Episode 27: Living The Dream III – NRTF

Today’s episode is our first adventure into the land of Youtube. We included a video feed straight from the studio. Xad and I talk about “The Social Dilemma” and “The Great Hack”, two very cool documentaries currently on Netflix. I suspect a troll on my Social Media profile and dive into this pretty hilarious story. Data is something that we want to bring back into the show more prominently and plan to do so in the future. Xad and I were stoked to be able to show everyone the studio. We still have some tweaks to make.

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Transcription Below:

Mike Proctor  0:00  

Whats up guys welcome back to not really that famous. It was uh not really that famous morning today we usually do the show at night. We did Sunday morning and we Xad and I wanted to introduce ourselves on the actual video feed so we’ve got an actual video feed in studio up now it’s over on YouTube if anyone wants to check it out you can hit hit us up over there the channel is called not really that famous. And we are going to continue the audio feed of course. Xad and I I want to huge shout out to Xad and myself for putting all this together. It was we’ve been working hard at it trying to get everything set up. We had an awesome time this morning. So to remember guys if you like the show, please hit the subscribe button on it. Leave us a review wherever you can Apple podcasts or you can hit us up at the on the website visit us at the website not really that famous.com check out the shop Get yourself some merch Get yourself a dope t shirt. We’re going to be adding new ones soon. We’re just waiting for everything to come in and stuff. So thank you guys for listening. And check it out. Not really that famous video feed. All, right. And we’re live. It’s not really that famous morning.

Xad  1:14  

Sunday morning. What? 9am

Mike Proctor  1:16  

we never we never do morning ones Well, we’ve done a couple 

Xad  1:20  

Lacy was in the morning right

Mike Proctor  1:22  

Yeah, we did late morning to almost like the morning ones better.

Xad  1:25  

I enjoy it. It’s nice to get up. You got your day to kind of do what you got to do afterwards. coffee, the different vibe to it. Yeah, a bit more mellow.

Mike Proctor  1:34  

Yeah, well, that’s Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m what I mean when I what it’s like it just feels different. Yeah.

Xad  1:40  

I enjoy it. 

Mike Proctor  1:41  

This can be fun. got some not really that famous coffee. Not really. But uh, that’s a good idea.

Xad  1:48  

Yeah. And a brand that

Mike Proctor  1:50  

just fucking brand everything. Slap NRTF on everything. Xad and I are stoked. We’re finally we’re doing it, bro. We got video.

Xad  1:59  

Finally got video.

Mike Proctor  2:01  

What’s up, guys? This is a look into our little studio here that we’re always talking about. We’re still working on it. We’re still tweaking it. But then I finally got equipment spend slaving away down here. Getting this bitch setup

Xad  2:16  

figured out figuring out the angles and stuff like that. And

Mike Proctor  2:18  

it’s it’s, it’s crazy. Because we’re we’re having to dabble in so many different crafts. I feel like

Xad  2:27  

stuff is stuff that we never I mean, we’re do we’re like four months into this or whatever. 

Mike Proctor  2:32  

well, bro, we’re gonna put hook a studio. We got to the studio. We got everything going. We’re gonna need some lighting in here, like, all we have is, you know, a light.

Xad  2:42  

dingy little old light. 

Mike Proctor  2:45  

should probably get better lighting. So if we’re gonna be recording things that people can see it. And so you get lighting and then you’re, and then you’re tweaking the lighting around and you know how to how to spot lighting, so im googling lighting. And

Xad  2:59  

figure out the best color for the lighting.  Which hew, yeah,

Mike Proctor  3:02  

got to figure out you know, video editing how to do basic things there. So you Google in that? It’s like,

Xad  3:08  

Yeah, you’ve blown my mind with that over the past few weeks, like dude is like talking about these different types of editing and different like stuff like what

Mike Proctor  3:15  

it’s like, it’s unreal man. Like, the, the technical skill of things. It, a lot of times it boils down to like, just how to know how to do the basic, and not even just how to do the basics of video editing, but how to do the basics of video editing with DaVinci Resolve,  or Adobe, Adobe Premiere, or the Creative Cloud. Um, and so it’s because everything’s slightly different, right? The same things are just labeled differently,  And so you never really know what you’re getting into. You almost have to watch this tutorial. On You know, every, every little program you use,

Xad  3:51  

and we will work full time jobs and have children. So it’s like, yeah, let’s just sit down for an hour and a half, two hours and just do that.

Mike Proctor  4:00  

That’s like yesterday, the kids had their first football games for cheer finally. And so, you know, I had to go sit in the stands from like, nine to one or like, it’s like a really time consuming. I could have been and I was gonna bring my laptop and stuff, but I didn’t have internet. Yeah, I didn’t want to be the guy and that guy his laptop. and actually watch my kids.

Xad  4:24  

Yeah. Well, you had that. And then everybody knows Jake from the show. Little Jake Murph. He moved. Got a new apartment. So I was helping him do that.

Mike Proctor  4:35  

Jake’s coming back home a little bit guys. 

Xad  4:37  

Yeah homeboy lived on the seventh floor of an apartment building in Detroit, with the littlest f an elevator you’ve ever seen. And he’s like, Yeah, everybody knows he had his appendix taken out last week. So he can’t lift anything and, so yeah, we moved him out and it was it was a good time

Mike Proctor  4:55  

to enlist the troops to come in.

Xad  4:57  

with traffic both ways. Son of a bitch different highways too.

Mike Proctor  5:00  

You got a u haul, right? 

Xad  5:01  

We were gonna Yeah, yeah. 

Mike Proctor  5:02  

What was it like a big one like a straight truck?

Xad  5:04  

Yeah. it was a 15 foot box on the back.

Mike Proctor  5:08  

Yeah, yeah, um, the driving this fucking thing downtown

Xad  5:13  

into downtown Detroit. He lives like I didn’t even realize how close he lived to Little Caesars arena that you like from his window. You could throw a football and hit LCA

Mike Proctor  5:22  

is it on the back side of the highway there but the other side, the other side of Ford field.

Xad  5:27  

It’s like literally across the street from the LCA. Yeah. The other side of the highway from the Ford Field. Yeah, I see what you’re saying. And so yeah, from from there up to Fenton. He’s got a nice cool little place. In Fenton though, that was that was a it was fun. Awesome. It was a good time.

Mike Proctor  5:44  

I didn’t even get a chance to tell you so Xad and I went to several of my daughter’s football games, Durand Little League, little younger kids last year. And last year, we were running a whole lot of jet sweeps. What else? We run them in tosses. Yeah.

Xad  6:04  

They were I mean, it was like a wing t offense.

