Episode 30: We Just Got Political with Zakk Cox

Zakk is a returning guest and a great conversationalist. Xad and I wanted to do a show about what is on most of our minds, Politics. We are never the type to throw our views out into the world and shun anyone who disagrees, so we took it the NRTF way. We talk about some crazy presidential candidates, watch some hilarious videos about politicians, and look up some ridiculous laws that still exist today. If you haven’t heard of Vermin Supreme, you gotta listen to this one. This isn’t a place you’re going to find a right and left-wing guest going at it over healthcare. We keep it fun and entertaining.

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Transcript Below:

Mike Proctor 0:00
What’s up guys? Welcome back to not really that famous. Our guest on the podcast today a returning guest was Mr. Zakk Cox. Zakk is a close friend of Xad and myself, we all went to school together and such as we got on kind of a touchy topic today, something that’s been probably on a lot of our minds in politics, but we took it the not really that famous way, which is basically not serious at all, but we had, you know, good long discussion about it. And in a really good kind of joking manner. I think it’s healthy. Um, and it was an awesome time. We talked about a lot of things we talked about a lot of the commercials going on right now. Talk about vermin Supreme. If you don’t know who vermin supreme is. Stay tuned. And what else we talked about and just you know, politics in general. We didn’t touch too hard on really anything, though. I want to thank you guys for listening. Thanks for Zakk for coming doing the show with us. That was awesome. We love when anyone makes a trip out to the studio. Remember guys, check out the website. If you haven’t seen it yet. Check out the merch shop. Not really that famous.com you can also find us on any of your favorite podcast apps. I just got an Alexa. If you if you say hey, Alexa, play not really that famous podcast. Alexa will look us up. Thanks for listening, guys. So without further ado, we’re get to we’re getting political here. Stay tuned. Hey, you like the studio, man?

Zakk 1:25
Love it. fantastic job. You gouys have come a long ways

Mike Proctor 1:28
Yeah. Can you remember from when we’re, we’re over in the corner over there?


Xad 1:33
You were the first person in the actual studio before it was lall that it is now.

Mike Proctor 1:37
ou were the first person that came in when we really started calling it the studio.

Zakk 1:40
Ah, yeah. Yeah, good. Good. I like it.

Mike Proctor 1:46
me and xad I’ve been working hard on this pitch, man. We’re finally set up though. I think you know, we got our we got we got it.

Xad 1:52
We haven’t made any tweaks in the last couple episodes, which feels good. Because before we were like, every episode, we were changing this and different chairs, different tables. So it’s been it’s been nice to kind of just sit back, relax and be ready to go one more time to record

Zakk 2:06
the progress shows. Really.

Mike Proctor 2:09
Thank you, man. Welcome back. Dog

Zakk 2:11
feels good. Feels good. Feels good.

Mike Proctor 2:14
Yeah, um, I will say, uh, you you had expressed some interest and come back to the show, man. So I couldn’t wait to couldn’t wait to get you back on.

Zakk 2:22
Well, I feel I feel honored. I really

Mike Proctor 2:26
in light of, you know, what’s going on in the world. Xad and I kind of want to do another little special episode we’ve been we’ve had a couple specials out before. And we so you know, we just figured day the elections going on right now. So, but in true, not really that famous fashion? We are going to be almost never serious? We’re almost never serious. Um, you know what, I’m sick of man. Just everything on commercials. Like, you can’t watch the football games or anything without seeing just constant political commercials. Not only like Trump and Biden, but like all the everyone else who’s running there’s like senators and you know, all these different people running. And some of them are so fucking hilarious.

Xad 3:13
Some of them make me uncomfortable watching. Yeah, like Damn, they just call that person the fuck out.

Mike Proctor 3:18
Seriously? Oh my gosh, my kids are like, Did Wait, what did he do? And I’m like, nothing, honey. It’s Don’t worry about

Zakk 3:27
it unless you seclude yourself in a room and not go anywhere. Yeah, you are gonna see political ads, political. Anything. you just drive down the road. You’re gonna see something political. You know, it is it’s very unfortunate. It’s very shitty. But what are you gonna do? You know, what? What are you gonna do? You’re gonna wait for the election to get over with and pray to the good Lord that it just goes well,

Mike Proctor 3:51
and and it will you know it like it will. It always does, you know, we just we get up in these hype and stuff. And then everything happens and then we all kind of chill back out, you know, and everyone goes on with their lives for them. I mean, we all make noise and the noise is still there. But, um, you know, and we always get through this. Like, I was diving into a bunch of like, old old elections and shit. Yeah. So I was curious what kind of crazy shit has happened already that you know, I, I probably learned about, but I don’t remember. You know, truly. Um, does anyone know when George Washington would like got elected? Like the year? Yeah, it was it wasn’t 1776 I think it was like 1790 something

Zakk 4:38

somewhere around there because he died and 10 years later in 1799. Oh, he was actually the only president to not live in the White House. It was built right. The second president john adams was the first to live in it. So pretty much right when Washington died and then they finished it in the second president moved in

Xad 5:02
what year? Did you say Zakk?

Zakk 5:03

Xad 5:05
The hell you pull that shit out of those crazy, dude.

Zakk 5:09
Well, it is kind of easy to remember. Because anything with, I guess politics, the Constitution because all American does justice to that constitution in 1789. That’s when we got our constitution came out, which took I think like a year to write And once that came out and we got our first president.

Mike Proctor 5:25
So he won the first election. So as I was diving into this, you want to know when the first real controversial presidential election was? A

Zakk 5:36
1960 1960 1800? Yeah, why I The reason I say that is because Nixon and Kennedy. Yeah, they had the first video election of debating on TV. So no, I see what you’re saying. I guess I went as far as

Mike Proctor 5:57
I meant, but no, no, no, no, I understand what you were you were going in? And you’re definitely Right. Yeah. But I meant in terms of just any sort of real big controversy, like the first real controversy that happened. And yeah, it was, um, the what fourth, fourth president than what year? Did you say it was 1800 1800? Yeah.

Zakk 6:18
Okay. So well, so that would have been john adams. It was

Mike Proctor 6:24
Thomas Jefferson.

Zakk 6:24
Yeah. He was the president. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 6:27
And so, Thomas, john, I think it was the election after Thomas Jefferson. There ended up being a huge race between like four candidates. And one of the candidates names was Aaron Burr. And Aaron Burr. He’s like, on some I don’t really remember that name for for any sort of purpose or anything like that. Well, Aaron Burrwas like the first kind of Playboy guy to run for president. He was like this, you know, rich. I can’t quite remember what he what he did, but because like this rich, young, young, young ish, kind of party guy through massive parties, and I think it’s he lived in New York, and he would throw these massive parties at his mansion. And as he was trying to sort of, you know, run for president and be in this race, and I think they all ended up like turn. You know, they all end up dropping out. And then I think they gathered whatever people and voted against Jefferson, who’s the president after Jefferson, James Madison,

Zakk 7:31
James Madison, author of the Constitution.

Mike Proctor 7:33
Um, I do believe James Madison was one of those four candidates. Obviously, yeah, six seems how he succeeded him. Yeah. But um, I just, I thought it was funny. I was I was reading the story. And I was like, Man, this guy’s like, Trump, but way back then. Yeah. A little bit, you know what I mean? Yeah. And him being in the race is hilarious to me. Because, you know, there’s been all these crazy, crazy individuals that have tried to, you know, represent leadership positions, right, in our in our nation. And they always, you know, try to run for president. It’s just now that Trump actually won. It was like, wow, no, no, shit. Well, we this has happened a lot before. Yes.

Zakk 8:15
Yes. And actually, going back to that time, I would say, between Andrew Jackson and john quincy adams. Yes. That’s an that was the huge one and the next one. Yeah. Because Jackson had his people, his followers, I guess. He had his people Chase, quincy adams are right out of the White House. And if you want to talk about intense they had a very big feud against each other because Jackson believed he got screwed over big time. And in Jackson was not a dude. To be fucked with. Yeah. All so I mean, he Old Hickory used in general,

Xad 8:57
right. I mean, he’s

Zakk 8:59

  1. He had the big fight New Orleans, Louisiana there. And actually is funny because that was when he did that famous battle. It was actually two weeks after the war of 1812 ended. And him and his group ended up slaughtering British in the war was actually over at that time. It’s kind of crazy. They are too late to the party. They didn’t get the message because of horses, no. Mail situation

Mike Proctor 9:26
then and this guy was the president for quite an extended period of time. Wasn’t Andrew jackson in, like, in very unusual terms, like Didn’t he serve like, three times or something?

Zakk 9:41
No, he he served. He served, I believe two terms because right after him, it was Martin Van Buren. And

Mike Proctor 9:51
yes, Mr. $20 bill.

Zakk 9:54
Well, yeah, yeah. Yeah, Jackson. He was. He has a lot of criticism against them, which is fine, I understand it, you know, to an extent, but with him. He had a lot he when he was a kid, during the Revolutionary War, him and his I believe it was his father were kidnapped by the British. And he had a pure hatred for the British. And directly after that, you know, he fought as a general in a war of 1812. And this guy was dueling, like you duel people and just killed it. Yeah, you know, he, I mean, he was very hardened. And in between him and Teddy Roosevelt. I think those are the two most extreme just the most hard ass presidents we’ve ever had. You want to talk about extreme there? I think they’re a lot more intense than than Trump.

Mike Proctor 10:52
Yeah, so Oh, certainly. Certainly. Right. And so, you know, kind of the, the funny thing to me is like, we all we all kind of do the pkg you know, the Pikachu face, the Pikachu meme where it’s like, oh, yeah, you know, we all everyone people, we kind of do that with, you know, the world that we live in. And I just think about like, what god damn is this shits been going? This is always how it’s been. You can’t be surprised.

Zakk 11:17
Yeah, well, technology man, we see everything. It was weird. We,

Xad 11:24
when you mentioned that as far as the first campaign that was televised or whatever, I had never thought about it like that these people were unless you went to a rally or whatever would have been back then and saw them they made faces to the names they never heard their voices or anything like that. You hear that constantly now so yeah, technology definitely plays a part in that.

