Episode 25: You Gotta Let the Peacock Fly with Jake Murph

Our original co-host and statistician Jake Murph was able to make his return the show! Jake fills us in on his latest, working for Quicken Loans, city life under quarantine, and his latest aspirations to go to pilot school. We dive into Jake’s recent car accident and how much anxiety you get after being a serious accident. He also just started himself a Christian based podcast that is yet to be named. NRTF will point you guys in the right direction as soon as that goes live. A lot of catching up with our favorite audio guru and brother of the show.

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Transcription below:

Mike Proctor 0:00
What’s up guys? Welcome back to not really that famous. Our guest on the podcast today was Mr. Jake Murph, our original statistician, audio wizard on the show, finally making his comeback. I’ve been looking forward to this one forever Jake and I were thinking about doing a virtually. But Jake finally got some time to come up and do the show in the new studio. So he was our first inaugural guest in true true not really that famous fashion keep an old school. Thanks for Jake for coming out. Love to having him in the studio. Remember guys, check us out on the social media pages, follow the pages it not really that famous.com. Facebook, Instagram, you can visit the website, always remember to visit the shop and to get yourself some much. Love you guys very much. Thanks for listening. Appreciate you. Oh, right. And we’re live. Thanks for being here. Appreciate it,

Jake Murph 0:51
of course.

Mike Proctor 0:53
The return the great return of Jake, Murph man,

Jake Murph 0:57
he is back.

Mike Proctor 0:57
How have you been doing? We have missed you so much

Jake Murph 1:01
there’s been a lot going on bro

Mike Proctor 1:03
I know

Jake Murph 1:03
a lot going on

Mike Proctor 1:04
so can you you got to get us up to speed Dog

Jake Murph 1:08
okay so obviously moved to Detroit and was living there for about two weeks and then this crazy thing happened you might have heard of it was called COVID-19 so I was like, bro I’m about to be living in the city I’m gonna go to Tigers games for like five bucks because they suck and nope they shut it down I was in my apartment and just sad.

Xad 1:30
All by yourself,

Jake Murph 1:32
bro. All by myself.

Mike Proctor 1:34
That’s kind of the appeal of you know the big city right you get the you get to just do so much stuff. There’s so much stuff to do all the time. And yeah, and then yeah, now it’s everything’s like barren wastelands. Pretty much.

Jake Murph 1:45
Yeah, yeah, but but COVID hit and so a lot of work. Just all work. No play.

Mike Proctor 1:51
Yeah, of course, man.

Jake Murph 1:52
I was a very dull boy. For a while. I was like,

Mike Proctor 1:56
How’s work been with? You know? Because I you we had you You had told me you went virtual pretty much primarily. So how is that whole thing going?

Jake Murph 2:05
The company’s thriving?

Mike Proctor 2:07
Of course

Jake Murph 2:07
company just went public.

Mike Proctor 2:09
All right. Okay. We’re talking about Quicken Loans, right?

Jake Murph 2:11
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. And they’re continuing their global takeover of the world in the mortgage industry and on the stock market. So, but no, it’s cool.

Mike Proctor 2:22
That’s awesome, man. I mean, that’s, you want to be a part of those things you’re gonna get right in there.

Jake Murph 2:28
We get like share trusts to sell. Like if you’re at the company for two years, they give you like, X amount of money worth of stock that you can then sell and trade on your own. So that’s cool. But uh, no, it’s uh, that’s been exciting. Just been back and forth a lot from coming up here and going back to work during the week, but I stay here on the weekends. And

Mike Proctor 2:50
one of the things we used to talk about man was, you know, back in the beginning, early stages of the podcast the opportunity that you have You know, based on where you are right, and, you know, you kind of spell it out right there, man. This sounds like things are going going awesome.

Jake Murph 3:06
Yeah, um, stuff was rolling on pretty good and then Tuesday happened. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 3:13
yeah. Oh yeah, got it. So let’s talk about that. Um, you got into a pretty serious car accident. It is torrential downpour rain season right now, you know, we’re like getting hammered with these rains and thunderstorms. And it’s like this every year. What happened?

Jake Murph 3:33
So I was driving on the freeway, and I was in the left lane. And I was I was matching traffic. I wasn’t like flying or anything I was doing around probably 65/70 just matching traffic and the car in front of me had a very big puddle. And I said, Oh, no. So I started slowing down but at that point was already too late. Hit the puddle hydroplaned went and clip the barrier. Wall hit the median wall, and then that kicked my car airborne. I was like, This is fun. I felt like Ricky Bobby like, yeah, I’m flying through the years.

Mike Proctor 4:09
This is not good.

Jake Murph 4:10
But um, so luckily I landed back on my wheels, and that kicked me back into traffic. And I cross one lane didn’t get hit, crossed into the right lane and an F 350 pickup just boom. Nailed me,

Mike Proctor 4:26

Xad 4:26
And you’re driving What was it?

Jake Murph 4:28
2007 equinox. So I mean, it’s a night like a good sized SUV

Mike Proctor 4:34
could have been worse.

Jake Murph 4:34
There have been a lot worse. I could either went over the median was

Mike Proctor 4:37
one of those little death machines, man you got ran over like a monster truck.

Jake Murph 4:41
Right? Right. But uh, my my car gave his car a hug. I hugged his truck, and that’s what it looks like my I had horseshoe there’s 20 inches of intrusion on the passenger side. Hmm. Um, luckily it was just me. No one was with me. And he was out he had a fender bender. Like me. He didn’t do shit, they probably wont total it.

Mike Proctor 5:02
Yeah, so barely anything.

Jake Murph 5:04
But um, yeah, so all I really remember was hitting the wall. And after that it went black. He knocked me out when he hit me. And, uh, probably a couple minutes later, I hear but are you good? You’re right, you’re right. I’m like, what

Mike Proctor 5:21
just kind of coming to

Jake Murph 5:22
Yeah, he’s like looking at me. He’s like, Yo cows like who are you? I’m the guy who hit you I was like You hit me? Yea I hit you.

Mike Proctor 5:31
so you spun out or excuse me lost control basically just couldn’t turn veered into the median wall and then immediately bounced back the other way not got knocked out. You may potentially have drugg yourself the wheels the other way. And

Jake Murph 5:46
well, I could I remember

Mike Proctor 5:48
by someone back into the wall essentially.

Jake Murph 5:50
No, he did. There was no right lane barrier wall. So he

Mike Proctor 5:55
you guys went right after that.

Jake Murph 5:56
I went right. he hit me in the right lane and then plowed me for Probably 7500 yards and hit me so hard that my both driver side tires got popped off the bead and they weren’t like rims were gouged out.

Mike Proctor 6:12
Yeah. Did you did you veer off into the off the side of the highway after that?

Jake Murph 6:17
I don’t remember. I know we’re on the right side traffic was going through the left. But I mean, there were two ambulances five cop cars

Mike Proctor 6:28
probably still on the road at that point.

Jake Murph 6:31
Yeah, all of Xad’s employees were late.

Xad 6:33
Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say. So as I’m driving to work that morning, I like these roads are bad. They’re nasty. And I’m like, I think about texting my wife like, Hey, you know, drive safe, but she only has like a 10 second drive. So I was like, Nah, she’lI be alright.

Mike Proctor 6:48
still There’s a lot of trees in Durand Bro. This shit will fall down and crush you.

Xad 6:52
So yeah, I’m driving. I’m like, there’s gonna be some accidents today. And then you know, sure enough, hour later work Rachel, you know, texts or calls me is like hey, Jacob got in an accident. I don’t know much right now, but I’ll keep you posted. And like literally as I get to work, I’m, I’m setting up for the day and then all the other employees start texting me like, hey, there’s this is before I know that Jake’s been n an accident. and all my employees like texted me. Hey, I’m going to be late, you know gonna be late today bad accident on 75 and I’m like, Okay, yeah, whatever. And then turns out that’s that’s Jake. T

Jake Murph 7:26
That was me

Xad 7:26
Delaying my day man, I got stuff to do. haha

Mike Proctor 7:29
And this was just on Tuesday?