Mike Proctor  6:06  

Wing T offense with split outs. Yeah. And so if for anyone who doesn’t know football, that’s just a type of offense. Basically, a lot of little kids run into very basic, basic, easy, it’s a running style, grab the football, run, now grab the football and run that way. And so, but we were running a lot of these jet sweeps, where a guy comes running and takes ball takes way outside. And so the kids ended up running a lot of East and West as we call it. And that was pretty much all last year, we didn’t win a whole lot of games. And granted, I mean, I think the coaching staff is like all volunteer and all this , they arent game planning  they also have full time jobs. You know, and kids.

Xad  6:49  

Whats the easiest play to teach these kids how to do

Mike Proctor  6:51  

right. But so last year, we did a lot of that we did and Xad and I’m watching these games watching us get crushed every week. We’re like man, what what is what? I got to turn frickin notifications Sorry guys, but um, we so we go to the game. Yesterday we are running. I form, fullback dive, half back dives power football. We are running the ball straight up the middle but the team’s a lot bigger dude these kids got big in a year? They got way big. And we got a couple couple there’s two brothers on the team that are these big old guards man they’re they’re like they’re like playing the line. 

Like the Pounceys?

  they’re Nash and Knox are thier names

Xad  7:35  

thats badass

Mike Proctor  7:36  

and so they they just ran ball right up the middle dude all day 30 to nothing its little league so they had to the score can’t reflect a very big difference. 

Xad  7:47  

Right? Right.

Mike Proctor  7:48  

 It’s you know what I mean? But um, it was they just literally ran halfback dives halfback, that and then so after you run half that dives a whole lot, right? Rather than running a jet sweep with these kids. You just give it to them off tackle. And they they take it off tackle and they bounce it out 

Xad  8:05  

Because their little brains run up the middle every time you know, then all that all they’re like is just like we’ll just run to the middle. And then you just like yeah, I’m just gonna go around you bro.

Mike Proctor  8:13  

yeah. And I mean, it’s little kids quick, man. Just do come right out. Cut outside. We had so many just long runs. And I think we threw one spider two y banana without the without the play action threw it to the fullback in the flats. We got this big. 

Xad  8:29  

Did he Catch it. 

Mike Proctor  8:30  

Yeah, got it. We got like four yards

Xad  8:32  

 Good for him though. at that age, man catching a Football is not an Easy task.

Mike Proctor  8:37  

Heck Yeah, that’s what I was saying. He’s just Little you know, thats all you do is run the ball. 

Xad  8:41  

Yeah. thats awesome. 

Mike Proctor  8:43  

You know, we started doing that this year. And now these guys are just I mean, they only won the first game but  you got to just run be simple with these kids, man just run right up the middle

Xad  8:57  

put too much on them. And they just struggle.

Mike Proctor  9:00  

And I think I think I was watching the little kids because alice’s cheering for a little flag football kids. Right. And they were there the The Durand lions, I think but it’s all NFL sponsor. It’s the lions, the Raiders. Saints, the Packers. And Panthers. I think 

Xad  9:22  

go pack go.

Mike Proctor  9:23  

 Oh, we’ll get there. Okay, and so, the flag kids are running a lot of jet sweeps and stuff too. I mean, they’re just little tiny kids. Yeah, they’re just tiny they’re barely even know which way to run. Yeah And so he they’re, they’re running these little jet sweeps and stuff. And so I think maybe a little bit of those concepts kind of a branch over but I’m not gonna lie. There’s a couple kids out there we walloped. One of them. One of them. Those little Brandon kids man and I think it looked worse than it really was looked and sounded worse than it really was. But They took a hit man for being little. Yeah dude level them. 

Xad  10:06  

Oh man. This is flag football?

Mike Proctor  10:08  

 No no, I’m sorry that is that was for the padded football. 

Xad  10:10  

Okay, okay. 

Mike Proctor  10:11  

Not in flag sorry. Thats my bad.

Unknown Speaker  10:13  

I was like wait this kid just lit this other kid up?

Mike Proctor  10:15  

No, no no in a in a with the actual padded literally kids but the the little flag football is cool. And I was gonna say the the Packers in the saints play tonight right in the packers and saints played yesterday and the Pack one. They had a little running back on that little team, a little flag football team. That kid was tearing it up and he was he was ripping him

Xad  10:39  

packs got packs got that right now to Aaron Jones. So I’m excited for that game. Yeah, that’s gonna be good.

Mike Proctor  10:47  

But Xad and I wanted to talk about I’ve been updating Xad recently on a situation that has come to my attention. And I think it’s I think it’s hilarious. Yeah, only because I think I found it. And let me let me explain it. I know thats very vague.

Xad  11:06  

 Bring us in on it.

Mike Proctor  11:07  

I gotta wet my whistle. Yeah.

Xad  11:09  

So yeah, basically, I mean, I just got some text messages like, what, earlier last week, and it was like, dude, you got to see this guy, what he’s pulling on us,

Mike Proctor  11:17  

look him up. So I’m on Facebook. And this person named Matt Henning, I think is the name. And and I’m gonna call it out. Because if Matt’s listening, I want to reach out to me. So Matt, is adds me on Facebook. And xad recently has been talking about a friend of his named Matt, that I think is supposed to be coming on the show soon.

Xad  11:43  

 next week. 

Mike Proctor  11:44  

And so I was like, Oh, you know, this is probably the mat that Xad has been talking about. So is it the one with the mutual friends? Probably right there. Yeah. So the I add this guy like, oh, cool, you know, and then he he invites me to, like, like, a group or a page. And it was called, like, brap gods. It was like dirt bikes, brap gods. It was like dirt bikes, and br, br br AP. Yeah. dirt bikes, and ATVs and stuff like that. And I’m like, Oh, cool. You know that shit. That’s, it’s cool. I like jumping and shit. click like on the page, like, awesome. So like later that day, or the next day, I’m looking at my feed. And I can see this guy’s posted like pictures of political things, political meme stuff that hates upon certain person. And then I’ve also seen this guy posting like camping videos and ATV videos and stuff like that. And so I noticed that this guy posts in almost like a pattern, it’s, it’s a political thing. And then it’s a camping thing, or then it’s a ATV thing. And then it’s another political thing. And then it’s a camping thing. And I just couldn’t help but notice that there was this weird pattern to this. And so I started thinking, like, man, I wonder if this guy’s like, if anyone’s ever seen this documentary, it’s called the Great hack. And this documentary is all about, basically how, and I don’t want anyone to take my synopsis for the final word on this thing. But this thing is like, it’s all about how a US person is, um, excuse me how Trump won like his election. And it’s, they basically hired think tanks full of people. And they these people create, like fake profiles, fake social media profiles, and they, you know, invade the the network in the state in the area and try to influence these people via basically like, subliminal messaging. And they, this is all documented, and there’s like people on here that talk about it. And it’s so it’s, it’s very crazy thing. And so I think that I was targeted, as what they call a swayable. And a swayable is someone that they feel that they can, you know, isn’t really on one side or the other. And they want to try to sway that person to vote for, you know, say the right side, if they’re on the left, or whatever it may be, or if they’re borderline. And so it’s I was I watched this documentary A while ago. And I just noticed that this behavior of this profile and I don’t know if this is true, right, but I can see a lot of signs and so what I did was, I messaged this person I said, Hey, man, Do I know you? What’s up? It’s nice to meet you. You know Xad and I, run a podcast. I didn’t say this, but Xad and I run a podcast would love to talk to this guy. Maybe he listened to the podcast and you know, trying to reach out. And so I reached out to him, I said, Hey, man, what’s up? never reads my message. Never, you know, never replies never says anything. And so I’m like, Huh, I feel like that’s kind of strange. 

