Not Really That Dangerous

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Take a dive into the Kingdoms of Color

An actual play D and D 5th edition podcast. We are a small group of Dungeons and Dragons hobbyists who have played together for a couple of years. We wanted to record our adventures to share with the world. We are still fairly new to the game and roleplaying. Trying to get better every week. This is a completely original concept and setting. Thank you for listening!

Set in the world of Prisma, where magic lives within the land itself. The people live and breathe within the image of the Titans of Creation. Representing each color of the spectrum. Color isn’t the only thing these creators bestowed into the world. Sometimes the object of your imagination is the very thing that spells your demise. Our party adventures to stop a maniacal king from conquering the world. Meeting new friends, finding treasure, and battling against the forces of darkness. Join us for some epic moments, silly jokes, and all-around fun as we dive into the world of Prisma and its inhabitants.

Introducing the Cast:
Domnerim Claebourne

Oath of Vengeance Paladin – Dual Wielder

The noble son of the Claebourne family hails from Imperium, Piros. Dom learned his devotion from the temple in Ragoth, where he was given a direct access to the prism and his Titan, Raudur. After witnessing the tyrannical King Rorkan’s methods first hand, Dom set out to Amarillo. Following the whispers of a rebellion, he wishes to gather forces to oppose the dictator in the south.

Bronn Lyndworm

DrakeWarden Ranger – Archer

Hailing from FrostVale, Azuria. Bronn is a celebrated member of the Azurian Rangers, the military force that keeps order in Azuria. After the nation was caught off gaurd from attacks from the Piran army, Bronn quickly broke through the line and dispatched the attacking party, but while his attention was elsewhere, his family was taken prisoner and taken into Piros. Bronn seeks to find that which he has lost, and will stop at nothing to recover his loved ones.

Nathanial Rainfire

Swashbuckler Rouge – Blades and Poison

Nathanial was a spy working in Halftown, Lavendar, where he worked to leave behind his first life. A noble son from Rainfire court, Nate never felt like a leader in his family. He left at his first chance. After building himself a life in Halftown, Nate’s close friend was taken prisoner in the initial attacks on the city of Sagehold from the armies of Piros. Following the whispers of a growing rebellion, he sought aid in Amarillo. Nate seeks to save one that means the world to him.

Four Arrows Wind

Way of the Open Hand Monk – Dangerous with any weapon

Wind, as his friends call him, was raised in Eilnan, Topal. An elven port city, where a Catlike being can live a somewhat normal life. His caretaker Eowyn kept him well mannered and mindful of his appearance, but he was a curious being. When he came of age, Wind set out across Prisma in search of his own kind. And what value they may bring to this world.

Durnen Stronghammer

Forge Cleric – Smash it with a divine Hammer

Durnen is the son of a blacksmith from Farwatch, Topal. His father instilled the craft in his very bones. He became a craftsman of the church, and as such earned the divine mark of the Prism. However, the power in the nation of Topal lies with the elves. The dwarves had always been regarded as a second-place within the political regimes. The country was divided. Durnen aims to prove that dwarves are just as worthy of Laransha’s praise and power.