Episode 26: I’ve Got These Voices in my Head with John Jacobson

John is a 35 year old laborer and driver from Burton, MI. Our friend T recommended we have him on NRTF. John is a hilarious storyteller, and we hear several of them today. We cover John’s more recent experience’s as a garbage man for Republic Services, his aspirations to do voice acting work, and some funny stories about growing up and working on his impressions. Several of those make appearances throughout the show. Xad and I had a great time meeting John and a huge thanks to him for coming on.

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We talk a litte bit about the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that we use to produce the show. If anyone is interested, its called Reaper

Transcription Below:

Mike Proctor  0:00  

Whats up guys, welcome back to not really that famous. Our guest on the podcast today is Mr. John Jacobson. We actually just met John today. He’s a referral from T, who is a we love T. He’s one of our awesome guests on the show. John is a super fun guy, we got to kind of dive into his personality. It was really, really fun time. He’s kind of he does a lot of impressions today. We have a long talk about he just was a garbage man for a long time. And we’re kind of following up on a lead from my friend Nick Hapiak, who’s on the show want to be a garbage man growing up. And so john is one we got to talk to him. It was frickin hilarious. You guys are gonna love this. I want to thank John for doing the show and taking the time to come out. Really, really appreciate it. Remember, guys, hit subscribe. If you like the show, visit the website, check out the shop. It’s not really that famous.com you can slash shop get you right to the front page. So without further ado, Mr. John Jacobson.

All right. And we’re glad. Thanks for being here. I appreciate it.

John  1:06  

No problem.

Mike Proctor  1:07  

 I’m so glad you’re here man, this our new studio. So we were very, very close to adding like a video element to the show. And, Xad and I are super excited to take this bitch to the next level and actually be able to see everybody or everybody see us rather than suppose. Right. So tell me what you’ve been up to man. Like tell us a little bit about your you know what’s been going on? Um, how’s your quarantine been?

John  1:36  

quarantine. Well, well, before I went back to work. I love playing video games. I mean, that’s my thing. It got to a point where I hated playing video games. I’m like, Alright, dude, like, I’m done. Come on, get me out in the back in the workforce. So and that was back when I worked at Michigan lumber. And then I left there and went to Republic services. And they recently sadly Just let me go but I got interviews lined up so it’s all good. But yeah, that was quarantine was interesting.

Mike Proctor  2:04  

So you were with Republic services, which is like waste disposal, right? you were with them before the quarantine?

John  2:13  

No, after

Mike Proctor  2:14  

Oh, really? You actually got a job while quarantine was going on?

John  2:18  

Uh, yeah, well see cuz Michigan lumber they with the laws, they let us go back to work. So we could do the building materials. But it was all kind of in you know, the restricted hours people coming in. And my foreman, I couldn’t stand him. You know, it’s like alright guys. Go check the load! You know, this guy’s up my ass all the time and just always harassing. I finally said, You know what? I’m gonna kill this guy. I gotta leave. So I leave and I go and get a job to Republic and of course they’re like, well, a trash is trash and  we’re not going to be quarantined over that people have garbage 

Xad  2:55  

probably more garbage I would feel like you know, everybody being at home all the time and shit. 

John  2:59  

You know, I was a garbage man before that about four years ago and at odd job disposal down in Oxford. And I’ll tell you there’s a difference between Oxford trash and Flint trash. 

Xad  3:12  


John  3:13  

 Oh, yeah. Oxford trash is nice trash. Okay, that’s weird to say that but

Mike Proctor  3:16  

love up on that mic a little bit.

John  3:18  

Oh, yeah. So you know, Oxford trash is like a really nice compared because like Flint, you got roaches, bedbugs, you name it all sorts of nasty shit. And in Flint, they have unlimited, and they exploit the shit out of that. Unlimited trash.

Mike Proctor  3:34  

Unlimited. Like what do you what do you mean? What’s unlimited?

John  3:37  

Like. Um, no limits to how much they can put out? you got like a three four bedroom house right? You go out there looks like a move out pile every fucking week. Like what in the? How do they have all this shit? And then

Mike Proctor  3:50  

just hoarders, man.

John  3:52  

Oh, yeah. Well, they they have you one side it. You know the two sides because too much trash. So you do one side the street at a time. We were looping around, you’re looping around, and you’ll come back down the same street. And you’ll see this guy you’ve already picked up his stuff. He walks across the street puts his shit on his neighbor’s trash across the street and just looks at you like, Hey, there you go pick it up. It’s like you son of a bitch.

Mike Proctor  4:17  

the things you must see as a trash man.

John  4:20  

Oh, I’ve seen lots of we had one guy. I cannot make shit up about this. Dude. I swear if I if I start going in all the stories about him. You’d be like, this guy can’t be real. Oh, he is. 

Mike Proctor  4:34  

He must be a flint guy

John  4:35  

Oh, no, he this guy was an Oxford guy. But he was messed up as hell like this. This guy would be so fucked up on the back of the truck. He had puke and mid conversation and just start talking again.

Xad  4:46  

wait this is an employee. 

John  4:47  

Yeah, he was a thrower Oh, so and he would eat out of the trash to

Xad  4:53  

get out of here with that.

John  4:54  

he would if it was if it was bunch of crackers and we’re gonna wrap we’d like to do this all good dog. I’m like No, it ain’t all good. Nothing garbage. So one day, and this guy I’m riding in, he would pick up dildos. If he find them in the trash. he’d pick them up and take them home and clean them off and shit. This guy and the dude, I’d it’s all true. I believe in them. So I’m sitting in the truck one day with him. He goes, he looks at me straight face. He goes, Hey, dawg, he’s like, you want to see a picture of my sister in her underwear? Not really No. So yeah, I mean, that was an Oxford now I figured I’d meet guys like that in Flint. And now those guys are all completely chilled and just like Dude, whatever, but I’m like, how are you? Guys? Trashman here when? When your normal? Sort of?

Mike Proctor  5:45  

Oh, man, so

Xad  5:46  

I got a question. I guess.

Mike Proctor  5:48  

So these had to have been I’m sorry Xad, but these had to have been like career Trashman.

John  5:53  

Oh, yeah.

Mike Proctor  5:54  

So you know, you are somewhat the product of your environment. And those guys, just, you know, they’re just came a day. So can you imagine when this behavior started, like, the first time, you know what I mean? The Rookie rookie guy, tossed the trash and, damn, there’s a dildo right there. I can probably give that to my sister. She’d be happy as hell.

John  6:18  

that’s pretty much kind of what he would do. I mean, you know, he was he was a very interesting guy. I mean, that. Like, he, he was like, dude, dog. Don’t do that to me. I’m like, don’t do what? And it was my shampoo I was using. He’s like, dude, that’s smells so good. I’m like, Dude, are you gay? Maybe a little, you know, he made jokes. But he’s like, sitting there and, and I’m like, I had to deal with that guy. Then there’s another dude. He started give me a shoulder rub one morning. Well, what the fuck are you doing, man? And it was funny is because I’m a little short guy. This guy’s a big, tall, skinny, bald guy looks like Xerxes and fucking Leonidas in that one scene. So I’m sitting there and this guy says rubbing my shoulders. I’m like, What are you doing? So then he’s like, what? And then the next day, I got my long hair because my hair is like really, really long.

Mike Proctor  7:02  

So is mine.

John  7:05  

He takes my hair and start stroking my hair and what what are you doing and he is like I like it. Oh, wait, I don’t get away from me. 

Xad  7:12  

Yeah, these are all Oxford guys.

John  7:14  

Yeah, those guys were at odd job and not trust me. The name of the company was appropriately named. I’ll tell you that.

Mike Proctor  7:21  

John. take fucking Flint trash piles over Oxford employees all day.

John  7:27  

Oh, hell yeah, man. Shit.

Mike Proctor  7:29  

I’m sorry Xad I interrupted you. What was your question?

Xad  7:31  

So we recently did a pod where actually got that job came up the garbageman job and we got to know do you do alternate who drives or is there like one designated driver.

John  7:42  

In some companies when they have a rear loader and you’ve got two drivers, they like to do driver driver and you alternate off because I also did an interview with gfl and hopefully they call me back and that’s how they do it. And then I’m like, Hey, dude, look out there all damn day. If you want me to.

Mike Proctor  7:56  

So you got two guys, they switch off. got you, so do you. Do you hold any kind of, you know, you’re a little bit like, Man, fuck that guy driving like, if you’re having to throw?

John  8:09  

No, not really. I mean, it’s it’s the job. I mean, if the guy short stops you all the time, it’s annoying, but he just you know, like, Okay, I gotta walk around the truck a little bit more. I mean, it’s whatever and like, I only have a problem with drivers who don’t want to get out when you had a huge ass pile and they’re like, Oh, look, there’s a couch. Alright, short fucker. Throw it in there. No, no. Get your ass out here.

Xad  8:32  


Mike Proctor  8:36  

So do you is it based off of like seniority?