Xad  15:17  

And so the goal of these people that are created these pseudo people are to, like you said, reach out, make contact with people, but not to continue a contact just to put out content for them. 

Mike Proctor  15:29  

So I’m on the friends list, right? And I see this guy posting these things. And don’t get me wrong, it is very believable. Yeah, I was, like, yeah, there are pictures of families and such. And again, I don’t want to throw Mr. Matt under the bus or anything, but I got to know. So. And so at first, I see. This person has, I think, 1000 friends, and they, a lot of them are mutual with me. And these are people that I know to be politically sort of active in the comment sections of Facebook, right? I see their names on things, and I see them going back and forth with people on things. And so I, I kind of know, these people to be already sort of interested, sort of interested in sort of niche. And so I was like, hmm, you know, once again, and the time goes by, I’m now at this point, I’m interested. So I’m like, Alright, what the fuck is this guy’s deal, I leave them on my feed. I’m kind of watching over all this stuff. I see the people in my friends list interacting with the posts, right? and such like that. And so I’m like, Okay, well, it’s working. So I go to scroll through. And I did not look as an investigator probably would, but I looked around pretty good. And I didn’t see this man’s name in any of the comments. Like Like he almost never interacts back.

Xad  17:03  

Yeah. put something out there. Let people make their posts. Yeah. Comments, and get discussions fired up. And then just sit back and watch.

Mike Proctor  17:13  

Yeah. And so this was probably what last week? Yeah. Last week or last Monday. Yeah. And so I, you know, I am watching all this go down. And then I go to look a few, just actually just this morning. Well, how many What’s his friends List at now? I want to see the total number, because he was at roughly about 1000. This was about a week ago. And as I scrolled through the profile, it had a lot of hints of fake, like the activity is all recent. It doesn’t go back years and years.

Xad  17:49  


Mike Proctor  17:50  

it goes back this year. You know, it’s like to like September, I think you got to go to the friends list again, after this. Or at the top maybe? Yeah, it doesn’t even see. I’ll find it, I can get it.

Xad  18:07  

 I’m not even sure.

Mike Proctor  18:09  

Anyways, the whole sort of thing about this is that i think that i thought 2187 

Xad  18:16  

double down and a week 

Mike Proctor  18:18  

doubled friends in a week. I don’t know if that’s a real person’s thing. I mean, unless this person is, I don’t know. You know, you guys, let me know. If you want to look into this and reach out to me.

Unknown Speaker  18:31  

some interaction on the back end of that.

Mike Proctor  18:33  

I’m very interested on your thoughts. Because if you’ve never seen the great hack, I recommend that you watch it, because what I’m describing is actually a real thing. It really happens. And I just think it’s it’s very strange. You could you know, people like there’s pictures like I said, a family and all this stuff. You know, those could be completely not even that person. Because, again,

Xad  18:57  

just harvested from someone else’s.

Mike Proctor  18:59  

Yep, So what you think about one person is not necessarily what is really being or what you’re really looking at what you’re really dealing with. 

Xad  19:09  


Mike Proctor  19:10  

and maybe this person’s real person if that’s the case, I apologize. 

Xad  19:12  

But give us a shout. We’d love to talk.

Mike Proctor  19:14  

 I would love to talk to you about this because how did you get 1000 friends in a week?

Xad  19:17  

Yeah, so let us know because we’re trying to

Mike Proctor  19:20  

I would love to meet new people. You should you should tell me how that works.

Xad  19:25  


Mike Proctor  19:26  

I mean, is is Brap gods that popular 

Xad  19:29  

Northern Michigan rap Gods is what it’s called. Yeah, Northern Michigan brap guys.

Mike Proctor  19:33  

Yep. And that’s oddly specific. You never know. I mean, it could be something but again, guys, you never know. So anyways, I think I found someone who’s trying to be trying to attack swayables. And I just thought it was I was being targeted. And so

and so I was like, what the? Xad.I think I think this guy’s a fucking troll.

Xad  19:59  

going on right now.

Mike Proctor  19:59  

Like, you got it, and I’ve been filling them in regular updates.

Xad  20:05  

Yeah. So crazy. so crazy.

Mike Proctor  20:08  

Which, which leads me to my next point, I just watched the social dilemma documentary. And I know Xad watch this one too. Did you finish it? 

No No, no, 

I’m, I’m, that that’s another good one. And it’s funny because I actually seen a post in a Facebook group this morning of someone who was like, Hey, I watched this, what does everybody think? And a bunch of people in the comments were like, that was a bunch of bullshit. And I was like, wait, you thought that was a bunch of bullshit. Like that. That was basically all the heads of all the social media companies saying, hey, yeah, what we’re doing? Probably shouldn’t probably shouldn’t be okay. They’re calling themselves out there, like, Yeah, um, we built all this shit. But we were just trying to like, do our job and like, help the world. But now it’s not really good. So we probably should stop doing this shit.

Xad  21:05  

Which is crazy to call out their own companies like that. And, you know, like their livelihoods at that, at that extent. 

Mike Proctor  21:12  

I mean, a lot of them seemed like, you know, even people at that stage in their careers. They’re like, almost like independent artists, where they, they just work on projects, right? Like the guy who writes the team that runs the rights, the algorithms for Twitter, is also enlisted, or at least they’re like subordinates, or enlisted to make the algorithms for Facebook and YouTube and all that stuff. You know what I mean? 

Xad  21:39  

Yeah, they all kind of like work in it of eachother.

Mike Proctor  21:41  

Yeah, that’s probably like this inner circle of people. And they’re all working towards the greater good. And different people and trial, you know, who knows the dynamics that are fucking

Xad  21:50  

right, exist out there.

Mike Proctor  21:53  

But man, I thought that was a good piece like, it is. It is really crazy that these companies have so much data on you. And that we’ve talked, I’ve talked about this before I talk about it in my fucking real life to people. Right. We’ve also talked about it on the show. The I just, I think that’s crazy. There’s so much money being made off of all this.

Xad  22:19  

Yeah, I mean, just basic, general information about every general person I like you said, How much of you is really out there that can be mined for better lack of a word by all these other companies? Yeah.

