Episode 31: Living the Dream IV – NRTF

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We are back! Xad is finally out of quarantine and recovered safely from the dreaded Rona. He tells some funny stories from his time laying low. Covid is the main topic from this episode, I also talk about a new podcast I have been listening to called “My First Million.” It’s like an idea think tank, two entrepreneurs going nuts with ideas off the top. We talk about some of the coolest ones I’ve heard so far. We also hit on my latest project, Binge Lords. It was nice to get back in the studio and laugh. Amazing guests are coming in the future!

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Transcription Below:

Mike Proctor 0:00
What’s up guys? Welcome back to not really that famous Xad I we’re living the dream today.

Xad 0:06
Feels good to live it

Mike Proctor 0:07
Mr Xadius is back from the Coronavirus.

Xad 0:10
We’re back

Mike Proctor 0:10
that was obviously a big topic of the of the show today. So we talked about that. We talked about what else we got

Xad 0:18
some TV shows,

Mike Proctor 0:19
TV shows, my first million the new podcast. Check it out and binge Lords my other project

Xad 0:26
entrepreneurially ideas just in general. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 0:29
that was fun dude, this was this was a super fun one. I’m stoked, man. Glad to be back. Remember guys, hit subscribe. If you’d like to show recommend us to your friends. Anyone who likes podcasts? Like you know, just tell them hey, check out the show. Check out the merch. Not really that famous.com check out the shop and we got some

Xad 0:48
really cool people coming up soon.

Mike Proctor 0:50
Yes, we also have cool people coming we have really cool guests coming up soon to kind of hold out the year. We’ll get in the holiday spirit is gonna be a good ass time. Um, so yeah, without further ado, let’s get to her.

Xad 1:03
Let’s go for it.

Mike Proctor 1:03
Thanks, guys.

Xad 1:04
long as I got the glasses on I got a new pair by the way. I have glasses that you got to know. Yeah, they’re actually my prescription now. Because I had gotten my my glasses a long time ago like the ones that I had been wearing for like the past a year and a half. They were out of date. So when is crazy when you actually wear the right prescription? How much? Like it’s a if you watched the new bad boys?

Mike Proctor 1:31
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. When

Xad 1:32
Martin Lawrence is like, it’s like well can HD that’s what it’s like. Yeah. Literally. It’s like everything I see dots and shit. I see like the the texture and the carpet and stuff. That’s nice. It’s not as bad as

Mike Proctor 1:46
walking around like blind and fucking

Xad 1:48
Yeah, just there’s no like sharpness on anything. When I don’t have em on. I can’t see. Like I said blades of grass leaves on trees. Just stuff just blocking.

Mike Proctor 1:56
It’s just blurred out. It’s

Xad 1:57
just blocky. So new new glasses. I’m going. Oh, yeah.

Mike Proctor 2:01
Yeah, for sure. So, how is COVID? Man? I haven’t even talked to you in like, two weeks, it seems like

Xad 2:10
yeah, we kind of kept once once we found that whole situation, we will really kind of just shut everything down. Um, my experience with it. And I know, like one of the big things about COVID is everybody’s experiences. It affects people in different ways. Yeah, their immune system and blood types or whatever. Mine wasn’t the worst thing in the world. I got it. I was definitely sick. And I would say I was sick for a longer period of time than I normally AM. But

Mike Proctor 2:38
it was obviously a serious

Xad 2:41
say yes, definitely. Yeah, it

Mike Proctor 2:42
was it felt serious. Yeah, it felt

Xad 2:44
serious. It was the definitely wasn’t fun. And the way that it worked out, too, was Rachel wasn’t feeling well. So she’s like, I feel like I should go do the responsible thing and get tested. And I was like, You’re crazy. But go for it. You know, whatever. Oh, so she goes gets tested and called me. I was actually walking back from a parade. Downtown and in our town here. Duran and she she called me and she was crying. And she’s like, I tested positive test pi COVID. And I was like, everything will be fine. Like, yeah, no worries. No worries. I’m like, Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Like, you know, what am I gonna do about like, just so many things? Like what’s in your head? It

Mike Proctor 3:29
was so so such a worrisome thing. Yeah. You don’t don’t know what to do. Yeah,

Xad 3:36
I guess that’s what the it’s just like a surprise when it’s like, you see it, like, you know, all the numbers on TV, hundreds of thousands of people blah, blah, blah stuff. And then it actually hits you and then you’re like, Oh, okay. Yeah, like, Okay, this is happening. But, um, so I, so I went, she went, got tested, tested positive. And I was like, Okay, well, I work with people. So I probably should get tested just so I can communicate with people. Yeah. And I did, I went got tested, um, that night, and I tested negative and was asymptomatic and stuff like that. So talking to the doctor, like, well, this point, you may have been affected. But, you know, you might you wouldn’t have like, you don’t have it, you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t really necessarily be transmittable. Um, so I was like, Alright, well, so it’s, you know, I gotta lock this down you and so the first thing I got some drinks real quick, at the local grocery store, and came home and I was just like, you know what, I’m gonna get up and get lit tonight because I don’t know what’s gonna happen. So, so I did that. And Rachel’s not feeling well, she’s just laying on the couch next to me. And, you know, I’m like, I’m lit. And so I’m just kind of mumbling and talking and just kind of just have in my fun laughing. And I was telling her I was like, it’s like, literally sitting with like a loaded gun pointed at your head right next year. I’m good right now, at this moment in time. drinking my my soda. Yeah, like I was good. I did not have it and, and my wife laying on the couch next to me has it and so it was like, well you’re getting this

Mike Proctor 5:08
and so you that’s it like a such a serious decision, you know, situation right there. Yeah, cuz you have no choice you know

Xad 5:18
your kids.

Mike Proctor 5:19
Yeah, you’re not you’re not hundred percent you know

Xad 5:23
one thing too like went to kiss and like there’s like almost a hesitation that I’m like, right now it was just like, Oh, I was like let’s just do this like, No, I’m on like, just I’m gonna get it and we’re gonna get through this so. So it was it wasn’t fun. Definitely sick. It definitely lasted a while. Definitely slept a lot. I watched a lot of TV, a lot of TV. I got a whole new respect for the people who were quarantined, like the beginning of the pandemic. It as we’ve talked about tons of times. I never did it. We were never quarantine. quarantine. So that’s just Boring.

Mike Proctor 6:03
Boring as fuck

Xad 6:04
Yeah, yeah. So you’re like, just wake up. Go downstairs. And one thing too, is the baby didn’t really get sick. Like she got you

Mike Proctor 6:14
a very worrisome thing.

Xad 6:16
Yeah, it was super scary. And but in an in like an instance, like, we were sick. The baby wasn’t sick. So baby was ready to party. You know what I mean? Like she

Mike Proctor 6:30
was you guys are feeling all super sick and worn out? Because eventually Xad did

Xad 6:36
I did get sick. Yeah,

I did eventually get sick. And so you know, I’m fever and I’m not feeling well. And the baby is like, up 5am ready to go. So it’s like, we alternate. Like, when Rachel was really sick, we I just would get up with her. And then as I got more sick, and Rachel starts to get better,

Mike Proctor 6:53
how long was it before you got it?

Xad 6:56
Like, five days, four or five days after Rachel’s positive test it was about which was on a Friday, it was the beginning to mid I tested positive. That next Monday, I went in and got tested. But I wasn’t necessarily feeling symptomatic until probably Tuesday or Wednesday of the week. But yeah, at which point Rachel was starting to feel better, because her symptoms had started, you know, the week before. So it would just kind of we trade it off as far as that was concerned with the baby was ready to go. And there was a time change in the midst of all that. So literally one morning, it was like, because my daughter gets up early to shit anyways, like she’s just like, she goes to bed at seven o’clock at night gets up early, which I like because we’re morning people. But at one point I got up at like 355 in the morning when the clocks went back. Yeah, yeah. So she’s getting up like frickin early, like, you know, so yeah, I mean, it definitely was an experience. I don’t recommend it to anyone, I would not say go do this. But I do have a almost like a peace of mind. Right now as things are ramping up across the rest of the country. And, like the cases are kind of getting starting to get out of control. Yeah. And it’s like, well, I just got over that. So yeah, you know, from if all things considered, like, I might have some form of immunity for a short period of time. So that’s true, man. Like, I’m not gonna be irresponsible or nothing, but I, I kind of have a little like a weight off my shoulders, I would say

Mike Proctor 8:27
so you, you you can’t contract it again.

