Episode 28: Custodial Engineering II with Dalton Cremer

This is the place we imagined. The Studio 2.0 is in full effect and we had our first guest Dalton Cremer. Dalton is a Byron, MI native, and good friend of Luq who made a special appearance today as well. We talk about our generation’s thoughts on learning a trade when we were younger,  Dalton and Luq’s current job as custodians for a school, and Tim Hortons restaurant. FYI Tim Horton had an Iron-like jaw. Having so many people in the studio can be troublesome, as we were fighting to talk over one another lol. I recommend checking out the Youtube Feed for the full effect. Thanks for listening!

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Transcription Below:

Mike Proctor 0:00
What’s up guys? Welcome back to not really that famous. Our guest on the podcast today was Mr. Dalton Cremer. Dalton is a super close friend of the show. Um, he’s a close friend of Luq, who you know is that little brother so Luqs always around. And so we also had Luq on the show today, that was fun. We, we did a four person show, I’m not super fond of having more, more than four, three or four is the limit. Because you guys, we all end up talking over each other, it’s very hard to get a get a good conversation going. So I think two to three is probably the maximum for for my liking anyways, but I’m not opposed to doing more than that. We talk about a bunch of stuff Dalton is he’s about 26 or seven. He’s Luke’s age and we talk a lot about just you know, live in small town stuff don’t want it to work in the trades growing up. And he’s now works in what I like to call custodial engineering is a term I coined from Mr. Zack Cox. But But Dalton is a super, super fun guy to talk to. We also talk a lot about Tim Hortons today, which is, uh, which is pretty funny. I want to thank those guys for doing the show with us taking the time you know, we always appreciate that. Remember, guys, if you liked the show, hit the subscribe button. recommend us to your friends. Anyone who likes podcasts. I love podcasts always is a good idle time killer. Check us out at the website. It’s not really that famous.com check out the shop. We got merge. We’re going to add new stuff soon. So if anyone wants any special stuff, you got to hit me up. Let me know. Um, we’re gonna be adding new stuff. So of course, introduce our guests. Mr. Dalton Cremer the incredible. The hilarious. All, right. And we’re live. thanks for being with us. Yeah, appreciate it. Um, are we’re gonna take a good deep look into Mr. Dalton Cremer’s life today.

Dalton 2:01
What’s up everybody how we doing?

Mike Proctor 2:04
And Xad On stats

what’s going on

as always Mr. Luqas Warden special guest appearance

Luq 2:09
Yeah, well I’ve been living in the other rooms

Mike Proctor 2:14
This is our fabulous new studio guys what do you think

Dalton 2:19
it’s glorious I love it

Xad 2:21
a lot of work a lot of work

Mike Proctor 2:24
we we been tweaking and tweaking and tweaking this thing we finally got like our video feed going so we got cameras and um man Xad and I are so stoked? Yeah. Cleaned up our table space man got a screen.

Xad 2:41
could literally write a book on how to do this now with the mistakes we’ve made the things we’ve done right the wrong orders the right or just Yeah, yeah, we’ve got it down to a science.And might might not be a bad idea.

Mike Proctor 2:54
What the hell are you doing?

Luq 2:55
Mike? Don’t worry about me.

Mike Proctor 2:56
Well, you’re like yeah, it’s you gotta it’s broken dog. It doesn’t

Yeah, stop messing with Yeah,

Dalton 3:06
it was perfect the way it was.

Mike Proctor 3:08
You just got to lean in on it. Yeah, no,

Luq 3:10
I just I tried to slide it and I didn’t Yeah, all right. We’re good.

Xad 3:15
Take Two.

Mike Proctor 3:16

man. But Dalton Will you give us like a like a kind of a quick rundown on on you for as a as our honorary guest Yeah. Um, so like, Where are you from? What do you do for a living?

Dalton 3:31
Yeah, yeah, I’m Dalton man coming from Byron just about 10 minutes around the town their work at a Owosso public schools as a custodian love chillin out man here with the boys today and so we’re

Mike Proctor 3:43
we have listeners like all over the world. And we always like to point out where we are. So again, Dalton’s right, right about in the middle guys. If you’re looking at the mitten, you know, what have I said before? Remember those veins cross?

Xad 3:55
Yeah, exactly.

Mike Proctor 3:56
That’s pretty much where we are guys right right smack dab in the middle of you. So thanks for being here, man.

Dalton 4:02
Yeah, man. Appreciate. Thanks for having me. Sweet.

Mike Proctor 4:05
Um, so let’s jump right into it. Hey, we always give everybody the rundown we got the not really that famous run down a peek into your life. So Dalton as I want you to when you were little. When you were growing as you’re growing up? What did you want to be? I want you to go back and take us through all the all the stages.

Dalton 4:35
See back in the day, man, I think right off the rip. I always wanted to be a football player. That outlandish.

Mike Proctor 4:42
Yeah, there’s always the big giant, crazy one.

Dalton 4:42
right off the rip. Yep, yep. And then as we got through, I got into middle school. And we were actually talking with one of my teachers with my parents. And they were like, what did you want to be when you were older? And I was like, well, I want to be a football player. And that never worked out. Yeah, dry. Right. Well, if that Doesn’t happen. What did you want to be? I was like, well, I always looked up to my dad a lot. When I was little. He was a big iron worker guy who worked at Ford field when they were building it. He met Joey Harrington at the time, unfortunately, but, but, uh, I

Xad 5:14
for People who don’t know, Detroit Lions football

Mike Proctor 5:16
its still a big deal.

Dalton 5:17
Yeah, yeah. He was working down there. I said, You know what, maybe I want to be an ironworker. Just like my dad and he loathed the fact that I ever wanted to be an iron worker he hated

he didn’t want you to do that. Never, never does. There’s no future in it. He says, it’s just you’re going to go up. They’re gonna break your back for 30 years more than that. He said he was supposed to be 30 years he started when he was 20. He said, Put in your 30 years you’re retired at 50 now it’s 60 to 65 whatever it is, he’s like. Theres no future and he’s like, don’t do it ever.

Mike Proctor 5:47
you can you can you make a good living, but I feel like you know what, guys? Yeah, you have to earn it. That’s a Yeah, real tough one. I know. You know, those guys work did did he work like on and off for like months at a time.

Dalton 6:02
Now he was just going all the time has always worked in

Mike Proctor 6:05
Yeah, I met someone who worked in like a, the iron workers union or something like that. And they would go work for like three months and then be off for a month or off for two weeks and then go back and work for you know, three, but they were working like seven days a week.

Dalton 6:23
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think the area depends a lot too. He works local 27 I think that’s local Detroit. So they always got something going on down there. So they were he’s always working.

Luq 6:34
Exactly. And like the this era age, we’re able to actually kind of like day and age, we’re like, able to do like that cost to benefit ratio. A little more than like

Xad 6:48
You can use it you can research things.

Luq 6:51
Well, not only that, you can be like, Yeah, I don’t really want to break my back That bad. And instead, we could be like, custodian sweep a classroom out or something like,

Mike Proctor 7:02
yeah, so just so everybody knows and enough, Luke and Dalton work together. Yeah. So middle school, he said Middle School. Yeah, you would. So your dad didn’t want you to do it. Did you? Did you change?

Dalton 7:16
I reconsidered. Definitely completely. I think after he told me not to do it ever. I said, Okay, well, I better figure out something else. Hang on, be happy if I like that. So I was thinking around I never really actually figured it out was just kind of playing it at ear. Even after graduation. I bounced all over the place. So yeah, you work with me for a minute. I did. Mike too.

Mike Proctor 7:39
Oh, yeah. No joke.

Xad 7:41
Yeah, Dalton get around.

Dalton 7:43
I do get around.

Luq 7:44
it was hard to pry him from the smoothie place.

Dalton 7:46
It took a while but he did it

Luq 7:48
to go to work with me and you work together honestly it’s a good thing you didn’t?

Mike Proctor 7:56
Yeah, we all used to work in the kitchen. kitchen on Fenton. Yeah, you guys were washing dishes and prep work. cookin.

Unknown Speaker 8:04
And then at the, you know, here in Durand.

Mike Proctor 8:11
We cant hear you B, you gotta love up,

Dalton 8:13
you’ll get you’ll get it.

Luq 8:17
Let me get a couple more drinks.

