Episode 29: Love for my Home Team with Ty Mildton

Tyshyn Mildton AKA Wiz3guyty is a semi-professional football player, independent artist, and an absolute hilarious personality. He currently lives in Lansing, MI and plays linebacker for the Tri-County Crusaders football team. Ty puts a ton of work in to keep football a part of his life, and Xad and I being football junkies were stoked to be able to have him on the show. Ty also talks about the album he is currently working on. We give him the Not Really That Famous rundown and had a killer time. Thanks for listening.

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Transcription Below:

Mike Proctor  0:00  

What’s up guys? Welcome back to not really that famous. Our guest on the podcast today, big Episode Number 29 was Mr. Ty Milton. Ty is just a few years younger than myself. He’s an artist, football Semi Pro Football player, which is pretty freakin awesome. And super cool guy. That now we’re super stoked to have him come out. We talked about a lot of things today, we talked about football is a big ones. Ed and I are both huge football fans. We we love football and tie plays football still. And he actually you know, works really hard to be a part of it. So it have that in his life, which is you know, so it’s really cool point of our conversation. We talked about eating out a bunch today. We also talked about Ty’s got an album out. It’s on YouTube, I got all the links and stuff in the description so you guys can check it out. It’s super cool. We just listened to a couple of his albums right after or excuse me the singles right after the show. And they were they’re pretty fucking dope Not gonna lie. So I want to huge thanks to ty for coming out. We were super, super glad to have and once again, remember guys, if you like the show, hit the subscribe button. You can always recommend us to your friends. If you you know want to spread the word. We’d love that we appreciate you. Check out the website. The podcast is available at not really that famous calm and all the podcast apps wherever you listen to podcasts and get yourself some merch at the shop. We’re going to be getting new stuff. I know I’ve been saying that for a couple weeks, but I’m working on it still. It’s gonna be coming soon, I promise. So Oh, I want a quick update here. So last week, I’m actually two weeks ago, I had talked about a suspected troll in my midst. And I’m updating you guys while all the signs that we talked about are still present. I think the troll is a real person. And I’m not going to name drop again. Because I believe I named dropped before I’m not going to do it again. Because I don’t want to throw in any unneeded shade at this person. But I think it’s a good lesson to be aware of of what you post on social media. You know that shit supposed to it’s supposed to be fun. It’s not just for political means. God. I thought I had so many political means I thought you were a troll. That’s That’s ridiculous. He’s crazy. So anyways, without further ado, introducing Mr. Ty mildton.

Appreciate you

Ty  2:30  

macho man.

Mike Proctor  2:35  

Set the village people in the village people we might have to keep that in bro. That’s a good opening. 

Xad  2:42  

 That’s a good

Mike Proctor  2:44  

welcome ty to the studio dog. What do you think? 

Ty  2:46  

Welcome. Welcome. Hey, It’s pretty shabby.

Mike Proctor  2:55  

shabby? Yeah, maybe 

Ty  2:57  

I  learn that from a 60s movie.

Mike Proctor  3:00  

No shit. I was I was thinking. Yeah, I was thinking like hippies in my mind.

Ty  3:05  

 Ridiculous. Send me I’m trying to pick up the dialect. I’m like, man, they were talking a whole different language 40 years ago. 

Mike Proctor  3:14  

Man, we are now kind of like, we’re talking such a crazy language. I feel like these days, 

Ty  3:19  

I went to the park to play basketball to a park I used to play I played at this park called ferris Park. It’s in downtown Lansing.  and it’s like, literally two blocks from Lansing Community College. Okay, and I went back 

Mike Proctor  3:34  

Oh, Bro, I think I know where that is.

Ty  3:35  

 Yeah, I played there for like, since I was played there from the time I was 12 years old. At the time, I was about 24 or 23. somewhere around there. That kind of like stopped playing out outside at the park as much and I stopped playing for like three years. And then I finally go back up to the park and then everybody talking I’m just listening to the young I call him my young dog. It was a it was like people that were like they’re like eight or nine when I was on the court you know and I was the face of the court they were eight or nine or six or seven I was gonna say when

Mike Proctor  4:11  

watching you when you when you say playing you talk about playing basketball. Yeah. ball down.

Ty  4:17  

Because I was like 15 you playing with like four year old? No 12 years old playing like a 34 year old. Oh, I better 

Mike Proctor  4:24  

but man the language these kids use. It’s

Ty  4:28  

 you hear it at a young age and it ages as they they be so close to the core is like they pick up our language that we’re saying when we’re playing the sport and we’re in an intense moment or an intense situation 

Mike Proctor  4:41  

and you’re just you’re just reacting

Ty  4:43  

 you react a pickup off of that and may feed into it and when they grow older, you know their anger feeds into in you is ridiculous. 

 That’s for sure. Some of the things these kids say like even my my kids, they’re not so bad yet but I’m I’m My kids are just little, but man, they they even amaze me sometimes they’ll be talking about shit You don’t even know.

Mike Proctor  5:18  

Luke our last guest was drinking some What? old dog

Xad  5:21  

ugly doggy dog whiskey. You like cherry?

Ty  5:26  

I used to I like this weird. I like actual cherries.

Xad  5:30  

Yeah, me to

Ty  5:33  

 when you freeze them oh my god.

Mike Proctor  5:38  

Um That’s funny you mentioned cherries. We’ve we’ve talked about cherries frequently.  you’re from? Downes you from Tennessee, right? 

Ty  5:51  

Nope. Lansing.

Mike Proctor  5:52  

Oh, you’re from Lansing. Oh, yeah. Did you live down in Tennessee? We were We were talking before 

Ty  5:58  

I was about to actually move to Tennessee when my grandma passed away.

Mike Proctor  6:02  

 Oh, man. 

Ty  6:03  

That’s when I was like 2000

Mike Proctor  6:07  

Okay, so it was a while ago

Ty  6:08  

yeah. Okay. we’re at Tennessee where you staying out when you’re down there?

Antioch. Nashville right outside of Nashville and between Nashville and Memphis

Xad  6:18  

 my older brother He lives in Tennessee so says okay, I was wondering. Knoxville though

Ty  6:23  

he got to go to Gatlinburg. He got to go to Pigeon Forge Pigeon Forge

Xad  6:27  

which is a cool town I burned out at that a little bit of a fire there a couple years ago but

Ty  6:32  

they rebuilt it 

Mike Proctor  6:33  

yeah what Pigeon Forge known for what

Ty  6:37  

amusement a waterpark bigger Oh okay. Pigeon Forge whole city 

Xad  6:41  

Dolly world is there too. Ah Dolly world is outside of

Ty  6:44  

yeah once you stuff there

Mike Proctor  6:46  

 all the tourists. Oh, yeah, it

Ty  6:50  

Gatlinsburgh. It’s like a tourist cities. Yeah. Yeah. They got like the Guinness Book of World Records there. Yeah.

Xad  6:57  

Yeah. The big ass Titanic. Restaurant museum or whatever. 

Mike Proctor  7:01  

It’s got that shit. poppin Yeah. 

Crazy town.

Ty  7:07  

everything’s spaced out. That’s the only thing.

Mike Proctor  7:09  

Um, yeah. tall mountains. Right. It’s like fucking y’all in the Yeah. Built on hills and shit.

Yeah, Appalachian. Yeah. Yep,

Ty  7:20  

actually went hiking up those mountains. When I was in high school, I joined this group. I used to be to participate in his group called campus life. And it’s like I wouldn’t say like, it’s like a religious group that tries to get people like the kids off the streets yeah, give them a place to go until like nine at night. 

Mike Proctor  7:43  

So just doing activities and

Ty  7:45  

such to where we are hanging out on the street. Yeah. When it started to get dark. Yeah, you know it city kids do when it starts to get dark, start looking for shit to do

Mike Proctor  7:53  

in trouble. Yeah, getting doing shit you shouldn’t be doing more likely. That’s awesome, man. 

You guys went fucking hiking in the Appalachians. 

Ty  8:05  

Yeah.  there was pretty sweet. As they take chips, we’re gonna do something looks like they lie. They save up and do like fundraisers? Yeah. And then they’ll take that for raises and take as many kids as they can try to pay as they’ll pay for the trip. Excuse me. They’ll pay for the trip. And then you’ll have to pay your way. So it’ll be like a reduced rate or whatever. Yeah, like, they’ll even try to help you pay your way. is a couple times me and my boys went and we had money. Yeah, we’re not paying that. Yeah, right. And they were like, oh, man, y’all gotta come. y’all gotta come. You know, be an athlete., sometimes you get your way paid. Yeah.