Jake Murph 7:31

Mike Proctor 7:32
It’s uh, what is it now? Saturday, Saturday? Yeah, this will this will go live Sunday. So everybody will hear it. Are you sore?

Jake Murph 7:43
A littlebit. doing pretty good, though.

I’m up and around and walk in and start going upstairs. But yeah, man. I’ve got a couple scrapes on my hand and one of my calves are on my shin.

Mike Proctor 7:57
So I was just in an accident. Last summer and man at the same sort of thing happened to me I I was driving down one of the back roads out here and the road itself was like really eroded and it’s like all really bumpy and wavy man every time I go through there now I’m like holy shit but so I’m driving like 25 behind the plow trucks salt truck and I hit that little bump and just kind of the back end skirts out from behind me and I had two new tires at the time I probably needed two new tires to back tires on it but I kind of started sliding you know oh shit oh shit went off to the side. And then I hit a fucking tree. Mm hmm. And that sumbitch if that tree wasn’t there, man I would have been fine

yeah been Oh shit, but you know would have been okay, I hit that fucking tree came to a dead stop blew my shit right off the airbag. And, you know, it was just that sucker knocked me right it out man and it bruised like the whole front of me basically. And I had lacerated my liver. And was bleeding. And I was fine. Like it was wasn’t really that serious, serious of a of an injury. But um, I remember I was so fucking sore after that for a while it was from the airbag.

Jake Murph 9:20
Mm hmm.

Mike Proctor 9:21
In the you know this, like the seat belt kind of cuts you up a little bit. That’s the only accident I’ve ever been in. Right. But seat belt kind of cuts you up a little bit Other than that,

Jake Murph 9:29
yeah, I’ve got a bruise on my hip from the seat belt, but other than that, I mean, I’ve got a couple bruises and my next real stiff man you can’t really turn my head that great but um, bros I’m sure you’ll probably drop a picture of the car. But

Mike Proctor 9:47
yeah, we should hook it up. Where do you have it on your social media or something?

Jake Murph 9:52
I can send it to you.

Mike Proctor 9:53
Okay. I don’t we’ll get we’ll get you hooked up.

Jake Murph 9:55
I’m not like a something. Something eventful happens and I post it on social media. So people could be like, I don’t want to tell the story. 100 million times.

Mike Proctor 10:05
Well, that’s the story. There you go if anybody wants it, you can direct them here. Yeah.

Jake Murph 10:11
I was thinking about because I just got my new car yesterday. And I wanted to post a meme like, you versus a guy she tells you not to worry about. It was like the smashed up car and then the nice new car.

Mike Proctor 10:26
yeah, man, that’s, uh, that’s crazy. I get I get real bad anxiety. Now, whenever I’m driving in bad weather, but I think I think it’s helpful because I don’t know. Yeah, it used to be. I used to always have to like be on time to things. I remember when I got into my accident. I wasn’t like running late or anything, but I was trying to be on time and I was probably going faster than I should have, which was like 2530 tops, you know, on a back road where the speed limits 55 but I now I’m like, you know what fucking I’m gonna go 10 miles an hour.

Xad 10:59
gotta leave a little earlier.

Mike Proctor 11:02
just cruising. And hey, if I’m late, I’m late. It is what it is.

Jake Murph 11:07
Yeah, I was pretty fortunate to where I got knocked out. So like I I have no clue what I didn’t hear him hit me. I didn’t my airbags gonna go off either. so, I mean, it knocked me out cold. I remember very little I remember being in the ambulance and they told me I was in the car on the side of the road for probably an hour. 45 minutes to an hour. And they did the whole neck brace thing to me. but it felt like five minutes for me. Like I was so out of it. Yeah, literally. Yeah, I remember. Well, I called my girlfriend’s dad, because they weren’t very far away. I was like, it’s kind of an accident. I’m pretty sure I’m here, but I’m not 100% Sure. And then, like 15 minutes later, he showed up and he was like, I call you? He’s like yea you called me.

Mike Proctor 11:58
Why are you here? Find out. Wait, Who told you? I was trying to keep this under wraps?

Jake Murph 12:04
Do you think I’m gonna be able to drive away from this one?

No, really? What hospital Do you want to go to? I was like, do I have to go there? Like, we strongly recommend you go. Okay. Pick one.

Mike Proctor 12:17
Yeah. That’s uh, that’s that’s serious. serious shit though, man. Glad you’re doing all good and everything. Yeah, I made a swift comeback. Yeah, for sure, man. What kind of fucking diet you want, man. He’s just got into of fucking accident three days ago.

Jake Murph 12:33
Tough old country boy. Not true.

Mike Proctor 12:38
This resilience.

Jake Murph 12:39
Yeah. Got a lot of layers protected me on my internal art. We’re all skinny. And I’m over here like

Mike Proctor 12:47
Yeah, man, I get I get real bad anxiety. Now when I drive in shitty storms. I remember. Like about a week after I had gotten into my accident, or actually was more than a week. I think it was obviously more than a week I was I was like in recovery for like two weeks. I, I probably a month later, I was going to a job interview. And I like rescheduled the job interview. Because I got into a car accident. And I was going back to that job interview is a fuckin shitty ass day. This is a month later it was the same fucking weather. And I drove real slow and you know, left early and but I remember on the way back I was driving down like you know those dirt back roads out and like Byron. I was out there, and it’s just a sheet of ice and I’m cruising and all of a sudden the back end kicks out and I go sideways and I just every time that I’ll have a mini heart attack,

Xad 13:40
to get like that that falling feeling like like you’re on pass out. Yeah,

Jake Murph 13:44
yeah. Yep. And that’s the that’s the thing about like hydroplaning or losing control. because like you get to the point where like, you are a passenger. You are no longer in control this vehicle so you might as well just enjoy the ride. Yeah. I mean, I tried to steer out of it. I couldn’t

Mike Proctor 14:00
nope, there was nothing you could have done.

Jake Murph 14:02
And that’s the same when you when you hit ice, you know you start getting near your tires ain’t going nowhere.

You better just do it. you can turn them as much as you want just gonna go with that car wants to go you were Isaac Newton’s law takes it.

Mike Proctor 14:15
I hate man. I hate the weather is just awful for driving. I hate having to go anywhere.

Xad 14:21
Not in a good state for it.

Mike Proctor 14:23
rain storms are awesome. If you’re at home. they’re really cool. But if you’re driving in that shit.

Jake Murph 14:30
Well, that’s the thing about Michigan too, is you have every bad driving condition and be here at any time. And then you have like the worst roads in the country.

Mike Proctor 14:41
The roads just take such a beating.you know, it’s like, what the hell can we do?

Jake Murph 14:48
So yeah, we go to any other state and people drive like people drive terrible. Like what is this? You guys have a nice road driving like this. Well take care of it.

Mike Proctor 15:03
It’s funny, man,

Xad 15:04
you know what state technically has the worst roads in

Mike Proctor 15:07
Michigan? Know,

Jake Murph 15:09

Xad 15:11
Rhode Island.

Mike Proctor 15:13
Rhode Island. That’s ironic.

Jake Murph 15:17
How do they determine that?

Xad 15:19
percentage of roads in poor condition

Mike Proctor 15:21
Okay, so they serve percentage. Half of their roads. Where are we on that list?

Xad 15:28
I this list is bullshit. It says we’re 14. I don’t I don’t leave that for damn minute. I don’t believe that. But I mean, maybe because like,

Jake Murph 15:36
I mean, some bigger states are gonna have a lot more roads, but like, I feel like every single one of our roads is bad. Yeah, that’s true. Even the nice ones.

Mike Proctor 15:44
I mean, yeah. What kind of roads are they judging it? We do? We have a lot of nice roads too. Yeah, but like they’re constantly redoing them.