Mike Proctor 11:42
back then to it was even a little bit malicious. I was on a couple things. It was like, you know, a poster that would have went up had a donkey on it. And it was like this little poem or Limerick type of thing about I think it was like James Buchanan instead of old he’s older that’s like a somewhere in the nine to 15 range somewhere in something like James I believe Yeah, yeah, not so so the poster has like a donkey and it says like a poem about James talking about James is the king shall do something of Yeah, it’s very very pleasant. And then there’s one on the other side, dog and whoever Millard or milk milk out of someone whoever you ran for against, and dog in that guy. And I think the the last line of the poem is like hit him in the head with a stone or something. And I’m like, these guys were fucking hardcore. But

Zakk 12:38
you know, again, Jackson beat a guy to death pretty much with this hickory stick at 60 some years old. Yeah. Ron there. Were

Mike Proctor 12:48
there were a lot more. Wait, he does Jackson is very Old Hickory, Old Hickory. That’s the Bleeding Kansas. thing I was reading some was called Bleeding Kansas. This big saga that went on with Kansas. I can’t quite remember what the hell it’s about. But sure. I believe that happened as one of the events of kind of this longer series of events. Brother because it cuz then he killed somebody with a he beat him with a stick with it with his cane.

Zakk 13:17
Yeah, it was an old walking stick. Yes. There’s a hickory stick. That’s why I call him Old Hickory. Yes. Yep. Good stuff. He was Yeah, he actually I believe one of the stories with him to his there was I want to say it was a farmer and the farmer was bashing Jackson’s wife like saying all kinds of bad stuff about her. So Jackson walked up she said we’re gonna duel you want to talk bad about my wife? Let’s Let’s aim the gun so let’s do this that’s a bad motherfucker and yeah, and actually walk armor go it’s let’s gunfight it. Farmer shot first. And hit Jackson. I believe Jackson after that just pulled his gun up after he was shot and just shot the farmer right in the head.

Mike Proctor 13:59
I was watching a video

Xad 14:00
that way this is during presidency post or pre?

Zakk 14:04
Uh, I want to say was before his pre Yeah, I want to say it was before his presidency. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 14:10
Um, that’s I watched a goddamn that came out of getting shot. Not back then I watched it much

Xad 14:15
much less. back then.

Mike Proctor 14:17
I watched the police body cam video just earlier today. And the officers like going up to this little shady punk ass fucking kid. Kids being all shady. And officer like, is trying to talk them talk to him nicely. He tells him he’s like you’re still not in trouble. Goes to take the kid kid fucking stabs him in the neck. And it wasn’t like a super graphic video or anything but kid stabs him in the neck. He chases the fuck the kid down. tazes him, get some cuffed as people come and help them out and they’re like, bro, you’re booking bleeding. And he’s like, No, I’m cool. And they make them like get they give him a quick clot or something.

Zakk 14:57
You got that adrenaline going? You know, you really don’t Yeah, I just

Mike Proctor 15:02
Andrew jackson and getting shot I was like, yeah.

Zakk 15:07
And that’s why I said Teddy Roosevelt, too. He was shot during his inauguration speech onstage and then continued to do a 57 minute, or maybe it was over 57 minute speech. And then afterwards, all No, go.

Xad 15:22
Yes, I’ll go to the hospital

Zakk 15:23
doctors now, you know, yeah.

Mike Proctor 15:27
some bad motherfuckers Yeah, they Yes, they were Trump couldn’t get shot and continue to he would he would fall over.

Xad 15:33
A lot of these guys were weren’t necessarily career politicians, which is more prevalent nowadays. These guys were like you said these guys are like fucking generals. Yeah, but in battles, literally, like bad dudes that like led the charge. And then, you know, through their popularity model, yeah. transformed into just a completely sort of polluted Yeah, yep.

Mike Proctor 15:56
There’s still a lot of generals and so on. Definitely. Yeah. A

Unknown Speaker 16:00
lot of presidents did time but are served time in the army, but there was not a few.

Zakk 16:07
There’s a few I think the only the one that really comes to my mind, I guess in today’s world. Tulsi Gabbert who was running Yeah, she was she’s actually she’s still in the military. I do believe and

Mike Proctor 16:22
I believe you’re correct

Zakk 16:23
. Yes, she is. And it’s crazy too because in today’s craziness if if she would have had more right wing, right wing views, I would have been all about her but unfortunately, you know, some of her views I couldn’t get behind. But she is very professional in the way that she talks the way that she debates her I mean, she just just she was phenomenal but a couple things yeah you know I just I I wish she she was more right wing

Mike Proctor 16:58
you almost I don’t know it’s it’s hard to I feel like pick one side that’s

Zakk 17:05

Mike Proctor 17:07
So it’s almost good that you’re you know someone it

Zakk 17:11
does dude his talks man it’s hard It doesn’t matter anymore the way that I see it because again i’m i’ve always been really right wing but as time goes on every day it’s just it doesn’t matter what party you’re in it just it’s getting more and more ridiculous

Mike Proctor 17:29

Zakk 17:29
you know, and it does it sucks. I hate it. But you know you can’t esapce it.

Mike Proctor 17:35
but it’s funny as I could we were talking about the you know, how politics have changed and such. And actually Americans I feel like we handle them pretty fucking well. Because the last I couldn’t I don’t even remember if I found the last reported fight in American politics,

Xad 17:54
like fist fight

Mike Proctor 17:55
like a fist fight. Go that I sent you some links. Go watch this shit, bro.

first before we hit this one. Yeah, there’s one really really popular one. That is like, I believe it’s in India. And it’s like a big massive meeting between a bunch of you know, people I think probably in the Middle East over there. And they’re all wearing like robes and stuff. And dude, they go ham in that bitch. They all start breaking out and fighting. It’s on like one of those shows where he’s like, number 115 people in India or 50,000 inaugural guests and then yeah, but yeah, that’s that’s a fuckin funny one. I remember

watching. Shoot for Okay, this guy.

This guy is probably one of the more peaceful ones gonna go with Ukraine. Check this out. Go to the Ukrainians. This is the Ukrainians and this isn’t that long ago. This was pretty recent.So it’s like, you know, big Ukrainian parliament brings up that guy came down. Watch us. He’s like,

Xad 19:01
picking this motherfucker. Got a chokehold going on. Double fists.

Mike Proctor 19:07
Come at him as he go back to the beginning. So right in the beginning, you can see the guy like that. You know, it starts real quick, but they they must have been talking or something. I think it really stands up right there. He goes through the door. And then he disappears for a second right comes back. Comes back on the camera. He’s right here. He’s like, get the fuck out of here. walk out of here.

Xad 19:28
I like the fact that he was

Mike Proctor 19:29
your ass up. I’m gonna walk through.

Zakk 19:31

Xad 19:32
I like the fact that he has flowers ready to rock and roll to hand to him like Hey, listen, here’s some flowers mother throw yourself off the stage.

Zakk 19:40
It really looks like it starts to go south. As soon as he gets that ball grab right there. Yeah.

When it hits the fan

Mike Proctor 19:47
the way he picked him up was like so strange. And then watch this dude right here comes in boom, boom. starts playing fucking haymakers.

Xad 19:58
that guy wasn’t even trying talk it out. No. He’s like, I’m a punch this

Mike Proctor 20:05
shit was so funny. So now so that’s the Ukrainians, right Ukrainians probably handled that someone poorly.,

Xad 20:12
still grabbing choking ladders. Hair polen

Mike Proctor 20:16
Oh, dude, someone’s got like a fish hook in his ear.

Xad 20:20
That looks so painful hairpin. There’s people standing on top of like the stage below the main stage. Everybody’s that and they’re just taking pot shots, choking and pull. They’re all wearing the same color blue shirt..

Mike Proctor 20:31
that guys taking a selfie

Xad 20:34
Oh my gosh.

Zakk 20:36
That guy that ran in though he looked like he had a lot of built up anger and aggression as it was like he was just waiting for it to happen anyways. And as soon as he started to do that, yeah, it was his cue. He just ran in

Xad 20:47
his like, he’s having like a rough time at home. Yeah. And he was shot.

Mike Proctor 20:52
He must have really really cared about that guy who got picked up

Zakk 20:55

Mike Proctor 20:58
Right. So this is now we’re gonna go to Georgia. Right. Ukraine is somewhat over there in the in the Middle East, right. Yeah. So northern Southern Europe. So Eastern Southeastern Europe. Jordan, Georgia, which is right next to Jordan. We should go to Jordan. Georgia is in right in the middle east north of India. Hmm. And go check these fucking guys out right. So

Xad 21:24
Boxing Day

Mike Proctor 21:25
Georgian guys? No, of course there’s a fuck yeah. Let me tell you Georgian guys. They don’t take no shit. I believe

Xad 21:33
that Luke Bryan slang and some

Mike Proctor 21:34
government is fucking amazing compared to these guys. Yeah. Because imagine if the leadership of your country was those Ukrainian dudes

Xad 21:43
handled like that?

Zakk 21:44
I thought during the first debate there I was. I was kind of hoping to see Trump and Biden.

Xad 21:51
I think there’s a lot of people that tuned in. So this is the Georgia’s got some people punching each.

Mike Proctor 21:59
Dude, this guy goes hey, wait, it was it. Oh, do I think we missed the? Oh no. Yeah, they’re not done yet. So there’s one guy in here. I can’t remember where he is. I think it’s in just a minute here though. These guys fucking go ham. He’s square. Yeah, yeah, they square up. Georgian guys. Don’t take no shit. Now

Xad 22:18
it’s funny too. Because these aren’t. Oh, look at him. He’s smiling.

Mike Proctor 22:22
Dude, he starts clocking people. When Listen, then he starts tries to talk. Hey, listen here.

Xad 22:28
This guy’s got to whip.

Zakk 22:30
Oh, my God. whip o hes got his belt.