Mike Proctor 8:22
So, Xad, what you got?

Xad 8:25
iron workers. How much how much they make 25 to 40. kind of depends where you live per hour, I guess on an hourly rate, 25 to 40. Okay. pends on where you live how long you’ve been doing it? A lot of stuff like that. I know, a lot of union jobs depend on how long have you been there? It’s very strict. Like you can only make this much until you’ve been here this long. And then once you’ve been here this long. You make this much. It’s very structured like that. Am I correct?

Dalton 8:50
Yeah, yeah. Eventually, you know, yeah. It’s the same thing as apprenticeship all the way up to your forman.

Xad 8:57
best best. I mean, it really basically the big states, big cities. New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Illinois having Chicago

Mike Proctor 9:07

Dalton 9:08
Pittsburgh, man. It’s the biggest one.

Xad 9:10
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts having Boston in it, as well. So yeah, yeah. big cities. Especially at port cities, too, for sure. Oh, have a big, big impact on that

Luq 9:23
always going on. And even if it’s not, it’s shipping. Right,

Mike Proctor 9:27
The manufacturing. Yeah, that’s where you want to go.

Unknown Speaker 9:30
But I want 80000 of them out there. 80,000 ironworkers. Yeah, yeah, but as far as like, where you’re gonna live, if you’re gonna live, try to do that for a living New Jersey make about $90,000 a year doing it.

Dalton 9:44
It’s pretty good. It’s probably most more than most places. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 9:47
Cost of living is gonna be high though. And that’s, that’s one of those jobs where, like you, you will make it but you’re also gonna have to pay it back out, you know, and some to some extent, but that’s right there.

Mike Proctor 10:02
Very physical work. I don’t think any of the that older generation wanted us to do any of those things.

Xad 10:06
Yeah, yeah, definitely. No. I wanted to lay carpet for a while and my dad was like,

Dalton 10:12
that’s weird because that’s a good job that’s always gonna be in demand. They’re always gonna look for people to do

Xad 10:17
they never stop building stuff, man.

Mike Proctor 10:20
That’s what’s funny is that everyone these days, they say like, oh, kids need to learn to trade started , you know, and, but back then it’s like we were told not to. Yeah,

Xad 10:29
yeah, don’t do it. Don’t do it.

Mike Proctor 10:32
Don’t fucking do this. No, this is dumb. Go do something else with computers or whatever. So we’re like, Okay, well, we picked food instead. Yeah.

Dalton 10:41
And that’s why those jobs are in such demand now, probably because of that past mentality.

Xad 10:45
Yeah. Yep. Everybody’s parents tell em. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Now that way,

Dalton 10:49
everyone needs em.

Xad 10:50
How are we gonna build shit?

Biuld shit low. That’s cool that he worked on Ford field though. That was quite quite the innovation. Especially when they initially built it. Nice stadium.

Mike Proctor 11:09
What was he like a welder?

Dalton 11:12
He was in a forman at the time. He was on the actual bars. Like he was way up there.

Xad 11:17
Oh, fuck, man. Your dad has no fear of heights.

Dalton 11:19
Yeah, yeah. No, he’s always up there. He’s been up as high as 730 feet. I remember him telling . Yeah. It’s a guide on the OSHA will come and they’ll check if everyone’s tied off. And whenever they’re not there, everybody just free walks. They don’t tie off to

Xad 11:35
they get those balls and these guys, Jesus, there’s no way

Dalton 11:38
I wouldn’t do it either.

Xad 11:39
You don’t, like heights?

Dalton 11:40
I mean, not really, dude. I mean,

Mike Proctor 11:45
I’m not down with that either. Yeah,

Dalton 11:46
I mean, it depends. Because when you’re up there walking on that tiny little eyebeam that’s like barely the width of your foot. It’s ridiculous. But if it’s bigger if it’s like three or four times the width away, that’d be fine.

Mike Proctor 11:56
I’m not doing that either.

Xad 11:57
And I wouldn’t either. I wouldn’t either, man.

Dalton 11:59
Yeah, no, I mean, I can say that comfortably behind a microphone but actually doing it

Mike Proctor 12:04
if I know I’m up there. Oh, no way. But like I don’t know. You know, there’s there’s like a roller coaster there was at Cedar points like an indoor roller coaster. You ever wrote an indoor roller coaster? Yeah, like a ride more? No, it wasn’t that fancy. It was like I don’t know space fucking something. I can ride that. Like it’s inside. I can ride that doesn’t bother me at all. But if I’m outside and I can see that shit. No, I did not ride anything I rode the inside.

Dalton 12:14
wait hold on the gatekeeper. What about it?

Luq 12:41
It was sweet.

It was pretty sweet. It’s cool. You go through the like the bridge and you twist as you go through it. Sweet.

Mike Proctor 12:47
I rode the blue streak.

Dalton 12:50
The blue streak. That’s the sketchiest right there. So old. You can conquer anything after that.

Luq 12:57
Kyle Kyle brown Yeah, Kyle brown when we were on the blue streak. He’s like I can’t breathe

Mike Proctor 13:10
No way man. No way I could not do anything he

Luq 13:12
is right in that whole frickin Park aside from dragster cuz that was literally just a catapult that launches you up and then down.

Dalton 13:19
That one’s not that bad. It’s like 15 seconds. Yeah,

Luq 13:23
well, it’s also a rocket.

Dalton 13:26
So that’s the best part.

Mike Proctor 13:27
No way.

Luq 13:29
No, no. But the tram line that goes from into into the park. That thing was built in like 1960 It is so sketchy

Mike Proctor 13:39
reminds me of like when we went to Disney World, or we went down to Florida and drove through like parts of Disney World and there’s like giant fucking train round rails going around. I’m like, Damn, dude.

Xad 13:50
Disney World is the craziest thing

Dalton 13:52
never fucking been there?

Xad 13:54
Yeah, it’s the I mean, we didn’t actually go in but I’m just saying like it like it is us. It’s a fucking city. You take its own highway. Yeah, there’s a highway that you take into it. And then like you’re literally driving on this highway. And it’s like, oh, ESPN studios. Oh, this Oh, that like it’s

Mike Proctor 14:12
Epcot Center

Xad 14:13
Epcot Center and you drive past it and everything. But the crazy part about it is everything’s hidden. And that’s intentional. Yeah, everything’s like you can’t see anything. You’re just on this road. You get some trees and stuff. And then you’re like, Oh, I see the tip of a building over there. Yeah, but you can’t see the Disney Castle from it because it’s

Luq 14:29
one of these times you guys just got to take me there. Just drop me off and see how long I can live in the woods.

Xad 14:37
friggin hobo living here over by the Epcot sweat. Yeah, dude is when I wouldn’t want to live in the woods in Florida, man. There’s some stuff down.

Mike Proctor 14:47
Well, you’d eating out of garbage. There won’t be no food on the garbage.

heres gators

Dalton 14:55
sure you can wrangle a gator there. Bud

Luq 14:58
yeah, I could wrangle a gator. Slow I mean they’re not they’re fast but they’re I mean

pretty sure that like the highest bite force in the animal kingdom

Xad 15:08
How many people you think they can fit in Cedar Point

these guys are gone man.

Mike Proctor 15:16
Cedar Point probably max capacity.

Unknown Speaker 15:22
max capacity probably quarter million people

Luq 15:27
like shoulder to shoulder oh I have no idea

Unknown Speaker 15:30
whatever like that they’ll allow

Mike Proctor 15:34
is this social distancing capacity?

Luq 15:37
Nope. I’m thinking of like, like post apocalypse how many could you live in their

Dalton 15:43
post apocalypse?

Luq 15:43
Not necessarily post apocalypse how many people if you were to turn Disney World until it gets a little country?

Xad 15:48
Okay, I’m talking about Cedar Point. Yeah, first off, and secondly, I’m not talking post apocalyptic. What I’m saying is what is the capacity like you go you walk into a restaurant right now? According to fire marshal, you can have 85 people in here. How many think you can see

Luq 16:04
I don’t know. 2000

Dalton 16:05

Mike Proctor 16:07
quarter millions. Im gonna go 15k.

Luq 16:10
probably 50

Dalton 16:12
I’m gonna go 70,070

Luq 16:14
I figure you could probably

Mike Proctor 16:16
no 15 K,

Luq 16:17
so I’ll just say I said 50. All right.