John  8:40  

Like in the bigger companies with the nicer trucks it’s based off of seniority for sure. Like a republic they’re going to one man trucks where you get out and you throw in the bucket. And then in the other places like say around here if Republic was around here they have the Kratos with the arms Yeah,

Mike Proctor  8:57  

Thats what they have down the street and shit we don’t have them here yet. But

John  9:01  

yeah, I love that. Yeah, those guys that’s seniority like you know, it’s you got to be there for a while. deal withBullshit now butt in Flint though. Here’s what’s really, here’s what’s messed up. Guys in Flint have gotten robbed, and guys will pull guns on him over trash. I mean, I hear stories. I never had a gun pulled on me, you know? Luckily, but you know, and I was over there and they let you know that they are not happy with you though. like hey Pick up my shit. Okay, whoa, sorry.

Mike Proctor  9:31  

You know what’s uh, I’ll be honest, man. Like, I don’t know. I have a fucking I had a piano behind my house and I never expected the garbage guy to take it. Oh, um, but I wouldn’t have been mad if he did. But no, that’s some bitch was heavy. So we took it apart in pieces. And so I got the fucking box sitting out back right now. And that sumbitch is so fucking heavy. Like, oh man, but to be honest, my point here is like, I don’t even know Know what the fuck the trash guy will take? I really I should I’m sure it’s probably written in something.

John  10:06  

It depends on your contract I mean in Flint they say it’s unlimited if it’s there it’s there I mean, but like if it’s loose trash laying on the ground and like the bag is like not tied obviously because some people do that it’s like hell no I’m not picking all that shit up

Mike Proctor  10:19  

yeah and I wouldn’t expect you to um but

John  10:23  

if it’s too heavy you know we could tag it

Mike Proctor  10:26  

you know but if you’re just like straight up like I can’t fucking move this thing yeah you can this

John  10:30  

Yeah, sorry yeah, we just tag it

Mike Proctor  10:32  

But aren’t you not supposed to fucking trash TVs and all that type of shit right? I mean that’s just bad for the environment right your supossed to like take it somewhere right. Oh, you can? scrap it Yeah, you scrap that shit. Like Yep, TV’s going. 

John  10:44  

Oh, yupTVs yo. Oh, yeah, I’ll do that blade will crush almost anything. But like freezers and shit you’re not supposed to take if that’s the Freon Yeah, you know, stuff like that. And, you know, it’s so it’s, you know, there’s some shit that we can’t take like tires, the tires, people throw tires out there. And then I’m not taking like, why aren’t you taking my shit? I can’t take it

Mike Proctor  11:07  

 fucking rubber. Yeah, fuck they burn these motherfuckers

John  11:10  


Mike Proctor  11:12  

Yeah, you can’t even dispose of them that way.

John  11:15  

And bedbugs like mattresses with bedbugs. Like there’s guys I drove with. They’re like, nope, we’ll tag it. Plastic that shit. No. 

Xad  11:24  

so what entails tagging if somebody comes back and 

John  11:28  

yeah, like the comeback, or depending what it is, or they put a tag on it and where they come out and they look at it go Okay, what’s the tag say? Oh, put it in plastic. They got to wrap it up. They got to do something. Because, like the east side of Flint, I remember there was a few stops. We had bedbugs. And I’m like, I’m not touching it. I aint takin that shit home. 

Mike Proctor  11:45  

How do you know like it just a mattress out there? You’re like, yeah, that’s kind of fucking suspicious.

John  11:49  

You got to inspect it. I mean you’re wearing gloves, oh, it’s gonna look and you know, don’t look on the folds up. See em. Oh, you’re done. You know, I mean, cockroaches. Well, that just comes with the turf. I mean, they don’t get on you. Yeah, they’re just nasty. 

Mike Proctor  12:04  

It’s not that bad of a gig though. I mean, I mean, that’s tough fucking work.

John  12:07  

But it’s good money. Yeah, it really good money good money. A lot of hours.

Mike Proctor  12:15  

You just go till your routes done. Hey,

John  12:16  

yeah, yeah. And then sometimes they’ll help you know, they’ll have someone you know, Hey, can you help this so and so it was route. Okay, cool. Boom. They’ll go in the help. But you know, it’s like, I’ve had 13-12 hour days when I was a garbage man. No one and a 14 hour day. I’m like, that check is gonna be lovely as fuck.

Xad  12:32  

No joke.

Mike Proctor  12:33  

Hell yeah. Oh, yeah. Um, that’s a pretty cool gig man. Like, you know, not not too shabby. We were We were super excited because, like, like Xad was saying, and we on the on a few episodes ago. It was like, 21 my buddy Nick wanted to be a garbage man when he was a young man. a grown man. I want to be the fucking garbage man. And then his dream job. And then T. T. had recommended He’s like, dude, you gotta get john john on. And I know because you’re married to? Are you? Are you married?

John  13:07  

I’m not married. I might as well be though with

Mike Proctor  13:12  

with T’s wife’s sister. Yes.

So you know, friend of a friend of a friend. situation. But he’s like, dude, you got to have john Come on. And I was like, Fuck Yeah, man me and Xad have anybody on this bitch. Oh, hell yeah. You’re not famous. You can’t be famous. Oh, wow. You know in the in the the normal term, the simple term.

John  13:30  

Wow, plot twist. Oh, man. I gotta

Xad  13:33  

I gotta go.

Mike Proctor  13:35  

you didn’t fucking tell me that, man.

John  13:37  

Trust me. I wish I was famous. Oh,

Mike Proctor  13:41  

Hell yeah. That’s, that’s a cool gig, bro. So we always every time we have somebody come on the show, we always ask them the same question. When you were young man growing up. You know, what did you want to be? What did you envision yourself? And I want you got to go back and start and take me through the stages.

John  13:58  

Okay. Oh, well.

Well, and like every little kid, but let’s see. 35 years old. Let’s see the 90s growing up and the ninjas were in. Of course, I always wanted to be a ninja. I mean, come on. That’s like a default.

Mike Proctor  14:10  

Was I The only person that didn’t want to be a ninja

John  14:12  

Probably then you know, of course, I want to be a superhero at some point. You know? I mean, there’s the typical shit like that. Yeah, of course.

Mike Proctor  14:20  

Was the ninja the big one. Well, who is your superhero?

John  14:24  

Uh, like, let’s see. I don’t. I used to. I used to read x men comics mostly. You know? Yep. I like to Wolverine a lot. Of course who didn’t? But yeah, I’m a little short bastard. So hey, it’s my guy, man. Is my dude. Right. And then of course in the late 90s I wanted to get into pro wrestling because that that Oh, they weren’t they were my they were my heroes. You know? Because they were like real Dudes.

Mike Proctor  14:48  

 I still watch wrestling to this day, bro. Like, if I’m scrolling on my feed, and I watch if I go down a wrestling rabbit hole. I’m gonna be there for a minute. That’s a bad one. Oh my gosh. Oh,

John  15:00  

Yeah, well, dx in the NWO if you watch WCW all that shows I used to flip back and forth

Mike Proctor  15:05  

WCW was my thing. WCW is my thing when I was a little kid, um, because that was always like the the more family friendly version. At least starting out. And then and then I once when WC got WCW got bought out, and I went to WWE. Oh yeah. And I just watched the fucking Montreal screwjob earlier today. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. 

John  15:34  

Oh, God. Yeah, it’s like I remember watching that shit like, Oh, fuck, you know? Oh, yeah.

Mike Proctor  15:40  

Who’s uh, who’s who’s your wrestler? Like, who’s your guy? A few of them?

John  15:45  

Well, there’s a few. I was a huge Randy Savage fan, a huge Bret Hart fan. 

Mike Proctor  15:49  

Macho Man Oh, yeah, 

John  15:52  

you know? Let’s see. Uh, you know, unlike most people, I wasn’t all about Sting. I was. I was not about Sting. I was like, No, no, no I liked Raven. 

Mike Proctor  16:04  

Of course you did. Fuck Raven. 

John  16:07  

Raven is awesome, man. Raven was the shit. 

Mike Proctor  16:10  

I like diamond Dallas page.

John  16:11  

Yeah, he was cool too. I could dig him. You know?

Mike Proctor  16:14  

You You know what diamond Dallas page gets up to these days, man. he does DDP yoga. And it’s like, very it’s a it’s not yoga. It’s I mean, it is to some points but it’s a rehabilitation. Kind of a whole fucking program. And it’s like, you know, the old lot of wrestlers do a lot of old wrestlers with like, injuries and shit. Yeah, so he does like and I think he’s like, I think he’s like a big pothead. Not not a pothead, but he’s like a cannabis you know, revolutionary all this all this offer healing and such. If I’m not mistaken, Xad will, you fact check me on that. When you when you get a chance. But um, that was a like diamond dallas page. He’s doing some revolutionary shit now. For sure. Um, so so you’re a WCW guy then

John  17:07  

mostly? Yeah. You know, I mostly went like his rey Jr. ultimo dragon. I know that was my 

Mike Proctor  17:14  

Eddie Guerrero. back in the beginning.

Xad  17:16  

that was my guy like Eddie Guerrero.

Mike Proctor  17:17  

Eddie Guerrero. Back in the beginning, man. He’s in WCW. They used to do the, like the luchadores. Really? Well, I remember cuz those dudes were like flying all over the place and shit. They were like legitimate. Mysterio being like the fucking.

