Episode 32: Inspired with Mike Proctor

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We flipped the script today. Xad took the driver’s seat and interviewed me, Mike Proctor, the creator and Host of Not Really That Famous. It felt so weird to be the interviewee and not the interviewer. I am always down to talk my butt off though and we hit on the podcast beginnings a lot in this one. I talk about why I really wanted to do the podcast and how it became what it is today. This one is a deep dive though, much more in-depth than we’ve ever gone before. I try to inspire people to do things every day and I’m willing to help and learn from anyone, and my friends had a huge impact on this project.

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Transcription Below:

Xad 0:03
What’s up guys? Welcome back to not really that famous. Our guest on the podcast today was, was Mike, the one and only? So we talked about a couple different things, beginning with the inspiration of podcasts, like where did this all start? And that was that was, that was great for me to hear. Because I would like, at that point wasn’t even part of it. Um, from there, we kind of dove into what was tough about the podcast What? What challenged us, what challenged us with the changes that we had to make to just keep growing and keep getting better. And then, yeah, especially for people who are looking to start their own podcast. Absolutely. And then ultimately, um, why do we even do it? We do it to obviously, for ourselves, we enjoy. We enjoy this. It’s, it’s fun for us. But we also enjoy, you know, being part of something bigger and, you know, communicating with other people, that people that we’ve met tons of them. The the new relationships with old friends that was established has been great. Absolutely. So, you know, Thanks to our guests today for making time to do show, obviously, we appreciate it Mike. If you like the show, please hit the subscribe button. recommend to your friends who like podcasts, check out the website at not really that famous.comGet some merch we got the we got coats and our hats now. Got the

Mike Proctor 1:31
hats. Yo guy hats. I dig that you were beanie,

Xad 1:34
especially this time of year in Michigan. Right? That’s what I’m saying? Um, yeah. So get yourself some merchandise. Without further ado, my friend Mike.

Mike Proctor 1:42
Let’s get to it.

Xad 1:43
So we’re shut down again, man.

Mike Proctor 1:45
I know, man we have.

Xad 1:48
I was quarantined for two weeks, and we one show out of quarantine. So it works out I guess pretty good for us. Because our kids are babysat by the same human being. Yeah. So you are my extra household?

Mike Proctor 2:02

Xad 2:02
at this point. Yeah. So I’m sitting in the big chair today feels different. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 2:08
Yeah. Look good, man.

Xad 2:09
Thank you. Yeah. The mustache?

Mike Proctor 2:10
I sash. I Oh, yeah. You forgot about your mustache. Yeah, yeah, definitely give them a good look at it. It’s a handlebar? Yeah,

Xad 2:19
I guess. I guess I actually technically called a horseshoe muscle.

Mike Proctor 2:22
a horseshoe.

Xad 2:23
I googled it. Yeah. Okay. Um, but you’re

Mike Proctor 2:26
also I’m doing on that subject. I’ve been doing No Shave November. Yeah. And this is like, the longest I’ve ever actually gotten in No Shave November. I usually get like, really itchy. And I like, yeah, I’m like, okay, no, I’m done with this shit. But so it’s coming in pretty nice. Yeah,

Xad 2:44
that’s how I’m pretty. I’m pretty happy with it. This was literally just designed out of a prank.

Mike Proctor 2:52
Yeah, you you’re known to do that.

Xad 2:54
Yeah. I will make fun of myself so hard just to make somebody else uncomfortable. But yeah, it’s really weird when, because it’s just not my style, then you go out in public and people see it. So. But yeah, so sitting in different chairs today.

Mike Proctor 3:10
So but so on the on the subject of No Shave November? We, um, a lot of people think that like, you know, I’m very hairy individual. Obviously, you know, this. I’m an tremendously hairy individual. Just in general. And so a lot of people think that, you know, I can I have a good beard, but I really don’t like I don’t have a good beard that is like, oh, mine doesn’t come in, like, thick and full. It’s like very, it doesn’t get long. Like it just kind of comes in and it’s there. And it’s pretty much always there. Like, if I shave, you know, it’s gonna be there back in like five o’clock shadow is real. Yeah. And so but you know, I don’t it doesn’t come in full. So I never actually get a full beard. This is like the most impressive beard I’ve ever had.

Xad 3:59
Yeah, I was thinking that one. When you got here. I was like, Damn, like, Mike’s chin hair is getting pretty long. Yeah, I’ve never seen it that

Mike Proctor 4:05
Yeah. Never. Never really never ever grow it out very much. Because it just doesn’t come and good. But anyways, I’m doing No Shave November. What do we like? You know? 20 something days in 21st 21st. Yeah. And well, you know, at the time of this, but you guys will be whenever? Yeah, never. This is about the nicest. It’s been 20 some days. I’m pretty proud of it, though.

Xad 4:28

Mike Proctor 4:30
But yeah, dude, I like your chair over here, man. I’m not gonna lie.

Xad 4:33
I don’t have a chair swap because I enjoy this.

Mike Proctor 4:36
Like being over the corner. Yeah,

Xad 4:38
it’s different. Um, I’m a little bit more comfortable with the length of the mic stand versus not having the keyboard in the way. Yeah, that’s true. I like my keyboard too. So

Mike Proctor 4:46
I was I think

Xad 4:48
I need a longer Mike Stan is the

Mike Proctor 4:49
statistician role is a tough role and I’m not 100% sure I can do it. But I’m gonna I’m gonna try real hard to give it a hard champion. statistician slash slash guests.

Xad 5:00
Yes, yes, exactly. A little bit everything. So I’m so born out of not having a guest this week with a lockdown and everything like that as me and Mike were kind of talking throughout the week like which which way can we can go with us. And that’s a little different. And we’re like, Well, why don’t we just literally switch chairs that we’re sitting in and kind of lively conversation

Mike Proctor 5:21
roll out a special episode? Yeah,

Xad 5:22
it’s a special now. So

Mike Proctor 5:25
it’s been tough Dude, this the whole lockdown thing again. It’s like unreal. Not you almost like, I feel like we got kind of out of the way. I didn’t realize how serious it was. It feels more serious. No, right.

Xad 5:38
It does feel more serious. Like whether the again cases and stuff.

Mike Proctor 5:41
Yeah, yep. Just you know, as serious as it was.

Xad 5:46
back Yeah, here we go again.

Mike Proctor 5:48
But we always make it work.

Xad 5:49
Right. And so like, let’s flip the roles a little bit. We’ve been talking a lot lately about just we do a lot with each other in our lives. Right. And, but just for sure, different different things that are going on. And just the the volume of work that has gone into this just individual project. And Mike I mean, I’m not even trying to like fake it. Like Mike has done the brunt of all of that work without a doubt. And so I’m kind of just I show up on Saturday, I’m like, let’s, let’s record my basement. And I do some other things, but he’s done the most. So I just I had, like, legitimately These are questions that I’ve never asked him at all.