Xad 22:33
I think my belt.

Mike Proctor 22:35
I was watching Georgian fights. There’s so many of them. Hmm, these dudes go

Xad 22:40
guys get punched in the back of the head. They fight dirty and he doesn’t even he’s smiling and laughing that guy’s crazy. I don’t fuck with that guy.

Mike Proctor 22:51
if anyone looks up Georgian Parliament fights this guy.


Zakk 23:02
even watching way too much WWE.

That was that was good though. I like it. In the show. Proof dude.

Mike Proctor 23:09
Speaking of fights, you know Mike Tyson’s about to fight Roy Jones, Jr.

Zakk 23:12
I did not. I did not. Yeah, it must be all the politics clouding my brain.

Mike Proctor 23:17
That hasn’t made its way under your feed, right?

Zakk 23:19
Yeah, no, that’s awesome. Mike Tyson. Go see that.

Mike Proctor 23:24
I’m Xad. You should? Oh, look at my face. Oh,

Xad 23:28
yeah. I want to see when this fight.

Mike Proctor 23:30
I’m telling you guys you can watch a Georgian Parliament fights that goes on often over there. Dude, there’s so many of us. That’s what I mean. Like, guys, we’re doing really good. There’s no one duking it out in Congress. True.

Zakk 23:43

Xad 23:45
Maybe you’ve got that point. Maybe like stuff gets done, though. No, they they hash that stuff out real quick.

Zakk 23:51
It might not be them duking it out, but because of their party base, they got us

Mike Proctor 23:56
do. Very, very unfortunate is a very good observation.

Zakk 24:00
Yeah. Because you do seal out a division and you do see the party system of people just going at it and all these rallies in it is crazy. It’s fair.

Mike Proctor 24:11
True. Maybe they need to duke it out.

Well, sons of bitches. You guys fucking fight and box in here. We’ll see who’s standing.

Zakk 24:17
Yeah, yeah.

Mike Proctor 24:19
Pretty soon we’re electing fucking Mike Tyson. I need this guy to fucking go and represent me, man. Yeah. Yeah, he’ll knock some motherfuckers out on the floor.

Zakk 24:31

Oh, it’s crazy. It’s crazy.

Mike Proctor 24:37
We’re gonna have to rock

he’s gonna be the president.

Xad 24:39
I have a feeling

Zakk 24:41
that he will not

Xad 24:43
you don’t think idiocracy will just literally play itself out that movie.

Zakk 24:48
Yeah, I will. Good. You.

You here’s my I got my guess my opinion if you are in any celebrity, status if you are a musician, if you are a movie actor, and we that, yeah, if you’re an athlete, do that job. Stay out of the politics. Really. I that is one thing. There’s a lot of people that I have enjoyed throughout the years, artists, you know, and as soon as the whole Trump Biden thing, and even back when Hillary was running, as soon as they tried to get that involved, like, like, they’re just trying to influence so many people, because they care about this candidate so much, dude, I, I like you because of what you do. It’s not politics. Politics

Mike Proctor 25:45
kind of cheap.

Zakk 25:45
Yeah. Yeah. You know, I, I don’t want to be, I don’t want one of my heroes or idols trying to influence me politically, just because of who they are when it comes to, again, whether their music,

Mike Proctor 25:59
or does it So does it kind of turn you off As a fan?

Zakk 26:03
Absolutely. Absolutely. I cannot stand it. I really can’t even you know, even for people, maybe it’s a celebrity that maybe has views like me. I still don’t want to hear it. I just I don’t, you know, keep it. I guess to yourself, don’t try to influence people because of your platform.

Mike Proctor 26:21
It’s kind of like yeah, like a policy thing. Almost. You’re later you’re like, Oh, no, I just I just, I’d rather not even know. Yeah,

Zakk 26:27
yeah. Like, I love your movies. I don’t care to know who you want as President. But you know, I because what difference is it? Gonna make? I guess you can influence people. But I’m gonna pick who I want. I don’t want you to tell me

Mike Proctor 26:42
if you were if you were say, you know, super famous. And not really not really that famous.

Zakk 26:50
Love it?

Mike Proctor 26:52
would you would you feel Don’t you think you would feel like compelled to do something like that? Because you there are so many people in the world who don’t think like you do. So then but then you’re like, Oh, well, I have this voice. Maybe I should use it. I don’t know. I just feel

Zakk 27:13
I see where you’re coming from

Mike Proctor 27:13
I greedis always

Yeah, I could really swing this thing.

Zakk 27:19
Yeah, it’s Yeah, I have thought about that, too. Um, I guess. See, I I am not famous. So I can’t go off a personal experience.

Mike Proctor 27:28
That doesn’t make it not cheap.

Zakk 27:29
Right. Yeah. I mean, again, you know, if you’re in a position where you are, whether it be your famous athlete, or whatever, you’re in that position, because of what you’re doing specifically, you know, and that’s why you’re enjoyed by so many fans. And I just think once you start to go outside of that box, you’re gonna just you lose fans, you know, you’re there for a reason for one specific thing. You know, now if you’re a politician, that’s a celebrity. Okay. Yeah, that you’re in politics

Mike Proctor 28:04
i truly dislike. I feel the same way. Because, like, I like football. I like NFL. I hate all the bullshit that goes with it now, now. And like, all the way down to like, I don’t know, stupid, silly things that shouldn’t really matter. But I’m like, what are they gonna do? Again, this and that, like, just play the goddamn game? Yeah. And I’m not trying to throw hate on all of those things. All I’m saying is I just want to watch the game. Yeah, you don’t want to see. So all the other bullshit. And so to the same point a little bit. The way they drill those players is like you almost have to, huh? Because like, you know it well, at least in that specific regard. There are times you go in front of the media to talk about football stuff, like players you know, they’re like, required to go in front of the media and talk about football things, but I don’t feel like they always ask them all kinds of shit. Then you’re fuckin Hmm.

Xad 29:00
So for me, especially with the NFL, because that’s, that’s my favorite sport. But yeah, that’s like, That’s like my release. And like you said, with music and stuff like that. That’s, that’s where I want to go not be involved with those others, like these other extremely important things that go on in the world. Like I just wants to watch a football game or listen to some music without feeling like it’s it’s your escape that yeah, that I have to have the same views as that person at that point in time. Not necessarily. The views are bad, good views or good views, but just, you know, don’t feel like you need to agree with something.

Zakk 29:34
Kurt Russell. That guy, Kurt Russell, I believe said it best. So there you have Fantasyland and you have reality. movies, music, and sports. Okay. That’s where you get away. That’s your that’s your escape, you know, especially he’s mainly talking about movies of course. Yeah. But again, that’s where it Fantasyland. That’s where you can go to listen to do you know, to Enjoy inside your mind perceive it how you want. It’s away from reality because then once you get into reality, which is again what we’re talking about politics and everything, you know, you people, people have got to have an escape man. And that’s what music movies and sports you know, that was our escape but now it’s not Oh, it’s so intertwined. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 30:21
it just sucks because I never even used to really know. Huh, cuz the fuck I was so disconnected, but now it’s everywhere. So you have to, you know, be involved in it. Like, yeah. I will never get political. Yeah, my podcast.

Xad 30:37
Yeah, it’s

Mike Proctor 30:38
but I’m like, you know what, god damn, we’re gonna have to talk about this shit. Because what else

Zakk 30:45
I was involved in a Trump rally the other day that I didn’t even mean to be in because I was just coming by I was just coming back out here. And there was a huge railway going out and how old and it was literally two minutes down the road from where I stay with my girlfriend. Oh, and yet, on the back of my truck, I have little American flag there, you know. And then on my tire cover, I got to 13 stars, you know, 1776 and all that. And the line of vehicles. Trump vehicles was ridiculous all the way down Grande River. And they were all there. So it’s actually like two lanes. And so the lane on the left, because they were going to, I want to say like the library is where they’re going to hold this thing. People just, they were holding it everywhere, really. In when I was out there just just trying to make my way here. I was on the other side of and in this traffic, all these Trump vehicles. And you know, I obviously probably looked like a Trump supporter, which is not what I was going for. But

Mike Proctor 31:47
hooting and hollering? Oh,

Zakk 31:48
yes, in either. You know, and that’s crazy, too. Because every vehicle, just this line of vehicle, it wasn’t just a driver. No, it was, there was a passenger. There’s people in the bag, every people car was like, full and then there was trucks with people in the back and the better the trucks on Grand River and you know, it’s just

Mike Proctor 32:06
not giving a fuck

Zakk 32:07
yeah, it’s so many people. And you know that you see a lot of that. And that’s why like when people say I’m talking about Biden, in his polling numbers being so high all this, when you drive down the road, odds are, you’re gonna see a lot more Trump stuff you just do in the rallies are insane, which I until I personally witness that one, you know, because I always seen him on TV. But yeah, everywhere you go, and maybe every once in a while, you might see a Biden sign or you do not see very much in you know, the

Mike Proctor 32:17
it depends on where you are. Yeah, well, where you are.

Zakk 32:49
Yeah, I guess maybe if you’re in like a bigger city I’ve seen but even then, even then, I would have been down in Detroit. And I still I which is kind of really crazy to see a lot of Trump stuff down there.

Mike Proctor 33:03
We’re like a republican state for the most part.

Xad 33:06
Well know that. She’s Democrat.

Mike Proctor 33:08
Oh, yeah. Well, I really the only democratic sort of areas done by Detroit. Yeah. Lansing, Flint. Yeah,

Xad 33:15
um, you know, one thing that throws me off a ton is the other day we’re going through drive thru at McDonald’s and one of the workers there had it the big a big ass Trump flag flying. Like, no, no, no. On their their vehicle, their car. Oh, I saw them coming out and getting into their vehicle. Gotcha. And so I’m like looking at this and it’s a kid. Yeah, it’s a kid. They’re not even I wonder hundred percent swear to god, this kid is not old enough to vote. And I’m like, like when I would was not

Mike Proctor 33:47
we might have been driving his parents car. working at McDonald’s.

