
right? You’re like, especially you made your work in a fuck ton. You work in twice. What? Anyone else?

Cameron 51:55
Yes. So you’re half the time to divvy up between everything. Oh,

Mike Proctor 51:59
yeah. So you don’t guard

Xad 52:00
and you live where we were? Where you live? Which is 25 minutes from anywhere? Yeah, anywhere significant. So

Cameron 52:09
yeah, everything more like I have.

Mike Proctor 52:11
I feel like I haven’t said it in a while. So I’m going to say, you know, right smack dab in the middle guys. If you’re looking at the mitten. It’s what do I say? Like just below second knuckle. See? Yeah, second knuckle not not counting the thumb. Right. smack dab? Just

Cameron 52:26
basically, far from everything. Yeah, I

Mike Proctor 52:28
think there’s nothing around.

Xad 52:29
Yeah. Just I mean, of any significance. Yeah, exactly.

Cameron 52:33
You don’t really realize that too, right? I mean, you guys have got to watch so so it’s not that not terrible.

Xad 52:37
15 minutes is all right. But when you plan something out to do it, you know it. Like you have to plan it. When we lived in Swartz Creek. It was I was like four minutes from like, a ton of shit. Yeah, you know, as quick to get to the mall quick to get the store quick to get food. Duran is better. Byron, not so much.

Cameron 52:58
Yeah. And that’s where you don’t really think about it because you do it. You’ve done it your whole life. But it’s 25 minutes to a grocery store. Yeah,

Xad 53:05
yeah. Yeah, like a legitimate like brand grocery store for 25 minutes. And

Cameron 53:09
you don’t think nothing of it until like, like, my wife had some family come in from Texas. And they’re like, oh, let’s go get this. Let’s go get that and like, all right, and it was 30 minutes away. And they’re like, what the fuck?

Mike Proctor 53:18
Yeah, well, why don’t you you’re only here for so yeah, I got that shit. I thought about this

Xad 53:23
show. It’s 30 minutes there. It’s 30 minutes back. It’s 32 minutes to a half an hour at the store.

Mike Proctor 53:29
But we got a mud bog in the backyard. We

Cameron 53:31
do. It’s true. It’s way more important. I mean, you don’t have fun grocery shopping. No, but you have fun mudbug

Mike Proctor 53:39
this is this the shit of living in like the Midwest, although I guess I suppose depending on where you are in, like in the cities and such might be the same. But you know, we’re in the middle of nowhere. We got to entertain ourselves with shit.

Cameron 53:52
How’s your guys’s sleep?

Mike Proctor 53:53
I’d sleep like a fucking rock. Do

Xad 53:56
you need to

Mike Proctor 53:58
go mouthful bro. I’ll try to give you some advice. But, you know, I appreciate you talking about Oh, yeah, it’s tough man. got excited about it. You got to keep just trying to crush it, dude. Like you just gotta keep tweaking, oh, that didn’t work. I’m gonna try this that didn’t work. I’m gonna try this you know, don’t get stagnant. Don’t be don’t have the mentality of like,

Cameron 54:21
and for those for the people that listen So Mike, Mike and Zedd they send you over this this amazing form that just has some stuff about you know, so they kind of get a little better info and it really makes you think about yourself

Mike Proctor 54:35
does that Yeah, it does.

Cameron 54:37
You know? I mean, I it’s funny, you know, I’ll talk about this because no one talks about this but so I’m a pretty I wouldn’t say manly man but like I’m a mechanic. You’re supposed to be considered a man. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 54:47
for sure.

Cameron 54:48
But I love taking baths right because I get home at the end of the day. Like it sounds stupid. Like I probably take more bass than most women you know because like this, Steve In hot bath,

Mike Proctor 55:00
don’t you don’t take more best than my wife.

Cameron 55:02
And so I you know, you sent that over and I’m like, I’m gonna get in the bath, you know, so I get in the bath in the bathroom. Think about it. Oh yeah.