Mike Proctor 6:30
Yeah, for sure.

Xad 6:31
But there are legitimate questions that, you know, I would love to hear the answers to so I figured I’d roll through those first starting are

Mike Proctor 6:38
we like we’ve only we delve into me a little bit with like, I think Lacey, Lacey on she was like, it was like my therapist session. She’s like, Yeah, what about you? But yeah, we never really like i, you and i both to some degree, although you’ve been a guest on the show. But, you know, we we tend to not really weigh our opinions one way or another on any given thing. We’re more about listening, you know, yeah, that’s what, that’s what the whole deal is.

Xad 7:07
I can fake as an extrovert. But truthfully, I’m more of an introvert. Right? Quiet, kind of, in my own mind headspace kind of person. Unless, unless provoked otherwise. So. But yeah, so one of the questions that I had for you, because we talked about doing I mean, we talked when we were kids, we talked about being on the radio together, we talk even dreams and hopes and what do you want to do and stuff like that? And we touched down on that, I think in my episode, and a few others. Yeah, yeah. What was like the kick in the ass for you? What? What made it happen? To get

Mike Proctor 7:43
the to get this going?

Xad 7:46
So I wasn’t even involved initially. So that was it.

Mike Proctor 7:49
Yeah. So that’s a that’s a super drawn out long process. Right. Um, and this this is when I first wanted to actually start doing a podcast. So it kind of goes back to when I first started listening to podcasts, right. I was working at the smokehouse and Durand here, and which was like, only like three or four years ago. But then when I actually started listening to podcasts, like myself,

Xad 8:11
I remember you talking about Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan work, man come over. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 8:15
And I worked with this guy, and he liked the Bill Burr podcast, the Monday morning podcast by Bill Burr and Bill burrs like this very, you know, do you know who bill barrows

Xad 8:25
I’ve heard of him

Mike Proctor 8:26
You would know him if you heard him his voice and seen him and shit. He’s got a Boston accent usually. And he’s like, very flamboyant. Not flamboyant. But you know, loud type of noxious. Yep. And I’m not a huge fan of that. But so then I start, he started the guy I was working with, because we were just doing like prep in the morning, all morning. In a restaurant, you’re like, work in prep, you know, pretty much and you got it. Like the weird thing about working in restaurants, you got to like, keep motivated, because it’s very easy to sit there and like, waste time and lose track of time and right to not be on top of like time management. And so we would just be sitting there working all day, I’m pretty quiet person. So I tend to work, you know, and I’m like the boss. Well, I am the boss. And so, you know, I tend to be a productive person. And, but that’s that was a good way to pass time and shit. You know, listen to podcasts. So he started listening to that. And then he would listen to Joe Rogan. So I started listening to Joe Rogan. I just loved how like informative and everything it was it was just cool. And they were like talking about subjects that I thought were cool and shit like, so I started listening to podcasts, right, then you and I always wanted to be on the radio yo used to think that the radio, having a radio show was you know the way to own the way they own. That’s how you that’s how you did it. You couldn’t do it any other way. I mean, you know, obviously it’s like you got YouTube and stuff that’s been around for a while but even then we don’t really necessarily when you think of a human being on YouTube, you think of like, you know, those extravagant characters. They’re like, you know, it’s like a game Like, uh, you know, it’s stupid. It’s not like serious, right, necessarily. You know, for the most part, there’s obviously a lot of informative stuff on YouTube. But uh, so, you know, that’s we that’s what we thought it was. And so then I started listen to the podcast, and I was like, are the Joe Rogan show and I’m like, Whoa, man. Then I started listening to all kinds of different podcasts and stuff listened to critical role, which is a super popular d&d podcast. I love that. And that was like when I was super into d&d. So you know, they, they just basically played the game and you listen to it, you could watch it too. But I always just listened to it on a podcast app. And I just thought it was a good way to pass the time when you’re driving and all that type of stuff. And so anyways, I would, I would listen to Joe Rogan a lot. And Joe Rogan on his show, always is like, I think everybody should have a podcast, you know, he’s like, I just want to push everyone and be supportive of things. And he’s always like, he got to just fucking do it. You can’t be like, sitting in your cubicle and hating in your life and you know, things like that. He’s like, he’s got to do do whatever you want to do and stuff. And that’s really where I was like, man, I could, I could do a podcast like, you know, it wouldn’t be that hard. I could, that’s probably something you could easily start up. And so I remember that’s when I started getting on the horn real hard about starting a podcast doing something. And I remember I would go I went to all my friends and I was like, talking about it like let’s do this You were you know, probably one of them. And the the really the only person that wanted to do one or had the equipment to do one right now was Gary fender.

Xad 11:42
And I think was he guest

Mike Proctor 11:44
Gary was our guests back when I think Jake was still on the show. Or no, no, no, no. Yeah, what do we get? Yeah, big jaggery that was one of the first people we did like over here

Xad 11:54
I think that was Yes. second person that we interviewed yo in this studio, not as it is now. But the the the studio? Yeah,

Mike Proctor 12:01
yep. And that’s right. And so Gary was like, Yeah, I got a mic. Let’s do a podcast. I would love to do one. So we kind of collab on an episode my whole thing my whole thing was like, the more I listened to podcasts cuz I listen to Joe Rogan show I listen to a couple other ones. I’m trying to think of like the Pat McAfee show was a big one that I listened to. There’s a guy who does want around here that actually listened to more recently called mean spirited that’s the one Ryan was talking about when he was over here. And you know, there’s there’s a wealth of shows on there. That armchair ever listen to deck shepherds podcast,

Xad 12:39
I have not checked, but from the people that he’s interviewed, you can tell it Yes, I can. Hilarious, man. It’s good shit that separates a bomb. It’s hilarious.

Mike Proctor 12:49
And then it all they’re basically doing is like sitting around bullshitting. And it’s when you’re famous, it’s easy to have a super famous podcast. I mean, anything you do is gonna be famous.

Xad 12:59
Yeah, it doesn’t.

Mike Proctor 13:00
Which, you know, that’s like, so when I started doing, I was like, I want to do a show. So my initial, the whole deal was like, well, I just want to do a podcast just to do one because I think it’s fun. And, you know, I like to sit down and talk to people, right? Sounds like a fun thing to do. And obviously, like, Oh, yeah, I’d love to get famous. You’re off being a podcast doing podcasts. So I got with Gary, I wanted to my first name was like, confessions of the common folk, because I wanted to just do normal people. Like I were just gonna talk about all the shit normal people talk about, but you know, we’re gonna record it. And so Gary wanted to do, Gary wanted to do just like two guys talking at the bar. So we’re like, okay, so we did, we went to the bar and did conversations at the bar. That was the Gary’s name that he came up with. So it was conversations at the bar. And we did that for a little while. And then you know, life happened we just kind of got caught up and shit and it was hard to organize it and everything so we stopped doing it. Um, and then it actually I got a different job because Gary and I used to work together and I got a different jobs gonna have different hours, all that type of stuff. And then I kind of through all that, that was when back when like quarantine all started and ship. And then probably back in what January?