Xad 15:50
Like when the stuff in Michigan roadwork is bullshit. Like it is absolute bullshit. You really went up north earlier. We did the we did the vacation Special pod

Mike Proctor 16:02
out Bear Lake

Unknown Speaker 16:02
Bear Lake and so there is like this perfectly effing good road and they’re like tearing it up and redoing it. Me and him went to run to the grocery store and should have been like a three minute five minute trip and 20 seconds yeah forever we’re just sitting there waiting because you know they’re got it down to one lane but it was like nothing wrong with this road Why the hell are you doing this road and then you got the the torn up as roads and they’re just like, we’ll just we’ll come back to that. Like, isn’t cow calf go there? There’s nothing going on up there.

Mike Proctor 16:35
Yeah, yeah. And then they do it on summer weekend.

Jake Murph 16:44
when they do fix the roads that mess them up. Did you guys hear about 75?

They basically spent two years on redoing this section A 75 and then they pour the wrong concrete or the wrong kind of concrete. poured like residential concrete

Xad 17:01
you think that guy lost his job?

Jake Murph 17:04
right somebody better lost a job well someone either ordered the wrong concrete or the truck brought them the wrong concrete right right but that is an expensive mistake

Mike Proctor 17:13
it is somebody fucked up

Jake Murph 17:16
yeah I’m just bringing the seven sack we use that for driveways

Mike Proctor 17:19
that’s a good use of taxpayer money to

Jake Murph 17:24
fix the roads.

Mike Proctor 17:25
They Yeah, but we we actually do I feel like we do a lot of active road care and so you know, I don’t know maybe Rhode Island is just I wonder when did they do this survey? The survey state of Michigan’s like wait we got fuckin survey coming up we got to fix this shit.

Xad 17:42
Yeah, I again I just I don’t believe that. That’s the truth that I just I thought it was kind of funny. It goes the the worst roads are in Rhode Island.

Jake Murph 17:52
I did road maintenance for a while. And in Pontiac, and like there’s no way there’s any worse roads than in Pontiac.

Mike Proctor 18:00

Unknown Speaker 18:01
we used to put down two tons asphalt just doing patches a day. Like that’s a lot of asphalt do patches for pothole, fill

Mike Proctor 18:10
that all over to. im out in Lansing and its bad out there.

Jake Murph 18:13
Those are pointless because the second you throw them down and a plow hits him in the winter gone. they gotta redo it all so, they have like repaired roads for after because that’s a whole year job fixing all those potholes and so they have nice roads for about two weeks. By the time we’re done and then the snow hits and the plows tear up all the patches anyways.

Mike Proctor 18:32
You got to do them again.

Jake Murph 18:33
Yep. job security

Mike Proctor 18:34
. Yep. You’ll always work. You never got to worry about it.

Jake Murph 18:38
You know, it’s genius. Genius,

Mike Proctor 18:40
so smart, good business to get into man. You know, the the Best Types of businesses I feel like are the ones like like do my daughter’s going through, you know, school my kids are actually going to school and not doing this virtual but they’re still doing, you know, Google Classroom essentially right. And man like she was She was brought up should they get her Chromebook? She gets a Chromebook. She gets bring it home. She’s working on she’s all excited about it. Kids with devices and kids with devices. They just go nuts for them.

Xad 19:10
You can put it’s like literally work that they’re doing, but it’s because it’s on a device its fun.

Mike Proctor 19:16
Yeah, a new toy. So, you know, they’re doing this Google Classroom stuff. It’s like Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sheets, that’s what they’re using and learning. And I’m now in. She’s in fourth grade. You know, like, Fuck, what do we do in fourth grade? We did a lot of talking and discussion and stuff. Yeah, learning that way

Jake Murph 19:35
I had sex ed in fourth grade.

Mike Proctor 19:42
Did you really I didn’t have that till like sixth grade.

Jake Murph 19:46
It was like the end end of fourth grade. And then they did it again in fifth grade.

Xad 19:52
teaching you about the changes that are about to happen in your body.

Jake Murph 19:58
so funny,

Mike Proctor 19:59
but So they’re doing you know, all this Google Classroom stuff and that dude, that’s just gonna set them up for. So, so well for the future.

Jake Murph 20:07
That’s how I use any college class.

Mike Proctor 20:10
You know, that’s that it’s all man. That’s it. That’s the business like Google’s literally teaching our youth now. So we’re all going to Google for answers. And they’re also the primary platform of which we learn.

Jake Murph 20:25
yeah, remember you used to put on pants to learn something. You would have to go to the library and check out a book.

Xad 20:32
Did you ever have like those days? working from home? Like, I’m not even gonna put pants on today? I’m just gonna put a T shirt on and rock the underwear and

Jake Murph 20:44
Yeah, straight up.

Xad 20:45
I’m jealous. That sounds so incredible.

Jake Murph 20:48
It was so nice. I mean, there were there were times where I’d also like, have dressed for success days and feel productive, but like I worked in my pajamas 90% of the time.

Mike Proctor 20:59
So you don’t I mean, you don’t, you don’t have to necessarily you know,you can get your work done in pajamas then. Okay,

Jake Murph 21:08
yeah, all my works done on the phone anyway.

Mike Proctor 21:13
like, if I had a business and you know like that remember that we meet that and I just released the video game special. We talked about the high score documentary. And the reason. The reason that everyone wanted to work at atari and why they were crushing everything is cool, because it was like Google. You know, when we think of Google working at Google that’s what it was they’re like I don’t we don’t give a fuck what you do, do the work. I don’t care when you do it. How you do it what you do it with. Do the fucking work, right?

Jake Murph 21:45
Yeah, that’s well, that’s why so many young people want to work for FOC and Quicken Loans. They just don’t care.

Mike Proctor 21:51
I know that’s how Amazon is too.

Jake Murph 21:53
they have like some things they care like obviously they don’t want you to like smoke weed at your cubicle. There’s no cubicle but when I was there there were people would take those like little rental scooters, they take them up in the elevators right around the floor and they’re like playing football with each other talking on the phone with clients like every time you make a sale everybody goes crazy. It was like straight.

Mike Proctor 22:15
That’s the productive environment

Jake Murph 22:17
So straight up Wolf of Wall Street.

Xad 22:19
That’s awesome. Yeah,

Mike Proctor 22:20
that’s that’s how that’s Oh, a lot of places are now because everything’s done primarily through like e learnings and and you know, you just watch videos and they give you all the tools and they tell you how to do the work and you do it and they don’t really care what else happens

Jake Murph 22:36
lot of companies Oh, are realizing how much overhead they’re not having to lose out on paying for facilities. Right, and they’re being just as productive doing every just virtually everyone working from home. That’s what there’s gonna be a lot of companies who start selling buildings.

Mike Proctor 22:52
that’s what our friend Frank, our friend Frank, Episode 14, he come on and was talking about how quickly everything was going virtual? He’s like man I don’t like this Like this is it was too fast everything just went virtual like bam, and because it’s like so goddamn convenient man. We don’t have to pay any for all this shit y’all just stay at home, use your shit.

Jake Murph 23:14
We went into. So our company in two weeks went from everybody be in the office except for like a half a percent of employees who work from home to the entire company working from home. And in two weeks. We’re up and running and I had the best month of production in the company’s history ever. Right every month. And granted that’s because the market went down and interest rates are so low but we did $35 billion worth of loans in one month.

Xad 23:45
Like That is ridiculous.

Mike Proctor 23:47

just nationwide. Werer nationwide lender we don’t loan out of the country.

Oh really? Okay. whistle noise Some sick shit.

Jake Murph 23:58
Can you imagine seeing $35 billion that’s fill up this room.

Mike Proctor 24:10
seeing that in cash form yeah be insane. I mean, that kind of money never ever is seen in cash form. It’s just numbers on a screen

Jake Murph 24:18
I dont even think that much cash exists. so much seriously tangible cash. That’s printed right now?