Mike Proctor  8:53  

Sometimes you gotta hustle it up, man. That’s what I do.

Ty  8:56  

Remember that, too.

Mike Proctor  9:00  

So let’s dive right in, shall we? We we always give everybody the the not really that famous rundown. And so as you’re growing up, did you grow up in Lansing? 

Ty  9:11  

Yes, i did.

Mike Proctor  9:12  

as you’re growing up, you know, when you’re a young man. What did you want to be when you when you got older? And I want to go back as far as you can remember from you know, when you were like a young young kid

Ty  9:23  

when I was very young. All I wanted to be was a football player, a football player. As I got older, I want to be with a basketball player. Yeah. And then when I got into high school, I’m like, I just want to make it. I don’t care what I do. To make it just go away. Yeah, I can’t be in this situation. I mean, like how I was raised, I didn’t like any situation how I was raised. And my Nana, the one that passed away down in Tennessee. She passed away to go to work, and she’s supposed to be come back to give me for good to move down to Tennessee, she had a heart attack on the way you know like how How old was she? He’s like 44……42 Yeah, yeah. That was like six, seven. Hey, I was siitin on the steps waiting all day, my uncle came in the door and I’m like, wait a minute. You don’t usually come pick me up. What are you doing? Like? They finally told me and I’m like, Ah, man,

Xad  10:22  

that’s that’s rough, man. damn. guess I’m gonna stay here then.

Mike Proctor  10:28  

So as you you know, you thought you were very athletic. Sounds like a very into sports and

Ty  10:36  

 like participating cuz I like staying at the house. I had a brother. I got a brother in a sister I live with but I have six siblings. Yeah. My dad was doing some

Mike Proctor  10:48  

putting in work. So.

Ty  10:51  

And my mom and my dad aint together. Yeah, right. they never was. I think they work for like, two months. Something like that.

Mike Proctor  10:59  

Um, when you were how young were you when you start playing football.

Ty  11:05  

When I first tried to play football, it’s funny story.

Because I knew I was in like I said, my age and my size never measured up when I was growing up. Like, I was like, I’d be like, seven years old. What I look like I’m five. like tiny. Your small. head is big. I got a seven year old head or a five year old body.

Mike Proctor  11:34  

Young book. You got a big ass.

Ty  11:37  

And what happened was, my mom was like, Alright, I’m finally gonna let you go play football. So you can stop bugging me. And I was like, I was I was seven years old. Actually, I was like six and a half. You know, but I was seven

Mike Proctor  11:52  

playing little little league. Did you play flag? No, I play.

Ty  11:57  

I try to play. I try to play helmet. Yeah. And I went, and I went to the tryouts and I made the team and they really wanted me to play. They was like, yo, He’s really good. We need we need to we need you know, and then I went to go get fitted for a helmet and Johnny max. And dude pretty much told my mom like, yeah, a fits the helmet. But his neck isn’t gonna support the head is gonna provide pretty much he’s too small. 

Xad  12:27  

That’s funny.

Ty  12:30  

So I had to wait till I was like 10 years old to finally start playing football. I contact football. So what happened was I didn’t play. When I was seven. I was like, bummed out. And I went home and I have my neighbor. He’s like my best friend. His name’s AJ, like, he’s Hobbs. Shout out to him. He we always play football in St. Me, him and his brothers. So his dad was like coach of a flag football team. Nice. Yeah. So he finally came to my mom and was like, yo, like, because he kept asking my mom Ty plan this year is Ty plan this year? And she’s like, well, he can’t play because you know, his heads to his neck. The way she was finally told her like no, I coach flag football coach contact. And then she was like, Well, if you want to take them you can take them. So he finally took me and he Loki was taken me a couple games before he even asked. And I played it in the first game and like five touchdowns first. Like Yeah, when his son was averaging like three touchdowns a game.

The second game I played I score seven touchdowns and he was like, Okay, I need you to play. And then we played like, we were in this like tournament. We play we won the first two games in the third game. We played against like some sixth graders. We were only fourth graders. I’m like, Yeah, he’s like, yo, you can do it. 

Mike Proctor  14:04  

You guys got it?

Ty  14:05  

 And he’s like, you guys got it. Right. He’s you guys got we were sitting there like, yo, they like two sizes bigger. Guys, kid you think sizes you’re thinking? Yeah, two sizes bigger there extra large? were Medium.We only lost one we lost by a touchdown. Now that was crazy. I was like, well,

Mike Proctor  14:29  

you still remember that shit?

Ty  14:33  

scored and not that we want. You I know we lost but you score and almost one. I’m like, Ha, we lost my touchdown. I’m like, okay, whatever

Mike Proctor  14:48  

So, man that’s it’s That’s crazy. You How was high school for football for you? What what position Did you play school? Okay. Because when once you get into high school, that’s when it’s you know, you’re really Forming into probably what you know what your mold would be. What uh, what position did you play? 

Ty  15:08  

I’m have to go with various. This is why I have to say that because freshman year I play quarterback. Hmm I like quarterback in free safety then sophomore year, same quarterback free safety, but it didn’t play too much defense. I pretty much was just quarterback. Yep. No, I was quarterback and inside linebacker. I was like the fourth string quarterback. I feel like that’s usually how it goes. The second string inside linebacker. Hmm, mind you. I was like, three sizes smaller than I am. And if anybody’s listening im only extra large.

I’m like, sweating brain with muscles.

Mike Proctor  15:55  


Ty  15:56  


Mike Proctor  15:57  

62 Yeah, yeah.

Ty  15:59  

Up there. I’m getting trying to climb the ladder.

More. I got my boy. Got a my DJ. Like 6364 Yeah, my best my other best friend. He’s six, seven. Bam. Yeah, boy. 

Mike Proctor  16:17  

Did he play? Did you guys like go to school together?

Ty  16:19  

 Yeah, we all went to school. 

Yeah, that’s awesome, man. Oh, did would you play when you were like a senior? Did you? Oh my god. My junior year I played linebacker. But I blew my knee out. Ah man. Yeah. Jackson. Screw Jackson’s turf. Yeah, we hearse with Jackson. Yeah, they had that sticky turf day and it gets hot. It starts sticking us running down on kickoff after halftime and my leg hyper extended. Oh, instead of you know, you know running your leg bends forward? Mine’s went backward. Yeah.

Mike Proctor  16:54  

Dude that fucking sucks.

it is, for those of you guys that are listening. He just basically made like a circle is just like  it did not look like it would it would fucking feel good at all. It’s like It’s like as if your 

Ty  17:11  

foot doesn’t come off the ground. But your legs. Yeah, you know that continues to move.

Xad  17:17  

Yeah, your knee stays in one spot. Whole body keeps going the other way. Just right there. Yeah to him.

Mike Proctor  17:22  

And so you blew your knee out. Junior year. Did you come back

Ty  17:25  

came back senior year.

Because junior year was third game of the season. thing here. First game.

Mike Proctor  17:36  

 dude the same one?

Ty  17:38  

 Same one. I was a bigger star in basketball and I was in football. Oh really, really hurt the basketball team because I didn’t play at all. I didn’t play any sports junior year. I blew my knee completely out.  Sr. I came back in basketball season finished basketball season. And we lost in a district championship game. We should have won, we lost. And then I went and play baseball. Because I played baseball sophomore year after basket is pretty fun. So that’s why I played senior. And then I ended up going on Olivet College. Therefore a year playing baseball. No I did football basketball and track track because freshman year I did track instead of baseball. I kind of switched up my sports a little bit but I played those sports those main sports

Mike Proctor  18:30  

you probably fast it’s fun to say

Xad  18:32  

it’s not just the athlete and just whatever sport you’re and you’re gonna Excel.

Ty  18:35  

I don’t know my speed now. I had to build it back up.

Mike Proctor  18:39  

But yeah, I guess that knee probably Yeah,

to begin and I’m pretty quick noe i feel pretty quick. 