Xad 33:52
And made it look like a parent car man.

Mike Proctor 33:54
He’s driving mom or dad.

Xad 33:56
Oh, man, that I’ve just like this. This kid not old enough to vote and rolling around and just starting to support it’s a more popular thing now though. Definitely more of an honor. Like fleek thing to do is is that is your water. I do.

Zakk 34:11
Thank you.

Xad 34:12
You’re welcome.

Zakk 34:14
washes coffee down, man. Wait. Oh, yeah.

Mike Proctor 34:17
For sure. Yeah, man, I would I would concur, though. There’s a there’s but the thing is now it’s not because motherfuckers be spending like Dude, they got flags and decorations in house. Yes. In whole Biden houses. Yep. No, my damn. Y’all going nuts with thats where you put them stimulus checks. I believe it’s nuts though, man. Yeah, people go ham now. So we all live it

Xad 34:46
so much, you know can’t get away from I can’t get away. It’s everywhere.

Mike Proctor 34:49
Everybody’s everybody’s getting down on the ship. Wait, props to you for blending in and being in conspicuous though. Yeah. Get into that Trump rally, bro. Ah, yeah, that went very well. The other way

Zakk 35:00
it could have I mean, well, no, I mean, everybody was honking their horns at me too because every time somebody drove by, with either an American flag or a cop, sport cop who lives literally anything, you know, Trump wise, people are out there just honking horns and everything. And again, you know, because of my little American flag that kind of lays off the back and then that tire cover. Again, people were just honking and everything and just assuming,

Mike Proctor 35:28
but again, imagine the other way around. If the sticker says, Black Lives Matter, maybe not black lives matter, but um, you know, something crazy, like blue lives don’t matter. There’s you got those hardcore people the other way? Yeah, that is not a situation you want to be in. It reminds me of all those rallies and shit that were going on and people were jumping on all the goddamn semi trucks. And Shin What the hell’s the matter with you? jumps on a semi truck, you want it that?

Zakk 35:57
Yeah, you can get lost in the depths of YouTube watching the last couple of years of the protest rallies in some shit man has gotten crazy. Very, especially this year. This year has been bad if you do pay attention. You know, everybody’s very familiar with the whole Kyle Rittenhouse thing and you got your militias and then you got this and that and when people start shooting and killing one another, um, during protests and rallies, then you know, yeah, it’s starting to get a little too crazy. Well,

Mike Proctor 36:34
I don’t know. It just makes me think like those people that are at those protests. Okay, let’s say for example, let’s let’s do a hypothetical. I love hypothetical. There you go. Me you and Xad are at a protest. Huh? Right shits getting hazy. The police come out. They got riot shields. Shooting fucking shotgun Riot bullets at us. What are we gonna do?

Well, I’m gonna leave.

Xad 36:56
Yeah. Leave.

Mike Proctor 36:58
Yeah, go home is that Oh, shit. Okay, sorry guys a little crazy. We’re gonna Peace out. pologize Okay, well, here is another day. I don’t know why but we got people we love I want to go the fuck home. All right. I love my people. I love y’all, we in the fuck out of here. Who the fuck stays. I like you must not have no one that you love. Only love this cause that much like you don’t love anyone else. Because think life goes beyond this. So, you know, or

Zakk 37:26
you do see a lot of young kids. So that’s majority all these.

Mike Proctor 37:30
So I mean, it’s very strange to me. That’s that’s why they’re all they’re all they’re introduced to is. It reminds me of that social dilemma documentary. Did you watch it?

Zakk 37:40
I loved it. so fantastic.

Mike Proctor 37:42
The drama of the kid in the little people inside his phone, telling them what to do. And they get them all tied up in the political stuff. And it’s like all these kids have is, you know, this, they don’t make those real life connections. So they don’t even you know, they don’t even have like, their boyfriend or girlfriend are their close friends from high school that they are just with, you know, and then I don’t know, it’s a very strange thing.

Zakk 38:07
Oh, it is. Absolutely. And that is the technology but more importantly, the social media which I personally believe in. Going back to the start with MySpace, remember MySpace, but social media in general has caused I believe such a problem with today’s world. And you know if I if I had my way I never would put that shit out there in the first place. But I guess they didn’t know you know, you don’t know going into that kind of stuff. But I believe social media such as like we

Mike Proctor 38:40
show we we built it. You know, we all built it or using it and loving it. No, yeah. You didn’t understand the ramifications. But yeah, no, but no, we never can like what? Yeah,

Xad 38:53
yeah, hindsight. 2020 on that like it. Looking back now, probably not the best idea to have everybody intertwined. That deeply.

Zakk 39:00
Yeah, yeah. Because you know what, then starts to happen. He gets crazy. And then you have to start censoring. And when people start to get censored, that’s where

Xad 39:09
that’s where people get really pissed.

Zakk 39:11
Oh, yeah. Yeah, gotta regulate everything. Absolutely everything.

Mike Proctor 39:18
Yep, it should sense. Um, you want to Okay, Chet, look this guy up vermin Supreme. Know who vermin supreme is.

Zakk 39:27
I I don’t recognize

Mike Proctor 39:30
to find out. What do you guys see this guy? He kind of looks like a Saruman when he goes, you know who’s who’s the king of Roe Han? I cannot.

Xad 39:43
But he does look like a

Mike Proctor 39:44
look at this guy.

Xad 39:45
American performance out artist, politician activists, this candidate various local, state and national elections.

Mike Proctor 39:52
This man is a member of the Judicial Committee of the Libertarian Party. Okay, liberal love this guy. libertarian. You know,

Zakk 40:02
is that a photo of him over there? Merlin looking motherfucker. It looks

Mike Proctor 40:06
awesome. Vermin Supreme. This man has run for president on several occasions. He has attempted to he has gotten serious voltage.

Zakk 40:16
Yeah. Who would want to vote for a guy named vermin?

Mike Proctor 40:19
vermin Supreme. This man wears a boot on his head like a hat.

Xad 40:25
Yeah, he does.

Zakk 40:27
He is a wizard. I’m telling you.

Mike Proctor 40:28
And man has promised that every person in America should have a pony. pony pony.

Zakk 40:35
Wow. And I think he’s trying to reach out to the wrong crowd.

Mike Proctor 40:38
I think he called like the pony initiative or something. He has a name for it.

Zakk 40:43
Like an actual horse pony.

Mike Proctor 40:45
This he’s also he’s been a member of every presidential victory party. Oh, he’s been with all of them.

Xad 40:53
He got what is that point 02 percent of the 2008 New Hampshire Republican primary. 41 people

Mike Proctor 41:04
voted for him and Supriya 41 people thought this man was a good idea.

who do you run against?

Xad 41:15
john mccain kicks his bucket nasty Joe fucking But yeah, I mean, of course, you know, he would.

Zakk 41:22
But vermin supreme that Yeah. Can’t be his real name. He changed it to that. Assume Who? vermin Supreme.

Xad 41:30
What the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries. He got 268 votes. Okay, so

Mike Proctor 41:37
more people thought this man wears a boot on his head like a hat.

Zakk 41:42
Guy promises ponies to the people.

Xad 41:44
He’s not giving up to he’s still going

4 thousand votes. is not giving up yet.

2020 libertarian presidential primaries. He’s got 9.4% of that vote with 4000

Mike Proctor 41:56
dude, man. Okay, there’s another one right there. Pat Paulson. That’s a whole nother story. That guy’s a comedian. Now they made run for president for several on several occasions.

Zakk 42:05
sheers depressing as everything is maybe we need a comedian.

Mike Proctor 42:09
Yeah, true. But this fucking guy was probably the most hilarious looking presidential. Yeah, I could find dude. Yeah, that’s insane. It is absolutely unreal. how ridiculous this man is. Doesn’t say where his film career. Yeah,

Xad 42:24
he was an actor in a movie. Oh, Jesus. you vote Jesus.

Mike Proctor 42:30
The Chronicles of Ken Stephenson. Yeah.

Xad 42:31
documentary falling supreme out. 2020 or 2012. campaign trail. Oh, don’t worry. Yeah. Yeah, I actually am interested. Now this point I’m looking right to pony. There’s 2017 Clinton book tour. There it is. Boom. Yep, right train. pony protest. There was a parade more than 1000 people attended. So he just everybody in this country should have a pony. Yep. Hands down. Period. It’s like a birthright to serve. Yeah, yeah. Okay.

Mike Proctor 43:02
And that ridiculous.

Xad 43:03
I dig it. Yeah.

Zakk 43:04
Yeah, that photo with him in the boat on his. It’s not like no little boot. Waiter boots. You know, he’s he’s getting ready to walk.

Mike Proctor 43:11
It’s like a tall rubber boot like a chef’s hat.

Zakk 43:14
Mm hmm. Yep. That beard.

Mike Proctor 43:16
I think he supports Trump.

Xad 43:19

Mike Proctor 43:20
So he took those 400 votes and said, Yeah, you’re with this guy.

Zakk 43:24
A Libertarian Party has more right in it and right wing pretty much anyways.

Xad 43:29
So his name is changed.

Yeah. He chose that. his middle name is love. Vernon

Mike Proctor 43:38
when he when he had to change? Yeah, I was like, I think he has a ridiculous middle name to love. Yeah. vermin Love Supreme.

Zakk 43:48
God. That’s great.

Mike Proctor 43:51
Check this man out.

Zakk 43:53
I think I’ve checked out enough.

Mike Proctor 43:56
I wonder if he’d come on the podcast.

Zakk 43:57
You never know. Never know. Yeah.

Xad 44:00
I don’t know if he get in here with that boot on his head. Take that shit off the door. Knock it off walking through the house.

Zakk 44:07
That’d be an interesting talk for sure.

Xad 44:10
If president he will pass a law that requires people to brush your teeth.

Mike Proctor 44:14
Yes, I forgot about that one.

Xad 44:16
You know, I can dig that because I work

Mike Proctor 44:18
also carries around a giant toothbrush. Yeah, he has a rubber boot on his head and he carries a giant toothbrush. I guess gonna pass a law that everyone has to brush their teeth.