Mike Proctor 24:29
that’s that’s a that’s awesome though man. You know, I wish I could work virtually my job requires me to deal with people. Yeah, you know so but Xad’s even talked about um you know they’re doing virtual visits and stuff

Xad 24:43
yeah with the dentist office stuff like that.

Mike Proctor 24:48
Most of the time it’s you know, much more convenient way.

Xad 24:51
Yeah, we do we do we use zoom. Just for ours. So, um, there’s only certain things that you can do like, you know,

Jake Murph 24:58
like consultation?

Xad 24:59
Yeah, consultation. Stuff like that doesn’t necessarily physically require people in the building.

Jake Murph 25:07
Yeah let me get the webcam off here real quick. They got like a flashlight or putting the camera in their mouth.

Mike Proctor 25:24
The virtual thing like I can see how some people don’t like it being virtual like Soph you know we’ll be in class but they still do virtual Zoom meets on Google Classroom. That’s what a lot of stuff there’s a lot of lectures and colleges and shit are probably going to take that route they already were you know you already pretty much did that before.

Jake Murph 25:48
Right a lot of its hybrid now.

Mike Proctor 25:51
and now it just yeah, so now it just, you know makes it you can do it either way. You know literally it’s not that hard to just not go if you want to go to the classroom go but If you don’t want to go and just the teacher has came on camera and you can attend class.

Jake Murph 26:05
watch from your bed. I probably would have done a lot better in college if that was the thing when I was there,

Mike Proctor 26:12
but I feel like that’s what schools are going to

Jake Murph 26:20
you know, how many

how many 8am classes I miss? I didnt want to get out of bed.

Mike Proctor 26:29
we you know, but I feel like that’s how the schools are gonna be soon too. And we’ll teach these kids it will teach them how to just get your stuff done. Like you don’t no one’s gonna hold your hand. You have to you have , god dang it, im getting a work call.

Xad 26:46
is teach self accountability

Mike Proctor 26:51
But yeah, it those are good tools to have. You know, I feel like those are very strong habits traits.

Jake Murph 26:59
Yeah. Im Going back to school.

Mike Proctor 27:01
Oh yeah, yeah.


Jake Murph 27:03
In November

Mike Proctor 27:05
What are you gonna do?

Jake Murph 27:08
so this first program is going to be like a college startup program because Quicken Loans will pay for you to go to school. Okay, and so this first program is just going to give me the enough credits to do one of their programs. But um, it’s just basic like college or it’s probably like late high school like material like so English math, and then after that there’s an associate’s degree for just general studies. And after I do that, I’m going to either transfer to online university while I still work, or actually go and get into like an aviation program. Be a pilot.

Xad 27:46

Mike Proctor 27:48
Yeah, you are talking two guys that have no interest in being a pilot.

Jake Murph 27:52
Yeah, you guys dont like flying do you?

Mike Proctor 27:55
I would fly in your plane though. Will you fly me dog?

Jake Murph 27:59
So what I think I’m gonna gonna do is once I finished my associates I’ll probably start flight school and then get on my hours and and then fly commercial.

Mike Proctor 28:08
How long is that program? Do you know like which one like like actual flight school I guess the whole thing but break it down

Jake Murph 28:17
most people so what I typically see is anywhere from like it’s like a couple years usually around two years to get all your hours and because it’s all basically once you get 15 hours of flight time, then you start getting your licenses.

but there’s a flight schools that you can do it in a matter of few months, very expensive.

Mike Proctor 28:45
I’m sure I want to know what all the you know, this sort of I’m sure there’s like sort of levels to it. I don’t know what how a pilot’s licensing works. You know what I mean? I know what like a driver’s licensing. For the most part that’s pretty easy.

Xad 28:57
I’m sure you got to be like licensed to fly different sized aircrafts.

Jake Murph 29:00
yeah, there’s different levels. And then the biggest thing is just your flight time is so important. Like the more hours you have in the air, the more licenses you’ll be able to qualify for. Right? So each one is like there’s like a basic license or as an instruments license, and then that allows you to fly these amount of planes and then you get another license where it goes, Okay, now you can fly these planes. But what I’m thinking about doing is, like I said, after my finish my associates and then start getting those licenses. You can fly freight without a college degree. So but if you want to fly commercial airlines, then you typically either need like military background in flying or you need a four year degree in some kind of like, aerospace.

Xad 29:48
That’s what your uncle does, right? He was in the Navy.

Jake Murph 29:51
Yeah. I mean, like 27 years.

Xad 29:54
Yeah, retired out in there.

Mike Proctor 30:00
You could just get a two year degree at some point to probably if you you know,

My apologies, ladies and gentlemen, I forgot to change my computer’s sleep mode settings. We’ll get right back with our guest, Jake Murph. In just a moment.

Okay, we’re back goddamnit fucking technical issues, man. Um, that’s why we do these things. So, you know, this is the first time we’ve done one in the new studio. Yeah. The studio has been through a couple iterations so far. And so this is our new setup dog. We got it super spacious. We’re like, you know, a couple weeks away tops from making our YouTube debut.

Jake Murph 30:44
Yeah. No this is sick. That’s pretty a lot better than your kitchen table.

Mike Proctor 30:48
That’s right, You know what I mean? Man, we’ve we’ve come so far in such a short amount of time I feel like and yeah, dude Xad and I are fucking stoked.

Xad 30:58
It’s It’s funny, like Cuz you just don’t know, the fact that we just jumped in and started doing this thing and so we’re like, oh, well we’ll just set her down here and then we like the table was like this is way too damn rcikety like I don’t even know the things that make for a better environment for and tell you like just trial and error like all this actually really sucks because we’re so stoked just to put that little card table down here initially and then not then we’re like oh well that’s that’s not enough space we need more space so you need

Jake Murph 31:25
I was gonna say I’m like super hesitant to like touch this table.

Xad 31:28
Yeah that that one is a little rickety.

Jake Murph 31:30
All the vibrations will come up as this nice little microphone stand.

Mike Proctor 31:34
it usually ends up being being pretty pretty good though. I think the the setup that we use makes it easy to work with, you know our audio. Um, but yeah, dude, we uh, we all we got to do is um, you know, kind of fine tune a couple things here. and we’re gonna be will be able to be on screen man.

Jake Murph 32:02
just adds like a whole new dynamic Yeah,

Xad 32:05
we actually got to get ready I can’t just be in my like my jams

Mike Proctor 32:12
were usually pretty yeah pretty yeah presentable Yeah, that’s exactly I was trying to dig for the word I’m like

Jake Murph 32:23
we know how to get ourselves right homie.

Mike Proctor 32:26
But um, yeah, man. So, you what else you’ve been going on, man. I know you got a project in the works. Do you want to talk about it?

Jake Murph 32:36
Yeah, we don’t have a name for it. But kinda similar to this. I’m doing a podcast me and my buddy Sam. He just moved back from he was in Georgia for a while he’s on an internship.

Mike Proctor 32:49
Quicken Loans?

Unknown Speaker 32:50
No, he. We met through church. Okay, but he’s like a sports. Sports what’s the word like? clerical setup stuff like,

Mike Proctor 33:04
like a crew

Jake Murph 33:05
like, man. He’s like sports management almost. So like he his internship, he was like, doing all the setup and he was roughing on like a junior golf tour tournament. He does like clerical work for sports. And that’s what his degree is for. I think it’s sports management is when his degrees in but he just got back so he hit me up probably like three months ago. Before he said because he was in Georgia, that’s where he was supposed to stay. And then a bunch of people started quitting. So he went on like a world tour around the country, like just hitting these different cities doing these tournaments. He hated it. He didn’t like it at all because it was during the middle of COVID. And he said like, the internship wasn’t bad, but the company who was there it was like, pretty crappy. But he’s really happy to be back but he hit me up before he started going around the country and he was like, You know, I want to start a podcast I want to, you know, be He’s like, we both have some really interesting personalities and you and I, when we get together, we’re super funny. I think we could be like super entertaining and our biggest goal with it is like, because him and I are both like super involved in the church and we’re Christian and we think it’s really hard for like, for like our age to find like entertaining, but like Christian things at the same time, if that makes sense. And like, you know, because we we like listening to podcasts like Joe Rogan and stuff like that, but sometimes it’s nice to like listen to one where you don’t have to, like man should I feel bad for listening to this?