Oh, so you uh, when did you you know start because I know that you play still football. Which is fucking just ridiculous man xad and I was talking about it. And I was like, That’s such a huge commitment. Man, I remember cuz I asked you because Ty and I work together. And I had asked Ty I was like, man, how do you you know we were at work just in passer by like man, how do you you know do it and you just I just love playing football? 

Ty  19:14  

Yeah, this game and I always loved the game of football. No matter what. My grandmother? My mom’s mom Chris. See? My Nana is my dad’s mom. My grandma Chris is my mom’s mom. My grandma Chris see use hate when I play football. I used to hate it so you’d only come to like one or two games like when I was younger she came in almost all of them but as I got older started hating when i get hurt  just watching it now she just doesn’t like the contact yeah is like I just one year she tried so hard not to let me play I was in like eighth grade and they sat I sat out all the eighth grade. No, she didn’t play football. My see guys he convinced me dad and my mom let me sit out because I had d

Mike Proctor  20:04  

tath boy better get his grades up 

Ty  20:08  

is funny cuz it’s hilarious because I look back at it like every year I played football I had a D like, but that one year you sat me out. That’s I knew it was bigger than just a Yes, yes they wanted me playing Yo, my mom. She’s like Yeah, she didn’t like he played football. My wish he wouldn’t let me play hockey. He’s like, Well, 

Mike Proctor  20:30  

can you skate to?

Ty  20:32  

 I can skate a little 

Mike Proctor  20:32  

dude, I can’t skate. I’ve never.

Xad  20:34  

I can never even try.

Mike Proctor  20:36  

I don’t have a good balance really with anything. I’m not 

Ty  20:40  

doing skating backwards.

Xad  20:43  

That would be tough.  when did you start playing football again?

Ty  20:51  

Okay, so after I blew my knee out, senior, I play college. Yeah, I went to Olivet college and played that next year. full complete healthy. No injuries. Like seriously, no injuries. Nice. I was like and I was a three sport athlete. I played football, basketball, and then I did track and it was weird because I didn’t run. Coach tried to give me his eye. Oh, yeah, I’m gonna make you run because after the first meet, he’s a imma make you run. I’m gonna make you run next week. I’m like, haha, we’ll see. Yeah, 

Mike Proctor  21:27  

you didn’t run any events?

Ty  21:29  

 I didn’t run and not one event. Now I told him from day one. I’m not running. I’m not running. I’m just going to jump. So it’s crazy to come back from my 

Mike Proctor  21:38  

Oh, so would you do a long jump?

Ty  21:40  

 I did the first he put me in a long job. But I did the triple jump. Triple literally only college level in Uh huh. Yeah, that’s a that’s like an advanced. Yeah, it’s a triple gentle nice technique. Yeah. 

Mike Proctor  21:53  

Yeah, you gotta be fucking solid consistent. I don’t think I could do that bro.

Ty  21:57  

triple jump in the high jump.

Mike Proctor  21:59  

I’m not I don’t have consistency. I’m more of kind of loosey goosey. Just fucking wing it it 

Ty  22:05  

to take off like you take off in a full sprint. And jump. you hop on one leg? Hop? You either hop on that same leg. Or you can hop on the other leg?  And then you jump into the pit?

Xad  22:19  

Yeah, I feel like I would jump like five feet. I feel like I would suck at that. I remember doing like I was trying that.

Mike Proctor  22:27  

I was kind of imagined you’d be alright at it

Xad  22:28  

me. No, I sucked at that. And what do you go over the pulpit? Not pole vaulting What’s the one fucking jump? High Jump Yes.

Ty  22:39  

I actually did the high job in college yes

Xad  22:41  

I was terrible with that.

Ty  22:44  

palced in both for those that are freshmen only a freshman

Mike Proctor  22:48  

yeah do i’m not going to track I know track here.

Ty  22:53  

Now as I am placed in my triple jump in the high jump in the conference me as a freshman Hell yeah. Now it’s all seniors. I was like Well, I’ve kind of been like man fifth place but then I’m looking I’m like Okay, guy it took first place just competed or he’s going to compete for NCAA so

Mike Proctor  23:13  

yeah, yeah.

Ty  23:15  

especially as a freshman when I didn’t even know what the triple jump was.

Xad  23:18  

Yeah, going into it. 

Mike Proctor  23:21  

The triple jump,

Ty  23:21  

right? caoch like you got to come back next year. we need you

Mike Proctor  23:27  

So did you Yeah, what happened? Did you continue in the car?

Ty  23:33  

 My granddad pulled the money out my scholar he pulled the money out of count and so without me knowing. my mom came tell me Oh, you don’t have no money in the account. So unless and pay  Yeah, I didnt have tuition. and I was like I was getting a partial scholarship so I was like, I got a half scholarship will come out of it for athletics and other bit is cost more to get out of it and it does go michigan state or the U of M

Mike Proctor  24:05  

thats a prestigious. Oh, that’s an academic college. I feel like it’s that’s that’s where it’s rep.

Ty  24:15  

Tom like his ridiculous deal. almost like 90,000

Mike Proctor  24:19  

that’s a that’s that’s unfortunate. 

Ty  24:21  

nd they’re the lowest the lowest in their in their like, conference. They’re the lowest Yeah, Alma’s like 40,000 a year or something like that.

Mike Proctor  24:32  

It was only 40,000

Xad  24:35  

It’s a lot especially when you’re first come out of high school and you start talking about big as you never even worked before.

Ty  24:41  

Albion’s 46 

Mike Proctor  24:43  

Oh, give it to so give it all to you to There you go. 

Ty  24:48  

I’ll get it back later.

Mike Proctor  24:50  

I got 30 grand in the hole No shit though, man. 

Xad  25:08  

I ever get my first paycheck from from work after I graduated work like my first full time week boy at a Tropical Smoothie was like, you know, like $400 and I was like, yeah, I’m gonna go Xbox. Like I was.

Ty  25:25  

I used to feel like the man would 400. 

Xad  25:26  

Yeah, Hell Yeah, you did.

Ty  25:28  

 I got $400 Yeah, I pay my rent. Well, yeah, yeah, 

Mike Proctor  25:32  

I used to fucking when I had my when I got my first job. I would take as making like 200 bucks a week. Under the Table cash. Yes, washing dishes in a restaurant. And I’d fucking take half like 100 bucks a week, man. Save it. And I worked for like three or four months had new a couple of grand or something. It’s all fucking stoked about it. I think I bought like a pound of weed. I think that’s what I bought. I remember I was like, 

Ty  26:01  

Oh, I’m really doing something. I’m working two jobs. i was a security guard and get another job. My second job. I worked at quality dairy. I did this customer service rep.

Mike Proctor  26:13  

I used to work at a carwash in the morning and work at a restaurant at night.

Ty  26:18  

What do I Oh, I got a check, man. This check only 300 Yeah, go get my check. I’m like, wait a minute. thats 200, i got 500 . they all know one time I saved my check. Like I saved two checks together. I got over $1,000 quit playin. What am I gonna do? Then all them bills came one way.

But end of the day, ladies and gentlemen, you’re only gonna have $400

Mike Proctor  26:55  

You ain’t gonna have that much money. It may look big but

Ty  26:57  

just budget Yeah.

Xad  26:59  

Yeah, just budget.

Mike Proctor  27:02  

So when when did you continue to play Semi Pro Football?

Ty  27:07  

After Okay, so whenever I went to college, I turned 18 and I left.

Mike Proctor  27:14  

When did you graduate high school 

Ty  27:16  


Yeah, so it’s been some years looking back

Mike Proctor  27:23  

graduated 09.

Xad  27:25  

I just hit 10 years out of school issue 10 So yeah, yeah, time starts to jump by real fast man.

Ty  27:36  

Well, play when I was 20 Yeah. 23 Okay, so jump back in when I was 23 

Mike Proctor  27:43  

you’ve been playing for a couple years now

Ty  27:45  

. So I gave it like a little five year break. 

Mike Proctor  27:48  

Have you always played for what is it? What’s the stealth 

Ty  27:52  

that Tri County Crusaders

Mike Proctor  27:53  

 Crusaders? Okay. You play for the Crusaders 

Ty  27:57  

next year We will we will be the Lansing Crusaders.

Mike Proctor  28:00  

the Lansing Crusaders. No shit a it’s awesome man.