Xad 44:27
I get

this version Supremes teeth.

Mike Proctor 44:33
Does he have good teeth? Or does he have bad

Xad 44:34
I wonder if he has badteeth? And then he’s like, Hey, I don’t want you to be like me.

Mike Proctor 44:38
Look at this guy’s fucking face and his Google. He’s like, 100% you can’t take him seriously. Mm hmm. How the fuck does it just reminds me like Joe exotic almost winning the Oklahoma governor.

Zakk 44:51
Yeah, dude, imagine if that would have happened,

Mike Proctor 44:54
what the? You know, it would have been in there. So that same point. I feel like our generation fully capable of doing something like that, huh? Like, as a joke? Yeah. Like I think our entire generation could vote like Scooby Doo on their presidential ballot and yeah, I would. I would fully believe that.

Xad 45:16
Yeah, I get hit hard enough. Right people behind it like you said your athletes and your rock star stuff could happen.

Zakk 45:23
Yeah, anything’s possible in today’s world it really is man Anything is possible

Mike Proctor 45:28
but our generation is like, you know

almost what’s what’s the words set satirical? yes satirical enough to do that. Like

Xad 45:43
we would all for those who are wanting vermin supreme got pretty solid teeth. I’m not gonna say that the best teeth in the world.

Mike Proctor 45:48
But there’s this giant tooth brush. they

Xad 45:49
‘re all right there. All right.

Zakk 45:50
I don’t know, man. It will look like dentures.

Mike Proctor 45:54
He’s also wearing a leopard. Cheap Tiger skinned tuxedo.

Xad 45:58
Yeah. Yeah, this guy. This guy can party I’m sure.

Mike Proctor 46:01
Yeah, he for sure. can party.

Xad 46:03
Without a doubt.

Zakk 46:04
Yeah, it looks like he’s on a perma trip. He never came. Yeah, he never came out of the party yet. 64 I mean, they talk about crazy times to the 60s.

Mike Proctor 46:16
This dude serves on the Judiciary Committee.

Zakk 46:18
even crazier. This crazy just got elected July of this year, man. boots on the head. I am curious to know what the reason why maybe? Maybe it’s a magical boot cuz like I said he looks like Merlin so yeah,

Mike Proctor 46:31
yeah, he might magical boot. He might believe the magic. I mean, we don’t know for sure. Yeah. Oh, he’s a dental activist.

Zakk 46:39
Magic pony, right.

Mike Proctor 46:42
I guess. Yeah. You’re carrying around a giant toothbrush saying you’re gonna pass a law that everybody has to brush their teeth? Yeah, who’s gonna enforce that? That? Well? Yeah,

Zakk 46:49
that’s just it. That’s just uh,

Mike Proctor 46:51
he would have to like go through and make mom’s you know, authorized ticket givers. Mm hmm. Moms would be out here like issuing tickets. Their kids will fucka

Zakk 47:02
pay the shit.

Xad 47:02
I think I’m kind of reading a little bit more on them. And it’s just basically like, he’s just all it’s satire. He wants he wants that. Like,

Mike Proctor 47:15
that’s his character.

Xad 47:16
Yeah, that’s his character. That’s who he is.

Mike Proctor 47:18
He’s almost like a real life borat..

Zakk 47:20
Yeah, yeah. from what he looks like

Mike Proctor 47:24
Do you know where hes from Xad?

Xad 47:26
Here’s a quote. vermin supreme quote. I am the only candidate who has released my dental records and none of my Posner’s have released theirs. Holding up an X rays of X rays of his teeth.

Are they soft on plaque?

calling them out.

Mike Proctor 47:45
calling them out. What? who voted for this guy?

Zakk 47:49
I don’t want people. Yeah, that’s crazy. Like 1000

Mike Proctor 47:51
votes in the one. Yeah.

Xad 47:54
And then what was your question? Like? Whatever. Where’s he? Where’s he from? Where was he born? Where’s vermin? supreme born bourbon supreme?

Mike Proctor 47:59
What’s his real name? He couldn’t

Xad 48:01
find his real name. Hold. This

guy raised his real name for Rockport, Massachusetts. masssage.

Zakk 48:05
I was gonna guess like, California seems like someone that come out of California but Massachusetts. Hmm. Yeah, sure. Is Salem, Massachusetts. That guy looks like he might have been during the witch trials.

Xad 48:17
He’s not as old as you would think either. He’s 59 he’s not even 60 bro.

Mike Proctor 48:20
What? He looks terrible.

Xad 48:22
Yeah, he looks a lot older than 59 not to call this dude out. Like,

Mike Proctor 48:26
let’s see. Yeah, he was a Democrat. You know, since in 2004 Oh, he was a democrat that he was a republican then he went back to being a Democrat. But he’s always been you know, there’s an independent for a long time. She’s running on his own with what’s what’s the independent guy? Gary, Gary Johnson. Who’s the independent guy that always gets Ralph Nader?

Xad 48:47
I don’t even know I that’s again I there’s someone that although disconnected my entire life for the most part with this stuff.

Mike Proctor 48:56
Yeah, I thought that goes.

Xad 48:57
He’s campaigned on a platform of zombie apocalypse awareness and time travel research. So time travel research. He’s a fuckin wizard.

Mike Proctor 49:05
Yes. Yeah. He actually plays d&d for sure.

Xad 49:08
Yeah, it is probably like the king of it. That’s

Mike Proctor 49:10
a damn good character named on him and steal that

Xad 49:12
vermin Supreme. Supreme and love.

Mike Proctor 49:15
You could do anything supreme and make it fun.

Xad 49:17
Yeah, that’s a good point.

Mike Proctor 49:19
Yeah, I mean, that’s an easy one.

Xad 49:22
As good stuff

Mike Proctor 49:24
well, even so vermin Supreme. Well, who would you take vermin supreme or duking? It the fuck out in the Congress hall? Because we’re still doing better than Georgia? I

Xad 49:34
thought you’re gonna say vermin supreme or Joe exotic. I was about to be like Vermont’s

Mike Proctor 49:42
This one’s to Zach vermin supreme or the rock.

Zakk 49:45
Like to vote for. Yeah. I mean, I would choose neither. But if I had to choose my own name before. Yeah. Oh, God. I know. It sounds crazy. I really I just don’t want Choose either one of them to fly. I guess I’d have to look into vermin Supreme. Little more and

Mike Proctor 50:06
I’d have to brush your teeth though.

Zakk 50:08
Yeah. Good. Yeah, that’s crazy. I

Pam No, no, we

Mike Proctor 50:13
should we should give vermin supreme to our wives. They’ll probably support him with the with the dental Yeah, the whole guy.

Xad 50:22
Besides Rachel, it’d be like absolutely required of him to our wives twice in

Mike Proctor 50:29
this campaign. I mean, he’s obviously got my support next.

Xad 50:31

Mike Proctor 50:32
You know.

Xad 50:34
Yeah, with my wife being a dental hygienist. She’s like, brush twice a day floss at least once.

Mike Proctor 50:39
Only once a day. I invoke

Xad 50:41
weak light.

Zakk 50:45
Yeah, when so many crazy people out there and

Mike Proctor 50:48
man. Did you know Roseanne once wrote ran for President. I do remember hearing

Xad 50:51
about that. I heard

Zakk 50:52
about it. I don’t know anything about it

Mike Proctor 50:54
heard about Yeah, I was I was reading into that one, too. Roseanne?

Zakk 50:57
Did she ever show canceled? Or show wasn’t canceled? She was kicked off the show. Yeah, if there was a racial thing. I believe

Xad 51:04
she said some stuff that you say as if Yeah. And from that platform.

Mike Proctor 51:11
She She they kicked her off her own for the like, fuck you get the fuck out. We’re doing your show.

Xad 51:14
We own the name Mitch. We own the name. Yeah.

Zakk 51:17
Now it’s they do the conners which I believe has horrible ratings, everything because of course, you know, growing up people growing up watching Roseanne. She gets kicked off the show. Then they change the content. I don’t think there’ll be a whole following. It’s kinda like the whole two and a half minute. Yeah, you know what I mean?

Xad 51:34
It loses its magic.

Zakk 51:35
Oh, yeah.

Mike Proctor 51:36
This is uh, the other candidate that I was kind of laughing about was a guy named jello. Joe. Yeah. Do you guys know who this Dead Kennedys are?

Xad 51:44
Yeah, yeah. The band. Right.

Mike Proctor 51:46
Yeah. The lead singer of the Dead Kennedys. His name is jello. Ah, he also ran for president. Really? He was ran for the Green Party. Hmm. But he lost a Ralph Nader Ralph Nader’s from the Green Party. Yeah. There was a bunch of funny ones man fuckin ridiculous. People ran for president

Zakk 52:07
Well, hello Biafra. Polina if you’re 35 or older and got nothing else to do? I run it for give it a shot.

Mike Proctor 52:15
Is that 3535 I thought it was 50

Zakk 52:18
I believe it’s 35

Mike Proctor 52:20
I think you’re right. I don’t I don’t know my shit, dude. I’m not that smart.

Zakk 52:23
Well, you know it

Xad 52:25
I can’t say this guy’s older than that guy.

This guy’s older than the last

Mike Proctor 52:30
jello is older than vermin.

Xad 52:33
I didn’t mean to cut it with that just looking at this shit like what the hell she’s just fucking great.

Mike Proctor 52:37
vermin you need to take care of yourself bro. It’s not just about teeth.

Zakk 52:42
Or boots.

Xad 52:43
So? So you know the age itself what what is do you know like the idea behind that age like why 35 Why did they come up with that?

Zakk 52:53
I just because because my my dear boy, that’s the age they chose. I don’t know for sure. I mean, I know some things but I don’t know that much when it comes to all that

Mike Proctor 53:05
it was voted on now. That is when you become a man

Zakk 53:08
eah, yeah, they chose it because

I’m sure there’s some kind of reasoning behind it. But

Mike Proctor 53:17
oh, there was also a guy who was nicknamed the Impaler. Hmm. So it was Jonathan Katz Albert St. Vlad the Impaler Sharkey. He was also almost announced president but Sharky is a vampire and only drinks the blood of women.