So like we just want to be entertaining. What

Mike Proctor 34:43
would this maybe be frowned upon kind of borderline,

Jake Murph 34:46
right like what I when I listen to this with like my grandparents right here, right?

Mike Proctor 34:50
Right, right, right.

Jake Murph 34:50
We just want to be entertaining by encouraging and same time and keep it rooted from you know our beliefs

Mike Proctor 34:55
our well you’ve got a you’ve got a new take right? Guess what’s the best fuckin ideas are, you know, copied and tweaked?

Xad 35:05
Yeah. Oh, nice old ideas spun differently and I think

Mike Proctor 35:09
that there’s, you know, probably fuckin hundred million people that would be like, yeah, that’s cool idea, you know what I mean? That’s awesome, dude. So, so have you guys went live yet? When are you do you have a plan?

Jake Murph 35:25
Yeah, so we just recorded our first episode last weekend and what our plan right now is to just get like a safety stock of a bunch of episodes because we want to post weekly you know not post or save up a bunch and then post them all at once and then record and post it we want to have a pretty good amount so that way if like I get super busy or he gets super busy, like we don’t have time to get together we have something we can put out. Yeah, for sure. So we’re probably a couple weeks from going live.

Mike Proctor 35:55
you guys gonna, you know kind of draft up some topics and cover them?

Jake Murph 36:00
Yea like the first one we did we talked like obviously it was kind of like the kickoff episode so we kind of explained like what our vision for it was a little bit about ourselves and like our personalities and then we talked about like, the NBA bubble and Marvel and what happened with like Chadwick boseman. Yeah, bro It’s such a shame. Such a shame but then we you know what games are hot. We talked about fall guys for like,

Mike Proctor 36:27
fall guys.

Jake Murph 36:28
Man probably 30 minutes. It’s so funny

Xad 36:31
Xad you know fall guys?

I have no idea. That’s um, I’m wondering.

Mike Proctor 36:35
It’s like a little mini sort of mini game type of thing where Yeah. And you’re trying to not to fall off, like a level.

Jake Murph 36:43
like obstacle. so it’s like Wipeout.

Mike Proctor 36:44
Yes. It was like a big obstacle course. There’s all kinds of different obstacle courses. The crazy thing a lot of these games, they’re just like, tons of different little mini games. Like it’s a game but you do a bunch of different shit inside of it. And that’s where the kids love it. They can do all kinds of shit.

Xad 37:01
It’s so funny that I hadn’t heard anything about

Mike Proctor 37:03
it’s pretty pretty popular right now.

Jake Murph 37:06
Oh, that’s it crashed steam. So many people tried downloading it Yeah, it was dropped that they crashed Steam.

Mike Proctor 37:13
it’s the next big thing

Jake Murph 37:17
they’ve already announced the latest hit thing they’ve already announced like four new seasons of the game because it’s had so much commercial success

Mike Proctor 37:23
reminds me of you know, the All the, the fortnight

Jake Murph 37:29
yeah they ripped off that

Mike Proctor 37:31
Its adaptable.

Jake Murph 37:33
They ripped off that whole niche that fortnight they had a cartoony game that has a ton of replayability and its hard to winl

Mike Proctor 37:41
And Llamas.

Xad 37:42
Llamas came that out of nowhere. Like what the heck is that? Yeah, llamas have always been fun like with this I dont know man. I see them Everywhere.

Mike Proctor 37:54
The last llama thing we remember is Napoleon Dynamite.

Xad 37:57
Yeah. And that

Mike Proctor 37:58
Tina fat lard.

Jake Murph 38:01
Well, there was a deer. You guys probably never saw it but there is this Youtube series called llamas with hats. And it was so funny like my my generation like whole it was this one llama and there was another llama with him and the first llama there was like a dead body like laying there. One I was like car all what happened to this guy? Like, I don’t know, I’ve never never seen this man before in my life. He’s like, goes on. Turns out like the guy walked in and the other llama like killed him. He’s like, he walked in and I saw him and I stabbed him 37 times in the chest. What happened to his hand?

Mike Proctor 38:43
So the llamas came from YouTube essentially.

Jake Murph 38:47
Yeah YouTube llamas.

Xad 38:49
Llamas have been around for a long time.

Jake Murph 38:51
look up llamas with hats their so funny

Mike Proctor 38:54
Fall guys is the latest big thing. Crazy. So but so you’re You guys podcasts. That’s uh, that’s awesome man. Do you have like a you know a launch date? No, not yet. No. Well let us know. And we’ll certainly plug you guys. I’ll check it out.

Jake Murph 39:14
I’m gonna put it on like my quicken loans forum.

Mike Proctor 39:17
I got I got a sneak peek. so I’m special but no that’s awesome man I’m so you know I’m so happy that I actually have dude we have another our other friends T and Ryan they started a podcast called the chainsaw mafia want to shout out those guys.

Jake Murph 39:34
Oh I should call mine the French toast mafia. Forever, bro. And what am I thinking? Probably Sam will probably think that’s stupid. Sam is the most like. He’s like laid back but he’s like pretty opinionated, too. If that makes sense. Like he’s just like I told him yesterday. I was like, I’m thinking about buying a truck. He was like, What boat are you pulling? What are you? What trip Are you taking or you need a truck He’s like, You’re stupid. Like, okay, so you need to buy a Lamborghini. like what Rap Video am I shooting and I need a Lamborghini

Mike Proctor 40:13
but they are the chainsaw mafia dude. I there was a Ryan makes the most incredible Labor Day speech. If you haven’t checked it out you got to check it out because it is Ryan Lynch was on on the show on our lunch tree competence tree company. T works with him. Yep. And Dude, that dudes fucking hilarious. He’s funny. So those guys yeah, those guys got a podcast going and that’s, you know, I had my cousin Lacey on.

Jake Murph 40:45
Yeah. The one whjo lives in the van.

Mike Proctor 40:47
yeah. lives in a camper.

Jake Murph 40:50
Oh, that’s right. And that’s pretty sick, though. Yeah, he does what she wants.

Mike Proctor 40:55
she’s a special free spirit.

Jake Murph 40:58
got Well, he’s not My friend by Ally knows him and he bought a, like a transit for transit conversion vans and he’s got like, he put like flooring in the back here and electrical plumbing like and he’s gonna go live in a van down by the river but it’s gonna be like a baller van.

Mike Proctor 41:18
But um, she’s she’s, like, you know, working on her projects and shit. No, she’s been hitting me up. Like, I just think it’s so I’m so happy that you know,

Jake Murph 41:27
you’re inspiring people to finally do things.

Mike Proctor 41:28
everybody finally starting to starting to do things and it’s hard, man. He’s got to grind it out. You know?

Jake Murph 41:35
You just got to make the commitment to do it. Yeah, like stop talking about it and just do it. like, Sam and I already talked like, we’ll probably record an episode today, like later on yet or I get home from here. So we just got to find more people that want to be on it.

Mike Proctor 41:53
Yeah, that’s always a you know, one of the challenges of of trying to do any thing really is just you know how to get people on board.

Jake Murph 42:03
The nice thing about Sam and I though is that we can bounce off each other and him and I can be entertaining just the two of us so like even we’ll probably have a majority episodes starting out it’s just him and I.