Ty  28:04  

 It’s gonna be and we go to Florida. We’re actually still playing. Where division champs were conference champs. And the GM FC. I’m probably we play February 12. The 12th to the 15th that’s when our first game is they still don’t know who we who we will be playing of 

Mike Proctor  28:31  

2021 season?

Ty  28:33  

 Still this season. 

Mike Proctor  28:35  

Oh really?

Ty  28:36  

 Hey, we’ll go ahead and cap off the end to the season in Florida. Say we capped off our conference. And we’re conference champs so that put that places as a giveaway. We placed it we punched our ticket when we won the championship, that we punched our ticket to have a bid in the Florida tournament in the Pro Bowl. Oh sure. No, yeah.

Mike Proctor  28:57  

So is that a nationwide

Ty  28:59  

Yeah, so we’ll be playing any team east of the Mississippi

Xad  29:03  

no Sure. That’s awesome. Yeah,

Mike Proctor  29:04  

it’s all in February so

Xad  29:06  

where we’re at in Florida is the the tournament gonna be you know yeah, 

Ty  29:09  

I forgot Yeah, I’m not i forgot it might be bringing them young stadium but all I know is we’re playing stadiums. Oh no, surely that’s gonna be so pretty sweet. That’s fucking awesome man. You know Covid is getting over so how many so hopefully we can have full stadiu S

Mike Proctor  29:27  

so when did you kick off this season?

Ty  29:30  

 Last fall or not kicked off because at COVID it would have been early spring but they kicked off by beginning now

Mike Proctor  29:43  

because then you guys play throughout the summer.

Ty  29:46  

Like it kicked off like beginning of July. Yeah,

Xad  29:50  

right after coming out of like the lockdown and everything.

Ty  29:52  

Yeah, yeah, like we play through the lockdown.

Xad  29:54  

Oh shit, really.

Ty  29:56  

Remember, we were like bound we were only like literally We were the only sport only to only teams playing and no time everybody cut down canceled. 

Mike Proctor  30:10  

I’m saying bro, like, you know what boring shit.

Ty  30:14  

 Yeah, I love to watch that. 

Mike Proctor  30:16  

I’m football junkie.

Ty  30:17  

That was gay cuz we add a force like we we had a half of a season but it felt like a full season because there’s only like, we played three teams but we played everybody twice. 

Mike Proctor  30:26  

I want to ask how many games you played? So you played six games? 

Ty  30:29  

Yeah, cuz those are COVID Yeah, usually we play like 10 to 12 play everybody like twice. 

Mike Proctor  30:40  

So do you get paid? Or do you have to pay to play 

Ty  30:45  

now you pay you have to pay and you make it so far, people started looking at you and you get scouted to go pay for like, Canadian football?  Like those little leagues like Premier League football 

Mike Proctor  31:02  

arena league

Ty  31:03  

 or your arena, or is it like what’s the xfl?

Mike Proctor  31:09  

 Yeah, you know, the rock just brought bought there.

Xad  31:11  

 Yeah, he’s a partial owner for this

Ty  31:14  

is ridiculous.  I remember seeing that come across my little news feed. 

Xad  31:21  

he’s a hell of a marketer. I think he can make I think he can make it work.

Ty  31:24  

Yeah. Big Dwayne Johnson fan.

Mike Proctor  31:26  

yeah. Um, I think that’s fucking sweet hope the XFL we had when we started this podcast. Yep. The xfl was kicked off. And like when the last one when it just went down. And me and Xad that we all set up a bracket. We all picked a team and shit and then fucking COVID happened and shut down.

Xad  31:45  

New York guardians. That was my team.

Mike Proctor  31:47  

Yeah, I think I went with LA I had Josh Johnson. 

Ty  31:50  

I like that Vegas team. It kind of sucked.

Mike Proctor  31:53  

 But wait, which the XFL team?

Ty  31:56  

Yeah. I don’t know. Like, black and gray team.

Xad  32:01  

The black and gray team was I think the New York guardians man. 

Ty  32:04  

That was the gaurdians?

Xad  32:05  

the guardians had some pretty badass jerseys. 

A musta was just been playing him

Mike Proctor  32:09  

are you talking about the Raiders Are you?

Ty  32:11  

 no, not the Raiders. I know. I was waiting. Funny. 

Mike Proctor  32:13  

I was like, wait, you said black and silver?

Ty  32:15  

 or gray, blue and silver something like that. He had a dark color and soon I was they will get ass whooped. 

Mike Proctor  32:25  

Yeah, that was it was fun football though. I love watching football, man. So what do you play for the Crusaders? What position? 

Ty  32:33  

I was playing I play receiver and like outside linebacker. 

Mike Proctor  32:38  

No shit. That’s awesome. Man. Did you have a pretty good season?

Ty  32:42  

 I went undefeated. 

Mike Proctor  32:43  

What was your? Did you have good stats? What kind of offense?

Ty  32:46  

my stats Not necessarily. 

Mike Proctor  32:49  

Stats don’t always reflect Yeah, the full story.

Ty  32:52  

 Well, depends which game you reflect today. So again, I didn’t play a lot due to either, you know, the way coaching was going or attitude or injury but most the time is probably injury. Because I was nursing a shoulder injury this year. Then it kind of sucked. But I got through it. And I made the tackle to send us to the championship. Hey, oh, yeah, I saved the district championship game up. Yeah, the district championship game. I mean, the division, I’m sure but the division championship game. last played a game I’m thinking it’s third down. But it’s fourth down. Oh shit. No,

Xad  33:36  

It happened to tom brady the other night.

Ty  33:39  

Quarterback says hut goes right. On one. I’m on his right side. On my right outside linebacker. Okay. I go. I have my receiver had to slide. He went on a slant inside. So I picked him up on my hands on him following him inside. And the quarterback. I don’t know the pocket must have broke down or something. But he came back my way. Yeah, because he tried to scramble for the first down. Now the first now was on the three yard line. there on the eight yard. Touchdown is in a touchdown. And so he’s scrambling. Coming to the right, I’m going back to the right. I look over I noticed him take off. I noticed my defensive end is getting blocked in front of me. And there was a receiver coming straight down the line making a beeline at me trying to hit a block on me.

I threw him off me got around him.

And the defensive end couldn’t get off his block. So it was me and a quarterback. I locked eyes with the quarterback. And he came straight at me. And I just dove at him. His hip made him flip a game over No first down.

Xad  35:01  

made him flip

Mike Proctor  35:02  

you want you went low on him and took him out. 

Ty  35:04  

I made him flip his on video clips on YouTube. Yeah, dude. And then we beat that team. That was the third time we beat that team.

Xad  35:16  

So you so you ran you ran the table against the e so you beat him every single time you saw them.

Ty  35:21  

Yeah, we played him in the playoffs. So that was the third time you knows the played the final straw and beat him three times. Then we played this Michigan that Northern Michigan or Greater Michigan wolves, whatever you want to call them. We played them. They were talking stuff. We want like that as we got the rings. They agree they went home

Mike Proctor  35:43  

 your defensive guy for the most part.

Ty  35:45  

 Yeah, yeah.

Mike Proctor  35:46  

 What what kind of defense you guys run?

Ty  35:48  

 I’ll just depends on how we play. base defense, you know, regular. What is it? 44 Yeah. Okay, well, I like 4-3. Yeah, something simple.

Mike Proctor  36:01  

Yeah. Mm. Hmm. That’s dope man.

Xad  36:05  

you like hitting people. Oh, yeah. That sounds like so. Yeah.

Mike Proctor  36:09  

Is that’s the fun part. Yeah. It’s easy. It’s what I do, man

Ty  36:14  

is I like playing corner too. That’s my original defensive position. When I was playing with the Crusaders was corner. And then they moved me from corner to outside linebacker.  That is the first year. We’re because I play with them. Now it’s 23 to 24, which was the first year that they came out and I play with them that year. Then their next year. I didn’t play then this year, but it’s crazy. I ended the first year is how it started this. Yeah. Like, you got to storyline shit. 

Mike Proctor  36:47  

So do you. You got to pay your own way your travel and shit to eh?

Ty  36:53  

kinda like we carpool. 

Mike Proctor  36:56  

Oh, right on. Yeah. Okay. Like the team though. Like y’all just take it on yourself. So be like, you know? Where do you guys have? it? You’re part of a league, right? Yeah. Yeah. So is there like an owner of the team?