Mike Proctor  22:35  

they can predict where you’re going to be. when you’re using, you know, your phone and all that stuff.

Xad  22:42  

Where are you use it, where you’re going next? You know, I literally get in my car. And depending on the day of the week, it’s like, tells me my next destination. Yeah, you know, like, oh, you’re 40 minutes from your next destination. It’s like, Okay, I guess it’s Thursday, and I normally do this on Thursdays. But it just automatically it doesn’t I don’t even have to be leaving, from my house for it to know where I’m expecting to go. I can do, say the night of my parents or be somewhere else. And then but it’s Thursday. And it knows like, no, this is this is where you’re planning on going. grocery stores. 10 minutes away. It’s Sunday morning. So you know, this is your this is your next destination

Mike Proctor  23:21  

that stuff is So convenient. 

Xad  23:22  

Hell yeah.

Mike Proctor  23:23  

 That’s why it’s so awesome. It’s like, I I almost love the idea of like, customized ads and how your feed is all you know, tweak to your liking and stuff. You I almost like that, because it’s so goddamn convenient.

Xad  23:39  

It does not offend me as much as some people out there I know or that are offended by it. Yeah, people are selling my stuff. It’s like Yeah, but I actually need that 

Mike Proctor  23:50  

they’re like how like fuck did this thing know that? I wanted or what? What do we go through? Oh, xads brother was in town. And he drinks a specific type of wine wine. Yeah. And all of a sudden it popped up I think on both our wives Feeds.

Xad  24:05  

which was we super weird because we’re sitting in the living room all hanging out talking to my brothers drinking his wine and then literally on Yeah, their phones brings up this black box wine is what he was drinking. And so Mike’s theory behind that was it knew that we were mutual friends in the same area. And that’s something that he frequents. So by process of elimination, hey, these are like minded people, presumably. That are now in close contact with each other. maybe we’ll make a recommendation.

Mike Proctor  24:41  

Not only that, but It could very well fucking know these people have never seen blackbox one. They’ve never it’s never been on their feed before.

Xad  24:47  

Yeah. So we’re gonna We’ll go ahead and make this recommendation and see if they’ll like it.

Mike Proctor  24:51  

That reminds me of and it’s like we talked about it like that. That social dilemma, did you How far did you get into it? Did you watch any of the drama parts where it’s like a little story? They’re telling with a family. And there’s little people inside of the kids phone. 

Xad  25:05  

No damiit.

Mike Proctor  25:06  

there’s little people inside the kids phone and they’re like, Alright, why? Why is he touched us in 20 minutes, let’s hit him with this type of ad. And they try to get his phone and they, they get him to pick it up. And then he’s like, Alright, let’s unleash. Or he they’re like selling his time. So they’re like Bing, ding, ding, ding, ding, we got this company. Or this advertiser for 88 cents. Sell it, we’re putting it up to the kid and the kids watching it. They end up getting them all into Well, ill let you watch it.

Xad  25:35  

yeah, it’s legitimate. And that could be Yeah, that’s almost how it feels. Yeah, that’s going on because

Mike Proctor  25:41  

but those little people are just a robot. computer that someone’s set it up to be like, okay, it’s gonna do this. If this happens,

Xad  25:48  

Yeah, processes of elimination.

Mike Proctor  25:51  

So it’s just all that’s where I was thinking about this the other day, kids are always like, what am I ever going to use this shit? When they talk about especially math? 

Xad  25:59  

Mm hmm.

 Um, the ideas of math are what’s used a lot in, in programming in code in computer technology. Even even spreadsheets and yeah, like, I mean, you know, fuck people that entered data all day. Um, but code is a lot it’s like if then statements If This Then That. If This Then That. And when you do 10,000 of them, You can you know, fuck more then that. You can really pinpoint a lot of stuff but that’s all you remember if then statements, like geometry. Yeah, that’s, that’s what it is. A lot of functions. 

I’m one of those people when the fuck am i gonna use this?

Mike Proctor  26:36  

Yes, that’s what you use it. But it’s it’s more the idea of it. And that’s why I’m I was always super good at math is I just understood the like, the overall goal very well. So I could easily be like cha ching, take the pieces and plug them in. Yeah. But yeah, man that, uh, the fact that all those heads on on that show, were just like, yeah, guys, this is what we did. And like, a lot of them are involved in the group. I can’t there’s a group that’s, um, they they’re a part of this group that’s actively searching for like, more privacy, and a lot of these with a lot of these companies. But um, there’s a few of them that, you know, worked that built the algorithms and now they’re like, Oh, shit, they’re literally going through hearings with like, the Supreme Court to say, Hey, this is not good. We need to not do this in we need to hold these companies accountable for it.

Xad  27:31  

Right. Put some put some restrictions on it. Especially with the age that some children are getting. And not just children. I mean, even adults take this stuff a little too. Literally, sometimes. You know, not just kids. But yeah, I mean, impressionable ages. You know, you don’t

Mike Proctor  27:49  

that’s the thing is you know, it’s also glitz and glamour and fake that people can’t distort those to reality. they think it’s a real thing.

Unknown Speaker  28:00  

Exactly. That’s a toughest part about it is getting people to accept you know, what is what’s real what’s not, you know, what’s being shown to just to to get it make you feel a certain way about a certain thing. And then what what the reality is, like the reality of that that pad that I bought to drag behind our boat, the lily pad. You know, you get like, I got this awesome advertisements. You know, we came on the pod talked about buying a boat. You know, we’re gonna do all these things on the boat. And so was the lake. We purchased one of those lily pads, right? So the big, like, almost styrofoam pad that you drag behind the boat.

Mike Proctor  28:39  

Yeah, huge mat that you can fit like X amount of people on.

Unknown Speaker  28:42  

Yes. They’re like, Oh, go ahead and say like six foot wide by 10 to 12 foot long is the sizes they’re supposed to finger supposed to be? And so my wife bought one. And you know, we’re waiting for it to come. And this is like, right when we bought the boat a couple months ago, and it finally came in last week. And so I come walking in the house and I’m like, What’s that on the floor? And Rachel’s like, Oh, that’s that’s our lily pad for the boat. And i shit you not it’s like a foot and a half wide by like six foot long. And I was like, oh my god we got duped so bad. Right. And, you know, I was like, I’m pissed.

Mike Proctor  29:06  

 And it’s not that, you can’t like hook them together and yeah, don’t you

Xad  29:25  

No, it’s saying I like just put a post and show what it looks like. You know like you can’t even fit one full size human being on this thing 

Mike Proctor  29:33  

you you could tow it behind nothing? you can float on it and maybe lay on it but it’s not even wide enough to like lay out

Xad  29:40  

that things not gonna float Anybody take there’s not enough material there.