Xad 8:31
There’s so much like conflicting evidence on both sides. Like you can Yes. But you have like a temporary immunity like you know, 30 or 60 to 90 days or, or whatever they feel people are immune that makes Yeah, yeah. Like Well, the antigens are still in your body, but they don’t know how long that really lasts. Is it? Three months? Six months a year? It’s impossible to say.

Mike Proctor 8:55
So but that’s that’s very true. That’s a good point. Because we’re we’re kind of trending back the wrong way right now.

Xad 9:03
Yeah. Yeah. spiking like crazy

Mike Proctor 9:05
and talking about everything shutting down again. So that’s kind of cool I guess if you if you

Xad 9:12
Yeah, I mean it’s like silver lining you know it’s not like awesome but you know it’s it’s a little bit of peace of mind as far as that’s concerned.

Mike Proctor 9:21
You got to look at the positive

Xad 9:22
Yeah, like I said we just later on watch a ton of TV we watched Yeah, what were you watching Hand of God we watch that if anybody is into god yes Sons of Anarchy it’s similar to Sons of Anarchy as far as like the the feel of the aura of the show. So if anybody’s in the Sons of Anarchy highly recommend it. Ron Perlman watch that. I’m not gonna go political but we watch the the the elections were going on. I watched a ton of that shit, man. It’s

Mike Proctor 9:54
true though.

Xad 9:54
That was like, that was like ultimate, you know, sick as hell just laying on the couch. Yeah, nah man I was like just that was going on football,

Mike Proctor 10:07
you know? Yeah.

Xad 10:09
And kids shit moana like 17 times

Mike Proctor 10:12
this is it’s funny that I’m so Ada didn’t really get sick now she

Xad 10:17
got like, stuffy like you could tell she was sick but she was not. She wasn’t like down. You know she stuffy eyes looking a little sunken.

Mike Proctor 10:29
You guys are just like, all tired and Yes, there is. I have a video on my phone man is just pumped run around the house.

Xad 10:38
Yes. Yeah, just charged up and she was the wall start closing and especially on a baby especially that baby because your daughter’s come over six days a week. Yeah, that’s she’s got two people who babysit for my grandma, her grandma on our other babysitter. And I mean, me and Rachel are just naturally gogo people as it is anyway. So the baby is like a gogo baby. And then so to just shut that shit down for like, two and a half weeks and just not do anything. She was she was getting pretty. Cabin Fever. She She was trippin.

Mike Proctor 11:15
Man. That’s, that’s that’s

Xad 11:18
Yeah, yeah, that’s what I mean. But there was like, one day, man, I was sick. I was.

Mike Proctor 11:23
So there’s a there’s a whole nother point you were you were talking about where you lost your sense of smell.

Xad 11:27
Yeah, yeah, that that’s crazy, too. That gave me that probably scared me more than anything else. And even I had shortness of breath and stuff. But I’m like a pretty in shape. person. I’m not in crazy shape, but I’m decently in shape. And yeah, I lost my breath a little bit which tightness in the chest and, you know, you like, I got tired doing dishes like just doing the dishes. You know, I’m like, like,

Mike Proctor 11:53
just being sick, though. Yeah,

Xad 11:54
I got it. Like, I was like, I gotta sit down for a couple minutes. And it was more amplified. But um, but the the loss of smell like, normally when you get sick, like, congestion or whatever, you lose your sense of smell somewhat, but you can still smell stuff, like trying to smell something, you smell it. Real taste things but like the it’s the absolute loss of smell and taste is freaky as hell the first night that I realized that, like, I got up some make a sandwich. And my wife had already explained it like, Hey, I can’t smell anything. I was like, whatever. Like you can you can smell some Yeah, like, you know, you can smell something. Yeah. But um, it’s,

Mike Proctor 12:31
it’s a natural person.

Xad 12:33
That’s like, yeah, yeah, you’re negative, like, like, whatever bullshit, like you smell stuff. It not maybe not good, but you can smell some stuff. And then, um, and then so when I got up, I’m like, I’ll make a sandwich. And I had, we had like, triple A male, big fan of spicy stuff. And Tom was going to make this sandwich and I get like the regular mail out the chipotle mayo like, Dude, what what do I want? I smelled it to pull a mail to see if that’s what I was feeling at that moment. And I would smell it and I didn’t smell it at all. I was like, That’s weird. Like, this stuff has a smell to it. So big ass whiff, again, didn’t smell anything. And so I was like, Whoa,

Mike Proctor 13:13
heart started racing.

Xad 13:14
Like, I can’t smell

Mike Proctor 13:17
anything at

Xad 13:18
all at all. Nothing. And so I go,

Mike Proctor 13:20
I just didn’t know that was, uh, you know, part of the part of the thing. That’s just being sick, though. But that’s just a serious sickness. Like, yeah,

Xad 13:27
it was just like to like the nth degree like, dude, it was just over the top. To the point where I was like, wolf. Like, then like, when you

Mike Proctor 13:35
lose sucks,

Xad 13:36
when you lose the capability to do something. Completely. It almost like it gives you like I would have smelled in that moment probably would have smelled a diaper with a shit and that just to see if I could have smelled it. And I wouldn’t have been able to smell it because we

Mike Proctor 13:50
wouldve been happy if you could

Xad 13:51
see our smile, like from ear to ear like the Grinch man. And but so at that point, I was like, Okay, I gotta, I gotta, I gotta smell something. Yeah. So I went into the refrigerator and got a little cup of um, what is it Frank’s Red Hot.


was like, I’m gonna smell something. Damn it like,

Mike Proctor 14:11
Scooby Doo. Yo, your tongue out?

Xad 14:12
Yes. So I did was I did that. And as I was smelling it, I was bringing it closer. I’m so glad we have the TVs now I know the video. They can actually see this. So I’m bringing it up to my face trying to smell it. And as you’re as you when you bring stuff to your like you eventually you pick up the smell and then you stop bringing it closer. But at that point, dude, I’m sick. I can’t smell a damn thing. And I i huffed red hot sauce or I could Oh, yeah. And I just smelled it and I will no i didn’t smell anything. That was the thing I brought it up and inhaled through my nose. Frank’s Red Hot so and and I didn’t smell it at all. It’s full and it was like a, you know, a week and a half of like, absolute loss of smell and I it is pretty crazy. Yeah. That was the That was the craziest part of the whole thing. But, but I’m back now, back now. Good to be out and doing things. And people. So

Mike Proctor 15:07
yeah, that’s awesome. Yeah, you know, it was tough. So that was a big quote because like you said, Mike, my kids come to your house every day like this where my kids get off the bus, right? We see you guys every good wave. It was a way. Yeah, I just have to wave at you inside your house. big big change. Yeah, it was very crazy. But then a couple weeks go by you get through it. Everything kind of Yes. settles back into normal. Yeah. We need to make sure we wash our hands and walk so then it you know you guys don’t know where you got it.

Xad 15:46
No, that’s what there’s Yeah, that’s that’s kind of like if it’s something I know where I got it. My wife gave it to me.

Mike Proctor 15:53
She got it. You can trace your Yeah. But yeah, so that, you know, that fucking sucks. It’s like, yeah, wish I knew. Yeah. How I fuckin screwed up. How it got me.

Xad 16:05
It’s it’s funny because we’re like, like I said, we’re gogo people. But I’m a rule follower man. Like I

Mike Proctor 16:13

Xad 16:13
I’m pretty much follow the rules. I’m not like a really rabbet I am when I was younger, I was a rebellious person. I was like, I’m gonna do something this way. That I’m gonna do it that way. Yeah, but now at this point in my life.

Mike Proctor 16:25
Just kind of like hey, yeah, I’ll do it. I’ll

Xad 16:26
wear the mask. I will. And I, you know, I have like, a affliction with washing my hands and stuff. It’s like a, like a nervous. Yeah, you’re

Mike Proctor 16:34
already a natural. You know, pretty soon. It’s

Xad 16:37
Sanitary person. I very much so. So yeah, Hell, I mean, I

Mike Proctor 16:41
know. I got it. I would concur.