Ty  37:12  

Yeah. Okay. Each team has the owner,  

Mike Proctor  37:14  

someone’s funding the team and showed

Ty  37:16  

 and somebody gets assigned that league. So like the conferences, yep. League owners assigns to conference. leaders, whatever. Then they control the conferences. And then they report back to him and he’ll report to the nation. A Semi Pro Football. Is Xad Did you find anything out about? Like that league or anything? Yeah, that’s

Xad  37:39  

something to check out right now. Just get a name of the league and everything.

Mike Proctor  37:42  

Yeah, the GMFC

Ty  37:48  

Greater Michigan Football Conference

Mike Proctor  37:50  

 Football Conference. I wonder when you know how long it’s been around? We’ve been around for a while. No, surely. I never knew man. I never even knew. Do you know if there’s a team out if there’s a teams out here?

Okay, so they’re part of it. They got

Ty  38:09  

Flint Fury.

Mike Proctor  38:12  

we played them Don’t be laughing at our team.

Ty  38:16  

We played them twice.

Hey, it’s funny, but thats when we I drove to Lapper to play. Yeah, that was nice. drive. drove  on my own. That was.

Mike Proctor  38:29  

So you’re still, you know, you’re still fucking hitting the football bra.

Ty  38:34  

Oh, yeah, we might get ready to get back on the grind in December. That’s when we started back. Yeah, it was nice to three months break. Was there?

Mike Proctor  38:42  

 Was there ever anything else that you aspired to, you know, become?

So I mean, like, it sounds like you’re hitting the football dog.

Ty  38:56  

I want to say like, I want to say a business owner, but it’s different. I want to own multiple businesses and be a property owner. Hmm. You know, I want equity. Yeah. As equity.  equity is in my dreams but and you’ll see I’m not stopping at it. I’m keeping going like my destination. This is just the destinations. I’m on a journey. So just because I get to a destination don’t mean I made it. You know what I mean? Oh, yes. I keep shouting. I made it when I’m gonna make it. I’m gonna make it because when I make it, you’re not gonna realize that I’ve made it past all of my destinations that I’ve said.

Xad  39:29  

Well, you got dreams. Just keep going. Yeah,

Mike Proctor  39:31  

it’s a good it’s a good habit to have

Ty  39:35  

 I’m like, man, I remember that one. I remember that when I remember that one. Man, he went far.

Mike Proctor  39:41  

No, yeah, no, this was so bro. That’s dope though, bro. Yeah. When do you guys come back home? Do you know like, 

Ty  39:54  

now I think it’s something like four or five days. Like a tournament big ass tournament. 

Mike Proctor  39:58  

But yeah, I mean, you know When, when that season ends, what would it be the following year? 

Ty  40:04  

Oh, nice. Is that a start? That was start at that is called the pro bowl was like just a big ass tournament for the prior season? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got NFL does their promo they do it right it was right before it

Mike Proctor  40:20  

sounds like you guys are going down to a bubble So

Ty  40:23  

pretty much some shit my that time and ain’t gonna be no bubbles

everything will be good

Mike Proctor  40:30  

but yeah so after you like get done with you know you’re talking in your bowl and after that season ends right you guys are going to end the season 

Oh yeah, we end the season and then we started up our new season

. Yeah. Which would be wintering spring again. Okay. And then you would hopefully ideally be back in home or traveling would be back home. Yeah.  Normal season and chillin. 

Ty  40:54  

We’re getting ready to hit the grind you started all over again. Yeah. That’s fucking sweet man. Me and Xad that are gonna come check out a game.

Xad  41:02  

Yeah, I’m down to check out a game that’s something Oh, crypto

Ty  41:05  

check our team but you know.

Xad  41:09  

Now Yeah, I’m just I’m trying to jam it up. I’m not seeing like a little conference

Ty  41:13  

thats to leagueright there.

So yeah, let’s just get into it a little bit greater Midwest football calm.

Mike Proctor  41:23  

um, so you got to be you work you got to be working out and shit. But how often you guys practice.

Ty  41:31  

2 days a week

Mike Proctor  41:32  

 do you get? Do you lift? And should you do hit

Ty  41:37  

own time?  No, I don’t. Um, so I’ve been playing ball. so far. I’ve been playing sports or I got to go to a gym. 

Mike Proctor  41:46  

You just fucking naturally gifted dog.

Ty  41:48  

 Now on do that I do workouts, but I don’t need to go to the gym to lift weights because I know so many workouts I can do just using my own body. As I never made me stronger. Just use my own body weight. Because a lot of people can’t even lift their own body weight. If you can’t lift your own body weight. What is you wish that was the point? The point was to me going to the gym, right? You’re not gonna change anything, you know? And I had to realize that too, because I was young. And I couldn’t live my body weight and I was under like a buck 80 

Mike Proctor  42:18  

Well, you’re talking like you got to have functional strength as as kind of a base.

Ty  42:22  

 You have to be able. You have to be able to do those kind of basic things. Before you really start to like, try to specialize with weights and shit. You know what I mean? Yeah, I feel like some people could just like, oh, they got it. They walk in and like, all these weights are here. Or I’m gonna go hit the bench and then that’s all I’m gonna do. Do a chin up. Can you hold yourself up for 10 seconds? Yeah, I mean, can you do a wall sit for a minute? Romi like, can you sit there? Can you take that? You know, right. . Do you is when you plan and your body starts shutting down. She can start to burn in Yeah, start to hurt and you’re gonna get them three cramps? You know? after that. Damn legs get the burning.

Mike Proctor  43:08  

How is your diet bro? Like, how do you eat pretty well? 

Ty  43:12  

Im a human garbage disposal?

Mike Proctor  43:16  

What’s your shit? What’s your thing?

Ty  43:19  

I just don’t like Ham.

Mike Proctor  43:22  


Ty  43:23  

But I love bacon.

Oh, no, I never liked it 

Mike Proctor  43:28  

must be a texture thing.

Ty  43:29  

 I think it is. And then I don’t like hot dog. So less it’s all beef. No, I don’t I don’t I don’t like pork chops. Which is I stopped liking put a torque hater. No, because I like pork. It’s like to pay bacon one of my favorite foods. Bacon. I like pepperoni. I like sausage. 

Mike Proctor  43:51  

Do you do eat eat out a lot. Or a lot of cooking.

Ty  43:56  

Yeah, I mean so much but I can cook now I can throw down I can throw a full course meal and whatever.

Whatever. I got some direction.

Some stuff I don’t need directions for but like you like lasagna. Come on. That’s too many steps. Yeah, be too high. I can remember.

Xad  44:19  

lasagna is a bitch to make man.

Mike Proctor  44:25  

I was a chef and lasagna hard.

Xad  44:27  

lasagna is tough, but I tried just making lasagna like 100% from scratch lasagna at home. And that’s it took like four fucking hours. That shit I like and it’s expensive as hell is I just buy them by the fucking box. Frozen thing?

Ty  44:42  

 I fuck some Spaghetti?

Xad  44:44  

Yeah. Yeah, spaghetti. I’m down for.

Mike Proctor  44:49  

So you eat out a lot though. Hey, what’s your spot if you’re going out to eat and where you

Ty  44:54  

my girl  don’t like it, but everybody Know Me Man. I’m a steak and shake 

Mike Proctor  44:58  

steak and shake

Xad  45:01  

that I had those in Lansing?

Ty  45:02  

Yeah, todos.

Mike Proctor  45:05  

 I’ve never

had a steak and shake i dont think. 

Xad  45:06  

I haven’t know a long time but there’s none around flint

Ty  45:10  

is to Lansing and this one over by our job. So they’re by the Walmart. right in front of the Walmart. 

Mike Proctor  45:19  

Okay, so what do we got to get bro? Well, they got like steak sandwiches.

Ty  45:23  

And steak burgers.

Mike Proctor  45:27  

Are you kidding? 

Xad  45:28  

It’s good, dude. It’s good. So

Ty  45:30  

my, my thing they changed it from the 27 because now is to number 10. But nice to triple A steak sandwich. They got a no steak burger. I don’t think a quarter pound, bro. You’re probably pound.