Mike Proctor 55:10
Oh yeah, dude, that’s,

Cameron 55:12
that’s no no I got it. I’m like I’m getting in the bath and let the brain juices go you know, that’s awesome it was so I sat there and filled that all out and it’s fucking like I’m like sitting there I’m like, you know because you kind of think about yourself right? You’re like should I actually you know you asked me about sleep like I sleep fucking terrible but you know, you don’t really want people to know. Yeah, I mean like you don’t need to like pump your ego you know like no like fuck, dude, I mean we’re all we all got shit going I get older we kind of

Mike Proctor 55:41
realize yeah

Cameron 55:43
I’m like this is probably gonna help me more by talking about this shit you know like it does man just kind of helps you work through your own shit

Xad 55:51
it slows you down? Yeah, you actually take a it’s always easier to see other people’s issues like you can like you could have be having a problem right now, if I was having the same problem. I it would make no sense to me to look at it from my perspective. But then you come up to me and say, Hey, I’m having this problem like you could from an outsider looking in? Yeah, see that? And so

Cameron 56:12
like the relatability to think of Yeah, all right, why I’m not the only one that’s had

Xad 56:17
issues with this. Yeah, you can tell me how to fix my life and probably like two minutes. But but to apply that to yourself.

Mike Proctor 56:22
Yeah. But mostly so hard you would refute.

Xad 56:25
Exactly, yes. Exactly. Exactly. People. So yeah, like I said, when you take the time, slow down, get outside of your own head and analyze yourself from that other angle. It’s, it’s, you know,

Cameron 56:37
I feel like to like, you know, you know, so you guys, you’re pretty obviously close, you know, so you you talk to each other a lot. And you’re around each other a lot. And married sisters. So Well, that was a terrible idea. But it’s nice to have, like, you know, other people that are in your circle. Oh, and then I mean, you guys, you talk to so many people, but like to have other questions. Yeah. You know, like, other points of view of, you know, yeah, absolutely. And it kind of, yeah, it’s cool. You know, it makes you really think about different shit that you normally wouldn’t think about. Um, one other thing off the question, or we didn’t even touch down on this. Especially when you’re talking about college. You get some crazy college. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 57:20
we got it. Yeah, we got it out of here. That is Oh, yeah, cuz

Xad 57:23
I’m reading that. Let me get a beer. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Because I’m sitting in the kitchen making breakfast this morning. And I read what you post dude. I started fucking laughing out loud. And Rachel was looking at me like, I was just like, I was crazy. Like, because I mean, my phones down on the counter, you know, and I’m just like, start cracking up. So

Cameron 57:45
yeah, it’s so like, it’s a funny story. But like, I went to Central Michigan, and didn’t learn a fucking thing. But besides the point, so I mean, you guys know Phil taphouse. Right. Yeah. And you’re forever on Phillips like Ben my best friends since you know, high school, middle school, whatever. Well, me and Phil went to the same college and we’re sitting there one day and there’s this like flyer sitting on the table. And it says go to Disneyland and California and you know, make all your dreams come true. You know, whatever. And I’m like, Phil, we should do this. You know, like it’s an internship, you get to live in California. And they put on their like, you’re gonna live in an apartment complex with 500 college kids. And I’m like, this is awesome, right? Like let’s do this. So we go through the whole thing we get accepted we do it and the day that you had to pay all this money to go fill up text me after I already paid all my money. It’s not dude, he did not fill text me. He goes, dude, I just can’t do it. I can’t do it. And my mom doesn’t want to pay for whatever the reason I go, and I’m like, dude, I just paid all this money. Like,

Mike Proctor 58:45
I gotta go right. You’re going by yourself.

Cameron 58:47
And I wasn’t passing it up. So yeah, I mean, I you know, I moved to California, Anaheim, California. For how long? It was nine months. I was there. Yeah. So it was like my second half of my second half of my first year of college. I was living in Anaheim, California in it and dude, no joke. They move you in. It’s a huge building. Fancy is all get out. And you live in a it’s 500 college kids from all over the country. Yeah. Just literally, the craziest shit you would ever imagine happen in that place? And it’s people from like, literally everywhere. Yeah, you’re talking the classic college party scene. You’re walking into apartments. There’s beer pong here and competition is absolutely wild. And then Not to mention, you’re this dumb, young, first year freshman college kid. You know, working at Disneyland, literally working. I mean, I worked at Disneyland every day. When I was in stores. I had these little fucking outfits that you had to put on

Mike Proctor 59:43
you were like, what a cashier?