Xad 16:43
And but, but my wife. Yeah, she is where she got it. I had no idea. And that is kind of

Mike Proctor 16:49
it’s just sucks, you know?

Xad 16:50

Mike Proctor 16:50
I mean, it’s unfortunate. Like, it’s, you know, obviously, I’m not gonna get super mad about it. But yeah, I just wish I knew.

Xad 16:56
Yeah. where it came from one of those things. Like, because I use a little bit of info more information would be nice. But yeah.

Mike Proctor 17:03
I mean, it’s impossible. Probably

Xad 17:05
at this point.

Mike Proctor 17:05
Yeah. Once we can find a way to cure, track a disease might be possible. What if we start planting? Just plant all the disease? You know, we chip them? Like, alright, we find the flu? We chip is ass.

Xad 17:22
That’s gonna go over good. If people just

Mike Proctor 17:27
be sure comic book villain. I mean, that’s a symbol. Yeah.

Xad 17:31
That’s, I mean, that’s essentially what they’re trying to do with the whole, like tracking and stuff like that. But from my experience with it, like the health department, oh, yeah, like significant, they’re overwhelmed. Like they’re just right now, especially this as things take off, you know, like, you’re assigned from what I learned that you’re assigned a caseworker, that caseworker is then tasked with reaching out to you. And then then reaching out to any like high, high risk people that you might have been around without a mask for over the however long and time 15 minutes. Clearly close contact, contract chasing or whatever.

Mike Proctor 18:10

Xad 18:11
And, you know, it’s funny, I found out I was talking to my cousin tuna. And our caseworker is like, my cousin. And I had consumed Oh, dude, it’s like, it’s no joke, and I had no idea. Now he’s like, Who’s your Who’s your caseworker? And I was like, it’s blank. And he was like, blank, blank. And I was like, Yeah, it is. That is who it was how hell you know that. He’s like, Oh, that’s your cousin. And I was like,

Mike Proctor 18:37
Really? Yeah. Good deal. Yeah.

so did he, when he contacted you? Or did they contact you? And then

Xad 18:46
we got a hold of them. We ended up getting a hold of them.

Mike Proctor 18:49
As you know, my brothers, man, they’re super overwhelmed. So look, how I want to know how much a CDC worker makes,

Xad 18:57
though, like, okay, yeah. But this because this is like the local

Mike Proctor 19:01
health department if you think about it, right. So this this person has to answer phone calls, emails, things like that. They have like an administrators job, right. I mean, you know, in some ways, they manage, you know, probably through a computer system. all their stuff that they have to do other cases, anything, but they also have to live a life still. Right. So like, someone has to go that’s, that’s tough. That’s that’s a tough gig. Because if you’re fucking overwhelmed, and you literally cannot catch up. Yeah.

Xad 19:32
Like, no, I wasn’t 100% like this.

Mike Proctor 19:35
But you but you know, the place closes at six. So yeah,

Xad 19:40
yeah. No, and that closes at four. And this was this is the local health department that is that is each county that like so we were diagnosed and Genesee County. We’re in Flint, but we live in shiawassee County. So it was the shiawassee Health Department that we were that we were dealing with. directly. So but so X amount of nurses or healthcare workers work at this department. Yeah. And I mean, you got what they say like 6000 cases yesterday or 7000 cases yesterday in the state of Michigan, and just in the state of Michigan. And then that’s not a whole I mean, it’s the whole state of Michigan, but the majority are coming from a few select areas. You know, I mean, where the outbreaks are taking place. Yeah, these people are just like massively overloaded. I would love to like say, No, ask one of them. What are they responsible for?

Mike Proctor 20:34
They’re all they’re all real people. Like, they feel like they have to pick up their kids after you know, at 430 from the babysitter, so

Xad 20:41
it is like the biggest thing too, because like I was getting like, initially kind of pissed. And you want to like, lash out at people’s times when they’re frustrated? That’s but then

Mike Proctor 20:54
something so serious.

Xad 20:55
Yeah. But then that thought crossed. My mind is like, I’m just like, that’s, that’s a person on the other side of this phone. And they probably are so freakin busy right now, that, like, so busy that in this instance, I’ve probably never felt like that at work. as busy as they are right now. Right? And like you said, they have shit to do to like, they got to get out. They got to pick their kids up from school

Mike Proctor 21:17
gonna make dinner there. They might have to work out before after

Xad 21:20
we’re via normal lifestyle for their kids while they’re dealing with stuff. Like it’s just, you know, the shout out to them for everything they do.

Mike Proctor 21:29
That’s just a tough I mean, what are you gonna do? Yeah, yeah, that’s your job.

Xad 21:33
Yeah. And so the average This is the CDC that I looked up, but, um, that’s the Center for Disease Control. They approximately make about $50,000 a year which is like your average american.

Mike Proctor 21:45
That’s like your top tier stuff. And up to CDC nationwide. 50 Grand i bet to the local county workers make way fucking less than

Xad 21:53
Oh, yeah. And then they can make up to 164 but that will be probably someone higher up Yeah. Yeah. up higher up in there. But, but yeah, that should you think about those jobs is like when once stuffs The worst is when you’re

like, your job is just, I just Yeah,

like they would be the worst right now. Yeah, those people are having to deal with and

Mike Proctor 22:19
that’s kind of unfortunate, but

kind of comes with the job. True that true. But yeah, man that’s not in when this whole thing came out. It was like, we didn’t know what the fuck it was. So that’s why all the misinformation was out. And nobody knows. And it was always just better safe than sorry. And so we’re just better safe than sorry. We’ll do it. You were better safe than sorry. And you still got it? Yeah, fuckin Rona.

Xad 22:45
Yeah, fucking Rona. I do seriously.

Mike Proctor 22:47
The Roman hashtag fuck the rona.

Xad 22:51
That’s funny.

Yeah. Well, yeah, no. But I’m back. And we’re back games. To play. Madden played a shit ton of Madden shipped and I played a shit ton of man.

I won the Super Bowl. hadn’t played a video game in a minute. Like, yeah, other than like, passively picking up and jamming out a game and but at like, you know, two to two and a half weeks of just doing nothing. It’s like, dude, I’m gonna start doing something past the time because this shit is boring as well. But yeah, played played some Madden won the Super Bowl. That was fun. Um, you know, a lot of phone calls to family members, you know, just kind of just like literally pass the time. Like, call and talk to somebody. You know, people don’t even talk to Josh won’t be like, Hey,

Mike Proctor 23:35
are you at work? How

Xad 23:36
you doing? Call me after work? Yeah, call me when you’re not working because I want to talk to somebody that’s not my wife and my daughter doesn’t really talk yet. So but, but in the same instance. It was cool getting to spend that time with with them with my daughter, especially just to slow things down. Like not have to do something to just sit there. And

Yeah, play. Just play with it. Yeah, just build frickin towers out of Legos. And she loves that dude.

Mike Proctor 24:10
Yeah, it’s all fun. Yeah,

Xad 24:11
she loves that. So it was it was uh, all things considered, you know, I’m here now, so I’m happy.

Mike Proctor 24:17
Oh, yeah, yeah, um, I didn’t do shit, man. I leave blowed my lawn.

Xad 24:23
I came up with some means you had some pretty impressive Yeah,

Mike Proctor 24:26
I did a bunch of shit. But uh, my fucking had to lead flow my line I got to tell the story because my someone put a fence around my house. And so there’s a gigantic maple tree right out front of my house. Now it’s not my tree. It’s like the city city tree. But it’s a massive this this suckers huge, bro. Like, yeah, it’s

Xad 24:50
like probably two or three people. I don’t think we could touch heavy. Yeah, we could not touch fingertips

Mike Proctor 24:57
maybe the hugging around that to eight feet around. foot diameter things fucking huge man we but all those leaves fall in my yard and I also got another tree and the other side of my house I live like right in town so but I got a big ass leaf blowers but so in order to get the leaves out of my house out of my yard, someone put a fence around my yard it’s like a little tiny picket fence. And it’s like, not a white picket fence but just yeah. I have to leave blow all the leaves into like up to the front of my yard. And then I have to leave blow them through the gate of my fence because the fence I can’t leave blow through the things they’re like not quite big enough. Yeah, that’d be there for like ever.

Xad 25:45
They’re like staggered to aren’t they? I feel like there Yeah, it’s

Mike Proctor 25:48
all yeah, it’s all jack bro.