Mike Proctor 42:14
yeah thats cool man podcasts are like the next big thing man like you know with Joe Rogan he signed like a big massive licensing deal and he’s not the first and so you know it’s it’s a it’s it’s a really up and coming form of entertainment. I feel like and then Xad and I just fucking we always wanted to do one.

Jake Murph 42:35
you guys always want to be on the radio.

Xad 42:37
Yeah, that was like the goal as a kid was to be on the radio to to do that as a career

Jake Murph 42:42
especially xad I know how much sing and talk radio you listen to.

Xad 42:46
I’m addicted. I’m like some people will listen to like you know, most people listen to like, music when they workout. I listen to sports, talk radio.

Mike Proctor 42:56
I like to listen to talk to or Joe Rogan all the time. Working out, Driving.

Unknown Speaker 43:03
Yeah, what I like about it is it’s not meaning predictable meaning, like there’s only so many songs. before you start listening to the same song. Yeah, yeah, there is an archive of new where you can hear people’s opinions and their takes on top. Yes. Or even just talking about whatever. and I’ll just BS in the whole time.

Mike Proctor 43:22
Yeah, it’s a cool medium. I like it. Oh, and I you know, in the initial stages, I bugged you, you know, how many million times and we finally actually sat down and did one we started out with a phone. And then Jake said, This is fucking garbage. We need to get better shit then this. So he gets all his mics and shit and we start tooling with that. And then you know, you had to freakin go start work and, and I learned enough from you to keep going and you know, just kept building, building building.

Jake Murph 43:57
It’s so easy to start one and like, if you can Make the initial investment to get like good gear. Then like, like I just I’m a piece by piece just getting more and more gear every week. I’ll buy something else.

Mike Proctor 44:09
And now here you know here we are not really that famous Episode 25

Jake Murph 44:14
That’s crazy. And no not 25 of these. Yep, I checked out it like eight. Like, later.

Mike Proctor 44:21
Yeah, yeah, I think I think you were in our first first eight. Yeah.

Xad 44:25
I might have been the last interview that you did. No, it was Luq. I think it was Luke. Luke, and J.

Jake Murph 44:34
Which. It was interesting.

Mike Proctor 44:37
I thought man, you know, we just we just keep at it. Here we are. We’re about to set up a fucking legit studio is gonna be so much fun to have it. You know what I mean? Like, it’s so much fun. Yeah,

Xad 44:46
It just keeps growing. keeps growing.

Mike Proctor 44:51
And you know, we’ve had we’ve had shit that doesn’t go so well. We’ll figure it out and get better. Yeah, like when I order those chords. Yeah, like that. Try to order some fucking chords.

Xad 45:01
the wrong chords

Mike Proctor 45:03
issues with headphone cables so

Jake Murph 45:05
Xads like we said we need some quarter inch to 3.5 so we need the quarter inch to be male and the 3.5 to be female and he gets like 3.5 male that’s not what we need

Xad 45:19
the opposite of what we need now. Now they just didn’t they just were not the right chords. I bought too many too many wrong things.

Mike Proctor 45:27

Jake Murph 45:30
chords are confusing, like I do so like I’ve been kind of doing all the the tech stuff for this church launch we been doing um there’s so many friggin cords man. Yeah, I like microphone cords, but they’re like, Oh yeah, this is a cat five and this is an XLR to XLR D and English bro. I know, XLR and I know how to plug in a microphone,

Mike Proctor 45:53
big square pointy one or the rounded square edge one.

Jake Murph 45:56
They have a set because they like the way it’s ran. There. They have an amp, like a big amp that has all the channels in. And then there’s this one. It looks like a microphone cable, but it’s got like an Ethernet hook up in the middle. And it sends every single, every single signal that goes in the app that sends it to the board, and then it disperses it on the board where all the channels are. So it’s friggin crazy, but it’s like this board, this mixing board where you can like, it remembers what you did you can set like presets for like, what location with what instruments and this so it’s, it’s crazy. I’ve learned so much.

Mike Proctor 46:37
It’s awesome. Okay, tell us about this church launch?

Jake Murph 46:42
Yeah, so the head pastor, him and his wife were part of a pretty big church in Texas. And he said one day just got the call to Detroit, Michigan. And he was like, what, but about a year later, he visited for the first time with his wife. I guess she started like crying in the passenger seat who like, Oh, no. Like, you know, like, she was just like, I feel at peace, like, this is what we need to do. And so in November, they started doing their, like interest meetings.

Mike Proctor 47:13
Like, this is the nov last year?

Jake Murph 47:14
last year, they started doing interest nights. And started like getting a following. I went to the second one. And that’s when I was like, okay, like, I’m interested in Quicken Loans like this is starting to work out and like, I feel like I need to be a part of this too. And then I got on the team and now we just had our yesterday was our last event. I couldn’t go because for obvious reasons, I can barely walk but

Mike Proctor 47:41
having just been in a car accident.

Jake Murph 47:44
I know we launch next week, Sunday, the church officially launches but lately, we’ve had so many crazy things that happen that like don’t typically happened in a church like most church launches, the first events you have are all just slow. vision of the church, this is what we’re going to stand for. This is what it’s going to be like. But we’ve had like 16 people who’ve accepted, accepted Christ and decided to like follow Him and become Christians. So it’s like, wow, that which is never heard of when people here, dont do that stuff. So it’s been, there’s been a lot of good that’s come out of it, that people are always like, what’s it like launching a church during a pandemic? And it’s like, it’s the best time to launch a church because now everyone’s like, questioning themselves. We don’t know like,

Xad 48:27
I need direction.

Jake Murph 48:29
Yeah, yeah. Hundred percent.

Mike Proctor 48:30
Um, so when when you do you have a facility?

Jake Murph 48:37
yeah, so we started doing events in this. This CrossFit gym. This Josh, the lead pastor went for a couple workouts and then, um, I was just like, yeah, we’re looking for a space to do events to just kind of bring, you know, for these interest sites and the owner was like, why don’t you do them here, but you don’t have to pay for it or nothing. You Just Just put it back to where you found it. And you can use the space and sort of like, okay, that’s awesome. So we were doing that for a while, and he was in like negotiations with a couple of venues for the actual launch, and then COVID hit. And all of the, the venues have backed out, basically, they’re like, you know, we really can’t do anything until 2021. Like, we’ve got all of this stuff we’re trying to make up. And they were like dead set, they’re ready to work with us and basically sign a deal. And so they backed out, but then the owner of the CrossFit gym was like, just do it here. He’s like, what do you got to lose? And so they signed a deal. So we’re launching in the CrossFit gym on September 20. So next week,

Mike Proctor 49:44
this is a revolutionary again, new takes on old ideas.

Jake Murph 49:52
what the the challenge that brings, though, is, if you were to launch and say like, because there was a theater We were in negotiations with Have you launched in a theater or even like a high school that has like an auditorium. You don’t have to worry about lighting, about staging, or about any kind of like audio equipment because they’re invited. All right. So doing a CrossFit gym, we had to buy seating, audio lighting, staging, stuff called pipe and drape, which is a giant pipe and then there’s drapes that go across the pipe. So it’ll all be blacked out. You don’t see any other way equipment like that. Right. And you know, we had to, we were raising I think our budget was like $104,000 to raise and like six months, and we just finished everything pretty much purchase. I think there’s a couple other little tiny stuff, all the big stuff are ready to launch.

Xad 50:46
So you guys set this up and tear it down on Sunday. so on how long’s that take?

Jake Murph 50:53
We’re not sure yet. We’ve never done it. I mean, we’ve done our interest nights. Yeah. Which that set upit takes Yeah, for for the nights because those are like legit now, which they’ll probably two hours to set up and then to tear down it takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Um, but we’re not sure we have our first setup on Saturday. Next Saturday,

Xad 51:16
guys taking that one right to the wire, huh?

Jake Murph 51:18
Oh, yeah, yeah, well, that’s Um, well, it’s a The guy runs a business.