John  17:33  

Juvitude Guerrero,

Mike Proctor  17:34  

Juvitude Guerrero,Yup. Oh, yeah. Um, yeah, those guys were like, fucking the shit back in the day, man I told my wife. Not that long ago. Actually. I was like, if you don’t want something I would want to do like a really big thing if we ever got you know, like, I don’t know a bunch of money or something. And, and we were able to do like a huge thing just for fucking shits and giggles. I would want to do like, I don’t know, wrestling match or even just probably do some moves in a wrestling ring. Jump off the turnbuckle and shit.

John  18:06  

sounds scary as hell.

Mike Proctor  18:09  

It does. It does. But I feel like I would really want to do it. I don’t know if I do it when I got up there. Yeah, it’s not that high though. It’s only about six. Six feet.

John  18:19  

Yeah, well, a more power to you.

Xad  18:25  

Definitely has him listed as one of the one of the ex wrestlers who enjoys themselves a little bit of marijuana.

Mike Proctor  18:31  

Yeah, Yeah, that’s what I thought.

John  18:34  

nothing wrong with that man. No, no.

Mike Proctor  18:36  

Um, the DDP yoga thing is is really cool. A lot a lot of people like a lot of athletes and stuff getting into it and should so wrestling. How, how far into life. Did you want to be a wrestler?

John  18:56  

Oh, that went away pretty quick. I mean, you know, go around High School in high school. Of course it was, well, you know, I want to be a rock star. I don’t want to play guitar and you know, want to sing and unfortunate. Well, this is an unfortunate fact. I used to sing like cock rock. Back in the day. 

Mike Proctor  19:12  

Whats cock rock.

John  19:13  

80s hair metal.

Xad  19:14  

Okay, gotcha. Okay.

John  19:17  

You know, then, again, Guns and Roses bullshit, you know, that kind of stuff. And that was into that heavy. And I’m like, Wow, I can’t believe I did that shit. Of course, no one ever had me playing a band with em among, you know, no one liked me enough. You know what?

Mike Proctor  19:32  

So you were a singer

John  19:34  

as well. A little bit of that. Guitar bass. I have an identity crisis. You know, I don’t know which one I want to do. So I I still have my guitar, my bass, and I still mess around with it every once in a great while. I mean, you know, yeah. But one thing I always did. And I never thought I’d ever want to pursue a job and it was doing voices. And it was funny because I used to do it all the time. Like when I was describing a show, like I could quote a show and you don’t, okay, cool, it’s in my high pitchy voice, whatever. And to have you get a better idea, I’d always try to mimic the voices. Now I was a lot better at that back then. But then I work in my dad’s shop, and he get a telemarketer and call up, and I’d let him fucking have it. Oh, I would let them have it.

Mike Proctor  20:23  

That’s such a such a great exercise. Right? So it’s just like taking advantage of the fucking situation.

John  20:32  

Oh, yeah. Well, you get these guys calling up and like, like one of them. Let’s see, he he called up and they were trying to sell me some insurance. And I’m like, so I get on the phone. And I’m like, Okay, hold on, you’ll answer the phone, you know, Jr. Sound. And they’re like, Oh, we don’t blah, blah, blah. I want sell you some insurance. I’m like, hold on, let me my get manager. So I put them on hold. And I’m waiting. And I’m waiting. My dad’s going. What are you doing? I’m trying to figure out what I want to do to this guy. Man, so I’m plotting, and I got there now I hear you want to sell me some insurance? And they’re like, yeah, that goes good. I need it. I got me the butthole cancer. And then I hang up the phone on them. They’re probably like,

Xad  21:11  

what the hell just happened to me.

John  21:14  

Yeah. So and then that net went on from there. Like, there was another one where this guy wanted to sell us cable. So I get and get on there. And the guy’s like, I’m from Comcast, like, hold on, let me get my boss on the phone. You know, I can’t make that decision. So I put him on hold. And I’m like, yo, yo, so what are you trying to sell me there? And the guy’s like, Well, you know, I’m with Comcast. Oh, yeah. So can you get us on a porno channels? He’s like, yeah, like all you could do that. No frickin way. And he’s like, Yeah, man. Yeah, I’m like, Oh, you know, cuz sometimes it gets kind of lonely around there, you know, and I just want a TV and, you know, see them boobs. And he’s like, he’s like, dude, he’s like, yeah, yeah, I can get you that. I’m like, Oh, yeah, tonight, and I hang up the phone on. Like. So then there was another one where a chick tried to sell diabetes testing supplies. And I was like, yeah, you saw, you know, you’re trying to throw me somebody, you know, diabetes, testing supplies there. She’s like, yeah, she’s like, do you need them? I’m like, hey, sometimes, I kinda wanna die.

Mike Proctor  22:21  

So you’ve developed these sort of characters? Are you just doing it off the top of your head?

John  22:28  

Although that that was like my closest imitation to Carl from Aqua Teen, you know, the you know, and then the Southern one is Mr. Larry from code monkeys, the closest one I could, you know, but I’ll I’m a chiropractor call up. And I was like, kind of hung up the phone. But one of the best was, I didn’t talk to anybody. And it was one of those where they want to give you money for your business, blah, blah, blah, you know, and we give us a detailed message for your company’s values. And you know, what you would like to do and we’ll call you back. So I’m like to have anonymous sex with a different man every night. So they probably were like listening back and I go on

Xad  23:15  

diabetes testing supplies, like a random cold call. Yeah. To be making like to sell what?

Mike Proctor  23:22  

Yeah, this, this poor people on the other end of the line are like, you know how much they probably get some fucking real crazy. Yeah. Well, yeah, they’re just like, oh, that guy was kinda nice.

Xad  23:34  

they might enjoy that a little bit.

John  23:36  

Oh, maybe, you know,

Xad  23:39  

unless they are having a bad day. And then like, you know, what?

Mike Proctor  23:43  

Listen, if I don’t sell you these diabetes supplies, my kids aren’t gonna tonight. 

John  23:48  

Right? So yeah, there was um, 

Mike Proctor  23:51  

so when you say, um, you know, interested in voices did you want to do like voice work?

John  23:57  

Yeah. voice work on animation. Video games.

Mike Proctor  24:01  

you know, so, so cool. Have you ever heard of Matt Mercer?

John  24:05  

Matt Mercer? No.

Mike Proctor  24:07  

Matt Mercer is a he’s in a lot of games. He’s he does primarily game work, but he dabbles in a lot of things. But he’s a very, very famous Dungeon Master. And you have played d&d?

John  24:21  

No, but my oldest step son does. actually 

How old is he? He’s 21. Yeah,

Mike Proctor  24:28  

So the younger generation, dog.

John  24:30  

yeah. So and actually doing voices. That’s good practice to honestly doing role playing and like, he’ll like he’s like, Hey, I think I got this character. And I need to get a feel for him. And I’ll, you know, so I’ll start going, Okay, well, what’s the character and then I’ll try to put a voice to it or something to kind of, you know, and so, that that kind of shit. You know,

Mike Proctor  24:52  

that’s a, that’s a very, very unique mindset. It really is. Um, it seems that you know, you You work hard on it. Right? So, um, it’s funny. I just it’s funny the passions that we have that you kind of you find them all over in the world like that. Like you’re you’re trying to put voices to everything. You always Oh, I feel like I feel like the conversations that you have in your head are probably fucking hilarious.

John  25:17  

Oh, yeah. Oh, well, like like I was telling you before we got on the air with my trailer I lived in Oh my god. I have my mic all set up. There’s no insulation in those things at all. Yeah, so I know people are walking around behind me. And I’m like, okay, so I just start running through shit. And I’m like, I don’t have a script, you know? So I’m like, Okay. And I’m like, now don’t give a fuck what you think about this, but you know what? You don’t pissed me off, you son of a bitch. And I’m like, Well, I don’t care what you think. So Fuck you.

Xad  25:50  

Your neighbors were probably like, fuck how many people’s he got in that place?

John  25:55  

Oh, yeah. And I’m thinking these people are probably thinking, Okay, what the hell is going on in there? And I’m like, yeah, you know, so why don’t you just go and shut the fuck up and just let this guy go and do what he’s got to do. He’s got kids to feed. You know, I’m talking about myself. So like, I’m talking about me with these different voices. And they’re bitching about me and bitching at each other. And it just kept going on and whether 

Mike Proctor  26:14  

or they think you’re a paranoid schizophrenia?

John  26:16  

 Oh, yeah, you know, and I’m thinking, Oh, the better that just means, you know, your not gonna break into my house. Cool, So it’s like, you know, like, you know, then I’ll just like it, I’ll try to go from really low to really high and see what I can do. And I mess around with it, and then play back and I’ve listened to it. And I’m going, Okay, I didn’t like that one. Or I, you know, because you’re your own worst critic. Yeah. You know, 

Mike Proctor  26:43  

some people, not all. But that’s, that’s so so, it seems was that one of the big ones that kind of stuck out for you? When, when? When did you kind of come upon that niche in your life?