Cameron 59:45
Yeah, yeah. Because they they took this whole interview thing and they’re like, oh, you’re good with talking with people you know your blah blah blah. Yeah, you’re gonna work you down and yeah, they basically you know, interview you and say this is where you’re going to do

Xad 59:57
a screening. Why Disney make so much money.

Cameron 1:00:00
Crazy and that’s but it worked perfectly for me like I was like a Sox. I wanted to be like Buzz Lightyear motherfuckers you know, and But no, I don’t think

Mike Proctor 1:00:08
they’re gonna let you be buzzed like, Hey, hey, why

Cameron 1:00:11
not? But they so they put me in the College Board doesn’t have anything to lose. Exactly. I mean, dude, it was like you’re tall and I’m like, well I’m decently Tommy’s reserved for like the actors. Yeah, the good guys. Yeah. But it worked out because like, I like talking to people and being a people person. So I got to interact with

Mike Proctor 1:00:29
so you’re working everyone, you’re working for free? Basically. You’re working for room and board?

Cameron 1:00:34
Well, yeah. I mean, you still made money because it was kind of crazy, like back then. So

Xad 1:00:38
was 2010. Um, minimum wage in California was like 15 bucks, which is crazy, because I had my first shot was just that Tropical Smoothie. And that it was like seven. Yeah, 45 or something.

Mike Proctor 1:00:52
And 25 and my first, but the

Cameron 1:00:54
rooms that you lived in. So you had they were like two bedroom studio rooms that you had when you live there. They were $6,000 a month. And we had to pay that. But there was four kids in each room. So you know, you were paying for room and board there. They were paying you. But you had you were required to re rent from them. Yes. They fucking that’s what they gave

Mike Proctor 1:01:18
you hours to pay your rent.

Cameron 1:01:20
Yeah. But I mean, you had as many hours as you want it, you know, it’s just like a regular job. But the only upside to that is that, like, you got a whole year of college credits, right for doing that. Yeah. So realistically, you know, like Central’s, like, 30 grand. Yeah. So yeah, I mean, you were doing pretty good. Yeah. If you are making money, and you got a whole year right? credits, but I didn’t I just partied the whole time. And so, you know, I ended up got I got lucky. But I roomed with three kids that lived in California. Oh, so I had to hook up like they had you know, cuz I didn’t have a car flew out there. You know, so I was taking buses everywhere. And like it was a bomb and had no money, you know, and but then my three roommates lived in California. So they had cars, they had girlfriends. They already knew everything. So when I basically had a free ride the whole time, and I was locked out, bro. It was wild. It was wild. And

Mike Proctor 1:02:13
so so you got to work at Disneyland. You’re just a cashier for Yep. The summer kashered face summer Disneyland. Did you get to do any of the cool shit at Disneyland?

Cameron 1:02:22
No. I mean, yeah, yeah, it was kind of cool to see because you know, your whole life. You watch Disney movies, and you watch this. And you even like Orlando, you know, you go to Disney World in Orlando. And it’s crazy to see what the like the stuff they go through to make it that way. You know, like having like, tunnels underneath so that Yeah, they get written up and get in trouble if you were seen. Like if you were they called it onstage and offstage. And like if you were offstage, and someone’s seen you, yeah, you got written up, like you got in trouble. And so it was all like super, very, like very strict. cryptid almost, you know, so it was crazy.

Mike Proctor 1:03:04
Did you ever see like Buzz Lightyear in the break room? Oh, yeah.

Cameron 1:03:07
Yeah. And so like, it’s it’s funny, because I seen him I thought it was kind of cool. If my wife listens to this, I’m sorry, but I was in Fantasyland, which is where all the princesses are. And those ladies are smoking.

Mike Proctor 1:03:20
So you’d see bar you’re literally infant. Okay. Yes. So I’m sorry. Continue. Oh,

Cameron 1:03:26
it just funny that you’d be like, you know, and you’d see these girls out on stage right? Like you see move on, you know, this pretty Asian princess you know, and then she’d get backstage and she’s ripping a fucking Newport just like

Mike Proctor 1:03:39
no. Shit, you know, like you literally so your summer Will you hung out with princesses. Fantasy, Princess. Yes. In a room in a apartment with three Californians that are getting you the hookups on anything everywhere. It’s like a movie. Yeah, it was awesome. When What happened? That was bad. What’s where’s the climax of the movie?