Xad 51:22
So that’s what I mean. Like, it’s just crazy. Like you’re just going in like you don’t like it should take about this long. Oh, it’ll take like the first time you do is gonna take a minute.

Jake Murph 51:32
Yeah, there will be a lot of bugs. We’ve got to figure out Yeah, I’ll be there all weekend for sure. Yeah, but uh, it’s exciting though. It literally seems like two days ago. I was like, oh, we’re 90 days from launch. Yeah. Oh, we’re 60 days from launch. That’s like, over 30 days from launch, bro. Like, this is crazy. Oh, we’re eight days away. This is happening. So it’s exciting. We’re super we’re super stoked and the cool thing is like Detroit has seen such A economic revival within the past five years, just from Quicken Loans and with little caesars arena. Like there’s just so like Detroit has been rebuilding economy or economically. And now we want to be like the Kickstarter for like the spiritual because Detroit is like one of the most unchurched cultures like Not a lot of people go to church in Detroit. So like we’re right downtown in the middle of it. We’re literally a block away from like the main downtown Park, man so we’re just hoping to kind of be like the kickstart for the the spiritual revival of it.

Xad 52:35
It’s awesome. Like Mike said, totally, totally revolutionary. Totally. totally different. That’s that’s really cool.

Mike Proctor 52:43
It’s, uh, you know, that’s, you know, you know where I learned that lesson, from DND

Xad 52:51
be different.

Mike Proctor 52:52
No, are the best fucking ideas are just copied and changed. That’s what pretty much everything has ever been. You know? Yeah, Atari copy, copy that fucking channel f console or whatever that I’d literally just said on the last show. And the

Jake Murph 53:08
imagine being that guy. figure out how to do interchangeable games and it gets no credit for it. I know cuz Atari was like,

Mike Proctor 53:18
That’s a good fucking idea. Thank you, man. Just do it a little differently so you don’t get copyright infringement.

Jake Murph 53:24
We’re gonna change the colors around. We’re gonna do this. And then there’s those kids and college kids from MIT. They’re like, what if we like plug this into here? And made this game different? And then they made a $50 million? changing a couple things.

Mike Proctor 53:40
This game is not that hard. Let’s make it way harder.

Jake Murph 53:44
People keep spending money on that’s the thing. games that are hard to win make money because people want to win. So I’m gonna play it until they won. Yeah, Fortnite dod it, fall guys is done it. It’s been a timeless.

Xad 53:56
do you ever went on fortnight?

Jake Murph 53:58
No. I played fortnight for Maybe like five months.

Xad 54:02
You guys think got me into it? I was asked hitting that pretty heavy there from that game.

Jake Murph 54:06
I played like season three and season four. And then it just started changing way to me. Yeah, like those are getting a little ridiculous. I can’t really handle this right now. I agree. I bounced. I went back to call of duty and Madden .

Mike Proctor 54:20
it’s hard to it’s hard to stay good at those games, because the mechanics are constantly changing.

Jake Murph 54:25
Yeah. And then when they switched across platform, you’re playing with all the PC keyboard and mouse kids who can literally like in half a second build a 500 foot tower. and I’m just like,

Xad 54:36
I can’t do that.

Jake Murph 54:37
I am down here. do not hurt me.

Mike Proctor 54:39
Yeah, really, really good.

Xad 54:41
Yeah, people people like are ridiculous at that game

Jake Murph 54:44
circle. rb RP Circle Circle.

Mike Proctor 54:49
Yeah, I played fortnight probably five times in my life and I never really got into like pub g more than that.

Jake Murph 54:56
I’m not a br guy. Like Battle Royale. I just don’t find them enjoyable. Yeah, I like openworld Did you know adventure games Loring? Yeah, like Skyrim Uncharted games like even Assassin’s Creed, which are sick. And then like obviously cod multiplayer I’ll always play but yeah, but I don’t have any games anymore.

Mike Proctor 55:16
Are you gaming anything right now? Are you What are you watching? Are you watching anything?

Jake Murph 55:20
Um, I just watched last chance U which is sick.

Mike Proctor 55:24
Have you watched murder mountain?

Jake Murph 55:25
No Is it good?

Xad 55:29
That’s like my homework is to get after that.

Mike Proctor 55:31
I don’t want to spoil it for you guys. So I’m gonna let you watch it before I speak on it but everyone should watch murder mountain it’s a it’s not like a super scary it’s just a really cool It’s crazy What happened up there.

Unknown Speaker 55:43
Yeah, I went on a Netflix binge for a little bit. Like I just watched so many different things. I watched all of Stranger Things again.

Xad 55:52
thats a good show, man. Such a good show.

Jake Murph 55:56
Yeah, I watched all last chance U, Which if you guys haven’t watched that show that’s pretty sick show. I mean, it’s like it’s just like junior college football. These kids. These kids trying to go D-1. Yeah, it’s pretty solid. These coaches are like crazy. But um, what’s that? What else I watch gameover great. That’s one of the better documentaries I’ve seen..

Mike Proctor 56:21
Wait high score?

Jake Murph 56:22
high score, high score, score game over something like that. Um, I’m gonna watch some movies. due dates on Netflix.

Xad 56:30
is that is that good? I was about to watch that. It’s pretty funny. Yeah,

Jake Murph 56:33
it’s I mean, it’s not like it’s like a PG 13 hangover. Yeah, kind of except it’s R.

Xad 56:40
Robert Downey Jr. is like, my favorite actor. He’s really good guy.

Mike Proctor 56:45
What are you talking about? Due date with Zack Galifinakis? you’ve never seen that.?Ah dude that movie is hilarious.

Jake Murph 56:56
got that dog. takes the dog everywhere with him.

Mike Proctor 57:00
Ethan Tremblay is his name

Jake Murph 57:13
so the only thing I don’t like about Galifinakis is because I haven’t seen the between two ferns movie but I feel like he plays the same character.

Xad 57:21
Oh yeah every single one

Jake Murph 57:22
and it’s like it’s funny but a suggest like predictable Yes, like the awkward at he does things He’s like, being so angry guy. He is but like his character and due date. You think they would have pulled him straight from the hangover.

Xad 57:39
so I was watching like the little trailer or whatever the lead up to it. And I’m like, I was wondering if it like was Alan.

Jake Murph 57:46
You literally would think it was Alan but he has a different name. Its the same character.

Xad 57:51
that they should have just done that. So his own spin off.

Jake Murph 57:55
It’s the same director though.

Mike Proctor 57:57
between two ferns is almost the same character. That’s just him.

Xad 58:01
Yeah. Oh yeah, that guy

Mike Proctor 58:04
is a character

Xad 58:05
just makes you feel uncomfortable

Jake Murph 58:07
have you ever seen a dinner? dinner for schmucks

Xad 58:11
have not seen that.

Jake Murph 58:12
It’s got Paul Rudd and then Zack Galifinakis but like Steve Carell is the main like idiot but like Zach Galifianakis his character he like claims to be a psychic. And he is funny and he’s just like he is or no, he claims that mind control so you can control people’s minds and like, Steve crowd character is so stupid. He like phosphor it looks like he’s like you will not move Barry and he’s like, I can’t move. Yeah, so funny. He’s like,

Mike Proctor 58:44
yeah, I’ve never been. I’ve never been a huge zack G fan.

Jake Murph 58:48
Yeah, I liked him in the hangover. I just I don’t like people who are like one dimensional who do the same thing over and over and over again like when was that when Adam Sandler did uncut gems. I went crazy. Like this the what i wanna see from adam sandler.

Xad 59:05
Yeah, that was different. That movie gave me anxiety.

Mike Proctor 59:11
I got to watch that one too. No. Yeah, I will, though. I will soon that’s been told me to watch. But, um, I want to I want to circle back to because we’re about to run out of time here. Um, I want to circle back to so you’re gonna be a pilot. Hopefully. Yeah, Xad you got any stats on that?