Xad 14:23
I was gonna say, I think that would have been December the year yeah. would have been a year before. Holidays. Yeah, it

Mike Proctor 14:28
would have busier before because

Xad 14:29
I remember texting you one night and I was like, Hey, man, what are you doing? You’re hanging out. And it was. I’m headed up to the bar with Gary. And for anybody who does not know Mike, that is not

Mike Proctor 14:41
something I normally do.

Xad 14:43
It’s not his natural setting. Sounds like what

Mike Proctor 14:45
yeah, I never go to the bar ever. Like,

Xad 14:48
you don’t even really drink man.

Mike Proctor 14:50
No, hardly, like very rarely,

Xad 14:52
like maybe on like vacation. I can get them to have like a beer.

Mike Proctor 14:56
Yep. And he’s like, yeah, we’ll have one or two maybe and then I’m like, yeah Good.

Xad 15:00
Yeah. That threw me off

Mike Proctor 15:02
once every year, maybe couple years. I’ll have way too much.

Xad 15:05
And I will be at the 206. Yeah, the 206 Yeah. And saying Piano Man

Mike Proctor 15:11
singing piano man. Yeah,

Xad 15:13
yeah, take it.

Mike Proctor 15:14
You know, every single time I’ve ever sang karaoke piano man being one of them. There’s been three times in my life. I’ve gotten a standing ovation every single time. Every single goddamn.

Xad 15:26
Is it just our wives standing in ovation?

Mike Proctor 15:29
No, no, everybody’s talking the whole bar. whole bar goes nuts, bro. I’m so or no, actually twice. I’m sorry. Sorry, twice. I hope to hope to be three times soon. Maybe. We’ll see. But so anyways, going up to the bar. Yeah, doing the conversations at the bar, which is still alive. You can listen to all that stuff on Facebook. You can check out I think we’re hosted on sprecher pretty sure it’s on a couple of the directories to like the podcast directories. But so I started doing that. Then I finally or excuse me, we stopped doing that. I stopped doing that with Gary because of you know, issues and stuff. And Jake, Murph finally was like, Alright, man, let’s do a podcast Jake Murph has because we were using Gary’s had a microphone Gary had, you know, like, $100 microphone. super nice. Um, and then actually sometime in between, I was doing both of them. At one point. Jake. Murph and I were like, we’re gonna let’s do podcast

Xad 16:26
and Jake Murph is our both of our brothers. Yeah. And he is what do you call a bit of an audio file?

Mike Proctor 16:33
I mean, right. He’s, he’s very musically inclined

Xad 16:36
play. Drums piano.

Mike Proctor 16:39
Anyone who’s listened to the show from the start would obviously know Jake. Um, so I got got started with Jake. We did a few podcasts had some guests on didn’t even have a name. I just called it the podcast podcast for a really long time. And it’s like, this is the podcast, we’re gonna do it. And we don’t even know what the fuck we’re talking about. But I just want to talk about people and I wanted to talk with people and spend time with him I loved I ended up loving the times with Gary that we spent we’d sit talk for an hour about whatever the fuck we wanted to talk about. And you know, it was conversation you had you were you were required to talk. Yeah. And, you know, it was just a fun thing to do so loved it, wanted to do more of it started doing it with Jake. Eventually, issues cropped up again, scheduling Jake was going to leave for work. I was like, Alright, well, I guess I’m gonna fucking take over this role of like the tech guy, because initially Gary was the audio guy too. He was mixing the files, putting them up and everything like that. And then I got all the footage with Jake. And I actually we recorded, I think up to the point where Jake left as the co host. And that’s when I started having to figure everything out, which is when I actually kind of launched it to I think, and then I brought you on board. You had even been on before and then I was finally like, well, we need a stat guy Xad Guess who’s up? Yeah.

Yeah, at that point, like I leading up to it all, I was a new baby, all that kinds of stuff. So I was kind of like, like, I don’t I don’t know. Like, that’s a lot to add onto the plate. But, um, but then finally, yeah, was it just the kind of stars aligned as far as all that was concerned?

Yes. And Jake was someone else who like when I you know, when I approached Gary, he’s like, I’ve thought about doing that before. And then Jake was the same way where he’s like, you know, I thought about doing that before so I was kind of the driving gear to like, kick them into motion. Yeah. Because I’m like that guy. Because people are stagnant and I’m the person who’s gonna be like, no, let’s let’s let’s fucking do it. Like, let’s go

Xad 18:46
for to like we go on vacation where everybody’s sitting around and Mike’s like, like, we got to play a game. Yeah, that we have to engage in some way. Yes. Cuz I’m gonna go effin crazy. sitting here looking at the fire

Mike Proctor 18:58
if I just sit here I don’t know I lose my mind. Yeah. Or I’ll just zone off and you’ll be talking to me and I like just don’t acknowledge you just getting one in my own world here

Xad 19:07
that may like pick one because we’re gonna have That’s funny.

Mike Proctor 19:11
So, but um, and that was kind of the like, eventually when I got to the point of Coronavirus was hitting hard I was in fucking quarantine, which I already kind of was anyways but I had an excuse to just actually sit down I you know, processed all the footage and all the audio and like actually packaged up put it up you know, got my initial mic which start you know, I got a mic got the audio interface, got everything I needed bought my software,

Xad 19:44
the basic setup like this. When

Mike Proctor 19:46
I first started I was using audacity which is a free software which I kind of openly hate on in like a lot of podcasts, forums and stuff because I just don’t like it. I didn’t have a good experience with it. And, but it’s partly because I didn’t understand And a lot of things like, when you’re starting a podcast, there’s so many things that you know, you have to worry about. Um,

Xad 20:06
you know, that actually perfectly dives into my next question was

Mike Proctor 20:10
okay, so to answer it, so to answer the question in full, what really kicked me into gear was having another person to do it with, right. So when you try to do something, anything by yourself is so goddamn hard because you’re the only person that is driving that force. And when you have other people, like a lot of times when I talk about the podcasts and things like that, like, I’ll say things just to get myself started in going, right. And that’s it, it’s easier together

Xad 20:38
gives you kind of a accountability partner

Mike Proctor 20:41
there, because all those other things that could have figured out inevitably, but having another person, like that social aspect of driving a project is just so vital like that, if not everyone needs that. But it can be very, very helpful.