John  27:00  

Um, I was doing that for a lot of my life, you know, but I never really thought about it. And then when I gotten in high school a little bit after I thought this would be really cool to get in. Didn’t know how to, I didn’t really think but I didn’t really look into it. And then Sarah, got this thing in the mail. And they’re doing voice acting courses, 

Mike Proctor  27:17  

Sarah being your girlfriend? 

John  27:18  

Yes. And she’s like, you need to go and sign up for this. So I go in there, and I start talking, and I start talking about, you know, in my normal voice and the guys like, you know, your voice by itself, you should probably be a cartoon. So I was like, well, dude, help me out then. 

Xad  27:34  

Yeah, absolutely.

John  27:35  

 And he’s like, well, what else? No, what do you do? And I’m like, well, and I talked about myself and like, Well, you know, sometimes you just come home. And I’m like, Oh, yeah, you know, I’ll just start going like this, and you start busting it out, you know, and I don’t want to, you’ve got yourself a little bit of a point, and you’re sitting there and you’re like, Hey, you know, what should I fuckin do tonight? I don’t fucking know. And then so and then he’s like, what, but like, he’s looking at me, and I just start rattling off all this shit. And then I started doing like, you know, impressions to the best of my knowledge of you know, because I haven’t done impressions of other people. All right, off the top very often summer. barbecue. Hi Peter, you know, so then he’s like, look at me going, what the hell. And I told him the stories I told you about the telemarketer. He goes you did not record this. Did you? Um, like, I wish I did. Yeah.

Xad  28:23  

that would have been gold.

John  28:25  

yeah. And I went to the program. 

Mike Proctor  28:28  

And so what was what? What was it? For?

John  28:33  

There was just a voiceover training, you know. Yep. So I, you know, about a year later, after I got some money together, I went and paid him a whole buttload of money. And I was doing calls over because they were out in New York. So I was doing on the phone. And then they set up a thing where I could go get a demo done. Personally, I don’t like my demo at all. Because they didn’t let me change my voice. They just want me to, like, you know, read like commercial spots. And I’m like,

Xad  29:06  

but that’s not like, that’s not what you do.

John  29:08  

That’s not what I do. You know, it’s like, Okay, um, you know, like, here, do this commercial for Boomer travel. Do I sound like a fucking Boomer?

Mike Proctor  29:15  

Yeah, are you? Are you they just kind of try to hook you up with jobs, say like,

John  29:22  

not really they just hook you up with the stuff that you need to go out and get your jobs. Here’s your demo, go out there. And, and the problem is being in this area finding in you know, that industry is not really that strong. And I’ve got a program on my computer, but I don’t have Pro Tools or anything like that, that a lot of the bigger studios would use. So I just don’t really, and it’s local commercials around here. Like I’m thinking I could do that. Right, you know, and of course, all right. I can’t stand local commercials for most part, especially when you can tell its the owner of the company. Yeah. Because they’re not professionals. And they’re just like, Ah, it’s awful. Like There’s a few things that make me turn off a radio, like an instant. Whitesnake Led Zeppelin, okay, I know it’s sacrilege, so that’s kind of mean let the hate mail start, or the auto crafters commercial. I’ve heard their commercial and I’m like, I’m like, Oh no, no, like I hear that. I’m like, off done. We’re not doing this. No, I can’t hear it.

Mike Proctor  30:24  

So Xad hook us up man. Voice voices is voiceover work voice work. Which is Gosh, that’s such a that’s a tough one in itself, right? Like Like, I’m trying to make a career like live work. Oh, doing that. is basically having to do the thing that you hate most which is exactly what you’re describing. Like, I don’t want to fucking do these commercials and shit like God damn it. But you know it like that’s the way you do it. I would suppose short of you know having having a very well known voice or or scoring lightning in a bottle right and getting getting a wicked gig. 

John  31:07  

Oh, yeah. What once you get so like popular and then once you get all like your name out there, you get to a certain level you can join like there’s a voice actors union. You got to get management and then there’s yeah, there’s voice acting union jobs. You know, I

Mike Proctor  31:22  

one of the really good show is it’s called critical role. And it’s Matt Mercer is the the most famous best dungeon master in the world. He runs like the ultimate game with a bunch of voiceover work, voice artists. And it’s like the best fucking DND I listened to it. It’s literally so awesome. I think they do like a twitch stream or something. But, you know, that’s like the dream, you know, doing doing the thing that you love most? on how however you intend to do it. But have you ever tried that man? Like, just, you know, going out on your own? Uh, starting something up? Yeah, you know, started on the side while you’re fucking doing your gig.

John  32:08  

I thought about maybe doing like a YouTube channel and like, you know, you know, doing like, you know, reading off like, you know, because you get the scary narrators and all that, but a lot of them they don’t change their voice and I thought well shoot, I’ll change my voice up and shit. You know, like, I won’t just be like, Okay, and then there was a thing and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then the door Creek dead and it’s like, okay, what’s this high pitched ask dude, 

Mike Proctor  32:28  

have you guys ever watched the YouTube guy? Or it’s like, I don’t know what season but he talks Like this, only if you watch this video like he does countdown videos, like scary Scary, like phenomena crazy. Like aliens in the sky.

Xad  32:46  

I have a actually 

Mike Proctor  32:47  

yeah, you should know exactly what I’m talking.

John  32:49  

Yes. Yes, Sara. Sara likes his channel.

Mike Proctor  32:54  

I just hate his voice. I don’t hate him. He’s got a great props to him. But I hate his voice. But Xad Where were they at though?

Xad  33:06  

I mean California. California, New York. Chicago. Any of the major hubs.

Mike Proctor  33:13  

Yeah, where else? 

Xad  33:15  

Dude, that’s about it. Yeah, Montreal, Quebec.

Mike Proctor  33:20  

Canada. brah.

Xad  33:21  

Yeah. Canada’s got some

John  33:22  

of the in the anime Death Note. I think that was done in Vancouver for the English dub version. I think. 

Xad  33:32  

What’s that called? death note? Okay, gotcha. 

John  33:36  

I think that’s I think it was in Vancouver, I think but yeah, I think that was where that one was dubbed that.

Xad  33:41  

Yeah, that’s like, it’s pretty much was like legitimately like, I mean, like you said, there’s voice acting work everywhere if you’re gonna do local stuff, but all the main it’s hubs. Oh, yeah. Los Angeles, New York. Miami. Yeah, Chicago, like, the big major cities.

Mike Proctor  33:57  

That’s gonna be where the, where the distribution is. I feel like a lot of voice work is done. You know, remotely. Certainly. People go into studios and all that stuff. Yeah, I actually watch a there’s a channel called booth junkie. And it’s actually who I watched to kind of help set up my stuff. And, um, you know, just learning like editing and just all kinds of stuff. He’s got all kinds he’s a voiceover artist and does a lot of his work remotely. Um, you know, send in his files over basically

Xad  34:29  

right? Yeah,  i mean, if you got the equipment at home.

Mike Proctor  34:31  

Then they take them and they fucking do whatever they want with them.

Xad  34:36  

I will say I’m pretty surprised at the size of that union though. It’s 160,000 people and that union that just seems 

Mike Proctor  34:44  

in the one in California?

Xad  34:46  

 now the the voice actors union. Yeah, it’s the Screen Actors Guild. So the sag American Federation of Television and Radio Artists in American labor union. Yeah. Okay. Representatives. 160,000 Film and Television, actors, journalists, radio personalities, recording artists, singers, voice actors, and other media professionals worldwide 

Mike Proctor  35:08  

those are the people who made it

John  35:09  


Mike Proctor  35:10  

yeah, they probably had to do all the fucking commercials.

Xad  35:16  

That’s a big union. No, that’s a lot of people in that though. That’s great.Thats alot. I’m surprised to see that number.

John  35:22  

Oh, yeah, I mean, it’s in like, because a lot of the times the problem with local stuff, it’s hard to find work is either they don’t want to pay somebody to come in and do it. Or they’ll if they do pay anyone they want someone who’s like an established personality, like your radio DJs that’s why you always hear them because it’s like, well, you know, that voice you recognize it. you know, and so it gets kind of, wont lie, it gets a little discouraging when you feel like, I’m in the wrong spot for the shit, you know, but it’s like, yeah, I need to, I need to get the right software and stuff. So I can actually send shit in and probably make it better. Plus, I need to set up a actual recording area. Because my basement all you’re gonna hear is like the water heater or the washer or something. And it’s like, No, no, no, that’s that supposed to be there.

Xad  36:10  

That’s funny that you say that too. Because that’s like a sentiment that Mike constantly like every episode, I feel like you mentioned is that you like you are a product of the environment that you grow up in the opportunities that are presented to you. I mean, if you lived in west of here, you know, a couple thousand miles like there’s very strong, you’d have a better opportunity,

Mike Proctor  36:27  

bro. It would have been born in the right place. We could have been ninjas.

Xad  36:30  

Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, exactly. Like, well, how many miles west? Would that be like? 10 Thousand?

That’s funny. Yeah.

Mike Proctor  36:38  

It’s uh, it’s just, you know, we live in such a rural rural environment. Where are you from? Like, where were you? born?

John  36:45  

 I’m from good old Burtucky? Yeah. Went to Atherton Burton Michigan. Okay, that’s what we call it Bertucky.

