A Champion Bladesmith, Selling Experiences, and Forged in Fire with Josh Weston

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Josh is the Master Blacksmith and owner of the Bavarian Blacksmith Experience in Frankenmuth, MI. He has made appearances on the History channel on reality shows like Forged in Fire and Knife or Death. Even winning himself a championship title. Josh is a very genuine guy and has spent a decent portion of his life teaching his craft to others. This is what inspired him to open his shop in Frankenmuth. We talk about Josh’s beginnings and why he seeks to bring “experiences” into people’s lives. 

Points of Conversation today include:

How Josh got the idea for the store

Some awesome smithing facts from the master himself

How to follow your dreams and make them a reality

And several other random topics. Thanks for Listening!

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I have personally done the experience, and it’s unlike anything you have ever done before. Very cool and worth a trip up to Frankenmuth. Fun for all ages, and you get to take home a creation you made yourself!

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