Xad 20:56
For sure, for sure. Um, and myself personally, it’s something that I look forward to every week, you know, it’s like, yeah, Saturday, we got the podcast, we usually do it in the evenings. It’s kind of chill downtime, and get the baby to bed and just kind of

Mike Proctor 21:11
have a conversation, a conversation where you’re like, Man, you know, what’s really been fucking bothering? Yeah,

Xad 21:15
tune everything out for you. But that that really will lead into my next question was all the different mediums that you’ve worked through? Things That, that, like you said, You’ve literally had to teach yourself through, like, either searching videos on YouTube and anything like that? I mean, what is the biggest hurdle that you’ve had? What’s the biggest tech issue? I would even say, cuz I’m not a technical person, dude, I, I’m a stone age.

Mike Proctor 21:41
So you know, just to figure out like, getting a podcast going, Yeah, that exists. So I mean, it technically wise, I don’t know, because most things you can solve and figure out, right, um, it you know, through just research and all that type of stuff, like so. There’s a lot of different layers to specifically our podcast. Um,

Xad 22:05
no, yeah, no shit. So.

Mike Proctor 22:06
So our podcast, which is not really a traditional podcast, because we’re, you know, we’re not just talking on a show where it’s not super, it’s a laid back, sort of, you know, it’s really more of

Xad 22:20
a style of we’re not a purpose driven podcast.

Mike Proctor 22:22
Yeah, you know, the purpose is to talk to people. And so, inevitably, we end up talking to tons of people, and then you and I just kind of were concerned.

Xad 22:30
We’re not necessarily trying to sell anything. We’re not trying to push a view. We’re just literally doing it just talking, which makes it tough sometimes, yes. Sit down and just literally try to pick someone’s brain and pull a productive conversation.

Mike Proctor 22:44
Yeah, yeah,

Xad 22:45
I bro. I don’t even like usually I’m just googling stats. Yeah, for the most part. And I’m like, sometimes I’m trying to find a stat. Like, man, I don’t even know what the hell look up. Yeah, but um, but the pull that out is tough. But I just even the I don’t have to host it and create, create something out of it. The

Mike Proctor 23:04
the, you had said something I was gonna make a point. I frickin forgot what. But um, oh, that the whole reason I wanted to do the podcast was because I want to talk to people, which was I want to I want to hear about normal people. I want to talk about the things that I was listening to, on my podcasts to. I wanted to do that with my friends and people that I know. And so to, you know, to drive the whole thing was like, Oh, we just want to talk to people. So that’s where we kind of crafted the whole podcast from was I was like, Well, what do you do? Like, what did you want to be when you were though? Oh, is that they really? And what are you now? Oh, yeah. And, you know, what do you like to do? what’s what’s fun? do you what do you eat? Like? What do you sleep? Yeah. Do you have dreams? Like your weird dreams? Yeah, what are they just tell me what they are, you know, and so that I feel like came a little bit more naturally, right? This is just from the type of people we even are. Um, the the technical aspect of it. The most difficult thing is obviously was obviously the audio, there’s still things that I don’t even quite understand No, but they work and I just do a just let it go. I just you know, it works. So, um, but and that just came from trial and error. It literally just trial and error. Other people not you know, back in the day when I didn’t even know how to plug in what the first step was to record something. You know, plug in a microphone in or whatever. Like we started out I got a microphone for Christmas. You know, my wife got me a microphone for Christmas. And it was a USB mic. So you plug it directly into the computer. And the big challenge there is unless you have a specific type of microphone and a specific type of environment. How’s that microphone? It’s, you’ll pick up either an alt not enough noise or too much noise.

Xad 24:57
What what kind of mic is that?

Mike Proctor 24:59
So The it depends on what the type that you want. The one I got was a dynamic mic. So it was a, it was a no, it was a radio broadcast mic, it only pick up the stuff that’s like right in front of it. Okay. Which is matter of fact, like that is probably like an old style radio mic, we have like this little decoration in the studio here. This is probably seems like an old school type of radio mics, probably like a dynamic mic. Um, but the, the one I got, right, so you plug one microphone into the device, right? You plug it into a laptop, and then you have a software that, that you can actually look at the audio levels. And it’s built and designed for audio, like mixing and music and things like that. Because right, you plug your microphone into your computer and you see like your normal little computer microphone thing and like settings like Window Settings. And that’s your gives your reading, right? How do you get more than one like, right? I don’t want to do a podcast by myself, I want to do a podcast with people. Um, so that’s where I started. The one. The one that we use with Gary, Gary had a nice It was a skews me an omni directional condenser microphone. That would be a condenser mic is like something you want that picks up more like crisp sound more like vocals, like really big ranges of frequency. And it’s like a little more detailed in high def, whereas a dynamic microphone, you can not necessarily that’s not always the case. But a dynamic microphone is something you want to be up close, it would be more like, like a live stage vocal, right? Because then you don’t want to pick up all the rumors behind you, you don’t want to you just want to hear what’s right there. So a more dynamic style microphone, and then you they have like the patterns in which they pick up sound, which is a whole nother fucking breakdown. Anyways, there’s a lot of shit that goes into this, ya know, I

Xad 26:58
mean, seriously, like, right there even you know. And

Mike Proctor 27:02
so I started out with one microphone, you plug it into a computer to USB signal? Well, that way, you can only have one, so you need the software to read more than one. And then when you’re trying to run a bunch of signals through USB, you you can’t the computer can’t read that digital signal. So you have to buy an interface that lets you basically interface with all the audio. And that takes a different type of inputs called an XLR input. So you have an XLR input that plugs into this, basically this little device that turns all the audio into digital signal, you can then run that when you can have several different inputs and you can, you know, there’s tons of different effects and stuff on just the little, you know, the interface that try and use. And that’s how you, that’s how you can it which is what we started doing. When Jay came on board, Jake had an audio interface. So we could do two inputs into his instead of having, you know, we could have a mic for each person. Um, and then we just you know, and then I bought a different software or a different gives me a different audio interface when I had to go and do my own thing. Because Jake, you know, wanted to keep his equipment. And you just buy, we got one with more inputs. So now we can run more people, we got a headphone splitter so we can all run through the headphones, because initially, we never used to have headphones. And that night, this is something that I really wanted to have and an exam. Initially I was you know, kind of, like, I just want us all to be more in the moment. Right. And I think that’s worked, right. I love the phone. Yeah,

Xad 28:45
without a doubt that between that and updating the studio down here, the lighting and stuff like that, it just puts you more in the moment. So what you’re saying, essentially is there was no major specific hurdle I it’s just been a bunch of little hurdles, one after the other.

Mike Proctor 29:04
And I you know, would not pick one. That is the guy was the guy to kind of the more technical aspect of like setting up the studio and stuff. And they know as we progress when we come down here and it’s a storage area, and now we’ve built this and it’s like, Holy fuck, like, Can I predict

Xad 29:21
Can I interject?