Right. You gotta think that’s what like a 50 thousands like a small football team. Like

Mike Proctor 16:30

Luq 16:31
50 Thousands like an average stadium. Nothing like cowboys are up a

Xad 16:35
little bit. Yeah, but it’s still Yeah.

Luq 16:37
How many you think? All right, let’s answer. What’s the answer? Yeah, let’s answer one question first.

Xad 16:42
55,000 5000 Yeah, 55,000 people is their maximum.

Mike Proctor 16:48
Dude, can you imagine 55,000 people?

Luq 16:52
tying to keep 55,000 people fed and watered. Yeah, just trying to move them around 50 miles fully equipped with armor

Dalton 17:07
going on about hardcore history.

Xad 17:11
Luqs feeling it tonight?

Luq 17:13
Imagine trying to do that but have like a water supply that stretches 150 miles. Yeah, no, that’s 1000 people. That’s the logistics behind it

Xad 17:23
doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do. 55,000

Mike Proctor 17:24
That is like the Uruk-Hai storming across the

Xad 17:32
Cedar Point opened in 1870 Did you know that

Dalton 17:35
what did they start doing in 1870

Mike Proctor 17:44
How the hell did we get on Cedar Point

Xad 17:46
I have no idea Oh because these dudes in their dragsters and oh yeah

Luq 17:50
yeah, we’re talking about

Mike Proctor 17:51
we’re talking about heights at first heights.

Luq 17:53
Yeah, you brought on a roller

Mike Proctor 17:55
so let’s let’s get back to daltonwhen you did you ever have anything else as you were getting older

Dalton 18:05
god you know as is thrown into it right in the high school um, I didn’t really know I wanted

Mike Proctor 18:11
Yeah, when you were in high school was there anything like yo cuz when you’re in school, they make you go through even exercises and such

Xad 18:18
testing and all that stuff. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 18:20
You know, they have set up all those exercise. You ever go through all that?

Dalton 18:23

Xad 18:24
they failed here who failed your grade?

Luq 18:26
Not dude BMA? There was in BMA? Yeah, I literally failed.

Dalton 18:30
That’s like all the computer stuff, right? Like the association

Mike Proctor 18:33
in middle school in English. And yeah,

Luq 18:36
to take like, there was like an exam thing. And it was like you would most what would you What would you like? And then like you took like a small little like pre emptive test and then it like told you like, what would be good for you. I was like, well, will you go to like, construction because you like machinery? Is like okay, yeah,

Dalton 18:54
nothing. I don’t remember doing it.

Xad 18:57
map assessment is what it was called. I’m pretty sure what that that’s what it was.

Luq 19:02
We did it BMA. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 19:04
But did you have Did you have Did you have anything?

Dalton 19:07
And I remember it was so long. Oh, no, man. I remember taking obviously the class. I remember doing like the actual test though.

Luq 19:15
There wasn’t so it wasn’t a test. It’s not like there was a right or wrong questions. It was just like a you know,

Dalton 19:22
you know, it might have been something like around like another thing about it maybe or something like around like a mechanic or something. Yeah, because my dad had always been around cars and stuff.

Xad 19:29
Like you want to be a hands on guy.

Dalton 19:31
Yeah, yeah, that’s what it sounds cool. labor. Yeah, do I forgot I remember.

Luq 19:38
I was like, I wanted to break my back.

Mike Proctor 19:45
so we so now you find yourself because both you guys for a Owosso public schools.

Dalton 19:52

Luq 19:52
Yeah. Pretty nice.

Dalton 19:54
Yes. And job satisfaction is pretty good. Actually. It’s not too bad. Kinda. It’s pretty Coming out by yourself

Xad 20:01
consistent hours and stuff like

Dalton 20:02
Yeah, yeah.

Mike Proctor 20:03
How has it been different with the quarantine rules and stuff?

Luq 20:08
Yeah, wear a mask

Dalton 20:09
Yeah. Yeah. Always wipe down.

Mike Proctor 20:13
Yeah, no, I was gonna say do you do things more frequently and

Luq 20:18
yet we have a whole thing we actually have to do I totally forgot about that we have there’s like sanitized buckets we got to fill up for all the classrooms and like we have to reaction dymatize and then we have to like, restock a whole bunch of rag. I mean, it’s not like it’s hard or nothing

Mike Proctor 20:35
yeah, but there’s just tons and tons of things that you have here the

Luq 20:39
lash, there’s like, at the end of the night, we have to like go down a checklist on an iPad, we all have to do it and all signer names stuff and we all have to like, I hereby test I clean this this

Xad 20:51
know, a lot more accountability with it. Yeah.

Luq 20:55
We had a guy there. And every morning you got to like, you know, take this little exam thing that’s like, do you have a fever? And we had a dude there that

Mike Proctor 21:06
it’s all electronic though. Like you keep motioning, like your hand. Yeah, like you’re pressing a device. You walk in and pick up an iPad.

Luq 21:14
You literally Google, you Google you just pull up the page. And then you Safari,

Mike Proctor 21:19
and then you sign in and you punch in.

Luq 21:22
It’s funny, We had a guy that said like he had everything. He’s like, Yes, I have abdominal pain. It was like yes, yes. Yes. Like he like, submitted like a minute later.

Mike Proctor 21:34
you’re not supposed to go to work.

Luq 21:36
Yeah, yeah, yeah. And he got like a call from OSHA or whoever the hell calls. He was like, You know what the fuck are you odoing. I press the wrong button. He answered.

Mike Proctor 21:49
wrong One on every single one.

Luq 21:51
I was talking My bad. So

Xad 21:54
Luq being my brother. I know. I’ve heard some pretty crazy little stories. And if you need to take a minute to think about it Dalton and feel free but what is like your craziest, working in a school? crazy story cuz I know they exist. I know

So think about it all and I’m gonna look at where some custodians are.

Luq 22:18
We get some horror stories.

Xad 22:21
Oh, yeah. Do you have any Luq? Go ahead and throw one out there. What’s going on?

Luq 22:24
Uh, well, one time. I could not figure out why this bathroom smelled like dukey. Yeah, I had powerwash and everything stinks in here. Like going through like all the toilet paper dispensers not thinking much about it. And I’m just restocking the toilet paper. Next thing you know, there’s a softball sized turd rolls out. I mean, I almost caught it because I thought it was like a toilet paper roll falling or something.

Mike Proctor 22:50
Oh, God, that is so disgusting.

Luq 22:53
It was. The hell of it is someone had to ball it up and stuff it in there.

Xad 22:59
This stuff that kids do.

Dalton 23:01
he gets it a lot worse than I do, because he actually deals with a portion of the students. Whereas I just have to lie. locker rooms get Yeah, I get like 30 kids in there. Yeah, they’re there. They’re animals, so I guess it kind of falls in the same line as Luke’s honestly. But there was this time I was in there cleaning the restroom. And I was in there doing the toilet and like, they obviously had made a mess in there. And I was like flushing and trying to get it and all whatever was going down in there and it just would not go down. Every time I flushed it kept getting higher and higher and higher and it was overflowing. I’m like, there’s something wrong here. This isn’t right. The plunger ain’t working. Nothing ain’t work. And so I go into the closet and there’s this old like mop stick or a broomstick and I get it in there. And I shove it in this toilet and I there’s something in there. I’m like, What the hell is this and I’m prying it out. And sure sure that pull it out. It’s a tennis ball. Some kids stuff the tennis ball way down and

Luq 23:54
I am amazed that you actually pried a tennis ball

Dalton 23:57
I thought I was supposed to.

Xad 24:01
Daltons like super janitor. He’s like, I’m gonna get this son of a bitch.

Dalton 24:04
he old broom handle or mop handle?

Luq 24:09
You just how did you I’m just saying how did you get that thing at the right angle to get? I don’t know in there when

Dalton 24:15
I couldn’t even see it. That’s the magic miraculous part. That was so nasty. The water was so gross.

Luq 24:19
Like when we worked at the. We worked at that kitchen. None of us could get that jar open. Like the jar pickles and rainbows. Oh, dude, nobody could get to jar open. I remember this you Miguel, like Aris, anybody or whoever you know, and then I couldn’t get it and then we’re like, we need this and Daltons “it will be done.”

Mike Proctor 24:43
super janitor, super prep chef.