Mike Proctor  36:53  

Right. So we do we got listeners like in Europe, Asia. Shoot we something something there’s a couple people in Australia that have listened to the show. So we’d like to point it out. So if you’re if you’re looking at the hand, you know, you’re right about where your where your veins kind of cross the middle of that sucker. That’s old Burton, where Johns from.

John  37:19  

Burton right next to Flint. 

Mike Proctor  37:23  

Um, that’s a cool, very cool sort of niche though. I like I like that man. That is similar to what Xad and I really wanted to do we want to be like on the radio voice work, essentially.

John  37:36  

Well to your European listeners. I’m sorry if I offended you at botching your accent? As I’m telling you right now. It’s not my fault. I’m a yank all accents sound the same. Okay. I’m sorry.

Mike Proctor  37:51  

Man, we aint got no rules here.

John  37:53  

Yeah. Now I used to always try to imitate my grandmother all the time. Because she’s Polish like right from the motherland. And that was a, you know, when I was younger, I used

Mike Proctor  38:07  

my buddy, my buddy James. I actually work with him. He’s Polish too. And he’s he’s so happy when he finds someone else who’s who’s also polish. I saw how much Polish Are you them? I’d be like, half

Xad  38:21  

So she came over from over there.

John  38:24  

She lived through World War Two. So she had some stories and she’s Alzheimer’s now. So she can’t Yeah, you know, but yeah, my grandfather. He took pride in fighting in the military and being over there and I’m going your nuts but okay.

Xad  38:39  

I work at a dental office and we have a patient who she was Hitler Youth and she’s from she’s from Germany. She like totally condemns like the whole thing. But she was actually in. Yeah, like the little Hitler Youth Program. She like she she met Hitler and all kinds of shit. It was crazy. isn’t that unreal? 

John  39:00  

That’s kind of creepy. 

Xad  39:01  

That’s creepy. I know that. She was like, I was like, wow, that’s like an unbelievable, but the fact that I just crazy. 

John  39:09  

Yeah, that’s That’s Whoa. I mean, holy shit.

Xad  39:13  

Yeah, right. That’s what I was like, when she started talking. Like, like, because I was asking her about her accent or whatever. And she was explaining back then. I was like, Damn, I did not know that conversation was gonna go that far.

John  39:26  

I didn’t you know, it’s and I thought my grandfather being a workcamp and cutting logs. And Siberia was like, you know, was rough.

Mike Proctor  39:34  

Oh, yeah, that’s fucking Jesus Christ.

Xad  39:40  

I know. Right.

Mike Proctor  39:44  

So Shit man, that’s such a cool niche. So go and so what are you doing, man? You’re in in between gigs. Hey, not, slinging that garbage anymore.

John  39:54  

No, but like I said, gfl. They’re supposed to come in, give me a call. Supposedly pretty soon I can go back to it makes it making good money again, but um, I got an interview with Carter lumber to do lumber deliveries I did that for three years for Michigan lumber so

Mike Proctor  40:10  

you have a CDL

John  40:12  

Class B with air brake.

Mike Proctor  40:13  

Nice Okay,

John  40:14  

yeah no manual trans though because I took it on a garbage truck so it’s all push buttons shit, you know? Yeah it’s drive neutral reverse you know there’s no shifting and shit like that. 

Mike Proctor  40:25  

Yeah, you  guys don’t even really get you know get on the highway. Garbage Truck don’t get on the highway doesn’t it? 

John  40:33  

Oh, yeah. When they’re going to the landfill and all that.

Mike Proctor  40:35  

I’ve never I don’t think I’ve ever seen a garbage truck on the highway. 

Xad  40:37  

That’s a good point. I have not either. 

Mike Proctor  40:40  

A lot of trucks. never remembered really seen a garbage truck.

John  40:44  

Oh, yeah. Well, there’s a mean that when I was working at oddjob, they, they ended up it costs them more money than I thought. Why would they doing this? Or I had to drive all the way up to Brent run in Montrose Clio to their landfill. And I’m like from Oxford.

Xad  41:01  

Okay, I was just gonna wait. You drove to Montrose from Oxford to dump?

John  41:05  

Yeah. Because it was it was cheaper over there for them or something. And basically what and so they wouldn’t pay the throwers to sit on their ass for that whole time. They would be like, Alright, you’re gonna go and just make a phone call. Call this guy. What’s your truck? What truck? Are you in? Are you full? Yep. Okay, cool. I’ll swap you out. I give him an empty truck. I take their truck. I go all the way up there. If I did three trips in a day, that was a great day, like, Okay, cool. And I didn’t have to really sling the shit. I just had to go in the landfill three times and it sucked but, and the guys were pissed at me. Because they’re like, you’re taking our money. I’m like, dude, talk to the boss. I’m not the one doing it. I’m just doing what I’m told, Now That was the second time I picked those guys off. Because the when I first started, all they had me do is throw compost all the yard waste and shit like that. And didn’t have any room for me on the routes in the winter. And they’re like, so what can you do? So Well, I can do oil changes. I can hit grease fittings. I did that at Walmart. And they’re like, Okay, I’m like, but it’s just a bigger vehicle. Let me do it. So I’m in there and I’m working with the mechanic. And then one day there they there they got this truck. I’m like, Yeah, we got to repaint it. But one of the owners he sucks at painting trucks. And my buddy Pudge is we call him he was my foreman. And Pudge said, Well, he goes, John’s been around car bodywork his whole life, because my dad used to do that, too. And they’re like, so you know how to do this. I said, I’m not gonna claim I’m an expert, because that’d be false advertisement. So Well, here’s a paint gun while you want to try it out. I said, hell yeah, I painted a damn garbage truck. So I’m like, dude, I painted your fucking garbage truck hell yea.

Xad  42:41  

That’s funny. you’re one of those people. You do anything? Or you trying to do anything? Huh?

John  42:45  

Yeah, I mean, I mean, it’s like, I know a little bit about a lot of shit. You know, like,

Mike Proctor  42:52  

you know the basics.

John  42:53  

Yeah, like I’m not you know, like, I’m not gonna sit there and be like, Oh, I’m an expert at one thing at all. Yeah, cuz, like, all right now. Yeah, I’m familiar with that. That’s about as far as it goes. But I’ll try it.

Xad  43:05  

Man, I’m still stuck on the fact that they would drive that all the way up there and I looked up how many miles per gallon a garbage truck gets three miles per gallon. So the fact that they would drive that shit like 60 miles like that must have been a lot cheaper to dump that up there to make it worth your while. Yeah, I mean, that’s crazy.

John  43:22  

Yeah, that was it was crazy. And you know and like I said, they got mad at me because they’re like you’re taking our money I’m like, dude, I’m not taking shit from you. I’m just doing my job right and then they ended up putting me on a route after that because we started dumping

Mike Proctor  43:35  

who who was saying you’re taking my money

John  43:37  

the different the throwers different drivers. They’re pissed because they’d have to break route down there and drive all the way up there. They’re getting paid. You’re on the clock, right? So they were pissed. They’re like, dude, you’re taking our money. I’m not taking shit from you. I’m just doing my job. Ya Know.

Mike Proctor  43:54  

Yeah. Three miles to the gallon three miles, what are those diesel?

Xad  44:00  

says they can kick on average garbage trucks can carry up to about 20 tons of garbage That’s a lot of shit.Yeah, dude that’s crazy. 

Mike Proctor  44:13  

plus a giant fucking hydraulic system

John  44:15  

well there’s tricks to to keep the keep your route going to the you got the wall back there and this is giant ass piston you know that pushes the wall back up. They do what you call backpacking it so you’re going through the route and you’re like I’m gonna crush it even more while it’s in there. So you know you take the blade and you scoop the blade up and then you have the driver he’ll be doing the levers like he’s dumping the truck without opening the back and just crunching it and you just compress the shit out of it and they’ll get you sometimes a little clear a couple more feet right a three foot depending what you got right like recycling oh shit and it’ll fucking crunch that down like oh damn like yeah, a lot more room now.

Xad  44:51  

So then is a is that beneficial or does it behoove you is like the thrower to be an efficient like a like being an efficient unit? like would you get the Longer routes do get paid more for the longer routes or

John  45:03  

you just get paid like, you know, hourly and just, you know, you just do what you like, like with the Republic, any hour, hour after eight hours is time and a half. Okay, you know, so I mean, you can have like 20 hours like when I started I had a few days before I started my orientation. It was like 20 something hours, regular hours, and I had so many overtime. Yeah, um, the thing that sucks about being a garbage man, if you have a family is like, Okay, you got a holiday, you know, you so you get the one holiday off. Like you don’t get Christmas Eve and Christmas day off. You know, so then you’re like, Okay, all right. Well, the Christmas The day after Christmas, it’s hell out there. You know, obviously, but then it’s pushed back, depending when it is you got to work that Saturday.

Xad  45:43  

I was wondered. Yeah, like how that works. Yeah, that doesn’t really do you any good? Because you just work.

John  45:48  

Actually it does great with the money. Yeah, you get paid for that day off. And a Saturday like at Republic every hour. You work his time and a half. Yeah. So I mean, you’re talking good money. Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass because you’re like, hell shit. Sunday and then I gotta go back Monday and it recycles. 