Xad 25:51
It’s just not ideal situation.

Mike Proctor 25:53
Not at all. And so you know, I have to like leaf blow all the leaves out and I have to blow into the gate. And then it’s like fucking you know, as tall as the gate pile of leaves. And, you know, frickin blow them out onto the road so that the city will come pick them up. But it’s so goddamn inconvenient. Like,

Xad 26:12
it makes me think of like, Who Who the fuck put this fence here makes me think of like 300 they gotta go through like does all this shit. Yeah, there’s a little corridor like they gotta get it.

Mike Proctor 26:25
Yeah, I just get them all in the middle and I’m like all right, and I get the rake and I’m just

like a giant pile of leaves

Xad 26:34
they do you have leaf picket though like that’s you just blow it off to the front and they just come and do that. That’s pretty cool.

Mike Proctor 26:40
It comes sweep rate up that’s pretty cool perks living in city you pay lot taxes though.

Xad 26:44
Yeah. So I live just outside of the city. So the city’s like we fuckin can’t tax on the city tax but I’m hooked up to their water so they double us on water so our fucking water bills here are crazy. So that was a

Mike Proctor 27:02
surprise when we first which is funny cuz you live like three blocks from me? Yeah, dude. No, like you’re inside the city.

Xad 27:07
You know where the Sidewalk Ends just down the half of my house. That’s where the city is. So it’s like me I’m like the first house and yeah, so when we first moved in,

Mike Proctor 27:16
do it so that’s so funny. Cuz like, I don’t know. Duran is the little city. And then someone from what Verdun town? Yeah,

Xad 27:24
Vernon Township,

Mike Proctor 27:26
like, I’m a build. It’s a bunch of people from Vernon Township. Like we build all this shit right next to the space. So

Xad 27:33
I’ll look up like the township and the city of Duran mapping which is it’s stupid looking but I’ll show it to you. And we’re like the first house on the edge and it like zigzag it’s like the most unorthodox Yeah, it’s funny

Mike Proctor 27:47

Xad 27:48
but yeah, we’re tied into their water so like when they built the water lines like I will take the water all the way out to here because this is Duran and then Vernon is like nah bitch that’s that’s Vernon town. And they’re like well shit we can’t tax him for Duran but I’m often looking for our water so yeah, my water bill when we lived in Creek it was a it was a lot less It was then we moved out here man it was like

Mike Proctor 28:10
for people that don’t know you would have to know what we’re talking about but it’s basically like Xad literally lives in this the city Yeah, it’s a town right now but roadway is he has held away at all lines up his houses outside of the city limits yeah and so but it’s this awkward weird situation so

Xad 28:30
like the the

Mike Proctor 28:33
leaves picked up Do you know

Xad 28:35
No, so literally across the street from my house like the other side of this street is Duran and the city of Durand where that building is Yeah, right across the street that that business that is in the city of Duran that house right there is the city of Durand and then as you go down that bank on the corner over here that’s city of Durand I’m in this little peninsula of not have not durand

Mike Proctor 29:00
What about where does it go does the highway and all that stuff

Xad 29:04
yet? Like where Taco Bell and stuff is? Yeah, that’s do Rand

Mike Proctor 29:11
tell me you do Oh, gosh, yes.

Xad 29:13
We’re gonna have to Monro closet. Like we should put it up like and I can put a little x where my houses

Mike Proctor 29:19
need to get the Google image.

Xad 29:21
Yes. So it is it like I’m in like I said, I’m the I’m the spearhead tip of the peninsula of Vernon township that pokes it’s a little thing granted her hand. And so I get double water,

Mike Proctor 29:33
which people just came and built houses. Yeah, this is cool. Right, Ruby?

Xad 29:39

Mike Proctor 29:41
They’ve been built themselves a little shitty ass road. Yeah.

Xad 29:43
Stupid, man. So that’s me. Oh, man.

Mike Proctor 29:47
Yeah, that’s funny.

Xad 29:49
As I was like, surprised when we got our first water bill. I was like, pissed. off this. Sounds like this is way too expensive. is like no, no, you pay double Water. Like what the fuck? do I pay double water for

Mike Proctor 30:03
just you? Yeah, but

Xad 30:04
do you like your neighbors on both sides that no they’re part of grant but you are vernon.

Mike Proctor 30:14
That’s so funny,

Xad 30:16
Yeah, that’s I’m serious.

Mike Proctor 30:17
Well, I’m sorry I was just complaining because I have a fence

Xad 30:24
it’s funny like it’s but I pay less you said taxes I pay I don’t pay.

Mike Proctor 30:30
Yeah, you don’t pay. So

Xad 30:30
like, like my mortgage, therefore, like the escrow would be less than what yours is so it’s all relative. It’s it’s all the same, but all

Mike Proctor 30:39
situations mean different shit. You can never predict what the fuck is gonna. Yeah, you know, it’s like

Xad 30:44
one of the things buying a house like you feel like when you’re doing all the research into it. You’re like really thoroughly. Or even buying a car like when I bought my first car from a dealership. I was like, inspecting it as like this thing is clean. Like it’s perfect. It’s meant on the inside. It’s totally perfect. I drove like a week I was like this fuckin cigarette burns on a ceiling this thing how did I not notice those? When I was buying it? I was like I looked this thing over with like, a fine tooth comb man and and then now there’s like I’m noticing all kinds of shit. There’s a little bit back here like that. wasn’t there before I got Yeah, and same thing with a house like you know a day’s worth of research. Like Is this the house I want to and then you get there and like you start finding shit out like I do I want to get into it. But there’s a the people who owned it before. There’s like this big stone, like flat piece of concrete stone is like sitting in the corner that they left it was like decorated by him. And we just thought it was like a decoration.

Mike Proctor 31:49

leftover. Mm hmm.

Xad 31:51
Yeah. And then so we move in as we’re moving in. We’re like setting up the kitchen table. I’m like, Oh, I’m gonna get this a piece of cutlery. Why would they leave something like that here? You know, it’s like a family heirloom kind of thing.

Mike Proctor 32:00
Well, maybe we should get out and like, try to give that back tonight.

Xad 32:02
Pick the motherfucker up. There’s a big ass hole in the floorI was like they shysters they were hiding this hole.

Mike Proctor 32:12
Yeah, so yeah, athats how it goes.

Xad 32:14
Yep. Yep. Well, yeah.

Mike Proctor 32:17
I, what else did I do what we were doing? Oh, yeah. Okay, so I forgot. Oh, I found a new podcast, which is fucking awesome. It’s called my first million. And it’s basically like, two guys. They just, like, shoot the shit on a bunch of business ideas. But they’re super smart

Xad 32:37
entrepreneurs, right?

Mike Proctor 32:39
Yep. To entrepreneurs, super smart. Very informative. I recommend to all if you want to learn more about like, just business and stuff, not necessarily learn more, it’s really more of like an idea bank. But super cool. They got like a face group, Facebook group, all that good stuff. Um, one of the things that they were talking about the thought was super interesting was the replica. It’s like a virtual AI, that you you can like pick and make like an avatar. And I haven’t, I haven’t really looked into it that much. But um, you can pick like an avatar. And make it like your best friend, your therapist, your girlfriend. Like it’s an AI that you like, talk to?

Xad 33:26
Is it an app? Like on your app

Mike Proctor 33:29
and the website you know? But it’s called replica with a K replica? Um, that is they were talking about this thing and I was like, Damn, that is some fucking intense shit. Like a virtual friend of that but then there was also things like

Xad 33:52
it gets to know you and like yeah, becomes bigger better. Yeah, better yet helping your friend your friend. Yeah. And

Mike Proctor 34:03
I can just that’s like an innocent you can see people going the wrong way with that thing.

Xad 34:08
Yeah, for sure. But

Mike Proctor 34:10
you can also use it for good you know, you’re good too, but I just thought that was a super crazy fucking, like invention.

Xad 34:17
It goddamn. And you know what? It sounds genius to me. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 34:21
but there’s so there’s like a Facebook group, but the people in it are like fanatical. So they’re like, um, by replica friend keeps asking me out. How do I get it to stop? And there was one it’s like my replica friend. Got told me it has COVID How do I not catch it?

Xad 34:41
So by by fanatical I mean they’re idiots.