I know what the biggest hurdle was getting this big ass table downstairs. Oh, yeah, that was without

Mike Proctor 29:27
that kind of sucked. Yeah, that was a big for me, I would say, moving the studio to encapsulate a video feed to where we wanted to have it to where it wasn’t like a storage room still. Right? And we’re like, yeah, we just we just want to have a video feed. This is what we did. And then this good went so far in helping with our guest experience of people coming in and saying wow, like this is fucking cool. I really want to be a part of this project.

Xad 29:52
In the in the beginning, you know, there well in the beginning, it was just sitting at the kitchen table and you have the kids run around in the background. Okay. And then it turned into Okay, well, let’s get it like our own little private space. So we’re now a private space, but it’s like a frickin card table. And a couple like, pop up chair. You know, we’re like, all right. Like, yeah, like, you know,

Mike Proctor 30:13
it’s just microphones are like fucking janky.,

Xad 30:16
my voice through yours. And, um, and then I 100% agree with that just the, I mean, how many days do we spend? Just sitting in here? It’s been we had problems that you run into problems that you don’t even know are gonna exist, right? Yeah. Like, you move something to this side of the room for anybody who’s rearranged their living room, like they move the couch over here is like, a couch would be way better over there. They put the couch here and like, well, cognomen watch TV. No, it’s not. Yeah, again, it’s not pouch literally can’t be there. It has to be here. So how do we move the TV to be working? And that’s, that’s what, what we’ve ran into this.

Mike Proctor 30:53
Even our first iteration of the studio was like, we had the lights on the table in front of us. And we wanted to have more space, but it ended up being really cramped, and like we didn’t it was like, yeah, and you know, you can’t you can’t get there until you start to actually do it. Right. So, but then I was gonna say, right, or what I kind of initially started with, there’s so many different aspects to our podcast, because most people who have a podcast, we have we have a show, right? We have, this is our show, right? It’s less of a podcast, more of a show, I think even in the sense that it is primarily, you know, a podcast in sense of viewership. Like, right, right, viewers, primarily lists

Xad 31:35
thats our main medium,

Mike Proctor 31:36
yeah. Um, but we also have our own website, which is, you know, things that most podcasts have. But ours, also has a shop, you know, not a lot of podcasts do have a shop, right. And we also have the YouTube feed now, which is, you know, another aspect so the website hosting is, you know, its own thing in itself that I that I dealt with, and you have a lot of different mediums for doing that these days, you know, we could have went a bunch of different routes. I wanted to go as free as possible. I wanted to be able to, to, you know, you hear of like, Oh, it’s easy to start a website, you just don’t have to know how to do it. Right. It really is. But there’s a lot of different layers to it. Like,

Xad 32:17
I’m sorry to interrupt you, I like that you say as free as possible, because we are normal people living on normal salaries with children, and mortgages and stuff like that.

Mike Proctor 32:29
Yeah, and

Xad 32:30
the stuff that that you have been able to accomplish in and of itself. And us just in general with this. I feel like is very impressive. Oh, this is something this is I mean, it’s it’s a labor of love,

Mike Proctor 32:44
for sure in considering that. Um, and this is no knock to you at all, but we are like lower middle class citizens. Um, we are not super well off now. Like, even to the sense of like, Okay, then I don’t have spare rooms in our houses like, and I know that’s maybe sounds when I when I picked that I just mean we don’t have these large houses where it’s like a lot of people studios podcasts that you see are like an office, you know, is that I don’t have office that’s like, my office at my house is my living room. And I have a stool that I pull up and I put my computer on. And that’s where I do all my shit. I literally miss your desk, I mix our audio, you know, I record edit our audio, do our transcription and edit the video all Sunday in my living room watching football on my little makeshift desk with my kids run around my kids tripping over the cord to my fucking computer and ripping the thing off the right

Xad 33:36
right knocking stuff over and fighting.

Mike Proctor 33:39
Yeah, all that all that all that stuff. Yeah, no,

Xad 33:42
this room that we’re in is our studio is literally a room that has been transitioned.

Mike Proctor 33:48
It looks incredible in here. You know, it just so a lot of people do have they have studios and things like that. And they have, you know, queued their acoustic setup to very nice environment and props to them. Yeah, but um, those are also I feel like the demographic of the people who, you know what would want to start a podcast like that are primarily older because there’s a fuck ton of podcasts like, Oh, yeah, I think there’s like, I got this guy. Come on. I’m sorry, man. Yeah.

Xad 34:15
How many podcasts are there

Mike Proctor 34:17
but there’s a lot of them in the world. Right, right. And it’s just gonna take me a minute or so there.

Xad 34:25
I’m gonna go ahead and I don’t know. Okay, so I’m gonna guess 250,000

Mike Proctor 34:33
that would be almost 1 million. 850,000 that’s just the first thing that pops with 20 Tony podcast hosting.org that’s, that’s pretty reputable. Yeah, um, there are so many the so so there’s a lot of people in the world that you don’t want to do podcasts. And it’s not that hard to get into. Because really, if you’re doing most of them are like solo people to that just talk you know, it’s just one person. They They we aren’t those people that split them tracks, we were a little lower tiered.

Xad 35:08
And we’re not really that famous. We are normal people. We, yeah, don’t drive expensive cars that we don’t have expensive houses. We’re just normal

Mike Proctor 35:17
guys. And so with us get you know, us doing this as free as possible is absolutely like a testament man because, um, it was tough. It really was it’s a hard it’s it feels like a risk, even to some extent. I’m just because you are spending money on things that are, you know, whatever, but I just look at I look at it, like I spent a lot of money on like video games in my life spent a lot of money on like eating out. That’s true. And whatever, that’s just another thing

Xad 35:48
productive and you enjoy it. You just

Mike Proctor 35:50
have to enjoy it and you know, really believe in it. And it’s not as big of a deal. Look at what we got so far.

Xad 35:56
Right? We’ve gone we’ve come a long button way fun stat

Mike Proctor 36:00
on that, bro. Um, if you get I was looking up this giant article, and not really that famous is in the top 50% of podcasts in the world. So wait, does that put us if we’re in the top 50%? Does that put us in at least what’s at 400 and 25th thousandth place?

Xad 36:18
Probably so there’s 425,000 podcasts that we are more involved with them or more?

Mike Proctor 36:27
Yeah, I guess. So if we’re breaking it down the stats? Yes, yes. That would put that would put us in 400 and 25th thousandth place

Xad 36:35
somewhere, somewhere.

Mike Proctor 36:38
If I’m reading that, if I’m thinking of the stack correctly, correctly,

Xad 36:41
right, exactly.