Mike Proctor  46:07  

You’re gonna work every fucking day. But at the same time, you got some job security cuz? garbage. 

Xad  46:14  

People aren’t gonna stop throwing stuff away. 

Mike Proctor  46:16  

People are always gonna throw shit away.

John  46:18  

Oh, yeah. 

Mike Proctor  46:19  

Were a bunch of slobs too.

Xad  46:22  


Mike Proctor  46:22  

a bunch of fucking slobs.

John  46:24  

Well, hey, if you have a cousin in Flint, and they’re like, man, I missed my garbage day and you want to drive over there? It’d be like, there you go, guys, you know, so if you have fuck you Republic, there you go. There’s my plug to you?

Mike Proctor  46:37  

Um, well, hey, you know Xad, you got it. I want to know what a what a voiceover artist makes?

Xad  46:46  

I mean, on average, the average voiceover artists makes 38 bucks 38 bucks an hour. It’s getting a consistent work hours. Yeah, yeah. And that’s that that’s your average. And so you got to take into account the people who are making millions and millions of dollars who skew that average. The biggest voiceover artists that I could find like are the names you’re gonna know like, Trey Parker Matt Stone those are like the two biggest that have made the most of the guys from South Park. Yeah. And so I mean, they’re the biggest the most successful. after that Seth MacFarlane guys like that. Who are making you know, 10s and 10s of millions dollars

Mike Proctor  47:23  

they have this IPs though. You know, they have they have those intellectual properties and they’ve they’ve done created them. Do you do any? You know, do you know any like, graphic editing stuff like that?

John  47:34  

No, I don’t know anything like 

Mike Proctor  47:36  

Are you a drawer?

John  47:37  

 I used to draw Actually, 

Mike Proctor  47:38  

I’m not artistic at all.

John  47:40  

Well, the tattoo on my arm. I drew that myself. 

Mike Proctor  47:44  

Oh, see? That’s fucking dope. It’s a fucking Grim Reaper. Yeah. And then the other ones that goddamn dragon.

John  47:51  

I’m a nerd, man. Come on,  look at my short hobbit ass man. Yeah, I went there.

Xad  47:59  

No, that’s, uh, that would be really cool. Like, I see what you’re saying. Like, if you feel

Mike Proctor  48:04  

It would’nt take a whole lot, too. You could even like, pay somebody on, like, Fiverr ever heard of Fiverr? 

John  48:12  

No, I have not. 

Mike Proctor  48:12  

Um, it’s like a website where they outsource. A lot of independent like people like that you find people that do like voice work. You do voice work on Fiverr or graphic artists, all kinds of stuff. It’s almost like a Craigslist, Craigslist type of type of gig. Not not Craigslist, though. It’s just for like, work like people that want to get work. And but you know, you could have someone just like, draw up some little cartoon or something and have them you know, and then just voice it. And you know, that’d be fucking hilarious.

Xad  48:46  

Yeah, dude, I’m just like thinking about you. Like if you just recorded like, put it put together your skin or your program or whatever, and then reached out and saw like, you know, who could? Who could animate it or do some for you like that? That would be cool.

Mike Proctor  49:01  

I really want to I haven’t been I haven’t been playing d&d that much lately. But I feel like you would be a good d&d player, man. you should check it out.

John  49:10  

 Wow. Thank you. 

Mike Proctor  49:11  

I want to do like voices and everything. And my next my next, like campaign that I run 

Xad  49:17  

like, required voices like?

Mike Proctor  49:19  

no not necessarily, but like personas. Right. And I want to like record it and do something with it. I think that’d be super fun.  but dude 38 bucks an hour for is that was that Oh, that was the average.

Xad  49:37  

That’s the average Yeah, and that’s that’s like the from everything that I’ve read. It’s you, you gotta find there’s you got to work your ass off to get that $38. Now,

Mike Proctor  49:47  

there’s people who might get less than that

Xad  49:49  

You might get paid $38 an hour but you might only work five hours a month or something like that. It sounds like a lot of these people are doing multiple gigs and the people who are extremely successful and doing it. They’re the people living in California, Chicago, New York, and then they’re making a hell of a lot more than $38 an hour. Those guys are pulling it in 

John  50:09  

one of my favorite voiceover artists is Steve Bloom.

Mike Proctor  50:13  

That was another one I wanted to hear some famous voice over people.

John  50:17  

Yeah. Cuz he, I mean, he was Wolverine for crying out, Yeah, he was Wolverine in the animated series from the 90s you know back in the day

Mike Proctor  50:26  

 yeah the x men series that we all I watched growing up. I’m almost 30 bro. watch that shit growing up in the morning. The x men. *hums Xmen theme*

John  50:40  

that’s the one yeah.

Mike Proctor  50:44  

I remember that show in the spider man. This the Spider Man series. 

John  50:47  

I remember that

Mike Proctor  50:48  

around probably the same time. And that was a really good one too.

John  50:51  

I liked the animated series of Batman back in the 90s back when Mark Hamill did is when he first started doing the Joker.

Mike Proctor  51:00  

that’s that one’s got a good rep nowadays to like Mark Hamill is all over memes and shit. 

John  51:06  

Oh. Have you seen the video where he is on a panel and he has to do the dial up between Joker and Luke Skywalker on YouTube? No. Video. It was however having

Mike Proctor  51:17  

a scene you know, I don’t remember I have seen something familiar. So similar to it. Um,

John  51:23  

I know that the one voice that a lot of people like to imitate um, after the was it The Dark Knight or whatever they tried the Heath Ledger Joker that was like I mean, I don’t know how many people I’ve met that would tried to do that and it’s like yeah,

Xad  51:39  

you’re like a pro with it. I mean, like you like that’s what you do though. So do you get like a little like when people do like a shitty voice or you’re like a little Does that hurt your heart some you’re like come on, dude. Like

John  51:49  

Like I said, the auto crafters commercial. Yes, you got the one guys like auto crafters. Then you got like the guy who’s blatantly there mechanical like auto crafters. We do this and that and that you’ll like it. You’ll love it. We do good work and like, shut up. Or like there was one for for a titty bar in Flint. Like, the hottest girls that love to party with you. I’m like, That does not sound enticing at all. 

Mike Proctor  52:16  

Bro, that doesn’t make me want to go there.

John  52:19  

And then there was a game I play called Chris crusade. And it was on the ps3. And it was funny because like, the main character is like, I have to find my father. This means a lot to me. And I’m going it doesn’t sound like it sounds like you’re just kind of like, like, you’re bored, you know? And then they got the one guy supposed to be a Spaniard. I’m expecting I’m expecting like a “Antonio Banderas” is, you know, like, you know, something like that. But this guy comes out and sounds like a frickin like, he’s like, Hey, guys, you know, like

that doesn’t sound like a freakin Spaniard. That sounds like, you know, like, I’m thinking that want to hear like something that’s like, not like, hey, you’ve got to go to hell. 

Xad  53:02  

Like, fucking cheech or something.

John  53:06  

Okay, well, where’s the bong load at brother? What the fuck, you know? Like, and they they watch this? After they’ve you know, they obviously watched all their cutscenes then after their editing, and still we’re like, we’re gonna release this game. no, no, don’t

Xad  53:22  

Id like to be in the room when they’re like, stamp of approval go for it?

John  53:27  

Well, like, there was, um, I play a lot of mK 11. Okay. And one of the characters I swear, Sarah and I were sitting there and she plays inch deep. I play on a switch. She plays on a ps4. And this is the, this is the dynamic that we do. Because it works out great. I’m not warring over the TV with anybody. And she agrees. So while she’s playing ps4, I’m playing on the switch. Whatever, everybody’s happy, we’re good. And there’s one character she’s been she’s like, Okay, what are you playing? Like mK 11. She’s like, why does that chick sound like she’s orgasming when she’s getting hit? And one of them it’s like, and we started making jokes, like, how was that one? Okay, now do some screaming while in the girls, the chicks probably like oh, it’s right direction, we’re gonna do just scream and she starts sounding like you know, something on Pornhub. You know, you’re going. That’s, that’s disturbing.

Mike Proctor  54:19  

That’s funny, though.

John  54:20  

Like, one of the worst exercises to do when I was going through my voiceover training was to read these different things, random things, but try to put a mood to it. And that’s kind of entertaining and terrible at the same time. Like I’m reading a newspaper article, and I’m reading it all angry, you know, it’s like, they’re talking about the bake sale that happened or whatever, you know, and but then there was what I started doing, and I probably couldn’t do it. Now if I tried. And my step my oldest stepson Lance goes, Barack Obama, unlike but not know is supposed to be this mood. He goes, That’s sound like Barack Obama. And I’m like, 

Mike Proctor  54:55  

What? The mood? What was the mood? 

John  54:57  

I can’t remember what it was. And I’m like,

Mike Proctor  55:00  


John  55:01  

I’m like that that’s that’s terrible. It was like informative or something, you know? And I’m like an informative mood like I’m trying to be. And I’m like, that’d be a new start making jokes like that’d be an interesting conversation. How are you feeling? I’m feeling very barock obama , very obama today. It’s like, so yeah, it’s bad. That was interesting.