Mike Proctor 34:46
They’re just like, curry way too far along. Yeah. They’re like, crazy crazy. But that isn’t that just a crazy replica.ai

Xad 34:58
that AI I like your website. I

Mike Proctor 35:02
got cares. Okay, so I wonder if you could you can like talk to it, I think so it must like text you and like video chat with you. And like FaceTime.

Xad 35:12
I don’t want to start one but I also kind of want to start one maybe that can be a little pet project we

Mike Proctor 35:16
can we can do though they were they were talking about experimenting with it. Um, that would be kind of funny. It would be funny to try to, I wouldn’t know if I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t want like a replica friend. But it would be cool to have like a random you know, like random. Like, whenever you play a sort of the modern games that we’d like to play like Cards Against Humanity. Yeah. You know, all those types of games where what do you do if you don’t have a fourth character or whatever? It’s like you always or sometimes they tell you put a random Yeah. And so you put someone else in like a random and you just draw a random card? Mm hmm. That’s kind of like it would be fun to have, like, if you were just haven’t having a game or you know, even out of doing whatever you like, needed a body for something. Yeah, just having a random.

Xad 36:03
Yeah, no, we play lots of games, too. And that would come in handy. Like Yeah, to be honest.

I don’t know. Like, I can see you

Mike Proctor 36:09
could we explain a game to the replica though?

Xad 36:11
Probably. I mean, if

Mike Proctor 36:13
if we can learn shit.

Xad 36:14
Yeah, that’s learning. We should try that. We should try that we should make like the most badass gaming replica. Yeah, Replika ever we

Mike Proctor 36:23
named them

Xad 36:27
to be decided, I don’t know. I’m not very witty like that. You’re asking the wrong person. Wife man would have been she’d be like, ripping them off. But she’ll, she’ll say jokes. I’m sad at times. And I’m just like, Oh, well, right over my head. Like an hour later. I’m like, Oh, that was pretty funny. She’s a funny chick.

Mike Proctor 36:48
Then that’s that’s funny. But this is made by I think a bunch of guys in Ukraine. Or they’re from Ukraine. They’re I think they’re in San Francisco.

Xad 36:56
Just by this like the spelling of it like with a K it makes me feel like it’s Ukrainian.

Mike Proctor 37:01
Like, but yeah, man that’s they were they were talking about that on this on the podcast talking about a bunch of stuff. Oh, another funny another kind of fun one that I thought I was like, Man, that’s such a good fucking idea. Um, they were they talk about they just talk about a new one up up and coming businesses

Xad 37:18
this I was gonna ask ideas like there’s just like a thing saying, Oh,

Mike Proctor 37:21
this thing’s going on Think Tank. Yeah, kind of. It’s like, oh, that thing’s going on. Um, but it’s made by these two guys.

Xad 37:29
You can make your you can give him a replica face now what they’re saying right there. Oh, wow. So there’s like a so now it has a face digitized body? Yeah. Before it is.

Mike Proctor 37:38
Cool. Yeah, that’s some pretty crazy stuff though. Man. Oh, the the. They also talk about this other really fun idea. It’s this. There’s a it’s a lady. She has the idea. She’s gonna have like a coffee bomb. So you get a little bomb. And like you get black coffee. dropped the bomb and it’s like tastes like cream sugar. delicious coffee. And it’s like a bath bomb in it. Physical fizzy foam.

Xad 38:07
That’s fucking smart.

Mike Proctor 38:08
That’s what I said. That’s fucking smart, man.

Xad 38:12
I know as bougie as hell like damn, you are so fucking smart. Like just and the fact that it fizzes. People will be going crazy for that shit. I don’t even drink my coffee look

Mike Proctor 38:22
up my first million milk bombs. I just want to find the name of the lady she’s a scientist She’s like a scientist bro. She fucking make some herself

Xad 38:33
like what’s what’s the active ingredient? I like baking I

Mike Proctor 38:35
don’t know that’s it and she was talking about on the thing but she you know experiments with these and and there’s she has like these little tiny balls ones and then like a bath bomb thing. But they basically Yeah, you just drop it in and it like, you know is a delicious coffee. And it even fizzles up and it’s like a little experience.

Xad 38:57
That’s the part right there though the fizzy that’s it. That’s your money. Right there.

Mike Proctor 39:02
Got that this? lavender goat milk bath fizzy bond on my first million. Yeah, go to my first million on Apple podcasts. That’ll that’ll find it because it was just a few episodes ago.

Xad 39:15
Okay, but it’s

Mike Proctor 39:16
gonna locate it that way. Yeah, we’ll just fucking I Her name is like Elaine. Something.

Xad 39:21
That’s genius. So I just like, seriously, that gives me a

Mike Proctor 39:24
No. Does

Xad 39:26
130 episodes good for them scroll down.

Mike Proctor 39:28
Yeah, no, dude. I think it’s like the episode where they’re 120. It’s like 126 or no scar. Sorry for maybe bombs. Elaine’s Zelby. That’s her name. Elaine’s Zelby. And she’s a mechanical engineer and also worked at slack and slack. What is slack? slack sin like an app for? I think it’s an app for like, communication, like a forum or something.

Xad 39:59
Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah, I think we’re gonna be using this at work. It’s like team communication team communicate. Yeah. So you can use it, like instant messaging type of stuff. All kinds of stuff like that.

Mike Proctor 40:10
Yep. Um, yeah, it was a real good idea.

Xad 40:13
I 100% think that is a genius idea, because that is such a good boss way.

Mike Proctor 40:18
It’s a burden to have. Everyone have each other’s do the contact info and call and text each other. But if you have a platform for it, I think that’s just such a, like an innovative thing anyway.

Xad 40:33
Well, it’s nice to because you don’t have to like, like, it’s easier to communicate with. I hate my group messaging at work. I love it. Like, because I like communicating with my people.

Mike Proctor 40:43
What do you guys use? That just text message? Yeah, which is awful. That’s an awful way to do it.

Xad 40:49
It sucks. Like, I like communicating with people. I don’t want to think that I don’t like to communicate with my people. But yeah, what I don’t like about it is when there’s a conversation that’s going off like, and, and there’s 17 text messages that come through ding ding,

Mike Proctor 41:05
everyone gets in the the best plus, or aren’t most of you like at your computers? all day? Yeah, the most part. So rather than everyone texting on their phone, which is just like such a cumbersome way to communicate. I mean, texting is obviously something we all do, right? But typing on a computer is so much better. And if you just have like an instant messaging software, that’s like, 10,000 times better than texting each other for sure, you know, like, in a sort of minor way. But uh, it’s just much better.

Xad 41:40
I hate more efficient.

Mike Proctor 41:41
I hate being on my phone. And I text it

Xad 41:43
to I feel like when I text a

Mike Proctor 41:45
text short, yeah, quick little. So if I have to like Yeah, get put put a, you know, paragraph together. I’m like,

Xad 41:54
to then I call you That’s it. Yeah, that’s what I’m calling you. Like I like that’s the worst that

Mike Proctor 42:00
I’m also very descriptive. So I need to be precise. Whenever I communicate, so yeah, yeah.

Xad 42:07
But like, even just the bath bomb idea. Or not bath I’m sorry. I’m thinking bath bomb when you’re described these things mean, but it’s a coffee. It’s a coffee bomb. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. That thing like fucking genius is so smart. Because that is just such a boss way to like, flavor up your coffee. Yeah, you know? Yeah, I’m tell Oh, you’re gonna buy in that. Some sugar in their watches.

Mike Proctor 42:33
So much ease fizzle?

Xad 42:34
fizzing bubbles. Yeah, you like that? Yeah, that’s

Mike Proctor 42:40
take a drink. And you got your milk mustache? Yeah.

Xad 42:43
So as she taken investments, like, yeah, I’m getting it on this tree actually

Mike Proctor 42:47
just talked about the idea. So it’s probably going to be coming out soon. Cool. I mean, you’d have to look right now though.

Xad 42:55
Yeah, I’m gonna look into them. Yeah, I mean, I’m again, dude.