Cameron 1:04:04
That was bad is that I had to come home.

Mike Proctor 1:04:09
I never got to go back.

Cameron 1:04:10
I mean, if I could have stayed right there for a long time, it would have been awesome. But no, it was it was a good like, experience. You know, you seen a whole different world, and like, how it works and whatever. And then you come home and you’re like

Mike Proctor 1:04:22
that, but you were saying you were saying how like, you couldn’t see anyone living there?

Cameron 1:04:27
No, I couldn’t see anyone living like full time. I could say like, there was beautiful parts of California. Don’t get me wrong, but you were. I mean, you would literally drive 20 miles and it would take four hours. Right? You know, in so many people. Yeah. Like, you don’t buy lawnmowers, because there’s no lawn. just stupid stuff that you notice you’re like this. Like, I’d wild man. It’s it’s like California. I mean, it’s the US right? You know, but you’d walk into a gas station and they couldn’t even speak English to me. And I’m like, dude, I just want a monster right? It was just it was a different world. Yeah, just a whole different world and

Mike Proctor 1:05:04
a super valuable experience. Probably yes. For you to, to have. Um, I want to, I want to ask you one last question before we do shout outs. Where if you were so, and I, there’s a couple things that I didn’t even get to ask. We might we do an hour, man and it goes by so fast, but

Cameron 1:05:26
yeah, it was like it’s cooking. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 1:05:29
So if, at this point in life, right, like, what, what is your vision for like, there’s a big one, what’s the vision for your life and you have to get like, super specific or anything like that. Um, but like, if you could, you know, what, if everything went perfect for you from now on, what would that look like? Uh, oh, that’s tough. It is very loaded question. You know, I think this is important. I just, the reason I ask is because I just think it’s super important. I think it’s super important for people to hear. This, I read I have on this, I’m on a bunch of crazy, cool email lists. And one of them had basically statements about trying to visualize your life and like, you know, it’s kind of like a motivational tool type of thing. Not that you know, you need it or anything, but, um, you know, I thought was super valuable. I read all those those. That’s pretty nuts. It’s pretty nuts. So, lay one on me,

Cameron 1:06:26
I think, you know, like, I love business, and I love I love what I do. You know, and I love meeting people. But I think what Trumps all that is my wife and kid, Oh, of course, in to see, you know, that. We don’t, you know, and it sounds stupid, but like, we don’t struggle for money or anything like that, which, and I know people say, you know, in it, and I don’t think it does either. But like the whole, it I love the fact that me and my wife, we don’t argue about bills, we don’t argue about who’s money’s who we get to go on vacations in. So I guess an easy way to say it is I think in the future is that my whole life, I hope that I can run my own business, and provide for my family and have what we want to have. And I think that’s the biggest thing because my mom busted her ass her whole life to give us what we have. And it was always we always had nice get to go to family vacation at least once a year. You know, whether that be camping or you know, whatever it is. Absolutely. So I think just in a nutshell like continuing to run my own business the way that I want to run it and not have to take shit from fucking anyone. Yeah. And provide for my family.

Xad 1:07:40
Yeah, I think is the biggest provide the same things that you had grown up in? Yeah, continue that going on.

Cameron 1:07:45
And at least like I don’t want to be all boogy and ship but I want him to be like, at least you know, he has a four wheeler for six. Yeah, six birthday. You know, like, just let them have fun, man. We’ll teach him teach them the values but

Xad 1:07:57
not have to be arguing about money. I think it’s so stupid. And you know, that, like life gets real. Like it gets real real quick. Yeah, for like, 18 years old. Absolutely. Like is that should change as fast so I’m gonna give to give that to him. Yeah, your son and to have that time when he can. Yeah, cuz it goes away. And I don’t know if that comes back. You know, it comes back to you like 60 so you don’t have a kid? Do you? Mike?

Mike Proctor 1:08:27
I got two brother. Dang. Man. I

Cameron 1:08:31
don’t want that bad juju, though.

Xad 1:08:34
I’ll take one and I got I got the second one on the way.

Mike Proctor 1:08:36
Ah, yes. That already made them. Yeah, we

Cameron 1:08:39
were out for a little out.

Mike Proctor 1:08:42
The fighting is tough. But you just got it. You learn how to manage it. How

Cameron 1:08:46
old are they?