Mike Proctor  45:49  

 You’re probably pumping up so many calories. You need a fucking triple cheeseburger

Ty  45:55  

 for came out at Wendy’s. When I got off the highway. I got me. You know, kind of like I gotta eat healthy. Sounds like I’m gonna get it. Let me get to number five, the grilled chicken. So, number five, the grilled chicken sandwich. And then I’m like mesmerized by all advertisements that this Wendy saw. Gosh, I’m like, What is the bacon beer brought? or whatever it was like it was like bacon beer cheese burgers. Yeah. I’m like, get it. Yeah,

Mike Proctor  46:25  

I want it.

Ty  46:26  

I noticed that. I was like, I want it. 

Mike Proctor  46:29  

They almost give me with the frosty chinos man,

Ty  46:31  

 it was like a pretzel. Oh, is the pretzel bacon beer. Cheers. That’s what it was. Hey, man, I got that to you. And I got a small fry. I need a drink because I already had two drinks. You like you want to drink ? Like no No, no matter of fact, just let me get the sandwiches. Give me a small fry. Let me show you want to drink them like Yeah, got to sit right

Xad  46:51  

guys like you’re gonna eat all that with no drinks. Like not gonna

Mike Proctor  46:55  

if you go to steak and shake Do you get a steak?

a steak burger in a shake? 

Ty  47:00  

Yeah, you got to you got to get the shake ran they got slow like they shake says like they got the variety. They don’t have as big of a variety of a variety like Sonic. But they see a better design. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

shakes is slapping

a classic man like that’s like going to Olympic bro. You go to Olympic bro. You get a burger some you got to get a shake.

Mike Proctor  47:28  

Where Olympic broil. Yeah.

Ty  47:31  

The last thing you ever come to Lansing Michigan Olympic broil its on North Side Olympic broil. is the spot to go check it out. Okay, what’s got anything you face is like a fast food type of food. Just like an old script look like an old Sonic? Looks like an older Sonic. But they don’t do that stuff no more they don’t come out on the relatively before Sonic came out they were the ones on the road like Yo, got you and it was like they’re like a like a car restaurant like

Mike Proctor  48:03  

Yeah, yeah drive up.

You get the you get your tray on your little window. 

Ty  48:07  

No, no, it’s not like drive up like they have car shows there. Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah, like all the old school is everybody bringing shit out?

Mike Proctor  48:19  

We have a dope as car show here man. Um,

Xad  48:22  

yeah, they do it right here.

Mike Proctor  48:23  

They do it right here on the main drag and it’s man we got like a fucking like a DeLorean. There’s fuckin there’s all kinds of cool nice rides all this like electric car that got old as electric cars just bunch of cool shit like that and a bunch of

Xad  48:40  

You say you do the triple steakburger that thing is a hos man dude. Oh

Mike Proctor  48:45  

look at that.

Ty  48:47  

thast that . Oh.

This is called my name. Now let me see steak and shake on the way 

Xad  48:54  

 I’d be on the jalapeno crunch steak burger looks

Ty  48:58  

pretty good. jalapeno. A real talk. It’s myself Briscoe mill and fries

Xad  49:03  

I’m getting hungry. Good. yeah

Mike Proctor  49:08  

check one out here pretty soon.

Ty  49:09  

Double over double garlic steak burger. Was it the garlic or the butter

Mike Proctor  49:15  

reminds of rallys.

Xad  49:18  

I yeah, it’s like it’s definitely a higher quality than rallies is

Ty  49:22  

the same thing as a Chequers

Mike Proctor  49:23  

Yeah, rallies is a little bit not as good

Xad  49:27  

Yeah, I’m not not so much mine. 

Ty  49:34  

big beautiful her like you got to get that rallys burger. You know that classy. But if you got I saw let me boil. It’s pretty much like Lance’s own Coney Island.  been around so long and it’s pretty much 

Mike Proctor  49:53  

one of the staples. For sure. It’s pretty good. I can dig it. So be uh let’s see being being not only fucking playing ball but working full time do you how do you sleep? You sleep pretty good? You sound asleep every night

Ty  50:12  

 and I got a weird sleeps like I will go to sleep I like nine and wake up at two

Mike Proctor  50:20  

in the afternoon

Ty  50:21  

no oh in the morning about it like go to sleep at 9pm wake up at 2am just or go to sleep at like 11 and wake up but I want 59 and I want 54

Xad  50:35  

So what do you do you get up at two o’clock in the morning just 

Ty  50:37  

I just be are like I wait I go to sleep at like 12 midnight because I’m watching the game. Go to sleep at like midnight and I wake up at like 340 in the morning. I just be up and go to go to the car. No, smoke me a little blunt and then it’s right writing some music man I write music like I that time every day. And I’ll  write everything write lyrics or not get my beats my boy makes my beat beats and I write our my lyrics every song I ever made a every lyric.

Mike Proctor  51:15  

Do you always write them at night?

Ty  51:18  

No, it’s like randomly like whenever I go to ever I’m home I go to my car just in the car I smoke you you don’t get to writing. 

Mike Proctor  51:30  

you don’t get like a very good sleep schedule though. Hey?

Ty  51:33  

no, I just pretty much like if I’m really tired you know I push my way through the day and then once I knock out I’m not a knockout earlier than I did I just sleep Yeah, yeah try to catch like an extra hour or two. Yeah, yeah, cuz I’m thinking like, how I think I don’t everything like you need rest rest because we all gonna get rest at the end of the day. I was like what are we rushing to go to sleep for? dummies you want to be up as much as you can? Yeah, gonna be sleeping for a long time. Right ever, you know? 

Mike Proctor  52:04  

Man I fucking fill my day was shit like 24 fucking seven now. Literally always doing something 

Ty  52:11  

happy move and 

Mike Proctor  52:13  

work. do shit fuckin up to my computer to like 11 and then fucking go to sleep. Do it all again the next day. 

Xad  52:20  

You do have to take that one day out the week to just relax 

Mike Proctor  52:24  

Yeah, I do I do. I always make sure I fuckin take at least a day just to chill

Xad  52:29  

decompress a little bit 

Mike Proctor  52:31  

but I literally have to

schedule it. I have to make sure it’s the same day all the

ty do you have Do you have dreams? 

Ty  52:39  

Give some crazy dreams 

Mike Proctor  52:41  

do you remember your dreams?

Ty  52:44  

 Yes I were so crazy because I remember when I was like all the way up till I was like 23 I can remember for shit couldn’t remember no dream.

Xad  52:55  

And then all of a sudden you started

Ty  52:56  

all of a sudden I’d be all my dreams just start sticking to me and I’m like,

Xad  53:00  

something change?

Ty  53:01  

ive actually lived one of my dreams. A couple of them

Xad  53:05  

like after having had after having

Ty  53:06  

had some seizure. Yeah, I’ve actually lived through some days. I don’t drink some stuff on there wants to play out the next day. Or watch the play out like a month later. I’m like I’ve seen this before. I blame somebody for one of my deja vu moments and they were like what are you talking about? And I’m like, bro, you did this before you can like bro I never did this before.

And I’m like bro Yes you did. Like when

I can’t remember

there was a dream.

Mike Proctor  53:40  

that’s that’s so strange because you’re not getting solid chunks asleep like most people need your  brain must just like go fucking ham when you do shut down. So your dreams are just like 

Ty  53:55  

they got high metabolism so like it’s always been like extremely Like I’m hungry right now. Just like that. got here. There’s a I was late guys 

Mike Proctor  54:08  

talking about steak and shake.. Sounds good.

Ty  54:11  

And I’m already hungry.

Xad  54:13  

Yeah, that’s good.

Ty  54:14  

I blow through it $25 tonight and

I got to Qdoba was you guys know Qdobas?

Xad  54:22  

thats my favorite dude.

Ty  54:24  

I got to Qdobas i get a burrito. And then I get the gumbo.

Xad  54:31  

never had their gumbo.

Ty  54:32  

Oh, I get the chicken gumbo.

Mike Proctor  54:35  

chicken gumbo from a mexican place?

Ty  54:39  

I said the same thing.