Mike Proctor 42:58
That’s fucking good idea. Yeah, I like that kind of leads me to my next point. I’ve been working on binge lords, which is, I was gonna get binge hero. I said this, like, episode nine, or something long ago, and I was talking about binge hero. And I finally actually started working on it. And but I had to go with binge loads, because binge hero has taken this app. But yeah, so I want to put together like a scoring system for how much TV shows you binge like, and, you know, get everybody to be able to see each other’s friends, show shows and who’s in the lead and stuff like that,

Xad 43:41
like accelerated reader from elementary school. But for like, Benjen television,

Mike Proctor 43:45
I remember that. I don’t remember reading

Xad 43:48
it. Maybe I was the only nerdy kid I’m gonna say yeah.

Mike Proctor 43:54
So I started working on it. And I, I’ve had to teach myself, I found like a no code tool platform called bubble. And it’s like, it’s basically just like, click and drag for your, your editing, or for excuse me your design. So it’s very easy to set up good looking things. Um, the rest of the back end is to the back end is the part of your website that makes it run, right. Um, JavaScript is like a very popular language that you have in back end. Well bubble is just click, you just click through. So as you’re set up your button your form, right you have like an input form. And as you set it all up, when you’re setting up, you just click on your, they call your elements basically, you click on your button, and you can set up your code for the button to work by clicking through menu options basically. So

Xad 44:59
is this like, like It’s very easy. In my mind, this is like short coding, like it’s a, it’s a code that they’re already actually

Mike Proctor 45:05
something. It’s, it’s writing the code for you basically.

Xad 45:08
Right? Right. But you’re just you’re making the decisions. And it’ll just tell you in putting what your

Mike Proctor 45:13
what your available options. And so, but so, so it’s so it’s very easy to, you know, get it going, but, um, I don’t want to take the time to teach myself it. Um, I want my idea. Now,

Xad 45:32
you know what you want? Yeah,

Mike Proctor 45:33
yeah. So it’s, it’s just, it’s been tough because I’ve been trying to learn on the go. And it’s a large sort of thing, to to attempt. But it’s gonna, I’m gonna get it done. And we’re gonna get her it’s gonna be awesome, bro. But so I want to have right achievements for getting right getting getting watching a show. Right? Almost like as if you were playing a video game? Yeah. Right. Yeah. And so I’m now thinking of ways to try to get those achievements. Right. So so the easy thing I think, is like, getting the what title, the episode name, and making that right, the little one even badge that pops up, but you want to be more cooler and innovative than that. So because that’s plain Jane kind of lame. And even the achievements themselves and like how you get them shit like that. Right? So, so I’ve been pondering that lately. And that’s kind of the biggest, most complex challenge of this whole project. Right? So like, if I if you think about this project, you have, like, the actual website and like getting it to work and stuff like that. You have like, the, the idea behind it. Right? And then you have like, the, the, the marketing deployment shit like that. The idea behind it is to make it fun, and cool. And have a sense of like, Oh, I want to watch. Or I want I want to get these really. So what so that’s like my idea. And yeah, in the works,

Xad 47:19
what you’re saying right there makes me think like, I’m like, I’m like the office, like I would group like similar. the tough part about it, what I feel what you’re feeling is to not only have to have a knowledge of like all the operating and all the stuff that goes into the app design, but you also got to have some form of knowledge of the shows that are out all the shows that are out there.

Mike Proctor 47:44
So yeah, so you have to have the technical knowledge the actual like material now you got

Xad 47:49
to know to know those Did you hear all the office?

Mike Proctor 47:52
Anything to endeavor? You have to know right? You have to be true in it or you won’t? Well, you won’t be successful. Right,

Xad 47:58
right. And so like I can see one of your achievements being like, like watching the office, that complete in the office, and what’s the other show Parks and Rec and then there’s and then workaholics, all three of those you do those three, you watch those three, and you have officially you have successfully received the like, off? I don’t even know it’s not Yeah, I’m kind of bad. But you got this badge, bam. And then and then so you watch those and then you watch Game of Thrones and then other similar like shows like that. And then you get this badge. I dig it.

Mike Proctor 48:29

Xad 48:30
I dig it.

Mike Proctor 48:32
Ooh, you could even make it. So there’s a title. And there’s titles. Mm hmm. And so you went if you watch more office than the other guys, you get whatever title or if you watch more of this genre, yes, you’re the horror champion.

Xad 48:48
Yeah. champion. Yes. Or champ or Yes. Or the sitcom champ you’re watching frickin all those.

Mike Proctor 48:53
But so before there’s, there’s the fun thing about this podcast with the idea shooting is it makes you just think of like, you know how much shit is out in the world. Like, you should never be, like scared or shy to talk about your ideas for fear of like people stealing them, or even people putting them down because there’s, there’s just so many ideas like anything you’re trying to do. Someone else is probably doing it like almost guaranteed, or did it or has done it already

Xad 49:20
did it failed because they didn’t do it right?

Mike Proctor 49:23
Just depends on how you do it and what you do. And I feel really, like pretty fun about this project because we’ve been doing the pod and I’ll ever find myself talking about his fucking Netflix documentary. So like, I want to find out who the fuck watches the most netflix documentaries. And this is a way to do that.

Xad 49:42
Was there a platform that I can go and and share is not like do I watch it? Well, no, that’s what that’s what you’re building. But But yeah, I see what you’re saying. Like you want that platform where you can go and compare yourself against other people who watch these shows. You might make friends. This is them right here?

Mike Proctor 49:59
Thats the milk bomb.

Xad 50:00
They fizz people. People like, seriously looking at it right now. I’m just trying to I’m trying to. I like this idea. I think it’s a badass idea. I think it’s the idea of combining your milk and sugar into one thing. Yeah. In and of itself is good with the fact that it fizz and like ultimately, like mixes itself. Oh, and then you’re introducing not just milk and sugar flavors, but you’re doing it in like a, it’s a it’s dry. So it can be it doesn’t have to be refrigerated that

Mike Proctor 50:31
and only the ones she made is actually made with like stevia and all natural ingredients,

Xad 50:36
right? So fuckin a genius dude. It’s like, I’m just saying to get better.

Mike Proctor 50:42
You probably need to pack some sugar and artificial preservatives in there if you really want to sell a lot of them. But uh,

Xad 50:49
but yeah, no, I mean, you there but there’s, it’s such a basic idea that you can see that can just really be expanded. I dig it. I think it’s awesome.

Mike Proctor 50:59
And she thought that was cool. So

Xad 51:00
she’s about to be killing it. And let me know where I can go to invest a little bit because I like the idea.

Mike Proctor 51:07
They they did, man there’s so many like, there was a guy talking about how he basically flips like, storage units, old storage units,

Xad 51:17
like buys the shit out of him.

Mike Proctor 51:19
buys them up automates them makes a shit ton of money off them. All kinds of it from every end of the spectrum. The one 800 got junk guy. I think he made like billions. Jesus can one 800 got junk. He just bought people’s junk. I need to call one 800 got junk.

Yeah, I got a fucking piano half a piano back of my house.

Xad 51:40
That dude, the they’re not taking that.

Mike Proctor 51:41
I don’t expect them to Yeah, I just don’t know what to do. I don’t I don’t know where to put it. Like that’s a thick

Xad 51:47
ass piece of metal take that thing will be there for long and I’ve called

Mike Proctor 51:50
around and everyone wants three to $400 to pick it up. And it’s literally like a just a giant piece of metal. Like, in a wood box attached to it. And the screws are rusted so I can’t get the fucking thing off.

Xad 52:05
Yeah, that’s, uh, that thing was tough to get out of your house. I

Mike Proctor 52:08
know. It was it’s very heavy.

Xad 52:10
Yeah. When you call it when you got

Mike Proctor 52:11
four guys.

Xad 52:13
It was still pretty tough. It was pretty heavy. And it was like we

Mike Proctor 52:17
only had three guys.

Xad 52:18
Well, that’s for me, you Luke and Dylan.

Mike Proctor 52:22
Oh, Dylan wasn’t it wasn’t it? Yeah.

Xad 52:23
Yeah. Okay, but but it was icy out. Remember, it was like wet. It was like it was it was like March. Or like, Oh, yeah,

Mike Proctor 52:33
it was remember.

Xad 52:34
It was like, you know, I mean, this is March in Michigan. So it was like, wet, snowy, icy, slick. And we’re trying to carry this. It’s definitely two three or 3.3

Mike Proctor 52:47
pounds. The thing’s fucking

Xad 52:49
awkward as shit and just

Mike Proctor 52:52
I’ll give you 100 bucks just not 3 and 4.