Mike Proctor 1:08:47
My kids are nine and six. Yeah. That was a very touching instrument. I thought that was incredible. Thank you so much for sharing. Thanks for asking. Um, so we’re have to wrap this pitch up. Um, we always do shout out so we got a we talked about today so I

Xad 1:09:04
mean, a little bit all over the place. I mean, a little bit. Mechanics.

Mike Proctor 1:09:08
Shout out. Yeah. Um, bro, you need to expand into Alaska. But

Cameron 1:09:15
apparently we looked it up.

Mike Proctor 1:09:16
You can just launch a branch there. You know, I’m saying

Xad 1:09:20
and I saw something on Facebook the other day and it said in this hit touches down on the Coronavirus, all the stuffs going on with that. But he said, you know, mechanics are the essential workers that get essential workers their jobs, so shout out to them.

Mike Proctor 1:09:32
Hey, sounds like truck drivers.

Cameron 1:09:35
Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Mike Proctor 1:09:36
Um, shout out to

Xad 1:09:38
us. Ch Equipment Repair.

Mike Proctor 1:09:41
Yeah, shout out what? So where can we get up find all your shit, man.

Cameron 1:09:44
Just Facebook. I mean, I don’t really advertise because a lot of my niche business is word of mouth. Like we’re all word of mouth. And it’s hard because everyone you talk to you do good work. That’s all.

Mike Proctor 1:09:57
Yeah. Well, I know that we have. There’s a couple contractors that I know for a fact that there’s a couple contractors that listen so I know guys spread you know if you got any anyone else any friends need anything? Yeah man I

Cameron 1:10:08
have a Facebook page. It’s just ch Equipment Repair on Facebook. You

Mike Proctor 1:10:11
gotta have that shit. Are you on a Google search?

Cameron 1:10:14
I am not. Because we need to get you on good. No, no. Oh, you don’t want I don’t want to be on. Because it’s back to that.

Mike Proctor 1:10:22
Okay, hang on. Oh, nevermind. Don’t

Cameron 1:10:25
get me up. I mean, don’t don’t get mad if I tell you. No, no, it’s just you. You build your clients, you know,

Mike Proctor 1:10:30
like in good mechanics.

Cameron 1:10:32
You hire and you the whole goal is to be good enough in and do good enough work to where you can hire and fire customers. Yeah, you know that. That’s your you’re the limited commodity. Yeah,

Xad 1:10:44
you’re the commodity. Yeah, there’s

Cameron 1:10:45
more of you that need me that need Yeah, it sounds shitty to say that. But it really but that’s business. Yeah, you can have one really bad customer ruin an entire week. But if you can get to where you’re, you can get enough work to where you can just tell that person like, Nah, motherfucker. I don’t have to listen to that. Yeah, it just makes you like, makes you so much happier. You know, so that’s the big thing. But yeah, yeah, Facebook, CH Equipment Repair.

Xad 1:11:12
Monster and mudbugs monster sounds like monster gets you through your day.

Mike Proctor 1:11:16
Yeah, yeah, he’s

Xad 1:11:17
got one right there.

Mike Proctor 1:11:19
figured out the name of the like the I don’t know the most leaguer and

Xad 1:11:22
it’s the FTI mud racing. That’s it. Yeah, it’s that one? Yeah,

Cameron 1:11:27
keep an eye out this 2021 I’m gonna try and hit every one of them. So that’s a bucket. I mean, hopefully you’ll be able to see me all over YouTube racing that truck everywhere. So

Mike Proctor 1:11:37
it was going to

Cameron 1:11:39
my next question. That’s the goal.

Xad 1:11:42
The Vander Vander boss mudbug being the boss

Cameron 1:11:44
I don’t know how to do it this year.

Mike Proctor 1:11:46
Probably not.

Xad 1:11:47
I mean, I would imagine not Yeah, but but shout out to them just Yeah. That’s Yeah, like, Dude, that thing’s

Cameron 1:11:53
huge. A small town It was a couple thousand people

Xad 1:11:56
yeah, people know about that shit from a long ways away from Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. So I’m

Cameron 1:12:03
a lot more but yeah, shout out to vanamo for sure.

Xad 1:12:08
What do we say a founders

Mike Proctor 1:12:11
brewing shout out founders.