Xad 24:49
so if you wanted to be a custodian in a state that makes the most money, where do you think you’d be? Any guesses

Mike Proctor 24:55
I gotta go California. Maybe Washington,

Xad 25:05
Washington, Washington. We got Washington we got

Dalton 25:09
hold on thinking.

Xad 25:10
Still thinking.

Mike Proctor 25:11
You can’t think for too long.

Dalton 25:13
Okay. Okay.

Luq 25:14
Just guess well, it’s got to be a bigger state. Yeah. But it’s also got to be a state that’s got a lot of money.

Xad 25:24
I would say I would think it’s a state not near the Southwest for immigration purposes because I feel like they probably don’t wear pay their janitorial services as much as that’s a lot of

Luq 25:38
you just hire Jose, is that what you’re saying?

Xad 25:40
That’s not what I’m saying.

Mike Proctor 25:42
That’s a fact of the world that we live in.

Xad 25:44
Yes. I’m just saying like there’s competition. down that way. No, so we got in Seattle was very good guess.

Luq 25:54

Mike Proctor 25:56

Dalton 25:56
Florida, Florida.

Mike Proctor 25:58
Take my fucking

Luq 25:59
you said Washington. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 26:00
you would Oregon. That’s like Price is Right? Trying to take

Xad 26:07
We got Massachusetts, and then Washington. And then Washington.New York, Connecticut.

Luq 26:18
dude. No, I can almost said Massachusetts. Sounds gonna be like Boston.

Xad 26:24
Massachusetts is killing it.

Mike Proctor 26:25
So if you guys want to if you guys want to hustle up in this, you need to hit it.

Dalton 26:29
Yeah, pack the bags and head out, man.

Mike Proctor 26:34
get out of Dodge, Michigan not even up. They’re

Xad 26:36
not even up there.

Luq 26:38
No, why not? All right, then you also gotta weigh that against the cost of living out their true truth, though. You know, right now I’m living for free

Xad 26:48
in my basement. Yeah. Like, Luq tries to cancel on the show. I’m busy tonight. Like, Bro, I can see you. Like, walking up to the bathroom right now. man cooking a pizza.

Mike Proctor 27:04
So you guys work pretty regular hours.

Dalton 27:08
Yeah, very steady.

Mike Proctor 27:09
Like very steady.

Dalton 27:10
That’s the nice part about it. Honestly, I

Luq 27:14
Like 1130 like three to 1130 and then like, six to 330 or seven to 330

Dalton 27:22
in the summer

Mike Proctor 27:23
in the summer. So first in a second. basically.

Xad 27:26
Yep. What do you prefer?

Dalton 27:27
First? Absolutely. First, I hate working nights.

Xad 27:31
And Luq is the Yeah, Luke prefers a second he’s the night owl.

Dalton 27:37
I used to be a night owl and the like, wow, this is way better. I like that way better.

Xad 27:49
use your damn shirt?

Dalton 27:53
There you go.

Mike Proctor 27:55
So we don’t have any Kleenex yet

Luq 27:59
You guys are fucked.

Xad 28:02
So that’s why you’re not so you prefer first? Yeah, I 100% agree with you. I like when I was younger, I was like, I will only ever work second shift because Why the hell would I want to get up early. And then you’re like, like, maybe could just go to bed like an hour or two earlier. Right, you know, still accomplish the same things, right?

Dalton 28:20
And it’s like you can get up on first if you just get up. And the first thing you got to worry about was going to work. You got to get to work and get the day over. But like, if I wake up at nine o’clock on the second shift, I gotta just sit there and wait. and I guess I could do something before work. But I wish they do here and he’s gonna wait around and it’s kinda and boring

Mike Proctor 28:37
them most of your day. The day that you want to use is you just stay waiting.

Luq 28:42
Well, it’s like waiting. We’re talking the other day. Like when you get up. And what do you have a second shift? You’re like playing against the clock. It was like in football. Like if I ever won the coin toss. I’m taking it at the second half. Right? You guys are like bringing a football. But no, I take it at the second half

Mike Proctor 29:01
when is the last time your threw a football luq?

Luq 29:02
I threw it at the dog earlier.

Xad 29:05
My dog

Luq 29:06

But that’s no but it’s like the same as like if you win the coin toss and then you’re like, you know, you get the ball. You’re like, I get a score for it. You’re playing against the clock for the full first half. I mean, granted you got a lot of time and stuff but you’re still it’s always pressure always some sort of pressure against you unless you’re just kicking ass and you can use it to your advantage but even then they get it the second half

Mike Proctor 29:30
that was the most incredible analogy Luq ever made.

Xad 29:33
I’m just like I’m in awe right now.

Dalton 29:34
But it makes sense. Actually. Pretty good.

Luq 29:37
It was playing against a clock man.

Xad 29:38
Got coach Luq in the studio right now.

Luq 29:42
Well, I’m thinking at it from like a strategic tactical point. Yeah, I mean, that’s, that’s the plays and whatever they’re doing against each other, but the ambience itself, you get the own advantage, things like that. But no matter what if you’re you get it at the second half times on your side. Unless you’re just getting smashed, but even then time is still on your side because you can always count on the ball being yours at the second half.

Mike Proctor 30:08
Yeah, but I’m losing it now.

Xad 30:10
Yeah, yeah, I know. I get what you’re saying. And I think a lot of coaches get what you’re saying as well. And if we want to talk some football always down for that.

Mike Proctor 30:19
We’re talking life and I want I want my nights to be chill.

Luq 30:25
what if you just get up in the morning and get it over with versus getting up at nine and then you have like that four or five hour window where you could do something but you’re still playing against the clock because you got to get home and get ready for work before you go to work. You’re still trying to beat the clock. You see what I’m saying?

Xad 30:50
just gonna drink this one away. Oh, it’s good point.

Mike Proctor 30:57
it’s more relaxed way to hit it, too. Yeah. never worried about being late.

Luq 31:01
Exactly. I don’t have I like that. I do like getting up and getting it done.

It’s just I like having fires. Yeah. Oh, if my work schedule, I get out at 11 o’clock at night. It’s perfect. Yeah, fire.

It fits you and fit you.

Dalton 31:20
I did that last night actually. It is a nice part. That’s about the only good part though. Honestly. And the sleep and you have to worry about being late. It’s about so

Mike Proctor 31:28
we’re talking about sleep and everything do you do you get pretty good sleep every night?

Dalton 31:32
I get for the most part tremendously. Eight hours. Most nights.

Mike Proctor 31:35
Are you like clockwork? Do you go down at a specific time?

Dalton 31:39
Two o’clock. Usually I eat much like Yeah, that’s it. That’s about my time zone right there. Two o’clock. Wake up about 10 1030 ish. Most of the time. It’s nice.

Mike Proctor 31:47
Yeah, that’s that’s pretty regularly. Yeah.

Dalton 31:50
I’m not lying.

Luq 31:51
You wake up at 10 my foot?

Mike Proctor 31:56
Well, that’s, uh, you know, pretty, pretty. Pretty solid hours every night, though. You got to be running in tip top shape, do you? But at the same time being on that whack schedules. Like What time’s dinner? Yeah, like do you regularly? Do you guys eat pretty

Luq 32:14

Dalton 32:15
About that time in my diet during the night is far worse than during the day because I just I go right out to like fast food on stuff

Xad 32:24
do you cook a lot yourself.

Dalton 32:26

Mike Proctor 32:27
Do you bring like a lunch and eat a lunch every day?

Dalton 32:30
No, we absolutely do not do that. You know, we go out to

Mike Proctor 32:35
your eight hour you work your eight hour 10 hour shift. Would you work? Would you work? an eight hour shift?

Dalton 32:40
Yep. 8.5

Mike Proctor 32:41
Yeah, and you get a 30 minute lunch? Probably. Yep. And you don’t eat anything. you just go out?

Dalton 32:48
Yeah, we go out spend our money eat terrible food.

Xad 32:51
I was gonna say pro tip from someone who’s done it like both both tries like

Luq 32:58
Oh, no. we tried to take food to work.

Xad 33:00
Take no food, prepping and taking food to work. I mean, you will legitimately save a fortune.

Mike Proctor 33:12
But it’s hard work

Xad 33:14
I mean, yeah, it’s preparation is what it is.