Xad 52:54
Yeah, Dan. Is there going like like

Mike Proctor 52:57
you’re gonna probably scrap this and make money off it weighs like a ton. Yeah. Come on. Fuck. Yeah, man. But I got binge lords.

I thought that was a fun

Xad 53:15
fun week would you be would you be kind of pissed like if you develop this whole thing and then you’re not the vengeful or something?

Mike Proctor 53:21
No, not at all. I hundred percent understand someone else’s the Binge Lord? Yeah, that’s that’s okay with me. Yeah, I would like to win something. Yeah, yeah, I’m

Xad 53:28
gonna get like, like, I

Mike Proctor 53:29
just, I would I would be more of like, even if my own product, I’d be like the user that just plays does it for a little while. And then probably doesn’t use it very often. I just, I’m always on to something.

Xad 53:42
Yeah. Something. It’s funny, cuz because we’re like, this whole conversation is was like, Hey, what did you do while you were quarantined? And I’m like, I played fucking Madden. Would you? Well, I developed a web app.

Mike Proctor 53:57
Oh, man, it’s hard. I tell you what, this it’s hard. Yeah, I have an associate’s degree in programming. And it’s hard. I didn’t learn anything like that is valid to, I didn’t learn anything that is valid to what is really the best way to do something now. Right? I learned a bunch of useless skills. But if you if I look at it and think about the theory behind things, that’s what you need to learn,

Xad 54:25
like you understand, like, you understand the base, you

Mike Proctor 54:27
have to understand the concept and then you have to be able to apply those little things to them. But only in when you get practiced in something specific is when you’re really you know, and there’s so many things that are like, oh, like I was looking on Fiverr for, like, just someone to like assist me with a few things. Mm hmm. Um, or like advised

Xad 54:49
what’s Fiverr

Mike Proctor 54:50
Fiverr is a website that you can hire like freelance people. So you could you could go to like get your graphic made on Fiverr. You can go to get a website. All kinds of business on Fiverr

Xad 55:02
technically, it’s

Mike Proctor 55:03
like a person that isn’t freelance independent contractor. And so they have like listings and they’ll say, like, I’ll make you a web website using this program. Um, you know, hundred bucks, it’d be like 100 bucks for the basic webpage, 300 bucks for the premium webpage. And so, but as you know, scrolling around, and some of those people are like, they’ll make you a full stack web application, basically everything, you know, you let them know what you want, and they’ll make it for you. Like 800-1000 bucks. If you’re good at it, you can bust that out in like, a weekend. Right? So, um, but yes, we really practice, right, you know, like, like, a specific programming language or, but that’s a lot of fucking money. And, and the program I’m using is really new. Right? So it’s a bubble, dot IO. And, like, you could you could use it, you could figure you could figure basic things out, like, you could set yourself up a pot, a podcast website. Um, it’s very easy. And it’s free. And you you can you can I forgot. I had an initial point. Oh, bubble is new. And so it? There’s not a lot of resources for learning it. Right. There’s not a whole lot of like developers on there’s some but very few. Um,

Xad 56:33
it’s early. It’s basic it

Mike Proctor 56:35
Yeah. So it’s still in rudimentary years old. Yeah. And so that may, that’s made it a little bit tough to, because there’s not a lot of specific stuff. Which is what I rely on when learning something new. I just hit the web. Blow it up. But yeah, it’s been fun. frustrating.

Xad 56:56
Yeah, but fun. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 56:58
I’m stuck the effect.

Xad 57:00
Yeah, me too. It felt good to put the phones on, I felt good to come back downstairs. It’s everything is I’m just I’m happy that I’m back. You know, out in the world and stuff. Like the first time I went and talked to people

at like, the grocery store. I was like, you know, like that linger? Do you want to talk a little bit longer? I’m gonna pay with cash just because I need human interaction. It’s kind of how I felt. But um, but yeah, but ya know, it’s been a good, you know, thanks to everyone who reached out and gave me well wishes, you know, some people on the website and, and through Facebook and stuff like that. So I apprec appreciate it all

Mike Proctor 57:49
that and yeah, I so I heard, I had heard two people actually, that had COVID seriously on, or no, I think it was just one maybe. I’m on I heard one on the Joe Rogan show. I remember for sure. And it was he had it like super seriously. And he was like in hospital. I can’t remember his name. I want to say it was like Andrew something. He was like in the hospital crying calling people like thought he was about to die, and ended up getting out. And you know, that’s fuckin Yeah, that’s shit. Like, he was like in the hospital, when it first Went, went

Xad 58:29
and see

that’s the thing. I think people don’t realize about it because they hear about cases like, like mine, or are the asymptomatic cases and stuff like that. And I think they forget, like, everybody will processes this thing in a different way. Like, everybody reacts differently based on Like I said, I from my research that I did when I had it when I was frickin bored. And like, I got to look something up. Yeah. Was from like, your blood type to just like the way that your your immune responses, all these different things. It affects you in different ways. And yeah, I mean, there’s like legitimately extremely serious cases out there. And, you know, yeah, you just lose sight of that, because the numbers start to blur things. And for sure.

Mike Proctor 59:14
It was it was pretty scary, though. For sure. I remember. It wasn’t that long ago. No, no, it was pretty quick. Yeah, but it was still scary. Yeah. So it’s serious, but not

Xad 59:28
serious, but not serious. It just ends it all depends.

Mike Proctor 59:31
Better safe than sorry. I’m pretty okay with that. Yeah, also, the mask keeps my face warm and it’s cold in Michigan.

Xad 59:38
I dig it

Mike Proctor 59:39
so and I have big like a Amazon mask and then focus nice bro it’s nice and warm.

Xad 59:46
Are you still doing shit outside for work?

Mike Proctor 59:48
Um, yeah, sometimes like oh, you know we have fucking cold man. Yeah, bro. It’s it’s cold and cold. My wheat screen everybody’s temperature. So I was doing that the other day. It was cold out there. But I got some thermal gloves and a Balaclava. I can’t I can’t.

Xad 1:00:15
I know what you’re saying. But

Mike Proctor 1:00:17
it’s the thing over my face and that thing’s pretty warm. They hook you up. It is cold though. Don’t get me wrong, but we live in Michigan. Yeah. Kind of just to fucking deal with it. Oh, gotta do whatever you’re doing. Yeah, I always think ahead. Like if I’m ever gonna do something. I’m like, okay, what’s this gonna be like in the summer and the winter? Like, yeah, two worlds here. You got it. You got to plan for both? Yeah. That’s That’s a tough one. Um, yeah.

Xad 1:00:45
Um, yeah, definitely was meshing it because, well, you got to plan for both of them and then be prepared for the middle and prepared for it to go either. Which way because they could literally be this way in the morning. I mean, like a week ago, it was I walked out to

Mike Proctor 1:01:00
75 fucking

Xad 1:01:01
degrees 75 it was 75 degrees in like, mid afternoon, but it was fucking 12 in the morning. It was cold it was like froze frosted and shit. So yeah, Michigan’s a it’s a beast of it’s got people who live here are hearty and are prepared for it.

Mike Proctor 1:01:18
Usually most of us are your

Xad 1:01:19
your the old people when you get

Mike Proctor 1:01:21
here for winter. That’s cool.

Xad 1:01:23
You Peace out. That’s cool. You put your years and that’s why some of

Mike Proctor 1:01:26
them I wish would leave because people don’t know how to drive. And you know, it gets real dangerous when people don’t know how to fucking drive through that. Just be careful. Yeah. That’s, you know, we roll. That’s true. Oh, how do bro what

Xad 1:01:40
I don’t even know what time we started. Do we started at like, 450? No, for real, which is early or no? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, we’re about an hour and 10 right now.

Mike Proctor 1:01:49
Um, so I wanted to mention, we probably wrap up so I wanted to mention are some upcoming guests that we have. So I’m stoked because we got a comedian coming up soon.

Xad 1:02:03
Like a legitimate like a legitimate comedian. I’m

Mike Proctor 1:02:06
pretty sure Yes,

Xad 1:02:07
yeah. But no, I’m saying like, this is a statement like a legitimate Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:10
yes. Right.

Xad 1:02:11
We have someone I’m super excited to meet her.