Mike Proctor  29:46  

somebody screwed up big time in the logistics of making that happen.

Xad  29:49  

Yeah, no, they actually they, they they killed it because I got my money. So yeah, I don’t think they have a lot of return customers though. 

Mike Proctor  30:00  

speaking of. did we update everybody your boats fixed right?

Xad  30:02  

boats up and running again. We did. We did go ahead and get it winterized. 

Mike Proctor  30:07  

I would say it’s like this is like, it’s been nice the last couple days. But  that’s that’s pretty much it. 

Xad  30:12  

You know, I don’t have a whole lot of desire to in like, it gets up to like 70 some degrees. But on the lake, it’s windy and stuff like that, you know, it’s cold, so. And yeah, it’s just, it felt easier. Just let’s go ahead and get it winterized and then be ready to go like, full bore next season. So it’s up and running again. Yeah, fishing.

Mike Proctor  30:36  

that was the one. Um, but so that’s another thing I wanted to, I want to get back to doing on the show is asking people about their data. And yeah, um, something that I’ve talked about it before, but I feel like I’ve kind of gotten away from it. Because not everyone’s really concerned with it. And I don’t, I’ll be honest with you, I, for a while, I was actively trying to, like turn off all my data settings and stuff like that. But um, I found it to be more work.

Xad  31:07  

To have to try to remove it or hide it.

Mike Proctor  31:10  

Yeah. Then you always get notifications popping up saying, hey, look, turn on your location, we don’t know what to do. Okay, turn on your location, we don’t know what to do. Or turn on. You know, turn your privacy settings down so that you can you get  constantly pestered with notifications and notifications if you’re not doing it. And, and your experiences worse, like, so there is a website called duck, duck, go. Duck Duck go is a search engine. It’s like Google. When you use it, it’s exactly like Google, everything gets, you know, pop. So it’s all ranked by keywords and all that stuff. But the thing about DuckDuckGo is they do not use your data.

Unknown Speaker  31:50  

Private searching, Tracker blocking, earching encryption,

Mike Proctor  31:52  

it’s all encrypted, nothing gets out, they don’t store your data. So if you search something, and date DuckDuckGo, it stays there. You search something in Google, it gets tracked, they know where you searched it from, what you were searching for, what time it was, etc, etc, etc. When you use Google, though, the answers and research that you get, at times, sometimes I’ll search for things and there, it’s so bogged down with stuff that is search engine optimized, that doesn’t really solve my problem. It just has alot of the keywords. I’m like a lot. That happens a lot with like reviews. And such, when I’m trying to solve a problem of something. Like, for example, how to find x setting on this video editor, I ended up going searching through the later pages, because a lot of the stuff that’s optimized is like reviews and stuff with affiliates. And so it’s like top 10, this top 10 that popped in this, etc, etc, etc. It’s it’s all bogged down with all this crap. And I have to search through to be able to find the answer that I’m looking for more, you know, refine my search to a different term, so that all that stuff’s popping up. But when you use Google, that is something that’s a problem, but it’s also far superior in most of the time, it’s far superior in the answers you get, right? The stuff on DuckDuckGo is just, you just have to rifle through a lot more articles and stuff like that. Um, and it’s because it’s not so optimized, right? it’s kind of a catch 22. Because the problem that I have, it’s probably not something that a lot of people have, right, I’m always trying to find very specific things. And so I have to rifle through a lot of stuff. Whereas most people when they search things, they search broad. This one a general idea like this, and you know, rifle through all that stuff. But even on the show, sometimes, like we’re like, trying to find specific items.

Xad  33:49  

Yeah, very specific answer.

Mike Proctor  33:51  

if you ever, like bored, or something where you’re just googling shit, go to duck, duck, go and search and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s not that it’s bad. It’s just, it’s just not good. Yeah, it’s just not as good. And so I’d switch to Google, I just use Google, I like to go Google is, to me, the premier way to to go. And given them access to all your stuff is just kind of part of part of the deal. You know, 

Unknown Speaker  34:23  

trade a little bit of your privacy for, for function, your convenience. There you go. That’s what I was looking for. 

Mike Proctor  34:30  

But I like to ask people, like, you know, do you make attempts to hide your data or protect yourself? Are you are you that type of person? And just hear how they think about it? You know, that’s one of 

Xad  34:43  

their position on it.

Mike Proctor  34:44  

Yeah. One of the things I love on the show is just hearing how people think about and process things,

Xad  34:49  

different situations. Yeah.

Mike Proctor  34:51  

Like, Ryan was one of my favorite people because he

Xad  34:54  

ryan was great.

Mike Proctor  34:55  

 It was just like, Man, I’m just fucking doing this. And then I was doing that and then my fucking old boss. You want to buy my shit? He’s like, yup,

Xad  35:02  

yeah, he just he’s, like a free spirit in that way, man. He’s just like, that’s that’s the way I’m gonna go with it. 

Mike Proctor  35:08  

Or Lacey. She she’s got such a unique perspective on things. It’s just fresh, fresh and talk to people. you know.

Xad  35:16  

Yeah, you get to know more just sitting down and, you know, you hit on a couple things like, like what you want to be, you know, what makes you uncomfortable and you know, how like, you know, sleep is a very important part of your life. And you talk about that a little bit. you walk out of the room, and you’re like, I hung out like with that person for so many years, so many times. And I have a totally different outlook on who they are. yeah. I didn’t even know like some of like the most, you know, General aspects of their lives. So yeah, that’s that’s always fun. 

Mike Proctor  35:55  

I don’t even know what time we started.

Xad  35:57  

I don’t either, man.

Mike Proctor  35:59  

Um, the the football season. Sunday morning.

Xad  36:07  

Sunday morning. I’m excited. Like I said, the packers are kicking ass right now. So I’m feeling good. I’ve been in a good spot. lately. I cannot say the same for you. I’m so sorry.

Mike Proctor  36:17  

I think I don’t know if we I think we’ve explicitly said this before. On the podcast. I do. We’ve done so many of these. I don’t even

Xad  36:23  

I know it’s starting. Yeah,

Mike Proctor  36:24  

sir. Yes. That’s a Packers fan. Guys are any new listeners that might not know that. That likes the Packers. Yeah. But it’s okay. I like the lions. We both like NFL football. Oh, yeah. Without a dount. now we have our teams that we support, but we generally just support the league itself. Um, and we’re having a bad fucking year do we don’t have to go against these Arizona Cardinals today.

Xad  36:48  

They are fire right now.

Mike Proctor  36:50  

now they throw all over the house. Well, yeah. Then I knew that shit was gonna end bad

Xad  36:55  

the fact that they traded Yeah, forgot. They got DeAndre Hopkins for what they got him for. And I mean, that was the best thing that that coach slash I mean, they look great. The organization right now. Looks great for the decisions they made.