Luq 33:18
I always forget to take it. So that’s another big one that night. And my initial Well, yeah, okay,

Mike Proctor 33:24
but then you get dinner later.

Xad 33:25
But no, I’ll tell you. Do you guys have a fridge at work?

Luq 33:28
That’s, yeah, I was getting to that. So I always forget to bring it. But if I go home, I’ll just take it to work. And then I can make it a lunch real quick. I eat the motherfucking shit before it

Mike Proctor 33:41
brings like four he brings this week’s worth.

Luq 33:44
We bought a loaf of bread and like Bologna and cheese. And like before, like

Xad 33:49
crazy motherfuckers that is not food prep.

Dalton 33:54
Which is the lowest form it is

Luq 33:58
$1 for a loaf of bread.

Mike Proctor 34:00
That’s still better than eating out.

Dalton 34:03
Especially when we were eating he spent like $5 a week on food at first, but yeah, it would go real quick. Yeah. Call him I’m like, What are you doing? Like, I just ate a bologna sandwich. And it’s like 530 in the afternoon.

Luq 34:19
Yeah, dude. Yeah, I will I do to make one at like 330. Like for and then like,

Dalton 34:26
that’s what I’m saying y’all have some self control.

Luq 34:31
You know, like, man mancinos

Xad 34:34
after the sandwiches. Yeah. you are just a monster

Luq 34:41
was when I was like running a lot though. Yeah, I was burning a lot of calories.

Dalton 34:47
Yeah, it doesn’t even matter if you ever put on weight anyway. good metabolism. But

Mike Proctor 34:52
regardless, you have to do it more than once and then you so you don’t eat it all next time and maybe two sandwiches, less That’s working towards not eating and

Dalton 35:02
watch how much money you’d save. It’d be crazy. It’s insane. You can do it its just that mentality.

Mike Proctor 35:07
you guys go out every day. What’s your spot?

Dalton 35:10
We switch it up. It’s variety man.

Luq 35:14
Depends man usually lately it was Horton for a while.

Xad 35:17
Tim Hortons

Dalton 35:17
I would say that was our last like binge is like Tim Hortons

Xad 35:20
in the middle of the night like late

Luq 35:22
No, no, no, no then I guess during the summers at the end of our shift. Yeah, always, you know, like, at the end of the summer when we’re on first we go to Hortons because it’s better than anybody breakfast. it’s cheaper. There is better than anybody’s breakfast Yeah. You can’t beat it is best to they get to they get coffee if you want it

Mike Proctor 35:45

Luq 35:47
No, it’s cheap Hortons. Yeah, as far as coffee joints goes is I think the breakfast sandwich is like to 2.50 to 2.85

Mike Proctor 35:56
Yeah, but then you the pairings that it offers right so you got you got to get a coffee and a breakfast sandwich. donut Alright, why

Xad 36:03
I’m a coffee guy.

Luq 36:06
I’d get I’d get the the meal. The meal. Yeah. And it was like 536 Oh, damn, and you get a doughnut or a bag of chips.

I guess they have been running lot of promos

like a donut 24 ounce drink or coffee. And you get the sandwich. Okay,

Xad 36:26
I personally I love my I love my breakfast food. Tim Horton is not where I’m going because

Luq 36:35
go McDonald’s

Mike Proctor 36:38
we want to know where they’re ranked in.

Luq 36:42
get out of here. go to McDonald’s.

Dalton 36:44
Gotta be top five.

Luq 36:47
Well, McDonald’s doesn’t even have croissants. you can’t even rank them as a frickin breakfast place

Xad 36:55
does have some good

Mike Proctor 36:58
Im eating lunch and I’m getting coffee from Starbucks Okay, that’s my breakfast

Luq 37:02
Hey man. I like I like I just recently when you know when I started going to stomping grounds again. I love my basic white coffee

Mike Proctor 37:12
shout out to stomping grounds

Luq 37:13
yeah love

Xad 37:15
I don’t trust any of these fucking, they got taco bell number one.

Mike Proctor 37:20
What they got? Oh thats just a google snippet.

Dalton 37:22
no serious no taco bell breakfast is pretty good

Xad 37:24
though their breakfast is good but have you had as a coffee. Do you drink coffee? Cuz?

Luq 37:29
Xad Did you say breakfast or coffee? Because I thought this was a conversation about breakfast.

Mike Proctor 37:34
I’m talking about the all out breakfast experience.

Xad 37:37
Okay, Taco Bell is 10 on this list. Let’s go. We got Taco Bell. 10 Wendy’s. I’ve never had Wendy’s I’d like to try that. Yeah, Sonic. Burger King. Burger King has rightfully amazing sandwiches. rightfully. That’s like vacations breakfast. I feel like seven out of 10 jack in the box is on West McDonald’s number five. , God chick fil a they cook a peanut oil so fuck yourself.

Yeah, I’m allergic.

What a burger. That’s gotta be all outwest Oh, come on. Dunkin Donuts

Dalton 38:13
Dunkin donut.

Luq 38:14
I was about to say it’s Tim Hortons. No, do

Dalton 38:18
Tim Hortons didnt even crack the top ten.

Luq 38:21
well Tim Hortons is the Canadian Dunkin Donuts, so get fucked

Xad 38:26
I got a question for you. Who is or what did Tim Horton do?

Luq 38:32
He was a fur trapper in the 1760s

Xad 38:35
Dalton you got to guess.

Luq 38:37
Oh man who’s a French Canadian or a trapper in the 70s

Xad 38:40
he’s definitely Canadian.

Dalton 38:41
I know Yeah, leaves everywhere. I’m gonna say is um

Luq 38:45
Don’t act like I’m not know what I’m talking about. That he definitely was Canadian who’s definitely French Canadian and he was a fur trapper. And he’s

Dalton 38:54
he’s got to be like some sort of like entrepreneur or something. Something lucrative

Xad 39:00
What did he like? What?

Mike Proctor 39:01
I’m gonna have to say he was just a like coffee roaster. We go the coffee roaster.

Xad 39:08
Guys are jumping all around it. What are Canadians famous for?


Dalton 39:15
hes is a hockey player.

Xad 39:17
Yeah, Tim Horton was a hockey player

Dalton 39:18
was he really is that fact?

Mike Proctor 39:20
Yeah, he’s is that what the restaurants named after?

Xad 39:24
Yeah, he Oh, yeah. He started the restaurant. A Google picture of him so you can see him?

Luq 39:30
Oh, he probably had a busted up face. Was he a goalie?

Xad 39:33
he had to be like the 60s I think.

Mike Proctor 39:36

Yeah. Tim Hortons is relatively new.

Xad 39:42
No, no, I mean, he the he’s not even

Luq 39:44
McDonald’s is only for like 57. Really? Yeah.

Xad 39:49
Oh, yeah. It was even that far back. Born in the 30s. He died in the 70s. Started in the 40-70s. Okay, perfect

Dalton 39:57
maple leaves. Poor guy.

Xad 39:58
This is like For the Maple Leafs big old thick fucking jaw Oh, this guy’s selling you some coffee? Wow okay, that’s Tim fucking Horton

Mike Proctor 40:15
did he make them himself? Are they just named after him

Xad 40:19
Let me go let’s go deep dive.

Luq 40:24
lou ferigno’s like evil side

Mike Proctor 40:27
he should play Captain America

Xad 40:28

Luq 40:29
he should have

Xad 40:30
Captain Canada

Dalton 40:31
had to be a defenseman

Xad 40:34
Oh god defenseman, a hockey defenseman.

Dalton 40:38
Oh yeah, the

Xad 40:41
played 24 seasons

Luq 40:43
like that he looked like Chris Chelios

Xad 40:45
successful businessman. He was a co founder of Tim Tim Hortons fast food chain. I’m sure he probably had somebody actually throw some money into it started it. But yeah, Tim Horton hockey player was caught. Wow, that’s amazing. That’s fun. Yeah, he played for the Maple Leafs for a long time. Yeah. 24 years career.

Luq 41:05
All right. Hey, guys. I was trying to explain this. The other day. The NHL two k five that we had when we lived at waters.

Dalton 41:14
He was telling me about this dude.

Xad 41:16

Mike Proctor 41:18
So we had an NHL 2k five for PlayStation two. And it was very scratch.

Luq 41:29
you understand a little scratches make the game a glitch. This game looked like it had been found under a garbage pile.