Mike Proctor 1:02:14
Absolutely. Me too. Um, we have we’re gonna dive into some cannabis with Jerry, our returning guest and our new guest, john, who we actually met through social media,

local guy,

local guy, which is awesome. So those guys Jerry’s a cannabis entrepreneur himself, so I’m excited. I got some fun questions for him. Yeah. And then who else do we have? Oh, potentially a musician. So we did we got some fun as shit planned soon.

Xad 1:02:46
We got some holidays for the holiday

Mike Proctor 1:02:48
holidays. Holidays means that are stoked. We’re fucking pumped to get back here. And get some not really that famous shit going down. New merch or new merge coming soon. And we’ve been sad. I’ve been saying that for too long. Yeah, but yeah, it’s finally actually coming.

Xad 1:03:06
It’s been ordered. It’s like it’s been ordered.

Mike Proctor 1:03:08
Yes. Yes. I’m gonna throw it up. I hope everybody enjoyed all of our our giveaway stuff. Yeah,

Xad 1:03:15
yeah. We got some winners. I love the tuna one. Something two to one.

Mike Proctor 1:03:19
Tuna tuna one. Um, we had a bunch of fucking people. Yeah. Uh, where was it? Oh, yeah. Shout out. Let’s do

Xad 1:03:30
soon. Um, obviously during my quarantine lockdown. I had a shout out. hand of God new television show that I watch today. We are live on amazon prime.

Mike Proctor 1:03:41
Oh, I watch Borat

Xad 1:03:43
for that. Yes. I watched that. So we were supposed to watch that the weekend that we caught Covid.. Correct that we literally had

Mike Proctor 1:03:50
posted watch Borat like that night

Xad 1:03:52
originally. We’re going to do it that night. And then it was like, she’s just getting tested

Mike Proctor 1:03:57
to do a podcast that no yeah. And then we were gonna watch Borat after.

Xad 1:04:01
Yep. That’s how that went. And then yeah, then it struck. But shout out to Hand of God and Madden for getting me through my little shutdown. Oh, yeah. CDC and just healthcare workers in general. Yeah, true. And they’re there they’ve been been here for at all you know, whatever your opinions on the whole situation is they’re still there. I

Mike Proctor 1:04:23
just think it’s so hard. We do this with almost everything. I just did this with my bank. Because just yesterday I’m not going to dive into that story. We we demonize you know people like the CDC for not you know, knowing what was going on and all that shit and President Trump and all these people but a man we all got lives. Yes. You know, the people

Xad 1:04:49
are people

Mike Proctor 1:04:49
people are people.

And they always will be.

Xad 1:04:53
We got my first million.

Mike Proctor 1:04:56
My first million that’s a dope as podcasts. Like anyone who You know, it’s like me wanting to learn more about businesses and things like that are just kind of it’s just really good entertainment. Honestly. For me, also, they also have an email newsletter. It’s called the hustle. And oh, I was gonna mention this, um, I came across like a really interesting article. And I didn’t even realize this at the time. But I when I read it, it was about, like a company that just bought another company and a stock. So this this stock website, and I forwarded it to DAX, just I don’t just random. Yeah, I was like, No, no, I just was like, I think DAX would I just want to forward this to DAX Oh, and I asked, I just asked him what he thought about it. Yeah. And he texts me back. And then when I was texted him, and I was like, you know, it was funny, because so it relates to this company bought this other company, the one with the smaller companies called Supreme. Supreme is a clothing company that only does like limited edition things big, like, create demand for them by because they only sell 100 you’re only buying 100 or 500, or thousand, or whatever it

Xad 1:06:02
is a little crown is that their little signatures and grants

Mike Proctor 1:06:04
read, they have a read, like scheme. Okay. But they, I was just like, you know, now that I think about it, it’s funny that I forwarded this to you because your brother is always talking about. He’s, you’ve always said that, like, I remember when I was cooking in restaurants. Yeah, we were talking and you were like, Yeah, dude, you need to do like, fucking 100 like, some sandwiches that they’re scared hazing, and there’s 100 of them. And that is all you don’t have any more. That’s all yeah,

Xad 1:06:34
that’s scarcity is it’s one of the it’s one of the sales tactics is, you know, just reducing, you know, you’re not you’re not trying to make a ton of it. You’re just, I’m gonna do this many this way. And then it’s done, and it creates scarcity to it, but yes, yeah,

Mike Proctor 1:06:50
yeah. Yeah. I just thought that I thought about it after the fact. I was like, that’s so funny that I wanted

Xad 1:06:55
to sum all about it, man. That’s that’s my stuff. Um, so yeah, my first million replica, your personal AI Oh, man.

Mike Proctor 1:07:04
Make a random Yes. The random.

Xad 1:07:08
Elaine, what was it lb, lb, lb Elaine’s in her milk bombs. I couldn’t I literally could not find a name

Mike Proctor 1:07:16
that I was asked because that’s not the official name. Okay. They don’t have a name yet.

Xad 1:07:19
Yes. And that’s what I was thinking so Elaine’s Zelby and her unnamed milk bomb? I’m getting after. Um, I can’t wait. We got a Binge lords. And Lords as soon to be

Mike Proctor 1:07:32
soon to be I’m working hard on it. I think it’s gonna be a fun project. And I’m looking for help if anyone wants in on it. Get with me. Yep. Because we’ll make a cool thing. And it’ll be fun.

Xad 1:07:45
We need some badge ideas.

Mike Proctor 1:07:46
Yeah, yeah. And we and we and that’s, you know, the more the merrier. Like we’re gonna it’s gonna be a fun, the content is fun. Yeah, I feel like that’s a fun thing to do.

Xad 1:07:56
Right? You’re watching the shit anyways? Might as well earn a badge.

Mike Proctor 1:07:58
Like you watch all the MCU movies and you know, boom, the screen goes

Xad 1:08:05
Fiverr and then what it was it bubble ice I seven

Mike Proctor 1:08:10
Fiverr and bubble.io Bubble bubble that I that I Oh, that’s a no code tool. If you want to try to learn some shit. They have like tutorials and everything. You know, they’ll they’ll help you get to where you need to be. And that’s how most things are. Which is why I was like they didn’t teach me shit in college.

Xad 1:08:29
They taught me how to look up shit.

Mike Proctor 1:08:31
They taught me me to make me use Google because they were grading me. Yeah, so I had to be like, how do you do this? That’s funny. Shit is that everything.

Xad 1:08:40
I mean that’s about it. Yeah, well, few things in between but yeah, that was about it, man.

Mike Proctor 1:08:45
Well, shit, man. I’m glad we’re back. Me too. Looking forward to the next one. See you guys next time please that’s all she wrote guys. Thank you for listening Xad and I appreciate you guys so much. All the fans that have made not really that famous possible. Um, I hope our giveaway contestants again. So I want to list those off. We had tuna and Erica which is the the significant other of Andrew who was guest on the show. We had john at baked bean on the on Instagram. We have

Xad 1:09:23
upcoming guests right

Mike Proctor 1:09:24
upcoming guest

so that was awesome. And who else want Oh chance nihouse from nihouse music

Xad 1:09:30
and and he he’s a California guy right

Mike Proctor 1:09:33
he lives in Cali. So shout out to him shout out to all the winners of the giveaway. Check them out guys. Check out the shot we got um, you know, it’s Christmas coming up these I got $20 shirts and they’re like dope ass shirts. So I mean, come on nice shirts hot. Can I buy someone a gift? Yeah, hit me up, right. Yes, so this this was an awesome that was fun, man.

Xad 1:09:57
Oh, good to getting back on the mic and Getting back into the rhythm of things. So I missed everybody. I missed this process. And I’m happy to have to get it going again.

Mike Proctor 1:10:07
We also had a really cool graphic went up this over last week or Yeah, early last week. just thanking everybody from all the past episodes are the first 30 episodes done. This is 31

Xad 1:10:21
so it’s been a it was a grind to get here for tickets to get the guests and so to now be booked out a little ways. Yeah, it’s got a good feel to it does, man like you said, just a serious thank you to everybody who’s been involved. Yeah. It was leading up to this.

Mike Proctor 1:10:37
Anyone who comes in does the show for us. It’s like, Yeah, I just it’s so fun. Yeah, I appreciate them so much. Yeah. Um, but yeah, so thank you guys for listening. We will catch you guys next time soon.

Xad 1:10:50
See ya.

Mike Proctor 1:10:52
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