Mike Proctor 36:43
Yeah. But um, the the site, the website that I built was all built with WordPress, it’s a very easy tool to use. It’s funny because this is a funny story. When I first started to try to use WordPress, it was years and years ago. And I knew WordPress was a free thing based on Google searches that I did research. And, you know, so found WordPress, well, when when you first find WordPress, the first thing you’re going to find more than likely is wordpress.com. Right? That sounds familiar. So I sort of wet my whistle. So you’ll find wordpress.com wordpress.com is a pay per month for hosting service, they have a little builder in there, that’ll help you build a website, which you’re going to pay per month, which isn’t it’s not the best solution in my I was like, I don’t want to pay per month, you know, I know there’s a way that this is supposed to be really cheap and inexpensive is supposed to be free. Well, wordpress.org is a free software that they’re both the same company. But wordpress.org is basically just all the files, you need to build your website, they turn website building into a click in do interface, so you don’t have to type code and things like that. Um, it’s got

Xad 38:05
like a generic template

Mike Proctor 38:08
that has tons of them. As a matter of fact, you can, like you say, it’s a WordPress is massive and incredible. Yeah, basically, there’s a plugin for everything, you download a separate little plugin. And they make that very easy to so but you download WordPress, and it’s a bunch of files on your computer. You’re like, Yeah, what the hell do I do with all these files, right? I click on all of them, they don’t open, like, What am I supposed to do with these? Well, you need a web server, you need a server to host your website so you can get to it. So you dig into that a little bit, you find out website hosting is really, really cheap, you just pay for it by the year two. So you pay like 100 bucks, and you get a couple years of hosting. And so it ends up actually, it might even be cheaper than that I can’t remember. Um, it depends on the traffic obviously, if you have a big massive website, and then they’re gonna charge you there, you you pay more, but it’s all built into this. It’s all set up already people have done it, you know, a lot. And so you figure that out. And then you have to upload your files, the WordPress files to the server. Now you can work on your website while it’s up now. You can install WordPress on like different, like virtual devices and build your website beforehand and all this stuff. But for a long time, I couldn’t figure out how to do that. And then one day just clicked. It just was on it. And I was like oh, this is how you do this. So then you have to you know, you set all that up and WordPress is a super easy tool. You you basically just download a plugin for anything you need. It generates, like you know, you click and drag your boxes onto your website and stuff has little builder. And that’s you can build it into whatever you want. That’s the challenging part. Right when it comes to it is right you can do everything. How do you want to set it up? How do you want to make it look right? So You know, and this is what makes an eye which takes almost it’s a skill in itself. Yeah, skill in itself. And I’m terrible. It

Xad 40:06
makes something aesthetically pleasing. Yeah, if people, especially artists, it’s an artist, you’re an artist in the in the world that we live in, where everything is about, look, it’s all innovative to go Yeah, angles, you take pictures and everything like that. So, um, and I got one other question for you. What was the most rewarding part about this? I have my own theories on stuff, what things that I like, about it, but, um, for you, I mean, you put a hell of a lot of effort into this project, and a lot of time and energy into it. So I mean, that is a key given given back to you

Mike Proctor 40:45
like, um, yeah, and I never appreciate things for what they are. So I, you know, I, sometimes I need to stop and be like, this is, which I do.

Xad 40:59
We talked about

that show before you’re like, legitimately driven person, like, yo, the next thing like, I am so happy. I’m happy I did this. But what? Now I got to do that. That’s the next project the next step. The

Mike Proctor 41:13
you know, and so, there’s a lot of rewarding aspects here. All the people we’ve met, obviously, is, you know, my number one thing like new friendships, Ryan and T, starting their podcast, Episode Five friendships, Episode Five of chainsaw mafia mafia is Oh, it’s hilarious. Go watch it. Um, yeah, hanging out with people that we haven’t talked to all sitting down and like talking to him for a long time. And, you know, really like listening to what you have to say, because a lot of times you just, we, depending on the setting, when you’re talking to people, you’re not really talking, you’re not listening as much as you’re talking. I’m trying to, you know, tell a person about you know, what you’re up to, or whatever. Um,

Xad 41:55
one thing that’s different about it for me is some of the I like hanging out with some of our friends from the past, where you’re getting into their adult, like, their adult version. Yeah, that that conversation like, you know, I don’t want to say anybody’s names, but this friend from way back then, and the relationship that we had then is so different from the relationship I’m going to have with him for probably the rest of our lives. Yeah. And just the, you know, the points of view and the and the thoughts that go through their minds and stuff like that. It’s it’s like, meeting an old friend gaining a new friend,

Mike Proctor 42:32
which is, that’s what I was talking about with like, I don’t know, you know, I just, I never talked to people a whole lot. Don’t you don’t keep up with them.

Xad 42:40
Yeah, you mentioned you’re introverted. You’re kind of you’re in your thing.

Mike Proctor 42:44
Yeah. Yeah. It’s not it’s not on purpose. Like it’s, you know, I love I love talking to people and shit. But that’s just how I am. And yeah, so you know, just getting the chance to like, talk with everybody. So that’s, that’s been awesome. doing a project with my friends is so fun like us doing this is Yeah, you know, prep. That’s probably the most rewarding right at this point. Because, you know, we don’t really care who’s watching and all that not not that we do. We love all you Right, right. But I guess but but you know, we don’t it’s not something to get caught up with. We’re just doing what we want to do for fun. Trying to make it cooler and better. You know, right. We’re like, yeah, we’re gonna do this or do that. So yeah, that’s been the most fun. Like, you know, I’ve been talking about wanting to do a newsletter. Where I you know, I really want to do that we’re probably going to do it. It’s going to be a super fun thing.

Xad 43:34
figure out the logistics. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 43:35
check out check that out, guys when I when I drop it. Um, but what else? Man, there’s been so much. There’s been so many fulfilling things. I’ve learned so many new skills and such. So I know,

Xad 43:48
I definitely know what it is. And you touched down on it initially with the chainsaw mafia, but it’s the inspiration aspect of it.

Mike Proctor 43:53
Oh, yes.

Xad 43:54
Cuz everything that we’ve done in here, I can tell you’re proud of Yeah, it’s a lot of work. And the the stuff that you’ve learned, I can see that you’re proud, like, hey, I’ve learned this. But then when you talk about, I mean, you initially started this thing out with Gary and then Jake, Murph. And then he has a podcast now and you and T and Ryan and now they have their own show. And it’s for people who have children, and you will probably understand in this this in a different aspect. But, you know, when you do something and you’re proud of it, you’re like, Hey, I did that. I’m so happy about it. But then when you teach someone or you inspire someone else to do something of similar ilk, and then they go and do it, you’re like, that’s as bad as that is pretty bad. That feels good. Um, you can it’s a legacy,

Mike Proctor 44:44
even from its from the start of this

whole podcast. me trying to do this podcast, I’m just like, we’re gonna do this fucking podcast and a couple people kind of spurred the action. And then I just kept driving the thing got lots of people. involved in having fun and you know, pretty much anyone who comes and does it. They’re like, there’s so much fucking fun happy afterwards. Yeah, yeah, we’re just, we’re just bullshit. It’s like pulling teeth from you. motherfuckers it’s funny. It’s fun. It’s fun to talk to people, like, really talk to people. Yeah, it is. And, you know, we’re fun to talk to. We’re good at it. We like to talk to people. I like it. What do you think about this, man? What about this? Yeah. And yeah, man, like, I’m so happy. Just everything we’ve done in this show. And I, you know, I’ve brought so many people up and into it and having fun and doing their own things. And that’s definitely probably the most rewarding part of it. Because I find because that’s just how I am. Yeah. And now I finally get to actually see is it really an action?