Xad 59:31
I do. I do. As far as pilots is concerned, salary wise, it makes a little over $100,000 for the commercial pilots. It says like, obviously, with any career, depending on what you’re doing, how full time part time, you know what level you’re at, but you know, right around $100,000 it’s what they’ll be bringing in

Mike Proctor 59:53
Not a bad salary.

Xad 59:53
there like, is there somewhere particularly where like, you would want to live or would you want to stay in this area or would you want to go elsewhere?

Jake Murph 1:00:00
I wanna go to Tennessee.

Mike Proctor 1:00:04
who’s got all the pilots? Because it can’t be fucking Vermont this time

Xad 1:00:09
it’s not he definitely can’t be Vermont.

Mike Proctor 1:00:11
if it’s Vermont’s even up there. I’m gonna we’re gonna have a problem.

Xad 1:00:15

Mike Proctor 1:00:16
Oregon. Oregon wonder why.

Xad 1:00:21
I’m gonna find out

Mike Proctor 1:00:23
Oregon’s the number one spot for pilots eh.

Xad 1:00:27
little something different turns up it’s very it’s got to be like it’s got to be something to do with like traveling like to China or Japan. I’m sure they have a lot of international pilots in Oregon because that’s when when Rachel went to Hawaii, they landed they landed in they flew from like Detroit to Oregon and then flew to Hawaii. So I would presume that’s probably

Mike Proctor 1:00:55
I just got to look into I’m pretty sure that’s Vermont right there and it says number 50. Fuck you Vermont.

Jake Murph 1:01:01
So what’s going on with Vermont? What What am I missing?

Xad 1:01:04
Oh everything, Vermont is always popping up.

Mike Proctor 1:01:08
we’ve had a lot of conversations on the show. it just it’s like always number one and everything that people do and want to do it’s always up there. fucking number one and trees number one in camping number one in fucking what else.

Xad 1:01:21
Ben and Jerry’s is from Vermont.

Jake Murph 1:01:23
Did you guys go to Vermont with us?

Mike Proctor 1:01:27
Ben and Jerry’s

no we did not go

Xad 1:01:32
No, I just stayed at home.

Mike Proctor 1:01:33
all that good?

Jake Murph 1:01:36
Beautiful it’s a beautiful

Mike Proctor 1:01:38
I just dont understand. If you want to be a server you go to Vermont. They make the most money there.

Jake Murph 1:01:45
Yeah, if you want to be a server don’t go to Massachusetts, Utah. the strictest drinking laws in the country.

Mike Proctor 1:01:57
Pilot you know pilot hundred grand a year to be a pilot

Xad 1:02:01

Jake Murph 1:02:02
, I mean it’s a little I think that’s like a median number two.

Mike Proctor 1:02:04
Yeah, I mean, probably Yeah, we know we’re just talking about averages here

Jake Murph 1:02:07
is like freight pilots. We don’t know what the fuck I was looking into it before a pilot to make like 95. that’s freight pilots flying packages.

Mike Proctor 1:02:17
It’s probably starting out wage to. but a freight pilot Okay, that’s that’s I think that’s more of a fair wage, 100 grand a year to make sure people don’t die. I dont think thats enough money.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
so advanced so they basically fly themselves. That is safest way to travel. That is you know how many times I’ve almost died on a plane. None. Know how many times I’ve almost died in my car. Once?

Mike Proctor 1:02:42
You know how many times I’ve had an anxiety attack thinking I was gonna die on a plane and then im like chill the fuck out. your not gonna die on this plane.

Xad 1:02:49
Yeah, I will before before I fly. I gotta have a couple sodas. I got a

Mike Proctor 1:02:55
a couple sodas.

Xad 1:02:56
Yeah, before we went to Florida, like I just got it. Go find the book and a couple beers just just just a mellow me out a little bit my anxiety shoots through the roof but like I said it’s fine.

Jake Murph 1:03:08
I love flying. Yeah favorite thing. I like to go fast. So like when I when we’re taking off and you feel that plane put you in your seat, I’m like yeah. make it go faster.

Mike Proctor 1:03:21
Yeah. Well, man, that’s that’s awesome. I fuckin hope you can get that shit done for sure same it’ll be a while and yeah, of course but um you know,

Jake Murph 1:03:35
I still have to work full time on

Mike Proctor 1:03:38
real life still goes on. Yeah, unfortunately. But well we’ll definitely look out for the the podcast too. Yeah, let us let us know But yeah, we just did a we just did an hour. What what’s your where can Where can we find you man where you know, you got to update us with your proper Instagram because I can’t Remember.

Jake Murph 1:04:00

Mike Proctor 1:04:02
Yeah I think that was our last one

Unknown Speaker 1:04:04
yeah Jake_rmurph find me on Instagram I never post.

Mike Proctor 1:04:08
you haven’t named your project yet? all right well

Jake Murph 1:04:11
unfortunately not were like you bro we’re probably gonna have 20 episodes and then have to just like dub over at like welcome to two guys in a basement

Mike Proctor 1:04:25
well I know I know a good graphic artists if you need assistance so

Jake Murph 1:04:34
I’d like to thank the Coronavirus again for just helping you to get your podcast and as you guys still sponsored by TPMD. like they’re they help you guys out a lot, don’t they?

Mike Proctor 1:04:45
Oh, yeah. TPMDt. Fauxtien and hyped is our latest new sponsor. hyped man, you got to use that shit. I’m telling you. that’s what’s up. Um, what did we talking about, Xad?

Xad 1:05:00
i mean, Quicken Loans. Talking about Quicken Loans Coronavirus. We should we really have to? We’ve not really shouted out the Coronavirus but

Mike Proctor 1:05:08
we used to shout out coronovirus every episode.

Xad 1:05:09
that’s kind of like really what brought a lot of this together.

Jake Murph 1:05:14
Car Accident

Xad 1:05:14
Yes. Car accidents. Yeah.

Mike Proctor 1:05:16
car accidents. Oh yea shout out to car accidents shout out to Chevy equinoxes.

Jake Murph 1:05:20
Yeah. Chevy equinox man kept me alive.

Xad 1:05:23

Mike Proctor 1:05:24
Jake is still in fact alive.

Jake Murph 1:05:25
I will never buy another car againl

Xad 1:05:29
Detroit. Shout out to Detroit. Motor City church. Yeah.

Jake Murph 1:05:35
150 Michigan Avenue, September 20, at nine o’clock, or 930 and 11 o’clock, Be there or be square.

Mike Proctor 1:05:44
Google, Google,

shout out to Google. Google’s got to take this bitch over there. They did. But yeah, they’re literally like our kids are gonna know, Google tech. And they’re going to know Google and not Microsoft. Isn’t that crazy?

Xad 1:05:57
Yeah, of course.

Mike Proctor 1:05:59
They all have chromebooks

Jake Murph 1:05:59
Yeah. Of course Netflix.

Mike Proctor 1:06:01
always in there,

Xad 1:06:04
and then pilots. and Llamas

Mike Proctor 1:06:06
aviation school. Shout out to Jake for for making the trip out, man. I’m glad you can make your return. We’ll definitely look out for your shit, man and thanks for Thanks for coming. For sure. As always, I hope you enjoyed the new studio.

Jake Murph 1:06:24
I do. I like it a lot.

Mike Proctor 1:06:25
Yeah, we’re making we’re making big things.

Xad 1:06:27
Appreciate it.

Mike Proctor 1:06:30
Peace out guys. Catch you Next time.

Jake Murph 1:06:31

Mike Proctor 1:06:33
and that is the show. Thank you for listening. I want to thank Jake for making the trip out again. It was awesome having him back on. I couldn’t wait for that one. Remember guys, check us out on the social media pages. Check out the website, visit the shop. If you like the show, leave us a review. Let us know how we’re doing. We always you know we’d love to hear from everybody. Until next time, once again this is not really that famous

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