Zakk 53:35
Ah, yes,

Mike Proctor 53:36
yes, yes, yes. Jonathan Albert Sharkey. Also craziest he was a vampire. a vampire. He ran for president.

Zakk 53:44
So did this. This vampire. Did he actually is that what he said he used to just suck the blood of women or did he get caught doing

Mike Proctor 53:54
that? Nope. That was part of his I would

Zakk 53:56
think there’d be some charges there

Mike Proctor 53:58
that you would assume so no, I wonder if there was a date on this

Zakk 54:02
that is crazy. Yeah, I mean, fuck it. Why not vote for a vampire? I don’t you know, it couldn’t get any crazier anyways.

Mike Proctor 54:09
Oh no. Jesus fucking Christ. Dude, this was a in 2012 2012

Zakk 54:14
8 years ago.

Mike Proctor 54:15
I’m assuming he didn’t make it very far because I didn’t hear that that guy.

Zakk 54:18
Probably not the Impaler makes sense. Having a name like that.

Mike Proctor 54:21
That’s another one of those like, parody fuckin characters. It’s just like a random person. It’s like Kanye running for president. Yeah, it’s like a character.

Zakk 54:30
Yeah, that’s uh, you know, actually so I never got into like the reason I never got into it because I never watched it but up until recently, American Horror Story. Hmm. So don’t ever get into it. Yeah, I might girlfriend turned it on one day and we just went for some reason to the last series, which is called the cult. And it’s very interesting because it’s just cut it down real short here. This psychotic nutcase is it how he Basically forms a cult from nothing and rises into politics and goes up the chain. And it’s really interesting to see. And it’s really interesting because it’s, you know, a lot of killing and shit like that, but dirty killing to kind of get your way up and stuff like that. It’s very plausible and it’s very believable because, as you know, with all the societies and conspiracies and all the dirty, dirty shit that goes on, it seems very believable. And I would not doubt one bit, if that kind of shit really goes on. Yeah, no, it does. It absolutely does.

Mike Proctor 55:35
Did you do anyone watch the Epstein documentary?

Zakk 55:37
Part of it? Yeah.

Xad 55:39
Yeah, definitely.

Zakk 55:40
Jeffrey Epstein. I love I love seeing the memes.

Mike Proctor 55:45
Oh, dude, I know. It’s awesome. So funny, man. That’s the type of shit that you’re like, Holy fuck. Okay. Well, if that really happens, then, you know, when the fuck else really happens? Right? Jesus Christ.

Zakk 55:55
Now we’ll say two. Yeah, that’s another thing too, especially with this past year, a lot of shit coming out that proves like different kinds of conspiracies and a lot of fact, even like, that’s one of them, too. You know, and so we’re being opened up to all of conspiracies and shit. That is true. I, to an extent, I think. But we are being shown some of that. And I think my theory is gonna say say Trump wins again, which I think is gonna happen.

Mike Proctor 56:28
Yeah. I don’t know, man.

Zakk 56:30
I think in the next four years, you’re gonna see, I think he’s gonna have the government’s gonna have a lot more. I think everything’s gonna more or less be exposed in the next four years. shit that’s gonna blow our minds. We’re gonna start to fix it. That’s that’s what’s gonna be really crazy. Because we’re gonna start Yeah, we’re gonna fix it. All right, we’re gonna have the country Oh,

Mike Proctor 56:48
no, we’re going to march that is what people do. That is I’ve I truly believe like, that is what we do that we can’t build something that’s literally gonna fucking tear us down.

Xad 56:59
Like once things start to come out of the shadows. You think they’ll be addressed? Yeah,

Mike Proctor 57:02
I think things will get addressed. There’ll be regulations put in etc.

Zakk 57:06
I don’t theres a lot of censoring going on.

Mike Proctor 57:09
It might come down to you know, we Yeah, like weird shit, but we’ll figure it out. Whether like, there will be problems and all that shit and might not be the best fucking thing. But that’s what we’re dealing with right now. But whatever we’re going to fix with this. Like people say censoring and all that all that should already happens. It already happens. That’s what we that’s why I kind of my theme of this whole thing was isn’t everything that’s going down now, even though it’s kind of a different thing. Yeah, um, it’s all happened before we’ve go through, like cycles of things, you know,

Zakk 57:41
we’ll face certain things. Adapt doesn’t matter who the fucking

Mike Proctor 57:44
president app. It doesn’t fucking matter who the President is. He’s not truly Yeah, they steer the direction of the country, I suppose. But yeah, not Not really. In the end doesn’t fucking matter who those presidents are. That’s what people do people solve problems. I’m not the president.

Zakk 58:00
Sometimes, not. Not frequently. more problems than anything. But yeah, we, we the people, it is it’s always gonna be up to us. We always do. We always do overcome eventually. Even if you know, it will

Mike Proctor 58:17
be Rocky.

Xad 58:18
Mm hmm. Okay, very well made morphett the problem are gone long enough. They just become used to them, and then a new set of problems arise. And then you don’t even worry about the old problems. Because there’s new shape gone doesn’t fucking matter.

Mike Proctor 58:30
Okay, whatever.

Zakk 58:31
I think we’ll see. I think we’ll start to see world peace. When the aliens come and take, and it’s up to the world to fight back. You know, I think that’s gonna be our moment of peace and prosperity. And I hope no one take when

Mike Proctor 58:47
we win. Like when I say I think we can overcome all our problems. I don’t mean if an alien comes here and shoots us with a laser beam.

Xad 58:55
Laser laser.

Mike Proctor 58:56
Yeah, no, we I don’t know if we can solve that one. But I just mean, the ship that we create ourselves. Yeah, we’ll figure that she

Zakk 59:04
created the space for us. I’m sure there was a secret meaning behind that

Mike Proctor 59:08
name. Right. spaceforce dog? Did you watch spaceforce on Netflix.

Zakk 59:12
I know. The reason I didn’t watch it. Because, again, I’m so tired of things being based off of politics. You know what I

Mike Proctor 59:21
was funny, though.

Zakk 59:22
I bet it was.

Mike Proctor 59:25
like all the generals in the thing. And they’re all very cliche and

Zakk 59:28
yeah, funny, man. Yeah, I will look into that when it does look funny.

Mike Proctor 59:32
Steve Carell, huh? For sure.

Zakk 59:35
I’ll give anything a chance. But there’s there’s there’s a limit. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 59:40
But yeah, man. Going back to the like, the commercials that I was talking about all the political commercials. Mm hmm. It’s so funny because there’s one guy he’s talking about the Great Lakes. And he’s running for Michigan governor. I can’t remember his name. It Oh, Gary Peters. I think that’s his name, but his angles like the lakes and then it’s like so it’ll be the color About Gary Peters with the lakes. And then it’ll be right after the other guy.

Zakk 1:00:05
JOHN James and

Xad 1:00:10
so many as you know, Gary Peters didn’t are voted for blah, blah blah, which means that there’s no regulations of what you can dump into the lake.

Zakk 1:00:16
Yeah. So it actually was a good point that you when you bring it up like that, because yeah, you don’t see sophisticated intellectual. Just facts and talking normal. No, you see a straight up bash fest. Yeah, fuck this guy. It’s hard.

Mike Proctor 1:00:32
It’s crazy. Most people succumb to that, oh, they are not self aware of what is happening. You know what I mean? Like, I am aware of the things that I see, you know, subliminal messaging and so even to the point of like, where if I scroll on my phone, like, I fucking know, you know what, I love that Facebook does now. They do the fact checking for you. So it’s literally I’ll say something and it will be like, this is false information. Yeah, like I already kind of partly true. I never take that shit seriously anyways, but I think it’s funny. I’m like, Oh, nice. That’s That’s good.

Zakk 1:01:04
The way I look at it with that, because yeah, you see a lot of that now. And now whenever I see that says something like that, like, Oh, well, then this must be the exact opposite what they’re saying, because it’s apparently such a big deal. Because again, it’s such crap that they’re going to you don’t know what to believe on any of that. I don’t I don’t think half of that fact checking is true at all. It’s such garbage. You know,

Mike Proctor 1:01:30
like seeing that the Oh, you don’t you dislike it? I

Zakk 1:01:34
don’t know. I dislike it so much.

Mike Proctor 1:01:37
I think it’s needed. I think it’s needed. Also at night, that night had a suspected troll on her social media feed. And I’ve actually deduced since then, that the troll is indeed an actual person, which but

Xad 1:01:50
we only ever listens. I feel bad because I was kind of being a dick. The other night I had a soda pops in me and I was emailing them. They’re messaging him and when it was super vague, like he was not making it easy to trust so so my apologies, sir.

Mike Proctor 1:02:06
So so. Okay, yeah. And we and we apologize and everything. But I thought it was a great lesson because you should be aware of what you’re posting on social media. And I actually just finally I turned off the follow. So I like won’t see stuff anymore. Just like the other day, because I was keeping we’re keeping tabs on him. And I seen several of the same pattern stuff that we were talking about. And they were all fact checked. Fact, checking. This is wrong. This is wrong. This is wrong. Yeah. I was like, see, but this is why I thought you were fake. And then on follow

Zakk 1:02:43
Yeah. But I again the reason one of the reasons to why I dislike it is because it can be to the dumbest shit it can be to memes and shit like that. And they’re trying to get so heavily involved in telling you this tone you that I get your angle, if it is a true fact about say something historical or you know, political whatever. But you can persuade people with nonsense that too because I that’s promise you That’s why I think it’s a lot of it is agenda base. Yeah, I absolutely promise you that. So they’re gonna try that

Mike Proctor 1:03:16
we talked about. There’s another document. It’s called the Great hack. Have you ever seen that one? I haven’t I okay. No, you just go find it with what it is. I I’ve talked about it a bunch on the show. So, um, but it’s really true. So you have to be careful. You know, I never take that shit. Seriously. Anyway, right? Yeah, I do think it’s a it’s a good thing. Because,

Zakk 1:03:37

Mike Proctor 1:03:38
people people see that stuff and then they regurgitate it. Mm hmm. And they almost unwillingly or unknowingly do it. Mm hmm. But they you know, it’s it’s it’s it’s tough thing.