Mike Proctor  37:11  

they still have Miss they still have that GM that got in trouble. He was drinking. remember when he got in trouble for drinking? 

Xad  37:17  

Yeah, he’s good at his job. You know, if you’re good at your job, get away with a lot of shit. 

Mike Proctor  37:23  

That’s true.

Xad  37:23  

Maybe he’s he’s made some good decisions as of late and they look like they’re, they’re ticking up.

Mike Proctor  37:30  

I don’t doubt it. Um, but the pack is they got that young, you know, that everybody’s got these young young guns. And I mean, you know, the coaches and their their ideas. Yeah, that’s Yeah, that’s, that’s the big thing.

Xad  37:45  

No, it’s it was me and you this right before the right before the season started me and you were texting that one night. And we were just shooting them back and forth about just offensive styles and what what we thought was gonna happen and that’s pretty much pretty much

Mike Proctor  37:58  

they’ll find these little wrinkles, and then they’ll they’ll innovate the team start to figure them out. And

Xad  38:06  

yeah, just keep them moving. They just keep them moving.

Mike Proctor  38:11  

So early in the season still and everyone’s starting to go down because of all these

Xad  38:15  

the soft tissue injuries, 

Mike Proctor  38:16  

soft tissue injuries.

Xad  38:18  

 Yeah, lack of conditioning,

Mike Proctor  38:19  

lack of condition or not conditioned.

Xad  38:22  

there’s like, it was Monday night, last night, Monday Night Football right before the game, they put up a little demographical all the players that went down and soft tissue injuries. I mean, you have massive names. Nick bosa.

Mike Proctor  38:35  


Unknown Speaker  38:37  

 Nick bosa. Jim, I mean, Jim, the niners guy hit hard, but just in general. All the teams across the league had somebody go down soft tissue. Michael Thomas is out. davante Adams probably not gonna play today. Saquon. Christian McCaffrey. I mean, these are like I mean, positionally two of the most premier positions in the league and we just named like, probably four of the biggest of their name, I mean, so the the fact that they’re down right now I’m not not looking good. But I wonder how they could have I don’t know how they could have avoided it with everything going on with the Coronavirus I mean it’s just another one of the the the situations that this Coronavirus has created

Mike Proctor  39:22  

it that’s that’s part of the NFL man that’s why like everything is the way it is teams to cut losses people because they get hurt that pay a massive contracts and then they get hurt and they’re not the same and the team has to make that financial commitment. And yeah, they have lots of money and everything. It’s just kind of the way the beast is built. But that’s football man. Yeah. So little kids are out there cracking. it’s that’s football.

Xad  39:51  

It’s just how it is people are gonna get hurt without a doubt man.

Mike Proctor  39:55  

Unless you can be a player that is really good at not putting yourself in those situations. Yeah. You’re gonna get banged up 

Xad  40:04  

or be a kicker.

Mike Proctor  40:05  

 or be a kicker.

Unknown Speaker  40:05  

Yeah. And and they still sometimes get hurt. Cincinatti’s kicker just got hurt.

Mike Proctor  40:10  

There’s a fucking meme going around of younghoe koo And the little kid from Little Giants. it’s like he’s like stuffed in his helmet. It’s like younghoe koo 20 years later. or you remember this guy and feel old or whatever now shit. So funny fucking NFL tho man. At least we got football. 

Yes, at least we got Yeah,

I was watching NBA last night. And I think I think the Lakers won

Xad  40:36  

did they? 

Mike Proctor  40:37  

Actually I fell asleep?

let’s find out. But I was watching NBA, they got all the virtual fans and shit. And that’s just not the same. I think football, NBA could easily go to that sort of setup, although they’re leaving a lot of money on the table. But I don’t think NFL will translate well to a virtual setting like that. So the NFL really needs to be

Unknown Speaker  41:03  

get their fans. Have you noticed the angles for the NFL? They’re using like lower angles. and try to not project to the empty stands behind it. I I’ve been kind of keeping my eye on that the fact that you know you don’t really see a whole lot they used to be on like wide angles and see the stand see the people people going crazy. And yeah, now everything’s kind of focused in there like more more zoomed in on the players themselves. As opposed to the you know, just the whole stadium itself.

Mike Proctor  41:34  

The the NFL would, The fan. The crowd noise thing is really, really weird. I know a lot of them are pumping crowd noise, but or maybe not a lot of them. I know some of them are pumping crowd noise. And it’s weird that that’s allowed. Like I just think that’s such a weird dynamic to like the NBA doing it to you pump in the crowd noise and everything. And I know it’s that’s part of the pro game. So adjusting to those types of things. But I think it’s just such a weird thing that you’re allowed to pump in your fans.

Unknown Speaker  42:07  

Dude total Case in point here. I was trying to find the stuff on the Lakers game, and I was on DuckDuckGo and it just was so foreign to me. And I was like, Why the fuck? Is it so different. I can’t I couldn’t find the answers that I was looking for it and I was like, oh shit I’m on on the other site still jump back over to Google, because that’s what I’m used to using and bam.

Mike Proctor  42:27  

That’s what I mean. Like the familiarity with google.

Xad  42:30  

Yeah. It’s not that it’s not there. It’s just that it’s not where im used to looking for it. Yeah. Lakers won. They’re up for one and though they won the series. Yeah, they won the series. Nice. You shout out to my older brother. He. He is going to be happy about that.

Mike Proctor  42:46  

DAX the Lakers fan?

Xad  42:47  

DAX is a Lakers fan. Yeah, DAX lived in California for Oh, yeah. Wow. So and, and I know, DAX is a LeBron fan as well. So I just put those two things together and he’s he’s rooting for him.

Mike Proctor  43:00  

rings like Lebron. Mm hmm but yeah, that game last night was pretty pretty entertaining the the nuggets almost close it out. But they were playing hurt they get banged up.

 Yeah, that Jamal Murray right and Jocic.

Jocic was quiet but Jamal Murray was fucking tearing out he got hurt banged up his leg Hey me something and he was limping around. I’m like Jeremy grant was fuckin keeping them in it himself. It was great. I don’t even know really the nuggets that well but that mean either a grant guy was fucking tearing it up dude.

Xad  43:41  

Yeah, that’s one of those teams that they’re kind of like I

Mike Proctor  43:46  

Blocked ad from the back and then like, swing down to the other end, Papa three and nail it.

Xad  43:51  

It was a I’ve enjoyed watching just the Lakers. NBA this. This last because they came back. They were like the first. Firstly to come back from the virus thing. Base. Everybody thought it was gonna be baseball first. Baseball couldn’t get it done. NBA came back. So I’ve actually I’ve been more plugged into it. As of what’s been going on? Yeah, cuz it was there. 