Mike Proctor  55:23  

That’s so I gotta ask you before we before when it’s like quarter, almost quarter, quarter,

Xad  55:31  

a quarter. Um,

Mike Proctor  55:33  

I like to ask everybody do you? How do you sleep at night? Like, do you sleep pretty well? Are you like a rock solid guy where you’re like, going to go out cold at a certain time? You got to be after some of them 14 hour days.

John  55:46  

After the most 14 hour days. Yeah,

Mike Proctor  55:49  

but but but you know, aside from that, too.

John  55:51  

I sleep pretty good.

Mike Proctor  55:53  

Sleep pretty good every day. Do you like a regular scheduled type of guy?

John  55:56  

Mostly, you know, roughly, you know, it’s then like now that I’m not working. Shoot. I’ll be up till four o’clock in the morning because I’m like, Well, what the fuck else am I gonna do? You know,

Mike Proctor  56:06  

depending on what’s cracking? 

John  56:07  

Yeah, yeah. When it’s good time to practice to voices or whatever, you know, and I can actually do it. You know? So

Mike Proctor  56:14  

Do you have dreams?

John  56:16  

dreams? Yeah, I’m a dreamer. You know, sometimes they’re really weird and jacked up. And sometimes they’re, you know, yeah.

Mike Proctor  56:30  

Like, you remember your dreams?

John  56:32  

Not always. But there was one I did remember. Um, it was really funny, because no one ever watched farscape 

Xad  56:40  

I have not 

Mike Proctor  56:40  

farscape ?

John  56:41  

Yeah, there’s a character in there named Rygel. And he’s a little he’s a little asshole. And he was in my dream. And so was Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, and some chicks in the hood and the Emperor Palpatine. Okay, and I woke up going, what the fuck? What was going through my head? So Rygels in the dumpster and I don’t know why. And Jon Snow comes out there and he’s like, what are you doing? And then he’s like, he’s like, ominous dumpster. And he’s like, and he’s like, a, he’s like, Oh, are you He’s like, I’m Jon Snow. He’s like, he’s like, I’m from winter. If I was like, go back to Winterfell Oh, I hate there’s the King’s Landing. And you’re a bastard eh?. And I’m like, so and then all of a sudden, here comes this fucking guy like you from hyberia. and he’s like, yes I am., I’m it’s been around all your yachts you’re from and I’m like, so I wake up going? Why did all my fandoms that I watch. Why did all those get meshed? Dude, no, no. 

Mike Proctor  57:41  

This, they were in a dumpster.

John  57:43  

Rigel was in the dumpster. The other ones just kind of showed up. And I’m like, 

Mike Proctor  57:47  

this had to be recent.

John  57:49  

No, actually, that was like few years ago. I just stood out. stuck.

Xad  57:53  

Yeah, just stuck. You wake up the next morning like, That shit was weird.

John  57:58  

Yeah. Like,

Mike Proctor  58:00  

why was john snow.

John  58:02  

Yeah. Why was john snow in the fucking

Mike Proctor  58:06  

Hes supposed to be banished beyond the wall?

John  58:07  

Yeah, yeah. Right. You know, for the, you know, for the watch, you know? Shit. So yeah, that was

Mike Proctor  58:15  

no shit. That’s a funny one dude so. So do you? Do you typically remember your dreams beyond? You know, beyond a certain point. Like after you wake up and such.

John  58:30  

Oh, um, sometimes I’ll remember a dream for about an hour or so. Or a couple hours. I’ll be thinking, forget about it.

Xad  58:37  

Isn’t it crazy? how fast you forget, like you can wake up and you like know exactly what happened. And then like, 15 minutes later, if you try to think about

Mike Proctor  58:44  

this shit, your brain does well, when you’re sleeping and dreaming is fucking crazy. Like I see there’s this really cool documentary on documentary on Netflix. I’ve talked about a million times on my show. It’s called the mind explained and just I’m so it’s so your brain was going fucking bonkers. cuz it was that shit. You had all the best people. Right, bro? What about my autograph?

John  59:14  

Or like, like, when there was another dream I remember. It was like, it was almost like, like a video game. Like, I couldn’t go beyond a certain point. There was zombies. And I’m like, I can’t go. This this part won’t get unlocked. And then for the people that I’m with to get through. Unless I get eaten. Like, no. And that’s the dream or I’m going Wake up Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. I don’t wake up. No, not until it’s like oh shit, you know, okay.

Mike Proctor  59:45  

I never remember my dreams. I have them sometimes, but I can’t remember that shit. I know. I remember that. I have bad dreams. afraid of heights and I’m always falling off shit. Well, that’s that’s pretty much it. I’m always curious. People can fucking remember their dreams and what kind of crazy shit happens

Xad  1:00:04  

like what comes up in in your dreams and people’s minds.

John  1:00:08  

Well, who knows? I’ll probably have some weird ones tonight. 

Xad  1:00:10  

And now that you’re talking about it 

John  1:00:11  

Oh, yeah, no, it’s like oh yeah, remember that? Yeah.

Mike Proctor  1:00:17  

So what you know what? What to you got anything going on right now, bro? Like, what you’ve been doing gaming what you’re watching right now working on anything

John  1:00:28  

watching a lot of anime. whatever Sara decides to watch. I was watching megalo box on Hulu. And then there was a couple like can remember the names of them but the people get infected and turn to giant bugs and it was it was pretty cool. Angels of death Death Parade was I need to watch that one again. That was a good one. So you know, it’s just different ones 

Mike Proctor  1:00:53  

Hulu, mostly?

John  1:00:54  


Mike Proctor  1:00:55  

You ever you ever watched, Digimon? 

John  1:00:57  


Mike Proctor  1:00:58  

no, there’s a Digimon remake on Hulu right now. But I don’t have Hulu, but uh i’m almost about to get it just to watch it. Cuz that’s some nostalgia in a package right there.

John  1:01:08  

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I mean, I remember when it was on I just never watched it myself. You know?

Mike Proctor  1:01:14  

Were you a Pokemon guy though?

John  1:01:17  

Hell No, man. Hell no.

Mike Proctor  1:01:19  

Don’t get me wrong. Do you watch some poke or you played some Pokemon Go?

John  1:01:23  

No, I never had. No No. just like I never played Animal Crossing.

Mike Proctor  1:01:29  

Ive never played Animal Crossing either. What are you? What are you gaming right now?

John  1:01:34  

Uh, I flip flop back and forth from Diablo three to mK 11 mutant Football League that games badass

Mike Proctor  1:01:43  

I scroll past that one before

John  1:01:44  

and see there’s like Victor Vron that was like one of the only pre orders at the local GameStop so it’s like cuz I like to play obscure shit, you know?

Mike Proctor  1:01:54  

Yeah, it seems like it

John  1:01:56  

Like there is a like I got a Wii U and I’ve got a title that there’s only like 400 and something copies I think in the country devils third. If you look it up i don’t i can’t i don’t know which how many copies are exactly, but it’s not very many of them. I happen to get a physical copy of it.Yeah, and the game is Terrible.

Xad  1:02:16  


John  1:02:17  

The game is terrible, but it’s awesome too. So terrible. It’s almost like ride to hell, which well, I don’t recommend anyone play that game.

Mike Proctor  1:02:25  

you like these obscure fucking games that no one’s ever heard of

John  1:02:30  

shadows of the damn that’s a great one. I had that on ps3

Mike Proctor  1:02:33  

you speak in a whole different fucking language for me dog. 

Xad  1:02:37  

420 copies. Yeah, I think that number was intentional.

John  1:02:44  

Well that’s probably because that’s what you have to take to fucking play Yeah, you know it’s

 How much did they charge. How much was it?

Xad  1:02:53  

See I saw like the like the MSRP or whatever

John  1:02:57  

I paid practically brand new prices for a used copy shit. 

Mike Proctor  1:03:00  

Did you so 60 bucks.

John  1:03:04  

Yeah, just roughly

Mike Proctor  1:03:07  

it’s 60 times 400, $2400 How much did it cost to make this game man 

Xad  1:03:13  

these are more expensive though like now like you might be able to flip that mug and make some money it was saying like what what do you have it on? What console?

John  1:03:22  

Wii U. because it was a Wii U exclusive 

Xad  1:03:24  

Nintendo Wii U brand new you could do $210, someone selling one unopened for 210 that’s kinda like culty like you got that motherfucker like dude you got some gold 

Mike Proctor  1:03:38  

Are you are you a collector? we’re all we’re all a little bit of a collector

John  1:03:43  

I’m starting to a little bit I mean well I got a Sega Dreamcast it still works so if I find any titles for Dreamcast, I’m buying that shit. Actually the one on the on the Wii I got the grudge. I bought that game haunted house simulator The Grudge I spent like 30 bucks on that one. That one’s that one’s cool.

Mike Proctor  1:04:05  

No shit.

John  1:04:06  

Oh, yeah. And you die every time that kayako bitches evil. I’m telling you

Mike Proctor  1:04:13  

so its the movie? 