Zakk 1:03:50
Yeah. Yeah, it’s again because you know, everybody’s got their opinion on everything but all

Mike Proctor 1:03:56
in all, I do think we’re doing a pretty bang up job here guys. Yeah. Yeah. Even down to that didn’t you have a couple things that you were gonna that you want to talk about? I mean, yeah, just kind of segment and into that, like even we’ve got some dumb shit that even lies in the world still.

Xad 1:04:16
Yes. Yeah. And so what my thought behind that was is like Alright, so we have these politicians that are coming in and making these laws and stuff like that that exists out there. And I’m like, you know, I remember back as a kid you hear this like stupid shit about like, oh, and California. You can’t walk an alligator on a leash and stuff like that. So I started like diving into some like real real laws and

Zakk 1:04:34
collecting rainwater.

Xad 1:04:36
Yeah, like real laws still exist?

Zakk 1:04:38
No cop gives a fuck about you collecting rainwater? No.

Xad 1:04:42
Right, right. But these laws still exist technically in some states. So I got a couple that I just thought were pretty funny. And I want to see if you can try to guess the state. Okay, here we go.

Mike Proctor 1:04:54
Okay, so those get trivia.

Xad 1:04:56
Yeah, so here’s my first one. Um, if a frog dies during a frog jumping contest that frog it is illegal to Eat That Frog. And that frog must be destroyed immediately. What state Do you think that that was?

Zakk 1:05:10

Xad 1:05:12
was a good guess

Mike Proctor 1:05:12
I’m gonna go with Alabama.

Xad 1:05:15
I wouldn’t have saw this this common California. I was definitely thinking.

Zakk 1:05:21
I’m gonna say right now majority of these I am probably going to say California. Yeah. And because you know, that’s where all California there’s some weird

Xad 1:05:31
Louisiana’s and those those are good guesses that you know that the buy you hold on liquor stores cannot sell cold water or soda if sold it must be sold at room temperature. So you can’t have refrigerated anything you can’t have anything refrigerated has to be liquor, or like wine or beer or something like that. Like you cannot refrigerate any other carbonated beverages or water or anything like that.

Mike Proctor 1:05:58
So you can only liquor

Xad 1:06:01
Yeah. And in these liquor stores in this in this in this specific state.

Zakk 1:06:07

Mike Proctor 1:06:08

Xad 1:06:09
Indiana, Indiana, Indiana. I know

Zakk 1:06:12
is crazy. I know. It’s right next door. so far. No, no. hour and a half, two hours.

Xad 1:06:20
Okay. In this day. Every legislator, public officer and lawyer must take an oath that they have not fought in a duel with deadly weapons. They have to take this oath. They have not done this before

Zakk 1:06:33

Mike Proctor 1:06:34
I’m gonna go like over there. I’m gonna go like Delaware. Delaware.

Xad 1:06:43
Good guess. Kentucky.

Damn. Yeah, Kentucky. Yeah.

All right, in this state. And adultery is punishable by four years prison time and not possible. $5,000 fine.

Mike Proctor 1:06:59

Xad 1:07:00
Yeah, like cheating on your wife husband.

Zakk 1:07:03
I saw that was kinda like all over.

Xad 1:07:05
four years in prison.

Mike Proctor 1:07:07
And four years in prison time. Yeah, that’s I mean, is this like the most severe?

Xad 1:07:12
I Yeah, definitely. Okay. It’s not that it’s like not I think it’s bad to do that. It’s obviously bad to do that anywhere. But in this state. It is

Mike Proctor 1:07:22
four year.

Xad 1:07:22
Yeah. Four years of prison.

Oh, is that is that Michigan? That’s Michigan.

Mike Proctor 1:07:27
Yeah, dude.

Zakk 1:07:28
cuz I’ve heard something like that. Yeah. And I thought yeah, Michigan, Michigan. That’s insane.

Xad 1:07:34
Yeah, four years of prison. I’m not saying that. It’s not. It’s terrible. It’s bad. But it’s like

Mike Proctor 1:07:40
four years in prison is a long time.

Xad 1:07:41

Zakk 1:07:41
like if you’re cheating on your wife or husband.

Mike Proctor 1:07:44
considering thats more of a personal type of thing and not really like,

Xad 1:07:47
yeah, like, Yeah, exactly. of that.

Zakk 1:07:50
Yeah. Cuz if you’re doing that as it is, you got your own world of problems. You know,

Mike Proctor 1:07:55
four years of prison is the least of your worries.

Zakk 1:07:57
Yeah, that’s.

Xad 1:07:59
Here’s another one. In this state. No person who is afflicted, afflicted with a STD can marry they are not allowed to marry if they are afflicted with the STD period. Legally, legally, I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. But legally, Nebraska,

Zakk 1:08:19
Nebraska. I know Nebraska. It’s an oddball one.

Xad 1:08:22
I know I bought right. And the last one that I came up with, I thought it was just kind of crazy. Owners of liquor establishments can be fined, like or set bars, etc. Things like that can be fined over $1,000 if they participate in or allow any dwarf throwing contests

Mike Proctor 1:08:43
on their work. I think I know dwarf Texas, too, but

Zakk 1:08:52
God, yeah, that’s a ridiculous one. I don’t know. I’m just gonna throw a name Montana.

Xad 1:08:57
Florida. Florida.

tossing little people, as it says was banned in 1989. due to the increased popularity of us Yes, yes. It’s saying that it was getting so popular and going on in so many places that they’re like, like, we gotta we gotta shut this

Mike Proctor 1:09:16
dwarf throwing.

Xad 1:09:17

Mike Proctor 1:09:20
dwrves probably get paid pretty good. I was and they probably are like, yeah, that’s their

Zakk 1:09:24
own choice. Yeah, they want to be thrown. Yeah. You know what I’m doing?

Mike Proctor 1:09:28
Can we just put some regulations? You know,

Zakk 1:09:31
tax them. I mean, tax Anything else?

Mike Proctor 1:09:34
They need to start a union so they’re protected. Yeah. In that case, a more perfect union of You know what, you know, what state doesn’t? Wait. Yeah, still doesn’t have anything fucking wrong with it.


Zakk 1:09:50
Well go. I believe Bernie Sanders came from Vermont. And there’s a problem right there. As we know that,

Xad 1:09:58
so Vermont is the Consistent reoccurring theme it constantly comes up what it randomly

Mike Proctor 1:10:04
what it doesn’t have is shit laws and custodian it didn’t come up and custodian

Xad 1:10:10
custodians they they don’t they don’t work there. No. Um, no the law for them was like it was it made perfect sense. I was like that’s not even like a bad law that should definitely be a good idea. It was it was about like, you cannot ban

solar panels or

what it was solar panels or like hanging your like clothing your laundry hmm because it’s considered renewable energy and cannot be blocked. So basically if someone wants put up a solar panel on their house, they can you can’t tell them not to because it’s renewable energy. I don’t

Mike Proctor 1:10:47
know. That was their weirdest law.

Xad 1:10:49
That was the weirdest law that I could find. I mean, it was pretty. It was pretty progressive. I was like, Well, I mean, that’s pretty cool. Like that makes a lot of sense. You should be able to do that kind of stuff. solar

Zakk 1:10:57
power. It’s a big thing though. Solar Power Yeah, but smart. I approve of solar power activity. For sure.

Xad 1:11:06
So one of our long term show goals is to do a remote session from Vermont. That’s true. So Vermont we’re gonna come see you guys eventually.

Mike Proctor 1:11:13
Well, I’m still on the fence. I don’t really know if I want to go there yet.

Xad 1:11:15
Let’s see how what the redoubts pops there. Yeah, they’re gonna have to poke otherwise Can you hook us up with a hotel room?

Mike Proctor 1:11:23
Some state of Vermont representatives reach out to us I mean, there you go.

Zakk 1:11:28
If you can believe it,

Mike Proctor 1:11:30
it’ll have existed but 95% sure we have several listens seven several listeners in Vermont.

Xad 1:11:36
They should they should dig us every single show

Mike Proctor 1:11:39
hmm they really should

Zakk 1:11:40
Vermont’s All right. I’ve never been I’ve never been i i’ve drove through Vermont never hung out in anything in particular about Vermont.

Mike Proctor 1:11:50
Where were you going When you drove through?

Zakk 1:11:51
Ah, so when I was up over there, I was on the Amtrak train. Which because again, I fucking love the Amtrak train taking that all over the only place I haven’t gone is way out west that’s the only place I haven’t gone but the Amtrak train some of the best parts of my life was just cruising the train all over the country

Mike Proctor 1:12:12
dude were so much fun where I’m so when you went up there to where you’re going through tunnels and mountains and hills

Zakk 1:12:18
yeah did phenomenal and

Mike Proctor 1:12:20
train is dope man.