Mike Proctor  44:16  

But um, yeah, the whole bubble thing the virtual thing it was it was pretty crazy. They had like a few celebrities you know a couple celebrities that are watching the game virtually. I feel like that’s a big sort of draw to the game to see

Xad  44:32  

like the little cutout little pictures. Oh, yeah.

Mike Proctor  44:35  

Yeah, and there’s you know a few celebrities there I wonder where that’s gonna go? Yeah. becomes a thing. How long would this really be residual? What do they do with the celebrities? You know, like, and those are all weird dynamic things that are gonna come into play.

Xad  44:49  

Well, I mean, they did a lot of weird stuff with celebrities during the whole lockdown. Wasn’t I forget which TVs you know station was 

Mike Proctor  44:57  

they did a whole lot of weird stuff in the beginning.

Xad  45:00  

 Do you remember them? Like it was like movie night with a celebrities and it’s like they’re watching this and you’re watching them watch this and their reactions to what Ultimately you probably should just be watching the 

Mike Proctor  45:12  

the sing alongs and stuff 

Xad  45:15  

yeas sing along

Mike Proctor  45:15  

that we’re going around. It’s like a bunch of celebrities singing this song and, and that was all really weird. Yeah, wasnt it

Xad  45:22  

everybody was fucking bored

Mike Proctor  45:24  

 when lockdown. Whoa, What are we supposed to do?

Xad  45:28  

Yeah, do you mean I can’t like at the beginning, it was like you can’t do anything but yeah, they were, they were just really really reaching for anything that they could do with a celebrity to sign up for and celebrities we’re looking forward to their houses, they’re like, sure. And everybody’s trying to like do their part and keep morale up and stuff like that. Because, you know, I, you even you know, we’ve been we’re lucky enough to work. keep our minds right there and have families and so you have people that you can interact with but like, you know, going down to you know, Jake’s apartment I was like, bro you were stuck in here three months by yourself. He’s like it was it was dreadful and I was like I can only imagine 

Mike Proctor  46:09  

and the cities were really really heavy lockdown Yes. such high traffic areas is out here we were I mean, we were locked down but we were still going to the store 

Xad  46:19  

there space between you and stuff. Like you know, like you. They’re not packed in I mean, down there like packed in. And so yeah, I can’t I can’t imagine. I can’t imagine. Like I said we were lucky enough to experience it in a different way.

Mike Proctor  46:34  

Yeah, true to man. That would have sucked but having to be in the in the real shoe. Thicker shit. I mean if I were still in the goddamn

Xad  46:43  

 Yeah, it’s not over. It’s not over. But 

Mike Proctor  46:47  

I guess back then we couldn’t even leave.

Unknown Speaker  46:49  

Yeah, that was  the whole thing.

Mike Proctor  46:51  

can leave but you got to wear your mask.

Xad  46:53  

Yeah, we’re a mask child. We don’t stand next to people and just give yourself a little bit of space but yeah, for it was like don’t don’t fucking leave that house.

Mike Proctor  47:03  

Dude, the fucking coaches in the NFL.

Xad  47:08  

They got pounded with some fine 

Mike Proctor  47:10  

who was Sean Payton ?.

Xad  47:12  

Jon GrudenThere’s like six of them. Ultimately,

Mike Proctor  47:15  

I thought there’s only two

Xad  47:16  

No, they handed out. I’ll look it up. They handed out like a couple like a million dollars. 

Mike Proctor  47:20  

Yeah, it was like 100 grand a pop plus 250 for the team. Because they didn’t wear their masks like that people. Imagine if we didn’t wear our masks and you get a buck and fine because I see people not wearing masks all the time. I’m pretty good about wearing my mask and bringing my mask and shit. Don’t get me wrong I’ve forgotten it a couple times. And I’ve just tried to get in the store get out but

Xad  47:44  

Kyle Shanahan’s one of them.

Mike Proctor  47:47  

Oh, that’s who that’s who the one I was thinking of

Xad  47:50  

Yeah, Kyle Shanahan got hit with it. 

Mike Proctor  47:52  

Because it would didn’t actually pull their masks up.

Xad  47:54  

Yeah. Yeah, the coaches and the teams are also punished with $250,000 fines. That’s a massive that’s so much money. So much money. That’s so sad. All right, motherfucker. So I’m excited to watch today then I wonder that does

Mike Proctor  48:08  

that makes me think like, okay, NFL is a big corporation. But they they’re on TV. They’re in the spotlight. I just realized I was off thinking and I was staring directly into the camera. I guess., the NFL is in the spotlight. It’s very well known. They’re allowed to operate. Got to wear the masks. What I wonder if the government did anything to the NFL, if the NFL was just like, no, we’re just gonna handle this. You know, I mean, like, I wonder if they got any backlash for it. 

Xad  48:41  

I feel like the NFL probably just took it upon themselves. I don’t I just I feel like the NFL is like, like, our optics have to be a certain way. And we need to maintain that and especially with as much shit is like the NFL has been in lately publicly. The issues that they’ve had. Do you know Colin Kaepernick and all that not saying that’s good, bad or indifferent, but I’m just saying like they have they’re worried they have struggled. They’re worried about it. And and yeah, they’re worried about it. They’re like, we cannot have another major catastrophe like that. And so they’re just like, we’re just gonna come down and handle this shit right now. To $350,000 essentially 100 grand to the coach. A lot of money for a coach those dudes don’t make.

Mike Proctor  49:23  

Some of them do but

Xad  49:24  

they make a lot but they don’t. I mean,

Mike Proctor  49:26  

100 grand to Jon Gruden is far less than 100 grand to a lesser coach. yes. fuckin got all the shit, right? only make like, a couple mil over the course of three, five years.

Xad  49:38  

Yeah. You know, they’re not like, yeah, they’re not signing the $20 million a year contracts. You know, I mean, Jon Gruden. He got paid 

Mike Proctor  49:47  

fucking paid like a player? 

Xad  49:48  

yeah, you got he got paid but shiny new the 10 years 100 million I think or something 

Mike Proctor  49:53  

yea it was 10 mil a year.

Xad  49:55  

Yeah. Which is that’s a lot but still, if you’re making 10 million a year 100 grand, still a lot of money. You know that hurts

Mike Proctor  50:02  

probably dudes probably got a piece of the company and shit no

Xad  50:05  

i think they did they offered him a percentage of the of the company as well. Some of the bigger contracts out there were like that

Mike Proctor  50:12  

But imagine if like you know you were out if you didn’t wear your mask into the grocery store and somebody walked by I was like your five grand bitch you wear your fucking mask next

Xad  50:22  

no Joke glass I say I’m excited to kind of to watch the day and see if people are still not wearing them is that they do the balls on them. Yeah, go out there and not do that

Mike Proctor  50:34  

it’s kind of dramatic like if you’re in a spot like that just get a mask that you can work with. Yeah, they make them that where they’re like you can barely even know they’re there. Right You know it’s they speak through them and everything like that. It’s not even a big deal.