Mike Proctor 41:36
But we played it we played it all the time. And we set up a season me Luke and Xad we’re all playing. And we frickin we we decided to Oh, shit. No, we would play the game. And it would fucking glitch out and so we would be playing the game and like later on, it would be like gooal Like in the menu of the next game?

player 42

Xad 42:04
Yeah, you’re like signing players off the free agency is

Dalton 42:07
so fun. Yeah,

Luq 42:08
hat trick in a previous game. And then like, you’re at the main menu here, Dan Heatley.

Xad 42:17
Oh, that game was fun.

Mike Proctor 42:19
Yeah, that was fun.

Xad 42:20
What’s your favorite video game Dalton?

Dalton 42:23
Oh, favorite video game? It’s a really, really, really good question.

Luq 42:28
What’s your name again?

Dalton 42:30
My Favorites God of War series.

Xad 42:31
God of War series.

Mike Proctor 42:34
A new one. Man. We’ve talked about it on the show. Zack came on and he was he was playing God. He was

Dalton 42:41
wearing him talked about it.

Mike Proctor 42:42
That was a very, very good game. Mm hmm.,loved all the initial ones, too.

Dalton 42:48
Yeah. That one was so much different to the past installments. It was like pretty much like a cinematic move. For the most part. Yeah, it looks really good. Yeah, really good.

Mike Proctor 42:57
I like the old ones better. I think

Luq 42:59
coming out with a new one, two.

Mike Proctor 43:00
Yeah, there’s a new one.

Dalton 43:02
PSfive. Yeah, drop that in there.

Xad 43:04
So when’s that coming?

Dalton 43:05
next year?Oh, November 12.

Luq 43:09
I don’t know.

Mike Proctor 43:10

Xad 43:10
I think like a week. Yeah,

Dalton 43:14
right around the corner. Man

Xad 43:15
is crazy. Is 800 bucks.

Dalton 43:18
I think it’s like, six or 700 I can’t exactly remember.

Xad 43:22
Yeah, that’s nuts I don’t know. I haven’t had to buy a gaming console.

Dalton 43:27
And I don’t buy the first generation consoles., anyway.

Mike Proctor 43:30
Yeah. That’s always a good good strategy. You want to you want to wait.

Dalton 43:36
make something better down the road.

Xad 43:38
Mine burnt up.

Luq 43:38
So xad you remember when we got a 360? When they first came?

Xad 43:42
Yeah, we sold it. Which actually our mom was so mad at us, Mike where we’re hanging out then. My mom. Oh my god. My mom wanted to kick my ass so bad. She might have kicked my ass. Yeah, we traded it with a friend Brian Niece shout out if you’re running it on the show. So we traded our brand new Xbox 360 to my friend Brian Niece for his ex. Ex Xbox. Oh, yeah. And he like a bunch of his games. Yeah, he gave us a lot of games. I mean, oh, it was a decent trade. But my mom was fucking pissed.

Mike Proctor 44:17
But we never had an Xbox.

Xad 44:19
Yeah, we never we were on PlayStation.

Luq 44:22
Dude, that’s literally when like61st came out They had NBA like two K, whatever. And I think 2k 10 I think was the first one for three six.

Xad 44:33
That’s all that’s the only game that we had.

Luq 44:34
Was that in the outfit.

Xad 44:36
Yeah, yeah, we didn’t have any game.

Luq 44:39
that was the only game we would play we could place we could get them was Jumbo only they had two frickin Xbox 360 games.

Xad 44:49
So yeah, we traded it for that. And my mom was just like, just so far beyond pissed like because

Mike Proctor 44:56
she had bought the three sixty.

Xad 44:58
she had bought the 360 for us. Yeah, she was like, Hey, boys, you know, happy early Christmas I bought you guys this this awesome gaming console. It’s like the brand new spanking one the new one sexy as hell white and it’s the new thing on the market and we’re like, Hey Brian. I’ll fucking trade you.

Mike Proctor 45:18
Do we don’t like this thing?

Xad 45:21
My mom walks in like, Hey, where’s your PlayStation?

Oh, I traded it.

Luq 45:25
Thanks so

Mike Proctor 45:26
who knows where your Xbox? Yeah,

Xad 45:29
I’ll get my ass kicked. whatever. It’s some memories. It’s 100% the memories.

Luq 45:38
a man. I got one that I traded that guitar.

Mike Proctor 45:45
for drugs.

Luq 45:46
Well I sold a guitar for like 70 bucks the very first time ever Hey, man.

Dalton 45:56
Damn. Yeah,

Luq 45:57
electric acoustic beautiful teal. It was a beautiful, beautiful car. Paid for about 70 bucks. And then spent that on like a pack cigarettes. adna quarter of weed.

Mike Proctor 46:12
Yep. It’s made a week end

Luq 46:14
gone within the weekend

Mike Proctor 46:15
made a weekend out of a memory.

Luq 46:17
i didnt even buy a pack of cigarettes. I bought those little 72

Xad 46:21
Yeah, mom was about to kick your ass.

Dalton 46:22
Yes. Oh my gosh.

Luq 46:24
she didn’t about that for a little while. I didn’t tell her for a while.

Xad 46:28
Good point. Yeah, I’d keep that one deep down in your soul.

Mike Proctor 46:32
I don’t think I’ve ever traded like a cherished memory or anything like that.

Dalton 46:36
No. I think I have either.

Luq 46:38
Yeah, man. That’s why Ever since then, I’m like,

Mike Proctor 46:41
Luke’s coming clean.

Luq 46:42
Yeah. Never said said. Anything that’s like, paper. I keep it.

Xad 46:49
Luqs like old person at the soul now.

Luq 46:53
Yeah, I got a great Granny’s harmonica.

Xad 46:57
I did not know that too.

Dalton 46:59
Oh, yeah. He’ll definitely keep that one.

Luq 47:01
Yeah, I played it until it cannot be played it. That’s what I started playing on.

Xad 47:06
You broke it. Wait a minute. You say? I’m not trading it. I just broke it.

Dalton 47:12
He still has it though. Yeah, he still has the memory there.

Luq 47:15
It’s not completely broke or nothing. But like it’s got some sour notes in there. The reads are like 100 years old. But does it sound cool? Got it. Playing.

every now and Again, I’ll get a little draw in there.

Mike Proctor 47:30
old antique. Yeah, thing real? Pretty sweet. I was gonna pivot back to Mr. Dalton over here. Yep. Um, so I was asking about sleep and such before we got off on a tangent. And we always ask everybody, do you ever have dreams with your solid eight hours sleep every day?

Dalton 47:53
Oh, I have a cool dream recently, over like, maybe a week or two recently. It’s funny because it actually entails both of you in xad. Like, yeah, yeah, it’s weird. It’s a strange story. The first little bit is gonna sound kind of like gibberish, but just stick with me. It gets pretty funny. But um, so xad is hosting his a Sunday football get together. Oddly enough, he’s at my neighbor’s house. I don’t know why he’s there. I feel like maybe he kicked him out at some point. I don’t know. I just remember being there was Yeah, yeah, it’s really I’m gonna tell you real quick. Full disclosure, everyone. My dreams are really strange like this.

Yeah. All right, there we go. We’ll just say that that’s much better. But um, nonetheless, you’re there. And someone had commanded me to go get some ice cream. So I went to the gas station of all places to get some ice cream. And I got the ice cream. But when I was coming back, I was starting up my car. And as I was starting it up, my key broke. And then I looked at my key and my dream. I’m like, there’s no way this is real life. So in my dream I had waking up in the chair that I sleep in at night, and I had reached in my pocket and pulled out my keys. And my key was broken. I was like, Oh my god, this is real life. My key actually broke. But later on, I actually had woken up. And I in my chair and I reached for my keys in my key was on it was there. So I kind of had like a weird like dream and like, my dream kind of deal for a minute there. It was pretty. It was pretty weird.

Xad 49:25
So where was Mike?

Dalton 49:27
He was there he was there is this is like everyone was there. There’s a host right. He’s usually the host. So I just remember xad being the host.

Mike Proctor 49:36
It was it was funny. So you you have frequent dreams, then you’re a dreamer.

Dalton 49:41
For the most part, I think I can at least recall one or two per week. I think it’s pretty good. Mm hmm.