Xad 45:50
Yeah, materializing in other way. Yeah. Because it

Mike Proctor 45:53
used to be I used to just be like, Come on show you like, at work is probably the biggest example is I love to teach people set people up. Which is why I was always like a manager. When I was a young person. I was always like, the manager of the place. And now I get to sit now I’m always now I’m all like, do you do the shit you want to do? Like, let’s fucking do it. Like, you want me to help you. I want to help you do it because I will. Like I’m really good at just like bouncing ideas off and you know, picking them apart, right? It’s like, oh, what about this? What are you gonna do about this? You’re gonna market? Yeah. Oh, yeah, we’re gonna get the product. I love ship shipping is expensive.

Xad 46:33
love playing devil’s advocate. That is a great idea. But what if this happened? Yeah. What do you I love that. Yeah, that’s always fun. Oh, yeah, man. No, man.

Mike Proctor 46:42
And I got that a lot from from like, reading the millionaire Fastlane. That was the like, shout out of that. When I read that book. I don’t know, man. It’s just like a weird thing clicked in my brain. I was like, Oh, fuck, like, this is all this is not the way we need to do something else. All right. So working is not the way you want to do it. If we want to be free, if we want to be truly free, we have to do something, anything else. Even so, Starting the podcast has spurred me into doing my next project. Other people doing projects. My cousin Lacy doing her stuff.

Xad 47:16
which is awesome. To hear, to talk with Lacey about that, and her art and stuff like that. And the fact that she, she’s, she’s chasing that

Mike Proctor 47:27
girl. Yeah, that’s, that’s awesome. I think, in the, in the, in the future to like, as we progress down this weird age that we live

Xad 47:38
in, right,

Mike Proctor 47:39
things are gonna, and I’ve listened to a couple podcasts about how the world’s like economy is going to progress. And not that this is the all truth, because obviously, I don’t know jack shit, and I’m not a super smart person. But the, the way things are trending, it’s like, there’s gonna be more independent of people doing their own things similar to the podcast similar to, you know, just people are going, there’s gonna be less massive corporations over everything, and more independence amongst just about everything. Um, it’s already kind of trending that way, you know, like, rather than your Instagram influencer, making a shit ton of money off of, you know, the advertisements that plan their stuff, they’re going to have more of a personal relationship with people where, you know, you’re gonna, like, for example, something that’s like, already happening under the epidemic is like, you’re gonna pay to like, watch a movie with your Instagram influencer, that you like to hang out with, you know, watch and scroll past their stuff. People are already doing that you could like watch celebrities were watching movies, and you could like rent, and buy their movie experience. So

Xad 48:51
eventually, people are gonna, what you’re thinking or what these people are thinking, and eventually, these people are making a lot of money on the situation and say, I could be making more if x didn’t exist, and I did it. My set myself,

Mike Proctor 49:08
you know, yeah, so you’re gonna buy, you know, your your YouTube persons are actually I’ve heard it to the extreme of you’re going to use your YouTube person’s credit card. So your YouTube person is going to say, hey, if you love me, in my show, use my credit card. It’s exactly the same as the rest of the credit cards. But when you use it, I get paid instead of

visa, or whatever.

Yeah. And so, you know, that’s like a whole nother thing. And I’ve a couple of I heard a couple like economists on the Joe Rogan show, one of them’s name was like, navall qiat, or his name’s navall something. And he’s, I think he’s got a very heavy presence on Twitter. But, you know, I’m sure you could find him with a Google search. I’m a terrible statistician. Yeah. And

Xad 50:03
so job security for me.

Mike Proctor 50:04
Right? Right. Exactly.

Xad 50:07
Conventionally, like, I don’t even need this motherfucker.

Mike Proctor 50:09
But so rather than I’m not saying like it, you know, he like the the technological aspect of you know the things that you do are going to be more closely related with smaller tribes of people independent contractor type of scenarios where, you know, you’re paying for, you know, the products that your Instagram influencer or your YouTube star selling and liking and things like that it’s gonna be it’s already, you know, kind of to that aspect, in a certain way, right? Um, but it’s gonna be a lot more so.

Xad 50:43
Right, right. So you’re these people who, again, are making money already will find a way to monetize it more for themselves.

Mike Proctor 50:52
Yeah, and away from the Live account, and more and more people are doing it already. Um, Case in point, there’s 150,000 podcasts.

Xad 51:01

Mike Proctor 51:03
There’s like four or 5 million YouTube channels, I think, um, these are all mediums that are growing gonna get bigger, which is why we’re focusing on the tree. Exactly. Were there and, you know, I didn’t we didn’t know what the fuck we were doing. And the whole idea was, Hey, this is you know, we’re not really that famous. Just normal people. That’s the stick. We’re just we’re just not really that thing.

Xad 51:27
Um, so man, I think we’re just just about time.

Mike Proctor 51:31
Yeah. Did we do we time out again? I don’t watch I can’t remember when we started.

Xad 51:35
Yeah, it gets it gets tough because you just get refund and you know, time kind of flies by but um, we we always like to throw our shout outs out there. So let’s jump through. We took them we talked about the union stake and

Mike Proctor 51:48
Union Station smokehouse. This is where this throwback dog where it starts. Matter of fact, Union Station smokehouse got shouted out on the chainsaw mafias, I think Episode Four.

Xad 51:59
And their episodes. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 52:00
talking about Yeah, they went there. They the smokehouse gave him some food. I think they were working close by. Okay. So that’s another shout out again. Yeah, different owners now. But it is a local restaurant that we should all support

Xad 52:11
for Absolutely. Especially in times like,

Mike Proctor 52:13
it’s probably the best one. And it’s,

Xad 52:17
um, we got Joe Rogan. I mean, one of the I mean, one of the dude,

Mike Proctor 52:21
honestly, there was a point where if you said, hey, why do you want to start a podcast? I would said Joe Rogan, I would have said, Joe Rogan gave me the open drive to do it. He pushed he pushed me, but he always does. He says, he’s like, man, I think everyone should have a podcast. He’s like, everyone I’ve talked to is interesting. Like, I would listen to him, you know, you know, maybe not all the time. But certainly, you know, if I seen something that I liked, I would definitely listen to it if it was my friend, something like minded and, and that’s really a big reason.