That me I’m like I no offense but I’m like I was at the Qdobas was in frandoor which is like pretty much East Lansing if you’re from around the Lansing area. And it black guy comes out you know, older guy, so I’m like, okay, But he’s no, he’s like, picky because I’m telling I could tell he’s picky by how he order and his food. And he’s just talking to me the whole time he’s ordering his food. This is like right before COVID hit me He’s like, Yeah, man. You ever had to chicken gumbo, ? I was like, No, he’s like, Man, you got to get it like you got to get it with us like he got to get it with the with the with the onions. some peppers on there. he’s like don’t forget about the corn. Put the car and then tomatoes. He’s like, just a little bit of lettuce. as I know you’re picking me Yeah, I like I want like I onions sounds like Alright, let me get let me get the little the I was like let me get the tomatoes which is the Pico. I gotta act like I’m retarded when I go in there because when you act like you know everything and they just look at you like

you just so damn smart.

Mike Proctor  56:05  

Like well they got they got to get yelled at all day people are just walking like give me that that that that that that and put it in the box. Give me my shit. All day, man. That’s all day so they’re just like by the time you come in. therr like 

the fuck you want

Ty  56:22  

to tell you all about you give me my damn food.

Mike Proctor  56:24  

Yes. Oh, you don’t know how to fucking do this, huh? Now you need me. So what are you working on anything right now, bro, what you’re working on? 

Ty  56:39  

Do we have a project I’m working on right now? 

Yeah, no shit. Can you tell us about it? Do you wanna tell us about it? Okay, it’s another got a nice little album. I’m working on. Called Wiz3Mob. Um, why I go by wiseguy tie. Okay, so, wise mob is pretty much like my fan base. Like all my people. Okay, so I guess but pretty much like an entitlement to them. My appreciation. My gratitude. Like how I feel, or you know, saying stuff that I’ve been through. I’m talking about all that in the album. And I should be. Oh, no, I’m trying to still figure out a release date for it. Possibly in February. Or maybe to New Year Who knows? It is pretty much like his par is partially done. I just got a piece it together. 

Mike Proctor  57:31  

how long you’ve been working on it?

Ty  57:33  

 About a month? Oh, hell yeah. Dude. I hit studio and did like five songs in a month. I was going slow. Oh, yeah. Very slow. Easily I can get in here and get like three songs in in the night and it’s only two hours. I free I record two songs in an hour. I still don’t like fully doing that with with with a beat already. It makes like master so you you just go knock out the lyrics and the engineer makes the recipe.

Mike Proctor  58:06  

Oh shit. Okay,

Xad  58:07  

so then he throws he throws the Beat after you you write your lyrics or

Ty  58:12  

no I saw this. I got a DJ my DJ.

Yeah. He has his beat and hell send it to me.

And I’ll take it into the studio.

Xad  58:22  

Listen to it. 

Ty  58:23  

My engineer will pretty much record you know, say I’m he’s I’m recording myself. But he’s doing all the

Xad  58:31  


Ty  58:33  

He’s timing and mastering the song.

You paid him to mix it master song.

Xad  58:40  

So when when you’re writing lyrics, um, are you do you listen to the beat and then apply the lyrics to that? Or do you kind of come up with just the lyrics initially and then find the beat that kind of matches that and then change your tempo to fit

Ty  58:55  

was weird cuz when I first started rapper I didn’t rap to no beat. 

Mike Proctor  58:59  

That was my next question was what what kind of music?

Ty  59:03  

 Um, hip hop. You know. Hip Hop, hip hop? r&b, little r&b feel. Yeah, I guess I got a couple songs where it’s like r&b was definitely I got I definitely got us on. It’s definitely R and B. Oh, yeah. It’s called beautiful. You are. You know,

it’s on YouTube,

Xad  59:20  

as well. So check that out of the show.

Ty  59:22  

Yeah. We got a whole playlist on YouTube. 

what’s what’s the name of your playlist in your channel?

 Just type in wiseguy, wiseguy wi z three

Mike Proctor  59:32  

 I’m a I’m a tag all your shit up in Episode Two. But you guys can check out Ty on fucking YouTube.  So is this your second album then? 

Ty  59:39  

Yep. Because I dropped no first album. 

Mike Proctor  59:42  

first album? 

Ty  59:43  

Yeah, cuz I dropped a mixtape Okay, it was pretty big. It’s awesome. Every big man. 

Mike Proctor  59:48  

How long have you been? You know, like making beats and shit. Or you know making music?

Ty  59:52  

 music music for four years. rapping for about seven. no, cuz it took me About three years I was just rapping freestyling for like three years and then my boys I bro that was making beats originally I was the DJ originally 

when you guys went when when you started what how I mean,

 I saw as a high school

 this is probably something that you guys always kind of music that you are of everyone’s life. 

love listening to like I go to my grandma house my my great grandmother’s I call her Mike we call him I call him my granny. I go to my granny house, and she you know, every every weekend, you wake it up and you can’t sleep in past 8am or nine right? Gotta get up each have breakfast and start cleaning before you can go outside. And all the things she got on in the house. She got an old school you know and tape player with a big old with a whole like big speakers. And she playing them Jones. Oh, yeah. And she playing like the album. 

Mike Proctor  1:00:54  

That’s what that’s what the moms and the grand moms used to do, man. Just rip those big ass fucking speakers in the living room. All day.

Ty  1:01:02  

This was a Marvin Gaye song

playing like

bootsy Collins and all that. Wow

Mike Proctor  1:01:16  

fuck dude mine was country.

Ty  1:01:18  

God Sam cook. like to play Garth Brooks.  I got in taste everybody. We’re not shopped around a lot. I live with my mom and my dad. But I wouldn’t live in with.

 As you were growing up and 

yeah, like I’d be living my grandparents instead. But I’d be in a custoday my mom custody my grandma. You know, my dad custoday but my dad, you know, saying do what he do. And I’m staying with my grandma. You know, Grandma, grandma lives totally completely different than others. Or my mom or my dad. You know, they all live pletely different. 

The more man the more the more experiences you have and should it’s just what helps you know mold youto be FUCK YOU ARE man 

as make you a better person that sounds like it as you see all of views you know?

Mike Proctor  1:02:18  

Yeah, this shit is tough though.

Ty  1:02:20  

It is more than just two sides. Saying yo saying you meet multiple people. You grew up in multiple environments now you like our nature to size

in is pretty much

Xad  1:02:33  

infinite amount. I mean, just you know, and it sounds like it then still a lot of driving you know, like, like you were saying earlier is you don’t really have a ceiling. You’re just doing whatever it takes and you just kind of keep growing and getting better. So I got

Ty  1:02:47  

drove to Texas in march from Lansing, Michigan. For what for for you, drove to Austin, Texas. I actually originally I had shows lined up I had like five shows lined up down there for South by Southwest. And yeah, with the thought of Yeah, they could possibly cancel the show.

Just now like that was

a sickness going on? We don’t know what it is. I didn’t even have a name to it yet. Yeah, so then they finally deemed it COVID like the day I was gone and I went down there lady didn’t have the number or a track or whatever everybody was gonna do. Yeah, like I like you know, I’m still gonna go cuz my little sister stayed down there in Austin. And I was headed to Austin so you’re like yeah, if anything I stay on my sister and just see my sister. So I went to twin got a rental and I took off it was me my DJ he did 

Mike Proctor  1:03:43  

with a rental car what kind of rental cardcar did you get? 

Ty  1:03:46  

I got a Nissan Altima like in 2019 it was pretty smooth. pretty smooth and I didn’t realize how I got all the way down to Texas day but I aint go no insurance on this bitch. 

we don’t get no dirt over there tell em take your drink off the car

you smudged it

Mike Proctor  1:04:11  

take your damn shoes off man

Ty  1:04:12  

bro left a fingerprint on the on the radio thing you left off man but the whole way down. It was crazy cuz I drove the whole way down. I’m like, waiting. Stopping layover now he drove I drove straight through the whole way down. No 21 hours. Yeah. And we leftat 930 I know we live in nine in the morning. And we got there at

Mike Proctor  1:04:40  


Ty  1:04:42  

in the morning, so the next day,

 I drove straight through  I stopped to get gas twice.

Mike Proctor  1:04:52  

Oh yeah. fuckin Nissan Altima man

Ty  1:04:56  

 I paid 

Mike Proctor  1:04:57  

35 miles again

Ty  1:04:58  

. $60 in gas to hallway

Xad  1:05:00  

Yeah, that’s badass right there. get like the other side of the country

Ty  1:05:06  

pretty much Yeah, pass the Mississippi for 60 bucks. Like I’m thinking it’s gonna be like, Oh yeah, 60 bucks. Like I took like 350 for gas, like that, like the way back, you know, prices could be going up because everybody is like, Oh, we close now.