Mike Proctor 49:49
Do you do you watch any documentaries?

Dalton 49:54
I watch it I do watch documentaries. I actually just watched this horror movie called mungo lake. It’s kind of like a mockumentary Or style horror movie? Okay, it’s really good.

Mike Proctor 50:03
Those are fun two really good the mockumentary which like, Yeah, kinda, but I like the one about the guy who writes all the dicks all over school. or what’s it called? Dude?

Luq 50:19
American lie

Mike Proctor 50:32
that was like one of those mockumentary styles

Luq 50:34
he came out in like, it was when we worked at this house. Dude, that fucking show was so funny. You’d love it. Me and Mike watched it like me and Mike grew. But you know, man,

Mike Proctor 50:44
obviously, a different mike not me.

Luq 50:46
Yeah, the other mike God, there was so many mikes that worked at that small

Xad 50:49
American vandal.

Mike Proctor 50:50
American vandal. That’s what Dude, that that was a funny.

Xad 50:56
I’ve been recommended to watch that by like, 30 people.

Luq 50:58
Everyone was so good. It’s just really one season. There’s like seven episodes. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 51:03
Yeah. I think there’s like a second one.

Luq 51:05
Is there?

Mike Proctor 51:06
Yeah, I think Oh, yeah. The one I don’t know if it’s out yet. I don’t think it’s out yet.

Luq 51:10
The one teacher he thought there was like, messed up but he like got fired. Because like they were interviewing. Yeah, he’s like, Man that chicks pretty hot.

Mike Proctor 51:18
have you ever seen it Dalton.

Dalton 51:20
What is called?

Mike Proctor 51:21
It’s called American van. No. And it is a mockumentary. But it’s a it’s a comedy dude. It’s about a kid who. I’m someone who writes dicks all over the school. And they start breaking down all the styles of dicks that everyone draws.

Xad 51:40
a private high school in Bellevue, Washington. Yep.

Luq 51:48
It’s so good. there is a season two.

Mike Proctor 51:53
Is there? Yeah, it’s coming up. Yeah, yeah. But the reason I talk about documentaries is because there’s a really cool documentary on watch how your brain works when you when you’re sleeping. And during all it’s called the mind. The mind explained. Yes. I talked about a million times on the show. But um, you should check that out. It’s pretty sweet. And it talks about like, the things that your brain does when you’re dreaming is having Yeah, it’s like what parts of your brain are active. They have like scan. There’s it’s really, really

Luq 52:23
the one the ones going on. I know. There’s like when you’re if you have like an issue that you’ve been working on, when you’re sleeping, your brain puts a lot of power to working on that issue. But just like since you’re not actually awake, it can divert most of its energy into that. And it runs through the simulation, figuring out that problem over and over and over and over and over and then wake up. That’s why they say sleep on it. But like you wake up, you’re like, Oh my god, I don’t know why that was so hard to figure that out.

Mike Proctor 52:49
Yeah. And I just figured it out.

Luq 52:51
Yeah. You’re just like things, click together, whatever.

Mike Proctor 52:55
Yeah, I often find if I have a problem, I need to like, go away from it for a while. Just come back and revisit it in. And I’ll have like a totally different mindset,

Luq 53:05
your brain runs it in the background. And then if you sleep on it, it literally goes into overdrive.

Mike Proctor 53:12
That’s just experience. Yeah. So

Dalton 53:13
who was it the one that slept with like the things in his hand

Xad 53:18
Rip Van Winkle?

Dalton 53:20
was a Edison or Tesla or something like that?

Luq 53:23
Tesla Edison, or was one of those guys. And every time he’d like he’d sleep with these balls in his hand and then when he’d like Get an idea when he was half awake, and like half asleep and that kind of like, you know, barely wake dream stance. And then once he completely fell asleep and dozed off. I didn’t mean to jack your story.

Dalton 53:50
They would drop on a plate .No, you’re good. No, no, it’s cool story. That’s fine. That’s pretty good, dude. Yeah, they drop on a plate and he’d wake up and he would just like, keep your

Mike Proctor 53:59
He keeps keeps your mind.

Dalton 54:00
Yeah, it’s crazy.

Xad 54:02
Right? So you intentionally do that to reactivate his brain? state?

Luq 54:06
Yes. To be thinking of ideas in a dream state. And then as soon as he completely fell asleep before he forgot about the idea the balls would fall out of his hand and hit a crash on a plate wake him up

Xad 54:17
a win right this guy fucking sleep. that sounds terrible.

Luq 54:21
Look it up look up a sleeping

Dalton 54:23
Edison . I swear.

Luq 54:24
Yeah. Just look up like sleeping ball drop, or something like that. And it’ll probably come up because it’s probably been searched so many times.

Mike Proctor 54:31
It’s probably Yeah, I’m sure it was either like as an idea that was adopted more than once.

Luq 54:38
Yeah, somebody Miguel did it when he would text people in the basement and he put the phone above his head. when he put it on that little pipe and it because that was the only place you can get service. And it would vibrate and fall and hit him in the head and then he’d wake up and text.

Xad 54:57
so it was Edison, and he did it. uh basically only when he would take power nap so it wasn’t actually going to sleep. but it says, but it says that, like Mike had alluded to that lots of lots of famous inventors and people like that had done it across times. Einstein Salvador Dali, Bill Clinton. Bill

Mike Proctor 55:23
people are fucking smart.

Xad 55:25
Yeah, Aristotle as well. Yeah. Yeah. A lot of people adopted it so I would probably say Aristotle would have been the one who started because he was the oldest but

Mike Proctor 55:34
the best ideas are copied.

Xad 55:35
Yeah, but yeah, best ideas are copied. I love that keeps coming up always all the time

Luq 55:40
think you think Aristotle? The world so much older than him when that?

Yeah, even so,

Mike Proctor 55:48
some Pharaoh somewhere did the whole ball trick with rocks. And

Luq 55:53
that’s nuts when you start going deeper and deeper.

On the way back because I was talking to Dalton earlier about like the size of the Mongol Empire at its height and stuff. And then like Yeah, dude. They ruled out

Xad 56:07
we were talking about what’s his name earlier?

Mike Proctor 56:12
Attila the Hun

Luq 56:13
Dude, gang is Khan’s Empire at the height of his empire in like 1270. And it literally stretch from the Pacific Ocean to the Red Sea. Like he sacked Baghdad.

He’s like, he burned Baghdad.

Dalton 56:29
It wasn’t Baghdad, but whatever.

Luq 56:31
No, it was the modern day Baghdad. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was actually called Baghdad. It was but yeah, like he was marching on Egypt and shit. Like, that is impressive. That is And that’s why I was saying like the supply train. And they weren’t necessarily supply train people. They were

Mike Proctor 56:49
they were fucking pillaging.

Luq 56:50
Yeah, they pillage and they were

Mike Proctor 56:53
all they were also hungry and thirsty. Well, yeah, they were getting the bare essential

Luq 56:57
are also really, really, really good at diplomacy. And if you were like, that’s why they were so good. Because like, whereas most armies had like one top general with maybe a couple of sub commanders. And they had people every, like, 10. They had small little troops, like, like staff sergeants. They had it because every time if you got command, you’d either get command of 10 100 1000 or 10,000. Right? They’ll decimals like that. So every 10 people, every group of 10 had a commander in every group 100 and a commander. And so there was an every commander he had, he pretty much either promoted people strictly on merit, like how well they did, and how good they were commanding troops. And, or by how like the other people he conquered. If they were really well commanders and he actually liked them. he’d bring them over and be like, Look, I’ll give you a job, dude.

Mike Proctor 57:54
Yeah, I mean, that’s what you call the corporate ladder.

Luq 57:58

Xad 57:59

Mike Proctor 58:00
That’s where that comes from.

Luq 58:01
He did that in 1270 and 1260 before anybody else was so that’s why he crushed army. But that’s it he ruled so much but I was talking about it earlier too. And I was I any case I was I was listening to that on the way home I was like, I gotta read listen to that.

Dalton 58:22
So cool.

Mike Proctor 58:24
So we’re getting towards the end of our time here boys, but I want to ask Dalton the kind of a quick question do you have what sort of weird hobbies do you have? Do you have any weird hobbies or skills that like people might not know now?