Xad 1:12:13
good beer. A good beer. The

Mike Proctor 1:12:15
last time we went to founders there was too many goddamn people there to that plan your travels please plan accordingly. They

Cameron 1:12:21
did one in Detroit too though. They just opened one is it another maybe I’m wrong. There’s one they just opened Detroit we went to

Xad 1:12:28
they did founders I think they opened another like satellite Yeah, yeah,

Cameron 1:12:32
ruin that suite if you can get get there that place if you can fucking get in there.

Xad 1:12:36
Yeah, yeah, exactly. That’s the thing. I

Cameron 1:12:38
think they got patios. Yeah. Okay. Do

Mike Proctor 1:12:39
we used to go to Grand Rapids Brewing Company? There was?

Xad 1:12:42
Yeah, Grand Rapids that that’s usually our spot to roll to um, Joe Rogan podcast? I you mentioned it. You mentioned it. I think everybody in the world listens to it a little bit.

Mike Proctor 1:12:52
Yeah, it dude.

Cameron 1:12:53
It’s like the beer in there. Somebody’s listening. Oh, I keep an eye out when he you know someone you like Yeah, me too. That’s that’s how I treat I don’t listen to all of them. And he has

Mike Proctor 1:13:01
tons of guests. Yeah.

Cameron 1:13:03
I mean, what other I mean real quick. Sorry, not to interrupt. What other podcasts Do you guys listen to? mentioned a couple that you did?

Mike Proctor 1:13:10
Yeah. xad really likes Valenti. 97 one. That’s Yes. This guy.

Xad 1:13:14
I like sports dude.

Cameron 1:13:15
I’m like, I just want to take it beat it up so much. Every day. It’s like, you know, with

Xad 1:13:21
a Well, did you ever listen to valencies side podcast? No, I haven’t. It’s it’s a good listen. It’s a good it’s a not so much.

Cameron 1:13:31
Yeah, Detroit sport. Yeah, but because that’s what I get bored. So as a whole like, I get it. We suck right now. Yeah. Every day. I feel like it’s all I ever do. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 1:13:37
yeah, it’s true.

Cameron 1:13:38
Because funny, I said it to you. But um, my so my service truck doesn’t have a radio. Oh, so podcasts are like, ideal. I’m not even joking. I probably eight to 10 hours a day. I’m listening to a pod. Oh, cuz you’re just running your phone. Yeah, I just I just have air pods and yeah, and I just I get my own little zone. And I mean, you know, Dave and Chuck the freak is like my go to because they are the only ones that I feel like don’t talk about politics and don’t you know, they kind of just talk about whatever. Yeah, you know, stupid here. That’s

Mike Proctor 1:14:07

Cameron 1:14:08
So like I do if you ever heard of drinkin bros podcast.

Mike Proctor 1:14:11
Yeah, I think I have that. I

Cameron 1:14:12
do that one and then boom. Pat Mac. I like that. Yeah, he’s

Mike Proctor 1:14:16

Cameron 1:14:17
I do Pat McAfee and then they have like a side one. That’s heartland radio. But now it’s like

Mike Proctor 1:14:22
barstool, like barstools.

Cameron 1:14:24
Yeah a little bit of our stores too. So

Mike Proctor 1:14:25
if you’re gonna go somewhere you can go there and

Cameron 1:14:27
yeah, exactly so but I just like to ask cuz I was actually gonna put a Facebook post up ask people their favorite podcast because I’m getting burned out of what I’m on you know? Yes. To see what other people listen to right Right.

Mike Proctor 1:14:40
Yeah. Um, I know I know but should dude up I’ll hook you up.

Xad 1:14:44
What else we got? A melatonin sleep aids. Okay.

Mike Proctor 1:14:49
particular brand that you like. Yeah.

Cameron 1:14:51
It’s like, I don’t know the name of it. It’s like, it’s on Amazon. It’s the gummies it’s like in a plastic pouch. I could probably look it up. But yeah, I mean melatonin to that guy, man,

Mike Proctor 1:15:03
whoever made that. Oh, I forgot one to talk about this. Do you know where the DS the term diesel engine came from? Oh, shit. No, it was caught by the owner the first person who developed the diesel engine his name was

Xad 1:15:16
James diesel or something. He’s

Cameron 1:15:18
a Robert dead guy. Cheers to him.