John  1:04:14  

yeah, it’s then there’s different locations from the movies you know and then then after he gets so many like pieces of like a picture or something I think you unlock the actual house and then you’re like you’re in the house from the movies. And yeah, she if you don’t move enough, then they they may come after you a little bit little out of ambience. You know a little Toshio little bastard comes out meows at you.

Mike Proctor  1:04:40  

all I can think of is scary movie. And not the grudge.

Xad  1:04:44  

me to talking about that in my mind jumps too. Charlie Sheen and all that shit

John  1:04:52  

I watched the first and second ones as far as I’ve gotten

Xad  1:04:56  

They just kept getting more and more and more out there.

Mike Proctor  1:04:59  

Yeah, for sure. you’re gonna be getting on some some animation work here. hopefully get you rolling, bro. Hell yeah, I got the recommendations for you

John  1:05:18  

all my one dream is to work for funimation. I mean that’s because they do all the dub anime and all that.

Mike Proctor  1:05:24  

like are you a Disney fan? 

John  1:05:26  


Mike Proctor  1:05:26  

not at all. So you would never watch a like a documentary on the making of a Disney movie. Yeah, it wouldn’t like it because it’s frozen but we have daughters so Xad and I watched this frozen documentary and it’s it’s just really cool all the behind the scenes show how they make the scenes and all the animation and stuff and the music and everything it’s just really fucking cool operation. the amount of work that goes into it. Yeah. What’s what’s fun animation?

Xad  1:06:02  

It’s a production studio.

Mike Proctor  1:06:04  

Okay, well, what are they famous for? 

John  1:06:06  

They’re they do all like the they’ll take animators and they do the dubbed versions of them. Typically 

Xad  1:06:11  

Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan. I’m just and I’m not super familiar with anime, so I’m just kind of shouting out the big ones that jump out to me Cowboy Bebop? Yep. Um, that’s something that 

my Hero Academia,

Yep, there you go. Yeah, so they do like a lot of work with what is that? Cartoon Network probably is or who is who wears all that? Which Cowboy Bebop on?

John  1:06:38  

not sure. It might have been an adult swim at some point.

Xad  1:06:42  

 Yeah, that’s what I was thinking of.

Mike Proctor  1:06:45  

point they they but they kind of flip flop around to licensing and stuff. So fun animation just licenses it out to whatever fucking channel they want at the time.

Xad  1:06:54  

So do they like by the by the non dubbed version and bring it over dub it and then package it resale back to American studios to them?

John  1:07:04  

I think that’s I think that’s what they do

Mike Proctor  1:07:06  

a lot of times reanimated as well. Unless they have stock footage or they’ll enhance stock.

John  1:07:13  

I think they’re owned by Sony.

Mike Proctor  1:07:14  

See, the thing was, I didn’t want to be a ninja. I want to be a Power Ranger. That’s what they did voice work for fucking Power Rangers. I think that’s just still around.

John  1:07:25  

And I think it is to think so man. Well, I I watched that too. You know? Come on now. Shit.

Mike Proctor  1:07:32  

 Have you seen the new movie they did like a remake.

Xad  1:07:37  

I did not watch that either. You went with Luq?

Mike Proctor  1:07:41  

No it was me and you. and someone else?

Xad  1:07:43  

No, I didn’t go. Yeah, you Luq and someone else. Well, I did not go Zack or something. Man. I didn’t go

Mike Proctor  1:07:50  

came and seen Power Rangers that shit was cool. It wasn’t it wasn’t that good. But it was cool.

Xad  1:07:55  

Cool to see it like flipped and redone? 

John  1:07:59  

On the nostalgia coming back.

Mike Proctor  1:08:02  

Oh, yeah. I’m all about nostalgia. Dog. I have been lately. Um, well, that we’re gonna wrap this up, bro. But, uh, thanks for coming, man.

John  1:08:12  

And thanks for having me.

Mike Proctor  1:08:13  

So what do you Where can we like find you and stuff? You know, if people want to get your shit find your shit.

John  1:08:21  

Um, I don’t really  I’m on facebook, you know, but when they I think my if I’m See, I don’t even know what my own little mini website is. I think it’s john Jacobson, dot i can voice calm. Okay. And I think that’s the only thing will be on there was the demo that they made for me, which, you know, it’s like,

Mike Proctor  1:08:43  

We are 100 percent checking that out.. Yeah. I’ll link your shit up in, in the show notes so far, you know, people fucking want to get hold of you. Um, and we’ll get some recommendations for you to like, I know some good software that, um, you can easily customize very well. It’s the one we use called Reaper. Um, but it’s that it’s, I’m telling you. Xad What are we talking about today?

Xad  1:09:06  

I mean, first off, we talked about garbage garbage man. The unsung heroes of our time.

Mike Proctor  1:09:11  

Shout out to the garbage man. especially the ones in Flint.

Xad  1:09:15  

all the crazy shit they got to pick up. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Except for that crazy dude in Oxford.

Mike Proctor  1:09:21  

Before we before we go, you got to tell us just the craziest shit you’ve ever seen. What’s the craziest thing you ever fucking had to pick up

John  1:09:30  

that I’ve had to pick up? A I went I did a stop where there was they had this the head. he had the bags over like in this cart. And I was like, that’s kind of fucking gooey. What the fuck did he put in there? And then that was one of them. And the other. The other one they got processed a deer and stuck it out in bags. so that was Yeah, me just being afraid that that was gonna bust open on me and that was like I don’t want to experience that shit.

Xad  1:10:01  

Yeah, especially if it’s earlier on in your day and you’re like, I gotta get through the rest of this day. So like,

John  1:10:06  

Yeah, well luckily it was earlier in the day so I got out of the way didn’t set out in the sun 

Mike Proctor  1:10:11  

Well how would you find out it was a deer? Because I mean, Could you see it? Yeah, I guess. this is meat, is this a body?

John  1:10:22  

But yeah, it was it was. That was the that was probably the that was the nastiest thing I’ve ever had to deal with.

Xad  1:10:29  

It was pretty good. Um, we also talked about Wolverine.

Mike Proctor  1:10:33  

Shout out to Wolverine Wolverine shout to the x men. Wolverine come to the MCU soon. Yeah.

Xad  1:10:38  

Wrestling WCW specific

Mike Proctor  1:10:43  

I used to love wrestling. I still love wrestling. We used to play wrestling video games on like multitap

Xad  1:10:49  

blisters on the thumbs

Mike Proctor  1:10:50  

blisters on the thumbs playing wwe smackdown or F maybe I don’t know which one it was man. 

John  1:10:56  

I played it. I played on the 64 man WCW shit on N64.

Xad  1:11:02  

We got DDP yoga. 

Mike Proctor  1:11:04  

Damn, right. 

Xad  1:11:05  

Yep. Yep. 

Mike Proctor  1:11:05  

DDP yoga. 

Xad  1:11:06  

A little bit. 80s hair metal. We kind of touched down on that. Okay, yeah. What do you say? What do you call them? 

John  1:11:11  

Cock Rock, 

Xad  1:11:12  

Cock rock. There you go. 

Mike Proctor  1:11:13  

Shout out cock Rock.

Xad  1:11:15  

Voiceover artists. Voice like we would have no cartoons without you. 

Mike Proctor  1:11:19  

We would have no not really that thing.

Xad  1:11:23  

Burton, Michigan hometown, right. Would you say burtucky? Yeah. Um, weird dreams with Jon Snow. Emperor Palpatine. Who else?

John  1:11:36  


Mike Proctor  1:11:37  

Oh, from farscape.

John  1:11:38  

 Yeah, you look that shit up. It’s like yeah, 

Mike Proctor  1:11:42  

is he like a person? 

John  1:11:43  

He’s like, he’s well was done by the Henson company. He is a little puppet.

Mike Proctor  1:11:52  


shoutout to anime. Shout out to all the enemies you want to list your favorites?

There’s too many.

Xad  1:12:01  

We got Hulu and the devils third which is a game that I am gonna probably watch some gameplay on tonight. 

John  1:12:07  

Oh, yeah. It’s fun. 

Xad  1:12:10  

I’m excited to see. Check that out tonight,

Mike Proctor  1:12:13  

bro. Going back to I got a d&d character based on Jones snow.

John  1:12:19  

Does he have the magnificent hair?

Mike Proctor  1:12:21  

Yeah. In my in my. In my mind. He does in his family emblem is The wolf?

John  1:12:27  

Oh, yeah. All right.

Mike Proctor  1:12:30  

Does that all miss anything? I think that’s all.

Xad  1:12:39  


Mike Proctor  1:12:42  

Thanks for being here dog, we appreciate you coming man. catch you guys next time. Peace.

John  1:12:52  

Hell yeah.

Xad  1:12:52  

Hell yeah. 

John  1:12:54  

hails Yeah.

Mike Proctor  1:12:57  

That’s all she wrote. Thank you guys for listening. I appreciate it so so much Xad and I both want to shout out john for coming on the show. Not really that famous john. Remember guys, hit subscribe if you like what we’re doing. Get the episode right when it comes out. You can visit the website visit the shop, get yourself a T shirt. We’re going to work on getting some new stuff in soon. Not really that famous.com slash shop. Thank you. Appreciate you. 

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