Dalton 58:35
Maybe not weird? I just have some hobbies. I like to go hiking around ronon just trying to stay as fit as I can and kind of hang out

Mike Proctor 58:43
where you’ve been hiking.

Dalton 58:45
Deerfield township nature trails they’re pretty nice place if and where’s where’s Deerfield? That would be It’s weird. It’s kind of torn between Argentina and Fenton

Mike Proctor 58:54
Okay, so right again right in the veins

Dalton 58:57
right? Yeah, right in the middle there in Michigan But

Mike Proctor 59:00
okay, hell yeah, is a that’s a fun kind of gig. you probably see some cool shit

Dalton 59:09
huh that’s a really beautiful area it’s really nice and they have like canoe launches and stuff down there and stuff you can always go

Xad 59:15
is that a lake or a river?

Dalton 59:16
Yeah, it’s done like I think was right out there Bennett lake or something like that. I can’t remember who’s been at Lake though.

Luq 59:22
There’s hills the pines is really cool. It’s rise

Dalton 59:24
to red pines. Yeah, really nice place

Mike Proctor 59:27
Michigan is pretty cool for that shit.

Dalton 59:28
I think it’s a great I love Michigan

Xad 59:30
coworker the other day was talking to she was like I don’t know if I’ve ever won like vacation outside of Michigan again just because there’s just so much you know you’re in a state that you could go see

Dalton 59:42
I agree

Mike Proctor 59:43
xadand I talked about this a lot

Xad 59:44

Mike Proctor 59:44
we’ve been all over this pitch. Yeah.

Dalton 59:46
If people want to go down to like you know, I want to go down to the ocean or whatever. Well, you can go to Lake huronon and say that it looks Sam damn thing exactly the same. I love it here.

Luq 59:57
Yeah. If you get stuck out at least if you get thirsty you could drink it

Xad 1:00:03
practical luq

Luq 1:00:04
saying Dude, I mean I hate to be lost at sea. No sharks and at least you can drink ,

Mike Proctor 1:00:10
it’s all cool as fuck anyways yeah right that’s totally right Don’t

Dalton 1:00:14
be too cold and has to be too hot yeah layer up in the cold you

Mike Proctor 1:00:18
no i mean the water

Dalton 1:00:18
but don’t do it in the water. Yes. No No don’t do that

Luq 1:00:22
I used to always say I’d want to burn alive then freezer to death because I like to be warm over cold. I have learned that is definitely not that way. It is so easy to just. I mean, it’s not easy to be cold freeze to death, but that would suck I’m just saying it’s like a hell of a lot easier.

Xad 1:00:40
A man has some dark thoughts.

Luq 1:00:43
not dark thoughts at all. I’m just saying you know?

Mike Proctor 1:00:48
Well, that we’re gonna wrap her up there guys, let’s we’ll run through shoutouts

Xad 1:00:53
shoutouts I started out with a high whiskey. High West whiskey. Is that what that is? Yeah, that’s what luq and dalton drinkin here.

Luq 1:01:00
I brought it up good stuff. My first podcast.

Xad 1:01:02
Yes. And then

Mike Proctor 1:01:04
we talked about American Prairie.

Luq 1:01:07
That’s them.

Mike Proctor 1:01:08
okay. return of that. You know, we didn’t talk about luq’s winery today.

Luq 1:01:13
Oh, yeah. Well, I haven’t really done a whole lot.

Xad 1:01:16
We’ll get back to it..

Dalton 1:01:18
Back rolling

Luq 1:01:19
it’s on it’s on. It’s paused right now is hiatus Oh hiatus. I gotta get better equipment.

Mike Proctor 1:01:24
Oh, shout out to a high West.

Xad 1:01:26
Yeah, High west whiskey,

Mike Proctor 1:01:27
still saving pronghorns

Xad 1:01:29
Owosso public school grounds. Of course, Ford field and Joey Harrington and all the iron workers.

Mike Proctor 1:01:38
Those people worked hard are we Harrington mentioned Oh, yeah, right. Boom, boom. Ah, yeah. People that toss up those stadiums. Oh, man. Seriously, that one in Vegas just went up.

Dalton 1:01:46
Huh? Nice stadium.

Mike Proctor 1:01:47

Xad 1:01:49
Cedar Point. We got Cedar Point

Mike Proctor 1:01:51
we did talk about Cedar Point

Xad 1:01:52

Mike Proctor 1:01:54
Yeah, custodians, right.

Xad 1:01:56
Yeah, yeah. Best number 1 in Washington.

Xbox and PlayStation as well.

Mike Proctor 1:02:03
games to fuckin NHL two k five.

Xad 1:02:07
And then a goal. So Dalton is talking about his his dream and he says gas station ice cream and I have frequent in some gas station. I try ice cream in the past

Dalton 1:02:19
Nothing wrong.

Luq 1:02:21
Except for the fact that it it’s, it’s there. 24 hours out.

Dalton 1:02:25

Xad 1:02:26
American vandal?

Mike Proctor 1:02:27
Oh, dude. That’s a fucking hilarious show.

Dalton 1:02:31
Check it out.

Xad 1:02:32
Men who sleep with balls in their hands.

Luq 1:02:36
You’re about to say the men who stare at goats? No,

Xad 1:02:38
no, no. No. balls in her hands.

Mike Proctor 1:02:41
Was that Edison? Right? Aristotle, Aristotle.

Xad 1:02:45
Bill Clinton. Of course, Bill Clinton.

And then we see the deer field township nature trails.

Mike Proctor 1:02:58
That about wraps around. Yeah, about it. Well, I hope you hope you guys dug the new studio, man.

Xad 1:03:05
Thanks for coming out, guys. Appreciate it. Yeah.

Dalton 1:03:07
Yeah, man. We’ll do it again. Man. This is really nice for you, for sure.

Mike Proctor 1:03:11
Hundred percent. Um, thanks for being here was can you guys peace out later. that’s all she wrote, guys. Thank you so much for listening. We appreciate it. I know luq sounded like he was underwater for half that time, we had to rig them up of our fourth microphone, which isn’t the same kind of microphone as the rest of ours. But I tried to clean them up. He sounded much worse before post production. Thank you guys, again for listening. Thanks for luq and Dalton, for for coming on the show. We appreciate this so much. Remember you guys like the show. Hit the subscribe button. recommend us to your friends. You know, spread the word. We appreciate it. We’re trying to try to get better every every week. We have some super cool guests coming up soon. We’re actually going to do a collab with the chainsaw mafia, which we’ve talked about on the show. We’ve had both members on before. And that’s one that I’m super, super excited for. So keep your guys eyes out for that. I’ve got a couple more guests on the docket as well. Um, thank you guys for listening. I’ll catch you next time. Today’s episode of the podcast was brought to you by Fauxtien. Everyone’s all obsessed with which brand of protein supplements they use, it can be hard to decide which is which is good for you and fauxtien is here to make that easy. fauxtien is the protein supplement that helps your body restock on refined sugars and carbohydrates. While you’ve been dieting and eating your whole foods. They use all generic ingredients artificially created in the lab or making sure they contain high fructose corn syrup. If you’re sick of hearing about everyone’s protein supplements, check out fo teen today to up your game. Sign up at fotini comm that’s f au X tien and use the promo code chunk to save 25% send off your first order. That’s ch un k people. We’re also brought to you by TPMD. Does it ever bother you that we only wipe our butts with paper? If you got some poop on your face? Would you just wipe it off with a piece of paper? No, you need TPMD. Now introducing the TPM D at home kit. There. They let you customize it for the best experience to suit your needs. Check out the website TPMD.com. Use the promo code comfy for 20% off your first month of TPMD. TPMDS. What’s up guys? I’m telling you 20 that’s comfy co m f y. We also we got a new sponsor, we’re brought to you by hyped. Do you want to be pumped up for that epic event this weekend? Maybe you got a softball game or you’re just going out to the bar. You want someone to make sure that everyone knows what about all those legendary moments hyped as your back with an easy scheduling tool. It will deliver a professional height man for your personal use. Their hype specialist will make sure to keep you and the crowd pumped all night long. I’m telling you guys, you need this for all occasions. Everyone will be talking about it for years to come. visit their website hyped.com H YP d and use the promo code Jed half off your first event. That’s what’s up Jed j Ed. Check it out guys. huge shout out to the sponsors. Thank you for listening

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