Xad  50:47  

I don’t I don’t have so much of an issue.

Mike Proctor  50:50  

But I’m glad footballs back footballs here. Hopefully the lions can fuckin stop our losing streak today.

Xad  50:57  

They could do a lot that total total lions thing to do win today

Mike Proctor  51:01  

does that give us your so Xad is fantasy football master for anyone who

Xad  51:09  

reigning champion

Mike Proctor  51:11  

give us your hot picks for the for the for the week

Xad  51:15  

Hot picks for the week. 

Mike Proctor  51:17  

got any sleepers you got any uh, any guys that you’ve been

Xad  51:21  

 guys on my team? Right my team right now.

Mike Proctor  51:24  

any of the above?

Xad  51:26  

I like I like a gage from the Falcons. I like him today 

Mike Proctor  51:33  

whats he the running back.?

Xad  51:33  

No wide receiver yet. Russel Gage wide receiver Falcons. Julio is injured right now. Ah, maybe playing maybe not playing but he’s had a good good year so far. Lots of targets. Atlanta.

Is he a rookie?

 Nope, nope, nope. Yeah, he kind of came out hot very end of the year last year. And so far, what I look for fantasy wise, I look for targets. I want my people to be targeted. Just because,

 you know, the coaching staff likes him.

 yeah, the coaching staff like whatever. They’re trying to get the football to him. Now what he’s doing with it at that point can vary. You might have a bad week, where you’ll have eight targets and only four catches that could some bad throws. Just just tough catches to be made. But if if those targets are there, then you’re trending in the right direction. Your opportunity. Mm hmm. You know, and I like opportunity, as opposed to I don’t like big play potential. I like consistency and opportunity. So Gage, he’s been averaging like over nine targets a week, so far this year. And with Julio going down, they have a tough contest against the bears. Good defense. But I again, I like to target those targets. Julio goes down. Those targets go somewhere else. I think I did see Gage in for a big week this week. Um, yeah, I mean, john was Smith. Same situation. Tight End he’s in. He’s in Tennessee. And AJ Brown. The top receiver. He’s out this week. 

Mike Proctor  53:00  

What about Delaney Walker? Is he still there?

Xad  53:02  

Nope. Delaney Walker’s gone. john smith the guy and he’s an athletic tight end too. And so I like him there 

Mike Proctor  53:07  

Delanie walker retired?

Xad  53:09  

 No, I don’t think he retired. I just don’t believe he’s with the team anymore. I don’t I think he’s kind of free agent out there. A little bit older though.

Mike Proctor  53:16  

yea he is getting older yea

Xad  53:20  

Jonnu Smith is him. But younger and fast and faster. Yeah, yeah. He’s a stubborn faster. Yep. So again, it his potential is up there if he can get those targets and his 

Mike Proctor  53:32  

Are you streaming these guys this week? Or would this be a long term gig? They say by the time anyone listens? It’ll probably be either today or tomorrow 

gage would be the guy I would. I’m just more so playing this week. Smith. He’s gonna be hanging out. Yeah, Smith’s gonna be the guy who’s hanging on hanging out on my team a little bit more. Um, but yeah, I mean, those are the two main guys that I’ve been concerned with this week. There’s a ton of them out there. Especially with all the injuries people going down. I think the toughest thing right now is like New York saQuan Barkley goes down. There’s these other running backs come up behind them. I think they just signed devonta Freeman. They got Dion Lewis it’s a book and it’s a mess. I’m not diving

 They don’t know who’s gonna get it and that’s not a super good offense.

Xad  54:18  

That’s exactly right. That’s why I said I’m not gonna like I’m not getting

Mike Proctor  54:22  

You dont wanna touch a carousel in a bad offense.

Xad  54:24  

yeah, I don’t. Yeah, exactly. I mean, 

Mike Proctor  54:26  

If your gonna carousel in the Browns offense.

Xad  54:29  

then or if if Barkley was having a monster year, and then goes down, and then his backup is stepping into a strong workload like that, and then I would feel more comfortable going after that, but I don’t see that there. And then, I mean, Mike Davis from Carolina. He’s a good pickup this week. I they’re going to be playing from behind for this whole year. I’m pretty sure who you know, new cord coordinators, you know,

Mike Proctor  54:55  

 isn’t Mike Davis a, north south runner though?

Xad  54:57  

No he can catch the football. He I mean he guess would be tagged more as a north south rather but he’s he’s the guy. He had me get eight catches last week

Mike Proctor  55:09  

Teddy likes to check down

Xad  55:10  

Yes. Yeah, Teddy touchdown Teddy checked down. It’s the other nickname. Yeah, he uh he got like eight catches last week so I think he’s a pretty good play just with a high floor

Mike Proctor  55:24  

 it’s weird because they’re doing that IR thing so you’re like see C-Mac on the IR but 

Xad  55:28  

only for four weeks

Yeah, which which, but it’s only a four. It’s a short term IR so yeah, just that four weeks or whatever. So yep, that’s um, I mean, like I said, those those are the guys that I’ve been hot on at least this week. And I am lucky enough to have them on my team. But that is by design. I took those Absolutely. There is intentionality behind it.

Mike Proctor  56:09  

So in a nutshell lesson learned. Watch them targets 

Xad  56:15  

targets. targets are what you look out for. Yeah.

Mike Proctor  56:18  

 targets. And then you you pick the guy who’s going to hopefully get the production

Xad  56:22  

Yeah, volume, volume. Like, you know, you can’t 

Mike Proctor  56:25  

it’s all a numbers game.

Xad  56:26  

 Yeah, yeah. You get the volume and, and shit happens from there. That’s a quote.

Mike Proctor  56:34  

Well, shit, dude. It’s almost 1030

Xad  56:36  

Yeah, definitely. I think we might have went over a little bit early, actually.

Mike Proctor  56:39  

Um, well, thanks for being here, though.

Xad  56:42  

Yeah, no, thanks. Thanks for coming over. 

Mike Proctor  56:45  

thanks for watching us guys. Remember, check us out on YouTube. If you haven’t yet. Yes, you can also listen and watch now. So Xads and I are gonna hit the games today. I hope you guys do the same. We will catch y’all next time.

Xad  57:00  

Go Pack go

Mike Proctor  57:04  

that’s all she wrote. Thank you guys for listening. We appreciate you. Thank you for joining not really that famous. Remember, hit up the website. Hit up the shop. Get you a T shirt. We’re gonna get some new ones soon. Hit subscribe, guys. If you like the show, we appreciate it. Download the episode right when it comes out. You can follow us on social media. That not really that famous.com or excuse me at not really that famous. And remember this episodes on YouTube search the channel up. It’s not really that famous. How many times can I say not really that famous? Thank you for joining us NRTF. I appreciate you. 

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