Zakk 1:12:21
Oh my god. Yeah, it actually I fucked up the first couple of times because I was just paying for a regular seat on the car. And they have their special premium cabs where you can sleep nice. I didn’t know anything about that and I’m taking your 40 hour train rides and sitting there

yeah you have yep very uncomfortable. Yeah, huh. A lot of fun though. I urge anybody

Mike Proctor 1:12:47
you can you got to get set up you got to get set up bring your shit bring something to do. Oh yeah, read a book. But yeah, dude, the train is fucking dope. It’s comfy and if you don’t like flying Yeah, you don’t like flying

Zakk 1:12:59
I prefer the train over fly and what’s

Mike Proctor 1:13:01
funny is we live in Duran and where the railroaders in the fucking Amtrak stations right there

Zakk 1:13:04
yep and that’s where that’s where I get on and get all right there is so much fun man so much fun the people you meet the places you go I highly encourage you the scenery

Mike Proctor 1:13:15
so what’s the farthest point

Zakk 1:13:17


probably down towards the bottom of Florida went for to drive down there. I remember taking a Panama trip down there and we ended up driving everywhere and getting lost

Mike Proctor 1:13:41
out we’re How far have you taken the train is what I’m like just train like what you know even if you went farther How far did you take the train to

Zakk 1:13:54
it’s really been on the east coast and kind of down under from us again. I never went into the Texas area it Texas in higher and never went any further than that way. So I’ve always been you know, Yeah, always been this way as well. Like I said never been out to the west as far west I’ve always I wanted to and I just never did and so it’s just cruising around and sightseeing on the train is Yeah. Especially Midwest areas. So be well, actually, the United States pretty beautiful until you get in Chicago. Chicago sucks, dude. Oh my God. It is a terrible sight coming into Chicago because around the city is like dump. Yeah, you know, it smells god awful. So just

Mike Proctor 1:14:41
for everyone listening. That’s the only place I took the train and it was still awesome.

Zakk 1:14:45
For Chicago. You go to the Union Station Hall there, which is actually a lot of fun.

Mike Proctor 1:14:48
The train station is really cool.

Zakk 1:14:50
Yeah, yeah, it’s cool until you have a eight hour delay way over there. And you just what do you do? So you just go walking around. Talk people you know, having bombs ask you for money and

Mike Proctor 1:15:02
people aren’t that nice in Chicago, you

Xad 1:15:04
know, not visited once myself

Zakk 1:15:07
sometimes sometimes they’re really nice when they’re asking for money, you know?

Mike Proctor 1:15:13
Yeah, I once had a guy shine my shoes in Chicago. He tricked me into Oh, and then I had to pay him. And I didn’t want to, but he had shown my shoes. So what was I gonna do? He was literally walking by us like, yo, bro, those are some nice shoes. Let me check them out. And as I was like, and I had just gotten them they were brand new shoes. And I was like, Oh, thanks, man. Like, yeah, these are dope shoes. To give whips out a towel. shiningme up. starts giving me his story. Yeah, this this my Chicago

Zakk 1:15:45
I don’t like Chicago. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 1:15:48
We’re gonna we’re gonna have to wrap this up on bout the end of our time tonight.

Zakk 1:15:52
I had a wonderful time. Thank you.

Mike Proctor 1:15:54
Thank you so much for coming. Joshi. I can’t believe we finally got political on the show. But I’m glad. I’m glad it was with you Zakk..

Zakk 1:16:00
Yeah, I like to stay pretty reasonable and not get carried away with opinions.

Mike Proctor 1:16:05
This is a topic. This is a topic that I tend to not really even try to avoid. Yeah. And it’s very wise. When I when I was going towards it. I was like, I think I think Zakk would be level headed.

Zakk 1:16:17
I try to keep it that way.

Xad 1:16:18
You know what I mean? things from all angles, you know, not pigeonhole yourself to. Yeah, one thing. That’s good.

Mike Proctor 1:16:26
But what we talked about today,

Xad 1:16:27
so we started out with George George Washington, right off the bat.

Zakk 1:16:31
Great way to start off. We did start absolutely, very

Xad 1:16:34
first one and a great one.

Zakk 1:16:36
George Washington.

Xad 1:16:38
Then we went to the Playboy President want to be Aaron Burr.

Mike Proctor 1:16:43
Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, that guy, I’m telling you check that guy out. He was like, you know, and that was like the third election like

Zakk 1:16:49
these people. I think I’m a little more interested in Mr. Supreme actually.

Xad 1:16:55
Andrew Jackson, we got the crazy ass Georgian parliament, Parliament parliament.

Mike Proctor 1:17:00
Dude, I’m telling you those guys fucking wild the Ukrainian guy i thought was funny because he literally was so mad. But he was trying to be proper. So we just picked the guy. Yeah.

Zakk 1:17:10
I’m telling he grabbed me by the balls and some shits gonna go down. That’s true

Xad 1:17:13
man. As a crazy

Mike Proctor 1:17:15
one Ukrainian dude with the pent up anger.

Xad 1:17:17
Yeah, came in just guns a fine dude. Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. And by the way that the fight is November 28 of 2020. So

Mike Proctor 1:17:27
that’s so much sooner than I thought.

Xad 1:17:28
Yeah, that’s coming up pretty quick.

Zakk 1:17:30
next month

Xad 1:17:30
, words of wisdom from Kurt Russell is shared with us appreciate that. Um, let’s see. vermin supreme vermin. Next guy and

Mike Proctor 1:17:39
we just take a moment of silence for vermin Supreme. And more. So all the people that voted for him.

Xad 1:17:49
Um, conspiracy theories, whether they’re good or bad. You gotta love consumers conspiracy theories. For what they’re,

Mike Proctor 1:17:56
they’re they’re pretty fun, especially if you have a documentary about him in

Xad 1:17:59
and we got some funky laws that exist out there. And you know, they’re still chilling, so just be careful. Make sure you know the laws your state. What was the one again? Oh, California, California. Yeah, do not eat a frog. If it dies uttering a

Mike Proctor 1:18:14
that was the stupidest one

Xad 1:18:16
is fucking crazy. It had to do with health code and they apparently like when people were migrating out west. They were literally fucking racing frogs all the time. And people were like, well, it’s frog guys and we’re just gonna have to eat it and it’s like when people start getting sick from feeding these frogs

Mike Proctor 1:18:30
there must have been feeding these frogs something to make them fast.

Zakk 1:18:37
And you got the whole turning the frogs gay thing.

So yeah, there’s another time for that.

Xad 1:18:45
We got Vermont.

Mike Proctor 1:18:47
Fuck you, Vermont. Those those are strong words. I’m only trying to be funny. But seriously, um, I’m still not I don’t know if I want to come to you yet. Yeah. Sway us. You’re gonna have to sway me.

Xad 1:18:59
Um, go go trains last off last day, right? There was no trains

That was the night.

Mike Proctor 1:19:10
Well, thanks for coming, man. Thank you for having me. You can do so much. Oh, yeah. You can if you want to say peace out to the guests that came up in the corner.

Xad 1:19:19
Cameras locked in.

Zakk 1:19:20
Oh, yes. Thank you

Mike Proctor 1:19:21
guys. Check out. Show me show. Show me a shirt real quick. That’s a dope as fuckin show you like hell yeah, there we go. 1776

Zakk 1:19:28
Yeah, with the stars. This one’s actually representing some very awesome people by the name of the Hodge twins. I bought this off of their site. The Conservative twins. I don’t know if you’re familiar with

Mike Proctor 1:19:40
them. It sounds very familiar.

Zakk 1:19:42
Love those guys. Okay, love those.

Mike Proctor 1:19:45
We’ll check them out.

Zakk 1:19:45
You should. You should. I highly recommend it. They’re just check them out. Yeah, they’re really

Mike Proctor 1:19:53
early on like Facebook or Youtube?

Zakk 1:19:54
YouTube. YouTube. Facebook. Yeah, they do their talks there. Obviously a couple of twins and you know, they have a cup. They have political talks, but then they also have all kinds of other goofy stuff that they do as well. Awesome People, conservative twins or the hodgetwins. It’s same. So yeah, this is actually their shirt. But it’s got my favorite 1776 with the 13 stars, man. Awesome, man, for sure. So,

Mike Proctor 1:20:21
yep, good shout. Shout out to the hodgetwins.

Zakk 1:20:23
Yes, for sure. Yes. Oh, yeah.

Mike Proctor 1:20:25
Um, thanks for coming out. Now, you for having me. catch you guys next time.

Zakk 1:20:28
Yes. See ya.

Mike Proctor 1:20:31
that’s what we do. Ladies and gentlemen. I hope you guys enjoyed our conversation. I thought it was super light hearted and fun, but also very important. That was an awesome time. Thanks for Zach, for coming out and doing the show with us. Again, we always appreciate anyone coming out. Remember guys, check out the website, hit up the merch shop for me, hit the subscribe button. If you like what we’re hearing. That’s the best way to you know, show your support. You can also check out the website of course we have, you can find us on all the podcast apps and you can also buy me instead of beer if you want. There’s a link on the show on the on the homepage of the site. Thank you guys for listening. We appreciate you and till next time. Today’s episode of the podcast was brought to you by Fauxtien. Everyone’s all obsessed with which brand of protein supplements they use, it can be hard to decide which is which is good for you. Fauxtien is here to make that easy. Fauxtien is the protein supplement that helps your body restock on refined sugars and carbohydrates. While you’ve been dieting and eating your whole foods. They use all generic ingredients artificially created in the lab or making sure they contain high fructose corn syrup. If you’re sick of hearing about everyone’s protein supplements, check out fo teen today to up your game. Sign up at bottino calm that’s f au X tien and use the promo code chunk to save 25% off your first order. That’s ch U n k people. We’re also brought to you by TPMD. Does it ever bother you that we only wipe our butts with paper? If you got some poop on your face? Would you just wipe it off with a piece of paper? No, you need TPMD now introducing the TPMD at home kit there. They let you customize it for the best experience to suit your needs. Check out the website tp md.com use the promo code comfy for 20% off your first month of TPMDS What’s up guys? I’m telling you 20. That’s comfy co m f. We also we got a new sponsor, we’re brought to you by hyped. Do you want to be pumped up for that epic event this weekend? Maybe you got a softball game or you’re just going out to the bar. You want someone to make sure that everyone knows what about all those legendary moments hyped as your back with an easy scheduling tool hyped will deliver a professional height man for your personal use. Their hype specialist will make sure to keep you in the crowd pumped all night long. I’m telling you guys, you need this for all occasions. Everyone will be talking about it for years to come. visit their website hyped.com H YPD. Yo use the promo code Jed half off your first event. That’s what’s up Jed J. Ed. Check it out guys. huge shout out to the sponsors. Thank you for listening

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