Mike Proctor  1:05:23  


Ty  1:05:25  

So and I’m like, I price Stego like 30 cents. Yeah, it’s like, okay, it’s been $2 now it’s over to time. I spent probably like 70 On the way back. Oh, and bed. 

Mike Proctor  1:05:37  

It offsets the cost of like renting the car. Quite a bit.

Ty  1:05:41  

Yeah, because the car was only like

300 350? When I was four whole week, a week and a weekend? alien. I was like, that’s not bad at all. We only hold 10 days for three fifty. That is not bad at all. There’s got living arrangements Like what? Yeah.

Xad  1:06:06  

Yeah, it’s not a bad trip at all.

Mike Proctor  1:06:08  

Yeah. Oh, shit, man. We’re gonna wrap this up. But all the time we got on. Before we wrap up, man, you got one shout out your shit like what’s 

Ty  1:06:18  

shoutout Cynthia’s creations. 

Mike Proctor  1:06:22  

What’s Cynthia. Oh, that’s your mom’s down. 

Ty  1:06:24  

But I own it. own the company. But that is her company.

Mike Proctor  1:06:29  

What do you guys do?

Ty  1:06:31  

She makes. Anything craft like she does? She makes t shirts. But that company is for t shirts and like face masks. So anything so just you want designer tees? . Anything you want.. That’s awesome. 

Well, I’m probably gonna I’ll hook you up or I’ll look you guys up soon. 

Yall can look up wiseguy tie on Instagram wise got Ty’s Snapchat.

But his

think its wiseguy ty on Snapchat, too. Yeah, Facebook is mine

Mike Proctor  1:07:04  

 and you got your work. Can we get your music anyway? Like,

Ty  1:07:08  

 music is on youtube music is on Apple play Spotify. Okay, um, Pandora iTunes, wiseguy ty is everywhere.

Xad  1:07:15  

Yeah, that’s wize with a 3

Ty  1:07:17  

 wi z three. g UYTY. All one word. From Lansing, Michigan. And not really that famous. It was nice for you to have me. Thank you. 

We appreciate you coming on so much. So we always like to run down do a recap of like, what the fuck we talked about today. So was Xadwhat you got? 

Xad  1:07:41  

right off the bat was was it macho man but village people

Mike Proctor  1:07:47  

I want to be macho man.

Xad  1:07:49  

I’m frozen cherries. Apparently something I gotta check out. Frozen. I’m a huge fan. And I’m I’m dying to get after 

Mike Proctor  1:07:57  

speaking of cherries. How often do you eat cherries?

do you got to be the frozen black cherries? I gotta be the Michigan black chair. I love fruits and vegetables. How often do you specifically eat cherries? cherries every once in a while? It’s very important. Yeah. And I really, it was it didn’t happen when you were 23 because cherries lead to very vivid dreams. 

Ty  1:08:16  

Not saying I was younger. I’ve been having these dreams for like, since I turned 18. 

Xad  1:08:22  

So if you want to, if you want to increase your those crazy, then

Ty  1:08:25  

I experience my life young. You know what I mean? Like a lot of people they have this party and I was doing this and I sat at like 17 i was Really doing shit at 16.

Mike Proctor  1:08:37  


Ty  1:08:39  

17 I was at a Michigan State party. I grew up quick party that was seniors at 1617 years old, like seniors at Michigan State University to grad parties. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I’m a junior in high school. Yeah.

Xad  1:08:52  

You got after it early.

Ty  1:08:54  

We were out there. doing a lot of illegal stuff.

Xad  1:09:02  

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Pigeon Forge. Good place to visit a lot of cool stuff.

Olivet college. 

Ty  1:09:09  

A shout out to a little bit more mega pie shout out to the frat.

Xad  1:09:15  

Tri County the Tri County Crusaders right Tri

Mike Proctor  1:09:18  

County Crusaders? 

Ty  1:09:19  

Yeah, shout out to the boys.

Mike Proctor  1:09:20  

 Good luck. 

Ty  1:09:21  

Good luck.

I don’t know why I’m saying good luck.

Mike Proctor  1:09:26  

We wish you good luck. I appreciate it. Appreciate.

Xad  1:09:29  

steak and shake.

Mike Proctor  1:09:31  

Steak and shake

Xad  1:09:32  

yes. Do you got to try what the number 10 the number

Ty  1:09:35  

10 triple can triple a burger. Yeah.

Xad  1:09:38  

We got into food for a minute there. We

Mike Proctor  1:09:40  

talk about  Olympic Broil and Qdoba

Ty  1:09:42  

Olympic broil you got to get the chicken tenders or you got to get the Olympic burger. It’s got chili on it. I sound good.

Xad  1:09:50  

I got Austin, Texas and the Nissan Altima 

And then like you said since

Ty  1:10:00  

Yeah, my mom’s company.

Mike Proctor  1:10:03  

Oh, yeah. Well,

that’s all she wrote for us, man. We appreciate you so much.

Xad  1:10:10  

Thanks for making the trip out to me, appreciate it a lot of

Ty  1:10:13  

nice little trips, especially with our construction on the highway. golly.

Mike Proctor  1:10:17  

we do that I’d drive to the shit every day.

Ty  1:10:20  

I was at like, 60 miles an hour. Okay, it’s going back because it’s like, you go down towards jacksie. It’s like 65 a little bit, and then I open back up to 70 Why is 60 4 like almost eight miles now? I’m like, whoo. Yeah, I was seeing was orange cone. Orange cone. 

Yeah, dude, every fucking day.

 Then it opened up and I’m like, Oh, yeah, I forgot how he is. 75 miles an hour right highway

Mike Proctor  1:10:44  

 on Fridays. It’s just fucking packed.

 It’s a shit show

Xad  1:10:48  

fuck traffic.

Mike Proctor  1:10:51  

Thanks, everybody for listening. We’ll catch you guys next time.

Xad  1:10:54  

Thanks, guys. See you, Peace. 

Mike Proctor  1:10:57  

That’s all she wrote. Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you guys for listening. We appreciate you. When a huge thanks to ty for coming out and doing the show. Guy drove like an hour to come do the podcast with us. We love it. We love him. Thank you guys for listening. I appreciate it. If you’d like to show hit the subscribe button. Check us out on the website. Follow us on social media. Let us know how we’re doing someone shoot me a message. Say hey Mike, we love the show. Hey, Mike, I hate the show. And you tell me you hate the show. That’s okay. I won’t be mad. I’m appreciate you guys once again. So today’s episode of the podcast was brought to you by Fauxtien. Everyone’s all obsessed with which brand of protein supplements they use, it can be hard to decide which is which is good for you. Fauxtien is here to make that easy. Fauxtien is the protein supplement that helps your body restock on refined sugars and carbohydrates. While you’ve been dieting and eating your whole foods. They use all generic ingredients artificially created in the lab or making sure they contain high fructose corn syrup. If you’re sick of hearing about everyone’s protein supplements, check out fo teen today to up your game. Sign up at fauxtien.com that’s f au X tien and use the promo code chunk to save 25% off your first order. That’s ch un k people. We’re also brought to you by TP MD does it ever bother you that we only wipe our butts with paper? If you got some poop on your face? Would you just wipe it off with a piece of paper? No, you need TP MD now introducing the TP MD at home kit there they let you customize it for the best experience to suit your needs. Check out the website TP MD comm use the promo code comfy for 20% off your first month of TPM D TPM DS. What’s up guys? I’m telling you 20 that’s comfy co m f. We also we got a new sponsor, we’re brought to you by hyped. Do you want to be pumped up for that epic event this weekend? Maybe you’ve got a softball game or you’re just going out to the bar. You want someone to make sure that everyone knows what about all those legendary moments hyped as your back with an easy scheduling tool hyped will deliver a professional hype man for your personal use. Their hype specialist will make sure to keep you in the crowd pumped all night long. I’m telling you guys you need this for all occasions. Everyone will be talking about it for years to come. visit their website hyped.com h y p IE D and use the promo code djed half off your first event. That’s what’s up jet j Ed. Check it out guys. huge shout out to the sponsors. Thank you for listening

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