Mike Proctor 1:15:20
Did you know for sure, Robert diesel came up missing. a cruise ship had a wound up living his life just wound up ashore like 10 days later, they found him identified him in such a place I always remembered in my research, that was a random thing that I

Cameron 1:15:35
had looked at your tank.

Mike Proctor 1:15:39
I wanted to mention that I forgot.

Xad 1:15:41
Um, so I wrote I wrote Phil down before the whole like bailed on you to the California situation,

Cameron 1:15:48
but I’ll feel shot. Yeah, he’s still. Dude. He’s

Xad 1:15:51
a good guy. It

Cameron 1:15:51
was my best man wedding. So yeah, gee,

Mike Proctor 1:15:53
yeah, but you’re a dick for bailing? Yeah,

Xad 1:15:55
cuz Phil and chaps are just best friends everywhere.

Mike Proctor 1:15:58
Ultimately. Oh, absolutely. Ultimately, Phil could have potentially messed up your situation with the three roommates. Right? Oh, right. And

Cameron 1:16:05
if you guys had me on again, there’s some really wild stories from California

Xad 1:16:10
that will just dive down and just yeah, touchdown

Mike Proctor 1:16:13
on our initial sessions are always we need to figure out who you are. Yeah. And when you when you come back, we’re gonna dive in and see and Phil.

Cameron 1:16:21
Phil really missed out. So I think

Mike Proctor 1:16:24
he ultimately he missed out. Absolutely.

Xad 1:16:27
So you should talk to Phil and he should you get on the show.

Cameron 1:16:31
That’s a good idea over actually, it feels pretty interesting. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 1:16:33
To your point about not a lot of people would really find this interesting. I feel like I think maybe more so. I’m trying to get people on. Like, I feel like but not so many people. Like you said like, I don’t know if they would want if they want to come on and talk about their sleep or talk about their like, proud. Yes, it might end up being just like a big ego trip type of thing. But that thank you for coming up. Oh, no.

Cameron 1:16:57
Thank you, dude. Thanks for inviting me because like, like I was saying out there when I first got here is I actually for the listeners. I’ve seen these guys. And I’ve seen some posts Mike put up and, and I listened to a couple episodes. And I’m like, You know what? I should reach out and just say if they ever need someone that I would come on the show, and then boom, Mike messaged

Mike Proctor 1:17:18
me. And I had no idea.

Cameron 1:17:20
And I literally got up and I open my curtains and I’m looking out the window. kind of go back make sure the back doors locked. I’m like this motherfucker is FUCK IS GOING Google. Google is listening to me. Right now. I appreciate it. Guys. You know, this has always been an interest. And I like talking to people. So yes. Especially if you’re a podcast and it’s crazy, because normally I’m looking through that little camera. Yeah, you know, and yeah. Now I’m looking at it. So yeah, had a trippy

Xad 1:17:45
it’s surprisingly fun to win. Yes, we sit down and just fuckin talk for an hour.

Cameron 1:17:51
I mean, honestly makes sense. Like listen to Joe Rogan. Some of his go three, four hours. You

Mike Proctor 1:17:56
totally could you totally listen to him like nothing. I’m like, Yeah, you’re the one I like that was only an hour. And I hate it. It sucks.

Cameron 1:18:04
I wish it was longer. Why do you guys cut it off in an hour?

Mike Proctor 1:18:07
Uh, oh. Just life?

Xad 1:18:09
Yeah, gotcha. Yeah, we don’t want to take up. Yeah, a whole lot of our guests times, either, you know, your time is valuable. And so I get it. So just, that’s kind of what we settled on for right now. But if we keep getting great guests, like, you may extend it. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 1:18:25
So it was at all our shout outs.

Xad 1:18:27
I think so Disneyland for providing a great opportunity and a tie for him. So

Cameron 1:18:31
you got a quick shout out?

Xad 1:18:33
Absolutely do please.