Xad 52:52
Another one you mentioned was critical role. Critical Role, dude.

Mike Proctor 52:55
That’s such a good show. That was when I was deep into d&d, which is, helped me with with Dr. DND was such a big factor into my drive of what I really am today, because I’ve always been like this, but I used to be less like this. Right? And meaning less like, I’m like, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, we gotta do this, we got to do this. It’s like, you would think I was a coke. But I’m right. I’m not. I’m DND made me that way. Because preparing for a fun session that will potentially last from three to six hours, is I wanted to have fun and do a really good fun thing. And we did all the time, because I put in so much work, and just spelling everything out and planning ahead. And that helped me with being driven on things

Xad 53:52
in that that’s funny, that feeds right back into the inspiration roll that we talked about it like when you were the DM or whatever. You were literally trying to just inspire a story. Yeah, like I got this baseline. I just want to inspire you guys to figure it out. Yep. And and see where it goes. And to lead a story. So yeah, I mean, I I definitely have been known for you for what over like 15 years now. You got into DND we started doing that. You more so than me, but it was right around that time. Your energy level your drive kind of kicked up a little bit? Yes. For sure man to apply more into something else than just

Mike Proctor 54:34
it’s something that’s pure imagination and fun. Yeah, it is. It is for the purpose of fun, too. And it’s a weird setting because you’re just you’re making things up and playing a story. That’s, you know, it’s like a board game, but not really is more of them imagination. Yeah. And so it’s just a pure fun thing that you have to try to work on and make cool. And that’s a it was an excellent tool.

Xad 54:59
Yeah. conversations at the bar. That was evolution. The next step in

Mike Proctor 55:05
this is my first podcast ever.

Yeah, conversations. It’s

Xad 55:08
the conversation at the bar. And that drove us the 206 bar that chateaus a special place in my heart. You know, given my proximity to it, yep here and then I got more more technical, WordPress,

Mike Proctor 55:23
WordPress shout out to wordpress.org WordPress and anyone who ever wants to if you want to build a website you can hit me up my social media is like all over the place Facebook page you can hit me up

Xad 55:33
might get not really that famous. I

Mike Proctor 55:34
get not really that famous is my email.

Xad 55:36
Yeah. So you’re,

Mike Proctor 55:39
you know, for sure, I’ll just help you like, um, I just want people to, it’s such an easy tool to use. I’ll send you a bunch of articles help you set it up. The hardest thing is probably security when it comes to figuring that out. But that I can help with that, too. So

Xad 55:54
I’m in spray inspiration. So chainsaw mafia, chainsaw mafia doing their own thing. Yeah, it’s cool to see.

Mike Proctor 56:00
Oh, hell yeah. I love their show. Yeah, Episode Five just came out. Go listen to its layers. Talk about Justin Bieber. Yep. You can imagine T and Ryan talking about Justin Bieber.

Xad 56:11
i, t and Ryan, it doesn’t matter what they’re talking about. Yeah, for sure. You could be talking about like cooking dinner, and that shit would be through the roof. Yes,

Mike Proctor 56:19
guys, characters,

Xad 56:21
millionaire Fastlane millionaire Fastlane.

Mike Proctor 56:23
I’m telling anyone who wants to, you know, hone in and focus on the purposes just freedom. It’s free. It’s freedom from time and money. Right? Money is what drags us down. We talked about it with the whole reason means that can even do the shows because we work our asses off every week. And the whole point is to you know, be free of that. So and you got to practice your drive to get that develop yourself. Read a book and read it for you.

Xad 56:51
Um, and then one of our newest mediums, you we talked about him a ton, and I don’t think we ever shout him out. But YouTube.

Mike Proctor 56:58
Yeah, YouTube. YouTube is a whole nother aspect to the show. That was, you know, cost. It costs a lot of time. But um, we really wanted to do it. So yeah, we do it. And so that’s that’s how it’s done.

Xad 57:14
So we murdered out the basement and called Let’s do it. Let’s

Mike Proctor 57:17
fucking buy some lights that then our lighting experts figure the shit out.

Xad 57:21
I remember let the text message stream between us. Like, what about this one? What about that one?

Mike Proctor 57:25
This one? We’re like, dude, I don’t fucking know, man.

Xad 57:27
Like, let’s just fucking buy one.

Mike Proctor 57:30
Fucking disco ball. Put that in.

Xad 57:32
We’ll see how it goes. Um, yeah, so we’ll shoot me a lot. That was That was fun. I miss I’m gonna miss this chair. I think but I’m looking forward to getting back Mr.

Mike Proctor 57:42
Yeah, yeah. me to know that I’m here. I’m more partial to that spot.

Xad 57:47

Mike Proctor 57:48
I like that spot. Because when we actually have a guest, you got

the eye to eye Very nice.

Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Um, we should have guests for the remainder of the year. Yeah, again, it’s under quarantine guys. We can’t really, you know, like, stress it. It’s, hey, we’re not supposed to be gathering and such. But you want to come into our little tiny studio and sit really close to us?

Xad 58:09
Yeah, right. No joke. No, it’s all about being safe. And we’ll just we’ll see where all this goes. And yeah,

Mike Proctor 58:17
right. Whatever. We’re still going. We’ll be here. We’ll be here. We’re going to we’re gonna

Xad 58:21
put it out. I’ve already had it. So

Mike Proctor 58:22
Xad’s fucking in the clear. Yeah, bastard. Yeah.

Xad 58:27
But, uh, cool, man. Well, thanks. Thanks for visiting tonight. Mike. That

Mike Proctor 58:31
was great talking. Absolutely. It’s nice. It’s nice to be able to take the load off a little bit. Yeah.

Xad 58:37
Relax. Alright, man. suit.

Mike Proctor 58:39

Xad 58:41
Well, damn, that was fun. I really I enjoyed that. This. This this new seat. I love it. But I’m looking forward to be back over there. Get my stats going.

Mike Proctor 58:50
Yeah. Well, we’ll see. Yeah, well, I almost see back to

Xad 58:54
um, but no, seriously, that was a good time. Like, Mike. Thanks for doing that with us dive into my life. Yeah, a little different. Right. Um, again, if you liked the show, please hit the subscribe button. recommend us any friends that you might have been a great show for aspiring podcasters about information in there. So you know, just any questions you have you know where to hit us up at Mike at not really that famous comes at it not really famous.com It’s sad.

Mike Proctor 59:21
Yes. Don’t know how to spell that name. It’s literally in the on the creators but just in case, just

Xad 59:26
in case. But thanks, guys. 100% we love to interact with you. So any questions you guys have? Just let us know.

Mike Proctor 59:34
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