Cameron 1:18:34
I just want shout out. So in the small world of mechanics, and like what I do, I’ve got a guy, it’s cool that you get you if you can find someone else. That’s the same age frame or same mindset as you doing the same thing. So my, one of my now my, one of my best friends, his name’s Mike, he owns Apex Equipment Repair, okay, and he does the exact same thing as me. And I mean, we’re like, now in separate we talk to each other, probably four times five times a day, on every single day. So just shout out apex. I mean, he does great work, too. And where’s he out of? He’s out of wixom. Okay, yep, yep. So he’s, it’s nicer because it like if I get a lot of customers that call that have emergencies, and they’re down, and I can’t get there, I just farm it to him. Yeah. And it’s awesome to have. Because when you’re all by yourself, you don’t realize how hard it is to not have someone Yeah, you know, that doesn’t do what you do. And it’s nice to have some of that. So just shout out Mike. And he really helps me a lot

Mike Proctor 1:19:29
I always say to you are like we are the product of our environment. So you guys, you know, just even having like a friendship like that. You can push each other You can drive each other like there’s just so much valuable things

Xad 1:19:40
that you don’t have as competition you’re like, yeah, like you see him as an equal or anything like that, which is

Mike Proctor 1:19:46
another millennial thing I’m testing it is.

Cameron 1:19:48
I look at him as like, literally essential to my business because we almost like plan our vacations opposite of each other because then he can cover shit while I’m gone. You know, it’s just cool. It’s it’s It’s nice to have someone you know, so awesome. Shout out Mike. Shout out Mike. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Awesome. He’ll listen to this. So

Mike Proctor 1:20:06
Oh, yeah, awesome. Okay, dude. Um, well, thank you so much for coming, bro.

Cameron 1:20:10
Bobby. Thank you guys, man. Thanks, man.

Mike Proctor 1:20:12
Yeah, till next time,

Cameron 1:20:13
don’t extend it.

Xad 1:20:15
Thanks again to our guests. Today cam. It was awesome having him in the studio. We had a great time. Appreciate your dog dude is good. If you like the show, please hit the subscribe button and recommend us to your friends. That

Mike Proctor 1:20:28
likes podcasts guys cam loves podcast,

Xad 1:20:30
apparently dude, apparently he’s all over. He’s like what podcasts you guys let’s do and he listens to more than I do. So thanks so much again. Check out the website not really that famous.com Oh, I

Mike Proctor 1:20:41
just merged I just changed the website a little bit guys. I wanted to formally announce everybody, but it’s I think it’s so much better. So let me know if

Xad 1:20:48
it’s cleaner. It’s definitely cleaner. It’s nice. You did a good job. Yeah, get yourself a merchant the shop and

Mike Proctor 1:20:55
get you a bt Yes. 20 bucks. Yo,

Xad 1:20:57
it’s tis the season right now. So appreciate everybody. Thanks so much. And you guys have a good night.

Mike Proctor 1:21:04
Love you guys. So today’s episode of the podcast was brought to you by 14. Everyone’s all obsessed with which brand of protein supplements they use, it can be hard to decide which is which is good for you. 14 is here to make that easy. Protein is the protein supplement that helps your body restock on refined sugars and carbohydrates. While you’ve been dieting and eating your whole foods. They use all generic ingredients artificially created in a lab or making sure they contain high fructose corn syrup. If you’re sick of hearing about everyone’s protein supplements, check out fo teen today to up your game. Sign up at fotini comm that’s f au X 10 and use promo code chunk to save 25% off your first order. That’s ch un k people. We’re also brought to you by TP MD. Does it ever bother you that we only wipe our butts with paper? If you got some poop on your face? Would you just wipe it off with a piece of paper? No, you need TP MD now introducing the TPM D at home kit there. They let you customize it for the best experience to suit your needs. Check out the website TPM d.com use the promo code comfy for 20% off your first month of TPM D TPM DS. What’s up guys? I’m telling you 20 that’s comfy co m. f. We also we got a new sponsor, we’re brought to you by height. Do you want to be pumped up for that epic event this weekend? Maybe you got a softball game or you’re just going out to the bar. You want someone to make sure that everyone knows what about all those legendary moments hyped as your back with an easy scheduling tool. It will deliver a professional height man for your personal use. Their hype specialist will make sure to keep you and the crowd pumped all night long. I’m telling you guys, you need this for all occasions. Everyone will be talking about it for years to come. visit their website hyped.com HY pe D and use the promo code Jed half off your first event. That’s what’s up Jed j Ed. Check it out guys. huge shout out to the sponsors. Thank you for listening

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